HTML5 Love is in the Air!

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re pleased to offer another new HTML5 experience that makes the most of your PC hardware and touch on Windows 8. Check out Love is in the Air and feel the warm embrace of hardware accelerated HTML5.

This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas, SVG, CSS transforms & transitions, WOFF, audio, and more. On Windows Developer Preview with support for multi-touch in IE10, you can reach out and swipe to reveal a special message of love -or just use your mouse. If you think your browser can keep up, turn up the volume to 1000 floating hearts. Using another browser and not feeling the love? Try it with IE9 (or IE10) using the hardware acceleration built into the browser.

Screen shot of Love is in the Air demo. Click the image to "Feel the love."
Click the image to feel the love

Demos like this are best when shared, so we made it easy for you to experience Love is in the Air and send a special message to your friends.

From the entire IE team, we want to share the love for HTML5 and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

—Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (36)
  1. Gabriel says:

    I have Windows 7 and use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, I get only 3 FPS.

    PC Specs:

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz

    2,00 GB of Ram

    ATI Radeon Xpress 1250

  2. Henry says:

    I have a Windows 7, using latest version of Mozilla Firefox (nightly), and I get 60 fps on 1000 hearts and even 27 fps on 4000. IE9 outperforms a bit at 35 fps 4000 hearts.

    I have 3GB RAM but Firefox doesn't use more than 1GB with more than 20 tabs open while running the demo, and I use ATI Radeon HD 5450.

    @Gabriel If you want to test hardware acceleration, please use a graphics card that properly accelerates.  Don't expect any browser to perform well on pure CPU for graphics intensive sites.

  3. sam says:

    give us a new build of IE10 that works on Win7 already microsoft, how do you expect your browser to be bug free when it goes final if hardly anyone gets to test it.

  4. Brandon says:

    I don't know why I bother clicking on these links anymore.

    As a web designer I work hard to make my websites work for IE, but Microsoft's websites only work on IE!

  5. Mary Branscombe says:

    love the easter egg, guys (valentine egg?) 😉

  6. Esveegee says:

    What song is that? I like!

  7. Jim says:

    It looks like muck in IE8 – sad that it will take until Windows 8 and IE10 to get a decent version of IE on the desktop.

  8. David S says:

    Flash could do this smoothly on any system. But cool for a poor man's Flash.

  9. Dave says:

    David S: You've got to be kidding. Flash never had good performance, specially for things like this. I get 60fps with 4000 hearts at 1920×1080 with 10% CPU use. I've tried to play some simple Flash cartoons on this same machine (flat colors, no transparency). CPU usage is about 40%, and they have lots of trouble holding 60fps. Without hardware acceleration, you've already lost the battle.

    I cringe every time I come across some Flash video player, set it to fullscreen, and the fans start making noise due to software resizing. They added a special case to hardware-accelerate this, but content has to opt-in so a lot of players don't use it.

    Anyway with Adobe officially abandoning Flash this discussion is moot.

  10. Phil says:

    Cmon microsoft….nobody cares anymore about  your crappy piece of software.

    You've made the web designer's life a nightmare for years by not supporting the standards in a timely manner.

    Side notes:

    You've cost my company thousands of $$ in server operation just because you've been unable to support the canvas element in IE8. And best of all you're not even gonna support WebGL in IE10 ( flash is not dead for sure) … this is just pathetic.

    Just today I discovered that you're the only ones to limit the url lenth to 2000 characters which is a serious issue when dealing with inter frames communications (passing a large range of parameters in the client frame's url…. and yes there are solutions but as always there are hacks that bring instability to the application).

    The good thing is that you've already gone under the 50% market share (you lost 10% this year) and to tell you the truth I'll feel relieved the day you'll reach 10% bar

  11. MENI says:

    IE team, first I love the fact that you pulled Microsoft into 21st century WRT standards, great job. Second I don't like the fact that you turned discussions about browsers and the web into an FPS pissing contest. BOOO. Instead, could you please get back to the discussion rooms of the W3 with Google, Apple, Mozilla and advance web standards (as you have been doing, thank you!) EVEN MORE AND FASTER.



  12. Brenno says:

    Love it!

  13. Mario Cossi says:

    @meni: just like MS got kicked into action by the repeated sunspider/acid/whatnot pissing contests, the other browsers are getting spurred by all this to do more and better about HW acceleration. No need to downplay it, no need to sidetrack the discussion with unrelated stuff: getting faster browsers, all around, is a good thing for the web as a platform. If these posts – with a little boasting – are enough of an embarassment for Google and Mozilla to make faster browsers, we should all be thankful.

  14. IE9 says:

    I loled. Chrome users are so easy to get butthurt that I lolled.

    Personally I dislike IE but this was funny google probably knoes lol. Going to share it with some google fan(atics) just to see their reactions and lol again while they tell me how chrome is so good and how I should be selling my privacy to google.

  15. Simon Johnson says:

    There's no audio in Firefox. What, no love for Vorbis? When can we expect Vorbis support in Internet Explorer? Alternatively, when can we expect Microsoft's web developers to support Vorbis audio on Microsoft web pages?

  16. @Simon Johnson says:

    FF hound doesn't have any love for widespread, global, universal audio format MP3, then screw vorbis!

  17. Pepe says:

    Interesting results when testing with 250 hearts,

    Firefox 10 = 60 fps

    Latest Chrome = 7 fps

  18. Pepe says:

    @Simon Johnson

    Firefox does indeed support playing mp3s:…/Using_audio_and_video_in_Firefox

  19. Master of Desaster says:

    Nice sample.

    It shows us why HTML5 will fail in enterprise Development.

