IE9 Release Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses

The final, consumer-ready Internet Explorer 9 is available for download starting
at 9:00 PM PDT at
in 39 languages. With this set of browser releases, the best experience of the
Web is on Windows. IE9 shows how your Web experience and browser are only as good
as the operating system they run on:

Fast. With IE9, the Web delivers a new level of performance by unlocking the
power of the PC hardware through Windows.

Clean. With IE9, consumers can keep sites at the center of their browsing
experience, pinning them to the taskbar and interacting with them the same way they
do applications.

Trusted. IE9 offers industry-leading protections (like SmartScreen) for the
real-world threats (such as malicious sites and phishing scams) that consumers face
every day on a sometimes-hostile Web.

Interoperable. With hardware-accelerated HTML5, developers can use the same
markup across browsers to deliver a new class of Web experiences that feel more
like apps than sites.

IE9 went from early preview to final release in less than a year, and in that time
became the fastest growing beta of IE ever, with over 40 million pre-release downloads
and 2% usage share on Windows 7. An important factor was the Web community’s engagement
as the IE team took a more open and transparent approach across the nine platform
releases of IE9.

Our new approach started with a regular cadence of meaningful platform previews.
We also regularly released “test drives” to illustrate what the platform makes possible,
along with comprehensive tests that we submitted to Web standards bodies. We blogged—a lot—to make sure that developers had the right information to succeed. We delivered
site-ready HTML5 in the product and treated more emerging technologies as part of
HTML5 Labs in order
to get your feedback and respect your time. We appreciate the community’s response.
Your help and feedback were crucial and informed the changes we made.

Acting on your feedback has been a key part of this release. With the Release Candidate,
for example, we took to heart over 17,000 pieces of feedback about IE9. We want
to thank the millions of people who have installed and used Internet Explorer 9
during pre-release testing. The value of your feedback in developing the product
is hard to overstate. The final release continues the pattern of acting on your
feedback. Some of the changes that RC users will find when upgrading to the final
version include:

Fast. We’ve made more performance improvements, especially on low-end machines.
For example, we did additional tuning for low-end GPUs, where you will find that
the Speed Reading test drive is even faster.

Clean. We’ve improved site pinning with multiple pinned targets per page.
Now, a site can offer users the ability to pin a site on another domain. For example,
a company with four distinct properties can offer all of them for pinning on one

Trusted. We’ve made a variety of improvements to Tracking Protection. For
example, we’ve added a link in the product to a gallery of Tracking Protection Lists
to improve discoverability, and enabled ActiveX controls like Adobe Flash to participate
in Tracking Protection.

Interoperable. We addressed many issues that the community reported (for
example, in SVG text anchoring and WOFF font embedding) to enable the same markup
to work consistently across browsers.

There are many overviews of the product available online. A recap of the last year
of engineering blog posts on IE9 is available
. At the site Beauty of the Web,
you will find an interactive product guide
. Release notes for developers and the Guide for Developers, are available
here and

IE9 will be available to Windows customers via Windows Update. Machines running
the IE9 beta or release candidates will be upgraded to the final release automatically.
this post
about Windows 7 explains, no software project is ever really done.
We will continue to monitor and act on the real world experience with IE9. The Beta
and RC process showed servicing in action, and we have every intention to continue
delivering on this important aspect of the product.

The Web is beautiful and powerful because of the developers and designers who build
it. For some time, the people who build the Web have had better ideas for their
customers than browsers have been able to deliver. Enabling developers to build
rich and immersive sites that feel like native applications on your Windows 7 PC
is at the heart of our approach with IE9.

On behalf of the individuals and companies who have worked with us to deliver this
product, and the many people at Microsoft who have built it, thank you for visiting and using IE9.

—Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer

Note: The IE team extends our sympathies to those affected by the massive
earthquake in Japan. Out of respect for the situation, we are delaying the rollout
of the final Japanese language version of IE9 to reduce load on network bandwidth
at such a critical time.

Comments (210)
  1. predictions says:

    .innerHTML will still not be fixed in IE9 and thus IE9 will STILL NOT BE HTML5 compliant! – I hope the RTM release prooves me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

  2. download fail says:

    Can't install IE9 final the error message dialog says the version I have (RC) is newer than the just downloaded version. nice fail.

  3. download fail says:

    download sizes vary depending on the link clicked – none install.

    2.4Mb is the default – fails to install.  going the manual route, the Win 7 32bit english DL 19.2Mb also fails.

  4. DT says:

    @download fail

    Isn't it only around 6PM PDT currently?

  5. download fail says:

    Why post a link and create a site that claims you can download the file, and lets you DL a binary if it isn't ready yet?!

    correction – site fail.

  6. Arieta says:

    Can we please get a version # for the final version, so we can distinguish between the RC and Final? Thanks.

  7. Real McCoy says:

    Thank you very much IE9 team. This is the excellent example of Microsoft Corporation listening to their customers and taking their feedback serious, more than any other. People around the world, really care about the quality and innovation delivered by Microsoft through their products and processes.

    I have a suggestion about your feedback process. At present, people can drop their suggestions at connect, which get updated by the Microsoft personnel via status change and messaging. In order to enhance the user experience, connect must reflect the importance of that suggestion or bug and the current status updated by the development team. Also, there must be some innovative way to drop the suggestions for the UI related feedback. For that matter, if you guys incorporate something like at connect, where clients can elaborate their suggestions diagrammatically and in a more flexible way. If the feedback is incorporated in the development lifecycle at an earlier stage, that would revolutionize your product. This goes for all those products, in which you are targeting all kinds of clientele i.e. current and future versions of IE, Windows, WP etc. about which the customers are fanatical and the competition is tough.

    This would not only bring up a great user experience with your feedback system, but it would make the user interaction more reliable and trustworthy.

  8. Real McCoy says:

    @download fail, apperantly its written under the header at "The final version of Internet Explorer 9 will be available beginning 9PM PT on March 14th. See you then!". Don't embarass youself anymore.

    @Arieta, according to…/Internet_Explorer_9, it would be 9.0.8112.16421

  9. Gérard Talbot says:

    1- What is IE9 final release's user agent string?

    2- How well does it score in the CSS 2.1 test suite RC6? What is its score (pass/fail/total) in the CSS 2.1 test suite RC6?

    3- Will non-fixed bugs (wontfix, "by design") but reproducible and confirmed bugs as spec violations be kept and reinserted accordingly for the next IE dev. phase so that people do not file again (and do not have to file again) bug reports like they had to do for IE7, then IE8 and then IE9. You know, I think this connect IE beta feedback system has undeniably been and is just *abusing* the good will, energy and time of bug reporters and beta testers.

    4- How well is this IE9 wrt accessibility? Any tests (and score) on this?

    5- How many opt-in lists (updated, managed by Microsoft) are there with IE9?

    6- What is Microsoft doing to motivate/encourage IE6 users and IE7 users to download and use instead IE8 or, if applicable, IE9?

    7- Is there a validation (HTML and/or CSS) built-in tool or add-on anywhere available for IE9?

    regards, Gérard Talbot

  10. Gérard Talbot says:

    8- Does IE9 implement a Site navigation toolbar, either as a standard built-in feature or as an add-on? Every other browser allows this, you know, either as a standard built-in feature or as an add-on.

    9- Is there any chance that Microsoft can reevaluate its position/stance wrt to support open video codecs?

    regards, Gérard Talbot

  11. gave up before IE9 says:

    Hi Gérard,

    I was with you for #3… as I was before IE9 betas came out.  Like hundreds of others I was thoroughly disgusted with the way our free testing and debugging was treated and thus I absolutely refused to be part of IE9 testing in Connect and will continue to do so unless Microsoft states up front that IE10 development will be different and they won't take us developers for granted.

    Here's hoping Microsoft has learned to stop burning bridges.

  12. IE9 ari says:

    Arieta it will be released soon, dhe une jom shqiptar 😉 shkruam në

  13. Adrian says:

    #7 – There's already a Validate option in the developer tools.

  14. Gérard Talbot says:

    10- I have to log in to connect IE beta feedback just to view bug reports, any bug reports (mine, yours, anyone else's etc). I have asked at least 3 times in this blog why such restraining, unexpected and arbitrary change in IE9 beta development phase as this login-required-to-view-bug-reports never existed during IE7 beta development phase and during the IE8 beta development phase and I never got a reply.

    regards, Gérard

  15. Gérard Talbot says:


    There was a validate link in IE8 but it was connecting to the W3C validator online ( )  and to ( ) but that is not like getting a trustworthy validation report *_offline_*. Firefox 2.x and Firefox 3.x can do that for HTML (see ) and CSS offline (see its Error console); Firefox 4.x will be able to continue to do that. Some other browsers will report also CSS parsing errors in their Error console, and again, also offline. Not IE8 for HTML and CSS validation. And not IE9 as far as I know.

    Having a link to the W3C validators is extremely easy to implement …. and can also overload/burden the W3C servers unneedlessly. Being able to validate webpages offline is really best, desirable, better for everyone involved.

    regards, Gérard Talbot

  16. tehk says:

    "…IE9 shows how your Web experience and browser are only as good as the operating system they run on…"

    IE9 only runs on Windows Vista / Windows 7, therefore its the worst of the five major browsers. The other 4 of the top five run on more OS's:

    Chrome: XP, Vista, 7, OSX, Linux

    Firefox: Same as Chrome

    Opera: Same as Chrome

    Safari: XP, Vista, 7, OSX

    That's a pretty pathetic assertion to make unless they didn't realize what they were asserting. This could be that M$ is run by marketing people though, and not real programmers.

  17. asdf says:

    When will IE10 be out? i.e. what kind of release schedule will IE have given that competitors have nightly dev builds and some have monthly releases.

