Acting on Feedback: IE9 Release Candidate Available for Download

The Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9, available now at in 40 languages, reflects our unique approach to building the best experience of the Web on Windows. IE9 also reflects a more open and transparent approach with its regular cadence of platform previews for developers and enthusiasts. With the Release Candidate, we’ve taken to heart over 17,000 pieces of feedback about IE9. You will find the product has made progress on all fronts—performance and standards, user experience, and safety and privacy.

We want to thank the millions of people who have installed and used Internet Explorer 9 during pre-release testing. The value of your feedback in developing the product is hard to overstate. The rest of this post highlights some of the changes made as we listened and acted directly on this feedback.

Performance & Standards: The Web Platform for Developers

The IE9 RC is faster with real world sites. In addition to making the script engine faster, we’ve improved and tuned the rest of the browser as well. You’ll find that Gmail, Office Web Applications, and many other sites are faster as a result of scenario tuning, network cache tuning, and new compiler optimizations. You’ll also find that the RC of IE9 often uses megabytes less memory than the beta because of changes like delayed image decoding. We’ve also improved the performance of things many people do every day, like find on page, and made improvements which extend battery life. In these videos you can see the performance improvements in the RC for text, layout, HTML5 canvas and video, illustrated through new demos on the IE9 test drive site:

Click to play video

Click to play video

IE9 RC supports additional emerging Web standards including CSS3 2D Transforms, HTML5 Geolocation and a set of HTML5 semantic elements. We’ve added support for the HTML5 canvas global­Composite­Operation property and improved the performance of canvas’s Canvas­Pixel­Array. We’ve updated IE9 RC to reflect changes to the DOM events and added accessibility to the HTML5 audio and video controls. These additions reflect our pattern of implementing site ready HTML5 while ensuring developers can experiment with new and emerging specifications through our HTML5 Labs. As these specifications become stable, you can expect we will implement them in IE as we have throughout the development of IE9.

Implementing Web standards is just the start of our commitment to an interoperable Web and Same Markup. Comprehensive test suites developed through the standards bodies are crucial to making sure that browser vendors implement these standards consistently. With this Release Candidate we’ve added over a thousand new test cases for JavaScript and updated over fifty test cases based on community feedback. During IE9 development we have now submitted just under 4000 test cases in total for standards like HTML5. We have submitted these tests to the appropriate standards bodies for feedback and eventual inclusion in their official test suites. You can try them out for yourself at the IE Test Center.

Web Standard Number of Submitted Tests Internet Explorer 9 RC Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 Opera 11.01 Apple Safari 5.0.3 Google Chrome 9.0.597.84 Internet Explorer 8
HTML5 111 99% 50% 61% 60% 77% 0%
SVG 1.1 2nd edition 70 100% 76% 94% 84% 89% 0%
CSS3 134 100% 59% 76% 71% 75% 10%
DOM 127 100% 93% 82% 84% 89% 6%
Navigation Timing 10 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Web Applications 77 100% 49% 40% 35% 36% 0%
JavaScript 3413 100% 47% 47% 86% 89% 6%

User Experience: Site-Centric Browsing, Improved

With the RC, we’ve acted on thousands of pieces of feedback about how to improve IE9’s clean, site-centric design. Our IE9 beta telemetry data shows that 97% of sessions had 5 or fewer tabs open. At the same time, we care deeply about the other 3%. Many of you weren’t shy about sharing your ideas for how the browser could accommodate more tabs. We listened and we took your suggestions to heart. With the RC, you can put tabs on their own row taking advantage of the maximum available space for all your tabs:

Screen shot showing twelve tabs on separate row

Why is this change so important? You said so:

Based on your feedback, we also made it much easier to refine search queries in the One Box. Based on your feedback, IE9’s download manager will now display the download speed, and download notifications are animated and more noticeable. Based on your feedback, pinned sites now support multiple home pages – “redefining awesome” according to this comment. With Paste & Navigate (Control-Shift-L), hardcore enthusiasts can save a step pasting into the address bar. We’ve reduced the number of pixels in the frame, and updated the visuals, making the active tab easier to identify, and made it easier to close inactive tabs. We acted on your feedback unless there was a clear pattern of inconsistency (for example, big back button is bad… no, it’s good). There’s a list at the end of this post of additional improvements, and we will detail them in future blog posts.

In hindsight, this comment from the original beta post was prescient:

  • Tabs on same line as address bar! If this is believed to be the better way of doing things by yourselves then fine, leave it as defaullt but at least give us the option to move it around!!
  • Download speed not shown in download dialog. ??? Not acceptable.
  • Somebody said something about paste and is indeed a useful feature. Can't be too hard to implement 😉

In this video you can see some of these changes that resulted from the feedback you provided:

Click to play video

In short, developers and enthusiasts gave us some great feedback on how we can make our site-centric design even better. We listened, we acted, and we want to thank you for your contribution.

Safety and Privacy: Trustworthy Browsing

On today’s Web, consumers are increasingly wary, often out of necessity. They face security risks like malicious sites and phishing scams. Even on sites consumers know and trust, bad things often happen. It’s easy to almost follow a bad link from a friend on Facebook, or become a victim of malvertising when a malicious advertisement appears on an otherwise trustworthy site.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made it easy to “turn off ActiveX” for all sites and then re-enable it, site by site, as you see fit. You can try IE9’s ActiveX Filter at the IETestDrive site here.

IE9 now includes Tracking Protection because consumers have become increasingly concerned about privacy. IE9 enables consumers to express their preference for privacy, and also gives consumers a mechanism to enforce specific aspects of that preference. Consumers can do this by choosing Tracking Protection Lists from organizations they trust. These lists can block and allow third-party content in order to control what information consumers share with sites as they browse the Web. By controlling the flow of information to sites, these Tracking Protection Lists help users protect their privacy. Unlike other solutions, IE9’s benefits users even if Web sites do not respect the user’s preference to not be tracked. The ability for a site to determine that the user has expressed a desire to not be tracked (by turning the feature on) is inherent in the design of Tracking Protection.

Today the first set of Tracking Protection Lists created by trusted organizations are now available on the Web. Adding a tracking protection list in the IE9 RC is as simple as clicking a link on a Web page. At this early stage we have linked to these Tracking Protection lists on the IE Test Drive site so consumers can find and try them and immediately enjoy a level of choice and control with respect to their online privacy that didn’t exist before today.

What’s Ahead

The Web is beautiful and powerful because of the developers and designers who build it. Enabling them to build rich and immersive sites that feel like native applications on your Windows 7 PC is at the heart of our approach with IE9. Here’s a video of how several influential members of this important community are talking about IE9:

The development process of IE9 has focused on building the best experience of the Web on Windows. Our approach to building a faster Web-browsing platform involves harnessing more of the PC’s hardware for Web pages. Our approach to Web standards and interoperability involves real-world developer scenarios and modern software engineering practices like comprehensive test suites. Our approach to designing a clean, site-centric Web browsing experience involves using everything available around the browser that people use regularly, so people can now pin sites to the Windows taskbar and Web sites can program taskbar jump lists. Our approach to building a safer, more trustworthy browser involves effective consumer protections from real-world risks, like programs they download or sites that might unexpectedly track them. All of these things taken together has resulted in the fastest adopted beta in IE history, with over 25 million downloads to date.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to listen closely and carefully to feedback from the worldwide community about the Release Candidate. We appreciate the work that developers and IT professionals will do to test their sites and prepare for the final release that will come shortly. We will automatically update IE9 beta users to the IE9 RC. After the final release, we will automatically update IE9 RC users to the final build.

On behalf of the individuals and companies who have worked so hard with us to deliver this Release Candidate, and the many people at Microsoft who have built it, thank you for visiting and trying IE9.

—Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer

P.S. Here’s the cheat sheet from the IE engineering team hallway for what’s new in the RC:

Additions to IE9 between Beta and RC
Performance Standards & Platform User Experience Trustworthy Browsing

Elapsed Time

  • Significant scenario tuning
  • Chakra performance optimizations
  • Network cache improvements (size, priorities, etc.)
  • Compiler optimizations and binary training

Large Working Set Reductions

  • Delayed image decoding (1-50MB depending on site)
  • Reduce memory footprint of InPrivate Filtering heuristic generation (5MB)
  • Binary size reductions (over 1MB saved)

Other Real-World

  • Decrease timer resolutions to 4ms from system default of 15.6ms
  • Timer resolution aware of Power Options
  • Find on Page performance


  • CSS3 2D Transforms


  • DOM events (updated for spec changes)


  • Canvas global­Composite­Operation
  • Canvas­Pixel­Array performance
  • Geolocation API
  • HTML5 semantic elements
  • Allow alternative video codec (WebM)
  • Accessibility of media controls

Compatibility View List

  • Software fallback list for GPU/drivers in XML CV list
  • F12 console logs for CV sites and support for Tracking Protection


  • Optional full tab row
  • Close box for inactive tabs
  • More identifiable active tab


  • Paste & navigate (Ctrl+Shift+L)
  • Refine search queries in onebox
  • Reduced frame pixels
  • Better favorites bar integration
  • Menu bar toggle
  • Intranet search by default option


  • Display download speed
  • Auto dismiss notifications
  • Animated downloads notifications
  • Improved app reputation notifications

Pinned Sites

  • Pin to vertical task bar
  • Multiple home pages in pinned site
  • In-page drag-to-pin support

Tracking Protection

ActiveX Filtering


  • InPrivate pinned sites

February 10, 2010, 12:00 PM: Test Center Results and Additions to IE9 between Beta and RC tables converted from images to HTML tables.

Comments (448)
  1. WalkingCat says:


  2. Steven says:

    Congratulations on the release! Very excited!

  3. GreLI says:

    And this RC version still adopts IE8 “9” hack in CSS adapting styles for non-modern browsers.

  4. Petr says:

    Thanks for tabs on a separate row, although there is still plenty of unused space in the title bar for them… Could you possibly allow full screen HTML5 video rendering? Shouldn't be that difficult…

  5. SvenC says:

    While you listened to some complaints, I still cannot disable font smoothing.

    Looking at smoothed fonts in web pages when all the other text on my system is crisp and sharp hurts my eyes as they work on focusing the font into sharpness which they simply cannot to due to font smoothing.

    Please give us an option to turn it of or even better respect my Windows 7 system settings where I disabled font smoothing.

  6. WalkingCat says:

    Geolocation and WebM and full tab row and inactive close box are all sweet !

  7. sialivi says:

    Does GTA IV still crash with IE9 RC installed like it did with the beta?

  8. Paul Irish says:


  9. Matthew says:

    Awesome!  When can I install this on my Windows XP machine?  ;-P

    Other than that, I am genuinely impressed the strides forward that IE has taken in listening to users.  It's funny the push-pull.  Too much legacy support has watered down IE, but not supporting legacy OSes really seriously sucks.  I guess you can't win all the time.  I guess make a Mac version and I will sing Microsoft's praises loud and clear.

  10. Matthew says:

    Actually, one more thing.  Is Microsoft planning to implement a more silent update model like Google Chrome?  I think a lot of web developers are wondering how we can escape the mistakes of IE6, one being that there wasn't a more streamlined update model.  For Google Chrome, you really don't have to worry if people are on the latest version.  Even a stronger model like Firefox would be great.

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of the additions to IE9 are exciting!

  11. Simon says: crashes the tab every single time. forum threads don't show images. RC? Uhm, probably not…

  12. IEFan says:

    I don't mind having the tabs below the OneBox, since I'm not yet comfortable with the tabs next to the OneBox, though I would prefer tabs on tab of the OneBox. I would also like the ability to hide/remove the Home and Favorites buttons since I use a Delicious bookmark (in my Favorites Bar) as my "home button" and also use the Favorites Bar.

    Otherwise, this looks like a solid release!

    Well done!

  13. Luke says:

    And what about the spellchecker? Wouldn't be that hard to deploy the Live Mail one in IE.

  14. Alexei Mihalchuk says:

    Awesome release! Congrats!

    Here is some negative UI feedback:

    1. Back button is too cramped, add more pixels from the left.

    2. In download manager, the "Clear list" button is not the same size as "Close". Are you sure, that your sizing code works across languages.

    3. In Internet Options > Privacy the checkboxes are not evenly spaced. Are you sure, that your sizing code works across languages.

    And most importantly (at least for me):

    4. WHY WHY WHY! Why did you change the layout of tabs? Beta tabs were awesome! I hate the new layout, and I have to look at it all day. 🙁

    Here is some positive UI feedback:

    Redesign of menu bar, redesign of favorites, removal of ugly WinXP graphic from Internet Options, close inactive tabs, etc. etc. etc.

    Although point 4 is really an annoying issue for me, the release is still solid! 😀

  15. asdf says:

    1. Firefox has a feature in about:config called "middlemouse.scrollbarPosition" which allows you to middle click on the scrollbar to jump to the exact position instead of paging to that position on a timer. Please implement this feature in IE9.

    2. I would like to pan around the page by middle click dragging the page with the mouse. Like the hand tool in acrobat / photoshop.

    3. I would like to zoom in and out of a page by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding the middle mouse button down. The zoom should be centered on where you clicked.

    4. Why is the titlebar blank?

  16. sid says:

    hey it's gud then chorme and better than mozila firefox

  17. Stupid M$ says:

    Lame browser made by Micro$oft Sodomites.

  18. IT mega expert of compuglobal corp. says:

    "Actually, one more thing.  Is Microsoft planning to implement a more silent update model like Google Chrome?"

    Oh, please not! I am going to delete mshtml.dll manually, even if it will break the system to some extend, if they will ever do that.

    Silent updates are evil!

  19. Luke says:

    I wonder why are the release dates on two days ago…

  20. blah says:

    More misrepresentative cherry-picked test scores. Thanks.

  21. Kirk says:

    Moving menu bar to top no longer works. This was previously available with the registry key ITBar7Position. How do we do this?

  22. hAl says:


    Firefox 3.6.13


    Safari 5.0.3


    Firefox 4.0 Beta 11


    Chrome 10 Developer


    Opera 11


    Chrome 9


    IE9 Release Candidate


  23. IEFan says:

    Actually, the tabs next to the OneBox look OK, I like it. Still, I would prefer all in their on location with tabs on top (because I use the Favorites Bar), the OneBox and Favorites Bar below. The Refresh and Stop buttons are way too small and cramped, I think they should be taken out the OneBox and made bigger.

    I like that the Favorites Bar is now flat and it doesn't look like the Explorer bar, which was too in the way.

    Stil no spel-chekr??

  24. Zachary Forrest says:

    We have pinned sites, which no one cares about and only works in Windows 7, but are still lacking text-shadow. Where are the priorities?

  25. To use the feeds efficiently in Ie, there's still a problem for those who can't use a mouse, for example, users of screen readers. There's currently no way in the list of subscribed feeds to quickly move to the feeds with new content using the keyboard. A suggestion is to introduce the keystroke ctrl+u to move to the next feed with new content – in a similar way to using this keystroke to move to the next unread message in an email program.

  26. Arieta says:

    As much as I want to like IE9, the inability to customize the new GUI will be the reason why I'll have to eventually move to Firefox or Chrome, unless a way is found to run IE9 with the IE8 GUI. Please make it possible to move around the toolbars and buttons freely. Or at least please have an option about moving the favorites star to the left of the tabs, as it was in IE8 – it was my favorite, and single most useful feature in all browsers out there, and now its gone. Yes, I know that it's available on the right corner, but that's just about the worst place you can put it to – I check my bookmarks extensively, as often as I have to press the back button on the browser. So it would be preferable to have it near the other most used controls, not next to the Internet Settings button, which I have to open maybe once a month.

    And, like many others, I'd like to have an option to completely disable font smoothing as well. IE9 RC handles font smoothing MUCH better than the last platform preview, and I'd probably use it all the time, but the point here is that some people just plain don't want this, and there is no OPTION to turn it off. Customizability is EXTREMELY important for browsers, and I wish the IE team would realize this!

  27. Arieta says:

    Also, please revise the way the favorites toolbar looks – right now it's an ugly throwback in an otherwise pretty (if un-customizable) user interface!

