IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7: Enabling Next Generation Sites and Apps – Faster

With the recent release of Windows 8.1 Preview, Internet Explorer 11 continues our vision of providing the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes. IE11 on Windows 7 offers the same improved performance, faster page load times, new standards support for next generation sites, and completely revised F12 developer tools. The Developer Preview of IE11 on Windows 7 is available for download today.

This video shows some of the performance, Web programming, and developer tools capabilities in IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7

IE11 on Windows 8.1 Preview delivers the best browsing experience for getting to your sites quickly and using them together with Windows Store apps in Windows 8.1. Browsing feels fast, fluid and perfect for touch with many tabs, richer suggestions, organized favorites and side-by-side experiences for comparing sites and using sites with Windows Store apps together.

In IE11, developers can build next generation experiences with professional-quality Web video, and hyper-fast 2D and 3D Web technologies that make the most of the underlying hardware. IE11 supports real world standards and compatibility, and new developer tools enable developers to build high-performance Web experiences.

With IE11 for Windows 7, customers receive all of the performance, security, and under-the-hood changes that enable a compatible Web experience. The Developer Preview makes it easier to build exciting Web content that will eventually be available to over 700 million Windows users. For developers, we are also providing an update to modern.IE, including a new cross-browser Web site screenshot service and new virtual machine images.

Faster, More Responsive Browsing

Performance matters to everyone who browses the Web. We optimized the IE11 browsing engine for real-world sites to download and display fast and be highly responsive and interactive.

IE11 introduces new capabilities to improve real-world Web site performance. IE11 is the first browser to natively decode JPG images in real-time on the GPU, so pages load faster and use less memory, reducing power consumption and improving battery life. IE11 is also the first browser to render text on the GPU. Text and images are the heart of the Web, and accelerated text and JPG performance impacts nearly every page you see.

Loading Web pages faster means being smarter about fetching site content. IE11 is the first browser to implement the W3C Resource Priorities standard enabling developers to specify which parts of the page are important and need to be loaded first. IE11 also supports HTML5 link prefetching and pre-rendering, so developers can help the browser anticipate where you’ll go next and get those pages ready. On Windows 8.1, IE11 also supports the SPDY network protocol, the precursor to the HTTP 2.0 specification, enabling some sites to be downloaded faster.

You can experience IE11’s leading performance first hand with new demos on the IE Test Drive site with examples of real world Web site patterns for graphically rich, interactive, and 3D experiences such as Levitation and Lawnmark. You can test your browser’s layout and rendering performance with LiteBrite, the latest test drive demo which brings together the use of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Check out the LiteBrite test drive demo to test your browser’s layout and rendering speed

Check out the LiteBrite test drive demo to test your browser’s layout and rendering speed

Leading JavaScript Performance

Internet Explorer 11 advances the performance leadership of our JavaScript engine, Chakra, while ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and security. The JIT compiler now supports more optimizations including polymorphic caching of properties and inlining of function calls, so even more code is JIT’ed and less time is spent in JavaScript computation. Garbage collection now utilizes the background thread more efficiently, substantially reducing the frequency and amount of time the UI thread is blocked doing garbage collection.

IE11 also includes support for the well-defined and commonly used features of the emerging ECMAScript 6 standard. IE11 supports features including let, const, Map, Set, and WeakMap, as well as __proto__ for improved interoperability. IE11 also supports the ECMAScript Internationalization API (version 1.0), which enables culture aware sorting, number formatting, date and time formatting to be performed efficiently in JavaScript without having to round-trip to the server.

As we improve performance for real-world sites, IE11’s JavaScript performance on benchmarks like WebKit SunSpider continues to lead compared with latest version of other browsers. On Windows 7, IE11 is 4% faster than IE10, and nearly 30% faster than the nearest competitive browser.

IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance, so real-world sites are faster

IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance, so real-world sites are faster

Hardware-Accelerated 3D Web Graphics

Internet Explorer 11 includes support for WebGL, an emerging Web technology that enables Web developers to create new kinds of advanced 2D and 3D experiences by programming the computer’s Graphics processing Unit (GPU). Once confined to enabling cool Web experiments, WebGL is now a vital component of the Web developers’ toolkit, as real-world sites are now using WebGL to create interactive visualization experiences in shopping, real estate, and social networking.

For example, GlacierWorks, a nonprofit dedicated to documenting and raising awareness about the effects of climate change on the Himalayan region, used WebGL to create a more interactive and engaging experience. WebGL fits right in alongside the stunning image and video content on this real-world site. The experience works on all devices. In fact, if you happen to be visiting the site from a tablet, you can take advantage of another new IE feature, CSS device orientation, to navigate the mountain by simply picking up your device.

GlacierWorks uses WebGL to engage users in a customized, interactive experience that enriches the real-world site content

GlacierWorks uses WebGL to engage users in a customized, interactive experience that enriches the real-world site content

IE11 provides interoperable WebGL experiences that run on all devices, taking advantage of GPU acceleration without compromising security and reliability. IE11 supports the WebGL elements that are most widely used across real-world Web sites. IE11 scans for unsafe WebGL content and implements a software-based renderer to complement the GPU. WebGL only runs on verified safe GPU drivers and hardware. Unlike other systems, with Windows, failures in the graphics subsystem from unsafe content are not fatal, and WebGL continues to run.

Professional-Quality Video Experiences on the Web

Internet Explorer 11 enables high quality, power efficient HTML5 video without plugins. IE11 supports the latest standards for closed captioning (TTML and SDP)—so all your video content can be as good as the professionals. IE11 supports the HTML Full Screen API as well, making it simple to fill the screen during video playback. With WebCrypto support in IE11, Web sites can directly control how critical data is encrypted and exchanged. IE can now download video data without caching to disk, resulting in extended battery life when watching your favorite video.

On Windows 8.1, IE11 supports the latest media streaming standards, Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). Using MSE, IE automatically switches the bitrate of the video based on current network conditions, so your video experience is smooth and glitch-free. EME provides a standard interface for playing protected media content. You can experience these capabilities live at Netflix, or in our test drive demo.

In IE11 on Windows 8.1, Netflix supports HTML5 video without plugins

In IE11 on Windows 8.1, Netflix supports HTML5 video without plugins

All-new F12 Developer Tools Experience Makes Building Sites Easier

IE11 includes a completely re-designed and enhanced suite of in-browser F12 developer tools. These tools help Web developers diagnose and optimize their apps quickly and efficiently. Having fast and reliable Web apps is more critical than ever.