  18. Marco Aurélio says:

    Congratulations on the great progress made with IE9! 🙂 Please don't stagnate again like you did with IE6. The web needs to move forward *fast*! We want:

    – Audio API

    – CSS Animation

    – CSS Flex Box Model

    – CSS Transitions

    – Text Shadows

    – WebWorkers

    – WebSockets (after the issues are fixed)


    – WebCL (It's starting to be developed! please take part on the process)

    Please consider smaller upgrades, adding new features as they're finalized. You don't need to overhaul everything. We should have IE9.1, 9.2 and so on, adding the stuff that didn't make the cut on 9.0, but that's not groundbreaking enough for IE10.

    Also, continuous performance improvements are going to be necessary to keep IE competitive.

    Having automatic updates like Google does is not a bad idea at all.


  19. Nickname says:

    yes the FINAL version is released now:

    🙂 enjoy and it is in 37 language including, France, German, Swedish, UK, etc etc, here is the link:…/internet-explorer

  20. Jace says:

    Here's a landing page which is loading at the moment:…/worldwide-languages

  21. Chris says:

    Gerard: Where to begin… They have mentioned several times that they will be bringing bugs forward to the next dev cycle so that hard work and energy is not wasted. By Opt-In lists do you mean TPLs? They are located at the following address for now and are maintained by their respective authors:…/TrackingProtectionLists . They held a funeral for IE6 and have are actively encouraging people to get rid of IE6: . Toolbars and extensions have long existed in all version of IE, so I'm sure a "site navigation toolbar" is out there somewhere waiting for you to download it.

    Also, before anyone complains, Speckie is a new in-line spellchecker for IE9:

  22. Rajesh Yalwar says:

    Nice work on the Browser.  A suggestion though – can you please use Google's Geolocation Service atleast until the "Microsoft Location Service" is ready for prime time? Or are you a victim of NIH syndrome? Chrome shows me where I am a lot more accurately – IE9 show me at the same point in my city no matter where I go.

  23. Hiroshi S. says:

    > The IE team extends our sympathies to those affected by the massive earthquake in Japan.

    > Out of respect for the situation, we are delaying the rollout of the final Japanese language version of IE9 to reduce load on network bandwidth at such a critical time.

    Well… thanks.

    Not sure what "respect for the situation" has to do with it though.

    I guess I will just install the English version then.

    Could you give a specific date when it will be available?

    A number of people in my office are angry that the Japanese version is being delayed.

  24. Brian says:

    Installation complete.

    I have been a long-time user of Firefox, but just like with iE7 and IE8, I will continue my promise to fairly evaluate each new IE.

    So far, IE9 seems to a HUGE improvement over IE8.

    However, the following two not ideal, especially HTML5.

    Acid3: 95 / 100

    HTML5 test: 130 / 400

    Concern: Not able to switch tabs with Ctrl+Page Up / Page Down.

    Anyway, it is not just numbers. I will fairly evaluate IE9 for at least a week to determine if it meets my needs.

    The same goes with upcoming browser releases for Firefox and Chrome.

    Hopefully there will be an IE 9.x as well with much shorter development cycles.

    I also hope to see IE 10 within a year.

    God speed!

    Best of luck

  25. alvatrus says:

    @Hiroshi S.

    I'm sure that they would be a lot angrier if massive IE downloads brought down perhaps already damaged internet connections in the affected area, thereby denying essential communications. Instead of just sending their sympathies, the IE team actively thought how they could, in their own small way, try to mitigate (or at least not worsen) the disaster. You can tell that your co-workers.

  26. Will says:

    Simple stuff that IE 9 fails at..

    1.) Ability to easily set source editor. Internet Options > Programs > HTML Editor no longer sets it.

    2.) No easy way to tell when a tab is unread.

    3.) ActiveX Filtering – No easy want to include/exclude sites. Once it's enabled for a site you have to modify registry to remove it. Lame!

    4.) No customizing of "New Tab". Cant control amount of "blocks" or anything. 🙁

    5.) No easy way to reopen a closed tab, you have to open a new tab and click it from the drop down list.

    6.) I have disabled "Suggested Sites" and yet still shows on "New Tab": "Discover other sites you might like" When Click you get: "Suggested Sites is currently turned off."

    Why the hell is this even show. Lame ad spam on new tab page.

    7.) What happened to the button to show a block layout of open tabs? "Quick tabs" I think it was called?

    8.) Cant open new tab with middle click. I should be able to open a new tab by middle click in the blank tab bar area.

    9.) Can't scroll between tabs using mouse scroll wheel.

    10.) Status bar is now pretty useless. Off by default and now only usage is zooming in and out. Lame!

    11.) Cant move home button to the left. Lame!

    So fix all this simple stuff for the love of God, please!!

  27. Hiroshi S. says:


    Not sure how your news portrays the situation, but it is likely very exaggerated.

    The Tōhoku region was surely devastated. The extend of the damage is still unknown.

    But Japan is much larger than that.

    Here in Tōkyō, there was a lot of shaking, but nearly no damage.

    The trains stopped for half a day and everyone bought out the supermarkets and convenience stores.

    Due to problems with a power plant up north, there are some energy concerns and conservation efforts.

    Going further west, there was absolutely no effect.

    Also, note that Microsoft said that they are delaying the Japanese version, not downloads to Japan or any particular region.

    Japanese is a language. There are Japanese speakers in most if not all countries on the planet.

    This delay will prevent Japanese speakers in countries such as the US from installing it as well.

    So if the concerns are genuine, then they should delay downloads (regardless of the language) to the Tōhoku region.

    That said, in the links above, I can see that the Japanese version is available for manual download.

    So, I am not sure what the IE team's comment is actually supposed to mean.

    Installing now.

  28. Jace says:


    3. If you visit a site for which ActiveX filtering is enabled, you'll see a blue circle with a line through it between the search icon and the refresh icon in the address bar. Click this icon to disable ActiveX filtering for that site.

    4. There are no less than 5 options which customize New Tabs under Tools, Internet Options, Tab Settings.

    5. Ctrl+Shift+T, OR, right-click an active tab and select Recently Closed Tabs, OR, click the new tab icon then click Reopen Cosed Tabs at the bottom left

    7. Click Tools, Internet Options, Tab Settings, then select "Enable Quick Tabs" and restart  your browser

    8. Try Ctrl+T ?

  29. arn says:

    Installation is time consuming and is not easy. It seems everything should be updated to be installed.

  30. Stilgar says:

    If the IE team loses a single second even thinking about implementing the totally useless WebGL instead of working on useful things like the new input types I am going to strangle a random WebGL supporter with my own hands 🙂

  31. bb says:

    beautyoftheweb does not load using ie9 rc tracking protection.

  32. DanglingPointer says:

    Thanks for resizing the "Clear List" button in download manager (now its equal to close button). Please consider the "Create Download" feature button in the upcoming updates…/create-download-in-ie9-download-manager  🙂

  33. John Leidegren says:

    This is definitely not the place but you leave me no choice, since I believe you've shutdown the connect web site for bug submissions. I submitted a couple of rendering bugs prior to RC and they were flagged as not reproducible, however, to my surprise one of them have not been fixed in this release version of IE9. I want to help IE9 become a better browser but I cannot help if the connect web site doesn't accept bug submissions. I will provide better more detail very specific reports (because clearly that's more helpful) but only if you let me.

  34. Fish Tank says:

    Congratulations IE team, a great release! 🙂

    Relax, enjoy, and know that we are looking forward to the next amazing leap forward with when you are ready to start sharing it.

  35. bla says:


    ..Is not important.  It's not a w3c standard.

  36. DanglingPointer says:

    Congratulations. On IE9 fails only 66 while IE9RC failed 67.

    Not to mention, 'failing only 66' on sputnik test is the best result as compared to any other browser till date.

  37. Will says:

    @Jace Thanks for that. Little better. 😉

    Afraid though after playing around for a few hours now I am stick with firefox. All because of addon support.

  38. tuxplorer says:

    I virtualized IE8 on Windows Vista today using App-V so that I may run it on Windows 8. I will never use the uber-dumbed down non-customizable Explorer 9.

  39. EinmalIM says:

    I really cannot understand why you ignored people like me who have problems looking at smoothed fonts as it tires my eyes quickly, giving me a headache after a while.

    And yes, I tried adjusting ClearType but it looks fuzzy and blurred in contrast to sharp fonts in all the other apps as I disabled smoothing of screen fonts in the Visual Effects settings of Windows 7.

    So I like to disable any kind of font smoothing or sub pixel positioning in IE 9 as well.

    Why do we have to go the WPF way again and argue if font smoothing must be turned on. It is just a flag in DirectWrite. Please give us an option to control that flag.

    Until then I have to go back to IE8 as my eyes can stand IE9 – too bad.


  40. Arieta says:

    I, too, would like an option to disable subpixel font rendering. For some, it is just too blurry.

    Also, I still want to re-enable the command bar (positioned next to the tabs), and put the Favorites/Home/etc buttons to the left of the tabs, like in IE8. Positioning the Favorites dropdown button to the right is simply illogical. It should be around the upper left corner, where the rest of the browser controls are located! You may as well move every control to a different corner now, same thing….

    Also, when you click on the gear icon for the Internet Options, any sub-menu will open to the left, even though their arrows point to the right. This IS the standard Windows menu behavior for items that don't fit in one direction, but still, it looks funny.

    More importantly, have you guys tried enabling the command bar and the favorites bar? The command bar is necessary if I want to access RSS feeds, and the favorites bar has been used by many, and now both are ugly (lack Aero background) and get in the way (no way to re-position them above or below anything). Oh, web slices are inaccessible now too.

    The UI of IE9 is, simply put, one step forward and two or three step backwards.

  41. Björn Sveinbjörnsson says:

    Installation failed on Swedish Windows Vista 32 bit. A dialog box pops up that informs me that the service pack is not supported and a button to get updates. Clicking the button opens a web browser with a page at microsoft where I can install two updates. When trying to install the updateds for Vista 32 bit it says that the updates are not for my type of computer/OS.

