Adobe Flash Player 10.3: Hardware-Accelerated Rendering in IE9

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 delivers
super-fast graphics
by plugging into the Internet Explorer 9 hardware-accelerated
rendering pipeline using IE9’s
interface. Recently, some of you may have seen
this rendering issue
with Flash content on some pages:

Screen shot of a Web page with Flash content displayed incorrectly src="" />Screen shot of a Web page displayed correctly src="" />
Screen shots of a Web page with Flash content displayed incorrectly in its upper left corner (left) and correctly (right)

Adobe addressed the
problem illustrated above (Flash content displaying in the upper left corner) in
update to Flash Player
– Version will now display Flash content
correctly. This update is available through Flash Player auto-update notification
or at

As with any new Internet Explorer feature that we add, we want hardware acceleration
to be
fast, safe, error-free, interoperable and available on all computers that can run
Internet Explorer
. Since the start of the Internet Explorer 9 development,
we worked continuously with our hardware and software partner companies to ensure
that your computers are up to date with the latest bug-free drivers and software
– and these partners are doing a great job of moving our entire ecosystem over to
this new era in computing with minimal glitches.

Your feedback as an enthusiast user has been instrumental in ensuring that we can
quickly follow up on any issues with this move – thank you very much.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

—Frank Olivier, Program Manager, Internet Explorer Web Graphics

Comments (27)
  1. Arieta says:

    Sadly this barely speeds up layer-heavy flash games, since those are still rendered by cpu internally in Flash.

  2. Miguel WebDeveloper says:

    Still a great effort. congrat

  3. Anon says:

    Flash is one of the greatest sources of malware attacks. Why can't you agree with Adobe to update it through Windows Update if the user has already installed it? The default Flash updator does not deliver updates in a timel.y manner. You are left for days or a month unprotected. And if an update pops-up many users ignore it. Do something automatic. Why should we suffer from malware. It is not only Adopbe's fault. Not all vendors can install background services for just updating their software. Your computer fills up with updators.

  4. game kid says:

    Flash is already at  Still, as Arieta mentioned, this is all moot when the hardware doesn't get used–Flash only uses the GPU for Stage Video and 3D.  Many (most?) games on sites like Kongregate and Armor Games don't use these APIs, nor the multi-threading stuff recently added (if it was even added yet) to Flash, so they're still stuck on one easily choked CPU core even on a quad-core system.  God help you if the game's vector-heavy.

    So there's little to see here; move along.

    I agree with Anon, but Flash should only be updated by Windows Update if installed in the first place, not installed by WU or built-in as with Chrome (which, thankfully, lets the user disable it as of 12.0.742.100).

  5. Jeffrey Gilbert says:

    Arieta, the game makers should do their part to make the games smooth before they get to the browser, and when the finally do it's up to the vendor to run flash as natively as any other media element. Microsoft is doing it's part. Adobe is doing it's part. At some point, the developers have to step up and write better code.

  6. Jeffrey Gilbert says:

    game kid, the Stage 3D updates wont hit until Flash Player 11 drops. I'm not working from insider knowledge, but that what we've been told as developers.

  7. hdmi says:

    flash doesn't upgrade in  a timely manner?  feel's like it's fixing a security hole every time i turn the pc on.  it's the new IE.

  8. Anonymous says:

    But it doesn't run on Windows XP. Next time try building a browser for everyone.

  9. Jack says:

    I noticed this bug on several (HP) laptop's at my company. The real problem was that the affected Intel HD driver used on those systems was a 2009 release. Even laptops that where purchased just a couple of months ago.

    Upgrading the driver not only resolved the Flash 'left corner' issue, but also increased GPU performance with more then 1.0 (Windows Experience Index) points.

    Microsoft should offer a newer Intel driver via Windows Update to prevent people from turning to other browsers that do not show this flash issue.

  10. jayp says:

    Keep up the good work chaps.

  11. Pies says:

    When I wanted to install the Flash 10.3 update it tried to sneak in some junkware from McAffee without as much as asking. Fail. Chrome's model of updating Flash with the browser is _much_ better.

