Reminder: SVG Open 2011 October 17-20

SVG Open 2011, the 9th International Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics, is just over two weeks away. This year’s theme, “Where SVG Meets the Web,” underscores SVG’s inclusion in HTML5 and its growing importance on the Web. SVG is also the declarative vector graphics format for Windows 8 Metro style apps built using HTML.

The conference is an annual showcase of SVG innovation bringing together the leaders who drive SVG forward. Microsoft is honored to host this year’s conference at our New England Research & Development Center in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Joining us as sponsors are Google, Adobe, IBM, Slippery Rock University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Harvard’s Institute for Applied Computational Science, and the W3C.

SVG Open presenters are recognized for widening the use of SVG on the Web. This year’s tracks feature SVG Authoring Tools, SVG for Charting and Visualization, SVG for Games and Interactive Applications, SVG for Web Applications and HMI, Publishing and Printing with SVG, SVG Implementations and Implementation Issues, SVG for Webmapping and GIS, and a set of Case Studies of SVG usage.

Also attending are members of the W3C SVG Working Group who will share information, solicit input, and respond to questions about features proposed for SVG 2.0, as well as the integration of certain CSS and SVG features as contemplated by the CSS-SVG Effects Task Force. Two areas of particular interest are applying SVG Filter Effects to HTML elements and CSS Animations and Transitions to SVG elements.

To those who are attending, I hope to meet you. Jennifer Yu, also of the IE team, and I are both attending all three days of the conference.

—Patrick Dengler, Senior Program Manager, Internet Explorer, and member, W3C SVG Working Group and CSS-SVG Effects Task Force

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  1. Feedback on comment system says:

    If you look into and after 20-30 minutes if u try to post a comment as a guest user (without login) and hit post button, the page will refresh instantly without posting the comment and there is no way to get it back. I guess there is some timeout issue with page postback. Please look into it and rehash the code on both domains. This behavior is independent of the vender and version of browser. Just wait for couple of minutes (say it took you 30 minutes to read the entire post and all the comments) and then post a comment as anonymous…

    OAN, with Windows Team Blog on IE10 dev preview (on Windows8 dev preview), with Browser Mode Internet Explorer 10 (page default on load!) the login session doesn't persist. To reproduce this bug, open in IE10, click Sign in link at top right corner, provide credentials and click sign in button. On the next page the website wouldn't recognize your session. As a workaround, press F12 change the "browser mode" to IE9 and the page will refresh with your handle and SignOut button at the top right corner. Like IE-Team suggested in the good programing practices that we need to check for the feature in browser rather than the vendor and version of user-agent, it seems like some code requires attention. Please forward the bug report to IE team, if the issue is with IE10.

    Please fix these issue.

  2. HTML5 and IE10 says:

    On this W3C test…/paused_true_during_pause.html

    IE passes the test but continue the playback while it should remain at the paused state. Other browsers don't show this behavior.

    OAN, IE fails all the tests laid by Apple…/Apple

  3. Mario says:

    I tested Firefox 6.0 with the acid 3 test and it got 100/100. Google Chrome did the same.. I think opera might get a 100/100 also.. but Internet Explorer you guys need to try to make Internet Explorer 10 get 100/100 on the acid 3 test before you release the full version next year to the users of windows 7 and windows 8.

  4. @mario says:

    IE9 already scores 100 on the acid3 test.

  5. Mario says:

    Hello No it doesn't IE9 only scores like 94/100 or 97/100 or 95/100 but i think it is 94/100…

  6. Aehec says:

    @Mario: IE9 and 10 pass Acid3 thanks to changes in the test (which is also why FF passes it)

  7. Jace says:


    Have you tried it lately? Maybe try it before you spout off and lose all credibility?

  8. RP says:

    IE9 doesn't technically pass because although its score is 100, its rendering doesn't look like the reference rendering ( ).  Acid3 instructions state that "to pass", the final rendering must look "exactly, pixel for pixel" like the reference rendering.

    The subtle difference is due to the lack of text-shadow – so it's fixed in IE10.

  9. @Mario says:

    Actually you dont know what you are talking about. Open IE goto acid3 test website and checkout the score. You are just a waste of space.

  10. hAl says:

    13 months since the beta of IE9.

    When can we expect beta for IE10 ?

  11. Eduardo Valencia says:

    Guys please release the IE10 PP3 for windows 7!

  12. raymond says:

    how about .OGG support in IE?!

  13. desleal says:

    Microsoft Security Essentials are unistalling crhome from computers. MS does not need to make IE 10 bether than crhome, just let MS antivirus uninstall it….