    Big Fail!

  42. DanglingPointer says:

    @Björn Sveinbjörnsson, you can get the required updates from windows-update. Open Windows update (start > type windows update > open and click check for updates) and select all the important updates and install them.

  43. Angry bird says:

    MICROSOFT: does this ERROR rings a BELL ->>…/font-rendering-is-worse-in-ie9-than-ie8 ??? OH PLEASEEEEE

  44. Don Reba says:

    Not switching 'till I get my search box back. Thank you.

  45. Cristi says:

    Same problem with ClearType blurry fonts here, despite endless issues on Connect. So much for "acting on feedback".

    Very dissapoining indeed 🙁

  46. hAl says:

    For those having font issues. Could they try setting the browser from GPU in software rendering (Options => advanced tab) or vice versa,  possibly with restarting the browser, to see if it changes the rendering of text.

  47. Laura T. says:

    Congratulations and thanks!

    After many years, IE is back as my default browser (I still have Chrome, Firefox 4bxx and Safari). Why?

    Because of the speed. It starts quickly and runs well. And have not found one page that does no render ok.

    Couldn't care less for text shadows, WebGL, WebWorkers, WebSockets and sorts. Actually it is a good thing that text shadow is out, better reading.

    Now there *is* still room for improvements in the HTML5 field that I sincerely hope you will be able to add in more faster release cycle.

    Lot of HTML5 things  not yet implemented are very useful and they should be used. Asap. They help devs and users.

  48. Sune DK says:

    ClearType blurry fonts here.

    Please fix it.

  49. Björn Sveinbjörnsson says:

    Still problems on Vista 32 bit after all Vista updates are installed. Did document the procedure here


  50. Sune DK says:

    Just an add-on to my comment above – it was too short.

    I simply do not get it.

    MS spends so much time and energy developing IE9 and you completely F*** up something as simple as font rendering.

    I have a low-end machine – Inspiron 6000 – GFX: ATI Mobility X300.

    Yes I know it is old but it has been running fine for years.

    What I care about is something as simple as being able to READ the text on my screen without getting a headache.

    I can not do that in IE 9 FINAL – and I could not do that in the IE9 RCs released either.

    I thought you would have fixed something as basic as this before the RTM.

    I can not turn hardware/software rendering on/off – or whatever tweak someone recommends for people in my situation.

    And also the ClearType calibration tool in W7 is a joke.

    I am not trying to 'scare' you, but if you do not fix this issue FAST, I am going to switch to Firefox.

    You spent so much time and energy in developing IE9 , and you scared me into using another browser.

  51. EinmalIM says:

    @hAI – tried that and it did not change anything

  52. Paulius says:

    How does that "bad" font rendering looks like?

  53. Good says:

    @Sune DK

    Idem in Windows 7 SP1 and Intel 945 GMA.

  54. Sune DK says:

    @Paulius – blurry

    @Good – Huh?

    @Paulius – I have seen that URL before. Every time I try to load it, I get "Page Not Found" – Yes I am logged in?

  55. Arieta says:

    What is the correct keyboard shortcut for the Favorites panel? The documentation says Alt + C, but that one just highlights the address bar, same as Ctrl + L.

    Alt + A seems to work on most sites….

    I'm using the localized Hungarian version of IE9, maybe that is the problem.

  56. Jack says:

    Amazing release, IE9 is very fast and very stable. Compared to chrome, ff en opera this browser is absolutely the best for enterprise networks.

    Bookmark sync should be added to IE9.1 asap. Without the need to install the bulky Windows-live suite. It should be a part of IE.

  57. Arieta says:

    Whoops, one problem with Alt + A: If a site sets an accesskey to the A key, then I can't access the Favorites panel.

    Seriously, did you guys even tried out this browser, for anything else than checking your facebook page?

  58. Nick says:

    Installed IE9, rebooted as requested. Still have the BlurryType fonts.

    Was this not going to be fixed before IE9 went RTW?!?!?!? The font rendering is horrible! I can't believe this made it past anyone in Q.A. at Microsoft.  Please buy the Dev & Q.A. team new glasses and issue a patch as soon as possible.

  59. Olivier says:

    Why Microsoft has delayed IE9 only for Japan ? You better would have to delay IE9 for everyone. 6 more months would have probably be ok to correct the biggest problems.

  60. NickN says:

    When will be the IEAK9 RTM available for download?

  61. EinmalIM says:

    @Sune DK – I guess you need to Join IE9 feedback with your LiveID to view public items. Just open, click on Directory (top right) and Join IE9 feedback.

  62. Sune DK says:


    Yeah, I figured it out.

    I was logged in but I had to take a survey before I could read the page.

    @IE9 Team:

    I hope you fix the blurry problem ASAP.

    I would rather go out and buy a brand new PC than switch to one of the 'alternative' browsers -:)

  63. Surya says:

    When will IE9 be available in WSUS?

  64. Disappointed says:

    Why have you ignored every single person who reported the bad font issue?  One bug in the tracker has over 70+ reports of this alone.  Yet again, I'll be uninstalling IE9 and going back to IE8, as I still cannot find a way to correct this.  Maybe I'll try again if you issue a fix, but until then, back to IE8.

  65. Stilgar says:

    @Disappointed – go for constant compatibility view. The hardware acceleration works in compatibility view so you get some of the benefits of IE9. Standards, canvas and video be damned I want readable fonts back!

  66. Bob says:

    Why does IE9 hate my favicon 🙁 IE8 used to play nicely with it, but IE9 refuses to show it. Aside from that IE9 appears to be a big improvement so far.

  67. Richard says:

    Hi, I've just installed IE9 and here are my first impressions (I'm on Vista Ultimate fully updated);

    It works for the sites I have visited so far whoa!

    BUT I 100% agree with @Arieta above, the interface is one step forward but two backwards;

    I want to be able display favorites on the left (in Latin languages it is more natural to read from left to right)

    And the 'Find on this Page option' has been further buried on the Tools menu. Why?

    But the Favorites button is so far the most disappointing.

    Why can't I either a) customise the address toolbar to move the Favorites button or b) why not provide the option to have a Favorites button on the Favorites Bar?

    Sorry if I sound overly negative but end user customisation has always been something I've taken for granted in MS products.

    I have Googled for a solution to the Favorites problem but there doesn't appear to be on 🙁

    (Incidentally, I'm appalled at the way people are being recommended to learn keyboard shortcuts to acces features buried in sub-menus. Its like going back to the 90s!)

    Until it's fixed, I'll probably revert back to IE8, which actually was fine for me (Just to add perspective, I also have Chrome and Opera and neither gave me any real benefit over IE8).

  68. Bananero says:

    I'll state one thing or two for improvements on the UI. First I'd like to see a history feature in the navigation buttons like in previous version, plus a correct render of them -this is not really a big deal but it gives a sense of being a beta product stil-. Also, the info messages like ActiveX required or popup blocked are usefull in terms of options but too intrusive.

  69. RSix says:

    Font Rendering Bug still alive, why? So annoying … already reported 1000times from over 1000users. minimize the window should clean up the bug, but this is not a real solution.

  70. Arieta says:

    Juanjose: Click and hold on the back arrow for browsing history.

  71. Blair says:

    IE9 still fails 4 tests on the Fail Whale test.

    I thought in IE that attempting to modify a table's contents via .innerHTML failed silently in IE8 after throwing exceptions in IE6 and IE7?  I ask because as part of the Fail Whale test IE9 RTM throws an exception again!

    This was a huge let down (and now a regression) considering we all expected it to be properly fixed for HTML5 support.

    PS The font rendering in IE9 on 2nd/3rd displays is god-awful! – not sure what happened but the text all looks oily.

    Very disapointed,


  72. Theo says:

    All that time and you couldn't fix all the dialogs in IE?

    Typical IE Dialog failure:…/capture03152011084637.png

    This is the customize toolbar dialog… NON-RESIZABLE and the sublists require both HORIZONTAL and vertical scrolling.

    Did I mention that I run at at least 1600×1200?  This dialog could contain 2 times as many options and still fit easily on my screen, if only I could stretch it to a usable size!

    Lets not even get into the IE options dialog – a disaster since the day it was created.

    Finally I moved my Stop/Reload icons to the left back in IE8 because IE7/IE8 destroyed the browser chrome usability experience – but now in IE9 they are part of the address bar thus look totally out of place on the left and I want to move them back to the right.  I did find the option by right-clicking them, but it wasn't as easy or as obvious a setting as it was in IE8.

    Oh that's better – kind of.  Now I have 6 different icons in the address bar on the right hand side….. this UI just gets worse and worse.  Whose idea was it to put these icons (stop/reload) into the address bar anyway – this doesn't make sense.

  73. gawicks says:

    I love what you have done in building a very solid browser .perf is excellent .also quite a leap in terms of standards compliance . Congrats!

    However it saddens me to see that feedback on connect especially the ones relating to UI customizability and features are still active without any resolution or have been

    marked as 'Won't Fix' with out a rational explanation.

    You guys tout the download statistics of your betas. but if you don't take feedback seriously what's the point?

  74. NickN says:

    Seems like Tracking Protection block now AdSense ads _by default_ in IE9 RTM. It didn't in the IE9 RC.

    I see a huge clash coming because of that both from Google and also from web publishers. Microsoft just killed half off half of the internet (mostly small publishers living from AdSense).

  75. RSix says:

    Example Font Rendering Bug. Go to…/news.php with IE9. Unsharp? Yes. Press F11 2times, … magic Font is sharp. FIX this Bug, 2,5 years now.

  76. Cezary Tomczyk says:

    IE9 doesn't support XMLHttpRequest2 (multiple upload, progress, etc.) and have bug when You use MS filter+gradient+border radius then box will not croped properly. Other browsers have much more functionality implemented. I'm disapointed by IE Team.

