Windows Consumer Preview: The Fifth IE10 Platform Preview

With IE10 in Windows 8, we reimagined the browser. We designed and built IE10 to be the best way to experience the Web on Windows. Consumers can now enjoy more touch-friendly and beautiful, fast and fluid Web applications with the updated IE10 engine included in the Windows Consumer Preview. This fifth Platform Preview of IE10 delivers improved performance and support for more HTML5:

This video shows some of the touch-friendly HTML5 technologies in the fifth IE10 Platform Preview, included with the Windows Consumer Preview.
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You can read more about the improvements to the Metro style browsing experience on the Building Windows 8 blog. The remainder of this post discusses the underlying HTML5 engine.

Windows 8 includes one HTML5 browsing engine that powers both browsing experiences (the Metro style one and desktop one) as well as Metro style applications that use HTML5 and JavaScript. The common HTML5 engine provides consistently fast, safe, and powerful support for Web standards and the Web programming model, for both browser experiences as well as for Metro style applications.

Consumers experience this power with rich, beautiful visual effects that take full advantage of the underlying hardware safely. Some examples that you can try at the IE Test Drive site with the Consumer Preview include fast and fluid multi-touch support in Web pages and the latest database APIs, which enable you to take photos from a Web site offline. The Test Drive site demonstrates how much better the Web can be with rich visual effects, sophisticated page layouts, and the advances to the Web programming model. You can read the full list in the IE10 developer guide.

A Better Web Ahead

Working closely with the developer community, we see a much better Web ahead.

IE10 in the Metro style experience is plug-in free. Almost all phones and devices are already plug-in free and many sites already run plug-in free for them. To deliver the richest experience, and one experience that scales across different devices, we continue to recommend that developers detect when plug-ins are not available and rely on native browser patterns.

Similarly, we recommend that developers update their sites’ older, out of date libraries (like this one) that don’t work well with new browsers like IE10.

We also recommend that developers use feature, not browser, detection. Often, the compatibility problem reports we receive have more to do with sites detecting IE and sending it different content than they send other browsers than any particular issue in IE. You can see some examples of how IE makes up for certain sites by adjusting the information it sends to particular sites (e.g. sending an iPad identification token) based on the Compatibility View (CV) list in the post script to this blog entry.

Developers can find sample feature detection code patterns in several IE blog posts, including this one.

The quality and correctness of different browsers’ HTML5 engines continue to vary widely. We continue to contribute to the test suites under development at the HTML5 standards bodies to further the goal of interoperability and same markup. We’ve submitted 456 new tests to them that you can view at the IE Test Center as well. As different browsers improve their support of the same markup to produce the same results, we can all realize the promise of HTML5.

You can find a full list of new functionality available to developers in the IE10 developer guide here. Download the Windows 8 Consumer preview to try this update to IE10. We look forward to continued engagement with the developer community and your feedback on Connect.

―Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer

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  1. Second says:


  2. 3rd says:

    All well and good. But WHEN can we try IE10 on WIndows 7!

  3. NR says:

    Any word on if this preview will be available for Win7? I'm running Win7 in Parallels and can't install the Win8 preview.

  4. fr says:

    Still no Windows 7 preview?  You can't continue to expect web developers to install Windows 8 just to test your browser.  I would have thought some widespread testing on Windows 7 would be beneficial to the quality of the final release.

  5. fr says:

    Also can anyone state if there are any additions to standards support in the new preview, the linked developer guide does not make clear what is new and what was already in previous versions.

  6. Max says:

    Windows 7?

  7. Arieta says:

    Can we even expect IE10 to be released for Windows 7 in any form, or is it considered a dead platform now?

  8. Firefox says:

    Notice Microsoft didn't dare to compare with Firefox 13.0? Such cowardice, IE developers know Firefox 13.0 will whoop their IE10 ass in performance.

    Also LOL Windows 7 users, get Windows 8 or no IE10 for you, Windows 7 is no longer supported by IE team.

  9. Firefox says:

    Get Firefox, the superior browser, runs on any platform, any OS, doesn't look you into Windows 8.

  10. Arieta says:

    Problem is, Firefox is slow and bloated. Chrome is a botnet, and IE is not updated anymore separate from Windows.

    That would leave Opera, except that it has too many rendering errors.

  11. Anti Open Source Fanatic says:


    Windows 7 will be FULLY supported by IE10. IE10 hasn't yet reached even the BETA stage. It's still "preview". So, Windows 7 will come in due time.

