SVG Open 2011: Where SVG meets the Web

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a key aspect of HTML5, bringing W3C-standard DOM-based
vector graphics to the Web. IE9 implements the core modules of
SVG 1.1 (Second Edition)
and does so in a fully hardware-accelerated manner,
like the rest of IE9’s fully hardware-accelerated HTML5. We blogged about SVG in
IE9 (here
and here),
our involvement in the W3C SVG Working Group (here,

, and
), and our attendance at SVG Open 2010 (here

Regarding SVG Open, Microsoft will be hosting
SVG Open 2011
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 17-20, 2011, at our
New England Research & Development Center
. The theme of this year’s
conference is “Where SVG meets the Web.” Though SVG itself has been around for a
while, it is HTML5 that promises to bring it to the everyday Web. It is only now
with IE9 and recent versions of other browsers that SVG content can be embedded
inline in HTML and used as a source for the HTML <img> element. In many respects,
now is the time when SVG meets the Web.

Call for Participation

Though Microsoft is the event host, we are not the event organizers. Since its first
conference in the summer of 2002, SVG Open has been organized by a committee of
dedicated volunteers who review submissions, select among them, and coordinate with
the chosen presenters. The SVG Open 2011 organizing committee is currently
calling for participants
who wish to present a paper or teach a course.
As stated on the SVG Open 2011 Web site:

Historically we have suggested a list of topics for this conference. Now that SVG
is natively available on all major browsers and integrated into HTML, we want to
hear from the SVG developer communities (Web, mobile, and otherwise) on topics ranging
from but not limited to art and design, integrated Web experience, webapps and user
interfaces, the sciences, mapping, data visualization, and all other uses of SVG.

Join us in October

Mark your calendars now to join us in Cambridge in October. Who knows? Perhaps we
can all attend the
first game of the 2011 World Series
at Fenway Park.

—Patrick Dengler, Senior Program Manager, Internet Explorer, and member, W3C SVG
Working Group

Comments (52)

  1. antony says:

    stop saying about blahblah. tell me why hindi unicode font and other unicode font not work well as chrome and firefox done  in their browser. i found that their is some mistake in rendering unicode in IE9. what is it usable when only work with english. are you really care about other language [unicode-based] like  hindi , urdu and Chinese

  2. Ryan Sharp says:

    SVG is NOTHING to do with HTML5 at all, let alone a "key aspect" of it. Can you Microsoft idiots just step out of the browser arena already please. You've isolated yourself from the web community for so long, no one will ever take your seriously again. Nothing that comes out of Microsoft is even worth a second glance these days.

  3. Section 4.8.16 of the HTML5 specification (…/the-map-element.html) defines the <svg> element as one which is part of HTML5. Prior to HTML5, <svg> could only be used inline in XHTML documents but not inline in the much-more-common HTML documents. HTML5 defines <svg> as an HTML-recognized element, eliminating the need for declaration of an XML namespace.

  4. Miguel Web Developer says:

    Can we expect Animated PNG format support in the Future?…/APNG

  5. John says:

    The comment trolls are complaining about how the IE team is *supporting* SVG now? I feel bad for the MS employees who have to read these.

  6. DanglingPointer says:

    @Miguel Web Developer bump(+1)! & @ieblog, all the tickets on connect pertaining to APNG are closed. The first one was submitted during IE8 development was closed as postponed till the next release, but never gets communicated later. I believe this is because it’s still considered as unofficial standard by the two big giants, MS and App? In future, that would be a great feature to have!

    @Rayn Sharp, matter of fact, SVG support is an essential standard to incorporate in the next-gen web-browser. And it does qualify to discuss its nitty-gritty on number of blogs. MS is actually listening to the users this time and we, being rational and civil people here, are happy to communicate with IE-team via reasoning and useful feedbacks. Don't pass those lame 'n ridiculous comments and disappoint yourself.

  7. Mario says:

    "SVG content can be […] used as a source for the HTML <img> element."

    Unfortunately the Image will not be 'origin clean'. IMHO it should be e.g. when no 'different origin' resources are referenced by the svg, and the svg is 'origin clean'.