  77. qwerty says:

    Why is document.all still working in IE9 Standards mode? This was on the promised list for getting back on the standards track to be deprecated in IE9.

    Can anyone pull up the Connect # for this issue?

  78. Olivier says:

    @Richard : the last customizable browser from Microsoft was IE6 🙁

    @Theo : you seems a bit selfish with your 1600×1200… Don't you care about all the users who runs at 320×200 ? 🙂

  79. Sune DK says:

    @RSix ; Still unsharp – that was not a 'magical' fix.

  80. beergas says:

    Install over IE9 RC with Win 7 32x Ultimate SP1 went fast & easy from site.  Asked to close several running apps & IE windows.  Update then quickly.  Reboot and good to go. Seems even faster than the RC which itself was faster than beta.

  81. flob says:

    Another day, another IE6.

  82. Björn Sveinbjörnsson says:

    Strange. Vista 32 bit needs SP2. If you are running without the service packs Vista reports that no updates are available. So SP1 and SP2 do not constituta an update ?? After manually downloading and installing SP1 and SP2 IE9 installed.


  83. DanglingPointer says:

    On MSIE9 fails only 18. Beat other browsers in this test too by a wide margin! Great work IE9 and keep fixing other bugs like…/font-rendering-is-worse-in-ie9-than-ie8

  84. Sune DK says:

    @RSix – Using F11 2 times did not do any good on my PC. I have already switched back to IE8 🙁

  85. RSix says:

    @sune, oh … yeah i understand why you do that. this is an really old bug, but someone sleep. alpha, beta, … so many tests and reports to this issue, but no fix. amazing. i can fix this with maximizing and minimizing the window, short F11. but this is never a solution. very sad … IE9 is a really nice Browser, but this Bug fail this Release,

  86. DanglingPointer says:

    @qwerty, it appears that nobody had submitted the ticket about document.all. Therefore,I have just created the ticket:…/discontinue-document-all-for-ie9-standard-mode

  87. DanglingPointer says:

    Guys, click "I can too" on connect issues which you think as they must be incorporated in IE9 via forthcoming updates. It is their equivalent to bump!

  88. Mike Wilmington says:

    VPC images?  I know it will hurt to have all that hardware acceleration fail miserably inside a Virtual PC, but us XP users still need a way to test sites in IE9.  Can we please have a VPC image with IE9?

  89. hAl says:

    Are many of those with the font issues using Intel on-board (GMA) graphics ?

  90. Brianary says:

    All the other browser vendors seem to be embracing declarative HTML5 form validation:…/html5-form-validation-on-sumo

    So, again, IE will become the cause for significant additional development time, since practically all forms need validation. Great. But at least my online banking will incorporate hardware acceleration!

  91. Stilgar says:

    @hAl, но. EVERYONE has the font issue. However some people are not annoyed by it. Different people have different eyes and look at different sites (depending on the font size the issue can become worse or almost disappear). The IE team thinks this bug is a feature. They even made a blogpost explaining how cool their new bug is.

    On the other hand it seems like some people with Intel graphics are complaining about missing hardware acceleration.

  92. hAl says:


    No, most people do not have any font issue because their systems renders the font differrent than the systems of those people complaining.

  93. Geddesign says:

    IE9's HTML5 support is pathetic. They have no right to say its HTML5 compliant. Just take a look at

  94. Sergii says:

    x64 version of IE 9 RTM is 4 times slower than x86 (SunSpider).


  95. Steve says:

    I HATE IE 9! because it is not available for XP

  96. mplazear says:

    I would like to throw my hat into the ring and politely request that you allow us to disable ClearType. IE9 is unusable in this state.

  97. Gérard Talbot says:


    > They have mentioned several times that they will be bringing bugs forward to the next dev cycle so that hard work and energy is not wasted.

    That's what they said too right after IE7 release and IE8 release. But the hard fact is that non-fixed bugs ("by design" and Wont fix) which were nevertheless confirmed and valid ones had to be reported and filed again by beta testers and web developers for the IE9 beta cycle. This sort of system abuses the energy, time of beta testers and web developers.

    > By Opt-In lists do you mean TPLs?

    I mean all of the created, updated and managed lists by Microsoft: compatibility view list included.

    > (…) I'm sure a "site navigation toolbar" is out there somewhere waiting for you to download it.

    I searched and never found it. Please provide a link, a webpage address if you are still sure about this. Every other browser (Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 5, Chrome, Konqueror 4.x, NS 7.x, Icab, etc.) has one built-in natively or has an extension add-on available. Some text browsers have had one since HTML 2.0 was official (1995).

    Gérard Talbot

  98. Steve678 says:

    I assume 32bit IE9 final is faster than 64bit IE9 final?

    "Q: What does 64bit IE9 get faster JavaScript benchmark scores than IE8 but slower scores than 32bit IE9?

    In IE9 there's one other major difference between the 32bit and 64bit versions of IE. IE9 includes a new script interpreter which is much faster than the script interpreter in IE8. However, 32bit IE9 also includes a Just In Time (JIT) script compiler which converts script into machine code before running it. There is no JIT compiler for 64bit IE. So, for benchmarks like SunSpider (and script-heavy sites) 32bit IE9 runs script up to 4 times as fast as 64bit IE9 (which itself runs script around 5x as fast as IE8). So, you could end up paying a significant speed penalty when using 64bit IE9 vs using the default 32bit version."…/q-a-64-bit-internet-explorer.aspx

  99. alex_sunny says:

    We are an independet software vener. Our tax software is listed at Canada goverment website.

    Our software is digitally signed by a Authenticode signature issued by Thawte. Our https: webiste is also carry a secure site seal issued by Thawte.

    When we download our software by using IE 9, we see the "… is not commonly downloaded and can harm your computer" warning from Smartscreen Filter.

    So our question is how can we build the reputation so that  Smartscreen Filter of IE 9 does not give the download warning?

    Is it enough to digitally sign our software by a Authenticode signature issued by a Verisign? (Thawate is now part of Verisign anyway.)

    Or do we have to "Apply for a Windows Logo" as per Microsoft blog below?…/stranger-danger-introducing-smartscreen-application-reputation.aspx

  100. loodwig says:

    It looks like I have a new Microsoft product to curse the name of.  Here's to prayers that there will not be an IE10

    I keep a chart next to my desk of the decline of IE in the last two years, which is the only hope I have that sanity will overtake the world of browsers before they go the way of buggy whips, CRT monitors, and zip drives.  It's nothing personal against Microsoft of course, but given that the quality of your product has made my job difficult for the last ten years it's safe to assume this is going to be crap before anyone uses it.  I would request that you prove me wrong, but I think that goes against your business model somehow.  I'd wish you'd either a: release something that made an attempt to conform to internet standards (instead of your tradition of trying to set them), b: release adequate debugging tools when we inevitably have to spend hours fixing javascript and css (and now likely html5) errors in your browser or c: get out of the browser business all together and focus on what you're good at as opposed to trying to do a mediocre horizontal monopoly.  Understand that a large (and thankfully declining) market share does not mean you are good at making a product; it simply means you're good at selling a product.  You can't fool all the people all of the time, so please… stick with operating systems and video games and stop hurting American productivity, security, and sense of well-being.

  101. aerworker says:

    Another BIG fail! During the first day of using IE 9 I found two bugs in old functionality. The first bug related to TextRange' s findText method. Now it works incorrectly in some cases. The second: in some cases adobe pdf documents are not displayed via plug-in, though they are downloaded. I can provide samples to reproduce them but there's no place to report bugs after release and Feedback program is closed. We have to disable some features in our product if new version of IE.

  102. ieblog says: remains open for filing bugs against the IE9 final release.

  103. ieblog says:

    @Hello: Please use the Email Blog Author link near to the top of the right column if you'd like personal assistance. I will be deleting these comments shortly.

  104. @ieblog says:

    I apologize looking for an answer. Thanks.

  105. Noooooo says:

    I closed a tab (it just happened to be the last tab)… NOT THE WHOLE BROWSER!!! I WILL NEVER WANT TO CLOSE MY BROWSER BY CLOSING A TAB!… if I want to close the entire browser there is already a great big !@#$ing RED X in the TOP RIGHT CORNER of my browser! (or ALT+F4)

    Please for the love of all things chocolate make this an option (preferably off by default).

  106. hannsg says:

    Smartscreen won't let me run the downloaded install exe because it doesn't have enough information about it.  You guys are just not good at what you do.

  107. R][N says:

    Font rendering is terrible.

  108. Mikael says:

    Font rendering makes text unreadable and gives me headache!

  109. To the folks who dislike IE9's font rendering: Please use the Email Blog Author link near to the top of the right column and answer a few questions for me, if you would: (1) Do you have Adobe Creative Suite or Adobe Photoshop installed? (2) Do you use a CRT or LCD monitor? (3) What brand of CRT or LCD do you use? (4) Please send me the URL of one or more sites where the fonts look particularly bad.


  110. David says:

    It's sad really. Who'd have thought all that time and effort on new features and functionality would pretty much drive me to the competition?

    The fuzzy rendering on the previews made me check out the alternatives. The inability or unwillingness to give us an option to switch it off is pretty much the end of the line. And before everyone jumps in blaming my eyesight, cleartype tuning, graphics card, monitor, etc… WE'VE TRIED THAT. All we're asking for is an *option*.

    Firefox beckons… Actually. Why am I still here? I can customise the interface pretty much how I like. And it's not like any sites I visit need hundreds of little elves and snowflakes… Time to vote with our feet.

  111. Mario says:

    @Ted Johnson [MSFT]  There is still a problem in Internet Explorer 9. When a website owner puts in the html for the favicon like for example if the owner of the site has the link to the favicon  The Favicon won't show in IE9.  But they put it in  the  Icon will show.   Come out with an update to fix this please? =)  I tried it in google chrome and firefox 4 and the Icons show.   Please please please fix this microsoft!   I LOVE IE9 it is faster than google chrome.  last year i thought about downloading Firefox to use but than i heard of IE9 🙂

  112. Mario says:

    @IEBlog Look at my comment about the favicon not showing if they site owner doesn't but www. in the link to the favicon.

