IE10 on Windows 7 available in November

As we approach general availability of Windows 8, we want to provide an update on IE10 for Windows 7. We will release a preview of IE10 on Windows 7 in mid-November, with final availability to follow as we collect developer and customer feedback.

IE10 on Windows 7 has the same standards based platform for developers to target as IE10 on Windows 8. We built an entirely new browser with Windows 8, with more performance and developer capabilities. IE10 brings improved real-world site performance and additional standards support to Windows 7 that Web developers have been asking for. We look forward to getting your feedback on IE10 on Windows 7, and will provide another update when the preview is available.

—Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (150)
  1. LOL says:

    A preview, really?

    100k people and you can't develop anything in time.

  2. WTF says:

    Why preview? We want to develop optimized sites now! WTF

  3. sam says:

    WHAT! i thought IE10 rtm would be out on 26th oct along with windows 8. Not happy microsoft!

  4. lynn eriksen says:

    Thank you! I appreciate the update!

  5. SteelToad says:

    "Standards Based" .. would those be Microsoft standards or internet standards ?

  6. Win8 or the highway says:


    >Still waiting for vapourware Win7 IE10


  7. Snowknight26 says:

    It's been over a year since the last Preview for Windows 7. It's unfathomable that it's taken so long. It's unfortunate there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of feedback (including legitimate issues) on Connect that haven't even been addressed. It really goes to show how mixed up the IE development team's priorities are if IE10 RTM's GA won't be next week.. or even next month.

  8. Martin says:

    It is pretty interesting how overwhelmingly negative the community is toward IE still. Not necessarily because it isn't warranted (though I still think it is), but interesting because Microsoft has had so much time to correct these problems and not anger the community. Even if the project is behind, by communicating throughout the process via channels like @IE on Twitter, you can mitigate the disappointment, frustration, and anger.

  9. whale says:

    Is WebSocket supported in Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 7?

  10. Brian says:

    Wait a sec…people still use IE?

  11. sam says:

    no developers use IE as a default browser, so there's no reason for the developer capabilities

  12. kris says:

    Rob Mauceri,

    Can you answer me that most of site force me to install Chrome frame or move to Firefox instead of using non-standard browser. Mostly site I use daily like asana and some other hard to run on IE10 and I still got trouble with many site In Ie10 when I tried to test them.

    Is their any sollution for this. Do you want me to contact every-men's site's webmaster and tell them bugs. anyway, any update on this problem. I tried to post this comment in my past but not sure if I got the answer for this exact problem.

  13. Prior Semblance says:

    I'm guessing that the porting from windows 8 was a lot harder than they predicted, probably because IE10 uses some features that are exclusive to windows 8 and those features would have to be recreated in the windows 7 port.

  14. Kris says:

    Hey Microsoft,

    Please stop joking. You made everything buggy, I have tried Bugmatrix but it's  crash most of time. I tried Ie10 but most of time it's not work even Chrome frame.  I tried Expression studio which even don't have zen-coding and similiar feature that I got freely in Komodo Edit which cost me 0$.

    so I count 3 maybe someone else few others. When other company can stop the development (adobe) then Why Microsoft not do that.I even not sure if you have any answer for Expression studio web's update.

  15. @kris says:

    I've never once had a site try to force me to use chrome frame and the only compatability problems I ever have are with sites treating IE9 like its IE6.  Microsoft can't do anything about the sites you visit having horrible code, tell the web developers to stop being lazy.

  16. pablo says:

    When you navigate inside iframe in IE10, there is no loading indication.

    When a user click to navigate or submit a form inside the iframe, it has no way to know that the browser is working

    so it clicks several time which gives a bad user experience and load on the server.

    In all other browsers you get the normal loading indication like a spinning throbber and loading icon in the cursor.


  17. lnx says:

    c'mon, how long could it take to re-brand IE9?

  18. Scorpion3003 says:

    Too Little to late, you really drop the ball on the this MS.

  19. Give it up guys. says:

    Either release a browser more than once a year, or give up. It's simple as that.

  20. Scorpion3003 says:

    Too Little to late, you really drop the ball on this MS. Excuse me on the dupe post.

  21. Dan Alexander says:

    Why blame them for Chrome frame not working. If you want to use Chrome, here's an idea, USE Chrome 😉

  22. sean says:

    This is great is theory.  However, most people & companies will never update.  We have Fortune 500 clients still using IE7, but they want awesome modern sites.  Maybe the economic recession is caused by the extra billable hours companies are paying us to hack together IE fixes.  Why don't you just ship Chromium or Firefox with Windows and call it a day?

  23. Yure says:

    I am enthusiastic and my first was the internet explorer browser and it will last so I will not stop using it in version 10 which should be of note for your version to compete against its competitors will weight!

  24. Luca says:

    I would like IE10 for Windows Vista SP2. I'm a great fan of IE. Thanks.

  25. steve says:

    End of the world because a browser will be in preview? You make me laugh.

  26. LittlesparkVT says:

    Thank you MS.  As a web developer I greatly appreciate all the effort you have put into building a better IE.

  27. Bart says:

    "…with final availability to follow as we collect developer and customer feedback."

    Seriously? Hello, here's some feedback that has been posted on just about every blog post you guys have had for the last year.

    Release it. NOW! PERIOD!

    No more excuses, no more previews, just release the browser.