The new F12 supports the fast, iterative workflow used by modern Web developers. F12 helps developers get from problem to solution quickly with actionable data, enabling fast and fluid Web experiences. The F12 tools include:

  • UI Responsiveness and Memory Profiling tools that help developers diagnose and fix performance issues
  • Live DOM Explorer and CSS inspection tools that update with the page so developers can iteratively explore how IE is laying out and rendering Web apps
  • JavaScript debugging that starts quickly without a page refresh so developers can get to work more quickly

F12 shares many of these experiences with Visual Studio, so developers get a consistent experience across the continuum of our Web development tools and platforms. The F12 Adventure test drive provides a great way to get started with learning more about the F12 tools in IE11.

IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 includes improved and revised F12 developer tools for visual debugging and performance tuning of Web sites

IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 includes improved and revised F12 developer tools for visual debugging and performance tuning of Web sites

Today, we are also updating our popular modern.IE site with new tools that help reduce the stress and time commitment for testing and building interoperable sites:

  • The free BrowserStack screenshot service allows developers to compare screenshots of their Web site across ten different devices – from Windows to Mac to Android.
  • We are providing new VM images for IE11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, so develpers can test their sites on their Mac, Linux, or Windows device.
  • For a limited time, we are offering 25% off on Parallels, the popular virtualization software to allow developers to run Windows on Macs.

These new capabilities complement our site scanning wizard, cross-platform testing tools, and interoperability best practice guidance.

The Existing Web Continues to Work – Even Better

Internet Explorer 11 is compatible with existing sites, which just run faster and look better in IE. In IE11 we have also added a number of APIs to enable new experiences, and we have changed or removed APIs to ensure that more sites work today and in the future. Of course, intranet sites and apps continue to run in IE11, which supports legacy document modes.

  • IE11 enables richer Web site experiences with support for more HTML5 and CSS properties, including Canvas 2D enhancements (image smoothing, fill rules, dashed lines), CSS border-image support, Device fixed positioning, mutation observers, updated Pointer Events and CSS Flexbox support, and more.
  • IE11 improves existing features to ensure that more of the Web runs great. For example, IE11 includes extensive improvements to the built-in text editor, addressing much of the feedback we have received from developers and our community through Connect. These improvements make it easier for developers to build great text-editing experiences with less browser-specific code. We have also added support for pasting images, a full-featured undo stack, and enhanced touch keyboard and international character input.
  • IE11 includes support for rich text layout for East Asian languages.

For consumers, these changes mean that more sites will work better in the latest version of IE. For developers, these changes mean building great interoperable experiences with less browser-specific code.

A Better Web Today, and Ahead

The opportunities continue for HTML5 to make both Web sites and applications better. Those opportunities are exciting for everyone on the Web.

IE11 provides the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes with mouse, keyboard, and especially touch. Try it out for yourself with the Windows 8.1 Preview from the Windows Store, and if you are a Windows 7 user, download the IE11 Developer Preview today.

You can find a full list of new functionality available to developers in the IE11 Developer Guide here. We look forward to your feedback and engaging with the developer community. Please share your suggestions either through the IE11 Send Feedback tool or on Connect.

Sandeep Singhal and Rob Mauceri
Group Program Managers, Internet Explorer

Comments (121)
  1. Matt Davis says:

    "completely revised F12 developer tools"?  It looks like all you did was add a couple of tabs that chrome has had forever.  The tools are still sluggish.  Also, I can't drill-down on an object (just shows as a string), right-click menu only shows inspect option when tools are open, right-click menu is still cluttered with a ridiculous amount of uneeded items that are difficult to manage / remove.

    Also, why do you insist on keeping the tabs on the same level as  the url bar and wasting all that space up top.  This sucks when you want to have alot of tabs open at once.  Also, the tabs are way to big.

    I would have no problem using IE if it was as good as Chrome, but between the crappy dev tools and interface IE is for testing only on my machine.

  2. Sunil says:

    Awesome, Did not think that it will come so sonn

  3. RawriClark says:

    I really want to install this on Windows 8.0, for some reason Windows 8.1 update is not prompting on windows store for me!



  4. Marc says:

    Looks really nice, not installed yet but about it. When will get get plugins/addins that don't need to be installed via an EXE (kind of like Firefox and Chrome addins) ?

    Also I notice the Metro version has spell check, does the desktop version? Spellcheck and availability of addins would be my biggest feature requests. About to install.

  5. @Matt says:

    Uh, there's a very easy to find option for switching tabs to their own row.  IE11 automatically enabled it for me because I was using it on IE10.

  6. Marc

    Spell checking became available in IE10… it can be quite annoying as when you write NeXT

  7. @RawriClark: You have to visit…/preview before the Store will offer you the 8.1 preview.

  8. joe says:

    so when will this developer preview be ready for windows 8?

  9. Roland says:

    Great to see IE11 on Windows 7!

    However, the WebBrowser control memory leak seems still to be present in IE11.

    Every .Navigate2 grows the size of the process and the memory is never freed while the process is running.

    The more images a page has, the more the size of the process grows.

    This is a very serious problem because lower powered PCs might have to swap to disk once the process that hosts the WebBrowser controls has grown significantly in memory – resulting in overall degraded performance and battery drain.

    I really was hoping that the IE team would finally fix this serious bug since so many programs use the WebBrowser control.

  10. JoaoSerra says:

    Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) are only supported on Windows 8.1??? Why?

  11. Ashkan says:

    Thank you. I really like IE10. It's really fast. However, the reason that it's still not my first choice is my Chrome's bookmarks. I can sign-in from any computer or device in the world and sync my browser and have access to my entire bookmarks. I cannot do that with IE. You need to add this feature to sync bookmarks. IE11 + syncable bookmarks > Chrome.

  12. Fallon says:

    Will IE11 on Windows 7 finally have "Paste & Go"?

  13. David Storey says:

    Matt Davis: The Inspect Element option shows up for me all the time, but I’ve only tried on Windows 8.1 so far.

    To inspect an object (and array, etc.) in F12, you can use console.dirxml(). That will allow you to drill down.

  14. steve says:

    strange it took 34 seconds on a brand new pc, typical Microsoft spiel as usual, it is just as bad as all the others before, unstable, archaic and glitched.