  113. Dolmen says:

    The worst IE release ever: it crashes at startup on Vista x86.

    I even disabled all extensions (I didn't have much anyway, just Java, Flash and PDF)  from the control panel but this did not fix anything. My home page is "about:blank" and I also tried to start with -nohome without success.

  114. Dolmen says:

    To add to my previous comment: the crash recovery included in IE9 makes the thing worse, as it crashes again when it tries to recover. So it is a crash loop that requires to be fast with the mouse to close the IE window.

  115. gabe says:

    any idea what we can expect post ie9 will microsoft keep relasing platform preview builds of next ie version or what will there be

  116. Dolmen says:

    Fixed by enabling software rendering (Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced). This is a Dell Studio Hybrid 140g. Video: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset family. Driver: 2009-07-03 version

  117. Connect won't connect says:

    @ieblog – you claim that Connect is still up, but it is pathetically slow, and only shows new bugs (none of the old ones).

    We've discussed our distaste with your inabilities to not tick off the developer/tester community by constantly shutting Connect down and flushing hours, and hours worth of work users spent submitting bug reports and verifications.

    Please advise what Microsoft plans to do moving forward because as it is painfully obvious at the moment that the current system does not work in the slightest.

    Here are my first bug reports:

    1.) TURN BLURRY TYPE OFF BY DEFAULT, and if you are keeping it, you need to seriously fix it! (there are MAJOR REGRESSIONS since IE8)

    2.) Closing the last tab should NOT close the browser (or if you are going to do this, make it a setting so we can TURN IT OFF!)

    3.) Pinned sites show inconsistent chrome – that doesn't look like the normal IE9, nor does it revert to the normal IE9 chrome when users open new tabs, or remove the original pinned tab

    4.) setting .innerHTML on Table (and children) and Select (and children) elements DOES NOT WORK – and even throws exceptions in some cases.  This is part of basic HTML5 DOM manipulation.  If you want to claim interoperability with HTML/JavaScript that all the other browsers support, YOU NEED TO SUPPORT IT TOO!

    5.) document.all SHOULD BE DEPRECATED in IE9

    6.) Geolocation in IE9 is NO WHERE NEAR AS ACCURATE as other browsers.

    7.) ActiveX blocking needs many improvements.

    8.) Pinned sites are not loading toolbars/activex/bho's correctly.  This provides an inconsistent interface and confusing user experience. Please fix ASAP.

    9.) Favicons still don't show up in the addressbar select list

    10.) Addressbar URL's should be on the left, with Labels on the right (this was brought up in IE8 betas but not fixed)

    11.) The droplist on the addressbar (when tabs are on the same row) is too narrow to see anything other than root domains which is not helpful at all when navigating in the url. (nor is it resizable)

    12.) The context menu on the taskbar includes "pinned" sites that are no longer pinned (and / or the file does not exist)

    13.) The right-click menu contains a massive amount of links – I'm not sure when these all got in there but even with only 3 accelerators 3/4 of my vertical screen size is consumed with menu now

    14.) Typing something like "java" in the search/address bar matches %java% against history and bookmarks and fills the URL with pre-emtive text hiding what I'm actually trying to type

    15.) The about:tabs screen uses the Windows 95 scrollbars (shink your browser to see depending on content).. not the Windows 7, or even Vista style, or even Windows XP style (regression)

    16.) I'm sorry, but the SQUARE tabs are such a UI regression from IE8 or even the IE9 betas that it isn't funny… they are very ugly.  I realize this is a personal preference, but one of the nice things about tabs was the visual differentiation they provided between layers of content.  In IE9 RTM that "feature" of tabs is all but gone now – significant regression

    17.)  Why is there a menu option for "go to pinned sites" in the tools menu when it just takes you to a microsoft site to spoon feed you marketing?  The label implies it will take me to a tab similar to about:tabs, with all the sites I have pinned

  118. Lawrence says:

    When Youtube is minimized, I can't watch the video from my Win7 taskbar thumbnail

  119. Stifu says:

    @Lawrence: lol… You're doing it wrong.

  120. Aethec says:

    @Ted Johnson: All sites look bad. All of them. Black on white text is acceptable (but worse than GDI font rendering), white on black is bold, fuzzy and hard for the eyes.

    If you want more details, go talk to the WPF text team – they had the same problem (actually, it was even worse), and they fixed it.

  121. ThomasScheidegger says:

    As long as there is no way to fully disable this font sub-pixel / ClearType nonsense, I recommend to boycott MSIE9.

    @Ted Johnson [MSFT], please stop blaming third-party, fix YOUR own design flaw, and start reading comments at:…/sub-pixel-fonts-in-ie9.aspx

  122. ie9user says:

    I installed ie9 and I'm actually happy! But there's one HUGE problem.

    Tab coloring is unreadable without bright desktop background.

    Example –

    Is it possible make groups' colors stronger, as in ie8? But I guess not… sad you didn't test for readability 🙁

  123. Some Guy says:

    The problem with fonts seems to come from the "Document Mode: IE9 standards".  Every single site that I look at with developer tools open, where the document mode is set to IE9 standards as the page default, makes that sites fonts look like crap.  If a site's default doument mode is Quirks mode, Internet Explorer 7 standards, or Internet Explorer 8 standards, the font looks great.  If setting any site with the busted fonts to anything other than IE9 standards than the fonts look fine again.  Taking a site that's already in one of the other quirks or standard modes by default, and setting to IE9 standards, the font looks like garbage.  So the only way currently, I get sharp "normal" looking fonts again, is (as others have suggested) to enable compatibility mode for all sites, which is obviously not a fix, but can pass for now.  The real solution is to fix whatever is busted the IE9 standards mode.  I've also tried on various CRT's, LCD, and LED screens, systems with different video cards/drivers and compatibility mode so far is the only workaround on all of them.

  124. DanglingPointer says:

    @Ted Johnson [MSFT] : Please consider communicating the font rendering issue at connect. The following ticket has 75-reproduces and 51-comments thus far:…/font-rendering-is-worse-in-ie9-than-ie8

  125. Klaus says:

    The worst explorer I've had since starting Internet. Crashes during IE-Vista startup with ieframe.dll error in a loop. I deinstalled and reinstalled, tried to startup without add-ons. Nothing. Absolutely unusable. CRAP! See screenshots at Facebook:

    That was the commercial pre-release one week ago, and still the same fault in the actual release 🙁  SUSPENDED!

  126. Some Guy says:

    And here's another really bizarre thing.  Compatibility mode still isn't getting it quite right either.  Right now all sites are in compatibility mode, but lets take MSN for example.  Looks 99% better than before in IE9 standards mode, however some fonts still don't look quite right.  I open (only open and do not change anything) the developer tools, and magically those remaining fonts all reset themselves, now everything looks 100% back to normal.  I just tried the same trick on this page, as compatibility mode is still on, and looked pretty good already, and just opening the developer tools improved things even more.  Now once again, the fonts look 100% back to normal.  There is definitly something broken there.

  127. DanglingPointer says:

    @Mario, please use to submit a feedback about the favicon issue. If that complaint is already filed, please click "I can too" link, so it gets highlighted (gains priority) in the feedback system. Also, you can leave comments against the already-filed-ticket. Incidentally, I myself follow the following steps, and never have problem in IE6,7,8,9 FF2,3,4 Safari 3,4,5 and Chrome/Opera:

    1. In document head I use, <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="/favicon.ico" /> a relative link, providing favicon resides in server's root.

    2. At the bottom of the page, if footer if applicable, i put these tags to force the browser download all of the following resources and if any one of them is found it instantly appears as browser's favicon:

             <img alt="" src="/favicon.ico" style="width:1px;height:0px" />

             <img alt="" src="/images/favicon.ico" style="width:1px;height:0px" />

             <img alt="" src="./favicon.ico" style="width:1px;height:0px" />

    This covers all the conflicting scenarios and interoperability issues of favicon, *nix webservers, diff flavors of browsers etc.

    I hope this helps.

    ~ beauty-of-the-web m/m/

  128. DanglingPointer says:

    @Klaus, can you try this: Gear > Internet Options > Advanced > RESET

    Hope this might help !!

    Please elaborate the problem in detail and file the issue on connect if persist. Also, you have sent the incorrect facebook link to view screenshot of errors. You can use to share that kind of screenshot. Or you can simply file a ticket on connect where you have an option to attach a file.

  129. ie9user says:

    Tab closing – it's first day and I already closed two tabs by accident… who thought that allowing tab closing without opening them would be a good idea? It's idiotic. It should be an option.

    GUI is beta quality. Seems to me you concentrated all your effors on the engine and gui is an afterthought…

  130. DanglingPointer says:

    @Some Guy, [I presume] I am not sure but it sounds like something to do with display-device-context; after processing with cleartype the repainting of content have some adjustment problem. May be its not the problem with CleaType atall that people are referring to !!

  131. Warp9 says:

    IE9 is fast!

    Here's a quick speed test I conducted that shows IE9 RTM vs. Chrome 10 launch/render speed for a handful of common, popular web sites:

    IE9 wins every time.

  132. zzz says:

    Some pages like YouTube now look OK in compat mode but others like Google's search results are fuzzy (100% zoom, medium text size). Of course without compat mode all pages look horrible. This was tested on both in some Samsung PVA LCD and a CRT which both have IE8 and Opera render everything equally good. With no problem on apps using GDI ClearType on either LCD/CRT on apps other than IE9, I'm not going to go around changing global system settings that have effect on apps other than IE9.