  28. CvP says:

    hell yeah! great job, IE Team

  29. Boris says:

    I'd have more faith in your test center results if you didn't knowingly have broken tests in there.  See for example these bug reports:

    Every single one of these has been reported to you months ago.  Some of them more than once now.

    Yet you still insist on basing some sort of scores on these tests….

  30. Boris says:

    I'd have more faith in your test center results if you didn't knowingly have broken tests in there.  See for example these bug reports:

    Every single one of these has been reported to you months ago.  Some of them more than once now.

    Yet you still insist on basing some sort of scores on these tests….

  31. Guille says:

    Hey guys,

    Does the RC currently support the HTML5 History API, and if not, are you planning to support it in the near future, or will it have to wait till IE10?


  32. JLM says:

    I just tried testing IE9 on the Futuremark Peacekeeper browser benchmark site to see how it compared to the other browsers and lo and behold much to my NON-surprise, IE crashed on that site, twice in a row, whereas none of my other browsers have ever crashed on that site. IE, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Uninstall time and back to Chrome.

  33. Richard says:

    Two things:

    1) Is it normal that the first tab next to the one box has the left edge which is oblique compared to the right edge of the one box? It gets straighter and straighter when open more and more tabs. I guess this might be by design, but it actually looks kind of weird when only one or two tabs are opened.

    2) Is it normal that the mouse cursor keeps blinking when I type in the one box?

  34. marybranscombe says:

    I'd love the paste & navigate feature if I could set it to open in a new tab by default. "can't be too hard to implement ;-)"

  35. kejserdreng says:

    It is strange?? Ie9 is the only browserI who runs, so slow it is useless.

    Ie 9 has not made the plugin Quicktime working. When quicktime plugin is install is so slow it become useless.

    Please Microsoft ie9 team, the Quicktime plugin is working perfect on all other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)

    There is no excuse for microsoft to blame Apple. Microsoft needs to make this highly wide spread Quicktime plugin working in Ie9

    Many people rely on itunes, iphone from apple, so if Microsoft dont do something to solve the problem, people inkluding me will desplace ie9 and use Firefox instead

    Many thanks

  36. Mike says:

    Close box on the inactive tabs is a BAD BAD idea! You're copying Chrome and Firefox, but there are differences that make it okay in other browsers and a bad idea in IE9 when combined with other decisions you've made.

    First, in IE9 by default, there is less space for tabs, so the tabs get smaller much faster than in other browsers. That limits the amount of room on each tab that you can "safely" click on in order to just switch tabs.

    Second, you think you're being clean and beautiful by hiding the X until the user hovers over the tab. You think that, but you're wrong. What you're doing is making it that much easier for me to accidentally close a tab. I move my mouse over to a tab to switch to it, and while my hand is moving down, you make an X appear right under my mouse. Nice!

    Plus, the tabs disappear so fast that if I'm not paying attention, it looks like it just failed to switch tabs, then when I look for the tab I meant to click to, it's gone, and I don't know why.

    *Please* let me turn off this feature, and, if you really care about not just beauty and performance, but also the basically usability and happiness of your users, turn this feature off by default.

  37. ArthurZ says:

    Thank you! Will IIE9 be part of the SP1 for Win7 and Server 2008 R2 that is going to be released Feb 16th?

  38. eXPerience says:

    And yet you target only 30% of Windows users (Microsoft themselves always refer to NetApplications market share). The biggest and most painful for everyone issue remains that this browser does not run on Windows XP when the competition does. Microsoft could have very well produced a browser that runs on the extremely widely used OS but it chose not to for business reasons. I am a happy Chrome user now on whatever OS I use, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista. How much ever old WinXP is, it is under extended support and is the most widely used PC OS *TODAY*, XP 64 is just a year older than Vista yet you chose to not even support it.

  39. Dominic Pettifer says:

    IE Team, you are to be commended for the progress you've made so far with IE9. However, I still feel there are some key features missing. Yes I could go on about WebGL, and IndexedDB, these are arguably 'bleeding edge' features, not quite ready for prime time, and too soon to include them in browsers just yet.

    But what about text-shadow? There are loads of sites using this now to create some interesting effects, and when viewed in IE9, look flat and dull. Why has this not been included?

    Also, history.pushstate API ( that allows the URL to be dynamically updated via JavaScript without performing a full page refresh, or having to resort to those ugly looking hash-bang #! URLs used in sites like Twitter, Facebook and Gawker media. Again there are sites using this today with great effect, Github uses it for repository browsing (try browsing a repo in Chrome or FF4.0)

    Web-workers and Web-sockets would be handy too.

    Are you likely to add any more features between now and RTM? Or is the feature list now locked now? At least put text-shadow + pushstate in, I'd hate to have to wait until IE10

  40. Roland says:

    Dear IE team,

    Congratulations for your fantastic work and listening to our feedback. IE9 RC rocks!

    There are only two issues left I have with the RC:

    1. The font rendering on many sites is still muddy. Verdana 8pt rendering has much impreved. However, on Facebook for example, the font rendering is really poor and is a pain in the eyes. I'm afraid that DirectWrite just doesn't reach ClearType quality at 96 dpi. IE9 definitely is a major step backward in overall font legibility! We now have the ClearType tuner in Windows 7 by default, but it's prettly useless regarding IE!

    2. Still no chance to make add-ons available in pinned sites mode. Please add at least an option "Enable add-ons" for a pinned site (it's OK when off by default, but please allow power users to use spell checkers, essential toolbars, etc. on demand).

    Thank you!

  41. MCD says:

    You guys added paste and go to the keyboard command so why not add it to the right click conterxt menu as well? Or is that harder now? :p

  42. Stilgar says:

    Moving tabs on a separate row is awesome. Too bad the font rendering is still unreadable. All I want is IE8 font rendering. Is that so hard? Do I need to run each and every page in compatibilty mode just to make it readable? Also please put the page title on the address bar and the bring back the options on the status bar that were available in IE8 (in private filtering, etc.). The status bar is already hidden by default so your concept of putting websites in the center will not suffer. While you are at it you may want to send keystrokes to the search engine when prefixing the address with ? (i.e. when doing explicit search) even when the option is turned off. If I do an explicit search I obviously want to send the keystrokes to the search engine.

  43. John Cz says:

    Congratulations.  I'm very happy you listened to the "3%" who voiced their concern about tabs.

  44. Ziad Ismail [MSFT] says:

    Hi Dominic,

    You may wanted to visit Microsoft's HTML5 Labs that was referenced in the blog. We are very actively working with the W3C on many of the early and unstable specs, e.g. WebSockets & IndexedDB. By doing this in the HTML5 Labs sandbox rather than in the browser we believe can iterate much faster and provide timely feedback into the standards process, also we want to make sure that sites that are built on HTML5 standards and IE9 do not break as we update implementations. As an example, you will find the most recent implementations of WebSockets in the labs whereas it's taking more time for browsers to update and most are still on one of older specs.

    See here for example:…/the-updated-websockets-prototype.aspx

  45. Paul says:

    great job. but you need to pick up the pace if you expect to compete against Google and stop the market share losses.

    the comment above about crashing the tab seems to be accurate (just tried it). Also had a glitch on the C9 video promoting some of the new features. For some reason I'm getting no audio (W764 IE64) even though it works on W764/IE-32 and Chrome. Strange.

  46. Eber Irigoyen says:

    [ENTER] key doesn't work in Google Reader 🙁 (to collapse items)

  47. dlh2009 says:

    Awesome job on the UI changes. I love the design of the tabs and I especially love the fact that the tabs can now be placed on another line.

    Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work!

  48. Michael says:

    Not only was ClearType not made optional in the RC, the (non-working) option to disable it has been removed, suggesting it won't become optional.

    Forcing ClearType on is a terrible solution. ClearType doesn't work on all screens or for all people, regardless of how much tuning you throw at it. I haven't even had IE9 running for 30 minutes yet, and I'm already experiencing eye pain and a headache.

    I'm going back to IE8, and I'm staying there until this is fixed. Here's hoping that'll be done before the final release.

  49. Still no changes with the font rendering. It's still blur. Will this be EVER be fixed?

  50. hAl says:

    Does anybody have a good "Do not Track" import list on line ?

  51. Sean says:

    Well done.  Very pleased overall with IE9 over IE6-IE8 shenanigans.

    Misleading to use Firefox 3.6 though in your tests when comparing it against your own RC.  FF4 would be a more fair comparison, IMHO.

  52. Steve says:

    IE9 RC is looking really good. Wonder what all the Opera and Chrome people will say now that IE is beating them on their precious Sunspider test 🙂

    @Mike: you can have tabs on separate row for more room (left-click on top bar), and you can undo an accidental (or deliberate) tab close – left click on new tab. Really nice feature.

  53. martinmine says:

    Congratulations on completing the release candidate! Downloading and installing right away 😀

    However, the tabs should have been moved ABOVE the address bar, not under. That is just a silly choice. Move it above the task bar and you will be more "space-saving". Or you could have chosen to move all the controls a bit higher up so the field where the page title where before would be in use.

  54. hAl says:

    Does any body have an exmaple of where the font rendering is nog good. Or is it due to the hardware accelleration now mainly a hardware+hardwaredriver related issue which differs depending on what hardware you are using

  55. Joey says:

    Noticing that the HTML5 video playback works nicely, BUT if there's a flash video player (FlowPlayer in this case) being used as a fallback inside the video tag, then that video plays at the same time (you can't see it, you just hear the audio). I disabled the flash plug-in to confirm this problem. No other browser does this. Needs to be fixed before a final IE9 release is issued.

  56. mentas says:

    Apple website still not working. Slowly, no CSS3 transitions, no HTML5 video.

  57. pezzonovante says:

    @hAl, You can install the EasyPrivacy List from here:…/Default.html

  58. Aethec says:

    Great! Font smoothing is now acceptable.

    ( crashes on my system too…)

  59. Miro says:

    Sorry but… IE9 only uses less screen space if Chrome is not run maximized. When Maximized Chrome takes the same amount of screen space as IE9 and IE9 takes even more if tabs are on a separate row! There's a huge chunk of space in the UI that should go away as it doesn't serve any purpose IMO

    other than that thanks for at least adding the option to have a whole row of tabs, on many occasions I found myself having a hard time hunting for parts of a URL because the URL bar was way too small.

  60. Joe Brinkman says:

    Please tell me that  the IE9 team did not stop at 95/100 on Acid3.  I am afraid that even with all the other advances in IE9, all I'll hear about for the next 2 years from the MS Haters is how IE9 doesn't reach 100/100 on Acid3.

  61. meni says:

    1) Congrats from an open-standards fanboy. A different MS indeed 🙂

    2) The site beautyoftheweb is a joke, at least when using FF. Slow as hell. For a few seconds i'm greeted with a white page. I hope this is not a preview of the future, when microsoft drones – sorry, developers – use microsoft tools that crank sites like this 🙂 (BTW The same can  be said about this, and every other msdn, blog. Having to explain that after clicking "post" you have to wait, hance the double posts every noob falls for, is unacceptable. Using VS2010 to crank out sites that have shitty post-back magic doesn't make one a web developer.)

    Overall, well done microsoft, welcome to the web

  62. Mike says:

    Please add CSS Transitions!!!!!

    Please add CSS Transitions!!!!!

    Please add CSS Transitions!!!!!

    Please add CSS Transitions!!!!!

    Please add CSS Transitions!!!!!


  63. Miro says:

    also, I wish IE9 had page zooming that's per site and doesn't automatically magnify every site in every tab

  64. D9 says:

    Still no option to turn of cleartype. Support it or I'll be finding myself another browser.

  65. pmbAustin says:

    Are we ever going to get that promised blog post about the "One Bar"?

    I still want my separate search box back!  The "One Bar" was so bad that I had to put a Google and a Bing link on the favorite bar in order to effectively do searches.  The One Bar was utterly painful and almost useless for doing searches.

    Please, please, please allow an option of a separate search bar next to the address bar when tabs are on their own line, in the GA Release.  This *can't* be hard to do… you already have all the code (from IE8).  Just let it be an option!  I actually avoided switching to other browsers because of their "one size doesn't fit all but tries to anyway" address bar.  I want an address bar that is JUST an address bar, and a search box that is JUST a search box.  I have NEVER seen a "combo" box that actually works intuitively, effectively, or efficiently.  The functions are just so fundamentally different, you cannot successfully combine them.  


  66. Kris Mackintosh says:

    Greate release guys, really happy to see the "Tabs on a seperate row" feature implemented

    My only feedback for the RC is about the favourite bar and search bar, they dont actually look like they are part of ie or maybe theyre just a carry over from 8, ie9 looks clean shiny and new but theylook like theyve just been draged up from an old version with no thought to their look

  67. Arieta says:

    @Joe Brinkman : The remaining points in Acid3 are related to SVG fonts, which are not supported by Firefox either. Moreover, Webkit and Opera only support it minimally, just enough to pass acid3. It's a deprecated feature to be replaced with WOFF. So basically, the test is wrong.

  68. Kris Mackintosh says:

    Oh, and I love the one bar, was one of the reasons i have been using chrome, whats the point of having two seperate boxes when one can do the job of both, cheers guys 🙂

  69. IEFont says:

    Congratulations on the RC it is looking great. But the font is still bad 🙁 I was really hoping that you had fixed that:…/font-rendering-is-worse-in-ie9-than-ie8

  70. Pete says:

    Text-shadow still absent. Major ommision I think

  71. pezzonovante says:

    @Miro, IE9 takes the least amount of space EVEN WHEN it's maximized. You can check it by taking maximized screenshots and then measuring the pixels with any photo-editing software. And, the screen above the address bar is not "wasted" in IE9. It's designed for allowing users to take advantage of the incredibly useful Aero Snap feature of Windows 7. With Chrome there's no space above the title bar to drag the maximized window.

  72. c69 says:

    Congrats on RC !

  73. Bud says:

    Well if the font/text is still blurry, I won't even bother wasting time to even download or try the RC.  Tried several times to use the beta, but uninstalled it each time, due to the blurry looking fonts.  The performance was nice, but l'll just stick with IE8 if that doesn't end up getting changed.  Hope this can be fixed by the final release.

  74. Michael Y. says:

    2 things:

    1) For people who use a lot of tabs, vertical tabs (in Firefox and Chrome) are an absolute must. It would be great to have them built-in.

    2) Nothing here about add-ons, which is 99% of the reason for using alternative browsers.

  75. ietester says:

    during preview 1-7 to beta my configure can gpu rendering, but install rc the option gray out only software rendering. fishtank test crawl… why? how to force gpu rendering?

    my configure:windows 2008 r2 , ati 4850 update to  latest 11.1 driver dx11  already installed , cant fix it.

  76. Flavio Bayer says:

    I agree with Mike, IE9 is now "up to date", but to win the browsers fight, need be more than "up to date": we need css transitions

  77. thenonhacker says:

    In Faceboook, saving a Note with many paragraphs will corrupt the note,

    because all carriage returns are converted to Spaces.

    This still happends in IE8 RC.

  78. pmbAustin says:

    Related to the "Paste and go" feature via keyboard… is there any reason why this isn't available via Web Accelerators?  It'd be nice to have a mouse only feature.  You could simplify the entire "copy/paste-and-go" process to simply "select text, and then select "navigate" or "go" from the web accelerator pop-up".  You already have a "Search with Bing" option in the pop-up.  I'd love a "Navigate" option.  I can't tell you how many times I've wished I had this… there are so many times when someone has a link that isn't hotlinked for whatever reason, at least in my experience, that it would be useful.  It's also useful when you want to navigate to just PART of a URL link (like the root part, not the full link).

  79. thenonhacker says:

    IE9 Team Congrats! But:

    IT'S HIGH TIME To Merge "New Tab" and "Favorites" as one functionality!

    Google Chrome did something close to this:

    Their bookmarks toolbar is nowhere in the browser frame.

    Instead, you click "New Tab", and inside the New Tab is the Bookmarks Toolbar.

    It makes perfect sense. New Tab = Pick a Website to visit.

    Therefore, in IE9 RC2, New Tab = Browse the Favorites List or Pick from the Favorites Bar.