    And as far as IE10 vs Firefox is concerned, it's not even close. Firefox is a fugly, slow, crappy, insecure, bloated, old-fashioned, backward pile of crap. IE10 is a fast, secure, beautiful browser.

  12. Metro Fanboy says:

    Hello guys, I'm loving your work with IE10 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. IE10 is by far the best browser in the world right now. But I want to point out an issue you just mentioned.

    You have asked site developers to use feature detection and use standard features. But Microsoft themselves often don't follow that guideline. For example, Hotmail is broken on IE10, but works perfectly on IE9. Why should this be the case?

  13. sam says:

    this is ridiculous, still no new build for windows 7, we don't want to install win8 preview, we want to test our websites, now users will have hardly any time to test their sites to see if they are compatible with ie10, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Businesses will take forever to upgrade to IE10 this way. Release this preview with support for win7 already!

  14. Master of Desaster says:

    Metro on Desktop will become a Flop.

    Same as HTML5 – as long older Os didn´t get support for it.

  15. Ridicolous says:

    The Bayou tests show IE performing 15 fireflies with HW acceleration at 22 FPS, while my chrome performs at roughly 4x that. Furthermore, to promote IE, Microsoft has to do so by criticizing other browsers?

  16. Prior Semblance says:

    I always have trouble finding the changelog for these things.

  17. xpclient says:

    Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Vista SP2 is overdue. The PowerShell 3.0 team listened and is supporting Vista SP2. MS extended support as well. Only thorn is IE team.

  18. Seydon says:

    "IE10 is a fast, secure, beautiful browser" That would be new… Since when IE has "security" as one of its feature? This crap has nothing but security holes… Don't know about IE10, don't even care about trying it… As for "Consumers can now enjoy more touch-friendly and beautiful" in the OP, I don't care about touch-friendly… I don't have a touch screen and I won't have one… and beautiful… really?!?!?

  19. Gerben says:

    Firefox also support blobs in indexDB, at least Firefox 11 does. They wrote a nice howto about it last week (…/storing-images-and-files-in-indexeddb). And I know Firefox 11 has not been released yet, but IE10 hasn't either.

  20. Anti Open Source Fanatic says:

    @Seydon, you can choose to remain ignorant about IE9/10's security all you like, but it has been proven again and again that IE9/10 running on Windows 7/8/Vista in Protected Mode with features like SmartScreen Filter, is the most secure browser in the world according to various metrics.

  21. wurst says:

    wow, you are talking about using html5 and feature detection and all the good stuff, which I like. But then you totally fucked up embedding a video for firefox. If ie10 looks like a stroboscope – because that's how the video looks if you are on firefox – hell ya, I wish everybody an adventureous usability 😉

  22. Again I can't install Windows 8 on my current laptop.

    So agian no IE10 preview either

    What a useless crap release agian.

  23. A says:

    Perhaps you could put the video on YouTube – soo slow in the UK. Taken 5 mins and not half way through – whilst youtube plays perfectly!

  24. Stefano says:

    Looks really good! No time to check windows 8 but I really like your work on IE10 and Metro.

    I'm a windows+linux user since windows 3, and I have to say that while I always "liked" to use Windows , Windows 8, Metro and IE10 are the first Microsoft products that really sounds *cool* to me.

  25. Stefano says:

    It's a pity Microsoft, differently from competitors, doesn't have many groupies/fanboys, so it happens that even "good news" gets bad comments.

    I wanted to share some love for something I like from Microsoft. I hope to see IE10 final soon and also to see some big plan from Microsoft to remove IE6-7-8 (and later also IE9) from the planet. Timing is the key. IE10 previews are great compared to current browser, but given MS update policy you will have to make sure IE10 will be great until you will be ready with IE11. Or.. you put automatic updates to the browser like everyone else is doing these days.

  26. Open Source FTW says:

    Firefox is much faster than IE, it's obivous retards like Arieta and Anti Open Source Fanatic are nothing more than MS shills and asskissers.

  27. Prior Semblance says:

    Firefox sucks, learn to accept it because they are going to keep going downhill.

  28. Gero says:

    Can you pls give us a releasedate for IE10 on Win 7?

  29. Scorpion3003 says:

    Keep telling yourself that Prior Semblance.