    Even your patches do not install correctly

  15. Ashkan says:

    No add-ons? It's just a reserved browser on my PC then, which maybe used once or twice per year. I don't see any different between 11 and 10. Even the interface is identical! Good job, Microsoft!!!

  16. kamar says:

    All this is good…One major reason people avoid IE is support for plugins/extensions/services for adblock, etc…

    If there was a better or easy way for developers to create this….IE would be the best browser…

  17. @Fallon: IE9 added "Paste and Go" via the CTRL+SHIFT+L hotkey. (It's not actually shown in the context menu, an annoying limitation, because doing so proved expensive for a feature that would only ever be used by a tiny fraction of folks like you and me).

    @Ashkan: There are a variety of bookmark-syncing plugins (e.g. the Bing Bar did this at one point), and Win8 syncs bookmarks across PCs if you sign in with your Microsoft account. While it would be nice to have this feature everywhere, I'm betting that MSFT will keep this a Win8+ feature. (Love to be wrong).

    @JoaoSerra: My guess is that the components in question are based on non-IE technologies. Perhaps they'll backport them in the future if the features get solid adoption.

    @Kamar: It's a common misconception. There are many great add-ons for IE, and much of what other browsers require add-ons for (e.g. Ad-Block) does not require an add-on in IE (e.g. use TPLs and ActiveX filtering). Only a small fraction of Chrome/Firefox users actually use browser add-ons, and for all platforms, add-ons represent a significant source of performance, reliability, and security bugs.

    @Roland: Did you file a bug on CONNECT with repro steps? I've never noticed a problem of that nature. IIRC, the WebOC uses a less aggressive garbage collector by default (for compatibility with legacy applications) but there's a Feature Control Key somewhere to opt-in to the default browser GC strategy.

  18. David says:

    Is there a reason why IE11 doesn't support HTML5 Pointer Lock API?

  19. Arieta says:

    I'm impressed by the new developer tools. Sure, it just copied a lot of things that Firebug and Chrome already had, but just catching up to those means that the ever-fewer IE specific bugs can be squashed even faster.

    And FINALLY the DOM viewer can do dynamic updates! That's VERY useful and was perhaps my biggest annoyance with the IE8-9-10 dev toolbar – that, and the inability to add inline styles easily.

    There are some things still missing though:

    – CSS3 transform-style preserve-3d doesn't seem to be supported. This is important! Without this, child elements won't inherit 3d transforms, which makes more complex transforms impossible (or just insanely complicated).

    – For some CSS properties, you can't change the values on-the-fly in the F12 DOM editor. For example, you can change padding by pressing up and down, and it'll increase the padding with the effects being immediately visible. But you can't do the same for, say, transform:scale(x,y). Even if you manually type in the new values, you have to exit the property box for the style to apply.

    – WebGL seems to be buggy – some demos don't work at all. I'm specifically thinking of the Quake 3 demo here, which just keeps inflating the memory.

    – Still no Paste & Go. The ctrl+shift+L function is largely the same, but it would be cooler if you had an option to have a link open in a new tab. Or to drag text into a new tab; thereby opening a textual link in a new tab or search for the dragged phrase. For that matter, you can't paste images into a new tab either.

    For that last one, some explanation: some sites such as community boards that do not allow hotlinking, only plaintext urls. Here, dragging urls (or a context menu to open the highlighted url in a new tab) can be very useful.

    And for dragging images to a new tab, there is a feature in many boards, vBulletin, IPB, and others, to resize images dynamically in order to keep the width of a reply consistent and not push apart the design of the board. An image of such size might be better checked loaded on its own too; so opening it directly in a new tab is helpful.

  20. Arieta says:

    Certain RSS feeds, such as the ones syndicated by Feedburner, no longer appear in the IE style feed read by the way. So there's no way to subscribe to them either.

    Oh, and one important Windows 7 specific problem: You cannot disable automatic spell checking without disabling spell checking completely. Windows 8 has an option in the OS for those, but for IE10 and 11 on Windows 7, you can only disable or enable automatic spell checking, but not specify whether to use automatic checking or not.

  21. Trevor says:

    Glad to see that the useless error messages in IE haven't changed… NOT!

    "An error occurred while processing the collected data. The error code is: Error: -2147024703."

    Thanks a F@!%$ing lot! yeah that's really helpful!

    Please also remove the ugly Windows8 UI from the Windows 7 version of IE11. OMG that is some ugly UI – why do you think no one is [airquote]upgrading[/airquote] to Windows 8?!

  22. Trevor says:

    On Windows 8 opening the menu bar via the [ALT] key doesn't work if your favorites bar is already open.

    It re-paints a duplicate favorites bar where the menu bar would go but it doesn't work.

    This preview is really a beta or alpha… no where near ready for prime time. – ouch.

  23. Arieta says:

    Some things regressed in the developer tools though… you can't clear the cache selectively for that one page, or resize the browser window. That last one is particularly annoying, since the current resolution change under the emulation tab doesn't do anything useful.

    Also, it is not possible to select older IE modes anymore. Please re-add those; they are extremely important for testing.

  24. Trevor says:

    Oh the emulation!… the simulated emulation!…

    What on earth am I supposed to do with this? (note this is after re-starting IE11 because it crashed).

  25. Zahni says:

    Now it's time to allow to move  the favorites star to the left.

    And: Please allow to separate the address and search bar. I hate the current solution.

  26. Will says:

    Please re-do the video.

    Nasty background noise! 🙁

  27. Will says:

    "On Windows 8.1, IE11 also supports the SPDY network protocol, the precursor to the HTTP 2.0 specification, enabling some sites to be downloaded faster."

    So if I read that right…

    That means no SPDY support for Windows 7? Bummer! 🙁

  28. Arieta says:

    Oh, another bug that has been there since IE10: Open an image in a background tab, and it won't be automatically resized. Automatic resizing only kicks in on tabs that came into focus at least once by the user.

  29. Randall says:

    OK, wow, SPDY as well as WebGL. Nice.

  30. Michael says:

    These dev tools are not even beta – they are extremely alpha!  I get that messed up emulation page too – e.g. it is a complete write-off just useless rendering mess.

    They are extremely slow to load.

    When open you can't right-click on a page and get the context menu.

    When you do get the context menu whichever menu item you pick (e.g. View-Source) will now stick to the screen and paint over every other app you have running.

