Introducing IE11: The Best Way to Experience the Web on Modern Touch Devices

As part of today’s Windows 8.1 Preview, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Preview is now also available.  Fast, fluid and perfect for touch, IE11 continues our vision of providing the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes – an experience where sites and apps work flawlessly together. IE11 offers better touch performance, faster page load times, a continuous browsing experience across your Windows devices, and completely rebuilt F12 developer tools.

Levitation demo - Hardware accelerated HTML5 with touch is faster in IE11
Levitation demo - Hardware accelerated HTML5 with touch is faster and more responsive in IE11

Performance matters to everyone who browses the Web. The way to judge performance is how responsive browser and device are, especially to touch. On today’s devices, touch is the new fast. We built IE to be fast, responsive, and battery efficient, especially with touch.

Immersive Browsing

IE11 delivers a fast, fluid experience, using as many tabs as you want, and side-by-side browsing so you can use your favorite sites and Windows Store apps together. IE11 puts your sites first, delivering the best Web on Windows across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes, that’s equally great for touch, mouse, and keyboard.

Browsing with sites side by side in IE on Windows 8.1 is easy and automatic – see video
Browsing with sites side by side in IE on Windows 8.1 is easy and automatic – see video

Auto recognize phone numbers on webpages and tap to call; here with Skype – see video
Auto recognize phone numbers on Web pages and tap to call; here with Skype – see video

And because you expect to be able to continue the browsing you do from one Windows device to the next, IE11 adds support for accessing tabs open across your devices, kept in sync through the cloud with SkyDrive. As you move between your Windows devices, your open tabs, favorites, history, user names/passwords, and more are always up to date and under your control.

Touch Optimized

Touch performance continues to be an area of focus, building on the work we did in IE10. Improvements you will notice in IE11 on Windows 8.1:

Best browser touch responsiveness and battery life on Windows devices: IE11 produces “stick to your finger” touch responsiveness by using the GPU to process gestures such as panning, zooming, and swiping. GPU-offloaded image decoding enhances battery life and keeps the CPU processing dynamic page content. IE11 makes browsing more responsive by prioritizing work and by pre-fetching content in the background.

Touch optimized address bar: Get to your most frequently used sites quickly, always fresh and up to date with the browsing you do across all your devices. Typing is faster with site suggestions, including direct links to site sections, Bing search suggestions, and suggested Windows Store apps. You can even get instant answers for weather and stock prices from the address bar.

As many tabs as you want: Up to 100 tabs per window, with independent tab suspension for efficient use of memory and battery, and faster switching with tabs that are there when you need them, out of your way when you don’t. Responding to feedback, IE11 has a new option to always show your tabs and address bar for faster, easier access with the mouse or finger.

More beautiful, touchable favorites: Full support for Favorite sites with folders and custom tile pictures that are more personal and always stays in sync with the desktop and across all your Windows 8.1 PCs.

Navigation built for touch: Touch optimized UI with swipe for forward and back gestures, with page prediction and pre-rendering, make going to next page and going back instant. A more touchable Web with touch hover menu support.

Your sites first: The most important part of the screen is available for your sites with a single, unified interface with tabs and address bar at the bottom optimized for fast access and touch.

Enabling the Next Generation of Sites and Apps

We optimized the IE11 browsing engine for real-world sites to download and display fast and be highly responsive to touch. Developers can build next generation experiences with professional-quality Web video, and hyper-fast 2D and 3D Web technologies that make the most of the underlying hardware. IE11 supports real world standards and compatibility, and new developer tools enable developers to build high-performance Web experiences on Windows devices.

Link to Lawn Mark demo – high performance HTML5 for next generation sites and apps
Lawn Mark demo – high performance HTML5 for next generation sites and apps - see video

Some of the key ways that Windows 8.1 provides the best stage for the real-world Web while enabling new 3D, gaming, and media experiences:

Create live site tiles in the Windows 8.1 Start Screen. With Windows 8.1, your pinned sites can now be alive with activity, pulling data from your Web site.