  12. 6205 says:

    When will Flash and Silverlight finally die of horrible dead? I want pure browsing experience without any plugins damit. If i could at least disable those anoying prompts for Flash install…

  13. cf.…/df686b40-1b83-e011-9b4b-68b599b31bf5 (20 May-11)

    cf.…/21e2ae05-8782-e011-9b4b-68b599b31bf5 (19 May-11)

    <pst> We're at Flash Player v10.3.181.26 and Shockwave Player v11.6.0.626 (14 Jun-11) now.

  14. Typhoon87 says:

    Do you guys have any idea if adobe will be updating thier Squared beta? This is the X64 build of flash and has not been updated since NOV.

    Also, Please reconsider IE 10 for Vista SP2.

  15. Infinidim says:

    The hardware accelaration is a great idea and works well on my main screen but I have a "Displaylink" attached screen which does not seem to support teh hardware acceleration feature. So basically when I move an IE 9 browser session from my main screen to my other screen it stops working…..not good…

  16. Lance says:

    @Anon – "Flash is one of the greatest sources of malware attacks. Why can't you agree with Adobe to update it through Windows Update"

    Maybe you have not noticed but windows update does not exactly have a stellar record of keeping things on a fast update cycle either.

  17. Another Anon says:

    Can you please do something for all those XP users out there?

    Google is doing something, so why don't you do something at least as useful?…/introducing-non-admin-chrome-frame.html

  18. Richard says:

    Unfortunately, my ATI RADEON X1600PRO, which I bought new when Vista came out, isn't supported by IE9. The driver was last updated in April 2009, and the manufacturer has no interest in updating it – they only want to support new hardware. So I'm stuck with a non-accelerated IE9, unless I want to shell out for a new graphics card. 🙁

  19. Andrew says:

    Too bad I don't use Flash. Or Internet Explorer for that matter. 😉

  20. Snowknight26 says:

    While not exactly relating to the all-Flash-elements-are-in-the-top-left, I figured I'd ask anyway – my curiosity was getting to me.

    I've noticed that in IE9, background tabs (all except for the currently visible one) seem to have a very low priority when used in conjunction with Flash. For example, navigate to then switch to a different tab for several seconds. If you switch back to the Beatport tab, you'll see that the loading progress has barely increased, but when the tab has focus, it increases at a far faster rate. Is this decreased tab priority/update-rate behavior expected/a feature, or is that not supposed to happen? If it's behaving properly, what was the reason for this behavior, and, I guess most importatly, is there any way to override said behavior?

  21. Hazy Joe Aardvark says:

    Can you share a bit more about the ISurfacePresenter.

    In particular, I'm wondering what buffer does the GetBuffer method return?…/ff975135%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

    Is this some DirectX object (e.g. IDirect3DSurface9) or a pointer to a bitmap in memory?

  22. Gordon says:

    Its too bad that we still have to use Flash to wrap up video content for IE.  If IE just natively supported WebM or an open format like Ogg out of the box then we could use HTML5 video elements.

    Unfortunately now we have to serve up open video formats to all browsers (as expected and intended), and then serve up a Flash player for IE because it doesn't support HTML5 video.

    Hopefully IE10 fixes this problem for Microsoft once and for all – we're tired of having to implement workarounds for IE.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It's slightly off topic, but does anyone know if Adobe is planning to create (or in the process of creating) a flash plugin for IE9 mobile? It's not in MSFT's control I know, but still, flash on IE9-mobile would be nice.

  24. James says:

    <A HREF=""></A>

  25. Tyler says:

    @Anonymous – flash on IE9 mobile? I don't know, first MSFT has to pull off IE on mobile, something they've utterly failed at so far.

    To date, webkit, mobile firefox and opera are the only decent mobile browsers out there.  The abandoned red-headed stepchild IE6-branched browser on the current Windows Phone 7 is pathetic and helps to bring this phone down even farther than the ugly OS.

    don't get me wrong, an un-sexy version of IE9 on the phone is better than the current version, but lets be clear… the current phone version leaves MUCH to be desired!

  26. Malcolm says:

    @Gordon – Ie9 supports HTML5 video. Why not WebM by default…get the lawyers out to solve that issue.…/html5-video-update-webm-for-ie9.aspx

  27. Malcolm says:

    @Gordon – Ie9 supports HTML5 video. Why not WebM by default…get the lawyers out to solve that issue.…/html5-video-update-webm-for-ie9.aspx

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