  28. James S says:

    Microsoft, your inability to compete in the browser space is absolutely embarrassing to your brand.  We understand that you have a much improved javascript engine + much better standards compliance in IE10, but that counts for NOTHING if you can't ship the damn thing in a reasonable time.  It's really frustrating for me to have to continue to defend you guys when you can't pull it together like this.

  29. Tyler says:

    When will you guys finally live up to your promises of taking the web/IE seriously? IE continues to be the browser that lags behind every one else.

  30. Andy says:

    why are you guys still wasting time developing this crap

    Just stick a fork in it, its over

  31. xpclient says:

    I am looking forward to at least the Privacy (Cookie blocked) icon being returned to IE10 status bar on Windows 7 which was removed in IE9.

  32. CJ says:

    What about IE10 on Server 2008 R2?

  33. @sean says:

    Thats not true, in fact if you look at the statistics on most websites you would see that IE6/7 are essentially dead, web developers can completely ignore IE6/7 support unless a client specifically asks for it.  Google doesn't even officially support IE7 anymore.  And if your clients are too lazy to update IE7, then what makes you think they would update to an entirely different browser?  They are staying with an old browser because they don't like change, not because its hard to update to IE8/9.

  34. MapsRus says:

    IE10 on Win 8 has improved vector drawing (SVG) incredibly.  Happy to see that for corporate clients who don not have the luxury of using Chrome or FF…

  35. BJ says:

    I miss IE6 it was awesome !

  36. Tom says:

    For the dummies that dont understand the why corporations dont use Firefox or chrome. It's simple, the later is behind in central manageability features (but at least it has a limited Admx template) and the former completely lacks. Also IE has the best social engineering capabilities.

  37. Tom says:

    I mean anti social engineering.

  38. Mitch 74 says:

    Personnaly I've decided to drop support for IE – I mean, when a browser is bad enough that it changes behaviour from one security patch to the next and reports bogus JS errors that magically go away from one static page load to the other, supporting it becomes a nightmare; when you have to PAY for it, there's unfortunately only oe thing to do: display a big banner at the top of your website saying "if you encounter problems with this website in Internet Explorer, install any other browser".

    So, I write my websites in XHTML 1.0 Strict and adhere to Appendix C, then I use libraries like Prototype and jQuery that I update regularly – usually, IE works fine with them. Then, once in a while, like last month's IE8 cumulative update will break – for no reason. Then break at another place the next month.

    And, during that same time, Firefox and Chrome get 2 major releases – and work without a hitch.

    One has to wonder how much of a piece of dung IE's code base is to be so unstable – even with the dozens of thousands of automatic regression tests Microsot claims to perform on each release…

    And 6 years on, the comment form for this website still sucks. If THIS is all Microsoft is able to do on the Web, then I really don't regret leaving all of MS products behind me!

  39. pmbAustin says:

    I'm still using the IE10 version that came on the Win8 Release Preview, and I'm wondering if anyone else is having these issues, or if these issues have been fixed in the GA build of  Win8:

    On the website, IE10 (desktop) release preview has huge usability problems.  Hovering over a tweet does not show the "reply/retweet/etc" links.  You have to click on teh link to expand it, and then once you click on a link (like reply or retweet) and finish the task, the page will suddenly scroll back up to the top.

    Additionally, when new tweets appear (at the top, it says "x new tweets/interactions") and you click on that, a gap opens up between the header and the tweets.  This gap gets bigger with each update.

    I've also had issues on Facebook, where clicking on a picture causes the photo viewer to appear BEHIND the main newsfeed, so you can't see the picture.

    I'm finding using IE10 very, very difficult as a user on Win8 release preview.  I sure hope these issues are fixed in the final release bits, or are scheduled to be fixed very soon after release.  I'm actually feeling forced to use Chrome on Win8 because IE10's usability is so low.

  40. nelu says:

    Chrome is the way to go. Web development tools already incorporated in the browser it is a great thing. But Microsoft will become more and more an IBM

  41. Jesper says:

    Put in an auto-updater this time. We're getting tired of supporting your outdated software because your users don't update.

  42. Stephen says:

    You guys dropped the ball on IE10, sorry but its clear as day that developers love chrome for the pace of its development, if you want developers to care you need to continue the optimism developers had after IE9.. IE10 needs to be a hiccup, if the next IE isn't hitting customers within 4 months then its not good enough and developers won't care to target IE.

  43. John says:

    This is really a joke. The Windows 8 developer dashboard requires IE10, but it is not available on Windows 7. My main developer PC is Windows 7 and will stay on Windows 7, but I can't use MS own dashboard website, because the browser it requires isn't available on Win 7.

  44. Uhm.... says:

    What's Windows?

  45. says:

    Thats for the (long awaited) announcement.  Although it appears to come *very* late, I'm still looking forward to IE10 on Win7.

    If you could provide more frequent updates on current work being done on IE, and make this blog less of a futile confrontation between Microsoft marketing and angry commenters, and more of a useful, informative and relaxed place, it would be a welcome move.  You could start by answering (reasonably civil) comments more often and pressing your management to drop this excessive silence on anything that could cast you in a bad light (slipping schedules, controversial decisions, rival browsers performing better…).  Shutting down honest communication in favor of marketing is doing you much more harm than good.

  46. says:

    I meant "Thanks for the announcement.", of course.