Modern Web development is easier. IE11 supports the latest standards and frameworks actively used by Web developers. Brand new F12 tools in IE enable iterative, visual debugging and tuning of Web sites. enables cross-browser testing, no matter where you choose to develop.

Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics. Interoperable WebGL experiences run on all devices, taking advantage of GPU acceleration. IE11 scans for unsafe WebGL content and implements a software-based renderer to complement the GPU. With Windows, graphics subsystem failures are not fatal, and WebGL continues to run. With IE11, your 3D experiences can access device orientation to create new interaction opportunities for immersive Web content.

The existing Web continues to work – even better: IE11 is interoperable with existing sites, which just run faster and look better in IE. Of course, intranet sites and apps continue to run in IE11, which supports Compatibility View.

Enable professional-quality video experiences on the Web. IE11 supports plugin-free HTML5 video with the latest standards for closed captioning, streaming that adapts to available network bandwidth, and rights management - so all your video content can be as good as the professionals. Power-efficient video streaming in Windows 8.1 extends battery life for Web video. If you install the Windows 8.1 Release Preview, you can visit Netflix to watch your favorite movies and TV shows using HTML5 without the need to install any plugins.

Build Windows apps that deliver world class Web content. Embed live Web sites into your Windows apps, taking advantage of hardware acceleration to integrate Web and app content and provide fluid touch interactions.

Best Web Experience with Apps and Sites Together

IE11 and Windows 8.1 enables developers and consumers to have the best of both worlds – amazing next generation applications that are optimized for Windows devices, and first class experience of Web sites together with apps that is great across the full range of Windows PCs. You can check out more examples on the IE Test Drive site.

Please install the Windows 8.1 Preview from the Windows Store to try IE11. You can find a full list of new functionality available to developers in the IE11 Preview Developer Guide here. We look forward to reading your feedback on Connect and continuing to engage with the developer community.

—Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer

Comments (85)
  1. Larry Seltzer says:

    >> IE11 scans for unsafe WebGL content and implements a software-based renderer to complement the GPU.

    So when does the software renderer, as opposed to harware rendering, run?

  2. super AG says:

    lol probably at $(document).ready

  3. Randall says:

    WOOO WebGL!

  4. Arieta says:

    How many years of begging will it take to get a Windows 7 version this time?

  5. Ben Hodgson says:

    Will you guys be releasing an IE11 VM on That would be helpful 🙂

  6. RichB says:

    SVG foreignObject support? Disappointing.

  7. Steven Roussey says:

    Is there a way to extend the developer tools in IE11 like you can in Firebug?

  8. game kid says:

    "How many years of begging will it take to get a Windows 7 version this time?"

    As many years as Microsoft thinks Windows 8.1 is a sufficient patch to the Windows 8 downgrade.  (It's not.)

  9. Korab says:

    Make it work with Windows 7, like you did with IE10!!!

  10. Gilbert says:

    Don't keep losing money and download the Google Chrome… It's Free!!

  11. Yannick says:

    I don't get how you lose money with using another browser? However, this one makes sense:

    Don't keep losing your privacy and download Internet Explirer… It's Free!!

  12. Hats says:

    IE 11 is coming to iOS and Android? Great news!

  13. Laura Gonzalez says:

    When will it be available for download?

  14. SC says:

    I'd really like to add better LiveTile support to my site, but the IE11 documentation in that area is terrible. It defines new msapplication-notification and msapplication-config tags, but doesn't document the XML structure or how they differ from msapplication-badge.

  15. Tobias Buschor says:

    Can someone access  with ie11?

    The browser will auto report dom-properties

  16. Trevor says:

    Does IE11 support border-image? Because if it does, I am happy.

  17. Sandeep Singhal <MSFT> says:


    Yes, IE11 does indeed support border-image!

