April 2013 Internet Explorer Updates

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-028 - CriticalThis security update resolves two privately reported vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted Web page using Internet Explorer. An attacker who successfully exploited these vulnerabilities could gain the same user rights as the current user. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights.

This security update is rated Critical for Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows clients and Moderate for Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows servers. For more information, see the full bulletin.

Recommendation. Most customers have automatic updating enabled and will not need to take any action because this security update will be downloaded and installed automatically. Customers who have not enabled automatic updating need to check for updates and install this update manually. For information about specific configuration options in automatic updating, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 294871.

For administrators and enterprise installations, or end users who want to install this security update manually, Microsoft recommends that customers apply the update immediately using update management software, or by checking for updates using the Microsoft Update service.

Microsoft Security Advisory (2755801)

Today we also released an update that addresses vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. The details of the vulnerabilities are documented in Adobe security bulletin APSB13-11. The majority of customers have automatic updates enabled and will not need to take any action because the update will be downloaded and installed automatically. For those manually updating, we encourage you to read the advisory and apply this update as quickly as possible.

This update addresses the vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player by updating the affected Adobe Flash binaries contained within Internet Explorer 10. For more information, see the advisory.

— Ceri Gallacher, Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (39)

  1. Pablo says:

    I see IE10 on windows updates listed as an important update but it isn't getting installed automatically.

    Is this a bug?

  2. Arieta says:

    Will these fix the memory leak issue?

  3. Gerad says:

    @Ceri Gallacher, How about some features updates for IE10? The "Install newer version automatically" is yet another eyewash? Nothing is updated in background ever since…

  4. raju viju says:


  5. Kevin says:

    @Pablo, IE 10 seems to move from "optional unselected" to "important selected" in stages. Probably the next time you run Windows Update it will appear as selected. That's what happened to me.

  6. wayne says:

    is this updates

  7. pablo says:

    @Kevin IE 10 has been "important unselected" on my computer for weeks now.

  8. Tomislav says:

    Still there is no fix for TPLs not automatically updating.

    Do Not Track is useless.

  9. Steve says:

    No fix for Pwn2Own zero day issues?

  10. Pwn2Own says:

    No issue to report.

    IE status: healthy.

  11. Alexei says:

    To people whining about lack of updates.

    Cumulative Security Updates for Internet Explorer are not only about security. They quite often include other non-security fixes.

    Look at support.microsoft.com/…/2817183 under 'Non-security-related fixes that are included in this security update'.

  12. Tomislav says:

    I apologize.Updating of TPLs is fixed.

    I should wait few more days before posting that TPLs are not updating.


  13. Tomislav says:

    I apologize.Updating of TPLs is fixed.

    I should wait few more days before posting that TPLs are not updating.


  14. Yannick says:

    IE team, I'm wondering, we are now 2 years after the IE9 launch, at version 9.0.15. Does the point release keep counting up until the EOL status for IE9 arrives (in 2020, with Windows 7)? Or are you guys planning to launch something like IE9.1?

  15. elop says:

    Yannik, if you think IE team would give you some kind of ETA then you are mistaken. Its not their style.

  16. Lowry says:

    I just installed IE10 on two of my computers with Windows 7 x64 Pro on them and now they run so slow! How do I get back to IE9?

  17. Prior Semblance says:

    So when are we going to start hearing news about IE11?  The fact it is included in the windows 8.1 leaks has me wondering if it will be released this winter along with 8.1?

  18. Yannick says:

    @elop – I know, but you can always try… :p

    @Lowry – Windows 8.1 is, according to rumors, planned for the end of the summer. And for the ones that now think "Probably not than, it's to short after 10": no, that's not to short after 10. IE10 is RTM'ed back in August, so, they are already working on IE11 for over 8 months.

  19. This update is as large as Internet Explorer installation package itself. Why not release an updated installer?

  20. Trevor says:

    Does this update fix the TextArea focus bug in IE or the broken keyboard activation in text fields in Internet Explorer on the desktop of windows 8 tablets?!

    I know so many IT shops that refuse to roll out Windows 8 until some of this real basic behavior is fixed.  We want our users to upgrade but Microsoft is making this very hard.

  21. @Trevor says:

    "I know so many IT shops that refuse to roll out Windows 8 until some of this real basic behavior is fixed.  We want our users to upgrade but Microsoft is making this very hard."

    I highly doubt any company is holding back on Windows 8 because of a minor IE10 bug.