  47. ? says:

    Really? IS there a comment without "WTF! MC u suck!" Be happy IE10 will be available for Win 7 at all.

  48. Internet Error says:

    I don't often use Internet Explorer But when I do, I use it to download Chrome.

  49. Alfonso says:

    It's nice to know that you still remember about Windows 7, but this  announcement means that the final version won't be released until 2013. meanwhile I feel sorry for the people that gets a computer with Windows 8

    And  I can bet without fear of losing my money that it won't be possible to install it alongside IE9

  50. Frank says:

    Wow – just wow!

    Total Epic Fail!

    You promised developers a version of IE10 **BEFORE** Windows 8 went to RTM so that we could provide some feedback to help fix the bugs before you committed to a release!

    Not only has there been very, very little testing of IE10 (because developers are not going to install a full beta OS just to test a browser) but absolutely zero testing on the Windows version that currently dominates your install base by a mile!

    You failed to get a tablet to market in time… And that sucks… But don't penalize users and developers by shipping a half baked browser to a half baked OS just to try and get some tablet sales!

    Reviews on Windows 8 (on a desktop/laptop PC) are unanimous in theat they find it cumbersome, awkward to use and full of usability issues with the double contexts.

    Metro may be a fine OS for tablets but it is beyond frustrating to use on a real PC.

    We will not be supporting Metro IE on tablets **OR** desktop PCs.  We've seen too many issues already and we will not be the primary support line for Microsoft's UI design failures.

    When you re-open discussions with developers after your 5-6month hiatus you'd better be prepared for a lot of ranting and doing a lot of apologies.

    We've been burned by Microsoft and the IE Team before but this time takes the cake.

    Absolutely Disgusted with Microsoft's total lack of communication during IE10 development and that disaster you threw at us called the Flash Whitelist!

    I'm too ticked off to even discuss this further…

    Preview in mid November… With what… An RC by Christmas and the the final release in January?!

    It needs to be said again..

    #Total #Epic #Fail

  51. Alex Silva says:



  52. man japan says:

    Thank you for the information.

    Since I am looking forward to it, please make a good browser.

  53. Hok says:

    Please fix the BlurType (TM) Font rendering.

    How to see it:

    Install W7.

    Install IE 10.

    Set "Best Performance"


    See the font rendering in IE 9 and up compare to other browser.

    I still use IE 8 because of this 🙁

    I really like to use IE 9 if the font not blur.

    I don't like antialiasing font.

    If other browser can render the font using GPU and sharp without antialiasing than IE can be better 🙂

    I hope the font rendering in IE 10 will be sharp event in "Best Performance" 🙂

  54. davis says:

    In what ridiculous development environment is IE sitting right now? The IE v9+ rendering engine lives in an ever-expanding set of platforms: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7.x, Windows Phone 8 and XBox. Yet there's still no unified development process? Madness.

  55. man japan(Postscript) says:

    Please information also gives me the release schedule of the formal version by all means after a Preview version.

    I am waiting.

  56. Tom says:


    Before you dive into comments and bashing everything posted on IE blog. The so call "preview" would provide equal standards support as IE10 RTM on Windows 8. IE team had to build an entirely new browser for Win8 as the core of OS has changed. For Windows 7, most probably, they will implement spellcheck service, improved credentials manager (with Web Credentials like Windows 8) and other OS dependent stuff. The next to this preview would be the final version (hopefully by December).

    Also, the development life cycle is changed with IE10. For those who haven't tried IE10 on Win8, there is an auto update for IE versions in About IE dialog. Meanings, IE10 will be upgraded to IE11 and future version without bothering you. Like FF and Chrome does.


    Are you for real? First you guys were yelling about getInnerHtml support for dropdown, IE10 provided it. Then you asked about advanced CSS3 filters, IE10 provided it too. Then SVG filters, IE10 provided it. Then tons of HTML5 stuff.. Then you asked for IE10 on Windows 7.. now that they have announced the preview and you are still whining! If nothing can satisfy you, then just GTFOH..

  57. @nelu says:

    Seriously? IE7 had F12 developer tools when Chrome wasn't even invented. And you are way to obsolete if you think about comparing MSFT (who employee 100,000 professionals from world top universities and whose primary business is to develop and sell products like Windows, Xbox, SharePoint, Surface etc. to make money) and Google (who license opensource projects, tag their Goofy logo on it, install some creepy tracking modules and sell YOU out to make money). Hope you realize now how stupid you were if you still trusted Google with Gmail, Youtube, your gf's Android (everything is FREE) … but amazingly google is making money on everything by selling your footprints to the highest bidders. Like I was watching a video on youtube and I was seeing the ads about CCIE why? because I recieved the registration email from Cisco on GMAIL! Now they will use the emails in my draft too! Did I signed for that? No way..

    So next time you compare epic conspirators with MSFT, just think about it twice..

  58. @ @kris says:

    that's why I prefer to use Firefox over IE. The site I use daily have totally based on HTML5 so it's better to go with firefox rather then Ie10+GC frame.

    This is the big trouble for Microsoft with those developer who not want to spent time to make it compatible with IE.

  59. yada says:

    Between the last preview and the next one, Google dished out four versions of Chrome.

  60. cnw says:

    Ha! Sounds like what Microsoft does, but I don't think it will help a lot promoting the coming Win8, while you ignore the demand of so many Win7 users.

