Penguin Mark: Blazing Fast Holiday Fun

We don’t want the holiday season to pass without sharing another new HTML5 experience that makes the most of your PC hardware and the new touch capabilities in Windows 8.

Check out Penguin Mark and enjoy some GPU-powered holiday fun. This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 capabilities like canvas, CSS3 animations and transitions, audio, WOFF, power and performance APIs, and more. Be sure to turn your volume up for maximum entertainment. The faster your browser, the higher your Penguin Mark score goes.

Click to test your browser’s holiday spirit with Penguin Mark - screen shot of Penguin Mark Click to test your browser’s holiday spirit with Penguin Mark

With Windows 8, we delivered a whole new browserthat’s fast and fluid, and built for touch browsing. IE10 adds support for a broad range of developer capabilities, including new touch APIs, performance, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more. We continue to be amazed and delighted by what developers are building on HTML5 and excited to be part of it.

Thank you!

Your participation and feedback is an important part of how we build IE. Today we want to say thank you to everyone who browses the Web with Windows 8, is using IE9 or IE10 preview on Windows 7, runs the test drives, and shares your feedback with the IE team. We also want to thank the people and groups who make the standards process work, the broad community of Web developers, and enthusiastic consumers who work to move the Web forward.

From the entire IE team, we wish you a Happy Hardware-accelerated Holiday Season, and we look forward to another exciting year and more progress on the Web in 2013.

—Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (85)

  1. hAl says:

    Buggy ***.

    Scoring a cool 0 on both my Intel i5 PC and also 0 on my Lumia 920

  2. Inglor says:

    You expect me to believe a score of 150 on google chrome and a score of 26500 on IE10 make sense? obviously you've found one irrelevant specific thing that IE does faster and built a test that focused on just that

  3. Stuart says:

    Mine (IE9, Win7, Core i5 M520 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM) scores on 87, which is a bit rubbish.  I thought that IE9 on my laptop was quite fast too…

  4. @Inglor says:

    One? Really? Try running sunspider and ECMA-test262 to get your facts straight. If you are butthurt because your god Google is not doing good, then this is not the place to whine.

  5. Shane says:

    @Inglor, this is called Hardware Accelerated Graphics, which was introduced with IE9 in 2011. Others are yet to introduce the feature.

  6. Win8, Intel Core2 Duo E6850, 6 GB RAM, AMD HD 7750

    – Firefox 17.1 (64 bit) : 137

    – IE 10 (64 bit) : 4786

  7. Eric Eicke says:

    I keep getting a 0 on my Surface RT.

  8. Yannick says:

    @Ignor – Funny you say that, because it totaly makes sense. You know what's awesome at Trident? The use of GPU, something that other browsers doesn't, so yes, it makes sense, no trickers like Google uses in their tests, this is real, IE9 and 10 has Hardware Acceleration, Chrome has not, Webkit has not. Anyway, it is a very relevant feature that is tested over here, by the way, try running EXMA-test262, IE beats every browser there to.

  9. Edward says:

    Runs slow and leggy on my windows RT tablet in Metro but runs half decent on the desktop.

  10. Shane says:

    OMG this is AWESOME. Stick it to the Google.

  11. @Inglor says:

    Chrome crashes my Core i7 trying run the demo. IE has continually blown away Google on every graphicsy thing I've run since the IE9 beta. They're building on DX directly and Google can't. Microsoft is going to destroy them. I like Google but I hate Chrome. It's sooo buggy.

  12. Ma Xiaojun says:

    Chrome fans, I've created an issue for you:…/detail

  13. shark attack says:

    same here. chrome brings down my whole system with this demo. lamo.

  14. RichB says:

    It's sad there's not a Norway mode for Opera, nor a Mozilla mode.

    The other modes are fun though.

  15. Inglor says:

    Of course chrome hardware accelerates canvas -_- it has been doing so for a long while.  (go to chrome://gpu/ )

    Just LOOK at the javascript of this benchmark. You can see that it is written in a very unoptimized way. Obviously the IE javascript runtime performs some sort of optimization to mitigate that and V8 does not.

