HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D Reach Candidate Recommendation Status

Today marks an important milestone for Web development, as the W3C announced the publication of the Candidate Recommendation (CR) version of the HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D specifications. The specifications are on track for finalization by 2014. We want to congratulate the W3C on this achievement and bringing these specifications forward.

Internet Explorer 10 already offers hardware-accelerated HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D support allowing developers to build compelling, cross-browser Web applications with good performance. We look forward to working with the Web community to finalize interoperable specifications in a timely manner. At the same time, we are actively involved in defining the scope for HTML 5.1, which includes exciting multimedia and other features that will continue to advance Web experiences.

You can read more about the progress to-date with HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2.0 specification, the next steps toward reaching Final Recommendation status, and progress toward defining HTML 5.1.

-- Sandeep Singhal, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (23)

  1. Jo says:

    I'll bite the bait. IE8's InPrivate Filtering and IE9/10's Tracking Protection both allow adblocking.

  2. IE SUCKS says:

    I've been using IE9 for a while now with Tracking Protection on and guess what?  I still see ADS!  adblocking  Please don't joke with me!! ~OpIEDead Active

  3. thenonhacker says:

    LOL! Blame Evil Google for all those ads.

  4. coolguy6545687858 says:

    Well, not even google is evil enough not to allow adblock.

  5. coolguy6545687858 says:

    Well Google Sucks and IE ROCKS!

  6. IE SUCKS says:


  7. IE7pro says:

    For IE8 and IE9 users there is also IE7pro addon.

    blocks ads, adds spellcheck, adds greasemonkey scripting, adds mouse gestures, proxy switcher etc. etc.

  8. Ted Ganley says:

    I have just gone on IE10 on windows 8 now that takes some puzzling out still trying

  9. Yannick says:

    @IESHUKS – Then stop using it the wrong way.

    Awesome news, congratulations to the W3C.

  10. the user says:

    can it block livejasmin?

  11. Dale says:

    How does any of this fix the mouse movement security hole that you ignored in the last post?

  12. @IE SUCKS says:

    Hurf durf, if you enable tracking protection you'll also need a list for it to block anything except for things found by the heuristic. It's as useful as if you install AdBlock Plus without a list – it won't do anything.

    If you install the _same_ lists as ABP uses, the result will be similar.

  13. Yannick says:

    @Dale – You mean the post with the mouse movement issue in the title:…/update-to-alleged-information-and-security-issue-with-mouse-position-behavior.aspx

    It's NOT a security hole.

  14. @Dale says:

    The mousepositioning is outside the browser windows is a bug but so far noone has found any realistic way to exploit it in the real world.

    So it will only be a very very low risc security issue and thus have low priority to fix it.

    Mayby in IE11

  15. George says:

    @ "@Dale" so its a bug that leaks mouse positioning information from outside the browser even when the browser doesn't have focus but because you don't personally know of a good way to exploit it (**yet**) you think it is a minor security risk?

    You are incredibly naive! I seriously hope your day job has nothing to do with security!

    Any leak should be taken seriously and patched ASAP.  Close the security hole **BEFORE** you discover that someone has found a way to abuse it!

  16. Yannick says:

    @George – He do think it is a minor security risk because he don't know a good way to exploit it, you know why? I know: because there is NO way you can use this bug (yes, I didn't say security bug) for something bad! O wow, I know is mouse is on 256 px x 584 px! My god, I wonder where it is actually hovering over,  you even don't know if someone klicks or just hover. It's NOT a security issue.

  17. @Yannick says:

    Exactly! and where it is clicking and which window is active at the time of hovering!!! Hackers community know this issue sucks. This was basically a feature used for RDC via VBScript (ActiveX prior to IE10). When you connect to other computer remotely, the mouse movement is simulated by remote OS and the clicks are sent separately. Other than that, its nothing. Moreover, the on screen keyboard isn't used by mouse users and in tap/touch architecture, there is not concept of hovering.

    Also, this has been confirmed that mouse click can only captured on the current frame of IE. You cannot capture mouse clicks outside the frame.

    Now, if you are using mouse with virtual keyboard, and someone gets information like: your screen resolution, current mode of virtual keyboard (…/designing-the-windows-8-touch-keyboard.aspx), device orientation and (the hardest part) someway to predict where you are clicking(!) only then this could cause harm.. very long short but there is a slightest possibility.

    @IE team, since 99.99% perfection != 100%, please nib this tiny evil in the bud to avoid this nasty bitching. So we can concentrate on real issues and new standards.

  18. Jane says:

    @'@Yannick', its "nip the evil in the bud"

  19. kizz.lovezzyBl says:

    where i geting/dounload internet explore 9 guys pleace?thanks

  20. Brian says:

    Youtube video along the lines of a "Zero Punctuation" video explaining just how messed up and unusable Windows 8 is:

    On a laptop/desktop Windows 8 is just pure failure.  The Metro desktop should **Never** have been added to Windows 8 for non-tablet devices.

    I hope that Windows 7 never dies.  It is truly the last usable Windows operating system.

  21. Nick says:

    In the interest of continuing the obvious trolling in this thread…

    @Brian, you use that word "usable". I do not think it means what you think it means. 🙂

  22. Ma Xiaojun says:

    IEOnly will never die if IE continues to offer premissive Quirks mode.

    It's about to 2013 but we still have shiny IEOnly sites like the following:…/compLogin.jsp

  23. ... says:

    awesome!i love it.

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