  61. jayjayclub says:

    Is there any plan in MS to release IE10 on Mac OS?

  62. John says:

    Preview ?   And you wonder why the world is hating on IE and moving to Chrome/FF …    

  63. @Internet Explorer Team says:

    Even if you are a beta version, please enable it to certainly coexist with IE of a previous version.

  64. Allan says:

    Hi Rob.

    Preview!? Who still installs unfinished software on their machines? Rather, you should release a VM with your preview pre-configured. Then I'll give it a try.

    "with final availability to follow as we collect developer and customer feedback." Are you serious? Nearly every blog post this year has had legions of people asking, pleading, and even begging you for IE10 Win7 details. That was our feedback. But you ignored it all. Tell me why this time is any different. Tell me that I will not be wasting my time yet again. No really, please explain it to us.

  65. Esben says:

    This is great news. Even though I was hoping for this a bit sooner. IE10 on Win8 is the best browser ever and I hope IE10 on Win7 will be just as good.

  66. Pete says:

    Past previews have been in a special standalone host which made them incredibly difficult to use- will this one be the same? I implore you to release previews as fully usable browsers, it's incredibly difficult to fully vet them when they are artificially limited.

  67. Chrome user says:

    So when do we get WebGL support?

  68. bad joke from microsoft….

  69. ashish says:

    Great tool to download Firefox 🙂

  70. Clark says:

    1.) here's your feedback on win7 ie10 – too little too late! There is no possible way that we can report bugs and get them fixed in time if you don't give us a beta/preview browser on the existing #1 OS (win7) before shipping the RTM version for a new OS!

    2.) fix the commenting system on this blog we are tired of losing our comments because Microsoft is too stubborn to update the blogging software or at least patch the well known bug on Legacy ASP postbacks! A 17 character fix, yet 5 years later it STILL isn't fixed!

    3.) as many have pointed out above the biggest failure is the silence! It's fine to ignore the commenters that say just dump trident and use WebKit… But the ones that ask for honest clarification in you flash anti-blacklist scheme deserve some answers! The silence has been terrible ever since the flash post was made like 3 months ago… Not minimal answers… Absolutely no answers!

    4.) since IE releases are tied to an OS version (result of the D.O.J. monopoly escape route) we tend to be the first group to provide feedback about the OS too. The verdict is in -we hate windows 8!  It's not that you guys didn't improve things (the task manager is awesome!) but you absolutely destroyed the usability by trying to bolt on The tablet Metro UI onto a desktop OS that didn't need or want it! Many, many users, reviewers, developers etc. have pointed out the flaws and issues, documented on video the security holes and usability pitfalls yet you've not made a single response?

    5.) it scares the life out of me when an OS vendor and browser vendor go AWOL at such a critical feedback time in their development/release schedule… If I worked for the IE team I would be ashamed of my company when the simplest of questions got ignored and the company has no public face. It also has a devastating effect on Dev Relations something Microsoft cant afford to mess up when they are trying to recover their image as the worst browser on the planet.

    6.) you silently released a windows 8 tablet emulator too but of course it only runs on Windows 8 making it useless for developers to test with!

    1 of 2 because your blog software sucks!…

  71. Clark says:

    2 of 2 because your blog software sucks!…

    7.) we hope to be able to support IE10 but we won't know if we can until we've had a chance to test IE10 in 3 weeks time.  The timing of this release is obviously a fluster cluck and I certainly hope that IE management lose their bonus over this or at least get reprimanded.  Dean in particular should spend more time interacting with developers to ensure that the product was fully tested with a proper amount of feedback before releasing RTM.

    It's so sad to see a company fail like this trying to rush a product out the door… If it wasn't ready you shouldn't have shipped it.  Sadly windows 8 is now the new windows vista… No one will want to upgrade and IT Admins are dreading the support calls already.

    Is there an ETA for windows 9?! I'd like to propose some tag lines for that release:

    "Windows 9 – we got it right this time!"

    "Windows 9 – now you can boot straight into your desktop again!"

    "Windows 9 – we brought the start button back baby!"

    "Windows 9 – now you can actually go where you want to today!"

    "Windows 9 – yeah we know, we fired those guys… And we're really sorry about 8"

  72. JustMe says:

    Please no Flash support in IE10 in Windows7

  73. oh yeah says:

    Awesome! thanks.

  74. LMAO says:

    +10 for this one…

    "Windows 9 – yeah we know, we fired those guys… And we're really sorry about 8"

  75. fter says:

    to contrast comments so far, believe it or not, I'm a web developer, IE is my default, using Fx w/ Firebug for dev, and a happily win8 user.

  76. Dmitri says:

    It's good news and right decision! thank you.

  77. Google Chrome says:…/supporting-modern-browsers-internet.html

    Google does the right thing by killing outdated, obsolete browser support.

  78. Native TypeScript says:

    Will IE10 be able to run TypeScript natively?

    I loathe JavaScript. And I don't want to use a TypeScript2JavaScript compiler while I'm programming and iterating on my code.

    Think about it Microsoft. Your interests are aligned with web developers this time.

  79. fr says:

    I actually quite glad to here there will be a public preview, rather than releasing a final version that has not had widespread testing on Windows 7, but I am as disappointed as many others at the delays and poor treatment of your Windows 7 customers.  A beta/preview for Windows 7 should have been released months ago.  I shouldn't need to point out that other browsers are able to simultaneously release regular new versions supporting several completely different operating systems, whilst MS is apparantly struggling to release their browser on two quite similar (as you as you ignore not-metro) versions of the same OS.