  8. Jace says:

    @Ryan Sharp

    Can I post your comment on failblog? 😉

  9. Mihal says:

    "Now that SVG is natively available on all major browsers "

    Just too bad that it will take some time until the older versions not supporting SVG die off… 🙁

  10. meni says:


    RIP 2000-2009

    We hardly new you, but shame on you, you managed to delay our beloved SVG for long time.

    You will join quite a few other non-standards technologies, from Microsoft and others. BTW I don't assume malice on Microsoft's side, just pride, ego, and a feeling of being top-dog, i.e. stupidity.

    Open standards on the other hand win in the long run, IN SPITE OF EVERY EFFORT OF MICROSOFT AND OTHER COMPANIES TO HINDER THEM. (hey if developers target open standards, why the heck would people buy windows) This is starting to to filter into proprietary guys heads. Still some don't get it and insist on statements like: Sliverlight is 245% faster to develop then the miserable HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT. I am using SL only as an example here.

    The only thing that bugs me still, is how MSFT managed to cloud the issue, and instead of emphasizing its love for standards (its not standards, it's "same markup", yea, sure) it emphasizes FPS, ans bashes other browsers. Browsers which talked about standards many years before Microsoft. Microsft: one heck of a marketing company.

    This following list is in spite of Microsoft. That is it had no hand in any of them, and had competing tech:






    HTML5 (!)

    On the other, MSFT did have something to do with:



  11. Klimax says:

    @Meni : Correction. It predated SVG and was submitted (with cooperation of Autodesk, Hewlett-Packard, Macromedia and Visio) to W3C. (It was already functional)

    It was rendered vendor-specific by decision by W3C. Anyway I must note absolutely strange tone of you post.

    BTW you have errors there:

    MS had no stake against TCP/IP,HTTP,HTML. (provide referencies for your claim!. And no circular please).

    MS originaly used netbeui and co because TCP wasn't finished and usable until much later. (ref:…/416846.aspx and comment…/416846.aspx )

    SVG was created as new technology (wrong decision by W3C given VML was already working and it took W3C three years – done after IE6…)

    HTML5 is being influenced by MS input and it still not finished. (how many years it takes to finish?)

    JS is thing from WIld West of Internet  era and was originaly vendor specific

    Open standards are not silver bullet…

    So bad. Should anybody take you seriously or are you OpenTroll?

  12. Stifu says:

    @Klimax: although I'm pro open source and all that, Meni's messages are a waste of everyone's time. There are trolls on all sides.

  13. alvatrus says:

    A bit off-topic, but congratulations to the IE team for the support of <svg> and many, many other standards in the imminent release.

    I think you have struck a good balance of implementating needed and stable standards, and actually started with a lot of stuff that is already out there and in use on the web. There is always room for improvement, of course, but IE9 and the whole development cycle has given me back some confidence that Microsoft committed to moving in the right direction.

    Oh, BTW: When do we see an "Angry Birds"-killer game? There is no better way to let people upgrade to the latest browser if they can play a free, cool game! (Make sure that it also runs on FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera to kill off any older browsers IE6/7/8 on XP….)

  14. Comaprisons says:

    Compare results from the following (with IE9RC, FF4RC, Chrome-whatever, Safari 5.4.0):…/sunspider.html…/run.html

    Then realize that IE9 is overall prevailing in following the standards. @ieblog, please consider fixing Chakra for the 18 failed tests on ecmascript's test and those failed in sputnik test in the final release of IE9.

  15. meni says:

    Klimax, my point is very simple. Google contributes to and is committed to open standards (and open source, that's a different issue) in one day more then MS did in its lifetime. Simple as that. But hey, who said that MS should be committed to open standards more then to profits anyway.

    Another point is also that suddenly MS is an open standards angle, as this post might lead you to believe.

  16. Comparisons says:

    Also, compare the support for CSS3 standards by ie9RC with any other browser's latest nightly build:…/current  The compiled results are, though incomplete but shall give u an idea, on wikipedia:…/Comparison_of_layout_engines_(Cascading_Style_Sheets) .

    We want MS to deliver a perfect browser meeting the currently existing committed standards by W3C and ECMA. But if we compare the progress made to IE8 and any other browser, they can safely win the standards-deployment race.