    I'm not taking sides on the 'which browser is better' argument and obviously since version 9 IE is taking huge leaps in the right direction. However, you can't write very specific benchmarks based on some minor optimization you did and call the browser faster because of that .

  16. Yannick says:

    Ow crap, it works awesome in IE (annoying song) and with Chrome, my PC just switched off without a reason, the ultimate way to restart a PC when Chrome is you focus window: start this test!

    Anyway, it's nice to see IE beating al the other browsers, but I was wondering. I found out a really wired thing: every test from Microsoft is full standard compliant, like the W3C it wants, but any other test doesn't work standards-only (like the tests that Google makes). And why? Because only with using non-standard things, IE can be beaten! Look at the, IE only has such a low score because the test also test things that aren't standards. Otherwise, IE isn't the browser with the lowest score, and all browser ar much closer to eash other. Just try it: download the test from github, remove all not-standard tests et voila!

  17. Yannick says:

    @Ma Xiaojun – Nice try, but it's not a bug in those browsers and IE doesn't cheat. IE is just faster than both Chrome and Firefox.

  18. Ma Xiaojun says:

    Some people say Chrome cause their systems down running this demo? Are you running Windows? I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 and the demo ends nicely on Chrome, Epiphany and Firefox.

  19. HTML5 WebGL says:

    What is the browser that you would recommend for websites that use HTML5 WebGL technology?

    It's an important question to me and my company because we need a browser that cares about standards.

  20. @Inglor says:

    Your crib huh?  Still not old enough for a big boy bed?

  21. @HTML5 WebGL says:

    If you are working with WebGL websites you should probably already know which browsers support it, unless you are extremely incompetent.  What kind of company comes to ieblog for browser recommendations?

  22. AndyCadley says:

    @HTML WebGL: Since WebGL is neither part of HTML5, nor a standard (or ever likely to be one) you'd be well advised to steer well clear of it.

  23. Mulletman says:

    I don't get it.

  24. Dennis Smit says:

    Cool demo, awesome canvas performance for IE! The scoring is oddly calculated though. Just counting frames drawn within the 44100 MS demo time:

    IE still is double the number of frames compared to both Chrome and Firefox.


  25. PhistucK says:

    @AndyCadley –

    You can say it, but that does not make it true.

    WebGL is indeed a standard, just not a W3C standard.

    It is not part of HTML5, that is correct. Not only W3C/HTML5 features are "standards". There are a lot of groups that create standards. Furthermore, once a feature is implemented in a more or less interoperable way, upon which more than one or two parties agreed, it is a standard feature.

  26. @hAl says:

    its your graphics card. I had the same issue on Windows 8, today I get notification in tray that new drivers have arrived on Nvidia download center…/nvidiaupdate

    I updated and my scores are: IE desktop 1945 and IE modern 2106 (depends on the resources and how many applications you are using at the time of running the test).

  27. @HTML5 WebGL says:

    According to Wikipedia entry of WebGL, just use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Is it so hard?

  28. AndyCadley says:

    @PhistucK: It's not recognised by any actual standards body and there are less interoperable implementations of it than there are of the binary Microsoft Office formats. You might want to think on that before calling it a 'standard'

  29. @AndyCadley says:

    Any non-MS software can correctly handle files with binary Microsoft Office formats?

    I don't have a clue.

  30. Gerald says:

    So why is Microsoft publishing posts about penguins when they have a published security bug affecting all versions of their browser out in the wild?

    Shouldn't the sole focus of Microsoft's IE Team right now be fixing the bug?  Where's the patch? Why are we talking about penguins when the browser is leaking mouse movements to anyone that wants to listen?

    I can't believe how un-organized Microsoft is on this!

  31. Gerald says:

    So why is Microsoft publishing posts about penguins when they have a published security bug affecting all versions of their browser out in the wild?

    Shouldn't the sole focus of Microsoft's IE Team right now be fixing the bug?  Where's the patch? Why are we talking about penguins when the browser is leaking mouse movements to anyone that wants to listen?