    I the DOM tools view the correct DOM nesting is *MUCH*, *MUCH* appreciated since up until this date the DOM tools in IE have been completely useless – however there is faulty rendering in the DOM.

    My image tags are self-closing.  There is no such thing as a closing image tag.  Seriously you guys should know the W3C specs on HTML inside and out by now! its only been like 15+ years!

    The textarea selection bug from IE10 is *****STILL PRESENT***** in IE11!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!

    I'm glad you got rid of the "show all sites in compatibility mode" setting – this was an EPIC FAIL to even provide as an option basically causing web developers everywhere to lose their mind trying to figure out why modern machines were accessing as old browsers.

    However you lose points by erasing the sites I HAD IN THAT LIST upon installing IE11.

    Whats the ETA on an RC release since this preview release is obviously no where near ready – in fact I'm going to uninstall it now and go back to IE10 until there is a new version considering I can't get work done in IE11 ATM.

  31. Michael says:

    These dev tools are not even beta – they are extremely alpha!  I get that messed up emulation page too – e.g. it is a complete write-off just useless rendering mess.

    They are extremely slow to load.

    When open you can't right-click on a page and get the context menu.

    When you do get the context menu whichever menu item you pick (e.g. View-Source) will now stick to the screen and paint over every other app you have running.

    I the DOM tools view the correct DOM nesting is *MUCH*, *MUCH* appreciated since up until this date the DOM tools in IE have been completely useless – however there is faulty rendering in the DOM.

    My image tags are self-closing.  There is no such thing as a closing image tag.  Seriously you guys should know the W3C specs on HTML inside and out by now! its only been like 15+ years!

    The textarea selection bug from IE10 is *****STILL PRESENT***** in IE11!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!

    I'm glad you got rid of the "show all sites in compatibility mode" setting – this was an EPIC FAIL to even provide as an option basically causing web developers everywhere to lose their mind trying to figure out why modern machines were accessing as old browsers.

    However you lose points by erasing the sites I HAD IN THAT LIST upon installing IE11.

    Whats the ETA on an RC release since this preview release is obviously no where near ready – in fact I'm going to uninstall it now and go back to IE10 until there is a new version considering I can't get work done in IE11 ATM.

  32. fr says:

    The lack of Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) on the Windows 7 version is concerning, surely the standards support should be identical otherwise developers will treat IE11 as two completely different browsers.  I hope this is just a limitation in the preview and will be implemented in the final but would have thought the documentation would say that if it was the intention.

  33. Snowknight26 says:


    Just like most bugs, the developers have no intentions of fixing the image resizing bug:…/automatic-image-resizing-has-no-effect-on-background-tabs

  34. Arieta says:

    Another bug: When opening a new tab with Ctrl+T, the url bar will not get highlighted by default, unless the url bar or the tab bar was in focus (as in, the last mouse clicks were registered on those locations).

    So if you click on any part of the webpage, and then press ctrl+t, the focus stays on the webpage rendering area instead of jumping to the url bar. You have to go back to the url bar using tab or F6 manually.

  35. Eduardo says:

    ainda presica ficar mais rapido e melhor

  36. JoaoSerra says:

    @fr Yupe, that's a major bumper…

    Like EricLaw [ex-MSFT] said that's probably because these things need support from the underlying Windows Media Foundation libs… However, they should backport this thing… Not implementing SPDY on Win7 it's one thing(i.e. is doesn't interfere with HTML6 standards) but not supporting MSE/EME in Win7 will force developers to treat IE11 on Win8.1 and IE11 on Win7 as two different browsers…

  37. JoaoSerra says:


    You see, i'm Portuguese…

    Still, i'm writing in English…  

    Oh, and by the way, it's "precisa", not "precisa", at least spell it right…

    Err… Trolls…

  38. Roland says:

    @Eric: The WebBrowser memory leak with repro steps is described at:…/how-to-get-around-the-memory-leak-in-the-net-webbrowser-control

    The problem still occurs with IE10 and 11. It's not related to .NET in particular, because the problem also occurs under VB6.

  39. Yuhong Bao says:

    Now, what about the original release of Windows Server 2012?

  40. conf says:

    why doesn't msft fix ie10 first before releasing ie11 ???…/2ba79ea7-989d-4eef-bc5f-a6bb94b17624


    * ie10 requires kb2670838

    * kb2670838 breaks resource monitor on dpi setting > 100%

  41. afsfun farajpour says:


  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Anonymous says:

    There are still the same problems with IE 11's installer like with IE 10.

    1. While IE 11 is being installed, there is no way to cancel the installation via a Cancel button. However, you can close the window by pressing e.g. alt+f4, whereby the program disappears completely, even though it is still running in Task Manager's processes tab. After that, there is no way to re-run the setup program, since if you try it will tell you that another instance is already running. So, if you accidentally close the setup program while IE 11 is being installed, the process keeps lingering in the background without you knowing if the setup has been interupred, is continuing in the background or how to resume it.

    2. Do not say "Restart later". It is against the Windows UI Guidelines. Windows Live Essentials installer simply says "Close". The developers on the IE team haven't appparently read the UI guidelines of their own company. No "Restart later". They say that clearly. Other teams within Microsoft have listened. You?

  44. Anonymous says:

    @EricLaw (ex-MSFT)

    Mozilla says that 90% of users use at least one extension and many users have two or more extensions installed. Clearly addons are useful then.

    Also, IE does not automatically update your addons and your plugins which why they are a source of security threads.

  45. Eduardo V says:

    This website doesn't work for me:…/la-marca-china-tcl-vender%C3%A1-un-televisor-4k-por-solo-usd-999.201980

    I can't comment ,neither log in.

    Back to Firefox…………….

  46. When I run "IE11-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe", why do I get UAC notification said that the publisher is unknown instead of MS (not like other IE installer files)?

    I checked the file's digital signature, but it had no issue. Should I re-download it, or is it a known issue?

  47. mocax says:

    the lite brite benchmark took 24.8s to render all logos for me.  3.70s for just the IE logo.

    but I keep getting UAC prompt to load web content when I open the developer tools.

    Is it for tracking purposes? Will this "web content" be in included in the  final release?