  80. Yep says:

    Css Transitions PLZ

  81. BSAinPitt says:

    Kudos to everybody on the IE9 team.  You folks have implemented more improvements from IE8 to IE9 RC than I would have thought reasonably possible. When the RC ships, it looks like I'll be able to stop telling people "Yeah, you can stay with IE if you really, really want to, but there are much better browsers out there." to "IE is as good or better than Firefox or Chrome, out-of-the-box."  Really an impressive achievement.

    Now for IE10, a new add-on model, a redesigned bookmark manager, inline spell-check….

  82. Jason Goh says:

    RC is more more stable compare to Beta version, great.

    Now i can have my address bar at the top (i thot it will be at the bottom, like google), great.


    1. Please remove the tab gradient & transparent effect, when my pc desktop background is darker, it is so hard to read the text in inactive tabs! one more thing, can make the height of tab larger???!!! Or use back the beta version if possible, or IE8 will absolutely fine!

    2. Command bar and fav. bar… please allow me to separate them in to two rows.

    3. Spell checker please…. How many times you want me to say it again? 🙂

    … Review the UI experience please..


  83. marybranscombe says:

    @pmbAustin – there is an 'open URL in new tab' accelerator I use all the time; I suspect the thinking is not enough people discover accelerators at al, let alone install new ones

  84. Miguel WebDeveloper says:

    Why tabs on top are the best solution.…/why-are-tabs-top

    Because they are intuitive,etc…

    And you say that listen us!?!!? This is a joke. Right?

  85. Why are Tabs on Top better? says:

    Why are Tabs on Top better?

    The main reason is that it just makes more sense. With the old way, the tab and the controls were grouped together and the page was separate. With tabs on top they are now all grouped together so that each tab has it's own set of controls.

  86. JP DeVries says:

    You guys are idiots for not supporting Windows XP. Last time I checked it had the largest install base of any Operating System in the world and Internet Explorer is the only major browser to not support HTML5 on it.

  87. thenonhacker says:

    And thank you for Paste & Go! 😀

    I agree with pmbAustin.

    If you closely look at the patterns of the users,

    you would want to do this:

    1. If something is selected on the frame and I press CTRL+SHIFT+L,

    please execute "Copy+Paste+Go". This is possible in Firefox via a plugin.

    2. If something is Not selected on the frame and I press CTRL+SHIFT+L,

    just execute "Paste+Go".

  88. thenonhacker says:

    I hate tabs on top.

    Look at Notepad++. The tabs are below the toolbar. End of Story.

  89. Gb says:

    Font rendering is still causing eye cancer. The fonts on Facebook are *very* hard to read. Blury and unsharp, terrible experience.

    And: All sites requiring Java (tested with "Do I have Java" on will crash the tab.

  90. R says:

    PLEASE, Dragging-And-Dropping URLs as .URL (dot URL) files is a must have for compatibility with other browsers and older ie versions!

    Go away with these 'pinned sites' .(dot)Website extension!!

    Or create an alternative!

    Why break compatibility for such basic and useful trick!?

  91. peter says:

    Good job, many thanks, great product. The only thing that I really miss is a replacement for the favorite and command bar. The favorite box is good for ALL my favorites and the commandbar is good for ALL commands, but, apart from this baby blue color, it's a waste of space, because I have only 4 to 6 always used favorites and 2 commands. My dream is something like the Office 2010 Quick Commands with the possibility to add favorites too.

  92. Geolocation says:

    Wow – you guys were dead silent on Geolocation! Thank goodness you snuck that in!

  93. Jamy says:


    That is all.

  94. Kim Tranjan says:

    I just LOVE I.E. THANK YOU!

  95. Peter says:

    Release Candidate version is still not color managed application. I mentioned that on different forums, reported a bug, got a few answers which clearly show that some people have no idea what a color managed application is. The thing is that IE does not use the monitor profile and in case you have a wide gamut monitor, all the colors are oversaturated.

    It looks I'll have to use Firefox for my graphic purposes as I did until now. Firefox is color managed application.

  96. giuseppe says:

    Congratulations, IE9 is better than IE8 and earlier versions!

    But it is slow in real world scenarios… i know a guy that knows a guy who works on a relatively large client centric real word scenario web application, and while the application runs as-is in IE9 without any hacks, it is still very slow even compared to FF 3.6 (*).

    That app covers more aspects than the benchmarks and demos everyone tries to best and I assume that more similarely complex web apps will spawn in the near future and that they will too show comparably poor performance in IE9 (some operations are equally fast on FF4beta for android running on a galaxy s, as on IE9rc running on a core2duo 2.5Ghz,…. and that operations use features that were optimized since the beta, according to the cheat sheet you supplied).

    You (Microsoft) appearantly know that the benchmarks are quite specific and synthetic and do not reflect real world performance, so my question is: What real world scenarios have you used to aid development of IE9? Respectively, have you used anything other than your, and the other browser vendor's little "html5" demos, the questionable benchmarks and legacy websites (those that dont use new / "html5" features) to test for real world performance? How many KLOC of javascript was the largest application used in the testing process?

    Customers of the company that the guy that the guy that i know knows works for (note: giuseppe italiano!) will not care about benchmark results, and other companies customers won't either.  

    I expected more, but I still got hope… just not for IE9 anymore. You could have done better,


    (*) the application will eventually go live to public, then others can judge. for now you can either believe or ignore what i say.

  97. tintafinta says:

    No options to disable Font smoothing?


  98. ennezeta says:

    how to upgrade ie9 beta to rc?

  99. Lennie says:

    Interresting how you compare your ie9 release candidate to already released or old versions of competitive browsers.

  100. Olivier says:

    To IE developers : I'd like to thank you for two thing :

    – being able to get the tabs on their own toolbar, that's great !

    – having fixed the rendering problems in IE8 mode

    Now, fix the last biggest problem : allow us to install IE9 on Windows XP !!! It's stupid to force users to buy Windows 7 to get IE9 because NOBODY will buy an OS just for a browser. I love IE, but I won't buy a new computer and a new OS just for that.

    We all know that you lie when you say : "IE can't run on XP because XP is too old and IE9 need some weird things to be useable".

  101. Dominic Pettifer says:

    @Ziad Ismail [MSFT]

    Yes, I understand the reasons for not implementing Web-sockets/workers, IndexedDB etc. those standards are unstable, and your work with the W3C is compendable!

    However, that still doesn't explain stuff such as text-shadow and HTML5 History API, CSS Transitions etc., which I believe are stable, have been around for a while and supported by all rival browsers, correct me if I'm wrong.

  102. Kevin Newman says:

    I'd also like to see history.pushState sqeaze in – very awesome feature: Great release otherwise, you deserve some kudos for a change.

  103. Peter says:

    About XP, this OS is ten year old now, why you not use HTML/CSS that is ten year old too? HTML3.0/CSS1.0 or whatever?

    Be serious… btw, IE9.0 not work on Win9x and Win3.11 too…

  104. 6205 says:

    I am dissapointed and will propably not use it and block it in WU. I miss favorites menu on the left side, under back button like in IE8, not on right side, opening menus ilogically out of main window. Sadly this new UI is not very well designed and feels very unpolished.

  105. steve_web says:

    It must be possible to turn off Clear Type or I am not using IE9.  I've said it before (and shown many examples of how bad the anti-aliasing is) so I have no intention of using it.  My Windows 7 install does not force ClearType on any Windows app – thus IE shouldn't force it either.

    That aside – a good RC so far, I'll sum up my bug findings after running my test suites.

  106. CnEY says:

    Thank you a million times for exposing the tabs-on-separate-row option.

    One question:  I notice there's still no evidence of console.time and console.timeEnd.  These are really useful for performance testing.  Any chance they might make it in before final?

  107. Jochen says:

    HELP: How to turn off this nightmare of text rendering, it looks like double antialiasing. Is that Clear Type on drugs?

  108. Richard Maynard says:

    There are four videos embedded in this blog post and only the YouTube hosted one works. Since Google has more expertise with online video than Microsoft does perhaps all IE blog videos should be hosted on YouTube from now on.

  109. Michael Ens [MSFT] says:


    If you hold shift key when you begin dragging a link, you'll get the legacy URL dragging behaviour instead of site pinning.

  110. superman says:

    'We are hearing your feedback', yeah. Instead fixing of option to disable ClearType, they removed it. Fortunatelly, there is a way to disable ClearType:

    1. go to  system options, and ENABLE clear type (control panel -> system -> advanced settings)

    2. run ie9, load page, then pres F12 to turn on developer tools, then press F12 again to hide developer tools.

    You must show/hide dev panel, after every ie9 run, and for each tabbed page

    Not perfect, but works (on my win7 64)

  111. Stephen Shankland says:

    I'm delighted that with RC1 Google Docs now works, at least at first check, on Win7/64. However, it's frustrating that clicking new documents in the docs list opens them in new windows, not new tabs. Likewise Selecting "Create new…" then selecting an option opens the new document in a separate window. It's not clear whose issue this is, but I don't have this problem with Chrome, Firefox, or the Mac version of Safari.

  112. Kroc Camen says:

    I never received an e-mail or response from you over this matter: I know you were contacted internally over this matter and I expected at least you’d consider reaching out to me. I am very disappointed that nothing has been done to open this discussion.

  113. Croft says:

    @Aethec: "( crashes on my system too…)"  -Individual, my system does not crash. 🙂

    @thenonhacker: "I hate tabs on top."  -For me, it does not matter whether the tabs at the top, bottom or side. 🙂

    @Gb: "Font rendering is still causing eye cancer. The fonts on Facebook are *very* hard to read. Blury and unsharp, terrible experience." -Really? My texts are displayed nicely and clearly. =/

  114. Bernhard König says:

    Just wanted to thank you for listening to feedback and making tabs moveable to a separate row!

  115. J says:

    What about search box?

    With your default tab model, there's no place for search box. But with tabs below the address bar, there is. Otherwise, the right side of the address bar is just wasted.

    Why not allow to enable the search box in 'tabs below address box' mode? That won't destroy anything…

    I like it because I often search for something, then click on one of results and read it, then close it and do something else. But the old search term is still visible in the search box. I can just click on search icon to search this term again. I use it a lot.

  116. Fabio says:

    Just a sugestion: CTRL+SHIFT+L should be the same as copy + paste in URL + go to in new tab

    As simples as selecting text and hit the combination key, a new tab would open with the search results for the selected word(s)

  117. Kazzan says:

    Time to say WOW! IE9 RC is really cool! Much, much faster, working stable, and so many improvements in Trident! Nice work!

    I am glad to hear that IE support GeoLocation. I assume that it use information from your own service (like Google GeoAPI) of location wifi hotspots. It will be great if IE support also Windows Sensor API (your own inbuild Windows platform, if avalaible Sensor is connected and user have own GPS). Outside US is really impossible to get (for now) location in IE.

  118. Geo Fail says:

    Wow I got all excited about Geolocation working!… and then I tried it on Google Maps and it just hung.  Has anyone got this to work in IE9 RC yet? if so  what site works?

  119. frymaster says:

    This is a step in the right direction, but I'd either like to be able to move the command bar onto the same line as the address bar or tab bar, _OR_ have another way to show RSS feed autodiscovery without needing the command bar visible

  120. Prior Semblance says:

    This is excellent, I love having the extra line for tabs.  The old setup cut off too much of the address bar.  But now, with widescreen screens, theres a bit too much space for the address bar.  it would be excellent if we could add toolbars next to the tabs and/or address bar. There are plenty of toolbars which don't take up much space (less than 100px) and could fit very nicely to the side of the address bar.

    Outside of that, the only thing I'm really missing from IE9 is html5 forms, but considering the other improvements it's not a big deal =p

  121. Patrick Dengler [MSFT] says:

    #Boris: "I'd have more faith in your test center results if you didn't knowingly have broken tests in there.  See for example these bug reports: Every single one of these has been reported to you months ago.  Some of them more than once now. Yet you still insist on basing some sort of scores on these tests…."

    We take testing very seriously and we take input from the community into account when we formulate or resubmit tests.  I can comment on the tests I am familiar with and will follow up with others here on the rest.

    589638 and 589639 states that the test is 'bogus' because the default in SVG for overflow is hidden.  We discussed this in the working group and since the default in CSS for HTML is overflow:visible, and since this is an HTML page (and not SVG or XHTML), the default should be visible, these seem to be valid.

    For 589640, the HTML5 spec states that we are to convert tagnames to the correct camel casing.  The test does not seem to be in error.

    For 589650, it was noted that the spec was amibigous for getComputedStyle; we took that feedback and modified the test.  Firefox now passes as well.

    The last two I will be contacting my local experts on.

    I appreciated your attention to detail.  Let us know if we could communicate better.

  122. IE9fan says:

    Am I the only one having trouble playing the embedded videos on this page?  The only one I can play is the youtube one.

  123. Baby Jesus says:

    No support for the File API or multiple attribute on file inputs in IE9? ;-(

  124. George says:

    So I downloaded the 64-bit installer, and tried to run it. It displays that it is "Installing required updates…" then prompts me that it needs to install updates before installing. I click the "Get update" button, and it fails, saying "Setup could not launch So I go and check for updates in the control panel, and there's nothing. Okay, maybe something is wacky, so I reboot and try again. Same exact behavior – still won't install due to missing updates, still can't figure out which updates it's missing, and Windows still doesn't see any updates that are missing.

    As an aside, I'd also like to see an implementation similar to Chrome's auto-upgrade. It's amazing how seamless those updates are, in comparison to the headaches I'm having with the IE9 RC.

  125. MCD says:

    Tested it on my Intel Atom Lenovo.

    It's fast, really fast.

    Huge improvement over the beta. Replaced FireFox for sure.

    Congrats IE team, you finally made a good browser.

  126. MCD says:

    Here is a small suggestion: Under Tracking Protection menu, can you guys add a link for subscription lists in the final release?

  127. Tom says:

    First good work, we're all happy to see the improvements.

    Three points though for further improvement:

    1) I really dislike the positioning of the toolbars and vote to either allow users to re-arrange the positioning, or (starting from the top): Menu bar, Tabs, Address bar. Also I can place the BING toolbar on the same row as the MENU bar but can't seem to do the same with Favorites or Command bar. And speaking of the BING toolbar, it takes up too much vertical space.

    2) Wasted space above the Address bar. Not sure the best way to address this though, other than putting everying on the same row as the Minimize, Restore, Close window btns.

    3) As an earlier post pointed out, IE9 RC tab consistently crashes when visiting DILBERT.COM, then restores the tab, crashes again, restores, crashes,,, etc, endless cycle.

    4) What happened to INPRIVATE FILTERING (CTRL-SHIFT-F) ? This was a great feature that worked superbly and prevented lots of JS from running. Is it still here and I don't see it? Tracking Protection is nice but INPRIVATE FILTERING learned as it went along and didn't require any lists. What was the reasoning in removing it? Maybe I'm just not thinking.

    Thanks again.

  128. Damien says:

    I'm in the same, exact boat as George.  When I click "Get Updates" it lists a hotfix under WIndows 7, but then says that I already have it installed.  Everything else that he said matches my situation exactly.  I even tried updating things like my video driver, chipsets, and many other things to try and guess what updates it wants me to have.  No luck.

  129. Gabriel Young [MSFT] says:

    @Richard and IE9fan:  I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble playing video on the blog.  Can you please answer some questions so we can investigate the issue further?

    1) What version of Windows are you running?  Server 2008 R2 has pre-requisites that must be installed separately.

    2) Can you be more specific about what isn’t working?  What happens when you try to play one of the videos?

    It would also be helpful if you could file your issue by clicking “Send Feedback” on the tools menu in IE9.  This will allow us to contact you if we need more information.

  130. Gabriel Young [MSFT] says:

    @Joey:  Thanks for trying IE9 RC!  Can you please post a link to the site where you are seeing the issue with FlowPlayer inside a <video> element?  The IE team would like to investigate this further.

  131. Hugh says:

    Can't agree more with Matthew. The update mechanism on Chrome is fantastic because as the web moves forward, so does the browser, automatically, no effort required by the user. It would be so awesome to see IE work like this.

    Absolutely great stuff though, I've been excitedly checking out every preview. Thank you! 🙂

  132. Richard Maynard says:

    @Gabriel Young:

    "1) What version of Windows are you running?"

