IE10: Fast, Fluid, Perfect for Touch, and Available Now for Windows 7

In Windows 8, we reimagined the browser with IE10. We designed and built IE10 to be the best way to experience the Web on Windows. With the IE10 Release Preview for Windows 7 consumers can now enjoy a fast and fluid Web with the updated IE10 engine on their Windows 7 devices. The release preview of IE10 on Windows 7 is available for download today.

IE10 on Windows 8 brings an entirely new browsing experience and set of capabilities to the Web, such as a new touch first browsing experience and full screen UI for your sites, security improvements that offer the best protection against the most common threats on the Web, improved performance, and support for the HTML5 and CSS3 standards developers need.

With this release preview, Windows 7 customers receive all of the performance, security, and under-hood changes that enable a stellar Web experience. IE10 Release Preview also sends the "Do Not Track" signal to Web sites by default to help consumers protect their privacy.

Fast and Fluid

Browser performance is critical for running today’s modern Web sites and applications. IE10 is all around fast, bringing improved hardware acceleration and Chakra JavaScript engine to Windows 7. We continue to focus on improving real world site performance and third party recognition of IE's leadership in this area has been consistent.

You can experience IE10’s leading performance first hand with new demos on the IE Test Drive site with examples of hardware accelerated rendering in the Aston Martin 3D visualization for high frame rates, and interactivity, touch, and media with Audio Explosion.

The Mandelbrot test drive is another example of how IE10 runs real world sites fast, particularly sites with computationally intensive JavaScript and graphics. In this demo you can drill into detailed views of the Mandelbrot set and see how long it takes to calculate the view and how many iterations are calculated per second.

This image shows one of the presets calculated using the Mandelbrot Explorer test drive demo.

This image shows one of the presets calculated using the Mandelbrot Explorer test drive demo.

The chart below shows the result of Mandelbrot calculations for 21 presets run in IE10, Chrome 23, and Firefox 16, showing IE10 on average is over twice as fast as Chrome and about 20% faster than Firefox. Each calculation was run on identical hardware, a single Samsung Series 9 laptop with an Intel® Core™ i5-2537M CPU @ 1.40 Ghz with 4GB of memory running 64-bit Windows 7. You can see the full data results from this comparison here.

This chart shows the results of 21 Mandelbrot preset calculations run in IE10, Chrome 23, and Firefox 16 on Samsung Series 9 laptop with an Intel Core i5-2537M CPU @ 1.40 Ghz with 4GB of memory running 64-bit Windows 7

This chart shows the results of 21 Mandelbrot preset calculations run in IE10, Chrome 23, and Firefox 16 on Samsung Series 9 laptop with an Intel® Core™ i5-2537M CPU @ 1.40 Ghz with 4GB of memory running 64-bit Windows 7

More Interoperable HTML5 Support

IE10 shines on Windows 8, and with this release preview, IE10 brings the same powerful HTML5 engine to Windows 7 customers:

Rich Visual Effects: CSS Text Shadow, CSS 3D Transforms, CSS3 Transitions and Animations, CSS3 Gradient, SVG Filter Effects

Sophisticated Page Layouts: CSS3 for publication quality page layouts and application UI (CSS3 grid, flexbox, multi-column, positioned floats, regions, and hyphenation), HTML5 Forms, input controls, and validation

Enhanced Web Programming Model: Better offline applications through local storage with IndexedDB and the HTML5 Application Cache; Web Sockets, HTML5 History, Async scripts, HTML5 File APIs, HTML5 Drag-drop, HTML5 Sandboxing, Web workers, ES5 Strict mode support.

Developers building on these capabilities in Windows 8 can run the same markup with the same performance and capabilities on Windows 7. You can find a full list of new functionality available to developers in the IE10 developer guide here.

Commitment to Privacy with "Do Not Track" on By Default

IE10 continues our focus on helping consumers protect their privacy, which started in IE9 with features such as Tracking Protection. In Windows 8, "Do Not Track" (DNT) is "on" in the Express Settings at time of set-up, and IE10 in Windows 7 also sends a "Do Not Track" signal to Web sites by default. Microsoft's customers have been clear that they want more control over how their personal information is used online.  While "Do Not Track" is a technology solution that’s still in its formative stages, it holds the promise of giving people greater choice and control of their privacy as they browse the Web.  IE10 Windows 7 customers are notified of the "Do Not Track" setting via IE10's first run welcome page, including instructions for how they can turn off "Do Not Track" should they wish.

We believe that meeting customer expectations by putting people first is the best way to grow online commerce and the Internet economy. Our commitment is to provide Windows customers an experience that is "private by default" in an era when so much user data is collected online. IE10 is the first browser to send a "Do Not Track" (DNT) signal by default.

A Better Web Today, and Ahead

The opportunities continue for HTML5 to make both Web sites and applications better. Those opportunities are exciting for everyone on the Web.

IE10 is an entirely new IE. It's fast, fluid and perfect for touch. Try it out for yourself on a Windows 8 device or, if you are a Windows 7 user, download the preview today. We look forward to continued engagement with the developer community and your feedback on Connect.

-- Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (180)
  1. Snowknight26 says:

    The IE10 scroll bar doesn't follow the Windows 7 User Experience Guidelines.

  2. Aonghus says:

    Your download link doesn't appear to offer a Windows 7 IE10 download, just a description of IE on Windows 8.

  3. hAl says:

    Anyone with speed comparisons with IE10 on Windows 8 ?

  4. Feedback says:


    1. Apply HiDPI manifest to installer.

    2. ClearType is tuned/applied incorrectly in IE10.


    IE10: (Notice especially the aliasing of letter 'C')

  5. Thanks for the release! Will this release include the integrated Flash Player?

  6. Overdue, but it's a good thing to have. Teehee… It's like a lot of things got a speed boost out of nowhere.

  7. Arieta says:

    @Harold: couple of wrong things about that article:

    – html5 audio/video is not standardized yet.

    – WebM is supported since IE9, with a plugin.

    – WebGL is not standardized either.

    IE10 does good in supporting actual finished standards (in fact its the first to support the *finished* versions of many standards), it just doesn't support experimental crap that can either change implementation any day, or is not even a real standard in any sense.

  8. Arieta says:

    Serious issue with IE10 on Win7: RSS views do not work. They just display an empty page.

  9. IE User says:

    Will this (IE10) appear in the windows update?

  10. Prior Semblance says:

    Great… it deleted all my cookies.

  11. EricLaw [ex-MSFT] says:

    Arieta: I wasn't able to reproduce this problem with a clean install on Win7 SP1. Can you provide a repro URL that demonstrates this?

  12. Yannick says:

    @Arieta – Over here, it works fine…

    @IE User – No, since this isn't the final release, it won't.