  18. Tanvi Surti <MSFT> says:


    The use of msapplication-notification is documented at…/dn255024(v=vs.85).aspx

    The polling uri bindings are the same as for Windows 8.1 apps and can be found at…/dn255024(v=vs.85).aspx

    Examples of a live tiles in action can be found on the IE11 Test Drive –…/index.aspx

    You can also check out to get code to power a Live Tile on your website with an RSS feed, if your site has one.


  19. Brian LePore says:

    So does the new dev tools let you still toggle into previous versions of IE, or do we need to run VMs for that now?

    I heard that drag and drop works for touch now. Does this mean that you can move images in a WYSIWYG editor with a touch now? I've previously used JavaScript methods to add support for this in TinyMCE using touch events and IE10's pointer events. If images are now draggable and the JavaScript is unnecessary I wouldn't want to add those events. How would you recommend testing for this? I really don't want to do browser detection to add the events.

  20. Prior Semblance says:

    You guys do realize Microsoft already confirmed a Windows 7 release right?

  21. Gérard Talbot says:

    @Dean Hachamovitch [MSFT]


    Will IE11 be able to run on Windows 7? Will people have to buy Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 in order to use IE11 ??

    These are important questions.


    Sandeep Singhal [MSFT] says that IE11 support border-image but there are no tests at IE test center. Will those tests be uploaded soon?


    All test results at IE test center show results for Firefox 16, Chrome 22, Opera 12.02 and Safari 5.1.7 … but those browser versions are 6months-12months old. And so, those test results are not recent. Will the test results be updated with latest browser versions?


    Will all the tests at IE test center be submitted at CSSWG for inclusions into respective test suites?

    AFAIK, none of them have been submitted, reviewed and approved yet.

    Gérard Talbot

  22. Nasruddin says:

    Are you kidding me……

  23. Vincenzo Di Russo says:

    Excellent. Thanks.

  24. Anthony says:

    super AG, no, at document.domContentLoaded  😉

  25. Rob Zuber says:

    Please make IE 11 available as soon as possible on Windows 7.  Many of us wish to test compatibility of our websites with that setup.

    Thank you.

  26. Alipta Ballav says:

    Why dont you die if you are not supporting HTML 5?

  27. Venk says:


  28. Asbjørn says:

    Wow – the new developer tools look awesome! And the standards support is excellent, as usual (incredible that you can say that about IE; you have sure come a long way). I might just switch back to IE – one of the things holding me back was the developer tools. Now, if you would update the desktop UI, please. It hasn't been changed since IE9!

  29. Paul says:

    Excellent, looking forward to the IE 11

  30. el toro bumingo says:

    I'm excited to use Internet Explorer 11. Hope I could upgrade to Windows 8 soon 🙂

  31. Tim says:

    How about transform-style:preserve-3d support?

  32. xpclient says:

    Add the dedicated Search box please. IE6 also supported searching from the address bar before the search box was added in IE7. You don't have to copy Chrome at everything. It's not the same as searching from address bar. Search provider discovery and switching was much better from the search box. Plus, the use of double quotes in the address bar sets off IE's XSS protection and often blocks the search.

  33. xpclient says:

    I meant search box to the Desktop version. The touch IE has no place to add a search box without cluttering the UI.

  34. So far I've really liked ie11, there are some improvements that are great, like increasing the tabs limit on the metro version.

    But there is some thing that really annoys me, and it's a step backwards from ie10, and that is the way you open links as new tabs, in ie17 you clicked with your finger long enough to trigger the right click options, and a menu would appear over the link with the option to copy the link, or open it on a new tab. And it was great, intuitive, and easy to use with one hand.

    On ie11, basically is the same, you press long enough to trigger the right click options, what comes next is what annoys me, and then a menu bar appears on the bottom of the screen with the option to copy the link, open it on a new tab, or in a new window. The options are a improvement over ie10, the problem is that the menu is on the bottom of the screen and is a pain in the ass to reach with the hand you clicked the link.

    In my humble opinion, the way a menu would appear with all the options over the link you clicked, not on a new menu n the bottom of the screen, was much more elegant, and easy to use while on a tablet.