  30. Sven says:

    I'm playing with IE10 on Windows 8 Consumer preview right now. Interesting GUI, great SVG performance! Kudos!

    In my tests it appears that the SVG "animate" is not yet supported. Are there plans to add this support by the time of release?

  31. Sam says:

    Can someone point to a list of changes in this release VS the previous one?


  32. Jake says:

    Can someone help I have downloaded the windows 8 consumer preview but I do not have as promised IE10 can someone elaborate and perhaps tell me how to get it?

  33. Micky says:

    Wonderful.. from now on no FF no Chrome,, just IE10!! but please release the beta soon so I can run on Windows 7 as well.

  34. Real McCoy says:

    @Sven, please post the score for…/Hixie_DOM.html in IE10p5

    @IE-team and all the audience:

    I tried my level best to report on every possible forum of Microsoft. Be it connect, blog-b8, blog-ie, msdn-social or windows-team-blog… but this particular microbenchmark was never addressed! If Safari can do insertion, indexing, append and prepend in ~130ms without fragmentation, why can't IE/Trident work swiftly on the *live DOM* ????? I am pretty sure this DOM rendering performance is the last hiccup for IE to achieve highest performance ranking.. but IEteam has reached fair-enough and they don't give a #!@%

    FWIW, pleaseeeeeeeeeee look into this and fix/rewrite the responsible modules for this performance nightmare!!!

    Connect bug report –…/a-dom-manipulation-test-ie-performance

  35. Arieta says:

    @Open Source FTW: No, I'm not some anti-whatever shill, Firefox just sucks. It's slow and bloated. My sister couldn't even browse Facebook on it because the browser loaded slowly, rendered pages slowly, opened new tabs slowly, and so on. It's true that they were using a very weak laptop, but if Chrome works on all sites they visit at acceptable speeds, then why can't Firefox?

  36. rbwfla says:

    all well and good one of the comments said little did He know he was using explorer 10 all along…..DUH!   lol

  37. James says:

    @Jake – I have the same problem after upgrading from 7, on a clean install this is not the case and works fine. Tried uninstalling the windows features and reinstalling but no luck. Has anyone found a solution to getting it to work within Win8 CP after an upgrade installation?

  38. ieblog says:

    @Jake and @James: You *are* running IE10. If the desktop version looks like IE9 it's because it does. However, if you launch Internet Explorer using the Internet Explorer tile on the Windows 8 Start screen, you'll run the Metro version of IE10. It will look different.

    If you don't have a Windows 8 Metro style Start screen, your entire installation failed for some reason.

  39. James says:

    Found the solution, few other people have been having it. If your default browser was different prior to upgrade it can fail, IE10 is installed correctly, just do the following and it sorts it:


    Search for "Default Programs"… Make sure "Apps" filter is selected (Winkey+Q)

    Click "Set Default Program"

    Select "Internet Explorer" on the left

    Click "Set this program as default" on the right


    Hope this helps, have a good one y'all

  40. Open Source FTW says:

    Arieta, thats your problem, your family is going to crap site like Facebook. Also way to lie, it's obviously you don't even use the latest Firefox releases. And it's obviously the retards here saying Firefox is slow is lying, because recently Tomshardware benchmarked all the browser and Firefox WON again, 3 TIMES in a row beating both overrated Chrome and IE.…/chrome-17-firefox-10-ubuntu,3129.html…/jsgamebenchwbgp9.png…/psychedelicwbgp9.png

    So yeah, keep on lying, IE fanboys.

  41. thenonhacker says:

    "Often, the compatibility problem reports we receive have more to do with sites detecting IE and sending it different content than they send other browsers than any particular issue in IE. "

    Which is exactly what is doing. It sends Firefox and Chrome a regular webpage, but for IE, it sends infinite data.

  42. Simon Johnson says:

    What's this? Do my eyes deceive me? No, it's true! I do believe this is the first time a video has been embedded on the IE Blog with the video tag including a WebM source to allow the video to play natively in all major browsers. Well done, IE Blog bloggers.

    Now that Goal One has been achieved, Goal Two is to add Vorbis audio to the IE test drive demos, such as Love Is In The Air (…/loveisintheair). Goal Three is to add built-in Ogg Vorbis support to Internet Explorer. Goal Four is to add built-in WebM support to IE.

    Deano, what's the timetable for achieving goals two, three and four? Honestly Microsoft, you'll feel much better once you add out of the box support for royalty-free multimedia formats. You'll have a new spring in your step, a new sense of well-being, a new found confidence. It'll be great. Trust me.