    @Harold- first of al HTML5 Audio/Video is not standardized, just like WebGL, WebM is supported with a plugin

  13. Kulvinder says:

    IE10 does not properly colour manage as it just assumes that you have an sRGB monitor. How silly is that?…/1048.html

    Both Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows 7/8 do correct colour management.

  14. Sam I Am says:

    On Windows 7, does this replace IE8/9, or can it run side by side with IE8/9?

  15. Steve says:

    Cannot install on Windows 7 SP1 64 bit with all updates installs.

    IE10 Release Preview Setup begins to download updates, after a while it stops and provides the following URL because setup cannot continue:…/2770065

    I attempt to install the updates in the link but Windows 7 reports they are already installed.

  16. @Harold says:

    IE10 does support standardized HTML5 audio using a standardized codec.

    Firefox does not

    IE10 does not support WebGL elements that expose the gfx hardware/drivers directly to internet data as that is a serious security risc.

  17. Caco_Patane says:

    The blog design is SO ugly, please do something about it!

  18. Bart says:

    Thank you very much for finally releasing this.

  19. pablo says:

    Any chance we can get indication that an iframe is loading?

    It works correctly in all other browsers.

  20. Tony says:

    @@Harold, the haters will always hate, no matter what is offered. This Harold guy has no job except bad-mouthing about Microsoft corp. Someone must be paying good money! IE10 is a great step. Now they will update the newer version without Windows Update. See About Internet Explorer (see Ctrl+X+A).

  21. @EricLaw [ex-MSFT] says:

    The custom RSS view does not work on my end (Win7 pro, SP1, x64, hungarian). I've submitted a feedback on this.

    If I disable the custom view I can still get XML tree views.

    I tried running with plugins disabled, and it doesn't work that way either.

  22. Ecmascript says:

    Excellent score in standardized JavaScript conformance.


  23. Richard Cox says:

    @EricLaw: I've added two URLs that fail to the connect issue:…/rss-views-do-not-work-in-ie10-for-win7

    One having worked (and set as a subscription) before upgrade from IE9, the other trying to view a feed (atom in this case) to allow subscrption.

    The XML viewer /does/ work (just dragged in Machine.Config for .NET 4.5: having enabled local machine active content ages ago).

  24. Arieta says:

    @EricLaw: After reseting all IE settings, RSS views now work again. Though, I find it plain absurd that 1. they got broken for whatever reason, and 2. reseting the settings required a reboot of the computer (!!!!).

    I'll restore my settings and see if I can find something that broke the RSS view, or if it was a random happening.

  25. Arieta says:

    Okay, it's definitely something under special settings, I managed to reproduce it. Now I just have to narrow it down.

  26. Arieta says:

    Okay, found it. It's the "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" that breaks all RSS views.

  27. Typhoon87 says:

    Is this a platfrom preview or does this replace IE on my machine?

  28. The "do not track on by default" thing is a disaster for the spec, as advertisers have already said they're going to flat out ignore it when IE 10 sends the flag. The actual result is completely backwards from what Microsoft seems to think it is.

  29. @Harold says:

    WebM works perfectly fine in IE as long as your system has WebM codec installed. It doesn't even require any plugin.

    Also, nobody gives a flying …. about webgl.

  30. Xero says:

    The DOM manipulation bug (…/ie-performance-dom-manipulation-tests)

    is fixed in IE10. The results of this test (…/Hixie_DOM.html) on same machine before and after installing IE10 release-preview are as follow:

    IE 9

    Total elapsed time: 20363ms

    Breakdown (fraction shows time relative to append time):

     Append:  1.00; 132ms

     Prepend: 1.13; 149ms

     Index:   109.96; 14515ms

     Insert:  13.45; 1775ms

     Remove:  28.73; 3792ms

    IE 10

    Total elapsed time: 608ms

    Breakdown (fraction shows time relative to append time):

     Append:  1.00; 137ms

     Prepend: 0.98; 134ms

     Index:   0.12; 17ms

     Insert:  1.01; 139ms

     Remove:  1.32; 181ms

  31. Xero says:

    Thank you Microsoft! 🙂

  32. pmbAustin says:

    Having used IE10 on a Surface… I have to say I'm CONSTANTLY wishing for some gesture or otherwise easy way to rapidly get to the top and the bottom of a long page.  With a mouse, it's easy (fast scrollbar).  But with touch, it's tedious… VERY tedious.  It woudl be nice if there were a standard gesture for "to back to top" or "jump to bottom".

    Or possibly even better… it'd be nice if sematic zoom worked on web pages that were very large/long.  Right now, pinch to zoom out stops at a certain level.  It'd be nice if you continue to pinch to zoom out, it would render the entire page on the available screen (super-tiny), and allow you to simply touch a point on the page to instantly zoom to that point (top, bottom, or anywhere in the middle).  This would work much like semantic-zoom on very long start screens, for example.

    Is there any way to get this suggestion some consideration?  It's probably my biggest pain point in using IE10 on touch-only devices right now.  Simply because so many of the pages I visit tend to be rather lengthy, and scrolling and scrolling is just tedious… and there seems to be no way to 'grab' the scroll 'bar' indicators/thumbs that appear when scrolling via touch.

  33. Max says:

    @LordTridus, Ad tracking is disabled by default to save YOUR F***ng privacy!! IT IS THE SMARTEST THING TO DO! Google's profiles you and sells your privacy to the highest bidder and you are so dumb to realize that.. How else Google earn money? Android is free, Chrome is free, Gmail is free.. everything is free of cost but they put the creepy modules in the OSS projects to rip your private life. If you wana sell yourself out then go on street and find a customer. Microsoft respects its audience so does Mozilla (they provides the plugin to shut the Google crap).

  34. jc says:

    Some issue the following url will not work its a major news paper from Colombia, South America.

    F12 capture network trafic just shows a lot of (aborted) calls

  35. sekhar says:

    @Prior Semblance: All my cookies are still persist after upgrading from IE9 to IE10.

    Can you tell me which cookies(sites) got deleted at your end?

  36. Privacy? says:

    The "do not track" header is such a conceptual fail and waste of time.

    Do people really think that if you ask politely, the 'evil tracking website' is going stop tracking?

  37. Tony says:

    @pmbAustin, nice point. Please give me the link to bug-report on Microsoft Connect (bug tracker) so we can vote.. Hop on to and submit.

    Btw, the minor-autocorrect and marking duplicate-words in spell checking feature is new to browsers. Other browsers just sniff the incorrect spellings. Good job !!

  38. Firefox says:

    And of course as usual, MS is scared to use the latest Firefox versions.

    Firefox 19.0 blows away Internet Exploder in performance.

  39. IE9 user says:

    Very poor score on peackeeper only 1407 points

    Chrome 23 = 3498

    Opera 12.10 = 2648

    IE9 = 1627

  40. Shao Yisheng says:

    The latest stable release of FF is 16. :-S

    I have respect for Mozilla and the Firefox team, but lets compare the scores of IE10 with any other browser on ECMA official test for JavaScript But you are not considering the facts here, are you?