  35. Arieta says:

    One important thing that has been bugging me since forever – can we select an element for the developer tools using right click context menu? The same way as in every other browser?

  36. Yannick says:

    @Hats – It says "Modern", you just misinterpret "Modern" in the meaning of "popular"

  37. [MSFT] Christian Stockwell says:

    @Arieta: Yes, "Inspect Element" is in the right click context menu in IE11.

  38. [MSFT] Christian Stockwell says:

    @SC: I'll follow up with our documentation owners to see if we can improve our documentation for Live Tiles. It would be helpful if you could file a bug on Connect that points to the specific documentation you think is lacking to ensure that we actually address the issue you're running into.

  39. w1ngnut says:


  40. pmbAustin says:

    @xpclient said this: "Add the dedicated Search box please. IE6 also supported searching from the address bar before the search box was added in IE7. You don't have to copy Chrome at everything. It's not the same as searching from address bar. Search provider discovery and switching was much better from the search box. Plus, the use of double quotes in the address bar sets off IE's XSS protection and often blocks the search."

    THIS!  YES!  PLEASE!  Make it an OPTION (defaulting to off)…  Allow people who want a separate, persistent search box to enable it, and position it where they want (to the right of the tabs, to the right of the address bar, etc.)

    While you're at it, make it an OPTION to allow people to reposition the home button, and other buttons (favorites, tools).  Many people want the Home button to the left of the back/forward arrows… so much that they reject IE out of hand just on that reason alone.  Yeah, it seems silly to me, but I've encountered this attitude MANY times.

    Don't give people unnecessary excuses to reject using IE.  Give some simple UI options that allow people to configure the UI to work the way they want to and the way they're used to.  You don't need to take away anything, or change the defaults.  Just allow a few simple tweaks, based on code that already exists (pinned sites put the home button to the left, and IE8 had the separate search box that worked beautifully).  Please, please, please!

  41. Nadya says:

    Hi there!

    I'm sorry for the off-topic, but I wonder if there is something like "IE Experiments" where the people can submit theire own creations for the new IE browser…

    Anyway, I just finish my 3D Experiment for IE10… I hope you like it!! 🙂

  42. Web Audio and IE11 says:

    So, does IE11 supports the Web Audio API now?

  43. Benjamin says:

    Unrleated question – I just got IE11 (Being a MS developer) and I was wondering if there was a way to create a Worker (web worker) from a Blob?

  44. GT says:

    A dishonest test, good job, Microsoft is using one code for IE that is fast, then another code for everyone else that is slow, wow 🙂…/detail

  45. pmbAustin says:

    Kudos to the IE11 team … the "Metro" version is FAR more usable and pleasant than IE10-Metro.  I've been playing with it for a few hours, and it's quite nice.

    I've noticed a few quirks with the "Swipe to go back" feature, where it sometimes gets confused (goes back twice, or doesn't actually refresh), but hopefully that will be ironed out during beta.

    The new Favorites handling, tab handling, etc., are all great improvements.  THANK YOU.

  46. Arieta says:

    @[MSFT] Christian Stockwell: That's very good to know. Some other extra context menu items you might want to consider are:

    – copy image url

    – copy link url

    – open selected text in a new tab (as a url, with fallback to search if the url is invalid)

    Also, an ability to drag selected text into a new tab (for plaintext urls or search phrases), and an ability to drag images into a new tab (many forums or image hosters automatically downsample images to window size, dragging the image to a new tab allows to see it at full size).

    Right now I have custom context menu items for a few of these but they are not fullproof, and sometimes they open new windows instead of new tabs.

    Most other browsers can already do this.

    And let's not forget the good old "paste and jump to url" option when you try copying an url to the url bar. IE9/10 was criticized a lot for not having such a simple option.