    I'm not running any version of Windows. I find this a curious question. We're talking about a webpage here so the operating system is (or at least should be) irrelevant.

    "2) Can you be more specific about what isn’t working?  What happens when you try to play one of the videos?"

    The videos don't play and tell me that I need to install Silverlight. There is an easy fix for this. All that's needed is a WebM version of the video to be included as a secondary source. Then the videos will work out of the box in Firefox 4, Chrome, and Opera. It'll be interoperable, it'll be the same markup working in all browsers, it'll be great. Let's make it happen.

  133. Major Downfail says:

    It's a major failing that you have chosen not to support Windows XP. IE9 could have allowed web development to finally take a step forward but now we are forced to still target IE6-8, which your little table shows how many horrible failings there are in it.

  134. Tom says:

    @Richard Maynard

    "I'm not running any version of Windows. I find this a curious question"

    I think Gabriel may have thought you were having trouble watching the video while using IE9 RC and thus the reason for the OS question.

  135. Ray says:

    Congrats! One thing I still want to see IE improves is the large empty space on top of the screen. Can you remove it? The vertical space of laptops is already very limited and I don't want to see such a waste of my screen.

  136. Prior Semblance says:


    Nobody is forcing you to support IE6/7 now… it's not like IE9 coming out would convince the few remaining people to update if IE8 didn't.  Usage of IE6 has already dropped too low to care about. By the time IE9 is widespread, IE7 will be at the same point IE6 is right now.  Right now you really only need to worry about IE8/9, then maybe make sure that your site doesn't completely explode in IE7.

  137. IE9fan says:

    @Gabriel Young

    1) What version of Windows are you running?  Server 2008 R2 has pre-requisites that must be installed separately.

    W7 64-bit Home Premium.  IE9RC (32-bit so existing plugins work)

    2) Can you be more specific about what isn’t working?  What happens when you try to play one of the videos?

    I see the embedded videos (top three) each with the start screen with the big arrow play button in the middle.  But when I click on it to play, it just switches to blank.  I have Silverlight installed.  GPU acceleration on/off doesn't seem to matter.  I have a Chrome on the side and it plays them fine.

  138. Tom says:


  139. IE9fan says:

    Oh I just found out the reason for video playback issue.  I had the Compatibility View (CV) enabled.  It seems to disable the video playback.  Why did I enable the CV?  Because the texts look fuzzy without it.  Not all sites are like that but it seems that enabling the CV mode fixes the fuzzy text issue.  Is there a way to fix this without turning on the CV?

  140. Ciprian Mustiata says:

    I do congratulate for standard compliance and increased performance.

    Anyway, it has been a bit disappointing to see a comparison between FF 3.6 instead the latest FF 4 beta to show standard compliance. Because likely this standard compliance if is against existing browsers, you will likely make a comparison with browsers that will be really will be neck on neck.

    I sow that in general the GPU accelerated benchmarks run better on IE9 (RC) than FF4 for example, also here and there is better JS compiler and a great string regex library. So congratulation to all line!

  141. postmechanical says:

    text-shadow enough said

  142. yellowstone says:

    ie9 -> .jxr, .hdp extension not support

  143. @Richard Maynard says:

    Install h264 plugin for firefox/chrome or install silverlight…

    @IE Team: PLEASE, give us the option to remove close button on inactive tabs. When a lot of tabs are open, A misclick will close some important tab and it is SO FAST, you'll have to search for the tab for a bit before realizing that you have closed it. Middle click on active/inactive tab to close. is there already…

    Right click on address bar should have "paste and navigate" option. The whole purpose of copy->paste->go is to avoid the keyboard and do things faster with mouse.

    Middle click on address bar can be a shortcut for this 🙂

    Also, when a url text (not <a>) is selected, the right click menu should have "Navigate" option. Firefox already has it and it is one of my favorite feature.

  144. Boris says:


    > the default should be visible

    That's not what the spec says right now, though.  Are there published errata to this effect?  Or even any public discussion you can point me to?  There seem to be no provisions for this change to the default stylesheet for SVG that I've been able to find.

    > the HTML5 spec states that we are to convert tagnames

    Ah, the test did get fixed to step over Text nodes now.  I agree that the remaining failure is a bug in Gecko, but it has nothing to do with tag names; it has to do with .id on <altGlyphDef> not returning its id.  Thank you for pointing out that the Text node issue is resolved.

    I'd recommend making the test fail on thrown exceptions, by the way….  seems safer.

    > we took that feedback and modified the test.

    Thank you!  I really appreciate that.

  145. Richard Maynard says:

    "Install h264 plugin for firefox/chrome or install silverlight"

    Both are not an option. I don't have Flash installed either but YouTube's HTML5 player works just fine. Wisely the IE team uploaded 720p video so it was converted to WebM by YouTube and used the iframe embed method (which is the new default for YouTube video) to maximize the opportunity for the YouTube video to play. I award the IE team 5 stars for the YouTube embedding, but 0 stars for the remaining videos I'm afraid. Fortunately gaining 5 stars for the other videos is wonderfully easy to achieve. All that's needed is WebM versions for each of them.

  146. Sonic says:

    After using Internet Explorer 9 RC1 for merely a few hours, it may be far too early for me to draw conclusion on Internet Explorer 9. However, there are a few points I want to single out:

    • All major web browser vendors seem to be fond of “making the UI simpler”. Perhaps it’s due to the request of the general browser users.

    • I don’t really buy the idea that the default UI of IE9, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta makes day-to-day web browsing more efficient. In my humble opinion, Favorite Bar, Status Bar and Command Bar are too important to be dismissed. I also like address bar to take as much space as possible, given that it’s now merged with search box as I use different search engines fairly regularly. It’s also my wish to have a dedicated “tabs row”. I’m glad that I do have an option to customize the UI in the way I want.

    • Without accurate data in my hands, I cannot tell what most IE users really want. I can only tell what I really want. Ideally, I will like the default UI can be used right away, i.e. without the need of customizing it. However, I do understand that the wish of majority people must prevail over my personal wish.

    • Ideally, I will like to open as many tabs as possible. In the real world, I consciously refrain from opening many tabs, knowing that many web sites are still using ancient codes which are extremely inefficient in the way of handling hardware resources.

    • The world powered by HTML 5 is really great. However, we are not there yet, are we? Windows XP is still the most widely used OS, despite being a thing of history. Only Internet Explorer 9 fully supports Hardware Acceleration. People still think: when the things weren’t broken, why fixed them? Despite being a de-facto video standard, there are folks who are reluctant to fully embrace H.264 video. Folks such as Google are arguing in favor of open standard, where the status of openness is not clear or well-defined, and, webm videos are almost non-existent compared with H.264 videos. Not only streaming videos are using H.264, Blue-Ray Discs are also using it. The list goes on and on.

    I have more to say but I will just save it for another time.

  147. Resplendent says:

    +1 to the chorus of those with font issues. I'm very sorry to see the RC still uses the same DW font rendering engine as the beta. With text so fuzzy and hard to read for me, I do not see myself even attempting to use IE9 over Chrome. Compatibility mode fixes the issue, but then what was the point of upgrading to 9 if I can't even use the new engine? I've read lots of feedback from people who have the same issue with it, so I foresee there being a lot of complaints once it's released (assuming it isn't corrected by then).

  148. Josh says:

    How can you not have text-shadow yet? It' seems to be a glaring omission especially considering you have box-shadow implemented. Don't be the *only* browser to not have it. It's very much needed and make the (web design) world a better place.

  149. Timmy says:

    Great browser, but here are my beefs.

    1) Could you PLEASE provide an option to separate the search bar and the address bar for the final release? I used the search bar quite frequently in IE7/8. With IE9, it is a bigger pain to search for something, and it is even more annoying when you don't know which search provider you have selected. All of a sudden you search for something, but with the wrong provider selected.

    2) When dropping down the address bar to view your previously viewed sites, you can only see a few of them now. In previous versions of IE you could see a much bigger list of previous sites that you've visited, and I always kept all of the sites that I visited most on that list.

    I have gotten around #2 by just enabling the favorites bar and putting icons of all of the sites that I visit on that bar, but I would REALLY love to see #1 addressed. IE9 would be beyond perfect if you could make that happen. But I doubt it will get done, seeing how only a dozen or so bugs get fixed between the RC and the final released. Prove me wrong and make it happen, IE team!

  150. pmbAustin says:

    Okay, I've installed IE9 RC … and I'm very VERY disappointed.  The IE "snowflake" speed test went from over 300 with the beta, to just 5 with the RC.  What the hell??

    This is on a laptop with Intel integrated graphics (4500).  Why would it slow down THAT MUCH?  I consider this a show-stopper bug.  I hope Microsoft does too.

  151. cuz84d says:


    When you try and use the beauty of the web in latest FF4 Beta it is really fast.  So hopefully you won't have to wait much long to use that site with Firefox.

  152. Jack says:

    I installed IE9 RC and only used it for about 5 minutes before getting a headache.  P L E A S E  provide a way to turn off SmearType!!  Why has Microsoft been ignoring the countless complaints about it?  AFAIK, IE9 is useless crap until I can turn it off.

  153. davis says:

    Tabs on a row: great; No RSS button available to turn on except together with the command bar: bad.

    Let us add some basic buttons – RSS, print, whatever to the top right.

  154. Shawn says:

    ever since I downloaded the beta, I cannot open the tools menu without ie freezing.  and sometimes it freezes when I try opening a new tab. anyone have a solution?  I even tried un-installing it and went back to ie8, but done the same thing with 8 also.

  155. Prior Semblance says:

    Oh yeah, speaking of the onebar.  Compared to IE8, the suggestions it gives while I type suck.  Half the time it suggests some random page from the website, rather than the main url. Plus it suggests pages that arent really pages,  blank pages and advertisements that appeared inside other pages.  If I am repeatedly typing in a website domain, shouldnt that be suggested before a page I visited once last week?

  156. jegjessing says:

    Of course you compare the coming version of IE to the existing version of Mozilla!!!

    This is so typical M$ marketing! Instead of comparing the coming m$ browser to the coming versions of the other browsers!

    Then the score would look somewhat different. No doubt about it. M$ has really made a lot of improvements on their browsers. Actually amazing work if we compare to IE6, that is nice. But the unfair comparison really is bad taste

  157. zzz says:

    epic fail:

    "With Paste & Navigate (Control-Shift-L), hardcore enthusiasts can save a step pasting into the address bar"

    And how do you suppose we do this while keeping the RIGHT HAND ON THE MOUSE? USABILITY HELLO?

    There is nothing saved if I have to move right hand next to the enter key anyway and press L (instead of ENTER)… I guess whoever decided to have tabs+address bar on same row in Beta now decided to make this feature.

  158. zzz says:

    (unless that feature is for lefties, then it maybe makes some sense)

  159. zzz says:

    I now read in the comments that the text rendering isn't fixed (it was fixed in VS2010 RTM so it *is possible*) so I'm not even bothering to install.

  160. Louis Kessler says:

    The IE9 beta was able to read the site, but the new IE9 RC cannot.

  161. Jason says:

    RC a piece of crap – been using IE 9 Beta (pretty happy with BTW), installed IE 9 RC – webpages don't open, close IE and reopen they work, uninstalled the first day it's release.

  162. Visvabalaji says:

    IE 9 great work team…..But still chrome & firefox beats IE in its browser apps area…they both are simple to use…..I would like to see how IE 9 manages to fight back…

  163. IE9 evil at its core says:

    Why can't Microsoft create an IE version with fully customizable UI+solid standards support in the same version is beyond me. Why did they have to have Chrome evny now and "simplify" everything? Why must everything be dumbed down to the level of a six year old child? The lack of a customizable UI was IE9 beta's greatest flaw. And in IE9 RC, I still see the same crappy non-customizable dumbed down browser, a far cry from IE8. Let's look at the GUI disaster once again, shall we?

    1. The god awful notification bar!! Why is it awful? Because it overlaps a certain part of the page instead of the previous information bar which appeared ABOVE the page content. Plus it requires the user to close it to see underlying parts of the page!!!!! Seriously, GUI basics Microsoft cannot get right?

    2. Clicking *Save As* for a download requires clicking a tiny dropdown menu button every time. Save As cannot be the default option instead of Save. If you just quickly hit the "Save" button, it will ALWAYS be saved to the download location. IE9 gives me no option to ALWAYS PROMPT WHERE TO SAVE without positioning my mouse over the tiny dropdown menu to select Save as.

    3. Every download completion shows a visual notification which I have to close!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! In IE8 and previous versions, the only notification was a sound notification which was enough to tell me that the download has completed. Now, you get a visual notification which you must close and a sound notification or you get nothing if you uncheck "Notify when downloads complete"

    4. Upon clearing history, another completely useless notification is shown WHICH I HAVE TO CLOSE.

    5. about:tabs page cannot have the status bar enabled!!!! Previously in IE8, I hovered over recently closed tabs to see the URL below in the status bar. Now, previously closed tabs are dumped into a menu and selecting/hovering over the tab list in the menu does not show the URL in the status bar BECAUSE THERE IS NO STATUS BAR BELOW for about: tabs at all!!!!!

    6. It adds some stupid RSS news feeds to my own customized list!!!!! (Microsoft at Home, At work and MSNBC News). When did it ask? When did i allow it to do so?! This is unacceptable behaviour in this day and age!

    7. Tabs from the LAST SESSION (after IE is closed and opened again) can no longer be opened selectively. Only tabs from current session which were recently closed can be opened or the entire last session can be opened. This is a major step back for tab restoration.

    8. Each download does not get its own button on the taskbar showing the progress of individual downloads. All downloads are grouped without user preference in a single download manager button meaning more clicks every time you want to see how far a download has completed.

    9. The status bar!!!!!!! WTH!!!!!!! All functionality from the status bar except zoom button and showing hyperlink upon mouse hover is GONE. The status bar in IE8 showed security zone info & Protected Mode: On or Off, SmartScreen info, certificates info, addon manager, pop-up blocker, privacy policy/report, InPrivate status AND A PROGRESS BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Who gave permission to the IE9 team to remove the PROGRESS BAR after decades of IE releases???

    10. Ability to freely move browser elements in unlocked state is gone. The address bar, tab bar, menu bar, favorites bar, command bar, and the Favorites-Feeds-History pane (left or right). Give users this and they will be insanely happy about how customizable IE9 is. IE8 allowed moving some bars at least to different positions. Why can't we have the same level of customizability?

    11. One box!!!!! WHY IS IT FORCED UPON US. After two IE releases with a search box, WHY DO USERS NOT GET A CHOICE? Common address bar and search box (one box) should be optional because a dedicated search box allows searching with the same search terms using different search providers. I don't want to type my search terms repeatedly if I want to search with a different provider. IE has always allowed address bar search even before there was a search box and IE has always got search aliases even before IE7. Without a search box, I am now *FORCED TO* identify the search engine by its icon, FORCED TO REMEMBER the keywords for a search engine and it's VERY CONFUSING if I created multiple OpenSearch queries with Google or Bing. Search box with dropdown helps me read a list of all engines with the textual names. Please give *users* an option about such a HUGE change in the UI.

    12. The TITLE BAR IS NOW EMPTY! Give me back the ability to show icon and name of the website in the title bar. On tabs, the title of the website gets truncated because the tab width is small. Where do we see the page title then????

    13. Large icons option for command bar (toolbar) buttons is gone. Taking these away also affects any custom toolbar buttons I install. Again, why does the IE team get to decide I can't have LARGE ICONS??? What are poor users with high resolutions supposed to do?

    14. Tab list menu IS GONE!!!! (Ctrl+Shift+Q)!! It was so useful to switch to any tab from a list when many tabs are open. Did Microsoft just take things apart and forgot to include them???? This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    15. Completed MB when downloading and the progress bar is gone for individual downloads. On Windows Vista, downloads have no PROGRESS BAR AT ALL, no progress bar in the downloads window, and none in the taskbar. Every version of IE has had these.

    16. I don't see the following options in Internet Options: Automating prompting for file downloads, Open files based on content, not file extension, Enable page transitions and Print background colors and image.