  41. DB says:

    I installed the preview but it did not install any shortcut for me to actually run the review.  I check the start menu and it's not there either.  so where is it?

  42. Arieta says:

    @Firefox: They are not afraid, Firefox just rolls out new versions so fast now that the browser version got old the second the test results were submitted!

  43. Opus says:

    Still no Opus support, how can you guys even live with yourselves?…/Opus_%28audio_format%29

  44. Shao Yisheng says:

    @IE9 user, have you been watching those silly browser-comparison videos on YouTube? Microsoft has made it very clear, that they guarantee "only" the implementation those HTML5 standards which has reached W3C Recommendation (REC), not the ones which are draft or under consideration (subjected to change). Its insane to have those.. Each standard has test-beds available on their corresponding W3C page. So test the "completeness" of each recommended standard and see if they are missing anything.

  45. Crush-Trolls says:

    @Opus, yeah besides Firefox no one is supporting the newly arrived Opus codec. Do you b*tch on Google's blogs too or Safari for that matter?

  46. IE9 user says:

    @Shao Yisheng, no, I know it will be the best browser!

  47. Opus says:

    @Crush-Trolls, Google will add Opus codec support, while MS with their slow and outdated development methodologies and lack of any information will take years to add anything. If you're a clueless and ignorant person, kindly be silent.

  48. Crush-Tolls says:

    @Opus, nobody really give a crap about you and your stupid codec. So just keep quite and let elders do the talking.

  49. Opus says:

    @Crush-Trolls Be silent, the adults are talking here.

  50. Don says:

    This is a big step onwards from IE9.  Well done!

  51. I hope IE10 on Windows 7 kept the normal font-rendering and not forcing users to ugly, blurry Metro font-rendering without any ability to change it back… like… IE10 on Windows 8 is huge LOL -I don't even want to use it to download an other browser.

  52. @PC-EliTiST says:

    On Windows 7, they kept ClearType (instead of gray-scale crap from Windows 8).

    However, the results between IE9 and IE10 are not identical.

    IE10 is more block-y. Maybe they optimized for 96 DPI and forgot that some users

    are using other scalings.

  53. Ashu says:

    Like IE9, I'm loving this new version of the browser. Thank you!

  54. tbalint444444 says:

    The scroll bar, tabs, and back – forward button just looks horrible on Windows 7.

    Especially the scroll bar.

    Change it back to Windows 7 style! It is currently the same as in win8 but it is horrible.

  55. Adrian says:

    Very good news except for the default DNT.

    You prove you are really dumb with this.

  56. @IE10 review says:

    Try webgl plugin on IE and run the tests again.

  57. Gordon says:

    Thank you for new Internet Explorer and especially for turning off the tracking.

  58. Funny says:

    For the first time, I used Firefox to download IE10. IE10 is my default browser now after a long time. I was waiting for spell-checker support.

  59. @Opus says:

    CU-RTC > WebRTC.

    Deal with it.

  60. Mitch 74 says:

    Thank you for killing Do Not track – with IE10 enabling it by default, advertisers will now disregard it completely.

    WebGL may not be a W3C standard – but neither is h.264. As such, the "it's not a standard" excuse doesn't hold water when more than 50% of currently installed browsers (Chrome+Firefox+Opera) support it. It's just that Microsoft has a visceral hatred of OpenGL, of which WebGL is a subset. I expect Microsoft to soon propose "Direct3D for the Web". And thus, web developers will have to develop 2 versions of their website: one for IE, one for all other browsers.

    As if 10 years of IE6 weren't enough of a lesson.

  61. @Arieta: Great bug in the RSS Feedview, thanks for root-causing! That wasn't an intentional break, but lots of stuff behaves slightly differently when you disable LMZL by checking that box.…/understanding-local-machine-zone-lockdown-restricted-this-webpage-from-running-scripts-or-activex-controls.aspx

    @jc: I can't reproduce the issue with that you found, using either IE10 on Win8 or Win7. Can you repro the problem if you clear your browser cache and cookies? (The site in questions is following a performance "Worst practice" by using HTTP/302s for every resource on their page).

    @Privacy?: Indeed. Especially when they failed to say "Pretty please": Use TPL instead;

    @Mitch74: Perhaps you missed the paper/video wherein security researchers used WebGL to crash the system using all WebGL-capable browsers? Unchecked access to hardware is dangerous. WebGL probably will make it to the web safely one day, but a lot of work remains. Some context:…/webgl-considered-harmful.aspx

  62. WebGL says:

    Here comes Eric Law with outdated blog post.

    Eric, try and educate yourself, that blog post is outdated and full of MS lies about WebGL. Implying that Silverlight isn't a security risk and doesn't use the GPU to do things which would violate your so called Security bullshit.

    What a joke you are, Eric Law.

  63. @WebGL: I think the facts speak for themselves. Unfortunately, waving one's hands and saying "nothing to see here" isn't how security holes get fixed.

  64. I really like IE10 and enjoy the performance improvements. However, I discovered two minor bugs.

    On my Windows 7 (Home Premium, x64) computer, scroll bars, check boxes, and drop-down lists in IE10 show boxes instead of their proper "fill-in" characters (arrows and checks). I believe the problem is due to a font missing from my system but included with Windows 8.

    Also, when I close tabs, there is a delay before they resize back to normal. This issue was not present in IE9.

    Can someone please confirm these issues? Thanks in advance.

  65. raider says:

    Finally IE10 for Win7, although it's only a preview. A well made backport… Except for one thing, a backport not needed.

    The modern-style controls and scrollbars.

    Not only are ugly as hell, but they look inconsistent with the rest of the environment (and this happens even in Win8 – IE scrollbars and buttons are different from those used in the other applications)

    Could you please restore traditional controls and scrollbars before final release? Or at least give an option to decide what look to use?


  66. Gordon says:

    If Microsoft shows complete disregard for the DNT spec default and user-choice then I therefore have to show no respect for Microsoft/IE.

    My servers have been updated to ignore ALL DNT requests from IE10 since I can't determine which are set by the user and which were set by Microsoft because they are mad they are losing their battle with Google in Search, Mobile, {InsertAnyTechnologyHere}, etc. and I recommend all server administrators do the same.

  67. Guest says:

    When will be the final release?

    How about Vista, why you do not supported it? As you know Direct2D also present on this OS.


  68. security update says:

    Internet Explorer 9

    Updating version: 9.0.11

  69. gabriel morrow says:

    what im wondering is why microsoft waited till post windows 8 to ship ie10 on windows 7 last time around it wasnt like that

    ie8 was shipped a while before windows 7 even hit ga what changed in microsofts devlopment plans to delay ie10 for windows 7

  70. Roland says:

    Wow, finally we have a native spell checker in IE10 for Windows 7.