  80. -.-" says:

    Butthurt Google/Apple fanboys…

    Keep ranting.

  81. mcphooies says:

    HOLD IT!!!  Come on guys and gals…I like IE and cant wait til IE10 comes out.  Nothjing sugaer coated but why do all of you  defy Windows so?? Hold the phone… dont answer that.

  82. Victoria says:

    Chris Pirillo shows in yet another YouTube video just how bad Windows 8 really is:

    Users can't even figure out how to shut it down!

    Although not shown in the video there are at least 10 other very basic tasks in Windows 8 that are insanely complicated or hard to find/use.

    1.) How do I close a Metro app (on a PC… not a tablet)

    2.) How do I switch tabs in Metro IE?

    3.) How do I get to the location bar in Metro IE?

    4.) Why don't the zoom hotkeys work in Metro IE?

    5.) Why do sites like just show a black screen with a broken image in Metro IE? (Answer: Because Microsoft made the insane decision to block flash by default in the default Windows 8 browser)

    6.) Why does the app store not have a dedicated Search feature that is smack dab obvious on the "splash" screen of the store? Has no one at Microsoft read Steve Krug's book "Don't make me think!"?

    7.) Where are my favorites in Metro IE?

    8.) Why is Windows Update so impossible to use in Metro IE?

    9.) Why is Windows 8 Metro IE so incredibly slow in loading up a new site? (Is the DNS horribly broken in Windows 8? Is there no DNS cache?)

    10.) How do I see all my installed programs?

    11.) Where the F*** did my Start Button go? Why do I have to install a 3rd party app to get it back?

    I seriously hope that someone starts up a kickstarter project to build an app that does only 2 things… 1.) Adds a Start Button to the Desktop, and 2.) Allows you to boot directly into the desktop and skip Metro or disable it completely!

    I would pay serious money into that project… it would make tons!

  83. Victoria says:

    Here's the link to add the Start Menu back into Windows 8.…/another-windows-8-start-menu-alternative-offered-via-pokki

    PS if you want to send your feedback to Microsoft… let them know exactly how you feel about Windows 8 then please do!  go to in a non-Metro IE browser and click the feedback link on the right side of the page.  Microsoft needs to hear that customers are not happy with Metro on the desktop – not happy at all

  84. KS says:

    This Pokki-thing does "NOT add the Start Menu back" (it just adds yet another "Start menu" alternative).

    Classic Shell does.

  85. Harold says:

    Yet another fix for the broken Windows 8 RTM install.…/new-start8-beta-for-windows-8-released

    It's called Start8 and it adds the start button back and, fixes search and even lets you boot directly into your Windows desktop.

    It's unbelievable that so many companies have to come up with a fix for this issue – why on earth Microsoft thought that we'd like to have a lousy desktop experience by default is beyond me but at least real software developers have been proactive and fixed it already.

    You're seriously driving customers to use a Mac Microsoft… you only have yourself to blame for this fiasco though

  86. Zed says:

    This is a complete and utter joke. they have the nerve to release updates to the browser every year or so while other browsers are updated very regular and they don't support extentions, these are the main things people want, you'd get so many more users this way yet these idiots have a brain like a maggot and don't seem to understand this, and then they have the nerve to announce a "preview" in mid-november when the final is already available for Windows 8, Goodbye IE, now im moving me, my family and friends over to chrome just like everyone else slowly is.

  87. Arieta says:

    Will this IE10 preview be a frameless preview like the ones you released bi-monthly, or more like a beta version with full UI?

    It is good that you are releasing a non-final version for testing, but I feel you guys are a little late with it.

  88. tbalint444444 says:

    But please don't use "metro style" buttons and styles in ie10 for win7. Please continue to use Aero Glass.


  89. Prior Semblance says:

    Only platform previews have the minimal UI, this is a beta release so it will have the full UI.

  90. feedback says:

    I want an advertising block tool to correspond with the formal version.

    If it can do, "Adblock Plus" which can use Firefox and Chrome seems to be good.

  91. Thanks for the update!  I'm looking forward to trying the preview!

  92. Microsoft Mexico Oficial says:

    Hasta 10 de noviembre la lanzaremos en windows 7

  93. Jake says:

    Next time you realize that there is no chance in he** that you are going to meet your commitments (a win7 beta version of IE10 to provide feedback and report bugs before win8 goes RTM) can you do us a favor?… Yeah can you like come on the IE Blog and tell us that there will be a delay?… It would be a lot better than stonewalling silence and refusing to respond to our questions comments and concerns (esp. The ones raised about security holes!)

    If we did this to our customers we would lose them and future sales… Don't think just because you're providing a platform/free product that your customers don't have feelings.

    We certainly do have feelings and the emotion we are experiencing right now is described as "a kick in the teeth!"

    You've lost a lot of respect in both the developer and user community… And you're going to have to work twice as hard now to earn in back if its not too late already.

    – Yet Another Developer abandoning Microsoft for good.

  94. Xero says:

    Few months ago, sometime before dawn, I told you guys that I emailed a member of IE team and he told me that IE10 will be released on 7 but can't comment on ETAs. Its good to see that it has arrived. At the same time, like many others have indicated here, IE guys have delayed it.