  43. Chrome says:…/TheBayouChrome17.jpg

    MS is lying about Chrome's performance, as you can see from the screenshot above Chrome isn't slow in the test. Nice try, MS.

  44. Me says:

    @Real McCoy, who asked for data from:…/Hixie_DOM.html

    Total elapsed time: 21988ms

    Breakdown (fraction shows time relative to append time):

    Append:  1.00; 154ms

    Prepend: 1.08; 167ms

    Index:   137.84; 21228ms

    Insert:  1.10; 170ms

    Remove:  1.75; 269ms

    Bad bad IE!

  45. julianm says:


    do you really believe "IE has nothing but security holes"?

    according to a study funded by Google a few months ago :

    "Chrome is the most secured browser, followed closely by Microsoft IE. Mozilla's open-source Firefox came in third, largely because of its omission of a security sandbox that shields vital parts of the Windows operating system from functions that parse JavaScript, images and other web content."

    and the same study shows that IE had far less security flaws than Firefox and chrome, contraly to some popular belief among the poorly informed geeks.

  46. julianm says:

    @Open Source FTW

    so, you compare a 12 months old browser (IE9) with a browser that was released 10+ months later?

    should I remind you that IE9 won the exact same Tom's hardware benchmark when it was released, two times in a row, in march 2012, then april, beating easily firefox4? Benchmark IE10 using the same tests, and I'm sure it will put your latest Firefox nightly to shame.

    No to mention that Firefox's security is prehistoric, since it's the last major browser not to implement a sandbox, despit the fact that is had more than twice as much flaws as IE8/9 during the same timespan.

  47. Open Source FTW says:

    julianm, your "sandboxed" IE was defeated at PWN2OWN 2011. Don't talk much if you are a clueless person.…/8367

    Chrome's "sandbox" has been defeat and Google still can't patch it.…/VUPEN_Pwning_Chrome.php

    Retards that think a sandbox will protect their browser, think again real hard. Sandbox doesn't do squat.

  48. Jan Kučera says:

    It seems the browse language preference is now tied to the Windows language settings. I want to set up different languages/order than I have in Windows. How can I do that?

  49. So I can't test IE10 with animation since I only have Windows 7. I have overhauled all of my demos here with -ms- prefixes. Just wondering, do they work?

  50. I should state one issue that I noticed that is a error in the video. The gradient effects that Chrome was rendering poorly was due to IE10 doing gradients in premultiplied space. Since the developer community at large does not know the difference between gradients done in premultiplied space or non-premultiplied space, then they will not know how to create nice gradients in non-premultiplied space or even know that premultiplied space give less possible gradient variations.

  51. Cool, huh? I think I love IE10 CP in Windows 8 CP. In fact, I downloaded the CP when it's out, and I had just finished upgrading 🙂 You guys have come a long way since IE8, huh?

    One thing's for sure – it's beautiful, Metro or desktop. And fast. 😛

  52. xpclient says:

    The languages suffix you add in IE10 Internet Options for Ctrl+Shift+Enter is broken on Windows Consumer Preview. Setting doesn't get saved or doesn't work at all.

  53. sam says:

    will IE10 final have .webm and .ogg video and audio capability built-in or will we have to download those codecs seperately. It would be a lot better if they were built-in that way all browsers except safari could view webm html5 videos without plugins.

  54. xpclient says:

    "Warn when closing multiple tabs" option is also broken. I guess the bar was set pretty low for Consumer Preview?

  55. RP says:

    @Anti Open Source Fanatic,

    You said: "Windows 7 will be FULLY supported by IE10. IE10 hasn't yet reached even the BETA stage. It's still "preview"."

    But according to the Windows 8 blog, "consumer preview" is the new term for "beta".  So by this stage, IE10 should really be available for Win7.  Otherwise I don't see how it will get properly beta-tested before release.

  56. Arieta says:

    @Open Source FTW: They were using the latest version of Firefox (8, at the time, I think). It was just slow as hell, no way around it. And I'm not talking about easily-rigged benchmarks, I'm talking about real-life browsing experience. So there goes that.

    Perhaps it was just an issue of their Firefox profile being filled up with crap over the time – they had lots and lots of plugins I had to disable because they did not use it, reminiscent of IE6 and its toolbar hell from a decade back. So maybe reseting all Firefox settings to the defaults would've made things speedy, but I ask again: if other browsers don't get choked by this, how come Firefox does? Because it's a terrible browser, thats how.