    I can't believe how un-organized Microsoft is on this!

  32. @Gerald says:

    Penguins? GNU/Linux? Then you don't have such bugs.

  33. Randall says:

    Dennis Smit points out that the astronomical difference between IE and other engines is mostly because the actual rendering is deferred in IE — only the code that issues the canvas commands is timed. IE wins on actual frames rendered too (consistent with IE's recent history of great graphics performance), but the difference is more like 2x.

    Every benchmark makes an implied statement about what platforms should do–for example, SunSpider said JavaScript performance on tasks like crypto was important, and Google's Octane's saying that tasks like PDF rendering are reasonable targets for JS engines. So what does this benchmark's scoring method say? That Microsoft thinks all canvas implementations really ought to defer rendering? That the time until the JavaScript canvas calls return, more than time for the entire paint, is what matters?

  34. PhistucK says:

    @AndyCadley –

    What do you consider a standard body?

    What constitutes a standard for you?

    The Khronos Group has members from many, many companies and organizations, that develop and agree to follow a certain specifications document.

    How is that different from the W3C?

  35. @PhistucK says:

    The difference is that MSFT is not a member of Khronos Group, period.

    Anyway, lying is good, old tradition if MSFT; you should be aware of that.

  36. @PhistucK says:

    Anyway, lying is a good, old tradition of MSFT; you should be aware of that.

  37. meni says:

    WebGL advocates, just ignore this forum and ignore IE. It's a wasted effort. Keep on using and teaching WebGL. It's not 2001 anymore, no one today looks to Microsoft w.r.t the web.

    Microsoft, thanks for AJAX, and IE4 which was a true breakthrough. It's a shame that you disbanded the IE team in around 2002 to work on other stuff. Kudos to the current IE team, excellent standards compliant browser (who the heck authorized this) just that it's a bit too late. BTW, how is it to work on proprietary stuff when some of you colleagues (Scott Hanselman, Anders Hejlsberg) work in the open as is the norm today?

    Microsoft fanbois, stop slacking here, and get back to your XAML textbooks 😉

  38. Brian says:

    Wishing all the staff & management at Microsoft a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year

  39. Bored in Bay says:

    Chrome completely bombs out on both of my Windows computers. My Lenovo i7 laptop with Windows 7 crashes hard in the NVIDIA driver with a pager fault. My i7 Dell desktop with Windows 8 completely does a face plant with random numbers on the screen. How the mother does Chrome bring down the entire system? IE9 and IE10 work great and never crash. Chrome is so crazy buggy.

  40. Jake Archibald says:

    My name is Jake Archibald and I'm a big tool who works for Google and gets paid to write gists that have zero engineering value and just make Chrome look better than it deserves. Why would I try to make the web better and actually improve the quality of Chrome when it's easier to cause confusion and trick people? Sure I feel stupid and people always make fun of me but that's who I am. A big tool and I like it.

  41. meri says:

    I understand WebGL is just a distraction to cause chaos among people. It has no value in the real industry.

    Its just… I hate Microsoft because I love Google. How hard is it for you fanbois to grasp???

  42. meni says:

    I understand WebGL is just a distraction to cause chaos among people. It has no value in the real industry.

    Its just… I hate Microsoft because I love Google. How hard is it for you fanbois to grasp???

  43. @meni says:

    WebGL is useless because your god Microsoft think it unless? What a dog.

  44. @Bored in Bay says:

    IE team has access to source code of Windows, period.

  45. @@Bored in Bay says:

    That doesn't really excuse crashing the entire operating system, you don't need the source code to fix that.

  46. @@@Bored in Bay says:

    Microsoft is the orgizationer (providing blackbox OS, drivers, …), athlete (providing a browser) and judge (providing a benchmark) of a game. How nice? I don't care if Microsoft win this game. Anyway, crashing is worth fixing. Report to Google rather than comment here.

  47. @@@Bored in Bay says:


  48. Wont somebody says:

    Please think of the children!

