Hotmail on the Taskbar

Hotmail just got even better when run on IE9. Today,
Hotmail added email notifications
to its pinned site that displays the number
of new messages directly in the taskbar. It’s an easy way to keep an eye
on new updates with a glance. Pin Hotmail to your taskbar to start seeing this in

Screen shot showing the Hotmail pinned site icon on the Windows 7 taskbar style="max-width: 95%;" src="" />

Hotmail also gives you quick access to mail tasks from the jumplist. Right-click
on the Hotmail icon to jump to a task like send mail:

Screen shot showing Hotmail tasks in the Windows 7 jump list for the Hotmail pinned site style="max-width: 95%;" src="" />

Now when you pin Hotmail to the taskbar, you can use it like a native desktop application
on Windows 7. With
pinned sites
, developers can add capabilities like notifications, jumplists
and thumbnail toolbars to your Web sites too. See these MSDN articles and Test Drive
demo for details:

Check out many more useful (and addictive) pinned site experiences on
and on the Internet Explorer

If you’re running Windows 7 but not yet running IE9,
upgrade now
to get the most from your browsing experience.

Comments (31)
  1. Breen says:

    I hope the guys at Hotmail (wait, what I thought that was Hotmail now? Guess I have to MSN search for news on this return to the old names) fixed at this occasion also the incompatibilities with Firefox 4 AFAIK stemming from some brain-dead UA sniffing code.

  2. Jeffrey Gilbert says:

    Here's the first cool thing for windows I wish my mac had since… uhm… uh… long long time.

  3. Gabirel says:

    What's a 'hotmail'?

  4. Breen says:

    See? I already forgot the former new name. Hum… let me think… I just remember it had something to do with a trademark formerly owned by Netscape…

  5. pam says:

    wer is mine i didnt get 1 :((((((( mmmmm

  6. Liam O'Neill says:

    I use hotmail and have tried this but it doesn't work. I have Jump Lists but don't have the notifications. I think it may be due to the fact my hotmail domain is (The Irish Regional Hotmail). Can I get some clarification on this please?

  7. Mikeey Thomas says:

    Can you please make an application on iPod touch where you can control a computer or something. That would definitely be 5 star 

  8. jose torres says:

    like this site..joebx..

  9. wha says:

    Please use "Live Mail" now, it sounds better.  "Hotmail" is a little…too ga– err, gender sounding. heh

  10. kris says:

    hotmail… seriously?  do you have any other 1990's-era cool stuff bloating up IE?

  11. Senthil Kumar says:

    I tried it and it doesn't seem to work. Maybe the changes to Hotmail code haven't propagated to all servers or something? Or is it a regional thing and you are trying it out only for US customers?

  12. Senthil Kumar says:

    @Breen I have been using Hotmail with FF4 and I didn't seem to notice any problems or difference to using it with other browsers. What are those "incompatibilities"?

  13. Breen says:

    @Senthil Kumar:

    inter alia

    Apparently fixed now

  14. AntiLinux says:

    Wow that is an incredible feature. Once again you've proved that Windows Live Hotmail is by far the best emai solution available. I won't EVER touch Gmail with a ten-foot pole. Hotmail FTW. IE9 FTW.

  15. Senthil Kumar says:

    Pinning sites and Taskbar notifications are excellent features that complement web apps. If sites use (but not abuse) these features properly, it will be fantastic! The second screenshot, with those pinned sites and notifications made my mouth water 😛

  16. Aundro says:

    Ooooh, I get it.

    April Fool's!

    He he, hotmail.

    Good one, .. good one.


  17. Ooh says:

    @Aundro: Unfortunately for you this was already posted yesterday, on March 31.

  18. tuxplorer says:

    Look here IE team how the Windows 8 team seems to have finally seen sense, learnt from their mistakes and made the status bar more *USEFUL* instead of dumbing it down without giving any user preference:…/003_med.png. If you are listening for feedback, please restore all the GUI elements you removed in some later version of IE and make them off by default, don't remove them.

  19. P5P? says:

    when will IE support this new standard?

  20. Hehehe.... says:

    @p5p: roflmao… that's a great one!

  21. MozFan says:

    I hear that Mozilla had a prototype implementation of P5P but sending either the NO-EVIL or NO-TRACK tokens caused all of Google's ads and analytics to disappear. Since 99%+ of Mozilla's revenue comes from Papa Google (your eyeballs are their inventory) Mozilla had to pull the feature lest daddy turn off the money spigot.