  47. Chris Carlson - Verizon says:

    @GT There's nothing dishonest about this benchmark from what I can tell. Google has been reluctant to add support for the setImediate standard for the last two years. We shimmed setImmediate into Chrome for our frameworks and there's an easy workaround. There's been lots of debate by lots of smart people and pretty much everyone agrees setImmediate is fantastic except for Google who believe polyfills that only work in Chrome are reasonable. setImmediate is now in node and most viable frameworks. I'm sick and tired of Google's s**t.

  48. PhistucK says:

    @Chris Carlson – Verizon –

    I have not seen any implementation of setImmediate in Safari, Firefox or Opera. So how come Google is the culprit here?

    I am not saying that this is a reliable source, but according to the MDN article, it has met resistance from Mozilla as well –…/window.setImmediate

    So this is basically an API that Microsoft decided to launch, that has no real support from any other browser vendor.

    While I think this is a nice API, perhaps the new DOM (or Harmony/ECMAScript 6) Promise/Future API might be a better candidate (I have not read anyone suggesting that and I am not too familiar with the concept, but I believe it allows for asynchronous execution as well).

  49. Richard says:

    While it's great that's enabling the future, will it continue to disable the past?

    We have a number of legacy web apps that require plugins to function and it's a real pity they're disabled in the rich user interface IE10.

  50. Yannick says:

    @GT – Google made so many benchmarks that are based on non-standard code and then start yelling that IE can't handel it. Now for that benchmark from Microsoft: I'm sorry your precious browser can't handel it.

  51. GT says:


    Google Chrome can run the test 1 sec faster than IE 11, the test was written in a way to mislead everyone.

    Here is a link to the bug and the fixed test:…/detail…/lawnmark-postMessage.html

  52. GT says:

    @Yannick: I also think you are right about one thing, Google and everyone else wrote tests that were designed to show them faster.

  53. Barb says:

    What code do you need to add to your site to activate the Get app for this site menu item? (not the pinned live tiles)

  54. Arieta says:

    @GT: Google may run the test a second faster, but it does so at a VERY low framerate, while IE10 runs it completely smooth with no dropped frames.

  55. John says:

    "As many tabs as you want: Up to 100 tabs" lol

  56. abm says:

    Goodbye Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Maxthon…. You all will live in my Hyper-V VM. My Windows 8.1 PC has only one browser; IE and I prefer to keep it this way!

    IE team, keep up the good work and carry on pushing frequent performance and conformance improvements. Thanks a lot.

  57. chavsraul says:

    please blog about the pinned site feature of ie11 for win8.1

    and please lead by example.

    enhance this blog so I could pin it on my win8.1 start screen and then see notification updates.


  58. Yannick says:

    @GT – Yes, it does runs it faster when you EDIT the thing where it actually tests for… Then you change the actual benchmark.

    @chavsraul – Indeed, I love to see what's possible with the new pin options. 🙂

  59. Yannick says:

    @John – They mean that you can open as many tabs as you want, but they also say that it only will work smooth up to 100 tabs, after that, there are possibilities for lag. However: who actualy opens more than 100 tabs anyway?

  60. Paul says:

    Even if you are living under the rock for past decade, you know what Wikimedia/Wikipedia is…

    Internet Explorer and Safari don't support open media formats. MPEG-4 is huge! but how would you expect us to use Wikipedia on Internet Explorer (click the audio pronunciation link on…/French_language). IE shows download dialog for ogg file. Same thing happens in Wikimedia's Windows Store app! Would you please cut a slack and start supporting all formats out of the box (like Chrome does), so people don't need to install more than one browser ever? No one is going to bite you.. I guess enough teaming up with Apple on that one!

  61. @paul says:

    ogg is not an open standard media format.

    It is a private format owned by Xiph that they allow to be used for free.


    Opus is currently the only open standard audio format.

  62. chavsraul says:

    found this blog that actually uses the new meta tags applicable to IE11 for pinned websites.  the pinned tile supports notifications.

    1. go to the above address using IE11 in win8.1

    2. pin the website to the start screen

    3. watch as the tile gets notification updates from this blog.