    Microsoft needs to fix this security hole! Please don't distract them with announcements of their failings in the browser community!

    It only took them over 15 years to fix innerHTML! Just because their management team is incompetent doesn't mean the developers didn't want to make IE better!

    As soon as IE10 ships for Windows 7 it will be officially over and Dean can take his exit package and go.

    It was great having Dean lead the IE Team just like George Bush led the United States!

    … With a complete disregard for the community.

    Who knew that it would take from 2002 until 2013 for IE to get back into being a relivant browser!

    11 years wasted due to Dean – what an epic fail!

  49. KABOOM says:

    Chrome is bringing down my entire system as well. KABOOM. What a joke. Seriously Google.

  50. meni says:…/Brain-Mapping

    Microsoft surely will implement WebGL, the only losers will be its fanbois, who will be late to the party. Same as it was with Silverlight. Do you know that Silverlight's evangelist John Papa is doing/talking JavaScript 100% these days?

  51. re: meni says:

    do you know Silverlight is used as a development platform for windows, windows phone AND windows store besides web? From the beginning, their focus was to deliver it as a multipurpose platform.. Following the trend, competitor Adobe brought AIR to market for desktop apps. BTW, Adobe too is moving to HTML5 after getting flash support discontinued by your beloved Google and Apple.

    This fan thing is becoming like religious aspect in people life… provoking rage, anger, biasness in people. Nobody is doing it fairly.

  52. @re: meni says:

    I always use Win32 SDK and MFC. What the hell you are talking about?

  53. FRUSTRATED says:

    Tried only once and Chrome took down my entire system while scoring zero snowflakes. Please stop releasing demos that crash Chrome.

  54. @@re: meni says:

    On WindOS Silverlight is consuming Win32 APIs. Does it has anything to do with what I said in first place? What the *** you are trying to imply?

  55. Randall says:

    Correcting what I said earlier: I can "disable deferred 2D canvas" in chrome:flags, so there must be some kind of deferred rendering.

    Still sounds like the score difference and the framerate difference aren't of the same magnitude, so hard to see why you'd score this way.

    Particularly since the bigger takeaway isn't the score at all, but that you've apparently found a crashing bug in Chrome/Windows for a bunch of folk. 😛

  56. Randall says:

    That's why I always prefer IE over crappy chrome..

  57. cat0w says:

    I scored a 66 on my Laptop with IE9 and 210 on my Desktop IE9. I have TWC broadband. My Laptop is a Dell with Intel Pentium dual core 2.3 Ghz and my Desktop is a Gateway with Intel i5 quad core 3.0 Ghz.

  58. Tyler says:

    It's now December 27th yet we still have not got a confirmed release date for the security hole patch for IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 across several OSes WinXP, Win 2003, Win 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8!

    I thought that Microsoft was committed to fixing IE before posting articles about features?

    Did Dean forget what's most important when dealing with PR again?

    @Rob if you didn't check with @Dean before posting this you guys should sync up on priorities!

  59. Raymond says:

    Is the IE 10 for windows 7 final version done yet?

  60. @Tyler says:

    They better focus development on serious issues than on very low-risk security issues like the one you are referring to.

    That one should actually be low on priorities as it poses no real in real life situations.

  61. @@Tyler says:

    The IE team is actually 100% focused on making some penguins sing instead of dealing with their known security issues…

  62. Stuart says:

    When will IE10 be available for Windows 7?  They have got the release of this browser the wrong way around and it's getting frustrating for us loyal Windows 7 users – Microsoft didn't apologise for going back on their word (that IE10 would be released for Win7 first, then Win8 afterwards).  After IE10 is released for Windows 7, will Microsoft then switch in to a more rapid release strategy, like the other browser developers, or will it be the usual 2-3 years for a browser update?  What is even more frustrating is Microsoft's lack of communication with its customers/users, during the development process of the browser.  Have any bugs been fixed, since the IE10 Win7 Preview was released?  What is the ETA of IE10 for Windows 7?  They must know these things, otherwise they can't be managing their major software projects properly.  Microsoft needs to start keeping us updated, otherwise people will just go elsewhere.