  48. Blue bird solutions says:

    Its Gud to see IE11 is coming ,but what they have updated is unknown according to my view it should be better than chrome so that everyone tends to use it for more details click <a href="">here</a>

  49. Mark says:

    Drill downs are blocked because inside your bare strings are the guts of an OS. I heard somewhere that the new graphics system may consequent an old Redhat wishlist: icons from any system graphic. IE10 scooped a ton of blowouts, so let's hope 11 is a little kinder… ;o)

  50. Esben says:

    IE11 is great! And now IE has the best developer tools of them all!

  51. mocax says:

    Hmm… the DOM explorer turns up blank on


  52. bseddon says:

    It's irrelevant if the only platform on which is exists is Windows 8.  If it supports Vista and Windows 7 it is relevant.  If not, who cares?

  53. Blind Programmer says:

    I tried IE 11's Developer Tools with my screen readers (Jaws 14 latest and NVDA) and they are not accessible. I can't read the contents of the script I am debugging or find out what is the currently executing line. It seems the control where the code in the debugger is shown is inaccessible. Also, even though buttons are labeled, some of them cannot be pressed using enter but I have to use spacebar instead. Overall, it's a huge step backward for me.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Why is it when I run IE setup it does not say that the file is signed by Microsoft? It says that the file comes from an unknown location and might be harmful or something similar, which is completely unexpected and looks like a virus to me. Fix this please. I am using Windows 7.

  55. Vicu9mx says:

    IE for Windows 7??? that's good news, the bad news is – No IE11 for Windows Phone 7, that's a shame,  we have a outdated phone, without the possibility to pay for update at least the IE

  56. Danno says:

    I like the look of IE11!  If only all windows users could be migrated to new pcs with the latest browser..then my life would be too easy I guess.

  57. Christian Stockwell [MSFT] says:

    @Eduardo V: Thanks for letting us know. I filed…/cannot-login-to-http-www-laneros-com on your behalf so that we can fix the site through our Compatibility View list while the site updates for IE11. It looks like the site is following a few anti-patterns, performing browsing sniffing when they should be doing feature detection. If I switch the IE UA string using the F12 tools the site appears to work as expected.

  58. Natasha says:

    The videos on this site do not load in IE11.…/southwest-plane-nose-gear

    Please tell me this has nothing to do with the DRM garbage that Netflix strong-armed you into adding into HTML5 that is the first and only case of non-open web standards being intentionally added to the Web.

    everything went downhill with IE when they announced support for the video and audio tags without default out of the box support for open, free, standard formats.

    PS thanks for still not fixing the IE blog comment form! Its so helpful that this well documented (both the bug and the fix!) issue has not been resolved in 8 years.  This works wonders for showing that Microsoft is leading the way in web and browser technology.  At least you have the "x" on the end of your "*.asp" pages! so that we are all secure! #phessshhh

  59. Michael K. says:

    Do you plan to support TypeScript natively in IE11?

    It would be great to bypass the compile-to-JS crap and use directly TypeScript in the browser.

  60. @bseddon says:

    Vista support is largely irrelevant nowadays, it's below XP, 7 and 8 in market share.

    Anyway, all I really have to say about this IE11 preview is that its got a few UI issues because its just a preview.  Other than that it looks and works exactly like IE10 except for the f12 stuff.

  61. MSFTFan says:

    Yahoo home page is broken,,,,news feed does not showup after scroll…

  62. Arieta says:

    OK, critical bug: Hold down right button and click a link with the left mouse button. IE11 will crash, no matter the link or the site. Works in both 32bit and 64bit mode, with and without add-ons, can reproduce constantly.

  63. JimL says:

    The article looks more like a marketing post and doesn't belong on CodeProject.

  64. Deeds says:

    @IE team,

    Thank you for the initiative of overhauling F12 developer tooling. But we are expecting few improvement in the existing features by final release.

    Please do not exercise the same behavior with the developers of your ecosystem who are giving you feedback…. all the below feedback items, pertaining to F12DT, are closed with some convoluted reason:

    I wonder why didn't you guys did it right in first place? Firebug for Firefox and Chrome dev tools are certainly not new to anyone in web development and they are great source of inspiration… Do you expect us to wait for IE12 or 13 to resolve these issues (which would probably not supported on Windows 7)?

    @Program manager – F12DT team, please do not ignore our feedback and please complete the features which we all are profoundly wanting. Its not just about YOU and YOUR definition of good enough, its what we — the developer — need. Filter the related bug reports on connect and have a little survey if you really care!

    This is very painful to see you shooting your own foot. Please help us help you to make our ecosystem better!

    Sincerely yours.

  65. Anonymous says:

    What is the difference of marking a bug as closed "by design" as opposed to marking it closed "as postponed"? Postponed until when? The next IE version, the final realease, when? Plus, every time you come out with a new version of IE, we need to re-file all the bugs again? What's the story there please.

  66. Mitch 74 says:

    This looks all fine and dandy, but I installed it (cleanly, no plugin) and removed it in the hour, because:

    – startup is incredibly sluggish, even worse than previous IE versions : the window opens instantly, but its content freezes for almost a minute before interaction can take place.

    – four crashes in less than 20 minutes. OK, it's a preview, but even Mozilla's daily builds are more stable.

    – the developer tools are nice – when they manage to open… (see above for crashes), and they aren't finished yet (network is half-in, half-out Modern style).

    – WebGL… didn't quite work on complex scenes.

    – might run SunSpider faster, but it's been known for a while that SunSpider is flawed. Overall speed on complex pages is still a bit slower than other browsers.

    – you CAN'T tout real world faster rendering by using proprietary setImmediate, when the 2 (now 3) other major web browser engines refuse to implement it because alternatives already exist (postMessage) – I think you didn't get the memo, Microsoft cannot set standards by itself anymore!

    – I really disapprove of adding proprietary DRM stuff to the audio/video tags, that goes against what the Web stands for.

    – you REALLY should fix that damn comment form bug. 8 years, that's a record even for you! It took only 4 years to go from IE6 to IE7.

  67. PNG decode on GPU says:

    Zip and PNG also is LZ77-based compression

    Winz*p support OpenCL for accelerated decompression(Zip files), This is no technical problem

    Why IE11 doesn't also support decode PNG images in real-time on the GPU?

  68. drkbl says:

    @Arieta: "OK, critical bug: Hold down right button and click a link with the left mouse button. IE11 will crash"

    Not here, W7 32 bit Hungarian / IE 11 English, Logitech G700 + SetPoint, links open on new tab

  69. fcaldas says:

    Will it support WebRTC?