  133. Some Guy says:

    I'm now able to reproduce my steps above on any site with font issues.  I've taken screenshots, and compared a enlarged section of text from MSN with default, compatibility, and compatibility with enabling developer tools (I've also found that just pressing ALT to display the menu also works) and put them together for comparison.  That image link is below:…/comparason.jpg

    Also zzz above is correct.  I've found that Google displays fine by default, as (according to developer tools in IE9) it's using IE8 standards mode by default.  For some reason, when compatibilty mode is forced on, it then shifts to using IE9 standards mode, which then brings back the bad fonts (not sure if this is an IE or a problem with Google's page code).

    I should also add (if it matters) that my cleartype settings are off, and I'm using WIndows 7.

    Hopefully some of this might be helpful to the IE devs to get this issue resolved.

    Maybe someone else who is experiencing the issue can test and see if they get the same results…

  134. Riasat says:

    Can anyone tell me how can I open mailto: using IE9 and hotmail/gmail?

  135. forgetfoo says:

    i just installed it and sites like Gizmodo and Engadget are all messed up – portions of the sites aren't being displayed at all, like all the posts on engadget are simply a large blank whitespace… my personal blog,, is all jacked up but looks perfectly fine in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari – as well as IE8 before today.  *sigh*

    running 64-bit Win7 here.

  136. Hok says:

    Please fix the font rendering.…/196870_1922035128156_1160404390_32425179_5495320_n.jpg

    My head dizzy and my eyes hurt when viewing the IE9 and all application that use IE9 API.

    Also please add in the start up wizard (first launch) if the user want new or classic search bar and UI. In all browser, the most confusing to use for me is Google CHROME. Why? Because I don't know how to do a thing. It just an alien browser. I like the old browser with a menu bar, search bar. Even if IE 9 want to be difference just use RIBBON like Office. Now I am also confuse using IE 9 just like I did with Chrome.

    About the UI since this is a Microsoft software, we can make our own UI like Maxthon, etc. Unfortunately, the dizziness is still there 🙁

  137. JerryR says:


    "My head dizzy and my eyes hurt when viewing the IE9 and all application that use IE9 API. "

    Interesting as your pictures show us that you are clearly NOT using IE9

  138. JerryR says:


    Gizmodo and Engadget seem to be fine in IE9

  139. Miong says:

    @Hok: Font anti-aliasing is system-wide deactivated, therefore IE9 falls back to greyscale anti-aliasing, you need to activate Cleartype.

  140. CharlesA says:

    Anyone having an issue after installing IE9 when using ALT+TAB the preview list loses focus and all windows seem to be always on top? The only way to get over this issue for me was to uninstall IE9.

  141. Zahni says:

    Working fine so far. But give me the IE8 GUI back.

    Why is the favorites "Star" on the far right side ? And additionaly, it is placed bettween two other symbols (I never use the hompage symbol, my hompage is about:blank).

    Why ist the "command bar" in full length an can't be moved at the right side ? Why I can't add (as workaround) the favorites/feeds "star" to the command bar ?

    Why is the "RSS Feed" Symbol only at comlmand bar visible ? At the adress bar, some symbols (stop an reload f.e.) are difficult to hit with an touchpad.

    At the GPO's, there is an option to make symbols larger. This helps a little bit.Where is such option at the GUI ("make symbols larger").

    I Think, the GUI of IE8 was almost fine and done. Why this big change ?

    Again, give me back the IE8 GUI.

  142. Esben says:

    This is the best browser in the world! 🙂 Congratulations IE team!

  143. Cboyken says:

    Any news on the IEAK-9, the RC is still online……/bb219517

    => Dutch version needed!   ^   ^

  144. EinmalIM says:

    @CharlesA: I had that alt-tab phenomenon on my laptop with IE9 RC as well. Uninstall IE9 RC fixed it, reinstall brought it back. On another machine (both Win7) IE9 RC did not influence the alt-tab function. With IE9 RTM my laptop had no problems with alt-tab. So I do not know what preconditions must be met to trouble alt-tab in that way.

  145. Stupid idiot,

    If you delete my most this does not makes you not stupid!

    You are band of stupid idiots, and not programmers!

    I can make a list with a lot of idotisms in IE9 and one of them is IE9 x64 task bar icon

    If you delete again my post I will contact your boss

  146. Hok says:

    @JerryR –> I use one yahoo messenger 11 beta with the up part is using IE api (doesn't blur with IE 8 installed), the other are IE 9 for FB pages, and a comparison IE 9 RTM with FF 4 RC.

    @Miong –> I don't know why am dizzy with a clear type so that I disable clear type in system wide. I use windows classic theme, and best performance preset. It just work fine with IE 8. The text is sharp and normal like other windows font rendering. I need a registry hack / tips to make the IE 9 font rendering normal or at least respect the global clear type setting (that is disable).

    @IE team –> when I can right click in the tool bar and find 2 words "Search Bar"? In RC there is still an option to do so but a bit buggy and unfortunately removed in final.

    Thank you.

  147. Stanley says:

    So I just installed speckie becaauuse the IE9 browser has STILL failed to install a speeelcheecker by default.  It works reallly well on most sites, just like other browsers that are actually "with-it" in terms of what users need.

    In this comment howeever mi spelling is atroshus because the IE blug does something very weird with their forms to try and be all sexy-Ajax like and they've instead ruined the usability of a simple HTML form.

    Still can't believe that Microsoft can't ship a complete  browser – it doesn't reflect well on Microsoft as being a company that cares about their end users.

  148. Claudia says:

    Why oh why! did you change the dialog for onBeforeWindowUnload???? now I have to think about which answer I need to click on because you removed the [Ok] [Cancel] buttons that were SO INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS AND EASY TO USE!

    Even better, there is no [X] cancel button on the dialog either so you can't just dismiss the dialog if you get confused either.

    You can't press [Escape] either to dismiss the dialog

    And you can't even LEAVE the current TAB to go view another webpage until you dismiss the dialog!!!!


    Can you also add a whole bunch of extra wording to the dialog too? It isn't confusing enough yet.


    Windows Internet Explorer <- why not provide a meaningful title for the dialog like, oh, I don't know… "Are you sure you want to leave the page?…"


    (info icon) Are you sure you want to leave this page? <- Ah ha, you did figure it out!

    Message from webpage: <- What the !@#$?! Can you please come up with a more cumbersomely worded phrase that doesn't flow in the current context? Here's an idea – REMOVE IT!!!

    (actual message from the site developer… typically… "You have unsaved changes… are you sure you want to leave the page?"

    Then the two vertical list items… Leave/ Don't leave.. instead of a row of action buttons that users are familiar and comfortable with.

    Tagged: #UsabilityFAIL

  149. forgetfoo says:

    @JerryR – heard that from others that installed IE9, but my site is all jacked up and almost every site i pull up shows the "compatibility" notice at the bottom, with many sites simply not showing half the page… i pulled up an link on and was greeted with a completely blank page (just the site's bgcolor showed in my browser)

    installed IE9 both at work and at home, both HP's, and had the exact same thing happen… i ended up just rolling back to a previous system restore point, so at least i have IE8 working (all sites come up perfectly fine in IE8 now)

    maybe i got some messed up version or something?  went to the MS homepage to download it.

  150. Rodrigo (Ipatinga) says:

    Just installed IE9 for Windows 7 64bits. I used to use IE8.

    *** Problems I found:

    – When I´m visiting a website, sometimes I click´n drag the "website icon" (next to the website address) to my desktop, so it creates a icon for me to I return back to that particulary website later. When I open my IE8 later, I just drag the icon I created on the desktop to a blank page (or blank tab) and the website opens. But, with IE9, when I drag the icon on the desktop (created by IE9) to a blank page (or blank tab), it askes me (bottom bar) if I want to save or open that (off course I want to open). But when I click open, the IE9 actually opens a new window to load the website (and not a new tab). I check my configurations… all point to a new tab… it worked fine with IE8…. but IE9 manage to crap on that. Please, fix it.

    – When I click on the star on the right upper corner (for favorites), the favorites bar opens on the right (why I can´t make it to open -by default- on the left)?

    *** Finally:

    – IE got a (even though, basic) download manager.

  151. A340-600 says:

    When is IE9 going to be posted on Windows Update? I know I can manually install IE9, like I did with the beta and RC, but I'd rather install this time via Windows Update. I keep checking for updates but all I get is MSE definitions (that's good).

  152. Marco Aurélio says:

    @bla (Who told WebGL is not important because it's not a W3C standard)

    JavaScript is not a W3C standard. It's an ECMA standard. JPEG is not a W3C standard. It's a — wait for it — JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) standard . TCP/IP is not a W3C standard. UTF-8 is not a W3C standard.

    WebGL comes from Khronos, because they have the *technical expertise* to design it. W3C is not a Government of the web or anything like that. The standards are not "laws". They're made and used just because they're convenient for everyone. Who made/published them is irrelevant.

    HTML5 started at WHATWG, because W3C was being useless back then (With the whole XHTML2.0 thing). They agreed to republish it, just to stay relevant. But, in the end, WHATWG is who is really making HTML5.

  153. Bekoo says:

    @A340-600: 1-2 months from now if it's like when IE7 and 8 got released.

  154. Bekoo says:

    And concerning this blog post, congratulations to the IE team for this fabulous release, hopefully IE9 will pave the way for better font rendering on the Windows platform in general.

  155. A34-600 says:

    @Bekoo: Oh, I don't think I can wait that long. Hmm… I guess I'm going to have to manually update.

  156. Bekoo says:

    @Some Guy: The newer font rendering is superior for several reasons, you are apparently just not used to it, try increasing the distance between face and monitor.

  157. GregM says:

    Before I waste my time downloading this, is there an option to separate the search and address bars?  If not, then I'll just stay on IE8.