  63. @Stuart says:

    They haven't released the final GA (general availability) version of IE10 on Windows 8 yet. Its at RTM.

    A wild guess: by the end of January. they would release the final version for both 7 and 8 on same day. It got asynchronous, due to the focus on Windows 8 release.

    In my opinion, they should release the out-of-the-box version for Vista and XP users, so the IE6, 7 and 8 are vaporized once forever.

  64. Stan says:

    IE10 on windows 7 is really annoying because it doesn't use native select lists or (more importantly) native scrollbars!

    I'll be totally honest… I think the scrollbars design for Windows 8 is the worst set I have ever seen (including all custom scrollbars!) they do not afford usability in the slightest and the arrowheads are not even centred correctly… Which actually makes them awkward to use.

    The outline of select lists also doesn't correctly adhere to the specified CSS declarations and is inconsistent depending in the font used.

    Otherwise as soon as the security hole is fixed I think IE10 is ready for RTM on Windows 7! (Only 3+ months late and behind schedule from what Microsoft promised but better late than never!)

    PS has IE fixed the issue where popup/spawned windows don't send the right cookies to a server yet? There's many cases where IE will drop a logged in session because it failed to pass in the correct cookies. (No other browser suffers from this bug)


  65. @Internet Explroer team says:

    Please be sure to release the final edition of IE10 for Win 7 within several months (please cancel the bug 80% or more).

    The point a little may be sufficient as development of IE11.

  66. Red Guy says:

    IE 10 for windows 7 will never be finished.

  67. Adrian says:

    I'm planning to buy a laptop in January.  It will likely come with Windows 8 but I'd rather have Windows 7 as it is more usable for work.

    Can I upgrade to Windows 7 for free? Or is there a charge? If so how much?

    I'd like to be up to date with the latest windows version but not until this dual desktop and no start button mess is figured out and fixed. I have zero interest in Metro apps and therefore have no desire for metro at all.

  68. Which patch comes first says:

    So which patch will come out first? Today's zero day security hole in IE8 or the security hole in all versions of IE discussed openly back at the middle of December?

    So many patches and yet IE is still the browser that everyone is embarrassed to use!

  69. @Which patch comes first says:

    The patch which would restrict trolls like yourself coming to this blog.

  70. hamakaze says:

    happy new year!

  71. Randall says:

    Happy 2013!

    2 security fixes for IE please!

    Oh and 1 RTM browser for Windows 7!

    And a start button for windows 8!

    And a no-metro option for Windows 8 so that we don't have to suffer from dual context desktops that everyone has already indicated are insanely agravating to deal with.

    Those are my resolutions for Microsoft… What are yours?!

    Oh and fix the damn commenting form on this blog! It's only been broken for 3 years longer than my 4 year old son has been alive!

  72. Randall says:

    Heh, someone either shares my name or has kindly adopted it for their comments. One person (me) wrote two comments re: what Dennis Smit said. One or two other people wrote 'that's why I use IE instead of crappy chrome' and 'Happy 2013'. I guess this is why people actually log in and set up avatars and stuff.

  73. Randall says:

    Happy 2013. Crappy Chrome.

  74. Randall says:

    I love the Internet.

  75. Randall says:


    I like firefox.

  76. Randall says:

    I wish Microsoft would post an update about the 2 security issues that have come up in the past month.  It doesn't seem like they actually care about fixing them.


  77. @Randall says:

    The mousepointer issue is a minor bug but does not pose any known security issue.

    There is no real need to fix it at all.

    I wonder why you try to suggest otherwise.

  78. @Randall says:

    You are at the wrong blog.

    The blog for security issues is:…/msrc

    On the issue you mention the current fix is mentioned in this blog post:…/fix-it-for-security-advisory-2794220-now-available.aspx

  79. To Microsoft other than the United States says:

    Translation of a new report has accumulated in IE blog.

    Please write one by one.

  80. Microfost says:

    it takes so long time to make IE 10 that IE 11 will be finish before.

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