    @IE-team, please next time release the products previews simultaneously. Hope you realize our frustration and how desperate we are to see the next, yet evolved, version of IE on old PCs: i.e. IE11 🙂

  95. PhistucK says:

    The sad thing in this announcement, is that the feedback for which they are probably looking, is more likely feedback about the user interface and such, rather than feedback about the rendering engine (other than "it renders differently on Windows 8" to maintain full compatibility).

    After all, it would be a compatibility disaster if (desktop, but also new style) Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 renders pages in one way and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 renders it another way.

    And now, to the replies.

    @"@nelu" (not the original poster) –

    Internet Explorer 7 did not have the F12 Developer Tools feature. Only Internet Explorer 8 and later.

    @Zed –

    Internet Explorer does support extensions and has been supporting it for more than a decade (Internet Explorer 4 and maybe earlier).

    These extensions are native code (C++ and such) based, not only HTML/CSS/JavaScript based. They call it add ons, or Browser Helper Objects and such.

  96. Maccer says:

    IE cannot afford to lose loyal customers as they've already lost the community long back, but they've now lost me a loyal customer, chrome here i come 🙂

  97. Jose Donaldson says:

    Is there any strategy in MS to launch IE10 on Mac OS?

  98. Annie says:

    Hi, sorry for daring to submit offtopic comment. But I don't know the appropriate place to request for review.

    I asked a question about SVG transparency behavior (…/svg_test.svg) on Firefox vs Internet Explorer on Stackoverflow community website. It turned out to be a bug in IE10:…/1712065.

    I am new to SVG. Therefore I cannot elaborate the technical details. But what I understand is that the SVG markers are inheriting the fill-opacity from one of the sibling nodes rather parent. Can anyone with SVG knowledge please confirm and submit a bug-report for it

    Thank you so much.

  99. Martijn says:


    Also, a friendly reminder @MS: all other major browsers work in in all major OSses, which includes Windows, OSX and Linux (except for Safari). Also on Windows, most browsers still support XP and Vista.

    What about IE10? Is it gonna run on only 2 of the gazillion OSses out there?

  100. Martijn says:

    Btw, why first make it for Win8, and then start working on backporting it to Win7? Good/common practice is to make an application compatible with the target OSses from the very start. Are you sure it's not gonna be hack-ish, and the layout engine is gonna behave EXACTLY as it will in Win8? Web developers need to be able to trust that it works the same across OSses.

  101. Stuart says:

    Wow 7 days till launch and you've got a major PR (Public Relations) disaster on your hands due to 3 months of silence and ignoring reviewers, developers and users!

    You've got 7 days to convince the world you're not the obnoxious corporation you are currently behaving as…

    Good luck with that.

  102. Zed says:

    They think we're all going to switch to Windows 8 because they've been silent on IE10 for Win7 for so long, what a joke! that is not going to happen, the only think you've gone and done is to upset users, reviewers, and developers even more.

    Did you think everyone was going to just accept you announcing this a few days before IE10 launch on Win8 that a preview release of IE10 will be available on Win7 in mid-november. cant be trusting Microsoft anymore. Should just switch to chrome, at least you know you'll be getting a web browser that is regularly developed, and not years between.

  103. says:

    IE 10 Win 7 = IE 10 Win 8 Desktop, or not? I not really understand why you need feedback for this IE 10 preview. Or we can await improvements in the GUI too?

  104. Mike says:

    why don't you just show us the real results ???  IE10 has the worst support for html5 standards. See the results :   . As google says "it's all about results!!!"  About the performance just wait 1 month after release and I'm sure that all the other browsers will overtake IE10 in every possible test.

     And let's not forget that   IE10 will get updated/upgraded only after 2 years so it still keeps the crown of the worst thing happened  to the internet

  105. Mike says:

    you should just move the IE in the recycle bin and just provide chrome and firefox . IE10 is just  junk ; the worst html5 support and the worst browser ever. it must die !!!

  106. gp_ says:


    I am using IE10 on Win8 Preview, and it seems to crashe on when a file is dragged to be uploaded as attachment.

    Anyone else too have this problem or is it just me?

  107. vampaz says:

    People think in suicide every day just because they still have to suport ie8(or 7 sometimes ).Please quit releasing junk browsers and in 10 years maybe the web is free of the constrains we have today.

  108. kinokijuf says:

    Will IE10 be available for Vista?

  109. Sam says:

    Why don't you guys stop? Just. Stop.

    Please stop releasing IE. Stop updating it. Stop doing releases on a 2 year schedule that put you perpetually over a year behind any other browser. Stop talking about IE, stop spending money on it, cut your losses and get out. The damage Microsoft has done after the release & abandonment of IE6 is incalculable. Microsoft has held the web development community behind for nearly a decade. Nobody wants this project. Nobody likes this project. Bundle an auto-downloader with Windows that downloads Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, sanitize your hands and leave.

    Seriously. Stop. Microsoft spends money on this project and everybody loses. IE no longer innovates; that stopped after IE6. Now this project is nothing but a drag on everyone else. Release a statement saying that you've given up and that you encourage everyone to use another browser. The entire world will thank you – and you won't have to pay engineers to develop IE anymore.

    Sometimes there is honor in quitting.