  63. pmbAustin says:

    I want to echo @Arieta, and request that IE11-Metro provide context menu options for "copy image link/URL" and "copy link/URL" in addition to copy when you long-touch on a image, image link, or text link.  It's the one feature I think I'm missing that keeps me wanting to switch to desktop.  And I agree a "paste and go" option is necessary.

  64. pmbAustin says:

    I know IE will support webm, ogg, and other formats if the codecs are installed… is there a compelling reason why these codecs aren't just installed with Windows 8.1?  It would sure reduce a lot of complaints if most media type "just worked" without having to go and install special codec packs, or special apps that install the codecs for you.

  65. @pmbaustin says:

    webm and ogg are proprietary formats.

    webm is a 100% google owned and controlled format with patent issues and something similar for ogg which is 100% owned and controlled by xiph.


    Opus however is an open standard developed within and owned by standardization organisation IETF for which all contributing major companies have promised free licensing of their IP rights.  

    If anything Microsoft should include Opus support in IE11.

  66. Arieta says:

    Wait, there are working Ogg codecs for IE10? News to me, where are they?

    Also, can anyone currently using IE11 can confirm if it still has the memory leak in desktop mode?

  67. Jan says:

    This "benchmark" is BS – it has an error in its JS code, namely it uses inapropriate setTimeout() polyfill instead of postMessage(), hence the 4ms delay for each iteration in other browsers. Cheaters!

  68. @Jan says:

    The benchmark uses setImediate().

    It is part of the Efficient Script Yielding draft specification at W3C

    It is only considered inappropriate by parties that do not support it I presume.

    If sites judge chrome on arbitrary support of W3C drafts or even non W3C drafts (webrtc) than why should Microsoft not use W3C drafts in their benchmarks.

    However even without using the setimmediate script element the benchmark runs much better and smoother on IE11 compared to for instance chrome.

  69. Gérard Talbot says:

    Supporting setImmediate() coming from a Working Draft (" a work in progress and may change without any notices. "; a Working Draft is not a Candidate Release) does not prove performance and speed superiority; it just proves that IE11 currently supports setImmediate().

    This very interesting article

    claims that


    After adjusting the test to give all browser the same smallest timeout value [in other words, the same test conditions], Internet Explorer 11 actually came out about 30% slower than Chrome. Even Firefox managed to be quicker than IE 11. In reality, IE 11 is in 3rd place with Opera and Safari following.


    Disclaimer: the article does not identify the versions of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari).

    Gérard Talbot

  70. Neuro says:

    @Jan: ignoring now the discussion whether setImmediate should exist or not (in the way it's currently specified) – the test should emulate it in the best possible way available on the browser, and that's not setTimeout.

    It's like page testing some new feature of Canvas, and when that particular canvas method was missing, it would switch from canvas to abs.positioned square divs (instead of emulating it by drawing pixels or what's appropriate). Would that make sense? What exactly would it prove?

  71. Martijn says:

    Don't forget the Windows 7 version.

    Even the bleeding edge versions of Firefox, Chrome and opera work on Windows 7…. And Vista. And XP.

    IE11 can, too.

  72. gavin says:

    One question,  will the Windows Store Apps written in html/js adopt the new engine after I installed the IE 11 preview?

  73. Jack says:

    Dear IE developers,

    IE11 is a great new release, I do however noticed two serious bugs;

    1. IE11 is not compatible the “Microsoft Partner Network” site. When I logon on Windows 8.1 using IE11 (desktop), I get the following (silly) message:

    Problem encountered. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for the Partner Membership Center…


    2. My Samsung 9 series ultrabook (2012 edition) has an elan touchpad. In Word, and other apps two finger scrolling is very fluid, but in IE (desktop and metro) it’s very laggy (in IE10 on Win 8 this was also fluid). I reinstalled the elan driver en also updated to the latest version without any effect

    For the rest; keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,



    Please make the tab bar visible in IE11 Metro by default

  74. Oscar Zarate says:

    I really like IE11 but I couldn't find a tool that I use A LOT!