    IE team needs to realize that IT CANNOT FORCE MINIMALISM ON EVERYONE. They randomly took out features from IE just like that arbitrarily and say "This is by design". Advanced users need a way to enable/disable features. IE9 is a somewhat downgrade to IE8 in terms of customizability and plenty of features. I wouldn't say it's all bad as the improvements to the rendering engine, JavaScript engine and hardware acceleration are all must-have features. But without basic usability and GUI done right, IE9 will be UNINSTALLED on my Windows 7 PC forever! This also means that I will never again buy a version of Windows which has IE9 or a later version. I am NOT AGAINST ADAPTING TO CHANGE but change is good, only if it accomplishes something worthwhile. Whimsical change just for the "fun" of it makes no sense to the people who use these boxes of electronics to accomplish stuff other than use an interface. Microsoft changes that provide no value are my issue. Nobody should endure inane Microsoft changes just for the sake of change. If the change resolves well known problem or introduced new valuable capability — then bring it on. If it downgrade, breaks or eliminates something for no reason, then it will be hated. IE9 is that dumbed down change. Later versions of Windows will force it on every user.

  164. Klimax says:

    @Those having problems with Cleartype: Be sure to tune its settings. That's the only explanation I can find to you seeing unclear font. (Something like change ClearType settings)

  165. Peter says:

    @ IE9 evil at its core

    #9 not true, most of the time I have a statusbar with only gray empty boxes, can you tell me what I can enable/disable with the 3rd box from left? No? This statusbar was the ugliest thing ever.

    #11 Enter a search Term, hit Enter. Now click on the magnifier glass and choose another search provider.

    #12 URL is in the Search/Addressbar?

  166. IE9 evil at its core says:

    @Peter, the status bar was the most useful bar in IE and now all of its functionality including the PROGRESS BAR is gone except for the zoom button.

    You are misinterpreting #11. One cannot type something, perform a search and then perform the same search again with a different engine now without typing it again. What you are suggesting is typing something then merely selecting a different engine.

    #12: Page TITLE is not the same as page URL.

    Another blunder the IE9 team has created is that now IE9 uses the Windows Servicing mechanism and therefore it cannot be sequenced in their own App-V product. IE6, IE7, IE8 can all be sequenced using App-V Sequencer.

  167. strong support ie9 evil at its lag careless gui says:

    it's lag behide. full of usabily hole.

    customization nightmare. ignorent notification bar.

    maybe your team postpone ui rework to next version. but customers lost.

    there are too much small GUI unfriendly design. ex. we cant  copy url of image in two mouseclick;  we cant change proxy within 3 or 2 click..

  168. abazerman gnaas says:


  169. zzz says:

    @ Klimax: It's not cleartype problem. It's that the font pixels are not aligned to the screen pixels.

    If it was cleartype problem it would affect all other apps and win7 itself. This is EXACTLY same problem that was in WPF for many years and in VS 2010 before RTM which fixed it after SERIOUS complaining. The complaining may not be loud enough for this to be fixed in IE9 (I read that running all sites in compatibility mode might sort of alleviate it but that's affecting much more than just the text rendering)

  170. Peter van der Zee says:

    Strict mode.

  171. Björn says:


    But demonstrating IE9 on a desktop with the taskbar on top is not very smart when IE9 clearly is not optimised for this case, in fact most Windows applications aren't. Hick's law makes you loose at the top and because there is nothing on bottom you win nothing, you should've demonstrated this only this way if there was an option for moving all browser UI stuff to the bottom (like early Opera).

    BTW, I wonder if Firefox 4 will release the same day as IE9, end-of-February is what the Mozilla guys stated which in Mozilla time would equate to mid-April, ie. at the time of MIX Ⅺ. Cake-exchange day?

  172. Björn says:

    @zzz: It shouldn't matter unless you got some display with unreasonable low DPI.

  173. Beauty says:

    Very nice, well done Team IE9. I'm looking forward to RTW now. Minor feedback on the tab UI, I agree with some of the comments above that the X to close the tabs needs to be visible at all times. It feels a bit to "jumpy" to have text disappear the way it does now, and I don't have a visual target for my mouse. And yes I have already clicked quite a few times on a tab and had it vanish because I clicked on the X.  The vanishing X might be nice for some technies but it's not really necessary and I think it will cause confusion.

  174. Ian says:

    text-shadow? css3 animations/transitions?

  175. Björn says:

    Now that the GPU blacklist is included in Compatibility View list will it also be disabled if I disable CV?

  176. Björn says:

    @pmbAustin: Your GPU/driver combination probably got blacklisted. Try to install the newest available driver from Intel (not your OEM).

  177. Anders says:

    Still no CSS3 Transitions? How about text-shadow? How about flexible box model? How about lots and lots of stuff that other modern browsers actually do support? Browser vendor prefixes are there for a reason – to support bleeding-edge technologies and emerging standards.

    But other than that, really great job!

  178. Björn says:

    @steve_web: What's your Windows-global setting for font anti-aliasing? None or greyscale?

  179. Gixx says:

    IE9 RC is really fine! You've made a good job.

    But… that table…

    HTML5 99%? Almost nothing from the Forms are supported. (

    CSS3 100%? Still no multi-column layout support. (…/multi-column-layout)

    Don't cheat please. That's no problem if the browser doesn't support everything (for a while), but don't say that IE9 is the best of all the browsers on the market by selecting the specific tests that IE9 won't fail. That is cheating.

  180. Quppa says:

    'Paste & Navigate' is a welcome addition, but as 'zzz' noted, Ctrl+Shift+L is nearly impossible to hit with just one's left hand (I have reasonably large hands and can barely reach) – any chance 'L' can be changed to a key on the left side of the keyboard?

  181. Mack Juesson says:

    IE9 RC is really fine!

  182. swankyfrank says:

    browsing very smooth here

  183. SvenC says:

    With IE9 RC installed <alt>+<tab> does not keep its overview window with the open app windows on top on my Windows 7 x64. That makes tabbing through open apps difficult. Uninstalled IE9 RC and <alt>+<tab> worked again. Reinstalled IE9 RC and <alt>+<tab> is broken again.

    If anybody sees the same, please vote here:…/alt-tab-overview-window-does-not-stay-on-top

  184. Gidon says:

    Congrats on the great strides forward.

    text-shadow though is a big miss, since it is such a basic thing in modern web design.

    I also agree with Anders, that browser vendor prefixes are a way to support the latest technologies, such as background gradients. Another item that is used in so much web designs nowadays.

    I hope that IE9 will be an auto update, so that everybody can enjoy the fruit of your labor, and that IE10 will be out not that long after.

  185. daywalker says:

    My sunspider tests:

    1. IE 64 bit

       1125 ms ???

    2. IE 32 bit

       412 ms

    3. Google Chrome

       638 ms

    jQuery 1.5 library doesn't work:

    Object doesn't support property or method 'getElementsByTagName'

    Although, I think that it is a jquery bug.

    In addition, there are also javascript issues in Gmail, Facebook, etc.

    It was hard to open my gmail account in IE 9 RC. :S

  186. ???? says:


  187. Matt says:

    That results table couldn't look any more made up

  188. Quppa says:

    The theming of buttons is a bit haphazard. In the 'View Downloads' window, for example, 'Close' and 'Clear List' both look semi-native (lacking only the fade-in/out animation), while all other buttons have the custom theme found in the Favorites pane and notification pop-ups.

    Page context menus still don't quite match the Windows 7 theme (a problem since IE8 or earlier) – expansion arrows hover white rather than black, and disabled items have a blue hover (Vista-style), not grey (the font colour also changes slightly). The first item in the Alt+X Tools menu, 'Print', is highlighted when the menu is first opened, which is unusual in Windows.

    Also, is it just me, or do IE's scroll bars lack animations completely? I thought in IE8 that hovering over a scroll bar would at least change its colour, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Huge thanks for removing the top border present in the Beta, by the way.

  189. Drake says:


    I agree with your points about interface consistency in-terms of button styles: other Microsoft products, like Windows Live Messenger, often use bitmap images as buttons so when you change to Windows Classic you still get Windows Aero style buttons (or previously Windows XP-style).  Not limited to Microsoft: I'm using an anti-virus application here on Windows 7 where all the buttons are just bitmaps of XP style buttons.  I also can't understand why members of the team are still producing dialog boxes with Tahoma 8pt in them: isn't Segoe UI 9pt the default since Vista?  Mind you, not as bad as numerous pieces of software thesedays that still use MS Sans Serif 8pt. 🙁

    As for your other points I don't understand: I'm using Windows 7 here with Aero enabled and a right-click on the taskbar, in a empty part of a folder (in Windows Explorer) or in a WIE page brings up the same style context menu.  If this is what you mean by "page context menus" then I'm not seeing the same result here.

    Also, your point about opening a menu and the first item being highlighed, again, I don't see here.  Bring up Notepad and do ALT + F — you'll see "New" is highlighted by default, not the "File" part.  Ditto effect in the Task Manager, ditto in Calculator.  Seems standard behaviour to me.

    WIEs scrollbars do lack the hover effects, yes.  And before WIE9 it was possible to go too-far right and not be on it: glad they finally fixed this.

    *     *     *

    While I'm here I've also seen a few people saying they would like it so a middle-click on a page would allow them to drag the page around in all directions.  Erm… works for me here!  Middle click and get the four-arrow icon they just move in the direction you want.

  190. Market share suicide says:

    The following options are removed:

    – Force offscreen compositing even under Terminal Server

    – Always use ClearType for HTML

    – Smart image dithering

    – Print background colors and images

    – Address bar search preference: Do not submit unknown addresses to your auto search provider, Just display the results in the main window.

    I miss them, especially the last one because my IE9 is automatically going to the site after a search (I'm feeling lucky type behavior) instead of displaying the search results. The entire IE9 team should be fired for delivering a half-baked broken product.

  191. daywalker says:

    In addition, there is not a filter button for favorites. I have a bunch of links and can't find what I need.

  192. Quppa says:


    By 'page context menus', I meant the menu that appears when right-clicking within a page (with 'Back', 'Forward', 'Search using copied text', etc.). The other menus in IE9 all appear to use the normal style 🙂 (apart from 'Favorities' in the legacy menu bar, which I think handles multiple columns or has some other unusual function that must have required a custom menu).

    Regarding the first item of the Tools menu being highlighted: you're right, using a keyboard shortcut to open a menu will cause the first item to be highlighted. However, clicking a button to open a menu generally doesn't (clicking 'File' in Notepad opens the menu with nothing highlighted). In IE9, clicking the cog icon opens the Tools menu with 'Print' highlighted.

    I think IE9 is pretty good when it comes to interface consistency. I can think of many applications that don't do as good a job, anyway.

  193. GreLI says:

    When will I be able to report a bug without _ONE MORE_ useless registration? I can't even see if the bug already reported. Without removing this obstacle, IE will always be buggy, I believe.

  194. nitro says:

    #patrick DENGLER

    IE 9 RC : Where is HTML+TIME (SMIL)  and filters in compatible mode IE8 ?

    Please testing :

  195. Gidon says:

    Would be nice to know when a site supports site pinning features, so I don't have to drag every site to the taskbar to find out.

  196. sennin says:

    How can you writing such a lies about standard compability (Evertyhing – 100% are you joking? Without WebWorkers? OfflineApps? FileAPI?)

  197. Adam says:

    When will this work on windows xp?

  198. Alexey says:

    Agree with almost everything "IE9 evil at its core" wrote. The UI is unusable. What is Microsoft counting on? Those people who want a dumbed down interface and a great rendering engine are already using Chrome. The people praising the new browser are the web developers, who won't have to use it.

  199. hAl says:


    Never. XP is ancient news

  200. Cavalary says:

    Thanks for the tab row! Still no site title in title bar though, which is still weird, having to hover over the tab to see the name while at the same time having a bit of completely unused UI at the top.

    But I see an issue that wasn't there before: I have my homepage set to a page on my computer (with links to the sites I regularly visit, sorted as needed) and now it says it has restricted the page from displaying scripts or ActiveX controls every time. Thing is that there are no such scripts anyway (!), but even if there were shouldn't there still be an "always allow from this page" option? There isn't one, I can click allow but if I close and open it again it does it all over again.

  201. My Favourites says:

    To make up more space on the bar, I will prefer to move Home button inside favourite panel. I don't see we need to click Home button very often. 2 clicks to Home possibly won't harm much.

    I will also prefer to hide the onebox until click a tab, which then expose onebox across the row. Ideally refresh / stop buttons etc inside onebox shall move next to Home button.

    It is more natural to work with. Click tab to change existing address. Click new tab for new search. Most browser nowadays have enough hint to tell the site is good or bad, I'm not overly concerns about the url.

    It has more room to fit more tabs, without need a new row.

    It saves space of repeated icon (1 in onebox & another in tab; app mode even worse – 3 times).

    Finally, a ribben like interface for Tools menu. Let me do actions more visually and without mutliple clicking drop down menu. It can align vertically to be more consistent with favourite panel.

  202. Cavalary says:

    Hm, another issue I just noticed, though I'm quite convinced someone implemented it as a feature: If you open a new tab from your homepage when homepage is the first tab opened, it automatically switches to it even if that checkbox is not checked. Considering why I wrote that little page that I set as homepage, that pretty much defeats its purpose, which is to allow me to open multiple sites quickly, just one middle-click on each name.

  203. AndyC says:

    I'm liking the new RC, especially now I have my tabs on a row all to themselves again! One thing I do really miss is the RSS feed discovery button. Whilst I'm sure the various metrics show it doesn't get clicked often, I don't think that's the point. It's not supposed to be something you need to click often, but it most definitely does need to be visible for the few times you do.

  204. marybranscombe says:

    For everyone asking for Paste & Navigate on context menu, it's there as soon as you have a copied URL – as Go To Copied Address; the rest of the time it seems to be Search On Copied Text. The real issue may be that the context menu is cluttered and spattered with useless links – could IE have a tool to clean it up the way you can clean up addons please? 😉

  205. Rob says:

    Man! Talk about misrepresentation. Microsoft misrepresents their capabilities like nothing I've seen before. Talk about blowing smoke!

  206. TickleOnTheTum says:

    Until IE supports Firefox style Extensions I will never use it…  I have 18 Extensions in Firefox that I can't live without.

    I want to make my browser work the way I want it to, not the way someone else decides…

  207. Mike Cramer says:

    I've read these comments and some of these posts are extremely self-centered and very self-focused. I guess I can't fault everyone for having their preferences, but the reality is you shouldn't fault Microsoft for not meeting your preferences. We have Opera, Safari, IE, Firefox, and Chrome as somewhat major browser players (each with their respective marketshare).

    Some of these browsers offer more options than others that you find more enticing. This is 100% A-OKAY, and there's nothing wrong with that. But you shouldn't fault Microsoft for IE9's lack of that functionality.

    The most sore points of IE have been addressed with IE9: Performance and Compatibility. Say what you want about not having Noscript or Adblock, but a fast javascript engine and being compatible with standards are far more important than your desire to block ads.

    And Microsoft delivers. Everything else is icing on the cake.

    I'm glad for the release of IE9. I might ultimately decide to continue using Chrome for my personal browsing, but after some time I won't have to be concerned with the drastic difference in websites between IE and other browsers that currently exist today.

    PS: To those of you stuck to XP, get off of it–really. It's not worth keeping around.

  208. Big Al says:

    Great RC, thanks. As desktop screens become wider but not much higher, how about adding an option to have the favorites bar on the left or right side, vertically instead on top horizontally. Because many websites don't use up the whole width of todays large screens so there is unused space at the sides. Having the favorites bar left or right would give us more space from top to bottom. And frankly, most websites are longer than your browser window, but not wider (only ugly sites do that).

  209. Mike says:

    I love the new IE 9 RC. However on my two PCs the Netflix Windows Media Center application broke once the RC was installed. It worked fine with the beta. It throws a script error.

  210. Juliano Nunes says:

    You said that on Notifications IE9 now display download speed. The yellow bar notification does not display it, only the download manager window.

  211. steve_web says:

    @Björn – My font settings are Anti-alias:Standard (I'm not sure what that equates to in terms of None/Grayscale).  I refuse to use ClearType due to the eyestrain headaches I get when it is turned on.  I see "rainbow" text all over the screen especially with black text on a white background (which is 80% of the text I view).  I find it hilariously ironic that the ClearType folks have suggested that this is the ultimate scenario for ClearType anti-aliasing as it most certainly isn't but I digress.  I'm really trying to be optimistic about this release of IE.  I've already noticed many JavaScript fixes since the last beta!