    Why didn't you mention this useful feature?

    Because it works great, and it even seems to offer AutoCorrect or frequent misspellings.

  71. Les says:

    all appeared good until I went to post a link on facebook – no go – it just sat their looking at me! Tried 3 times – have gone back to 1E9 till the final version comes out

  72. Philip Cass says:

    well, that's an interesting bug!

    Installing IE10 broke desktop composition (ie the Aero effects) for me.  The checkbox unticked itself and trying to re-apply just left me with a black screen and a flickering mouse cursor for about 10 seconds before it gave up.

    I eventually realised Aero would turn back on if I changed my third monitor from portrait(flipped) view back to landscape.  More testing has found that if I have any monitor on anything other than landscape (landscape flipped, portrait, portrait flipped) the desktop composition will fail.  Nothing in any obvious logs, either.

    That _may_ be the issue mentioned here:…/after-ie10-rc-install-aero-transparency-is-gone-in-win7-64-bit-sp1 or that may be something else.

  73. Ian Boyd says:

    Is there a programming infrastructure in IE10 to allow developers to create extensions such as AdBlock or the Reddit Enhancement Suite?

  74. Philip Cass says:

    @Ian – addons are disabled by default when using IE10 is Modern (metro) UI style, but otherwise you can use the same add-on API that's existed for many, many years

  75. Jace says:


    No, they haven't been fixed, the entire spec is fundamentally flawed from a security perspective, what don't you understand about that?!…/87696-webgl-is-fundamentally-flawed

  76. oo says:

    IE10 is very good!!

  77. Jace says:


    Any idea why IE10 doesn't work at ?


  78. Jace says:

    Interesting how the IE10 preview scores higher on than IE10 on Windows Server 2012…

  79. Yuhong Bao says:

    This is missing symbols for MSHTML.DLL:

    SYMSRV:…/mshtml.pdb not found

  80. Precz says:

    Where I can download Ubuntu version ?

  81. CvP says:


    Buy WIndows 8 from newegg/amazon.

    Insert disk, format the drive, install windows.



    @EricLaw Do you know any workaround for "restricted file system access" in flash file uploaders if you enable "Enhanced protected mode"?

  82. CodeJunkie says:

    @Gordon, "Operating system" is one of the most "complicated" problems in all sciences. Its requires continuous maintenance and evolution. An average Android user experience 100 bugs/shortcomings/inconsistencies in a day but they hide it and never admit something went wrong. Anyway, here are few facts:

    Oracle, Apple and Microsoft make real-world & tangible products, sell it to customers and do business make profit. Straight enough.

    Mozilla is a non-profit community, mostly rely on their sponsors and their other projects.

    Redhat releases free distribution on Linux. They do business by providing support and delivering projects to their enterprise clients, yet making profit. Similarly, the other *nix distributions.

    Google on the other hand, invite the open-source projects to their repository, if the project catches attention they acquire it, stamp their logo on it!!, implement the privacy sniffers in it, make it FREE for everyone and then sells out the user-privacy to ads agencies and other organizations interested in harvesting private lives of people.

    Chrome and Android track even the slightest activity of users and send it to Google servers where it profile the person by IP address, location and login history, then sell the profile to advertiser, governments and/or highest bidder.

    People like Gordon are stupid enough to sense this simple fact. Google is a parasite, they want you to slip in their hole. They are giving away everything for free (except for few products which aren't selling quite enough) and yet earning zillions of dollars every year?? Think about it and re-evaluate your options. Everything comes with price. Make sure you are paying the right one.

  83. Stilgar says:

    Can someone explain how/when the spellcheck is triggered? It works for me on Facebook but not on this site.

  84. Stilgar says:

    Correction: Now the spell check does not work on any website.

  85. James says:

    Personally, I would just stick with firefox – at least that works!

  86. It's a Release Preview says:

    It's a Release Preview – if you are worried about losing functionality or settings, wait for the final release!

  87. Suao says:

    @Stilgar, for the last 18 hours, it works for me fine on every website including here. Don't know what went wrong in your setup. You can always try resetting IE; alt+x+o (to open Internet Options) then click Advance > Reset.

    @James, IE10 works too. Btw, what are you doing here besides spreading FUD?

  88. Liam says:

    @CodeJunkie you are absolutely right! You are a complete Microsoft Trollboy!

    @Gordon was indicating just as others had done that Microsoft has officially killed DNT by taking something that was a voluntary user action and made it a system wide setting.

    I had not yet implemented my DNT settings on my server and now I don't have to worry about it because the concept is now void.

    @Microsoft why does the IE10 browser for Windows 7 have the ugly UI controls from windows 8?!

    I specifically didn't "upgrade" because the usability of windows 8 is so poor, especially at the form control level. 15 years of hard work perfecting clean, clear, intuitive, usable form controls thrown away for no good reason. If there is a single massive failure of windows 8 this is it.  Worse than the missing start button, worse than the X-Metro UI.

    I didn't really think MSFT had peaked but apparently they have.  Windows 7 will forever be Microsofts finest OS… The king before the empire crumbled under its own progress failures.

  89. Liam says:

    and yes I am a Google Trollboy.. so what?

  90. Miguel Mateo says:

    Local web sites configured by using the HOSTS file no longer work.  If I have in my HOSTS file pointing to 192.168.1.x in my network, that no longer work.  All other browsers are ok.

  91. AS147 says:

    Hi I today installed this on my Windows 7 Sp1 system. After rebooting I was not able to run IE at all. It kept coming up with an error saying a wrong address was selecetd e.g.

    If I ran the ieplore.exe from the directory I got an error saying the program could not be run due to an invalid program address?

    I even opened windows explorer and typed in a web address and got the same www address is invalid, it also wouldn't run from the dos prompt.

    Basically my web internet access was completely disabled and no matter how I tried to run it I got the same error. I have uninstalled the update and rebooted.

    The program is now missing from my start menu but I can run it manually by typing it from the run window.

    This is probably the first time I have installed a brand new (preview) release of anything and hope someone can come back to me with some advice.

  92. Nathan says:

    @Miguel Mateo, I am using Wamp and Sharepoint on Windows 7. I have just tested changing hosts file (%SystemRoot%system32driversetchosts) with mysite and localhost pointed to All three of them works on IE10 release-preview.

  93. @AS147 – I had a similar issue and it turned out to be related to the proxy that my web browser was hiding behind.  Adding the correct proxy settings solved the issue.  Maybe this will help you…

  94. Feedback says:

    The Adobe Reader XI plugin crashes IE 10 sometimes – even if not viewing PDF-files.

  95. Suao says:

    @Feedback, Try submitting the feedback on connect. Open IE 10, press ALT+X+K.

    Before you do that, go to your favorite search engine Bing or Goofy and type:  "filetype:pdf"

    Open as many links as you can in new tabs and test if it breaks. I can reproduce this bug.