  17. @meni says:

    Stop goo-fying around plz!

  18. @ieblog says:

    can you elaborate the logic behind the redcross in the Toolbars and Extensions icon, under Manage Add-ons?

  19. Fact says:

    MS never bothered to listen to the feedback from users in past. Now that the standards has grown in large number, they are facing problems in efficiently developing them while minimizing the regression issues and retention of speedy js execution. Well thats fine, atlast they have realized that. But how about user-experience(UE) and UI? Look at safari browser, it hardly let the pages crash once executed/rendered and it IS very much flexible indeed! While on the other hand, while IE interface is rigid (drag the tab in all directions and place it back and then compare the smoothness with Safari), and everyother page crashes on IE. Even the very site developed by themselves! WHAT A PITTY COMRADE !!

    Even their slogans tells you the truth: Most Innovative browser of the world = Safari and Beauty of the web = IE which has nothing to do with the browser itself and MS has no zero contribution in that beauty. Web designers have to rub their ass-off to resolve the IE compatibility issues which render that beauty.

    ^^All this **stuff** means; improve the interface bring some innovation copy apple on this one chrome looks crippled. These days people like flashy innovative stuff with transitions and smoothness and organic and fluidity … as opposed to the non-flexible MADE-WITH-IRON-STILL webbrowser (check out the dragging movement tab, appearance and usage of F12 developer tools, appearance and looks of 1000-years-old-looking-menus) AESTHETICS MYFRIENDSSS 99% people love innovations and hardly care about the complicated terms like security and blahblah. Also, enhance the UE, take user problems serious first and your business later means DONT LET THE PAGES CRASH !!

    ps: MS guys: get innovative or die ! ! !

  20. Klimax says:


    You have added more unsubstantiated claims.(at best) Google contributes more then MS? Funny and with no proof it. Nice. Of course I'd say it is no where near to be true,but who cares what is true and corect when it suits one.

    Second your last sentence is unreadable. Care to reword it?

    And I spotted you ignored rest of my comment as if you didn't need to provide substance for your claims.

    @Fact. Opnion,opion,opinion. And shared by too few users. Even on Ars techinca it has troubles,so…


  21. pecnik says:

    cit web ne fonctione pas ; com mediacenter ; ni internet explorer 8 ; ocie windows live je trau de problem et je ne cone pas resone éde moi instale et souvgardes toute les chose nessecer poure une bone foncionalite ! merci

  22. ieblog says:

    I can't believe we don't have some Yankees fans taking issue with the last sentence of this post.

  23. meni says:

    Klimax, you might think MS is as committed to standards and openness as Google, I don't. Google says today and said so in the past: "we want the web platform to rival the desktop. with open standards, not vendor specific." I have yet to hear that clearly from MS. They would be fools to say that, as it would render Windows irrelevant to most people. They are dragging their feet and i understand that. They are delaying the inevitable. I understabd it but i hate it.

    I kn ow MS is a large corporation, with many departments. But still i blame it for this.

    You are right that i didn't answer your points, sorry. I am convinced that MS had very little with the development of the web. Still collecting evidence. I'd be happy to hear your version of the history of the web and Microsoft.

    BTW, I have nothing against the (new) IE team at Microsoft. As I see it, they went against many of the things the typified MS in the past. I must say they are a brave bunch inside MS.

  24. Mac says:

    @ieblog: I guess we are just following procedure. A bug will be filed in connect when your previsions fail to materialize… please feel free to close it as "Can't Fix" 🙂

  25. Miguel Web Developer says:

    Beautiful White Spinner – Ajax Loader emulated from Animated PNG to JavaScript engine (for I.E., Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox)…/beautiful-white-spinner-ajax-loader-emulated-from-animated-png-to-javascript-e

  26. Miguel Web Developer says:

    Beautiful White Spinner – Ajax Loader emulated from Animated PNG to JavaScript engine (for I.E., Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox)…/beautiful-white-spinner-ajax-loader-emulated-from-animated-png-to-javascript-e

  27. Harvey says:

    As of today… after you posted this… as per your quote: "Now that SVG is natively available on all major browsers " – I call Shinanigans!  Today, Absolutely ZERO of your shipping browsers support SVG natively.