  70. Addy says:

    I'm no developer, a slightly geeked kind (Digit reading, etc!), and here are my comments. Hope you find valuable:


    1. Really fast first IE opening time!! Awesome!!

    2. F12 feature – tried it – didn't understand but dropdown – doesn't work properly

    3. On Windows 7 Aero – looks good

      On Windows 7 UI without Aero – looks good

      On Windows Classic UI(Win 98 type) – "Go" button doesn't look correct, please fix asap

    4. After closing one tab, the other somehow extends in length and after a few seconds shrinks – annoying – please fix

    5. Browsing Speed – I must say if preview is so fast, final should also be (fingers-crossed).


    In all, I can finally say I will use IE and not run away from it like I did before! Nice work guys!!

  71. martin says:

    1.) your tab stops on this form are completely messed up forcing mobile browsers to the top of the post after entering a name.

    2.) The long standing comment form bug on this blog has still not been fixed 8 years later.

    3.) The IE11 HTML5 score on is still lower than versions of Chrome and Firefox that shipped years ago!

    4.) The sun spider test speeds might be good (and IE1 is faster than IE10) but on standard DOM navigation and manipulation it it still orders of magnitude slower than Chrome and Firefox, and Opera.

    5.) The textarea bug from IE10 has not been fixed.

    6.) The dev tools crash often and are very slow to load.

    7.) The metro styling looks very out of place on Windows 7.

    8.) The metro styling in Windows 8 loses many points due to lack of usability and control discoverability.

    9.) New tabs don't put focus in the address bar quick enough so typing URL's often fails.

    10.) I'm not sure how I did it but sometimes new tabs open up before the current tab which is very jarring and confusing.

    All in all there are some nice improvements but none that make it worth keeping installed ATM. I'm rolling back this release until a beta quality release is ready for download.

    Is there an ETA on the next beta?

  72. Arieta says:

    @martin: html5test scores are useless. Chrome may score the highest, but in reality it has more bugs than IE9 when it comes to HTML5.

  73. L. says:

    Thanks for the developer preview!  It's still a bit rough (some rss feeds stopped working, and I have to retry most file downloads) but it's promising!

    Too bad you did not include MathML support this time, but I understand not everyone see this as a priority.  Please think about it for the next one!

    Regarding JPEG decoding on the GPU, did you include support cor arithmetic coding?

  74. Kashif says:

    Addy said "4. After closing one tab, the other somehow extends in length and after a few seconds shrinks – annoying – please fix"

    This is a feature not a bug. Suppose you have 100 tabs opened. Now you want to close 20 (ungrouped) tabs in sequence. You will just move your mouse to the close button of last tab in the sequence. As you click it, the next in sequence would take width and its close button would be situated at the pointer position. So you need to just click 20 times without moving your mouse and you are done.

    Firefox does it by equally distributing the width between the remaining tabs. But imo, both approaches are correct from UX point of view. Your mileage may vary..

  75. Faster says:


  76. Arieta says:

    Found a bug with zooming. If you zoom a page (or just an image) so it is wider/taller than the window, then you can't scroll around by pressing middle click and moving the mouse. You can only do that if the page (or image) already overflew the window.

    So, if you have a 2000x500px image on a 1000x768px browser window, you can only scroll to left and right with the middle click, even if you zoom the image to 2x size – it will get vertical scrollbars, but you just can't drag with middle click into that direction.

    If you zoom into a 100x100px image until it is large enough to cause scrollbars, then middle click will not work at all, since it doesn't do anything on the unzoomed picture either. So, middle click only applies scroll directions based on the un-zoomed dimensions.

  77. Martijn says:

    Document modes are missing. Please get them back in.

  78. Martijn says:

    "Why IE11 doesn't also support decode PNG images in real-time on the GPU?"

    If you offload everything to the GPU, the CPU will have nothing to do and you've shifted the problem elsewhere. Don't offload to the GPU if it's not neccesary, and certainly don't do it when you can't know for sure that the GPU will actually perform the offloaded task faster.

    Also, document modes are missing 😉

  79. Martijn says:

    "6.) The dev tools crash often and are very slow to load."

    And they freeze. In my case at least when I clicked one of the tabs (which one I'll never know until it doesn't freeze). Also, dev tools is *rather* incomplete (see my previous two posts 😉 )

  80. Yolanda says:

    David Walsh made a great 3D cube demo using CSS…/css-cube.php

    The only thing that sucks is that it doesn't work in any version of Internet Explorer — Including the yet-to-be-released IE11!!!!!

    Microsoft your browser is woefully behind in the market – please either give up, or DOUBLE your team size to catch up!

  81. Stifu says:

    "If you offload everything to the GPU, the CPU will have nothing to do and you've shifted the problem elsewhere. Don't offload to the GPU if it's not neccesary, and certainly don't do it when you can't know for sure that the GPU will actually perform the offloaded task faster."

    That's not the point. Arbitrarily offloading certain images to the GPU based on their format is not the way to go either. PNGs shouldn't be treated differently from JPGs. Offload to the GPU when it's possible and makes sense, regardless of the image format.

  82. Damiano says:

    This developer preview is UNUSABLE as I need the developer toolbar, it hangs continuosly.

  83. @Addy:  "On Windows Classic UI(Win 98 type) – "Go" button doesn't look correct"

    The UI you're referring to here is a 3rd-party hack to Windows. Microsoft can't be expected to make it work properly.

    "4. After closing one tab, the other somehow extends in length and after a few seconds shrinks – annoying – please fix"

    Kashif is correct; this is an IE9 feature– behavior depends on where your mouse pointer is. The idea is that this allows you to close multiple tabs via "click, click, click" without having to move your mouse button over to the next close button. This is a somewhat controversial feature which has garnered a lot of feedback like yours because most people don't recognize why it was done this way and it looks sorta like a bug.

    @L. — it's quite unlikely that they support JPEG arithmetic encoding, as there are essentially no JPEGs encoded in that manner due to legacy patent issues.

    @Martijn: Document modes aren't missing, but the control to change them with F12 is. I've been told that was a deliberate design decision because the fidelity of the reproduction wasn't high and it was confusing to developers that pages behaved differently in the emulated mode than in the real browser.

    You're also a bit confused about how the GPU works– the GPU is massively parallel (often with hundreds of execution pipelines) and the images ultimately end up on the GPU anyway, so getting the data out there early is a key feature. The GPU won't be used (forced to software mode) if it's too slow to keep up and things would be faster on the CPU.