  110. Ben Sparky says:

    I don't see what's wrong with ie8 or 9. They both work don't they? You guys are just hating on ms cos your all apple freaks surely.

  111. Klimax says:

    gp_ : RTM fully patched no longer crashes.

    Sam: How about you stop posting and remove yourself from net? Nobody likes you. Nobody will miss you. and your trolling idiotic comments. Nobody cares about your hate.And you know what is bad? Forcing others to use your favourite POS…

    Your chrome bridge awaits your return dear troll.

  112. says:

    #Mike " IE10 has the worst support for html5 standards"… filter on for the last two words of your sentence.

  113. Francisco says:

    It is possible to download the Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 here:…/worldwide-languages

  114. Wal Simpson says:

    "We've been burned by Microsoft and the IE Team before but this time takes the cake."

    Don't worry about it. Just use Firefox and be happy. Mozilla has better browser support for Windows than Microsoft does these days.

  115. Vlad says:

    CNet does a good job of explaining just how bad trying to make Windows 8 work across multiple PCs, laptops, touchscreens, tablets, and convertables is really going to be.…/making-sense-of-the-confusing-world-of-windows-8

    The marketing is unclear… consumers don't know that "RT" stands for "Restricted Technology" meaning that it won't run any of the software they currently own… not even basic stuff like WinZip, Chrome, Notepad++, XnView, Audacity, or any of the millions of software titles they bought a PC for in the first place!

    The usability of Windows 8 (Metro Mode) on a Laptop/PC without a touchscreen is almost useless (as it wasn't designed for a PC… it was designed for a tablet) and so users will have to suffer with this.  Tablet buyers are hoping that a Windows 8 tablet will be that perfect mix between a usable tablet and full blown access to their Windows apps… but as anyone that's used a tablet can attest… Classic Windows on a touch screen is just a mess… almost unusable.

    Man it would be so nice if someone from Microsoft were to say step forward out of the darkness and actually discuss all these usability issues.  It might actually make us think that there is actually someone at Microsoft that cares about the end users and good software design.  Or better yet that they want to keep their customers vs. push them to buy a Mac because they are so much simpler to use.

  116. Paul Smith says:

    Thanks for the update guys!  As a designer who's getting tired of cutting back CSS animations and transitions as Chrome doesn't have the perf compared to IE10, getting it out on Windows 7 is good news after the long-running uncertainty.

  117. Zed says:


    That page loads, but no files are available. Did you manage to get a copy of it?

  118. jaime says:

    megustaria  tener  produto

  119. dimi says:

    Hope that it will be crash less, so i can use it!

  120. George says:

    Firefox is a hopeless browser and I just can't wait for IE10.

  121. Aitch says:

    Still using IE8 because 9 crash my Windows 7.

    When I say use I mean I use Google Chrome and have IE8 just in case.  Besides which you can't uninstall it anyway, just disable.

    By disable I mean disable it more than it is already.

  122. kris says:


    Your last response doesn't make any sense for those website that force me to move from Ie10. Even I am using IE10 most of site force to me "WE highly recommended to updgrade your browser".

    BTW do you have anything to change with browser-hacking in future IE I means IE11,12,

  123. I see the download page for the RP of IE 10 is now live. Do you have an ETA on when the download links are going to work?…/worldwide-languages

  124. drbaltazar says:

    Hey ms?do we get full scrgb in ie 10?

  125. Francisco says:


    Microsoft pulled the page. "Page can not be found.". It was a Microsoft error. I think they should release the 26th again. It also does not appear to download IE9 – IE8 – IE7. as before.…/worldwide-languages

  126. tbalint444444 says:

    Please bring back the 'protected mode status display' on the status bar.

    And bring back the 'privacy cookies status display' on the status bar too'.

    Also bring back the 'progress bar' on the status bar which shows a webpage loaded status. (It was present in IE4(?)-IE8, but it was removed from IE10).

    And please add a 'progress bar' to the download manager so the users can see the download completeness graphically.

    OR at least please make these changes optional / changeable.

  127. Rik Cabanier says:

    If IE 10 is released on Windows 7 and IE 10 is based on Direct2d effects, does that mean that Direct2D effects will be availabe on Windows 7 as well?

  128. Great news for those using Win 7!

    Should have been sooner…but Microsoft's Win 7 support is admirable.

  129. Sigh! says:


    just give up already, no one wants your browser any way, first thing i did when i finished installing Win8 was to install chrome

  130. Opus says:…/Opus_%28audio_format%29

    Other browser have Opus codec support(IETF standard), Internet Exploder won't have it for years.

  131. Filmore says:

    So anyone placing bets on how long it takes to root a Windows Surphace?

    I'll give it till Monday since not many tech folks are going to rush out and get this device.

    It would be really cool to see what we can install on this device instead of the El Camino OS I'm sure we can actually do something cool with the hardware with some tweaking.

    Since it will likely be rooted very early on it will likely turn off IT departments from deploying (no one wants an insecure device) if of course they aren't scared off due to the plugin security issues that cause double logins across multiple apps in multiple contexts.

  132. EU says:…/press-release_IP-12-1149_en.htm

    Here comes another billion dollar fine for MS.

  133. MS shareholder says:

    @ EU

    You are probably right.

    I would suggest Microsoft to solve the problem once and for all times to come:

    For future releases of Windows (probably too late for Windows 8, but SP1 is coming…) Microsoft should create a SKU for the EU. I am not talking of a “pro forma” SKU like they do have now, but one that is the only one sold in the EU.