    When in standards mode (full on IE9 Standards mode only), IE9 RC fixed the following:

    * The resize event fires properly on the window element now

    * Radio buttons and checkboxes now properly fire the onchange event. – About Fri@#$ing time!

    * Double-Clicking any element now properly fires the correct AND complete sequence of events!

    * Noscript elements no longer render containers onscreen when scripting is enabled!  This was annoying as #ell because it would mess up layouts

    There's still a massive pile of un-fixed JavaScript/DOM issues – but its good to see that there was some progress made here.  Hopefully many, many more will be fixed before the final IE9 goes RTM.


  212. Jasmine says:

    I HATE the square tabs – Windows 3.1 was decades ago!

  213. prlicko says:

    ClearType, ClearType…

    Tell as, in your development team which ret… force those crap?

  214. hAl says:

    IE9 scores best in Sputnik Javascript conformance test met ruim 5000 javascript test.

    In deze test ontwikkeld voor Google scoort IE9 RC bijna de helft van het aantal fouten dat Chrome 10 bevat en bijna 3 keer minder dan Firefox 4

  215. hAl says:

    In this Sputnik test developed fot Google the IE9RC scores nearly half the error that Chrome 10 does and only about a third of the errors that Firefox 4 makes on this test

  216. Alex says:

    I've found two issues:

    1) You guys forgot to remove old x64 version of ieproxy.dll_old0 from "C:Program FilesInternet Explorer"

    2) Favorites  -> Organize Favorites throws exception "Error: 55 Object doesn't support property or method 'NewFolder'"

  217. harvey says:

    Lots of improvements which is good to see:

    I re-ran the real world "IE Fail Whale" test suite in IE9 RC.

    IE Fail Whale test results:


    IE6: Passes 0, Fails 18

    IE7: Passes 3, Fails 15

    IE8: Passes 7, Fails 11

    IE9: Passes 14, Fails 4 (testing the RC release)

    Of course all other browsers still pass all 18 tests.

    Woo Hoo! only 4 to go!

  218. the_dees says:

    Dear IE team,

    after the first shock I'm really enthusiastic about IE9. However, since this is probably the last chance to influence the outcome of IE9 a few words…

    They're about Issues reported on Connect; I know, you could reproduce most of them, but I'd still like to bring them to your attention once again.

    1.) Issue #556277 (generated content with display: list-item doesn't create marker boxes)

    Since Issue #556388 (generated content incorrectly rendered with eight display: table-* types) has been fixed, I wondered why this issue was not yet fixed?

    2.) Issue #567036 (in the separated border model rules=all is ineffective)

    Here it'd simply be nice if the border wasn't solid but inset/outset like in other browsers.

    3.) Issue #584333 (Multiple ID Selectors are only partially supported)

    The specificity of #id1#id1 is still broken, it would be nice to have this fixed.

    4.) Issue #599371 (navigator.cookieEnabled does not return site specific results)

    This is a really annoying issue for me; I've reported it for IE8 and for IE9 as soon as I was able to test it. Unfortunately it is still unfixed 🙁

    5.) Issue #585846 (calc() including 0% is ignored)

    Maybe you didn't notice, but I've updated the testcase after the CSS WG cleared up issues on the 0 handling. Two subtests are still failing.

    6.) Issue #636357 (the attr function does not always return correct results)

    Unfortunately I discovered the issues with the CSS 3 enhancement only so late in the game. It appears you disabled the CSS 3 attr function which is what I would've recommended anyway. The spec is not ready to be implemented yet. Good job 🙂

    7.) Issue #636480 (non-positive integers should not apply to orphans and widows)

    On the www-style mailing list I read that your John Jansen works on this, however, this report is still not marked as reproduced.

    8.) Issues #566091 (text/xml site with non-XHTML namespace or missing xmlns should render document tree)

    The testcases now render the document tree which is what I expect. However, the testcases in Report #566081 (blank page with non-XHTML namespace or missing xmlns attribute) still render pure text. Can we expect those to render the document tree as well? After all, just because they're XML labled as XHTML, there is no need for different handling of the same XML.

    I thought there are more issues, but I think these are the top 8. You can allways view my overview,

    It's most unfortunate that the important innerHTML won't be fixed, but I'm happy some bug I almost gave up on have been fixed in this version.

  219. steve_web says:

    @the_dees – I'm not sure if your example #3 contained a typo or not, but "#id1#id1" would be invalid since you can't have duplicate ID's.  However if you meant "#id1 #id2" this would be valid and should be supported.  (it allows you to style an element by ID (id2), differently if nested inside a specific element (id1))


  220. JimB says:

    Please, someone, tell me how to 'properly' tune my ClearType settings.  I have a Dell Precision laptop with a glossy 1920×1200 WUXGA display, and I cannot tolerate the ClearType in IE9.  I spent 20 minutes yesterday trying to 'properly' tune it, as well as improperly tuning it, but I still suffer from eye strain when it's on.  I normally keep ClearType turned off, but since IE9 won't let me turn it off, I decided to give it a try.  I'm a big fan of IE, and I always recommend it, but I removed the Beta because the option didn't work (I even submitted a bug report on it) and now I'm going to have to remove the RC for the same reason.  If the final version will not allow me to turn ClearType off, I will be removing it as well.  As a software developer, I have all the major browsers loaded on my system, but IE is my go to browser.  I'd hate for that to change.

  221. SvenC says:

    I second JimB's post.

    It is so ignorant to not respect people who cannot stand looking at those washed out smoothed fonts.

    I tried IE9 for one day and now went back to IE8 as my eyes feel tired after looking at web pages in IE9 for more than a few minutes.

    Please give us an option to disable font smoothing.

  222. Kevin Sweeney says:

    Guys, this is really exciting to see!

    This is great that you are really pushing for implementing the latest standards and technologies. I even believe that you'll be following through on your promise to implement more when the other specs feel more solid! I would like to make the suggestion that IE9 have the capability to update itself independently from Windows Update. If you can make it easier for users to adopt, I feel that things will start to move much faster for the future of browsers and the web.

    Keep at it!

  223. Nick Freear says:


    There is good support for many parts of HTML5 in IE9. However, Microsoft has not made a start on the forms chapter. The attributes like @required and @pattern and support for CSS :valid :invalid etc. would be a very helpful start! Please hold off on the release of IE9, and tackle some of these usability features.

    Otherwise, how long until IE10?

    BTW, the table at the top is misleading – it only refers to tests, not overall feature support. Try this,…/Comparison_of_layout_engines_%28HTML5%29



  224. WayneB says:

    If you don't get rid of that welcome screen entitled "Setup Windows Internet Explorer", I will never use IE.

  225. @SvenC, others: There is an option in Windows 7 for an end-user to turn off ClearType. In the Windows 7 start menu search box, search for "cleartype." The control panel item "Adjust ClearType Text" will be listed in the search results. Click that item and you'll have the option to turn off ClearType or to step through a tuning wizard that let you adjust the ClearType settings for your particular display.

    IE9 honors the system-wide ClearType on/off setting.

    (This option also exists in Windows Vista but I don't know the exact sequence to find it.)

  226. the_dees says:

    @steve_web: No, it's not a typo, you can write "#id1#id1", it simply selects an element whose ID is "id1" and whose ID is "id1". That may look strange, but is possible and valid. However, the specificity should be higher than a simple "#id1".

    There's even a test in the test suite, see…/css3-modsel-15b.html

    However, IE9 does not calculate the specificity for such an selector correctly. Which I hope is fixed in the Final, because all other browsers pass this test.

  227. S says:

    Can someone explain why an empty title bar is a good idea?  I don't like how Windows 7 Explorer windows do that, and certainly don't like how IE9 is doing that.  All I ask is for an option to put the title of the active tab there.  You can leave it off by default so you can create "minimalistic" screenshots.  Others say tabs should be able to be placed there, though I don't like that because it's hard to use Windows Snap when there clickable buttons on the title bar.  It's a reasonable feature to make available (efficient use of pixels), but I'm not a huge proponent.

    I could already close inactive tabs with a simple middle click.  Now it's more difficult to SWITCH to an inactive tab.  Others have pointed out that the magically appearing close button makes it even worse since the close button appears just as you get ready to click to switch tabs.  Again, all I ask is for an option to disable that "feature."

    Final complaint.  With tabs on their own row, why the heck can't I have 10 horizontal pixels (out of nearly 2000) for a drop down arrow next to the back and forward buttons?  I don't want to click, hold, and wait, and IE8 doesn't even support right clicking to see page history, so when I switch browsers getting used to right clicking will be annoying.

    I'm encouraged by seeing some UI enhancements, and I hope you can add some more customizability for the final release.  Please!  My favorite thing about Firefox is its customizability.  Let me say that about IE9!  (I also echo the surprise of no spell checker, but customizability is what I really want to see, since it's a little late to add a new feature like a spell checker to IE9.)

  228. D9 says:

    @ted johnson: If IE is honoring the system settings then what on earth is that fuzzy mess on my screen? It looks like a fuzzy duck…

  229. ISer says:

    Thanks for all (tabs on their own row is a minimal feature, but important for me)

  230. AdamM says:

    Let me put the favorites on the left please!

  231. steve_web says:

    @the_dees – well now don't I feel like a goof! 😉 I've never used that… and I'm not sure I would, but now that you explain it I guess it makes sense.

    However I just tried that test case and it works fine for me (both lines are green) and appears to work in IE7, IE8, and IE9 standards mode – only failing in Quirks (which I can't say I'm surprised by at all)

  232. SvenC says:

    @Ted: I am not talking about turning off ClearType but font smoothing all together. ClearType is just one algorithm and gray scale antialiasing is another one to implement font smoothing but I do not want font smoothing at all. I played with ClearType optimizing a lot but it just does not help.

  233. Jeff Powers says:

    3D Transforms still missing.  Guys – please support CSS3 3D transforms.  Do it.  Now.  You've already got 2D and GPU, so it's not so crazy.   Don't let Chrome, Firefox, and Safari kick your butt in this area, which is becoming seriously important given the amount of non-Flash development going on.

  234. hoopyr says:

    @Ted Johnson [MSFT]: did you try to turn off cleartype in ie9 as you said?

    Not working!!!

  235. Rumble says:

    Oh no again font smoothing!

    Buy, Buy IE9.

  236. Someone says:

    Does anyone else have problems with the Geolocation API in the RC? I just tried running the test on the ietestdrive site and it conistently failed to fix my location! No such problems in Firefox or Chrome I might add.

    PS. Kudos Microsoft, this thing is seriously zippy!

  237. the_dees says:


    Yes, the test in the test suite doesn't test for the specificity but only if the selector is correctly recognized.

    Here's a testcase that tests for specificity as well:…/150-multiple-id-selector.html

    (Sorry for the rather bad hosting enviroment).

  238. Klimax says:

    @zzz11 Feb 2011 12:21 AM

    Just try to tune ClearType. I don't know what other programms do,but neither there nor here(IE) I see the problem. It might be that final CT setting is more effective on Direct2D.

    (It is possible there is different font creation between regular and D2D)

    BTW: I find in funny how many either trollish, wrong or irrellevant posts this article got.

    As for "UI sucks" type – simply think their own opinion prevails. And I don't think they used IE in the first place. I'd say just somewhat incer

  239. LOVE_MOSS_NOT says:

    Nice, getting there, thank you!

    Now, why do I need Silverlight for again?

  240. @hoopyr: Yes, I did do the test. The wizard is a little non-intuitive for turning off ClearType. You have to "Next" through all the screens. It's only when you press the final "Finish" button that the change(s) are saved.

    @SvenC: It is only possible to disable the ClearType algorithm that uses color. Turning off color ClearType can help folks like steve_web who "see 'rainbow' text" with ClearType on. It is not possible to disable anti-aliasing altogether. Tuning ClearType for your display can make a big difference.

  241. Greg says:

    Please include minimum/maximum memory used for the test cases.  We'd like to see how much the peak memory usage is reduced for the test cases.  

    Consider, if you have not, letting users filter images by size as well as web site.    This will greatly speed up browsing for those with fast connections that have very slow connect times given the dozens of 8×8 pixel or smaller tracking images.  Blocking scripts from known sites would help as well given our internal speed tests show most of the page load wait time is on retrieving javascript from slow ad sites.

  242. SvenC says:

    @Ted: as I already mentioned: I did try tuning ClearType but was not satisfied.

    So that leaves us again at: why don't you add an option to disable anti-aliasing all together?

  243. Bud says:

    There has to be a way to have the text/fonts produced within IE9 to match the rest of the system.  Cleartype tuning doesn't help this – besides I like to keep cleartype turned off anyway.  All other text in all other programs is clear and sharp.  I just want to be able to experience the same in IE9.  Until then, I can't really use it, as reading the fonts within IE9 causes me eye strain – even with my glasses on.  Back to IE8, and looks great.

  244. Tommi says:

    What is with the Web slice?

  245. Björn says:

    @SvenC: You might also want to tune your colour profile if you see colour fringing.

  246. SvenC says:

    @Björn: no, color is not the issue for me, it is only the unsharp blurryness of text which makes my eyes hurt after a while when they try to get the text to sharp contrast like all the other text on my display.

    Honestly, there is no other solution than to getting an option to disable font smoothing all together. Otherwise IE9 is simply not an option for me – which I would find sad.

  247. zzz says:

    Ted: People don't know what they talk about, by ClearType/smoothing they mean neither but the *same issue* that plagues WPF. sub pixel positioning. Great for those high DPI displays that aren't here. I tested the compatibility mode and it did not make IE9 render text like IE8. When every font renders like IE8, aligned to screen pixels, in IE9, the problem goes away.

  248. Yo says:

    The feature "Click to look inside" on the Amazon website does on work in IE 9 RC, not even in compatibility view! Please fix this.

  249. Arieta says:

    Apparently it's the Direct2d font rendering that makes everything blurry, not Cleartype. The biggest problem is that it makes small fonts look unreadable.

    Also, after installing IE9RC, Windows Mail has the same blurry rendering too, as well as any other app that uses the IE rendering – Netlimiter stats, CrystalDiskMark, etc. This is a VERY big problem in my opinion. Steps need to be taken in order so subpixel positioning is 1. optional, and 2. only affects IE9, and not applications outside it.

  250. I agree with zzz's comment above. This blurry font is caused by sub-pixel positioning introduced in DirectWrite, and NOT by ClearType. I don't think sub-pixel positioning has any relevance with ClearType. AFAIK, they are different stuffs and people shouldn't confuse them.

    After I installed IE9 RC, I open Gmail and now the Gmail page looks horrible and the font looks blurry. This is different when compared to IE9 BETA. Why? In IE9 BETA, Gmail is rendered in IE8 Standards Document Mode and it's using GDI to render the text. The font rendered using GDI looks just so fine, although there's an accuracy pixel problem there. But in IE9 RC Gmail is rendered in IE9 Standards Document Mode and it's using DirectWrite to render the text. Based on my understading, DirectWrite is the cause of this font blurriness issue. DirectWrite does its job very well at rendering large-size text on a low-DPI to a high-DPI display (IIRC, a high DPI display is a 200-DPI display or larger), but unfortunately it's terrible at rendering small-size text on a low DPI display (like my laptop: 96 DPI).


  251. DanglingPointer says:

    Great Release IETeam!

    Why can't we have 100% in acid3 in IE? It’s not impossible that’s for sure.. may be its scheduled for IE10, but anyway… my wish-list is as follow:

    1. Improvement required: IE9 is lagging in the Mozilla's dromaeo test with quite a margin.

    2. Improvement required: IE9 is lagging in Google's V8 benchmark.

    3. Simple, possible and useful feature: "Create Download" button in download manager, to enable entering of manual URL for target resource.

    4. Another possible feature: Make live bookmarks or something besides import/export to file…why not store it on my live cloud and access them on the move. It might help your Bing’s decision engine that what kind of resource I am looking for! 🙂

    5. Opinion: The empty can be used to resurrect the 'title of the page'.

    6. …and then the SpellChecker: If you guys ever plan to offer the spellchecker, please enable it for text-field as well (rather textarea-only!) (+plus+) and option to disable it. It might be reused in the Live Messenger.