    As for my families browsing habits, what does that matter? It's their choice.

  57. Typhoon87 says:

    Please finally relase a Beta, preview or test version for Win 7.

  58. wafsd says:

    I put Win8 CP on an old laptop last night and did a quick run through. Metro is amazing and far more engaging than I had thought it would be, given I do not have a touch screen device, just a laptop with a touch pad. IE10 in Metro is challenging my idea of a web browser. I hate to echo the whiners and bashers above, but I would like to see an IE10 version that will run on my Win7 system, too.

    Overall, an excellent beta effort, both for the OS and the browser.

  59. Nik says:

    No version for win7? Bad… very bad. You forget about cumunity?

  60. SatoMew says:

    @RP, IE10 is not in beta stage, Windows 8 is. IE10 is still in the Platform Preview (alpha) stage.

    @xpclient, I can confirm the issue on the language suffix but not the one related to the warning when closing multiple tabs. Works fine for me. Have you set IE10 to start the tabs from the last session? There are a new set of options in the Internet Options dialog and that is where you can define that setting. 😉

    @IE Team, can you guys remove Content Advisor from IE? The underlying features it uses have been dead since 2009 so the feature does not work. Furthermore, it has options that reek from the old Windows 95 days and that haven't been updated pratically since then. Also redesign the Properties dialog of web pages like I already proposed in Microsoft Connect for IE10 Developer Preview that was included with the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

  61. Win8User says:

    Hi, great work on IE 10 in Win8CP. I just want you to know, maybe you already, but when i zoom a webpage in MetroIE and want to make it normal again, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 0  doesn't work.

  62. Jatinder Mann [MSFT] says:

    @Real McCoy

    These particular set of tests are written by Ian Hixie, a Google employee, which exercise a small and specific set of DOM patterns. These tests are one measure of performance and may not necessarily correlate with real site performance impact. There is one specific test in the set which exercises a backwards traversal pattern, a pattern not nearly used as frequently as the forward traversal pattern by web developers, where IE is slower than others. While we expect this issue will have a limited impact on developers and real sites, we are investigating performance improvements to address this issue. You can track the bug here:…/a-dom-manipulation-test-ie-performance.

  63. TheGame says:

    Will IE10 be available for Windows 7 when it releases? Hopefully it does. Tried it on the Windows 8 CP and some sites that have scrolling problems with IE9 (like YouTube) seem to run smoothly now. Also, don't forget to update the scrollbars to match the desktop. Right now in Windows 8 it uses the metro-style scrollbar instead of the "normal" desktop scrollbar. It will look out of place on Windows 7 with that kind of scrollbar…

  64. Ashbrin says:

    Это просто ппц худшего дизайна я невидел!!!

  65. Demon says:

    Windows 8 худшая по дизайну за всю историю Microsoft

  66. Help says:

    Pleeeeease, stop developing this piece of crap! In a few years this is the next IE6 – blocking internet innovation!

  67. Hera says:

    So far only two WebM trolls. O:

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  68. lethuyet says:

    I can't play html5 video/audio on Metro IE10 Consumer Preview ! (the desktop IE10 is OK) !

    It says: "Error: Unsupported video type or invalid file type".

    The error occurs right on this page.

    It's weird that Metro IE10 CP on the other machine is fine.

    I tried to reinstall the OS, but it doesn't work.

    My system info:

    Intel Core2 Duo E8400

    4 GB Ram

    64-bit Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Graphic Nvidia Geforce 9400 (default windows driver / newest Nvidia driver)

    Also, I find many inconsistencies when using Metro IE.

    For example: Can't click submit button on the sign-in form on this blog…

  69. So the IE team decided to go from one extreme to the other on subpixel antialiasing. Now IE10 uses grayscale antialiasing everywhere except, well, in the F12 tools. Apparently this is a deliberate decision given the new fifth step in the ClearType tuner. The question is again why do you the IE team take away choice from the user. Mainstream display is nowhere close to the 400+ PPI retina resolution (of the human eye, not Apple's marketing hype) and is not approaching that figure any time soon. (From 80 DPI to 150 DPI it took like 30 years. From 150 to 400? I would not hold my breadth) Subpixel antialiasing provides extra sharpness. But this is now all gone, from the web to the apps. When it comes to typographic aesthetics, Microsoft should learn something from Apple.

