Imagining a More Engaging Web: 3rd Anniversary of IE Test Drive

As developers build on the full capabilities of HTML5, touch, and hardware accelerated graphics, the web today is more engaging for consumers than many imagined. The experiences developers are building today simply were not possible just a few years ago.

Saturday marked the third anniversary of the IE Test Drive site. What started as a few examples of hardware-accelerated HTML5 to help developers imagine the potential of the web, has grown to a collection of over 140 feature-packed demos. Test Drive gives you a taste of what’s possible with HTML5 and modern browsers on modern hardware: HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript 5, touch, GPU-powered graphics, blazing performance, audio/video, mobile, games, and more.

The support you’ve shown is humbling – over the last three years the Test Drive has received over 130 million page views! That’s more than a page per second for the last three years! We’ve had a lot of fun building the demos, and thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite demos along the way.

IE Test Drive

The IE Test Drive Site contains over 140 demos!


Audio Explosion Touch, see, and hear IE10
CanvasPinball The perfect work time break
Chalkboard IE10 takes other browsers to school
FishBowl HTML5, CSS3, Video, Audio, Canvas, Fish
FishIE Started the fish revolution
Flying Images Our very first Test Drive!
Galactic Out of this world performance
Hamster Dance Revolution Get ready to become addicted
Love is in the Air We love you too
Minesweeper Speed that’ll make your browser explode
Mr. Potato Gun Actions speak louder than marketing videos
Psychedelic Browsing Our “highest” viewed demo after 2am
Speed Reading How fast can your browser speed read?
Touch Effects Touch your way to a faster experience
Tracking Protection Putting your privacy first

Looking Ahead

IE10 continues to deliver the best performance for real world Web sites on your Windows device, and the Test Drive is a great place to experience what’s possible yourself. Take the Test Drive for a spin today and let us know what you think!

We’re always excited and humbled by the amazing experiences developers are building on the web every day. Thank you for your continued feedback and for using IE10.

— Jon Aneja, Program Manager, Internet Explorer

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  1. jader3rd says:

    When I right click, to bring up the context menu in IE 10 to view the source of the different test drive pages, the context menu doesn't appear. Why is that?

    By the way, I can't believe IE test drive has only been around for 3 years. I do love how it shows what's possible.

  2. Justin Teril says:

    Just Bring IE6 Back , it was great .

  3. Randall says:

    "Started the fish revolution" for the win. 🙂

  4. Yannick says:

    Happy birthday, the one and only test drive of a browser that's user friendly. And there are a lot of good test sites, they are not all just serious, but want to give the users some fun to. That's what I like the most on IE Test Drive. I can't wait what you guyss are going to do for IE11!

  5. w3c testsuite says:

    Could you update your score on the W3C HTML5 tests ? (11000+ tests)

  6. Real McCoy says:

    Thank you very much for doing everything you have done in revolutionizing The Internet Explorer.

    Well, unfortunately its not enough.

    Please "modernize" F12 developer tools and source viewer (clickable URLs for CSS, JS and images).

    Give us the test environment for mobile browsers in F12DT (by altering the dimensions of rendering area and the resolution.. to test it against media query and adaptive designs). Chrome has it natively, FF have it via plugin and you guys would implement it when nobody would care about it (remember spellchecker story?). Please make IE useful for the software industry worldwide. If anyone can do it better, I always bet for Softies… but..

    Here is another thing. let the visual studio and expression studio guys handle F12DT's UI.  The current UI is the depiction of early 80's dream… btw, who designed the UI of F12 > Tools > color picker and other stuff.. seriously? After WPF in Windows 8 and 7 machines (since IE-Edge is not supported anywhere else), why would anyone want to do that way?

    More on:…/extensibility-in-f12-developer-tools (and don't blame me for line-breaks, Connect team recently chose to ignore BR-tag while rendering the description. Who knows WHY they did that!!!!!!)

    Please hire some fresh blood in IE team, so to bring about some "freshness" in design process as well as the thought process. And appreciate people at Microsoft, who are thinking about modernizing F12DT asap coz its REALLY necessary!!

  7. paul says:

    need to play the games

  8. Martijn says:

    > Please "modernize" F12 developer tools and source viewer (clickable URLs for CSS, JS and images).

    That should read: take a GOOD, LONG, HARD look at Firebug (surely MS employees know it) and completely copy it. ALL OF IT.

    Firebug is by far one of the best debugging tools, neck-a-neck with Chrome's inspector. Opera's Dragonfly is a mess but still provides most of the functionality that may be expected. MSIE's F12-tools are a joke. I don't even take it seriously as developer tools.

    Also, emulating old IE versions is not quite right. Not only visually not quite right, but also functionally. In many cases a "native" IE is much better than emulation. It's a good function to have, but it causes developers to rely on it (which is a bad thing). I get the feeling MS never realized that.

    And we NEED to test on old IE, because IE9 doesn't run on Windows XP, IE10 doesn't run on Vista, IE7 and IE8 don't run on Windows 7, and neither version can run side-by-side on any system, let alone true portable versions (hey, MS, there's a tip!)

  9. Mir says:

    IE10 will become IE10 when Windows 7 become Windows XP.

    Using a browser that updates continually is the only way to go.

  10. I'm still getting myself to be used in IE10.

  11. Tomislav says:

    Tracking Protection lists are not updating automatically in IE10 (windows 7 & 8).

  12. David Rathbone says:

    Stop back patting you have a major bug!

    Windows 7 Bug keeps changing the theme back to basic. Think its a bug with the direct Bios control?

    PC DEll Opteplex 990, Intel I Core 7 with 12Gb Ram with two ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics cards, 4 screens

    Windows Rating 5.1

  13. @Mir says:

    … "browser that updates continually" …

    which IE10 offers (checkout Alt+X+A in IE10), hence proved IE10 == IE10.

  14. Tory says:

    +1 for copy Firebug to fix the IE Dev Tools. IE's are a joke in comparison and so frustrating to use.

  15. pmbAustin says:

    The one feature I wish for more than any other, is a simple gesture or command to get instantly to the top or bottom of very long pages.  Especially on the Surface, it's VERY tedious to have to try and drag yourself to the top or bottom of a page by swiping madly.  It's impossible to grab the scroll-bars with touch in Metro, so this seems to be your only option, and it's really, really painful.  A usability nightmare for pages that are very long (like, you know, Facebook, among a great many others).

    Using Semantic Zoom here would seem an obvious feature… pinch below a given threshold, and it zooms all the way out to show the entire page (as so far loaded for 'continuing infinite pages'), allowing you to easily touch the top or bottom to quickly zip there.. or anywhere in the middle if you want.

    Safari on iOS has a "touch the status bar to zoom to the top" that is quite useful… a Semantic Zoom option in IE (across all platforms… WP8/Win8/WinRT, both desktop & metro/modern) would run rings around that feature in other browser, imho.  And it's DESPERATELY needed.

  16. George says:

    IE11 preloads pages in the background. 😀

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