Web Platform Features in Windows Consumer Preview

Internet Explorer 10 in the Windows Consumer Preview introduces a number of new or updated Web platform features when compared to the IE10 in the Windows Developer Preview released September 13, 2011. Some of these shipped in the fourth IE10 platform preview released November 29, 2011, and have been blogged about since; some are new in the Consumer Preview.

New or Updated Web Platform Features

The following Web platform capabilities in the Consumer Preview were not in the Developer Preview:

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for XMLHttpRequest (spec / post / dev guide)
  • CSS -ms-user-select property (post / dev guide)
  • CSS3 font-feature-settings property to access advanced OpenType® features (spec / post / dev guide)
  • Document setting to enable floating point values in CSS-OM (post / dev guide)
  • HTML5 BlobBuilder API and new APIs to save or open files (spec / post / dev guide)
  • HTML5 track element for HTML5 video captions (spec / post / dev guide)
  • Interoperable HTML5 Quirks mode (post / dev guide)
  • JavaScript Typed Arrays (post)
  • Meta tag to alert user that site requires ActiveX add-ons available only in desktop IE10 (post)
  • Removal of legacy graphics features from IE10 standards mode (post)
  • Changes to support latest HTML5 WebSocket API (spec)
  • Web Worker thread pooling

Across the board, we’ve improved performance and addressed feedback on the platform features that were available in the Windows Developer Preview but not IE9:

More to Come: User Interface Improvements

Metro style Internet Explorer in the Windows Consumer Preview contains many user interface changes and additions compared to the Windows Developer Preview. You can get a taste for these in what Gizmodo wrote about Internet Explorer 10. We will be blogging about these new features in the coming days both here and on Building Windows 8.

—Ted Johnson for IEBlog

Comments (53)
  1. Arieta says:

    Thank you for this list of features that Windows 7 users cannot test.

  2. Yannick says:

    Can we see the Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview as a beta-version of IE10?

  3. ieblog says:

    @Yannick: If I understand your question correctly, yes, you can consider IE10 in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be what used to be called the first Beta release.

  4. Jackson says:

    Which free, open & non-DRM-encumbered audio format(s) does IE10 support for CSS-OM media query list listeners?

    Which free, open & non-DRM-encumbered video format(s) does IE10 support for CSS-OM media query list listeners?

  5. ieblog says:

    @Jackson: You misunderstand what a CSS media query list is. It's not about HTML5 media elements; it's about CSS media queries. See the linked spec.

  6. Gary k says:

    a couple issues so far in desktop ie:

    1. when refreshing a captcha dialog , keep getting a popup dialog to stay on the page or leave the page. doesn't happen in ie9.

    2. when reading a webpage, sometimes the spinning cheerio keeps flashing on and off. it's distracting. it may be the rss feeds refreshing, but this does not happen in ie9.

  7. ieblog says:

    @Gary k: Please file bugs at connect.microsoft.com/ie and include sufficient information that we can reproduce the problem.

  8. Xero says:

    2 problems:

    [page crash – previously reported by @xpclient]

    1. This Wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/…/2012_ATP_World_Tour is consistently crashing desktop IE10 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview in standards mode. Doesn't crash in compatibility view. Can the IE team repro the crash? I have no addons installed.


    2. In IE9 and IE10, if the system shutdown unexpectedly (like take of the battery), on next reboot the IE9 in Windows7 and IE10 in Windows8 will forget the saved passwords, such as Gmail, Hotmail and other user preferences such as Bing region. My region is Australia. So by default it opens the Australia page. But if I change it to US-English and restart the computer it always remember my preference. But the unexpected shutdown flashes the saved preferences!! FF remembers that of Bing, Hotmail, Gmail (..yada yada) even the system shutdown abruptly, crash unexpectedly or for any reason (without saving settings.. you can reproduce it very easily!)…

    Please Mr. Ted, consider the 2nd problem seriously… looks like the user preference storage is very fragile and semi-volatile.. anyone can reproduce this issue by taking off the plug or battery when multiple tabs in IE9 are opened.. I encounter this issue on my office computer as well as the home laptop.. both running Windows 7×64 — IE9x32.. please ask  the user-experience guys to nail this problem down sooner than later.. I always speak high of IE9 in my circle of interaction and this behavior embarrass me breaks my heart. Isn't it the priority issue and should be addressed sooner than later.. please don't take it light people are very fanatical about these minor concerns and they opt other browsers for these tiny UI, personalization and customization reasons…

  9. Riasat says:

    Full support for Xero about #2 issue. I reported this in connect long ago…

  10. Benno says:

    Gizmodo?! Microsoft is the new Apple?