  96. Mikey says:

    Thank you Philip Cass, I also had the bug where Aero glass was disabled when a monitor was rotated into portrait mode. Rotating it back to landscape mode corrected the problem. I spent hours trying to troubleshoot all the normal problems, so really appreciate your posting this tip. And phooey on Microsoft for goofing up my computer's video system when I installed their web browser.

  97. pmbAustin says:

    @Tony, I've entered Micrsoft Connect ID 771086 to cover the issue of trying to get to the top/bottom of the page by touch being tedious and cumbersome.

    Here's a link:…/add-semantic-zoom-to-allow-easy-access-to-top-bottom-of-page-using-only-touch

    I hope those that agree this would be a useful enhancement (not just for IE10 on Win7, but IE10 in general) will vote for this.

  98. Jace says:


    See this for spellcheck:…/SpellChecking

  99. @AS147: Curious: is your PC/OS 64bit?

    @Miguel Mateo: Please explain what you mean when you say "no longer work"– does the original site load, or do you get a "Page cannot be displayed." Is this IE10 on Win7 or Win8? If it's Win8, the problem is probably related to EPM Network Restrictions:…/understanding-ie10-enhanced-protected-mode-network-security-addons-cookies-metro-desktop.aspx, but these aren't present in Win7. Note that the HOSTS file is ignored if you have certain proxy clients installed (e.g. the ISA Firewall client).

    @Riasat: I'm not entirely sure what you're describing, but EPM does restrict access to the filesystem. The Flash plugin gets around this (in Metro mode) by calling the Win8 File Picker UI, which uses a broker to permit the user to grant access to specific files.

    @Jace: How much higher is the score on html5test? Was the desktop experience pack (which brings Audio/Video) installed on the Server in question?

    @Jace: works just fine in IE10 if you use the F12 Developer Tools' Tools > Change User Agent String to fake the UA String as Chrome. As to why Amazon is blocking IE10, I don't know, you'd have to ask them.

    @IanBoyd: To expound upon Philip's answer: Metro mode doesn't permit browser addons at all (you can't enable them). However, you can use TPL and the Restricted Zone to block unwanted content. (e.g.

    @Toa Of Justice: The boxes you see on the scrollbar and the dropdown boxes indicate that you don't have the latest Segoe UI font installed. Win7 shipped with one, but Win8 updated it with a few new glyphs used by IE. You *should* have received this new font file as a part of the pre-requisites package downloaded by IE10 setup. You can update it yourself by copying the Segoe UI font from a Win8 machine. If you can't find one, you should talk to Microsoft support; it's possible there's a standalone downloader you can use.

  100. Emily says:

    @EricLaw @Toa Of Justice

    List of prerequistes for IE10 Release Preview:…/2770065

    Segoe UI symbol font update:…/2729094

  101. Kirill says:

    Full screen view (F11) is not working normaly. When cursor is moved to upside of screen panel is not go down

  102. tbalint444444 says:

    Just one more thing: the 'New Tab' (about:Tabs) also looks very bad designed in Win7. It may be good in Win8, but not in Win7.

    Please no metro/modern/whatever called UI style in Win7!

  103. Mitch 74 says:


    Thus, barring a driver bug, WebGL is sandboxed.

  104. Jace says:


    The desktop experience pack was not installed. That could account for it.

    The scores were Windows 7 @ 320 + 6, Server 2012 @ 320 + 2

  105. pmbAustin says:

    Well, so much for that… the issue I entered into Connect is already closed.  Ah well.

  106. Real McCoy says:

    @AS147, please try running IEDiag (Start > IEDiag > [Enter])

    After a while (3-5 minutes), the CLI will be closed (after 57 dots..). After that you will find the file on the desktop. Submit the file to Connect (Settings > Submit Feeback's last step) or directly going to

    You can also try resetting IE10 as #!Suao suggested:

    "alt+x+o (to open Internet Options) then click Advance > Reset"

  107. Real McCoy says:

    @pmbAustin, link/URL if you don't mind? 🙂

    @Eric, the UA-string faking for doesn't work on Windows 7's IE10 but only on Windows 8's version. Meaning Amazon guys did a very poor job with browser sniffing (even the OS sniffing) at server-side..

  108. Jasmine says:

    @pmbAustin – while I agree that scrolling long vertical pages in IE is painful and maybe even worthy of reporting you'll find that no one on this blog is remotely interested in filling bugs in connect.

    we were all burned by connect and Microsoft's attitude towards bug submitters and thus we have no interest in filling bugs in there again – at least not until Microsoft either uses a truly open system, or gives us some confidence that issues will NOT be thrown out as soon as a new release is being worked on vs. moving the backlog to the new version.

  109. Real McCoy says:

    @Kirill, this issue is already under discussion on Connect (…/full-screen-float-bar). Just press "I can too" for +1 and drop your comment there. 🙂

  110. Real McCoy says:

    @Jasmine, that is so very much true. Unlike Visual Studio team, IE-team's response is very unexpected on Connect. I hope things will get better. If they just start fixing the bugs and implementing the feature request on Connect (well at least 70% of it), IE condition will be far much better than the current one.

    @Mitch 74, I guess IE guys will implement WebGL sooner than later. But if the driver get crashed in the process (or something happened really bad to the end-user's system), people will blame Windows team. So the standard must be covering security at all tiers UA, OS and hardware. Meanwhile IE team need to collaborate with Khronos to resolve these issues.

    @IE-team, please take community feedback seriously and consider implementing open standards (ogg, apng, opus, webgl etc.). Establish a standards organization for codec and invite all the stakeholders at the table, like VC team did for with

  111. CvP says:


    Yes. That's the one. In metro mode (I have not tested), it may use windows 8 file picker ui, but if you are using EPM in desktop, it displays a standard desktop file picker which can only access %windir%. Looks like the flash plugin needs to be updated to handle this scenario?

  112. Feedback on Connect says:

    Okay, why does many of the "Internet Explorer Team" answers on Connect appear clueless about how IE works?

    Is it just some random support guy reading the bug reports?

  113. @Philip Cass, I am also having this problem, thank you for giving me the workaround! I have a Nvidia Quadro FX 1700. I don't know if the graphics card matters.

  114. Tom says:

    Unable to post a link e.g. newspaper link on Facebook – post wont proceed – go back to IE9 and all goes in?????

  115. pmbAustin says:

    @Real McCoy  … scroll up to my previous post here.  The URL is in that post.

  116. @Riasat: That sounds correct to me. It's interesting, I wouldn't have expected Flash to load at all on the desktop in EPM without disabling EPM using the notification bar. It's possible that there was an oversight and this was mistakenly listed in CATID_AppContainerCompatible but it's really not. Great bug to file!

  117. CvP says:

    Ok. I will test it some more in a fresh installation and observe how it behaves with EPM on/off combined with adding the site to "disable EPM" list. Then I'll submit a bug.