    More importantly, IE8 and IE7… and gulp… even IE6 use is still widespread.  If you had said it was available on all Modern Browsers then you would be correct  because they all do, and have done for years.  However IE has never been part of the modern browser group since releasing IE6.  IE9 has the potential of joining that group as long as it has fixed up all the global namespace pollution and its inability to set innerHTML properly etc. etc.

    Once IE 6, 7, & 8 are a distant memory… then and only then can we start claiming that SVG is natively available in all browsers.

  28. Klimax says:

    @meni: What? You want some bloody statement??? For what? Aside IE Team has made them, several higher ranking people made them on several occasions as well.(AFAIK)

    WIndows, irrelevant? I heard this idiocy several tmes,but seeing real world leads me to think it is just wish of few people who are shielded from outside world.

    Not to mention Azure and web hosted apps from MS by MS…

    (And there is more to things then just accessing slowly your document over unguaranteed internet connection on some remote server over which you have no control and where you have only minimal guarantees. Clouded might seem nice but in the end people mostly will revert for most of their tasks. Waits are so unproductive. So I would argue that cloud is not solution for majority of things at all )

    Little to do with development of web. Fun. Maybe matter of opinion. Just a pointer – 90s and competition between MS and Netscape.

    Good luck with evidence.  (Just make sure those won't be opinions and no circular.)

  29. meni says:

    Klimax, i gather YOU don't want or don't care that the open web is to replace the desktop. but I was talking about Microsoft. What i'd LIKE to know – i don't demand anything and MS doesn't owe me a thing – is is the open, capable, web in MS vision or not. To me it's clear that this is Google's vision! About Microsoft, i don't know. I think their vision is: yes, we kinda want an open web with capabilities reviling the desktop,  but please wait until we have a new plan in place. (Aside: Silverlight bombed. It was touted as the greatest thing that's going to mince flash and take the web over. ehhhh, no, not gonna happen)

    About you dislike of the cloud, you at odds with MS. remember "we're all in"? Which, BTW, reminds me of the greatest marketing goo ever: "the five dimensions of the cloud". Look it up for some amusement. Sad for Microsoft that Ballmer was using it in some speech.

    [off-topic: you mentioned Azure. please learn about Google AppEngine, even if it's in the taboo language Java, you might learn a few things. Compared to AppEngine, Azure is a joke. It's arguably good for owners of existing MS-based unscalable web-sites, but not for new development. I predict that in the very near future, Azure will look like an exact replica of AppEngine. MS has no choice]

  30. meni says:

    [I have failed to find the reference, but still submit this someone might corroborate this]

    About Microsoft's view of open standards and interoperability. I read in a comment (on the blog mini-microsoft)  what was Bill Gates thought of dotnet and silverlight.

    Bill called it: "the f*&^%k windows technology". I assume he referred to the fact that there are implementation of it on other platforms, and it renders the native API irrelevant. Remember, this is his view of Silverlight, an inside tech of Microsoft, imagine what was his view of an open capable web would be.

  31. @meni says: now shut the folkup willya?

  32. lol says:

    "It's arguably good for owners of existing MS-based unscalable web-sites, but not for new development"

    lol, please get a clue, before talking nonsense 😀

  33. Tiago Magalhães says:

    Meni, how old are you?

    Have you done any actual development work?

    Do you actually know anything about the things you talk about?

  34. @Tiago says:

    meni develops trolls and knows a lot about trolling..trolololol…

    on the other hand, I'm getting pissed off at IE9. This is the third time in this month I lost all cookies (logged off from all sites) and frequently used site list (about:tabs) without doing anything :@

    History is there though.

  35. nitro says:

    Web site 2011 in HTML5 – jquery – SVG animate  and VML  (for I.E. 6 at 9, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox)

    look at this :

    Building with editor wysiwyg : PAGEDITOR PRO V9 (French solution)

  36. @meni says:

    move your ass kido, your mum is callin' >> OUT >>

  37. hAl says:

    Kraken benchmark seems useless because it uses javascript libraries that are not recognizing IE9 yet.