  11. Simon Johnson says:

    When will support for Ogg Vorbis audio be available in Internet Explorer?

  12. Paul says:

    I know you get a lot of flak, but I wanted to express my thanks on behalf of web developers everywhere.  The list of new standards support in IE 10 likely represents the largest advance in web standards, in any release of a web browser, ever.  Kudos to your team!

  13. A concerned Windows phone user says:


    Thanks for another great post. I absolutely love the new ie 10 preview. I have a totally unrelated questions. Last few days, I started noticing

    my windows phone ie browser display twitter content very strange and different from before. Can someone from mobile ie team

    check to see what happens? I am very frustrated.


  14. Rob Cannon says:

    I really like seeing the new feature list in IE 10, but the IE team needs to break their release cycle from the OS release cycle.  Many of these features should have been out in the market six months ago.  There should be an IE 9.1 release.  The browser market is very fast these days and the Microsoft release cycle ignores that fact.

  15. reportit says:

    hi,xero, your two issue can be reproduced. the second is lasting from ie8

  16. reportit says:

    i prefer IE from about ie5, i want some UI overhaul , since ie7 no major improvement has made:

    1. sometimes selected linked text then (right click)context menu , it not inherit "nomal text" function

    such as : search with bing… copy (text)

    2. select url like text(not link), the context menu should provide open in new tab–to trigger goto or search engine

    3. select linked pic context menu — copy link location is disabled, then in order to copy it we must

    select properties window and select text, then copy(this func is seen by other browsers in many vertions)

    4. can display and control witch TPL item is catch. because some pic be disabled by TPL I want to show

    5. enhance TPL or make better ad-block addon alternative.

    6. make some F12 developer tool function in mainframe tool (can access with few effort, or we can use add-on call them)

    eg: cache and cookie control by domain, browse mode control,and more will be enjoy

    7. manage add-ons include domain blacklist, eg. flash only has domain whitelist now.

    8. when I enable activex filtering, lots of sites that using XMLHTTP be impacted. I'm concerned in IE10 metro this will be worse

    9. proxy is hard to manage, i need better flexible means,

    eg. mutiple proxy switch, site pattern based proxy setting. socks5 support. DNS via socks proxy

  17. rkrupinski says:

    make that thing autoupdating and I'm into it :>

  18. Arieta says:

    Xero's #2 is a serious issue that I'm also experiencing. Unexpected shutdowns cause IE9 to completely forget a lot of session cookies and logons.

    @rkupinski: I believe it was already stated that IE10 has an internal autoupdate (separate from Windows Update).

  19. David Pallmann says:

    I urge you to stop tying IE10 to Windows 8.

  20. reportit says:

    update my above list#3: it's "copy shortcut" that is disabled, in ff is called "copy image location"

  21. WWWCOM says:


  22. James Gentile says:

    Nice additions. I'm wondering if we can get some info on Enhanced Protected Mode (and any other security additions). Flash doesn't currently work in EPM, will this be possible to for adobe to support in the future so that flash does work in EPM? Or are MS relying solely on html5 video/audio in EPM? (discounting the fallback to IE7 style Protected Mode.)

  23. Sam says:

    will we get ogg audio built-in? Will 64bit IE have the new javascript rendering engine?

  24. Mitch says:

    Hey audience..

    Take a look at the MSIETeam's copy-paste reply here… connect.microsoft.com/…/one-missing-and-another-poorly-implemented-shortcut

    If you think about it.. it would hardly take one minute to write two lines of event-handler code for both the shortcuts! But they Won't fix anthing!!!!

    Do you honestly think that I or anybody should continue to send them feedback?

  25. Alex says:

    It would nice if you could overhaul the Internet Options screen and generally everything in tools.  IE10 looks great, until you look at the options. Additionally background tabs have too much influence over the performance of the foreground tab.

  26. sasikanth says:

    when i installed windows 8 consumer preview ie 10 is not installed ie 9 is running can you help……….

  27. Sven says:

    Can you tell us anything about SVG <Animate> support? Will it make it into the IE10 final?

  28. etacarinae says:

    @ieblog a few important questions:

    1. Can you please, finally, either confirm or deny whether IE10 (desktop legacy version (urgh, I loathe referring to it as such, but it's now the norm, apparently)) will be available for Windows 7?