    Any idea how I can see (and modify) a list of sites added to "disable EPM" list?

  118. Tom Connie says:

    It takes great man to leave the company and still support its customers. EricLaw used to work with Microsoft, but still supporting its customers. Its a good sign and healthy nature. I hope more people in IE department invest their time with customers and roll out some major updates in next few months (just the bug fixing, regression issues and performance improvement, it was piling for years!). Afterwards, the ship will sail smooth with HTML5 and new standards.

  119. matt says:

    Ie10 is working well! Thanks for the great browser!

  120. @EricLaw @Emily

    Thanks for your replies. I already installed the Segoe font update. Should I try re-installing it, or should I copy the Segoe fonts over from my Win8 virtual machine? (I'm not sure the latter will work–aren't the Segoe fonts protected against overwriting?)

  121. Mark A. says:

    Thank you for getting IE10 to work with Windows7 again.

    I can't get  !–[if IE]>…!–[if !IE]>…!–[if IE 10]> etc to work and EMBED sound files don't work.

    As !–[if IE 10]> dosent work I can't even use different code for the EMBED sounds.

    Hope you fix this in a later version.

  122. PhistucK says:

    @Mark A. –

    In (Internet Explorer 10) Standard mode, conditional comments are no longer supported.

    Regarding your issue, try and switch to <audio> instead of <embed> for modern browsers.

  123. Real McCoy says:

    @ieblog, please consider enabling Ctrl+Q (quick tabs) feature by default. It is an AMAZING feature for tab-browsing since IE7 (2002-3?). More than 90% of IE users are unaware of it because it is disabled.


    Also, Ctrl+0 shortcut is for zoom to normal. It works with keyboard, but if 0 is pressed on numpad, the shortcut doesn't work. Is this shortcut reserved for some other functionality? If not then its the loss of functionality since IE4.

    Finally Ctrl+[Browser-Back-or-Forward] should open the corresponding page in new tab.


  124. Davidtoo says:

    does IE10 work on Vista64 ??

  125. GuestVt says:

    I hope at least the final version of IE10 is available for Vista users. IE10 is really faster than IE9 and I bet lots of Vista users would appreciate it.

  126. Davidtoo says:

    the do not track default functions in IE10 are of interest to most users. please make this available to Vista users !!

  127. JMAlarcon says:


    Do you know how to add a bookmarklet to IE10 "Metro" Style in Windows 8? I absolutelly need this to use the browser for some tasks, like highlighting text and taking notes with Diigo and other similar apps. This is a must!


  128. @EricLaw @Emily

    I just tried re-installing the Segoe font update using the installer available through the link Emily provided. I am still seeing boxes. I will now try copying over the Segoe fonts from my Win8 VM.

  129. JimboC says:

    @Real McCoy:

    Actually IE 7 was released in November 2006.


    It is extremely unlikely that IE 10 will be made available for Vista. Please see the following links for more information on this:…/ie-10-is-marching-to-your-windows-7-desktop…/Windows_Vista_No_IE10_for_you…/3132…/internet-explorer-10-windows-vista…/native-html5-first-ie10-platform-preview-available-for-download.aspx

    I would also like IE 10 for Vista but I have accepted that it isn’t going to happen.

    I hope this helps. Thank you.

  130. @EricLaw @Emily

    Copying over the Segoe fonts from my Win8 VM worked very well. Thank you both for your help!

  131. PhistucK says:

    @GuestVt –

    Internet Explorer 10 will not be released for Windows Vista. Microsoft stated that when the first platform preview was released.

    @Davidtoo –

    Why? a lot (if not most) of third parties stated that they will be ignoring the Do Not Track signal of Internet Explorer because it is going to be on by default, which means (in their mind) it is not a user preference. And if Microsoft is implementing it, it will, again, probably make it on by default, which means it will also be disregarded.

    I actually think this is deliberate disguise.

    Did anyone check whether the tracking products used by Microsoft websites are obeying the Do Not Track signal?

    I am curious.

  132. Gonz says:

    IE10 problems after installing in WIN7-x64 all the FTP programs

  133. @All: No, IE10 will not ever be coming to Windows Vista. Windows Vista users really should consider upgrading to Win7 (simple) or Win8. Win7 is what Vista should have been.

    @Gonz: Which FTP programs specifically, and what exactly happens? Most FTP programs, including the command line http://ftp.exe, don't rely on WinINET (the networking component that the IE10 installer updates).

    @PhistucK: There's really no way to know whether a given site respects DNT (and/or what their definition of "respects" is). Most sites that have promised to support DNT have decided that it means "Track me all you want, but show me random ads." That's not what the average person on the street expects, and it's one of the major problems with DNT. DNT suffers from the same problem that P3P did– it's based on good-faith of parties who have economic incentives not to act in good faith. That's why TPL ( works much better, since it takes the site out of the equation.

    @ToaOfJustice: Good to hear that copying the font from the VM worked. The link Emily provided *should* have worked; it's interesting to hear that it didn't.

    @RealMcCoy: QuickTabs were enabled by default for the first release, but our SQM data showed that virtually no one used the feature. Anyone who wants it can simply turn it on. It's now off-by-default because there's a performance (CPU/Memory) cost in providing the feature even when the user never activates it.

    @Riasat: I forwarded your EPM/Flash issue to the right contact at MSFT to investigate. The exception list is not exposed in the UI anywhere, and you can only clear the entire list by using Delete Browser History. How it works under the covers is undocumented, but if you use Process Monitor, you can see how the EPM list is written in the registry. When you exempt a site using the Notification bar, you'll see a write of the domain to a key under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerTabProcConfig. The value is a DWORD which has various (undocumented) flags about what type of process should be used when loading a site (e.g. its integrity level, and the strictness of its AppContainer).

  134. R says:

    Looks good on Windows 7…

    Except for the Scrollbars.

    The Windows 8 style of scrollbars don't belong to Windows 7 and IE 10 on Win7 should use the style of the system.

  135. Developer says:

    Visual Studio 2010 doesn't like IE10 Windows 7 preview

  136. Coolmario88cp says:

    I'm using the IE10 release preview now and all I have to say is Well done Microsoft. Well done  IE is like crazy fast on my computer.. but because of the more addons on firefox I'll have to stick with firefox over IE..

  137. No sound says:

    Dose IE10 support audio or video files?

    HTML 5 VIDEO works but with no sound.

    HTML 5 AUDIO displays 'Error: Unsupported audio type or invalid file path'

    or 'Error: Audio playback was aborted'

    Pre HTML 5 EMBED sound dose not work.

    Same pages work with other browsers.

  138. Vitor Canova says:

    Internet Explorer 9 only uses  Chakra in 32-bit version. Internet Explorer 10 uses in both 32-bit and 64-bit? I supposed yes because you measure in 64-bit but I need to confirm.