    Compare the site in Ie9 and Firefox. side by side. Firefox Version lacks. ha sno sound. Ie 9 render different than firefox when you will open the select field for hearts.

    As long there is no ISO Standard for Javascript odr HTML HTML is notheing.

  20. @Pepe says:

    The valentine's day demo is not playing any sound in my FF10. The sample you sent me is just for embedding various audio formats not the selected ones supported by FF!! The Firefox doesn't support mp3 due to US patent issues.

    The support in Chrome is (was?) experimental and may be (have been?) dropped. Irony is; Google actually bring up this formats war. FF believed in Google's cause and follow the suppressed open standard but Google supports both MPEG and MP3 in Chrome and label it experimental. I guess, they will never drop the support, because they are a biggest liar in the market!

    Anyway, it is possible to write the whole decoder in pure JavaScript, tough. Well, a lot of code. If You want to play sound in Firefox.. But if this is a case then given webm and vorbis codec installed on your system, you can play the webm videos in IE9 as well. But the question is; with the default settings which formats are supported by the user-agent (aka: web-browser):…/Comparison_of_layout_engines_(HTML5_Media) [Note: IE (Trident) requires just manual installation of the codec pack to play the missing video formats. While the other require separate plugins to play the format.]

  21. HTML5 will ...... says:

    Is that all you can do with HTML 5 🙂

    When do you will show enterprise ready rendering ? Not as simple images like this

  22. Denise says:

    hey i like

  23. stan says:

    All this new support for standards is great!…

    …so does this mean that the next platform preview (after IE10 pp4) will actually support standards on things IE has failed at for years?

    e.g. HTMLOptionElement's and HTMLOptgroupElement's ***STILL*** don't support events… of ***ANY*** kind… mouse, keyboard, nada…

    This was:

    reported in IE6…. ignored by Microsoft

    reported in IE7…. ignored by Microsoft

    reported in IE8…. ignored by Microsoft

    reported in IE9…. ignored by Microsoft

    reported in IE10…. (currently ignored my Microsoft)

    Are we going to see the same trend with Microsoft not fixing their long standing bugs and missing implementations? or will IE10 RTM actually fix some of these bugs?

    PS Thanks for finally fixing .innerHTML as much as we complain about the items that still need fixing we totally appreciate all the fixes that Microsoft has added to IE.  Broken .innerHTML support in IE was such a pain over the last decade – I'm so glad that IE has finally fixed this one such that once IE6, IE7, IE8, & IE9 are deprecated we can actually develop applications and not worry about basic functionality like .innerHTML being broken in IE.

  24. Pepe says:

    @Master of Desaster

    > As long there is no ISO Standard for Javascript odr HTML HTML is notheing.

    Please inform yourself before commenting on things you don't know about

  25. jake says:

    Oh my god, Looks like holy crap, Flash is much better than this….It plays very slowly, browser will hang, I have closed my browser before it hangs as it was playing very slowly, jerky.

  26. Master of Desaster says:


    Tell me more about what an standard is?

    Tell me which browser is conform (but first we have to define to what the browser must be conform).

    So don´t tell you about thinks you didn´t know. HTML is notheing like ideas.

  27. Ben says:

    We have seen BitBlt do this 15 years ago, where is progress.

  28. anitar says:

    ilike thes

  29. Ben says:

    Implimenting <input type="date" /> would be time better spent.

  30. Hera says:

    The fact that Mozilla doesn't support MP3 stills baffles me (all music comes in MP3 and is playable on EVERYTHING).

    With this whole WebM and WebGL stuff, it seems clear to me that Mozilla lives fantasy bubble. It seems Mozilla is as clean and hygenic of a company as Richard Stallman's foot eating habits are.

    And here you, Mircrosoft IE, who support the most common music and video formats on the planet. Who actually test your browser performance on my ION netbook (whereas Firefox devs don't give a flying ****).

  31. ielover says:

    Guys, IE10 will absolutely love HTML5 WebGL!

    So start coding some WebGL stuff to show the world how good IE10 is.

  32. allie says:

    good love ty

  33. @Master of Desaster says:

    MPEG and MP3 formats are serving the community very well for many years. Apple, MS, Redhat and all the known operating systems used them as their primary media formats. Now opensource claims that MPEG and MP3 provides the copyright feature (which is not mandatory.. as lots of MP3 and MPEG media files are not restricted and are actually open for redistribution). So they cameup with a new format webm, vorbis, theora and whatnot. Google is the leader of all this fuss and opposing the MPEG/MP3 formats. On the other hand they have "experimental" support of MPEG and MP3 in chrome for the last 10 versions!!!! Whereas FF, the believer of Google's cause dropped the support and is facing the music! They should realize the fact that Google is deceiving. They are also as commercial as any other giant.. following the trend .. at the same time trying to push their webm format.

    If you have webm/vorbis/theora codec installed in your system (VLC, MediaPlayerClassic or any other) IE9 can run the HTML5 embedded media for those formats. But other browsers required a "specific plugin" to be installed to run the format they miss (as opposed to utilize the codec pack installed system !)

  34. Master of Desater says:

    How do you install WEBM/vorbis/theora on your Windows 8 ARM Tablet ???

    Its a big fault to do not have plug ins in Metro Mode. It´s a ly that Falsh or Silverlight consume more Power than nasty Javascript and HTML. I have flash on my Android Tablet and it runs fine and long.

    This Demo here shows how slow it will run without Hardware Accel.

  35. Brandon says:

    This runs _terribly_.  Let me guess, did you add all kinds of IE-specific extensions?  Is that your plan to kill the latest web technology?

  36. 52221212 says:


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