  158. tuxplorer says:

    IE9 is very fast and beautiful but not very usable because the GUI has been crippled. See . Microsoft DOES NOT listen to feedback when it comes to core design, GUI and customization of the browser. IE9 is the least customizable browser on the market now. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera have more customizable GUIs. This is why I won't be using IE9. Microsoft IGNORED these issues during the beta saying it's by design. I get it that's by design, that's my PROBLEM! Can't you understand? Try not removing features as you move forward and surely you will get me to upgrade very happily. In some aspect, IE has always been falling short of the competition. Earlier it was the standards issue but you nailed it with IE9. Now it's bad GUI design, non-customizability and eliminating features your users used which will drive users to other browsers. You are jeopardizing Windows 8 if the version if IE built into Windows 8 is going to be this dumbed down (which you refer to slyly as "steamlined, clean and site-focussed"). Better luck next time catering to the POWER USERS.

  159. @GregM says:

    Hello Greg  There is no option but i have IE9 and i love it.   You can always revert back from Control panel>Program and Features>View installed updates>internet Explorer   Than remove

  160. EinmalIM says:

    @Bekoo: several people tried to get used to the new font rendering and tried to use the ClearType adjuster but it just does not work for some of us. Without font smoothing and sub pixel positioning I can freely choose the distance to my monitor. So how comes that a superior new font rendering should only work on greater distance. What if I use my laptop in a train or plane. Should I ask the stewardess if she could rearrange the seats so that I get greater distance between me and the laptop display. Good for you that the new font rendering looks superior to you – it just does not to all of us. So why has it to be forced on all of us. This is so silly.

  161. Garvin Hicking says:


    Sorry to drop this here on the blog, but I cannot find a place where to report bugs.

    IE9 has dropped adding a "*/*" to the "Accept" HTTP header for CSS-Requests. On many web applications, including for example the Serendipity Weblog, the CSS is served via a PHP script. Apache's mod_negotation might send the user agent to a remote file that has the mime-type content-Type. This means a valid CSS script that would be called if the browser accepted it is now ignored by the IE9, and results in a 406 header.

    What is the reasoning of dropping Accept: text/css; */* as a fallback? This is really breaking many sites I know of. If you want to contact me for further details, please drop a line to "mail /a-t/ garv dot in". Thanks a lot.

  162. A340-600 says:

    I just installed IE9 (64-bit) RTM and it all went fast (faster and the beta and RC installed) and smooth, except that, like the beta and RC installed, IE9 defaulted to 64-bit and I had to change the IE9 target so that it pointed to the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit version.

  163. A340-600 says:

    PS IE9 RTM seems very fast!

  164. Some Guy says:

    @Bekoo…I'm not quite sure what your problem is?  It's very cleary not superior, and in fact I would say broken.  It's not a matter of "getting used" to it, it's simply not working properly.  This happens on every machine I've tried IE9 on, different makes, models, video, etc.  Additionally, with so many others posting about the issue, how can it be ME that has the problem?  It's very obvious from the screenshot I posted with the comparasons (which were all taken in IE9) that it's not a monitor issue or an eyesight problem – did you even look at that?  I'm only trying to help get it fixed.  What are you trying to do?

  165. Ricardo says:

    Why the full installer (ex 'IE9-Windows7-x64-ptb.exe', 35.2MB) downloads "IE9-win7.msu" before installing ("Downloading Internet Explorer 9"), even if it included in the original package?

  166. Linfocito B says:

    To everyone who is suffering of "blurry text" issues, try this out, maybe it will improve it: Disable subpixel rendering – ClearType has a mode that doesn't make use of subpixel rendering. In this mode, it will only use whole pixels (grayscales) when rendering text. To enable this mode, make sure to enable Cleartype, follow the wizard AND select the rightmost option in step 3 (of 4) of the ClearType tuner. Then restart or log off.

  167. Some Guy says:

    But see, that's the problem.  Some users, like myself, don't want to have to enable cleartype at all for anything.  Plus, I can get the text 100% back to normal when i follow the steps I wrote above, without having to play with cleartype.  The problem with that is you're in compatibility mode, and lose some of the new functionality that IE9 brings, and it's annoying to have to do that every time you go to a new site or tab.  I think at this point I'm probably just going to roll back to IE8 and wait for a fix (if there ever is a fix), it's just too much hastle and time spent trying to get IE9 to display text correctly.

  168. ieblog says:

    @NickN, @Cboyken:

    The Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) for IE9 is now available at…/details.aspx

  169. Chris says:



    5.) Ctrl+Shift+T reopens the last closed tab. Otherwise right click on ANY open tab and go to the submenu.

    6.) I don't use it either, I don't care about it. Don't be dramatic.

    7.) You can still enable Quick Tabs. Tools icon (cog) -> Internet Options -> General tab -> Tabbed Browsing Settings. Enable. Then use Ctrl+Q whenever you want it. I find it handy if I have many tabs open since the little downarrow to choose active tab which was useful in these situations was removed.

    8.) There's a button to do that..on the same bar! Or Ctrl+T. Don't be dramatic.

    9.) Install…/mousegestures then rightclick+mousewheel.

    10.) That's because the status bar IS useless. Zoom out under Tools icon or with Ctrl+0.

    11) Don't be dramatic.

    In summary: Don't be dramatic.


    >I searched and never found it. Please provide a link, a webpage address if you are still sure about this. >Every other browser (Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 5, Chrome, Konqueror 4.x, NS 7.x, Icab, etc.) has one >built-in natively or has an extension add-on available. Some text browsers have had one since HTML 2.0 was >official (1995).

    Yeah I seriously have no idea what you're talking about. Show me a screenshot of what you're talking about in Chrome and Firefox and I'll probably find you one though.

  170. Tyler says:


  171. Feature or Bug? Background IE window automatically show on top other IE windows when Ads refresh says:

    I have two IE9 browser windows open at the same time. One with many tabs and other just a single tab with Yahoo Messenger for the Web (

    1. Both windows not Maximized nor Minimized.

    2. The one with many tabs is on top of the one just with Yahoo Messenger for the Web

    3. Every time when the new Ads loaded on Yahoo Messgenger for the Web, this IE window become on top of the other one with many tabs.

    4. Click on the one with many tabs to make it on top of Yahoo Messenger for the Web window.

    5. New Ads loads again, Yahoo Messenger for the Web winodow automatically pop on top of other IE window again.

    6. kind annyoning

    – this never happen in IE8, so bug or feature? (i wish there is LIKE button for my thread)

    Thank James

  172. Gisabun says:

    I installed it in a VM that had IE8 installed. First thing I noticed is that it doesn't carry over all the settings. The menu bar, status bar and command bar aren't visible but they were in IE8. You have to make them visible.  I can understand this for a new IE user to the PC, not someone who used it already.

    @TYLER: No one will answer you with all caps. Learn how to post a message properly.

  173. N Ward says:

    Dear IE team,

    Execellent work, I really like IE9. My only gripe is the UI: I would really like to see page/tab titles displayed at the top of the window, at present I can't read the page titles without moving my mouse over the tab (I have the tabs on their own row, but I have a lot open). Currently the space at the top of the window is wasted. Also, I use the command bar a lot, I should be able to position this next to the one box (which, with the tabs on their own row, is pointlessly wide). To suit everyone the UI should be more flexible, toolbars should be draggable – I seem to recall that they were in IE5?!

    One other gripe is the lack of a good spell checker, please add one to IE9.1!!

    Many thanks for the massively improved browser though, excellent work 🙂

  174. Klaus says:

    @DanglingPointer. The option Internet Options is offlighted while the IE9 only crashes. I deinstalled the IE9, so I get back the IE8, which works fine, without any problem. However I restablished the IE8 initial configuration, than I reinstalled the IE9. Same result.

    The ongoing pages that crash are the init-pages of Bing and Google. The link to the images on Facebook works fine, however you need a FB-account.

    I loaded the images to (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

    Have a look on the stat line. Crashes on and while calling Bing, the preset IE9 homepage shows the ieframe error in a loop. Restart IE9 produces the same problem. No fault in the reestablished IE8.

  175. Gérard Talbot says:


    > I seriously have no idea what you're talking about.

    Link Widgets 1.6.6…/2933

    Link Bars: How Link Relations Are Implemented…/LinkBars.html

    Seamonkey , Opera, iCab, NS 7.x and a bunch of other (and older) browsers implement natively a Site Navigation toolbar.

    For Firefox 1.x:

    For Safari 5.x:…/safari

    Gérard Talbot

  176. Chris says:

    @Gérard: Try this:…/index.en.html – if it doesn't work, then all I have to say is it's honestly not the IE devs' fault that someone hasn't created a specific type of extension for their browser yet. If it makes you that upset, take that energy, go buy some books on coding and make the extension yourself.

  177. Rob says:

    And reality is, again, defying Microsoft's PR department.

  178. Fred says:

    Font rendering issue here as well – A MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ME.

    Like many people, I can't use Cleartype, as it simply doesn't work for me (and before anyone suggests, yes, I've spent much time tryng to "tune it").

    Bill Hill acknowledged that is is a reality for many, and for those people who are senstive to what Cleartype does, he agreed that often the best option is to simply disable it.

    I have Cleartype disabled, and have a font substitution of "Tahoma" for "Segoe UI" – which provides me with actual clear type, and worked just fine with IE8.

    However, it appears that IE9 is choosing to ignore my preference, and imposing ClearType regardless, turning previously readable and sharp IE8 rendering, in to a blurry mess.

    I can't work with this the way it is, and now I'm trying to work out what I'm going to lose if I run a system restore to before the IE9 installation.

    Please provide an option to disable this new "feature" or at least provide a registry tweak for those who can't live with it the way it is.

  179. Bekoo says:

    @Some Guy: It's how it's supposed to look like (but with the contrast depending on the global settings), and it's superior in the sense that the positioning more exact, just look at needlessly large gaps between 'l' and 'e' or 'm' and 'e' in the old rendering mode.

