Security Advisory 2755801 Updated to Address Adobe Flash Player Issues documented in APSB13-08

Today we released an update that addresses vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. The details of the vulnerabilities are documented in Adobe security bulletin APSB13-08. The majority of customers have automatic updates enabled and will not need to take any action because the update will be downloaded and installed automatically. For those manually updating, we encourage you to read the advisory and apply this update as quickly as possible.

This update addresses the vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player by updating the affected Adobe Flash binaries contained within Internet Explorer 10. For more information, see the advisory.

— Wilson Guo, Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (12)

  1. hmood says:

    Of the best of my favorite programs to run Flash

  2. Arieta says:

    Is the Win7 version affected by this?

    Will you release other performance/stability interim patches for IE10 down the road, such as something to fix the memory leak problem? Or will we have to wait 1-2 years again for a CHANCE for it to be fixed with IE11?

  3. LAM13 says:


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    The virus that they developed also can make cancer cells growth very fast and kill cancer patient so much earlier than what they should go..esp people who can challenged their skills…hong kong was being attacked by SARS and H1N1 that was actually due to virus that they developed..They also attacked computer genious especially those who take drugs as part of their habbit..bad habbit but it is unfair for them in this case..

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    I urged Malaysian Policemen to pay more attention on Internet culprits as they can do something bad to our country through the software and computer technology. They really can control people's mind through it and eventually creates a bad image of Malaysian police too.

    Microsoft murderer YAHUDI 用科技玩人民和杀死明福,要玩Malaysia,ISA和警察,网上官员用科技玩人民和用声音,弄神弄鬼。

  4. @Arieta says:

    Windows 7 and older is affected if you have installed Flash, but you should obtain the update from Adobe since Flash is only integrated on Windows 8.

  5. Mike Dimmick says:

    @Arieta: Do you have a test case for your 'memory leak problem'? That is, can you point to a page that experiences what you consider to be a memory leak? Have you reduced that page to the minimum markup and script that still reproduces the problem? Engineers cannot fix problems that they cannot reproduce. They have a limited amount of time to fix bugs and if it's not possible to reproduce the bug easily, it's difficult to assess how serious the problem is and the priority for first reproducing, then fixing, the bug.

    As Internet Explorer 10 has now released, any bugs should be reported through Product Support Services. Go to for details. Note that if you got your copy of Windows preinstalled on your computer, you'll have to get support from the computer manufacturer rather than from Microsoft. I don't think this is a sensible approach either, but that is the way that the IE team have chosen to operate, so that's what you'll have to do.

  6. Deborah Ellsworth says:

    I have installed flash Player and Java script about 5 or 6 time s I am still un able to play my favorite publishers Clearing House Games what would you suggest next? when I first got this computer in ran fine. What happened? Please respond

  7. senait says:

    6 comment

  8. @Senait says:

    i have installad flash and java scrip about meny  times

  9. Janis says:

    Really getting tired of the amount of times I have installed flash….  soon rid of windows 8 I absolutely hate it…. the worst program I have ever dealt with…..

  10. Evelyn Bernard says:

    I am trying to download adobe flash player.  It doesn't let me.  Why?

  11. IE9 user but prefering IE8 UI says:

    I try use this way to inform you about two Adobe big problems in conjunction with IE9.

    A) When IE9 had ActiveX filtering enabled… this filtering did not work with embeded flash video – video was automaticely played via Flash Player ActiveX. This error was probably (after more then one year) in silence repaired, but please test noted situation.

    B) Adobe SSL webs have mechanismus to redirect users from secured (SSL) pages to unsecured. Works, with small restriction, also when JS is disabled. The dialog "Inform when security is changing" is ignored and automatical redirection occure.

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