    This SKU should NOT contain the following items:

    – Internet browser

    – Networking capabilities

    – Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware capabilities (including firewall…)

    – Media player

    – Skydrive

    – E-Mail/Calendar/Contacts functionality

    – anything else , where the slightest chance is that the EU might dislike it (e.g.: XPS functionality).

    A thoroughly castrated version of Windows so to say. Most important is the lack of any networking capabilities.

    The EU-sponsored browser makers (Opera, Moz, Goo) would then have to include their own networking stack for their products to work.

    Additionally Microsoft should make a free CD/DVD available (maybe called “International Standards Upgrade”) that adds back all these features, but MS could then leave out all the sponsoring stuff for alternative products.

  134. Yannick says:

    I can't believe it: in all those blogpost since the IE10PP2, people are ASKING for an Internet Explorer 10 PREVIEW for Windows 7; now they get it, and it's again not good enough. Do you guys know what you want? Anyway, there is, together with Opera and Safari only 1 other browser left with a normal release cyclus, and that's IE. Great job, Microsft. 🙂 Can't waith for IE11.

  135. tbalint444444 says:

    Why don't you support Windows Vista??????????? There are only very small technical differences between WinVista and Win7. That's just a very very bad marketing to buy Windows 7 or 8. I can understand why there's no WinXP support, because there are big technical differences between xp and vista/7/8 and xp is a 11 years old OS. But why not support vista?????

    I'm almost sure that IE11 will not support Windows 7 only windows 8 (and Windows 9 if it will be available that time).

    At least IE10 will support Windows 7.

  136. Yannick says:

    @tbalint444444 – 'Cause Internet Explorer is part of Windows. And Windows Vista doesn't have mainstream support, so no new features and no new Internet Explorer. If IE11 launch before 2015, it will also be available on Windows 7.

  137. Dan says:

    Windows Vista?! Vista was a technical and commercial flop.  Current reviews predict that Windows 8 will have just as much trouble gaining traction with its hidden desktop and its "where the F did my running apps go!" Interface.

    Don't worry about no IE10 version for vista just wait for IE11 on Windows 9 when they fix it properly to give users the choice if they want Metro turned on or the desktop as the default etc.

    I know I certainly won't be downgrading from Windows 7 to Windows h8 – that's for sure.

    Hey Microsoft what is the ETA on Windows 9?

  138. @ opus says:

    …I guess we will not have to wait too long, as Microsoft has "donated" some patents (see following list) for this codec.












  139. Gill Bates says:

    This is wonderful news. I do enjoy myself some Internet Explorer time.

  140. Nocturnal says:

    Disappointed but not surprised.  I thought their rapid development cycle would be quicker than what its been paced at.

  141. Lê Thanh Phương says:

    Cuối cùng thì Microsoft cũng đưa IE 10 vào Windows 7 Thật tuyệt vời.

  142. tbalint444444 says:


    Yes, I know. But, winxp was in mainstream support until 2009 April which means of 8 years (from 2001).

    And vista was in mainstream support until 2012 April which means 5 years (from 2007). I don't think it's fair.


    I agree Vista wasn't really good in 2007 (with RTM version) but after the 2nd Serivce Pack it's good enough (at least for me). I have and I'm using both Vista and Win7. But I really don't think there are big differences between the two.

    Regarding Win8: I fully agree it's not a good OS (at least in PC and notebook). I hate the metro/modern UI. And who took the really idiot decision to remove the Aero Glass? It looked very good (at least for me).

  143. Google says:

    MICROSOFT: Please learn from Google. Let IE 10 be the LAST VERSION then do automatic updates like everyone else.

    No one loves version-targeting

  144. Yannick says:

    @Google: Exept the people that actually don't care (90% of the internet users) and the business (9% of the internet users). Beside, IE10 has an auto-update feature, also IE6, 7, 8 and 9 in some countries.

  145. Nagasir says:

    I love IE9,  then i want to try IE10 but then i found this blog., adblock please,

  146. Sarbjit Chawla says:

    Someone @microsoft does not want microsoft IE should compete Chrome, so all the website which was working on IE9.0, all of them are erroring as per the IE 10 on 2012 server. We have IE 10, specially due to security stuff.

  147. Balaji Birajdar says:

    Another IE version in preview means nothing more than a new playground for hackers, malware writers and viruses. And those who cannot wait till the RTM is out can get ready to be infected…

  148. Nil says:

    What a great news this is. Hope  it will improve our browser environment .

  149. William says:

    Will IE10 on Windows 7 be getting the loooooong overdue spell-check feature?

    One of the constant complaints about IE was the fact that users have been stuck in the dark ages without spell-check making everything the users write appear immature due to typos.

    Speaking of Windows versions on Windows 8 can other browser vendors provide a Metro browser? (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera?) it would be great to see a real browser option in Metro… and if not, is it not a failure to meet the D.O.J. restrictions of not allowing other browser vendors to be the browser of choice for the users?

    For example I prefer Firefox to any version of IE but if Microsoft really wants me to adopt this "Metro" desktop I'm gonna need a real browser in Metro… not just a basic content surfer in MetroIE.

  150. @ William says:

    I do not know if other browser vendors will create such a browser, but the documentation of how to do it is here:…/p

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