    Is "The Browser Mode menu" gone for ever?

  75. Peter says:

    hi, i've got a few user experience enhancements for you – free of charge, because IE11 made really good improvement

    make fwo fingers swipe to the left/right: switch between tabs

    make hold (the link) and swipe to the right: open the link in a new tab

    these are the most used navigation commands that are the most "under represented" in touch browsers. a big amount of actual user experience actually depends on them and it's a good opportunity to jump ahead of others again, just like you did on the touch OS level with swipe from the left side of the screen (to jump between apps) and full screen app content.

  76. Peter says:

    O, and another really important one.

    Make opening links in new tabs easier! the drop-down menu in ie10 was bad enough (but somewhat normal) but ie11 is even worst, because the distance between hold and the next tap is much longer. to get to the point – opening links in a new tab is so popular option that should it should be available in a single gesture. you should't have to perform a gesture (hold) and than LOOK somewhere (to find the button) and perform another gesture (tap). it should be as easy as:

    hold the link (until the hover menu appears) and swipe to the right.

    imagine you are at the search results page and you want to open all of them in new tabs. if you use a mouse it is as easy as middle-clicking on all the links – it can be done in a moment. now imagine how much time you would need if you wanted to do this with touch by using your hover menu. a nightmare …

    so what i'm saying is leave the hover menu because it's useful for other not that much used commands, but enable a new single gesture to open the link in a new tab.

    maybe can do it by holding and swiping go the right. and maybe enable holding and swiping to the left or up to search the word in the search engine, and then we have a winner 😉

  77. Jakub says:

    Hi IE team,

    I'm very disappointed to still not see in IE11 a support for //@sourceUrl (recently renamed to #sourceUrl to not interfere with old IEs [1]) to name anonymous evals. It doesn't seem like a lot of work to add that. Are there any plans to add it? Without it, the client-side eval'ed templates are very hard to debug in IE since all of them show up as anonymous on the list.


  78. Dan says:

    IE = Worst browser everrrr!

  79. Daryl says:

    I can't download Windows 8.1 due to IT policy restrictions but I have to ask – has the textarea bug from IE10 (all versions and patches) been fixed yet?

    IE was already the browser with the worst user experience (and made worse with the metro "modeless" chrome on scrollbars and dropdowns) however the textarea bug was just plain frustrating. Like trying to get grandma to use VI.

    I seriously hope its fixed because I won't be using IE again until it is and I doubt I'm the only one.

  80. @jakub says:

    Aren't source maps a google developed feature and not part w3c spec?

    If so then there should be a RF promise by Google.

    (for W3C specs google already has promised Royalty Free lisensing of its technologies)

  81. Ralph says:

    A rght click to block image support would be nice.  Also, allow us to easily, not via a hosts file or local proxy process, block CSS, script or HTTP request to a particular domain.  This greatly would help us with fast connections that have slow connection initialization.  

  82. Ralph says:

    Do not track should also include user ability to block tracking images, css, script and http requests to user set domains.

  83. BlindDeveloper says:

    Have you ensured that the new F12 Developer Tools are accessible to users who are blind and are using screen readers such as Jaws or NVDA? I am a blind Web developer and I use the IE tools extensively because all other browsers' developer tools are not really accessible to screen readers. IE was the only browser whose tools were accessible to me because they were using standard Windows controls and not fancy HTML5 "what you see is not what you get" widgets. I mean, all other browsers are trying to simulate the richeess of the Windows UI controls through HTML5, which might look visually correct and which might behave to the mouse as expected, but they are inpossible to navigate through and read their contents easily using the keyboard. And please, bare in mind that adding a few keyboard shortcuts here and there is not enough.

    Can I use the cursors to read through the code for example, or is the cursor just simulated via a div highghlight. I hope not.

  84. Adrian N says:

    I am looking for Server Sent Events support in IE 11 as all other browsers implemented such support. Will it be available in IE 11 or we will have to wait for IE 12 for this basic and important feature ?

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