More Control over Flash Cookies with IE

Internet Explorer now gives you more control over the data that Web sites store on your computer. This includes Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects (LSOs). We’ve worked closely with Adobe to integrate Flash LSO deletion directly into Internet Explorer, making it easier for you to manage your online privacy with the latest version of Adobe Flash and IE9 (as well as IE8):

IE will delete your Flash Cookies as well as your Web cookies
IE will delete your Flash Cookies as well as your Web cookies

If you want to try this out, please visit our Test Drive Web site where you can create a Flash Cookie and then delete it. If you want to manage all the Flash settings, visit the online settings application on Adobe’s Web site.

Andy Zeigler, Program Manager, Internet Explorer

Comments (12)

  1. about time says:

    This was in ie8? So flash has been sitting around for a couple of years. Go figure

  2. hart says:

    please make settings for edit,add,remove cookies(and other storage ) in developer Tools!

  3. Pies says:

    What about Silverlight cookies?

  4. John says:

    I have to applaud this.  This is by far one of the greatest settings ever.  Now how about working on getting rid of those dammed "ever flash cookies".

  5. @Pies says:

    what's silverlight?

  6. So, Adobe finally decided to implement this feature after three years!

    @Pies: Silverlight has always been a good boy!

  7. about:blank says:

    Please develop IE10 for XP. XP is ignored. Whether it’s a dinosaur or not, it’s one of MS’s OS’s that is in use by tons of people and this, to me at least, just isn’t playing fair. Software acceleration can be just fine for XP.

  8. @blank says:

    If you're still on XP, then there are many alternatives avalable: Chrome, Firefix, Safari, Opera. Mircosoft has ended support for XP. What's so hard to understand about that?

    To me, bogging the new IE down with obsolete and legacy code isn't playing fair to the people who have invested in more modern systems.

  9. Craig Mc says:

    This is a good move it helps Microsoft Cripple Flash, Because there is no decent Web Application framework other than flash, if you cripple its storage you offer users a way to break full fledged flash applications, good way to play dirty Microsoft.

    #Sad Day for Flex/Flash

  10. ieblog says:

    Due to high level of spam, we turned on moderation of comments for this post.

  11. Coolmario says:

    More control over flash cookies is great.

  12. Steven says:

    Hey Guys

    Great work on the Cookies, they are overused!


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