  180. Tyler says:

    @Gisabun – Yes I was shouting… The intention was hopefully pretty obvious.  As noted by several dozen commenters on the blog – and everyone I've talked to that's tried IE9 – IE9 font rendering just plain sucks.

    ClearType should be a choice just as it is in Windows.  I turned it OFF on purpose because I can't stand it. Period.  I would rather spend $2,000 more and buy a Mac than suffer with ClearType on a computer I use 12-16 hours a day.

    IE should respect my settings and not try and force ClearType on me – especially when the ClearType rendering in IE9 is actually WORSE than the ClearType rendering in Windows itself.

    If it makes you happy I won't shout in the comments any more – but be well advised as I write this…. I am yelling chained 4 letter F-Bombs at the top of my lungs when describing my dislike of this new forced setting… and I will most certainly not be recommending IE9 to *anyone* I talk to (friend or colleague) until this is resolved.  A fast browser is useless if you can't stand reading the rendered output.

    If there is a Connect bug for this (I don't have an account) can someone please add my 1,342,567,284,569,205,826,371,457,284,958,772,813,217,994,870,656,000 votes for this bug.

  181. Fred says:

    Well, I ran a system restore, and removed IE9.

    IE8 works just fine for me, and at least I can read the text on the screen again.

    I don't know if the problem is caused by IE9 ignoring the user's preference, and enforcing ClearType regardless, or if there is something else going on, but until the IE team address this issue, and provide an option to disable the default font smoothing so that it can work the same as IE8, I won't be installing IE9.

  182. DanglingPointer says:

    @Klaus, few things I would try if I were you:

    1. Restart your computer in safe mode with networking, open IE9 and check out if its working fine?

    2. Close all IE windows. Start > Type [ internet options ] > Advanced > check "Use software rendering…" > Apply > Ok and see if it work fine.

    3. Close all IE windows. Start > Type [ internet options ] > Advanced > Reset

    4. Close all IE windows in safemode. Delete c:WindowsSystem32ieframe.dll and use the offline installer to install IE9; [7 32bit:…/IE9-Windows7-x86-enu.exe, 7 64bit:…/IE9-Windows7-x64-enu.exe, Vista 32bit:…/IE9-WindowsVista-x86-enu.exe, Vista 64bit:…/IE9-WindowsVista-x64-enu.exe]

    5. Capture the event log Start > Type [ event viewer ]  > Windows Logs > Application > Find (in the right panel) > type [ internet explorer ]   and look for the error. This will give you an idea about what is causing the error and open a ticket on connect detailing whatever information you have about this error and how to reproduce it.

  183. Hok says:

    IE 9 UI analogy. Try riding a car that has a control like in the console (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) aka use game pad. It is easier and cleaner. People just use arrow key to up to gas, right and left to turn left and right. It use automatic gear. So there are 4 arrow key for navigation, gas, brake. Start button to turn on and off the car, and one button to handbrake or lock, one to turn the dim (press 1x, left, 2x, right, 3x, emergency), one for bell. That's it. So clean, small, and simple.

  184. EinmalIM says:

    @Bekoo: I am looking at most of the web pages with IE8, sometimes FF, sometimes Chorme and can hardly remember any letter spacing issues. I would say if there are spacing issues then it is mostly due to badly created fonts. E.g. the font used in this blog does not give me any spacing issue on lm or em. But font smoothing and/or sub pixel positioning does give me an issue on every page with every font.

  185. Zahni says:

    Dell Vostro 130, Windows 7 64-Bit SP1, 4 GB RAM, latest Intel HD Video driver (feb 2011), power source conncted:

    The "Galactic" Speed Demo run at the 64 bit IE9 much slower ( about 18 frame/sec) as in the 32-Bit IE9 (about 24 frames/s).

    Why  this happens ?

  186. Sascha says:

    Maybe a nice browser. But I don't see any reason to use or install it… no Ad Block Plus available… so no point in using IE9 (and no, this privacy thingy is *not* a replacement). Browser is one thing, but I prefer a big ecosystem of plugins and stay with good old memory hungry FF3.6 (who cares if you have 4 GB anyway).

  187. brooklyn says:

    I've downloaded IE9 final release, I notice an issue when watching youtube videos. some of the videos when you attempt to enlarge the video the video will not play, I didn't notice this issue when using IE8.

  188. snissen says:

    I have been trying to teach our HelpDesk staff about the IE Security Zones (mostly so they won't mess with the default security level settings). I have documented that they can determine the zone a URL is in by going to that zone in IE and looking on the status line just to the right of the globe icon, where the security zone is displayed in IE8 and earlier. (Just to the right of this shows whether IE Protected Mode is on or off.)

    With IE9, the status bar is hidden by default. But even when it's on, the security zone (and protected mode status) no longer shows. With IE9, how do I tell people how to find out which zone a particular URL is in?

  189. hAl says:


    If you look for a replacement for Adblock plus then look at Simple Adblock for IE9 which uses the same blockinglists.

  190. HPT says:

    May we hope for an Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image of IE9 on Windows 7?

  191. daniel says:

    Finally the browser game Aloriah is playable in Internet Explorer! Thank you Microsoft for finally releasing something worthy of trying…

    Go ahead and play using your IE9:

  192. Markus says:

    Hi, php-generated CSS is broken in IE9. Please fix ASAP.

  193. Hok says:

    @Zahni, perhaps the chakra java script engine in IE9 only in 32 bit?

    @IE team, why you not add a wizard like in the Sublight:…/189714_1928400727292_1160404390_32433507_336453_n.jpg

  194. Klaus says:

    @DanglingPointer. First I like to thank you a lot for your help.

    And now.

    1st suggestion: fail.

    2nd suggestion:fail.

    3rd suggestion: fail.

    4th suggestion: installing online: fail, offline: fail.

    5th suggestion: event viewer mentions: "módulo con errores igdumdx32.dll, versión", which ist the actual versión for Intel Acceleration Graphics for Mobile GM45 within Vista Home Prem SP2. Replacing the igdumdx32.dll without positiv result.

    Ok, that's it. I've reconverted to IE8. Maybe the version IE10 results better. I will waiting for it and meanwhile I'm surfing with Mozilla and Opera, both are working well. I don't like to waste more of my time for a bad written and compiled IE and within a short time follow the update procedures to make it – maybe – a usable, funtionally and stabile browser. For now only on thing to do: move it in the trash ;-D

  195. John says:

    Please add the possibility of fully disable ClearType! In FF4, this possibility is present.

  196. simon555 says:

    In IE 8 when information bar appears a orange icon appears at lower left of the status bar. However in IE 9

    There's no way to find out if the new Notifications that appears at the bottom of IE 9 is really from IE 9. One suggestion would be to place Notification icons in the address bar  or something else so that user know that the notification is legit.

  197. Persian says:

    I'll wait a few months while IE9 gets debugged

  198. Number One IE9 Bug says:

    The No. 1 Bug in IE9 is ClearType!

    ClearType – Please disable it by default and make it an option that we can turn on/off as desired.  You are currently forcing an option on users that they most certainly do not want!

    At the very least you could check on install what the user has set in their Windows install and match that.

    No one with good eyesight likes RAINBOW TEXT!

  199. Some Guy says:

    I would agree, the amounts of comments and bug reports on the font rendering is astounding, and more astounding is that it IE9 got released without addressing this.  I will say I really like the speed improvements made to IE9, however, that's not enough for me to keep using it if all the websites (that render in IE9 standards mode anyway) look like junk.  It seems like the focus was on the speed, and everything else was just an afterthought, or put together really quickly.  Besides other issues with compatibility mode, and additional problems I've run across that still haven't been addressed in the release, I've since moved on to Chrome – or rather Chromium.  The Chromium nightly builds are just about as fast, and everything just plain works – with a better flow than what IE9 tried to produce.  Now I get the "beauty of the web" that IE9 was supposed to bring.  Hopefully these IE9 issues will be fixed by the time they push it into the automatic updates, then I may give it another shot.  It's too bad, I've never felt the need to switch browsers from IE before now.

  200. Klimax says:

    Maybe it wasn't addressed as it is not reproducible? Currently it is installed on notebook (Elitebook 8540p) , netbook (Asus EEE 1000H)  ,older acer aspire,nettop (Atom,current monitor Acer AL1511) and so far no problem with ClearType. (In fact in some cases it wasn't tuned in Win7)

  201. tuxplorer says:

    Microsoft claims they have quieted down several notifications (…/user-experiences-quieter-notifications.aspx) but many common tasks which required no action from the user earlier now show notifications which must be closed which is so annoying. For example, there are notifications shown for download completion, clearing history and "speed up browsing by disabling addons". There is no way to not show these notifications. Moreoever these notifications cover the bottom part of the web page and status bar. If you really want to reduce constant prompts, why can't they create a simple checkbox ("Do not show this notification again") for each notification? IE9 is more noisier than previous versions. A total usability disaster.

  202. TJ says:

    What process should be used to debug an HTA with IE9 installed?

  203. Si55y says:

    Can you guys add one click favorite similar to Chrome and FF4.

  204. Eric Dong says:


    There is two ways to fix the font rendering.

    First is to TURN ON CLEARTYPE. If you turn ClearType off, IE 9 will use the WPF/Silverlight "ClearType," which isn't clear at all.

    If you don't mind sacrificing some speed, go to Internet options -> Advanced -> Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

    BTW, there seems to be Mac fans here. Isn't IE 9 with ClearType off renders fonts really like Mac does? Mac is actually more uncleartype if you think in terms of blur. IE 9 w/o cleartype, Mac, and Freetype (Linux) all render fonts blurry, but I like it because I prefer slightly blurred fonts over clear but jagged and Windows 95-style fonts that remind me of old photosensitive fax machines.

  205. Buzz says:

    @Eric Dong: Thanks for trying to help, however as has been said multiple times before, enabling clear type does not fix the font rendering.  Additionally, selecting software rendering has no effect on the fonts whatsoever.

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