  70. Eric says:

    Will you please improve the bookmark bar in ie10? when i need to switch between folders in my favorite bookmark, i need to click twice with my mouse. can i just hover to switch the popup menu?

  71. xpclient says:

    This Wikipedia page:…/2012_ATP_World_Tour is consistently crashing desktop IE10 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview in standards mode. Doesn't crash in compatibility view. Can the IE team repro the crash? I have no addons installed.

  72. @xpclient says:

    submit the bug report on and attach the error-log if possible!

  73. marshall says:

    won't install on Windows 7 so we can't test it yet.

    more importantly.. what does IE10 look like and behave like on the desktop? (e.g. outside of the El Metro Camino)

    when I get Windows 8… and a maybe a monitor/laptop that supports touch…  ANYONE!!! that touches my screen that I use for WINDOWS will be brutally beaten! – THOU SHALL NOT TOUCH MY SCREEN –

    Thus the entire new 1/3 of Windows dedicated to Metro is a complete waste to most end users on desktops… how IE runs on the desktop is all that matters.

    Any chance all the JavaScript bugs have been fixed yet?

    Oh and by the way your comment form IS STILL broken!!!

  74. Master of Desaster says:

    IE 10 on Destope Mod is faster. Use less Memory and less CPU time.

    Tested here Side by Side. So Metro is waste for most of Desktop Users. Metro is good for Touch Tablets. But not for Desktop.

    Only with 2 Monitors you can use it . The biggest fault is the new Server Dashboard on Windows 8 Server. I think the poeple at Microsoft on drugs.

  75. says:

    While a huge improvement over IE 9, I had expected IE 10 to catch up or surpass Chrome and so far even PPV 5 is not up to that task.

    Alternatively maybe Microsoft IE team can contribute more tests so the accuracy of this likely tainted picture can be seen better.

  76. awehring says:

    I'm REALLY missing that IE10 fully supports Color Management, e.g monitor profiles to show fotos / videos correct at wide color gamut monitors!

  77. hat says:

    All the stuff with Html5 and this and that benchmark is very nice. But when will come such banally but usefull things like separators within bookmarks? Every time I want to use IE and import bookmars from FF they are sorted alphabatically. Please, who really is ordering boomarks alphabatically instead of relevance? Or dragging a link from adressbar into bookmark collection: indepentendly where I drop the link its always appended at the end. Any other broweser cannot handle this too? Bugger me!

    An nice adblocker would be great to. No good solution like adblock plus from FF, Chrom out there (is adblockpro seems to be discontinued). So make your own, MSFT.

    (2nd post, first seems not to be saved. so sorry if double post)

  78. front+end dev says:

    how i hate your poxy browser ! how miserable my life it makes! i need to get up early in the morning to hate because there aren't enough hours during the day! if you never, EVER release another version of that atrocious monstrosity, it'll still be too early ! pox on your whole dev team for this !

  79. NewDev says:

    IE10 doesn't seem to support the 'pageshow' event therefore when using the History API content won't initially load.

    In Chrome you only need the 'popstate' event and with Firefox you have to add 'pageshow'.

    What gives?….in other areas it performs well, sorta…

    And if Web Audio API or some form of 3D canvas doesn't make it in I can't develop for IE anymore and I'm moving on.

  80. ieblog says:


    The pageshow event is for a different purpose, the bfcache (for "Back-Forward Cache"), and is described by Mozilla at…/Using_Firefox_1.5_caching.

    The Chrome behavior you describe is out-of-date and does not comply with the current HTML5 spec. As per the current draft, you can read the history.state property at any time, including initial load. This allows you to restore state as your code initializes.

    Tony Ross describes this in more detail in his IEBlog post at…/html5-history-in-ie10.aspx.

  81. @NewDev says:

    Wow a real reply, thank you for your concern! I want to develop for IE10 so seeing your response keeps me motivated.


  82. Angela Wabindato says:

    How do I get Deal or No Deal on my phone?

  83. Open Source FTW says:…/10621

    So much for your overrated IE9 "sandbox".

  84. Mark Rendle says:

    Seems like the comment lists on MSDN these days are filled with the same loud-mouthed idiots who ruin the multiplayer experience on Xbox Live. Most of them can't even spell. A little quality control editing wouldn't go amiss, is what I'm saying.

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