  22. Howard says:

    @"@Trevor" it isn't a minor bug! The whole on-screen keyboard in Windows 8 **REFUSES** to auto-open when in desktop mode on tablets yet works 100% of the time in the Metro mode.

    It's a royal PITA to continuously launch/dismiss the soft keyboard as a result in desktop IE.  In fact it is impossible if you run in Full screen mode! However we have to run many apps in the desktop mode because Metro doesn't support plugins, popups, window dragging/resizing etc.

    There are several bugs filed on this issue and Microsoft has quietly ignored or misunderstood all of them.

    The textarea focus bug is just pure annoying as all get out.  something that should never have even made it past QA technicians let alone developers.

    and for F********* sake! fix this darn blog! the comment eating system is so frustrating!!!!

  23. sherron lodge says:

    I am unable to update my flash drive

  24. Netflix says:

    Netflix starting to ditch Silverlight in favor of HTML5: http://www.androidcentral.com/netflix-now-available-arm-chromebooks-html5-player-0

    The day Silverlight dies just can't come soon enough!

  25. Snark Maiden says:

    @Howard, that's not a bug; that's the way Windows 8 works. To trigger the on-screen keyboard in the desktop, click the keyboard icon in the notification area. As it's 'working as designed' probably not worth continually asking for a change in behavior.

  26. Frustrated says:

    I want you know how much I HATE every SINGLE Microsoft developer that worked on IE..

    YOU PEOPLE SUCK. Every day millions of hours and dollars are WASTED because you jackasses don't know, or worse intentionally ignore, standarads documents. YOU SUCK. YOUR PARENTS SUCH. YOUR KIDS SUCK. And, of yeah a-holes, you are also effing HORRIBLE PROGRAMMERS.

  27. Zen says:

    @Frustrated: Your rant is two years late.

  28. @Frustrated says:

    Are you one of those guys who thinks that you still have to develop for IE6/7?

  29. I've filed a bug report on the Windows RT forums (they don't seem to have a public bug tracker either!!!) regarding the issue with the lack of usable keyboard on the Windows 8 desktop (on a tablet).


    I must admit I can't decide what is worse.  The fact that this is buggy in the first place (the keyboard works just fine in Metro) or the fact that Microsoft is ignoring the issue with their "Stonewall of Silence" routine.

    I realize this isn't directly the IE Team's issue… but considering the major advantage of the desktop over Metro on a Windows 8 tablet is the fact that it can run full blown IE… its extremely frustrating that the penalty you pay is that the keyboard is almost unusable!

  30. Fred says:

    Does the IE Team know about the IE10 on Win7 woes that have cropped up as of April 1st or so for people who still try to develop VB6 programs on Win7?  And who knows how many other development environments are impacted?

    From the reports (tons of them, Google for "IE10 breaks Common Controls" or similar) it may be related to the install not registering the OCXs properly or it may be related to an expired certificate (some people say setting the system date back prior to April 1, 2013 fixes it).  It can't just be the 2.1 interface version since no Vista user is impacted even if they have both the 2.0 and 2.1 interfaces registered (IE10 is not offered for Vista – a blessing?).

    Some suggest changing permissions on registry keys fixes it, some suggest copying earlier versions of the OCXs and re-registering, but most choose to uninstall IE10 and block/hide it in Windows Update.

    Almost as bad as the earlier Win7 SP1 ADO binary compatibility fiasco.

  31. In case it's not blatantly obvious, comments here are not being read anymore.

  32. Tim Joe says:

    @EricLaw, only here? On connect, windows-blogs or anywhere you go, the comments addressed to Internet Explorer team are ignored.  Only you can tell why is that! Why Internet Explorer team cannot be cooperative like Visual C or Visual Studio teams? Taking surveys and caring about consumers and give them what they want for ONCE!!

    IE team is the most criticized team in the entire Microsoft. They don't play ball, do they? If you hate me saying it loud, then get mad at me and out of rage and anger redevelop F12 developer tools which stay best for next 5 years in the market!

    but we know it aint gonna happen…

  33. Gary Hileman says:

    I have tryed so many time's to install flash that I'm tirede of trying.

  34. Raymond says:

    I have an issue with IE 10 on windows 7 not only is it slow but when you click certain links or that sort of similar thing nothing happens. Certain things that work on other browsers such as certain links don't work on IE 10 for windows 7. (haven't tested on windows 8)

  35. tina says:

    still working on it

  36. tina says:

    not yet

  37. MB555 says:

    some computers youse IE 8 and it don have InPrivet browsing can any one help?

  38. Prior Semblance says:

    If you want InPrivate browsing then you are going to have to stop using IE8

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