  22. Vegas says:

    A fantastic feature! Sadly, it's useless to me since IE disables all add-ons when I pin Hotmail to the taskbar.

  23. japurs says:

    like Vegas said, add-ons like LastPass don't work in pinned sites.  This would be very helpful to consider "some" kinds of add-ons as acceptable for use in pinned sites, like password managers.

  24. TJ says:

    How much crap can you keep pinning to the taskbar. It's like those who cover their desktop with shortcuts. Both = FAIL. How about creating bookmarks in Favorites and organizing them? Works much, much better. It's like a finely tuned file cabinet where you can find exactly what you need at any given moment. But alas, to each his own. That's why these UI redesigns and removal of "classic" mode in new products such as Windows 7 and IE9 (heck Firefox 4 just did the same thing) will keep this luddite from upgrading. I know there are a lot like me out here! Are you listening? Is anyone home?

  25. Nick says:

    I don't use hotmail and certainly wouldn't if I was to use it as my personal email address on a resume or for anything professional – but I digress.

    I do use GMail and I'm trying to think if this hotlist would be of any real world use and I can't for the life of me think of a single use case where I would want to go to the task mar to start a new action OF ANY KIND?!?!?!

    Even in Outlook (forced by work) I wouldn't use this or Thunderbird (best darn email client for Windows) I don't want to use the taskbar icon to start actions… I've only ever wanted to right click to Close, Move, or Resize/Minimize an application… and Windows 7 royally pooched that one too – now I have to press the SHIFT key to get the menu I actually want – (aka Total Usability Fail)

    I really wish the IE team had taken all the time wasted doing this stupid site pinning stuff and fixed up some of those thousands and thousands of legacy bugs that IE has – not only would developers be happier about it, users would be too.

    Oh well, we can only hope in IE10 when pinned sites gets pulled back out that the time saved can be used to fix the real bugs.

  26. AntiOpenSource says:

    IE9 is the greatest browser in the world. Why? Because of a lot of things. But most importantly because it offers this beautiful "Pin sites to taskbar" feature for the Windows 7 users. And btw, Windows 7 is the greatest OS of ALL TIME. Windows 7 + IE9 + Hotmail is the greatest combination. LinSux, FireSux and Gmail suck balls.

    Gmail is so incredibly pathetic that I won't ever touch it with a ten foot pole. Hotmail FTW. IE9 FTW. Windows 7 FTW. Microsoft FTW.

  27. SharePoint Consulting says:

    You made some good points there.I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.Thanks.

  28. DOA says:

    wow… total crickets…. a very quiet blog post.

    All I can say is this "feature" is obviously D.O.A. I can't say I'm surprised it seems like an absolute waste of time and energy to create a proprietary menu on a part of the screen that no user will even think of using to navigate their app.

    Let me guess… was this a "Required Feature" pushed down from Marketing? Dave should have provided a filter for this before it got to the developers so that no time was wasted on this vs. implementing CSS text-shadows or fixing the broken IE DOM.

    Project Management Fail.

  29. Chris says:

    Although a nice feature, I dint really see its main purpose. Using hotmail inside your normal web browser has never been an inconvenience…

  30. harvey says:

    do people still use hotmail for something other than signing up for an MSN account?!?! hotmail is soooooo lame, not even my kids or their friends use hotmail any more.  No one willfully signs up for email that is chock full of massive flashing ads anymore.  Worse yet injects spammy signatures and ads in your correspondence,

    Add to that a useless feature on pinned sites? i dont think so.

  31. AntiOpenSource says:

    Ha ha harvery, you are a delusional loser. Hotmail has been the most innovative and beautiful email service in the last 3/4 years. It's incredibly good at stopping spam messages. I get ZERO spam on my Hotmail account. Hotmail is 1 billion times better than the pathetic, fugly, and unusable Gmail. Gmail is a joke compared to Hotmail. And usage figures reflect that. Hotmail is BY FAR the most popular email service in the universe. According to ComScore:

    1. 364 million Hotmail users

    2. 280 million Yahoo mail users

    3. 191 million users of the pathetic Gmail


    Ha ha, that busted your myth, didn't it? Lolllllllllllll. Plus the addition of this beautiful and productive taskbar pinning feature is going to make Hotmail even more desirable to the millions of customers across the globe.

    Hotmail FTW. IE9 FTW. Microsoft FTW. Gmail Sucks. Chrome Sucks. Google Sucks balls.

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