    2. I bring your attention to the innumerable requests, from many of your users, for the OPTION of a separate search box?

    3. The return for the option of the "tab list" (not to be confused with the useless quick-tabs that was chosen to be retained),

    4. The ability to move and customise the interface to our desire (IE7, IE8) which has now been depreciated. Why? It's fine to hide things, however at least give us the option to bring them back if we so desire. Firefox and Opera do. Many have requested the ability to move the browser favourites star (button) to be movable to the left from its fixed position on the right).

    These are all "options", ieblog. Please consider them. I'm not going to file them, again, @connect as you close them as "by design", therefore it's frivolous for us to file them.

  29. gary says:

    Any previews of how insanely bad windows 8 "desktop mode" will run on tablets? And the opposite.. How limited and useless for all but mickey mouse games the metro mode on desktops will be?

    I still can't believe that this mixed mode OS ever made it into existence! Launch is going to be a PROBLEM nightmare.

  30. Arieta says:

    Does the favorites bar still look IE7-style in the non-metro version of IE10?

  31. FremyCompany says:

    +1 for the IE-Amneisa bug.

  32. Riasat says:

    I was told by someone from MSFT that this cookie loss issue is probably due to how IE uses "memory managed" approach or something. Not sure if they fixed it in ie10 yet.

  33. Martijn says:

    So many feature, and yet no start button.

  34. Dave Hulbert says:

    The link to IE10 PP4 is wrong, it should be blogs.msdn.com/…/html5-for-applications-the-fourth-ie10-platform-preview.aspx

    "Some [features] are new [since IE10 PP4] in the Consumer Preview"

    Which features are new since IE10 PP4?

  35. pmbAustin says:

    I just want to echo @Xero's post:

    ANY time there is a less than perfectly clean shutdown of IE9 and IE10, it loses all sorts of info… saved passwords, the "new tab" page of most recent sites, etc, etc.  This is really unacceptable, and happens way too frequently.

  36. pmbAustin says:


    All of those things are really important.  Maybe if EVERYONE constantly submitted them over and over, Microsoft and the IETeam (and its management) might get a clue about how important they are, and they'd stop closing them as "working as designed" or "will not fix".  It's amazing to me that they're so closed-minded about things that are so vital to a good experience of using IE.  Items 2 and 4 ESPECIALLY.

    Please IEBlog/IETeam, please give these things a significantly higher priority, and stop ignoring your users!

  37. MISSING says:




  38. steven says:

    @IE ,Could you tell me how long we need to wait to happen you on W7

  39. Marko says:

    @Ted Johnson [MSFT],

    I reported the same issue to you as Xero and others are reporting, via email and you sent me the following reply:


    The larger question is, why does the system shut down unexpectedly? That seems to be the problem to solve.

    —Ted Johnson for IEBlog


    Please read the comments, they have better way of reproducing the issue. You can search on the Internet that how many people are suffering with this unacceptable bug! Some people must have switched their browser as well for the very reason..

    Now, the more bigger question is; do you guys really care? Or you want me to log "another" bug report on connect which them boys will close "By Design"? None of the real Microsoft developer visits Connect.microsoft.com and windowslivehelp.com… i have seen and submitted many many important scenarios to reproduce bugs but they consider it as a default behavior.. looks like MS (or atleast IETeam and LiveTeam) needs to revise their development lifecycle (frequently incorporating bugs) in order to catch up with the competitors!

    I know I know my comment will be a history and MS don't even give a *sigh*.. but u no filthy old habbit to send feedbacks!

    An example of the situation at Windows Live "HELP" .. windowslivehelp.com/thread.aspx

    ^^if this would be sent to a Live development team member, they would have fixed it by now! but MS hav outsourced their support to some metal-heads-bots, who copy/paste the same answer no matter what you tell them….. OP mentioned no MVPs for Windows Live! and none for IE… just because both are freee products !!

    tut-tut MSIE and MSLive teams.. you are losing just because you are missing the MOST cardinal rule.. "user's feedback"!

  40. Prior Semblance says:

    For me, IE never really saves my history even though its turned on.  Plus it loses my recently visited websites (when you start typing in the address bar and it gives suggestions) pretty regularly which is really annoying.  Right now my history has 10 websites, only one of which I've viewed today.

  41. Riasat says:

    Seriously? Mr Ted, ever heard of power outage? Not everyone lives in first world countries you know…or is IE only for US/EU?

  42. Ted says:

    Can MS help audio/video formats not in the W3C standard get into the standard?  This would help popular but non-standard formats make it into IE.

  43. Anon says:


    WebGL got its  *butt handed back to it by Adobe demonstrating running Unreal 3 engine in a browser.