    7.  *bump* Alexei Mihalchuk's comment: Please redesign the menus.. might be inferred from Zune-for-windows and WP7 metro UI..

    8. Please keep releasing the fantastic features.

    PS:  Weird but true: Tab-grouping in Opera is something I was unable to convince my supervisor to adapt IE9 (also the live-updating-tablets in their about-Tabs' equivalent page). Besides, he is also using opera in his WinMobile6.5.

  252. DanglingPointer says:

    * 5. Opinion: The empty above the address bar can be used to resurrect the 'title of the page'.

  253. hoopyr says:

    @zzz, Maximilian Haru Raditya: there is a option in ie8 internet options to disable cleartype and do the job! We don't care about WTF. sub pixel positioning and new rendering engine, we just wont little sharp fonts!

  254. hoopyr says:

    sorry- just wanna little sharp fonts, i guess.

  255. mentas says:

    IE9 RC crashing on some sites. Still broken on

  256. Andy Pemberton says:

    Fantastic! I requested Geolocation support and am glad to see it!

  257. Steve says:

    IE9 64 bit Beta (latest version) worked perfectly on my Windows 7 64 bit.

    After installing IE9 64 bit RC it opens to a white page displaying nothing and crashes after about 5 seconds.

    Starting up with add ons disabled does not resolve the problem as it still crashes.

    IE9 32 bit RC works normally though.

  258. mentas says:

    IE9 RC eating 200- 500MB memory by tab and running slow…

  259. David Jacobson says:

    I will try never to install ie9.  Microsoft needs to get rid of the arrogant developers who arbitrarily change the user interface that people have become accustom to using.  I navigate the web with favorites and web history.  I turn flash on an off because I don't like to look at blinking advertising while I am reading content.  Those functions have worked well for me in several IE relases.  IE9 makes them more difficult to use.  If I have to change I will start looking at chrome.

  260. mentas says:

    IE9 RC take 1GB of memory with one tab. Win7 32bits,

    Any solution?!

  261. @mentas says:

    I am using 64bit RC in 64bit Win7. Its consuming: 136+21+24 MBs with two tabs. 136MB iexplore process is somekindof base process which remains there if atleast one tab is opened.

  262. cesar says:

    in the ie9 RC the css3  border-radius not work on an fieldset element.

    The other browsers correctly renders border-radius on fieldset


  263. mentas says:

    Uninstalled IE9 RC, back to IE8 its fine and run fast on Apple site!

    Will try install IE9 RC again…

  264. mentas says:

    Reinstalled IE9 RC and problems solved! No memory problems and Apple site work fine (except some CSS3 features).

    The problem: IE8 -> IE9 Beta -> IE9 pre RC -> IE9 RC.

    Solution: Uninstall IE9 pre releases before install IE9 RC or RTM.

  265. Light says:

    You guys added paste and go to the keyboard command, that's great but why not add it to the right click context menu as well ? Let's think to Windows 7 tablets :p

  266. ST says:

    1. Please implement enable/disable ClearType like IE7/IE8 cause I dont like ClearType.

    2. Please implement "ITBar7Position" registry like IE7/IE8.

  267. Miro says:

    @Jonas_Buet here's what it looks like on my 27" Dell –…/iechrometabsize.jpg

  268. Prakash says:

    1. Overall it is good. But there is a slight lag when opening a new tab. Right from old versions of IE, the about:blank and about:tabs take a long time to load.

  269. pezzonovante says:

    @Miro, that's because you have placed the tab bar below the task bar. With a 27'' monitor there's absolutely no reason to do so. Here's how it looks in maximized state with the default settings:…/ie9vschrome.png

  270. IE9FAN says:

    why dint microsoft implement html5 form features??

    i think it is very simple to implement , and also that it can be widely used in websites without using validating scripts.

    I like the IE9 rc , keep going 🙂

  271. Rob says:


    That html testsite does

    * not understand the device element is part of the webapplications spec it list seperatly.

    * the referred webapplication spec (inlcuding the device element) is no longer a specification the W3C is working on

    * the WebGL spec  is also not a HTML 5 spec. Please wait for 3D Canvas from W3C

    * gives improper arbitrary weight on different specs (Why canvas only 20 and forms a massive 90?)

    Its unbalanced and incorrect information makes it appear to be some kind of fansite by some particular browser fan (likely chrome)

  272. meni says:

    cesar said:

    "in the ie9 RC the css3  border-radius not work on an fieldset element.

    The other browsers correctly renders border-radius on fieldset


    Yes, but have you seen how other browsers handle DOTTED ROUNDED BORDERS????


    For those who needs things spelled out: IE team made some big fuss about this unimportant border case. back at you big time.

  273. Image says:

    Instead of hovering over the tab precisely over the spot where the X is to appear, you can just quickly move to the general area of the tab and press the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON.

    This has worked since IE7 and is by far the best method for closing tabs … and opening hyperlinks in new tabs …

  274. Arieta says:

    Another major problem I noticed – you can't access the RSS button! Only if you enable an additional taskbar, which looks very ugly in IE9. What gives? RSS is not important anymore?

  275. Arieta says:

    Also, in the said command bar, I cannot put an icon for the developer tools. Yes, I know, F12 works, but I prefer working with the mouse alone very often. This is the same reason why people want paste & go in the context menu.

    Sadly, I don't think this will be revised as IE9 is already at RC phase. I can only hope that you'll follow it with a bi-year update, IE9.1 or 9.5 perhaps. IE9 is VERY strong in many points, but it has a lot of terribly obvious shortcomings.

  276. Arieta says:

    OK, one more thing: regarding the context menu and the developer tools: why not have an "inspect element" command in the context menu? Every other browser has it, and its insanely useful.

  277. Alexey says:


    "As for "UI sucks" type – simply think their own opinion prevails. And I don't think they used IE in the first place. I'd say just somewhat incer"

    I can only guess at what you meant by this collections of words. Am I right in inferring that you do _not_ think your opinion "prevails"? Well, good for you. 🙂

    Keep in mind that the wider an audience a browser is tailored to, the less customized it is for the subset of people already happy with it. And so we complain.

  278. Björn says:

    @Bud: You can turn off ClearType using the wizard, text will then be anti-aliased using greyscale anti-aliasing.

    @Maximilian Haru Raditya: Well sub-pixel positioning can only be used with sub-pixel font anti-aliasing (ClearType) not with the greyscale one. I guess lower DPI and thus larger (sub)pixel are more visible and therefore more "distracting" (I can just guess because I haven't had anything with less than 100 DPI for years) but on the other hand you benefit more from having thrice the horizontal pixels for positiong.

    @DanglingPointer: They said numerous times before that they are probably not going to implement SVG fonts and SMIL which are necessary for the last points on Acid3.

    @ST: Like said before, the system-wide setting is honored, so simply turn off ClearType at system level.

    @meni: Hey, nothing against dotted rounded corners! The result is really great and I wonder how much brain power was invested in creating algorithms for this.

  279. DanglingPointer says:…/sync-favorites-via-skydrive <- this can be extended to all the personalization settings, so the user can retrieve and apply them anywhere on IE9!

    @Björn: Yeap, that’s right. IE wouldn't SMIL in its 9th revision….…/microsoft_internet_explorer_9_questions

  280. MacGuyver says:

    Amazing work and progress guys. What a turnaround it has been: from IE8, from slowest to…fastest!

    And thanks for listening!

  281. Klimax says:


    1)smaller (size of all components) could present some trouble

    2)missing search bar – evolution (Raymond Chen had a post on that few ears back ~2006 ; recognitio that users generaly ignore search pane and type everything into address bar)

    3)some commands from Command bar placed after address bar

    Configureable differencies

    1)menu bar (just different row after toggle)

    2)tabs (as they were)

    maybe few more

    Generally not bad.


    I just noted reactions of type "UI of IE sucks" are from people who mostly don't use IE. I think it is evolution and quite usable.

    Customisation stresses resources and testing, so weighting was in order I suspect.

    BTW:Seems I got few typos aand missing words causing post to be unreadable.

  282. Shahzad Khan says:

    Would love to use IE 9 RC.

  283. AlfonsoML says:

    The changes in the javascript parser has broken all the sites that use FCKeditor or CKEditor due to not being able to parse code like this:

    do{ /* */ } while(false)return;

    So at the very least another release is needed to fully test IE9 in the wild

  284. Alexey says:


    The search field might have been neglected by most, but invaluable for those who used it. It was actually the main reason I did not switch over to Chrome. The new combined field does not allow me to try the same query with several search engines, does not give me a good way of switching search engines at all (10/13 search providers have the same default icon), and does not allow me to make queries like: " disappointment".

    I think it is safe to assume that both the people praising the UI and the people bashing it use the browser. People not using the browser are praising standard compliancy. Web developers no longer even have have to test with IE (as regorously).

  285. IE9 conclusion says:

    It's not a question when it comes to UI that everyone thinks his opinion is the best. IE8's UI was a working productive UI for some and too cluttered for some (Chrome lovers and the like). Once you make a browser for decades and develop a comprehensive UI, people start using it, they depend on it. You just can't assume EVERY IE USER WANTS A MINIMAL UI LIKE CHROME and the IE team has no business to REMOVE user interface elements like progress bar, tab list button, Developer Tools toolbar button, search box. There is no universal conclusion that combined one box is better, it's purely a matter of preference. When the search is already present in 2 previous releases, Microsoft has some responsibility to keep it AS AN OPTION EVEN IF IT MAKES ONEBOX THE DEFAULT. IE9's GUI spoils it completely for me and I will never touch it on Vista or 7. Let that be a lesson to learn Microsoft. You can't REMOVE FUNCTIONALITY before the beta stage, ignore all feedback saying it is by design during the beta and now say it's RC, now nothing can be done, it's locked down too late. Microsoft is all about giving lesser and lesser choice by the day which was what it's biggest strength compared to limited choice-giving competitors like Apple and Google. Firefox, IE and Opera were highly customizable and configurable browsers, Chrome and Safari not so much, now IE9 joins their group. I don't even see the option now when I type in the one box without using a search keyboard to whether display the search results or go directly to the best result (I'm feeling lucky). IE9 reduces the options IE8 gave by about 50%. That's my complaint. Otherwise, the rendering engine is solid. There exists no IE version so far with full featured UI AND great standards support.

  286. hoopyr says:

    well i am so happy to know that i must watch beautiful aa fonts because ms thought it's good for me.

    just install chrome and surprise!- no aa at all! they are so mindless, without any artistic sens.

    you like how ie9 rendering fonts, good for you.

    that's all, goodbye.

  287. Cougar says:

    Allowing the tabs on a separate row is a good first step, but the GUI needs more work. All the command icons are too small and too close to each other, making them hard to hit. Frequently used favorites button is now burried between rarely used options and home buttons. Moving the tabs to a separate row also moves the other icons far, far, to the right edge of the screen.

    Overall the usability of the new GUI is not very good for me. Please add more options for configuring the UI layout. I understand minimalistic browser GUI is popular nowadays, but it shouldn't affect usability in negative ways. In IE9 it certainly does.

  288. Cougar says:

    And another request: Please add an option to disable the transparency effect on tabs. If IE9 is on top of some dark window, the black text on inactive tabs can be very hard to read. The semi-transparent tabs look slick, but once again they affect usability.

  289. Amin says:

    Hi guys

    I have some problem with ie!

    Look this javascript code:

    for(var i in f = {d:window, e:document}) {


    // Results :

    //  IE9 RC & lower: [object], [object] – It's Bad! ):

    // Safari 4, 5: [object DOMWindow], [object HTMLDocument]

    // Chrome 8, 9, 10: [object DOMWindow], [object HTMLDocument]

    // Firefox 3.6, 4b: [object Window], [object HTMLDocument]




    // Results :

    // IE9 RC & lower: [object Object] – What is this!?? So Bad! ):

    // Safari 4, 5: [object HTMLDivElement]

    // Chrome 8, 9, 10: [object HTMLDivElement]

    // Firefox 3.6, 4b: [object HTMLDivElement]

    what's happen ie!!? are you okay?

    Chackra it is not new javascript engine! it is old JSript engine!!!

    I really need to, plz.

    Please fix it, in last or final stable ie version.

    File, FileReader, FileList, Websocket and other api's not supported.

    HTML5 is not just video and audio and Canvas!

    Idea for better GUI:

    Remove none space from top of the window, see picture:…/Untitled.html

    Sorry for my bad english.


  290. Eduardo Valencia says:

    IE9 RC keeps constanly crashing becuse of DEP

    I have disabled all add-ons and it still crashes.

    Trying many tweaks including running it with admin priviledges and it still crashes.

    Here's the last error

    Log Name:      Application

    Source:        Application Error

    Date:          12/02/2011 11:16:35 a.m.

    Event ID:      1000

    Task Category: (100)

    Level:         Error

    Keywords:      Classic

    User:          N/A

    Computer:      EduardoValencia


    Faulting application name: iexplore.exe, version: 9.0.8080.16413, time stamp: 0x4d4ce896

    Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000

    Exception code: 0xc0000005

    Fault offset: 0x0000000000000000

    Faulting process id: 0x9b0

    Faulting application start time: 0x01cbcad0374765c4

    Faulting application path: C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe

    Faulting module path: unknown

    Report Id: 76077025-36c3-11e0-96f5-a037519cb686

    Event Xml:

    <Event xmlns="…/event">


       <Provider Name="Application Error" />

       <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>




       <TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-02-12T16:16:35.000000000Z" />




       <Security />













       <Data>C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe</Data>





  291. Piere says:

    @Klimax – you may have been absent when users complained about ClearType but unfortunately MSFT felt they had invested too much time and money into it to back down and remove or fix it when all the users complained.

    The easy test to show that it doesn't work is simple.

    1.) View text on screen with Clear Type turned on (just be sure the text contains curves (e.g. the letter "C", "O", or "G"… and or angled lines e.g. the letter "A", "N", or "M"….) that is non-bolded black text on a white background at a normal (~10 – 12pt) font-size.

    2.) Take a screenshot of the text.

    3.) In your favorite image editor (e.g. PhotoShop), scale the image up 400% (e.g. zoom in twice)

    4.) Save this image, and post it online in PNG format.

    If you have managed a miracle, then the screenshot will show perfectly anti-aliased text with NO RAINBOW COLORING, Bolding, or Bluring of the text crispness.

    However if you are like 99.9% of the people that do this, you will see horrible RAINBOW coloring, artifacting, and in many cases artificial bolding and such.

    For those of us with good eyesight, we can see this plain-as-day without zooming (the zooming was just to illustrate the point) and it causes horrible eye strain and discomfort to read because when your eyes see a blurry image they immediately try to re-focus it or the user squints to try and alter the "BlurrryText [TM]".

    If your example is the "perfect" anti-aliasing that doesn't show the rainbow colors, artifacting & blurring… please post the URL into a comment on this blog and specify your exact ClearType settings – I assure you… if there is a setting that provides great results – many, many, many people would like to know! – not just me.


  292. antize says:


    •Ability to move tabs to a dedicated row

    •Slight tweaking of the tab look

    •Speed of launching the browser

    •Speed of website loading

    Don't Likes:

    •How the Address/Search bar works

    •When I search for "ie 9 beta" for some reason I go directly to instead of seeing web search results… I don't like this at all, I want the search results.

    •Typical I want a search engine search, not a website in my history however when I start typing something to search with and it matches part of a URL I've been to, I get the page in my history instead of the web search I want. I'd like the opposite behavior, search first, but give me the option to click on a link that I've previously been to from the drop down.

    •The IE settings UI needs a COMPLETE overhaul, the whole 'Advanced' tab is very hard to work with.

    •Lack of ability to save my tabs on exit… This is a key feature in other browsers… Where is it in IE 9?