  139. Coolmario88cp says:

    Vitor Canova I am on a 64-bit machine but I can only access 1 version of IE10..

  140. @IE10 review says:

    Try webgl plugin on IE and run the tests again.

  141. Marcus says:




    use google chrome much faster.

  142. @Vitor Canova: IE9 used the Chakra engine in both 32bit and 64bit processes, but IE9 Chakra lacked a 64bit JIT compiler so 64bit IE9 ran script much more slowly than 32bit IE9 (although still much faster than interpreted script in IE8).

    With IE10, Chakra was extended to support JIT'ing in 64bit mode as well. You can see the improvement on IE10 on Win7 by enabling the "Enhanced Protected Mode" feature inside Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security to turn on 64bit tabs, then running something like SunSpider or IETestDrive sites. Learn more here:…/q-a-64-bit-internet-explorer.aspx

  143. @NoSound: Do you have a repro URL? What type of computer are you using? It sounds like maybe the prerequisite updates didn't install correctly. Do you have any pending updates from Windows Update? Does Windows Media Player launch and run correctly?

  144. Strange... says:

    Well, I don't know how they came up with Mandelbrot (or whatever) test comparison, but here's what I got in my comp

    (i5-2500K @4.2Ghz /w 8GB RAM using Win7 64 + nVidya GTX 460 x 2 SLI )

    1. Chrome Version 23.0.1271.26 beta-m:

       Fine detail: 221,702,566 iterations in 19.22 seconds

    2. IE 9.0 64-bit edition:

       221,702,566 iterations in 83.94 seconds

    Mostly, what I understand is IE 9 = CRAP and also without a proper GPU support!

  145. Mitch 74 says:

    @Real McCoy: considering that Microsoft used to provide an OpenGL-over-Direct3D layer in Vista, I would guess that one way to provide such support would be to revive that layer upgraded to WebGL 2.0 level – this way, driver makers would "only" have to ensure their drivers are stable under Direct3D.

    Note that this is currently what Google does with Chrome (through the ANGLE layer) and Mozilla also does it – in the latter's case though, you can configure Firefox to use the driver's native OpenGL stack instead (through an about:config setting).

    Of course, Microsoft would NEVER use ANGLE, for NIH reasons.

  146. Tomas says:

    Doesnt work properly! Tried to post a newspaper link into facebook and post wont proceed – reset and still the same – went back to 1e9 and hey presto same post goes straight in! 1E10 A DUD!

  147. Artur Grokhovsky says:

    This Preview-version cannot publish the postings onto the Facebook. Shame.

    You should find the developers at whom hands stick out not of an ass…

  148. Ian20 says:

    @Tomas I cant post anything on Facebook either. Gone back to IE9 like you did. Hope the final version works ok on Facebook!

  149. Liked IE10 on Windows 7, in the ten minutes that I used it, one problem

    IE10 does not scroll properly

    You cannot watch a video/clip and scroll other options at the bottom of the page at the same time

    The whole page scrolls together, including what you are watching, that would be up, out of sight

    In short, no page deviders, useless !!!!!!!!!!!

    IE10, like it's mother, was designed for small screened, touch, mobile devices and has been ruined by Windows 8

    Have gone back to IE9

    Also having tried all three pre-release versions of Windows 8 [useless on a desktop pc] have gone back to Windows 7 and will stay there as long as possable

  150. I went back to 9 because the cookie handling in the IE10 preview is bugged. It will not save login cookies for my favorite sites no matter how I configure it. IE9 does it flawlessly. In this preview, every time I booted the computer, I had to relog into my home pages and every other site I frequently visit even without deleting any cookies at all.  As far as speed goes, I did not notice IE10 being any faster than the 32 bit IE9 on my Win7 64 bit system.

  151. PhistucK says:

    @ken9545 –

    Can you give an example for such a page?

  152. Thomas says:


    Use IE10 already! You'll find out that your beloved Chrome is rendered crap.

  153. Thomas says:

    FWIW, IE10 results on Win7x64:

    Fine detail: 51,777,896 iterations in 6.47 seconds

  154. Coolmario88cp says:

    Microsoft I hope you guys keep the scrollbars the way it looks in the release preview right now.. I really like them Please keep the scrollbars in IE10 this way!! 🙂

  155. Jackie says:

    @Firefox, try out the official ECMA test on every browser you know of and compare the conformance results. As of today, the score out of 11571 tests is given below:


    Pass: 11563 | Fail: 8

    Firefox 16.0.2

    Pass: 11400 | Fail: 171

    Also, observe the time taken to finish these tests on both browsers. You can try on different OSes on same hardware, Firefox on Fedora, IE10 on Win7 or both on Win7/Win8. IE10 was at least 3 times ahead.

    See how Firefox "exploded" in the test?

    My two cents advice: if someone has done something nice, appreciate. If there is a problem, criticize with a feedback note. This way you may never get embarrassed.

  156. XcLusivesalman says:

    IE 10 is surely faster, and I tested it myself too, when I first installed it yesterday. It also supports wide range of industry standards compared to its predecessors. However, despite of all these improvements, there is this feeling of a buggy, less compatible, stressfull Internet Explorer, that is hard to venish from my mind because IE6, 7, 8 and 9. There is this constant cry that IE has never been able to satisfy a need of a robust browser, who can handle complex, sophisticated, cutting edge websites. I am sure Ie10 will remove that impression in coming few days, months.

    Another issue that is frustrating with all past Internet Explorer versions is that , while developing websites, you have to spent 80% of your time in fixing browser compatibility issues that don't occur in its competitors like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Other than IE, all browsers have used to become the favourite ones. Users might liked IE, but never been able to love it.

    Another shoddy feature that Microsoft has never been able to address despite that all it's competitors done it awsome, is F12 Development Tool. Being a web developer, I often face critical issues when developing sophisticated websites with IE, while those never occur on Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Even if you develop everything according to standards, they seems to fail on IE. So when you try fixing these, you feel helpless because IE developer tool is better than nothing, compared to Firebug. That is same repeated in IE10.

    So like I said, people might like it' but may not love it.…/ie10-how-much-it-scores-out-of-10

  157. bug report says:

    Since the action of Explorer becomes strange occasionally or "operation was stopped" comes out, please correct fault.

    There are many, after using IE10.

  158. Thomas says:

    @bug report, I haven't found any issue after upgrading IE10 on windows 7. Try to resetting IE; Internet Options > click Advanced > click Reset. Also, resetting IE only requires you to close and reopen IE not restarting the PC!!

    @XcLusivesalman, F12 developer tool has everything that you have in Firebug and much more than that. Following are the things you can't find in Firebug:

    Memory Profiler, show image dimensions, image path, image alt-text, change user-agent string, W3C validators, Trace styles, Layout and much more.