  44. charlie says:

    Because of this gap in the market and no cost to me, I have become a Chrome vLatest user now, and more recently started exploring the idea of their apps. Wouldn't have given it a second thought normally but the more I read this blog the more I feel I am missing out on the new..

  45. Real McCoy says:

    [Feature requests]

    – Download Hub: Introduce the ability to add files URLs manually in IE10's download manager — preferably *.torrent support too!(connect.microsoft.com/…/create-download-in-ie-download-manager)

    – Please make the quick-tabs (CTRL+Q) shortcut enable by default and display some extra information like memory/CPU-cycle consumption per-tab!

    [Shortcut request]

    "While holding Ctrl, if we click back or forward button of Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer, the corresponding page should be opened in a new tab (in case of IE) and new window (in WinExplorer's case). This shortcut is present in EVERY non-IE browsers so at least provide this *missing shortcut* in IE10."

    [Incomplete implementation of a shortcut]

    "While holding the Ctrl button if you press 0 (zero) on qwerty keyboard, the zoomed page is reverted to normal. But if the 0 is pressed on numpad, the shortcut doesn't work. Since Ctrl + numpad-0-key is not reserved for any action, please override this shortcut as EVERY non-IE browser does."

    Pleaseeee consider thes requests for IE10 RTW/RTM release.. I always use Ctrl+num0 and Ctrl+browser-back-button(or Ctrl+browser-forward-button) in FF.. would be very much obliged if you guys make them available!

  46. Senthil says:

    Hello! Has Microsoft confirmed that it is going to provide Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7? I tried searching in Google for a post in this blog, but couldn't find any. If they DID say it somewhere, can someone please provide a link to the post where either in the article or comments, MSFT has said it will support Win7 for IE10?

  47. hAl says:


    Yes, on this blog.

    "ieblog  (29 Nov 2011 1:27 PM) #

    We will release an IE10 Beta and Release Candidate on Windows 7 prior to IE10’s general availability.

    Web developers interested in working with the new features of IE10 are encouraged to download the Windows 8 Developer Preview at msdn.microsoft.com/…/home."

    Source: blogs.msdn.com/…/html5-for-applications-the-fourth-ie10-platform-preview.aspx

  48. If only it enhanced support for chinese spelling~:(

  49. Senthil says:

    @hAl – Thank you 🙂

    I second @Real McCoy.. Ctrl + NumPad 0 is a must. I hardly use the regular number keys anymore. I have to consciously sharpshoot the regular zero in IE 🙁

    Oh by the way, I am not able to file anything in Connect because it keeps telling me that the IE programs are closed for feedback and bugs (?!)

  50. Darrel says:

    Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome fame explains through video why the [Windows 8 "El Camino" OS][TM] is doomed to failure.

    It brings bloat to the tablet world in a domain that Microsoft has thus far failed to penetrate… and brings an "eye candy" layer to desktop users that want to work on spreadsheets, powerpoint, databases, rich document formatting and everything else that has no use for touch input.


    Guess we'll have to start stocking up on Windows 7 DVD's like we did with XP when Vista flopped… to maintain a usable desktop experience.

  51. pmbAustin says:

    Please work with the Windows 8 team to provide separate default browser settings for Metro and Desktop!  If I click on a link from Desktop, I want Desktop IE to open, and if I click on a link from within a Metro app, I want Metro IE to open up.  Additionally, a user might want to make Chrome their default Desktop browser, but still use IE10 in Metro.

    Also work on making the two versionf of IE10 work better together.  If I add a new favorite in Desktop IE, it should be available for me when I am in Metro IE, and vice-versa.  Same for recent sites.  I shouldn't be so aware that I'm using two completely separate browsers.

    Also, are "pinned sites" in Metro IE10 supposed to be the same as "Favorites"?  If so, please reconsider your termoniology… to me, "pinned sites" means sites pinned directly to the start menu or the task bar in Desktop.  And having those pop up when I bring up the URL bar isn't really useful… I want *favorites*.

    And please consider bringing back the OPTION for a separate search box in IE10 Desktop.  Please!  And more customization/configuration options (like moving controls around).

    Are you going to do a post on this UI stuff soon, now that the Consumer Preview is out?  

  52. The ongoing development of IE10 is looking fantastic!

    Is there any chance that there would be support for ECMAScript6 (ES.next/Harmony) features like WeakMaps, Proxies, Maps, Sets, etc. before the final release?

    ES6 support is emerging on both Firefox: developer.mozilla.org/…/ECMAScript_6_support_in_Mozilla and Chrome: blog.chromium.org/…/future-of-javascript-take-peek-today.html

    It would be awesome to be able to use IE10 with these features too! Thanks.

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