  14. @desleal says:

    Not only your English is poor, your ideas are pathetic. Thanks for nothing!

  15. desleal says:

    My English may be poor, but what I say is not an pathetic idea, it is an true fact. See "Problems with Microsoft Security Essentials" in chrome blog.

    MS already do this in the past like when MS Word corrupt files under Novell Network or in Windows Beta 3.0 setup that says that windows 3.0 will not work in DR.DOS, and several companies changes their software.

    Now Microsoft simple make their antivirus corrupt Google chrome.

    And this is a fact not a pathetic idea.

    Pathetic is you, that cant read bad English and see the message inside an sarcastic joke.

    Thanks You for nothing!

  16. Klimax says:

    @desleal: bug in antivirus definitions (any antivirus – couple of them were taking down OS completely, not just some programm) and water is still wet. Microsoft fixed it,so what's the deal? (Beside that funny reaction of some portion of internet – /. type of net)

    As far as Windows 3.0 and DR-DOS goes,…/213681.aspx by Larry Osterman is good article.

    As far as "MS Word corrupt files under Novell Network", never heard about it and seems more like bug. And I heard that at least one network filesystem is problematic due tpo lack of locking. (which could explain that corruption…)

  17. @desleal says:

    Don't complaint if you don't have complete knowledge on the subject! Many people use Google Chrome and MSE, at the same time, without any problem. If some point in time there was a problem, it has been fixed (searcb over the Internet or see Klimax post). If you are still unsatisfied and some old news is bothering you, this means you are here for trolling. If that is the case, you are not welcome here.

    btw, its "Thank you for nothing!" <– just keep it.

  18. desleal says:

    As far DR DOS I prefer "DR. Dobbs" article… And yes the code was removed in the final version of windows.

    As far Word and Novell, yes it is a bug that have fixed on both sides (Novell made their fix in the case MS not fix it)

    I have a lot of knowledge of this (and, yes I can program in X86 assembly and perfectly understand the code). Also when this occur i see IT managers don't upgrade DR-DOS and migrate to MS-DOS. I also see some managers think in change their network to MS-LAN Manager in this time of problems with Novell.

    Now if with an "accidentally" bug like this remove chrome from thousand computers, many people don't have knowledge to re install chrome. Also some IT managers may think that this can impact their environment in the future and opt to not use chrome anymore. The name of this "accidentally" bug is FUD. And yes obviously MS FIXED it !

    But I not here to trolling, I only make a sarcastic joke. If your reaction are too dramatic, may be what I say is more seriously than I think.

    And also, I am an MS customer, I like MS products, they are good products, I make a lot of companies use them. For example I block a change from MS to linux in an university and prove that MS enviroment are bether to one of my bosses. I also like visual studio, MS network, and MS OSs, but when I see some thing wrong, I dont ignore this.

    And this is not trolling.

  19. @desleal says:

    You know lot of folks don't want to accept that IE9 is really faster than Chrome and the goodness hardware accelerated graphics brought, they just tend to neglect. Being neutral in that context is highly ideal or mythical. Agility that Chromium introduces didn't shocked MS lazy attitude towards improving-browser at first, until it was acquired/adapted by Google. Google Chrome was no doubt the trend changer and challenge for FF, IE and Safari. Not to mention, Chrome ability to behind-the-scene auto update is seriously objectionable and unfair as the competitors leave it to user choice with a proper release of each version of their product. Besides, people who are conscious about their privacy matters, they don't sign for this and few other "fishy" behaviours. OTOH, some people give discount to the auto-update and privacy concerns doesn't matter to them. Being a web-developer, I cannot ignore Chrome. Since one year, IE-team has bring about tons of improvements and personally I like IE9 and I am following up with each bit of development going on in IE10. In my circle, when I try to talk about IE9 and its security specs, people seems surprised after knowing that; IE is back in game!

    Finally, I second your POV: everyone should respect the competition and no foul-play should be tolerated from any party!

  20. desleal says:

    I totally Agree about IE9, IE10, and about respect the competition.

    Your post is perfect !

  21. Xero says:

    @Pathatic, as you might have checked the response from dev-team, the issue was resolved in IE10pp3. Try again!

  22. asdf says:

    Can you guys add the option to render SVG shapes using ClearType style anti-aliasing? Or better yet, add it to Direct2D.

  23. Jason says:

    +1 for fixing the broken comment system.  This is 2011.  You should be able to fix this and have the patch rolled out in less than 24 hours.

    Anything less continues to show us pure incompetence at running a blog, and total disrespect for the community you are *hoping* will support you.

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