    If you haven't tested it thoroughly ever and still commenting on its features, then its simply a bias judgment in favor of Firebug. Btw, Firebug is a third party, you can use Firebug lite with IE. But again you don't know that.

    As far as standards are concerned, from Jackie's reply, I can't see how possibly IE10 NOT stand a BETTER chance of supporting certain JavaScript standard compared to others?

    In HTML5 marathon, just don't ONLY consider how many standards a browser has implemented, but also consider its "completeness". For example, check out HTML5 placeholder with CSS3…/Placeholder_styling. In IE10, all the 12 properties are supported. Chrome and Firefox doesn't support at least 2 properties. Safari supports only 5. Opera doesn't support placeholder till date. An average online HTML5 test would only check browser-supports placeholder and calculate the score (regardless to the status of standard at W3C, is it a draft under debate or is it actually W3C declared standard). Also it won't care about how complete the support is.

  159. Alex says:

    Exploer 10 not Facebook friendly. Cant post links or pics. Useless . Back to IE9

  160. Just one problem. Not everyone is using a touchscreen device – and sorry to say, I don't see a mass migration any time soon.

    If IE 10 is meant for touchscreen, ok, fine. Looks cute, and I can see it running very well on tablets. But what about the 400 million desktop users out there who are still using a mouse? Will they upgrade to IE 10 over the next few months? Year? It will be interesting to see how this is going to play out. I have an uneasy feeling about all this.

  161. Kenneth Burns says:

    Is Microsoft reading any of this feedback and updating changes to IE10? I doubt it as I downloaded IE10 when it first came out only to find many problems. Now I see after downloading AGAIN the same problems exist? Whats happening Microsoft – dont you like your customers?

  162. Suao says:

    @Alex, open Facebook and before posting links press F12. After the dev tools appear. Press Alt+S and F12 again. If it doesn't help, reset IE10.

    @rupertsland, how possibly does IE10's touch support (in "addition" to mouse) effect the legacy mouse support? What is your point exactly?

    @Kenneth Burns, people who "actually" downloaded and installed IE10 on Windows 7 knows what its capable of. People like you are just  waste of bandwidth. Stop with the FUD!

  163. Scroll says:

    As usual…problems…problems and problems! Can someone tell why when a new version is out is full of problems?

    Why in this peace of code the vertical scroll does not beahve like in previous versions and in other browsers?

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "…/loose.dtd"&gt;



    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">



    <div style="border: 1px solid rgb(127, 157, 185); left: 15px; top: 25px; width: 180px; height: 180px; position: absolute; z-index: 1; clip: rect(0px, 182px, 182px, 0px); cursor: default; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: scroll; background-color: white;">

    <table style="width: 100%; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">


           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Portugal</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Brasil</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Canadá</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Espanha</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Estados Unidos</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>França</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Reino Unido</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Afeganistão</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>África do Sul</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Albânia</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Alemanha</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Andorra</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Angola</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Anguila</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Antárctica</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Antígua e Barbuda</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Antilhas Holandesas</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Arábia Saudita</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Argélia</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Argentina</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Arménia</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Aruba</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Austrália</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Áustria</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Azerbaijão</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Bahamas</td></tr>

           <tr style="width: 100%; height: auto;"><td>Bangladesh</td></tr>






  164. @Scroll says:

    It won't scroll because you clipped the table.

  165. Alex says:

    @Suao  – thanks Suao – tried to post a simple newspaper link using your method but alas still no go – can post text , photos BUT unable to post ANY link at all. Going back to ie9 till the final version of 1e10 comes out! thanks again.

  166. Jake says:

    If you're going to disable conditional comments, you could at least do us the courtesy of building a browser that actually works like every other one.

    Now I've got to find some hacky way to fix dropdown navigation on IE10 because IE (still) doesn't render vertical align properly

  167. @Jake says:

    Give us an example of IE10 not properly aligning?

  168. Brajesh says:

    Installed IE10 on Win 7 64bit. It won't restart. Can't uninstall, Stuck now with Chrome browser.

  169. I Explore says:

    why does my new tab background is black? I uninstalled IE10 and install it again but still the same. does anyone here experience the same problem???

  170. AJO says:

    What I noticed is when I'm typing something in a textfield in IE10, that the (blinking) cursus is not always where it should be. Sometimes the cursus is behind a letter (or two).

    For the rest. Great browser so far…


  171. VIDEO has on AUDIU says:

    Dear Sir.

    I have found a page that is incompatible with Internet Explorer 10.

    This page has a video, but the video will not play any sound.

    This page worked with IE9 and other browsers, but dose not with IE10.

    Can you please check this page and see how it can be made to work with IE10.

    I am sure the owner of this page will be very grateful for any help you can give them.

    The page address is;…/explore-windows-store

  172. xpclient says:

    On Windows 7, do not use Windows 8 style form controls and scroll bars. PLEASE. For God's sake.

  173. Yuhong Bao says:

    "No, IE10 will not ever be coming to Windows Vista. "

    Remember that Vista is in extended support and IE10 requires a platform update to work on Win7 which is why this took so long.

  174. Sandra says:

    How about some "updates" Microsoft to fix many of the problems already indicated to you – otherwise we might as well use 1E9.

  175. Kris Mac says:

    Please revert the form controls and scroll bars back to windows 7, i dont know if this was an oversight or not but it just looks plain wrong

  176. Lou says:

    I installed IE 10 on my sister and can no longer use my gadgets! Anyone know of a fix for this?

  177. Lou says:

    Correction… SYSTEM… Not sister. LOL

  178. Jukka says:

    Hi, Thanks for the update! Otherwise looks good, but is it possible that the preview somehow messed up XVid playback on Windows Media Player? After this install (or the security updates from this month)  playback of XVid videos just crashes Media Player on startup.

    Another problem: Sometimes when you close a tab the other tabs don't react to the changed size fast enough. Only when you move the mouse on top of the tabs they resize.

  179. apfdog says:

    Regarding the bug issue where win7+ie10+portrait mode monitor = disabled aero:

    Is Microsoft acknowledging that many users have the same exact experience when installing ie10 on Win 7 where Aero disables when a monitor is in portrait mode?

    I have seen *many* postings on multiple forums indicating this problem with various video card and platform configurations.

    In most cases the user clearly states that everything worked fine until the installation of ie10 and that the only solutions are either (1) roll back the browser or (2) don't use portrait mode.

    If Microsoft is fixing this ie10 bug then it may make sense to hang on for a short while waiting for the fix.

    If instead, Microsoft is trying to put this bug on legacy registry errors from McAfee, etc. and cant bother to simply confirm/reproduce this widely published bug experience, then why bother?

    Better off to uninstall ie and finally make the official migration to an alternative vendor's browser.

    MICROSOFT:  Please officially acknowledge this known bug in ie10 so that we can focus on getting a fix.

    "Admitting you have a problem is half the battle…"

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