    @Yolanda– You're complaint can be rewritten to "please support preserve-3d." It's a fine request, but you needn't get so dramatic about it.

    @Stifu: The IE team prioritizes performance investments based on the cost vs. benefit. There's no doubt that they found that GPU-decoding JPEG provided a better return than PNGs. I'd imagine they'll eventually get around to hardware decoding of PNGs if they find that it makes sense vs. other possible investments.

    @Damiano: You could make your complaint more actionable by providing information about what sites you're using it on, what specs your PCS has, etc.

  84. L. says:

    @EricLaw: I read somewhere that the patents covering arithmetic coding had expired.  Recent versions of libjpeg support it by default.  So, I wondered.

  85. Richa Prasad [MSFT] says:

    @Matt Davis






    Thanks for your feedback! We are interested in investigating the performance and crash/hang issues you are seeing with the Preview developer tools. Could you please email at richap AT Microsoft DOT com the actions/steps you took which revealed the issues? Thanks!

  86. Stephan says:

    @Richa Prasad [MSFT] – regarding the email with repro steps it is really easy.

    Step 1.) Load almost any Website

    Step 2.) Press [F12] to load the developer tools

    Step 3.) try to switch "tabs" (the vertical list of Windows 8 style tiles that look silly in Windows 7 and you need to mouse over them just to figure out what they are) notice within a few clicks (sometimes within 1 click)

    PS did you get the subtle hint that the Win8 skin in Windows 7 looks ridiculous?  I'll try harder next time if it wasn't obvious enough.


  87. Damiano says:

    @Richa Prasad

    IE11  installed on a Win7 x64 full updated.

    I made my tests on an intranet website, nothing special, a pure web site.

    Problems are reproducible as @Stephan steps.


    Tell SSRS team that ReportViewer control will loose the Printing button tied the relative ActiveX plugin due the impersonation of Mozilla UserAgent

  88. Sven says:

    Does anyone know — will IE11 support the HTML 'template' tag?  Thanks!

  89. Prior Semblance says:

    I had to uninstall the IE11 preview because its too unstable for normal browsing.  Way too many problems with tabs and sometimes the entire browser crashing.  I hope a new beta is released soon that resolves these issues so I can use IE11 again =]

  90. Corrie says:

    "IE11 extends its leadership in Javascript performance"

    I stopped reading at that point. This entire article is just going to be another bunch of lies, half-truths, misstatements, ambiguous omissions, etc. All Microsoft ever does is produce marketing material.

  91. Mitch 74 says:

    @Richa Prasad: same as Stephan and Damiano.

  92. Arieta says:

    @Corrie: But IE really IS fast since IE9… it just needs more user requested features and more proactive bug-squashing, to be truly competitive. And THAT is why the lack of proper developer response is very sad (including the joke that is the MS Connect bug reporting site).

  93. LMK says:

    Did that post??

    Can you check these bugs from IE10 please:…/c8d79e2b-8e6e-4734-bed2-7dbc4369175c

  94. Steve says:

    But will it "play nice" with vs2010? IE10 won't, which is why I scrapped it and went back to IE9.

  95. Jeff LoBello says:

    Please bring back Browser & Document modes menus.  I don't see those menus in the new dev tools.  They are both useful for debugging old IE sites.

  96. Dab says:

    Long awaited, awesome!

  97. Chris P says:

    IE11 Preview is not as ready as IE10 Preview was when it was released.  It locks up on me when I am in the developer tools constantly.  Some websites won't render/act properly and I can't find an easy emulation mode switch in IE11.  The privacy report form sometimes will pop-up constantly on websites and not give me an option to hide it or tell me why it popped up since it's all blank.

    Time to uninstall.

  98. Lar 5 says:

    IE 11 has problems with NBCNEWS.COM.  Headers at top overlap as do headlines on right side. The text  from the top header does not position properly on the page. These problems seem to be specific to NBC.

  99. Richa Prasad [MSFT] says:

    @Matt Davis







    I am unable to get an in-house repro of the issue based on the steps you mentioned. Are there any add-ins you are using? What is your machine config?

  100. Damiano says:

    @Richa Prasad [MSFT]

    I have a WIN7 x64 Pro, 6GB RAM, I5 processor, NVIDIA GT320 1GB.

    I work in a connected network by a domain controller; Sophos antivirus is installed.

    Is there a way to automatically collect and copy/paste the information you need from IE11?

  101. @Damiano says:

    And it happens just switching tabs in the developer tools.

    Nothing else?

  102. Xero says:

    @Matt Davis







    To collect information, go to start and open "iediag". Then open "steps recorder".

    Start steps recorder. Follow the steps to reproduce the error. Just before the error is going to appear (like 30 sec interval), open IEDiag and let it collect the info. Save the cab file from IEDiag and zip from Steps Recorder.

    Submit it on connect and hope that IE team will not ignore it before (or even after) acknowledging the bug.

  103. Stephan says:

    @Richa Prasad [MSFT] – do you have the latest "security" patch applied to IE (the one with the KB that ends in "71")?

    This patch massively broke legit, valid behavior and has been the bane of Web Developers everywhere that had legitimate in-viewport X,Y coordinate tracking.  (Anyone that got wind of this bug early DID NOT APPLY the patch to ensure that sites did not break… and turned off AutoUpdates until Microsoft releases a patch for the patch)

    That said my box is a Windows 7, 64 bit 8 GB Intel based laptop with the latest drivers etc.

    IE11's dev tools constantly crash, are ridiculously slow, the final panel doesn't load properly (everything is magenta… it just plain fails to render)

    No plugins installed and this breaks on pretty much any site I load from internal web apps to Google, to the IE blog.

    I'd love to give you more info but seriously it was so bad that I'm uninstalling it right now – totally unusable – it should have been flagged as an Alpha release if it wasn't ready yet.

  104. Hector says:

    IE11's dev tools Console,I don't can write ~ because altgr + 4 goto to network.

    W7 SP1 x64 Spanish keyword/Language.

  105. Is the Windows 7 version of IE11 touch enabled? says:

    Is the Windows 7 version of IE11 touch enabled? I have a Dell Studio 1749 which has multi-touch screen.

  106. @Hector: Can you help provide more detailed steps? This sounds like…/console-and-french-keyboard-layout, but I was not able to repro that issue either.