    Those libraries ssems to be serving IE9 suboptimized script because those scripts are not yet aware that IE9 has much better conformance in javascript than its predecessors.

  38. hAl says:

    CSS 2.1 test suite results page:…/results

  39. steve says:

    IE9RC bug report – if you have the following HTML, IE9RC will not render it correctly [button][img src="someIconWithTransparency"/] Do stuff[/button]  (obviously adjust tags to suit)

    The icon will not have a transparent background (it appears white).. until you mouseover it.

    PS I submitted this bug via Firefox, because I couldn't even get the form to submit on the IE blog using IE9RC. (major fail people)

  40. steve says:

    Gah! – how do I turn of this stupid ClearType in IE9RC – it is horrendous!

  41. steve says:

    Ah! I just figured out the horrible ClearType!… yes it sucks big time in general, BUT it is even WORSE on secondary LCD screens.. like 3 or 4 times worse!

  42. steve says:

    Geolocation in Firefox 3.x and Chrome is 50-100feet more accurate than in IE9RC.  On a related note, the imagery on Bing is about 2-3 years behind Google's.

  43. steve says:

    just had fun playing the texas holdem game… was up $8100 when player 2 (top) couldn't decide if folding was the right option with no cash available 😉  (player 1 already folded)…/ie9texasholdemfail.png

    cute game – I look forward to perusing the source… I made a similar game once…

  44. steve says:

    Pinned sites are quite goofy…

    I pinned the pin site radio site… got the radio icon etc.  then I opened a new tab and went to gmail.  then closed the radio site… the icon is still the radio site, the arrows are the wrong color, and I have no home icon to click on.

    It all seems kind of pointless to me if I lose all control of my browser.

  45. steve says:

    In IE9RC if you open a popup window with the url about:blank, then from the opener set the content of the popup (e.g. say document.write (and document.close), or using the DOM) all is fine, but if you click on the "right-arrow" "Goto" at the end of the address bar (e.g. to load about:blank into the window… it starts the spinner, then hangs while the spinner spins forever)

  46. Klimax says:

    @meni: Looks like fun is over. You have zero. In fact you have destroyed your own base.

    Few points:

    Azure joke? You are out of depth. Learn about competing techonoliges and their weaknesses and strengths (reviews will help you) so you don't look so clueless.

    For example:…/microsoft-azure-for-nubcakes.ars…/the-future-of-microsoft-windows-azure-platform-as-a-service.ars

    (BTW It suprised you like Google-mode restricted cloud)

    You want only words? I just want to see actions. After all they speak more louder then mere words. I take pragmatism before idealism. Less headaches for me in the sys/netadmin role.

    Failed to find reference. Dismised.

    Posting link to opensource@MS finished off rest of your claims. Thanks.

  47. Klimax says:


    BTW: I want pragmatism. I generaly could careless about whether techology is open or not. It has to meet criterions,must be usable and shouldn't increase headaches.

    It is strange what you read into my comments.What you think I said didn't follow from them.

  48. Evan says:

    Glad to see that the Zune finally died – it was dead in the water trying to follow in Apple's footsteps.…/microsoft-reportedly-kills-off-zune-hardware-will-focus-on-soft

    Wonder when you'll give up on the windows Fone Se7en

  49. DanglingPointer says:

    Can you guys reproduce…/unable-to-render-svg-xml-object ?? Please vote up.

  50. Dan Douglas says:

    Now that everybody's supporting "real" XHTML can't we process XIncludes on the client? This would at least be slightly more ideal than sticking fragments of XML into HTML5 in order to get SVG. Surely MSXML supports this as do the parsers used by every other major browser.

  51. Phil says:

    Come on, Miguel, animated gifs are good enough for most people. 🙂

  52. MIguel Web Developer says:

    There are obvious advantages while using APNG.

    One of the primate goals of APNG was to introduce an animated image format that supported 24-bit color with an 8-bit alpha channels. Pixels in an animated GIF are either completely opaque or completely transparent. This demo has uses an APNG over a HTML <div> to hide or reveal the content. The image is swapped, using Javascript, when you click the button.…/demo.html…/beautiful-white-spinner-ajax-loader-emulated-from-animated-png-to-javascript-e

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