  107. Senthil Kumar says:


    Opening a new Tab does not put the focus on the Address Bar.


    1. Open IE 11 Preview.

    2. Open a website, say

    3. Make sure, focus is on the Bing search text box, and NOT on the Address Bar.

    4. Click on the "New Tab" icon next to the current Tab (OR) press Ctrl + T.

    5. New Tab is opened.

    6. Now, Focus is NOT on the Address Bar, as it should be! The URL I start typing instinctively after clicking on 'New Tab' icon goes nowhere!


    – Windows 7 SP1 32bit

    – IE 11 Preview


    – This does not happen when focus is already in the address bar, before opening a new Tab.

  108. Give us Aero says:

    Why do you insist on including the fugly Windows 8 UI? It's out of place on Windows 7. There's a reason people are on Windows 7.

  109. @Senthil Kumar: Can you file a bug on Connect: That's the best way to send us issues. If you can file a bug on Connect please post the bug ID here so I can follow up. Thanks!

  110. Sampson T. says:

    @Christian Stockwell (MSFT)

    We've told you time and time again! We are not going to file anything in Connect – Ever!

    If you want to waste your time filing bugs in connect that other developers and testers can't confirm because they can't see the test cases then go ahead.  The rest of us are not going to waste our time.

    Please don't ask us to file bugs in Connect.  Take 2-4 hours and read through a random assortment of the comments on this blog.  You will find there are a lot of unhappy readers and they typically have 3 major issues.

    1.) Complaints that the comment form on this blog is still broken

    2.) Complaints that Microsoft is either not following standards, or trying to invent their own and force others to adopt them

    3.) Complaints that MS Connect is a complete waste of time as it isn't managed well at all, bugs are not updated, bugs are closed without cause or  justification, bugs are deleted and removed, bugs are not testable by anyone else, the search within connect is pathetic and 100% unreliable, the bug filing form contains several fields that are not appropriate (or even known to) the reporter – yet are required, everyone is required to sign in (see Mozilla Firefox for how to enable bug reporting), it isn't open bug tracking, microsoft pays no attention to the bugs filed, microsoft closes bugs without looking at them (caught several times when the bug was hosted at a remote url that was never accessed).

    So once again – please for the love of god do not ask readers to report the bugs!

    If you want them reported YOU will have to do it – unless you plan to fix up Connect completely AND apologise for messing around with IE users and developers for the past 7-8 years.


  111. Chris says:

    So is the UI fixed in IE11 on 7 or is it still all weird and flat like IE10? Microsoft can't even follow its own UI guidelines.

  112. Goke 007 says:

    In Windows 7 32 bits and IE10, Google Image thumbs display correctly according the newest Google layout.

    After installing IE11 the Google Image thumbs display the old Google way.

  113. Ronald says:

    @Chris – No the IE11 UI is still the silly mickey mouse UI from Windows 8 which is a real bummer because the inconsistency makes it painful to use.  More importantly the dev tools [F12] are majorly broken in this release and highly unreliable so I would wait to install it anyway until they get a beta quality release ready that doesn't crash constantly and all the panels actually load.

    I think Dean H. must have been cracking the whip to get a release out for testing even though it was far from ready/stable hopefully the next one is worthy of downloading. Most of us have uninstalled this IE11 preview because its too unstable for any real work.  The first few crashes you can handle… but the 5th crash of the day? nah its time to put IE10 back in.

  114. @Sampson T: I wouldn't be asking for people to file bugs on Connect unless I was personally interested in helping improve the system.

    1. As I've mentioned in some recent comments on the blog, we're investigating. Several of us on the team have been burned by the dropped comments in the past, and we hate the bug with a passion and are working with the Blog owners to fix it. Until that time, I can only recommend that you log in before posting, which helps avoid the issue.

    3. We're working to improve Connect. I'll happily apologize for cases where you don't think your bugs were handled well. I've looked through a lot of Connect bugs and I know that although we aspire to reach a uniformly positive outcome I know that reality falls short of our aspiration more than I'd like. To help address some of the feedback we've received regarding Connect, over the last couple of months we've simplified the bug filing form to eliminate some of the extraneous fields and have changed our policy to stop closing bugs that we want to fix but can't fix in the current release. Although we still require you to sign in to file a bug (which both Firefox and Google require as well), we also recently changed Connect to allow you to view/browse bugs without signing in. We're looking for other changes we can make that will make Connect more useful. I know that a single example may not convince you, but for what it's worth, we do care deeply about fixing bugs and we try hard to do the right thing:…/document-readystate-interactive-firing-too-early-misfiring-in-ie11-9-and-10.

    Please do continue to file bugs on Connect because that's the best way we have to fix the best set of bugs and to find and fix those cases where our process falls short. I can't promise that we've suddenly created a perfectly failsafe system, but we're listening and are interested in improving–and we need your help.

  115. @Hector: I was able to do some digging, and it looks like you're hitting a bug that we've fixed since the Preview. In the preview build we found a bug where the developer tools were incorrectly accepting Ctrl+alt+<number> or AltGr+<number> in addition Ctrl+<number> as tool shortcut keys. That bug has since been fixed.

  116. Serg says:

    IE 11 works a little bit faster than IE 10 on Win7 x64, C2Duo T9600, 4Gb, but it always CRASH when I turn between `Home` and `@` pages on

  117. Mathew Porter says:

    The latest build seems great, glad the rate of progress for support of the latest tech is being implemented at a faster rate in the IE builds.

  118. Has there been updates to the initial preview build yet?

    How can we get them?

  119. George Dolan says:

    I am a senior and disabled veteran, I want to see a new interface, more graphics, more video, and photos…I want the new IE 11 to be fun and easy to use…I am tired of the old menu bar thing…I want to be able to watch movies on IE 11…at my age what else can you do for me…

  120. Starting in IE9 and still present in this preview of IE11 is an absolutely horrible memory leak affecting single page web apps.  See…/memory-leak-in-ie9-ie10-tables.  By the way, it's probably not just tables, that was just the way I found it and provides an easy way to make the leak extreme enough to visualize even in a small example.  In a real business application, this typically leaks 2-5MB per logical page.

    I've confirmed this still leaks in IE11 but the issue is postponed.  My company has a large single page app based on ExtJS that I've made leak free on Firefox and Chrome, but this native leak inside IE makes it impossible to support IE.  Could you please address this problem.

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