    •How tiny the font is in gmail (there was a page for this at microsoft anwsers which has now mysteriously dissapeared)

    •Lack of on the-fly-spell check (error underlining) in comment boxes like these

  293. ie 9 rc user says:

    Great work, guys. IE 9 RC is way better than Beta (although still not perfect, but that's fine, it's an RC, not an RTM/RTW). Speed and stabilty improvements galore, here. Tracking Protection for me is absolutely spot on. That should be available as a standard feature in all future browsers (and not as an extension, aka AdBlockPlus).

    However, I must make some criticisms, about UI and features. The first is the double refresh/stop button. Why on hell do we need two separate buttons? If a page has finished loading, stop button is only useless. Better merging them into a single combined stop/refresh button, working per-case. When page is loading, will be displayed stop icon, and pressing will stop loading. When page is fully loaded, will be displayed refresh icon, and pressing will make page refresh. Firefox (since version 4), Chrome, Safari and Opera has the single stop/refresh button. It's time for IE to have the same treatment.

    Second criticism is about missing spellchecker. C'mon, IE is now the only major browser that hasn't a built-in spellchecker. External plug-ins are quite sloppy, imho. Even a little browser like Midori on Linux has it, why can't IE? At least, give an explanation. Download manager and spellchecker were the two only things that really IE was missing. The first has arrived, the second still misses. Also, should be easy for you to implement it, is sufficient using the one from Live Mail/Live Writer.

    Third and last criticism is about the lack of a real extension system. Still, like spellchecker, every major browser got an extension system, with relative gallery to show off them. You can add it after RTM/RTW, like Apple has done with Safari 5, which extensions have officially arrived with 5.0.1 release.

    Finally, a suggestion for future releases: don't wait two years between versions, one year maximum, competitors won't wait you. But I think you've already learnt the lesson.

    Said that, keep on good working, guys, can't wait for IE 9 RTM/RTW!

  294. Miro says:

    @Jonas_Buet I know that but I'm comparing apples to apples here. Tabs on their row and large url bar. IE9 as you showed is not the sam, the URL bar is 500px and you can run 5-6 tabs. Chrome would be even smaller if it too had its tabs right next to the URL bar

  295. Michael says:

    Unfortunately, the blue accelerator icon became inoperable after installing ie9rc. Removed all accelerators and reinstalled some; all attempts were to no avail. Any hints?

  296. IE8 lover says:

    IE settings UI doesn't need any overhaul. It's organized neatly. Any overhaul will make Microsoft remove things again.

  297. Tambar34 says:

    Still a load of crap! the AOL home page is just a bloody mess with the font superimposed on top of one another!

    you were informed of this during beta and still you do nothing about it so how can this be the release candidate ?????????????

  298. Prior Semblance says:


    It looks fine to me…

  299. It’s truly great to see all the enthusiasm around IE9 RC. Your comments are helpful and are being read by many members of the IE team. Yet, there are two things I’d like to say to make this forum more productive:

    1. Specific bugs should be filed at You need to register to file a bug but that registration gives us an email path back to you so we can ask clarifying questions and let you know the eventual resolution of the bug.

    2. Dean’s post took it for granted that the term “Release Candidate” was understood to mean “Platform Complete.” This means that even though we’d love to respond to your requests for new features in IE9, those requests will be rolled into IE10 planning. There are no new Web platform features planned for IE9.

    At this time we’re focused on addressing the remaining bugs and glitches and getting this baby out the door.

  300. Fails says:

    IE9 RC Fails:

    1. ) Square tabs, Square home screen boxes.  Come on Microsoft! It's 2011! You finally have a browser that supports rounded corners in CSS and you Regress in your RC to a square UI.  Have you not learned from the horrible reception that the Windows Phone 7 got that Square is out, has been, has always been, since about 1985!?

    2.) Internet Options dialog box.  Wow! This thing was a mess in IE6, worse in IE7, even worse in IE8, and still tragically even worse in IE9! No one on the planet wants to set options like this! Why are their 3 un-synced locations where I can set my printing preferences? Why must I scroll through a thousand options in a scrollbox that is 2 inches tall, not wide enough to see everything, not resizable and has no accordion folding to make it remotely usable?

    3.) ClearType – Turn this off by default thank you very much

    4.) Tabs on Top – The evidence this is better is overwhelming.  Don't be the last browser on the planet to realize this.

    5.) Addons – In what? 15 years now? IE has been unable to provide a decent Addon platform for developers… and still hasn't

    6.) Spellcheck – beyond a no-brainer.  Help the web be a cleaner place by providing those that haven't already converted to Chrome, Safari or Firefox to not pollute the web with misspellings out the wazoo!

    7.) GeoLocation – (although it is good to see you added it!) – It has been determined that it doesn't work on its debut release in IE.  If it wasn't ready yet, don't ship partial support for it. Just TELL us that it is coming! (that's why we come to the IE Blog!)

    8.) Text Shadow – nuff said

    9.) innerHTML – seriously! how long must we wait for this fix? I think 15 years is enough.

    10.) events on options and optgroups – still absent/non-compliant with ECMAScript Level 3 DOM bindings:…/ecma-script-binding.html

    11.) Favicons in the address bar drop down are STILL missing in IE9 RC! – where is my "more beautiful web"?

    12.) CSS3 Transitions – totally missing (not even as a vendor prefix)

    13.) Flexible box model – nope, not in IE

    14.) Web Forms 2.0 – nada. So much for using IE on a Windows Tablet.

    15.) Notification bar placement – so wrong on so many levels.  The dashboard in my car has all the indicators and notifications I need AT THE TOP OF MY DASHBOARD where I need them to be so I can see them right away!  The notification bar in IE9 is at the bottom… its like putting an LED message banner at my feet where I'm guaranteed not to see it. – EPIC FAIL!

    16.) Notification bar for file download. – I will ALWAYS want to choose the folder where I save this.  There is NO POINT making a separate Save As option as the non-default.  Just give me a "Save…" button that LETS ME PICK where I want to save it. (which is NEVER on my desktop, and NEVER in the default "Documents" folder)

    17.) Bookmarks panel (oops I mean Flavorites) goes on the left. Always has, always should.  If you want a RTL instead of the default LTR display for Israel and other countries that read right to left thats fine, but don't make that the default for everyone.  For 30 years I've read Left To Right – I'm not changing that because IE thinks it is funky.

    18.) IE dev toolbar still needs an overhaul. Doesn't show accurate information when DOM changes, continues to list non-standard properties without flagging them as such.

  301. border-radius bad implemented says:

    border radius is not working in fieldset with legend.  Other browsers render ok.

    If microsoft say that they implement css3 border radius it need to work with all elements.

    Sorry min, if it is not important to you, but Milions of web deelopers ask microsoft for border radius and they consider this feature very inportant.

    I am making a site that will render beauty on other browsers but will render ugly in IE9 because of this failure. Sorry microsoft…

    Please fix this until RTM.

  302. Frank says:

    @Ted Johnson – way to fail!

    RC (Release Candidate) *should* not mean (Platform Complete).  As indicated by several hundred readers on this blog there is still many bugs that need fixing and omissions that need addressing to have a stable, and successful release.

    If you are missing a significant feature: e.g. Web Forms 2.0 or a Spell Checker – there is no reason why it can't be added in.

    If you have committed internally to a specific date for the release – but your team is not going to be ready on time with a suitable release – then PUSH YOUR RELEASE DATE! – Don't cut the scope and make developers and end users suffer because you weren't ready yet.

    Then again if MSFT had real, usable open public bug tracking you would know where all the issues are and be able to set priorities etc.

    I will never post another bug in Connect – you burned your bridge with developers a long time ago.

  303. IE8 lover says:

    At a minimum for RTM, IE team, please please change the notification bar to the top of the page where it DOES NOT OVERLAP ON THE PAGE. No browser bar should hide any content of the page. I should be able to scroll the page while the notification bar shows at the top. That was how the information bar was designed. Moving the notification bar to the top where it does not cover any part of the web page is the SINGLE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT YOU CAN MAKE NOW TO IE9 AT THIS STAGE.

  304. rojer_31 says:

    Works great! I think this is the first time in a long time, I'm using IE as a  purely 'normal' browser 😉

    ie. in a non-testing (either the site or the browser) mode..

  305. Emma says:

    I would like to add my rant – but IE8 lover summed it up best.  MOVE THE NOTIFICATION BAR TO THE TOP – why should I have to move my mouse to the bottom of the page after navigating in order to click something.

    I hardly notice my Windows Taskbar unless I specifically move my head down – so why would notifications in that area be a good place to put stuff.  I'm sure you've seen all those eye-movement heat maps for users…

    See here:…/google_eye_tracking_map.jpg

    and here:…/eyetracking_F-page.png


    and here:…/eyetools_google_search.jpg


    This has been proven time and time again.  Microsoft – you put it in the wrong spot.  Suck up your pride and fix it PLEASE!

  306. AndyC says:

    @Piere: You can't screenshot and resize Cleartype text and expect to get a meaningful result, because it's fundamentally designed to take into account the exact position and size it's being drawn at. You'd have a point if 72-point Cleartype text looked all rainbow striped when it was drawn, but it doesn't.

  307. Fireball says:

    Grats on the release of RC! It seams to run really nice and fast and I like the UI. But on the down side it has now caused a huge memory leak in my sidebar.exe causing it to use up to 1GB of RAM while it was maybe at 30MB before. Hope to see this fixed.

  308. ie 9 rc user says:

    Ted, c'mon… Seriously, adding a silly spellchecker is so difficult? You've already it in the house, ready to be included in IE, just look at Live Writer's one. Honestly, I don't think that it will take so much time causing a delay for RTM/RTW. Requests rolled into IE10 planning? We've expected a download manager in IE7: no way. In IE8: no way. Every time, rolled for the next version planning. Finally, you decided to include it in IE9. Similar things are happening with spellchecker. Everytime, the request is rolled into next IE version planning. Sorry, I don't buy that another time. I'm sad, observing that probably IE team will never include such a basic feature. It's like virtual desktop or ISO images in Windows: asked everytime in preliminary feedbacks, never came up as real features (well, at least, in 7 we have ISO burning, cold comfort).

  309. Viktor Krammer [Quero] says:

    Is this a bug? Tracking Protection Lists do not block anything

    Tested available rules and added my own, but IE9 RC did not block anything, which is blacklisted

  310. Andrew says:

    I don't get it… aren't box-shadow and text-shadow a part of CSS3?

    How can IE9 have 100% CSS3 support if it doesn't support these?

    Please enlighten me…

  311. Max says:

    Please add this:

    1. Input field highlighting.

    2. MathML

    3. Subtitles for HTML5 video

    4. MPEG-4 video

    5. PCM audio

    6. HTML5 forms

    7. WebSocket

    8. HTML5 tree


  312. Max says:

    2Andrew. IE9 don't have 100% CSS3 support. This table means that IE passes 100% of test that microsoft submitted to W3C. All these tests can't include all the features of CSS3.

    Use to see what IE9 supports actually.

  313. Aaron says:

    looks grate but dont let it go to your head a be complaysent for three years

    (spell Check Please! )

    side tabs maby 🙂 ?

  314. Michelle says:

    You're right about the fuzzy text when ClearType is turned on.

    Here's an image with all that rainbow garbage messing up otherwise crisp text:…/fuzzytype.png

    so much for black text! – ouch that bis just nasty!

  315. @Ted Johnson [MSFT] says:

    Since you are saying IE9 is "platform complete" and now you are only looking to fix the bugs/glitches and roll it out, here are a few questions I'm sure everyone wants to know:

    1. AFTER you have shipped IE9 gold wIll you continue to fix bugs (I'm not talking about security bugs) AND provide them in windows update?

    2. From your comment, it seems IE will not follow the release model of firefox/chrome (new features in minor releases). All new "site ready" features will be implemented and included in IE10. Yes/No?

    3. Since IE9 conforms to the standards, (almost) anything designed for IE9 will work on IE10. In that case, are you going to auto-update (not forced) all IE9 to IE10?

    4. Can we expect a faster release cycle for IE?

    i.e., IE10 after (max) one year? or do we have to wait several years? [IE7 – 2006; IE8 – 2009; IE9 – 2011; IE10 – 2012?]

    Also, using connect is a PITA. Can you switch to JIRA?

  316. Owain Baber says:

    Unfortunately the web is no longer beutiful. Ever since I installed the RC (I was using the beta) web pages are crashing every other refresh.

  317. Owain Baber says:

    When I refreshed the page to see if my previous comment was published correctly, it crashed out and had to recover again!

  318. Owain Baber says:

    Most recent error:

    Faulting application name: iexplore.exe, version: 9.0.8080.16413, time stamp: 0x4d4ceeab

    Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdbdf

    Exception code: 0xe06d7363

    Fault offset: 0x0000b727

    Faulting process id: 0xb00

    Faulting application start time: 0x01cbcb11cecbbaf8

    Faulting application path: C:Program Files (x86)Internet Exploreriexplore.exe

    Faulting module path: C:Windowssyswow64KERNELBASE.dll

    Report Id: 12f607a1-3705-11e0-a4aa-6cf04955d920

  319. Eric says:

    What happened to the RSS button? I use this to subscribe to feeds and some websites don't offer a more discoverable way of subscribing to their feeds.

  320. j says:

    I agree with Eric. Navigating the legacy menu bar just to subscribe to a feed is awful. Please put feed discovery somewhere in the new UI!

  321. Jagannath says:

    I have a question in Super user (…/embedded-video-is-not-shown-in-internet-explorer-9-rc-or-beta ) . The embedded videos don't appear in IE 9 RC for a Standard user. For Admin account I don't have any issue viewing the embedded videos. Is this a known issue ? Anything related to graphics card ?

  322. MishraAjay says:

    I tested the Sun spider java script benchmark 0.9.1 and found that IE9RC is 60ms faster than chrome 9.0.597.98 and 100ms faster than Mozilla Firefox 4.0b11… keep it up

  323. MishraAjay says:

    I also checked the CPU power meter power consumption and found that IE9RC is consuming least power < Mozilla Firefox 4.0b11 < Chrome 9.0.597.98 … keep it up IE team

  324. Atroch says:

    Since installing IE9 RC on Windows 7 x64, sidebar.exe and an instance of svchost.exe are consuming excessive memory over time.   At one point, sidebar.exe was using over 1GB of memory.  Closing all gadgets terminates sidebar.exe and returns the memory.  None of my gadgets have changed. I'm only running two gadgets, Calendar and All CPU Meter V3.3.  This behavior did not start until I replaced the IE9 beta with the RC.

  325. tuxplorer says:

    See my issues here:…/features-removed-in-windows-internet.html Microsoft's refusal to fix these before the RC came out will now result in me never installing IE9 on my Windows 7 or Vista. I will also actively point everyone to these flaws and dissuade them from installing IE9 because it's a half-baked buggy browser.

  326. Erki says:

    Text is horrible in IE9 Document Mode. It causes eye strain. Can't use this brower for everyday web surfing because of this. OS X and Linux also don't align to the pixel gird, but they render better. Sad that Microsoft don't use good old ClearType text rendering engine. I hope that Firefox, Chrome and Opera don't go this way in the future.

  327. antize says:

    Forgot a like…


    •Smooth scrolling 🙂

  328. Sachin Joseph says:

    Please do add the following:

     • Password Manager: Password Managers really improves log-in experiences as a Master Password needs to be entered only once a session.

     • Spell Checker: Office Web Apps with a built-in spell checker should make it easier to use.

  329. Linr says:

    How to Use this following function?


    Many thanks

  330. SizeMatters says:

    Please fix the following issue:

    The (pixel size of the close tab…the red X)

    It seems that one needs pin point accuracy to close the tabs, i'm not sure if this is done intentionally by the IE team.

    But the (close tab X pixel) needs to be larger. So one doesn't have to position the mouse cursor exactly on the (red X ) to close the tab.

    Its really annoying.


  331. user experience fail says:

    The biggest issue with ALL Microsoft apps these days is that they are constantly fiddling with the user interface. GUI is something that should not change frequently in software. It should change just enough to accommodate new features and incorporate breaking changes. Microsoft has a habit of constantly changing the UI for no apparent reason at all (what some call change for sake of change). MS didn't used to do it so much in earlier Windows, Office and other app releases. Now they do it for every version. Take for instance WMP whose interface has changed with every single version. IE9 faces the same problem.

  332. Owen says:

    The thing about beta testing? You don't just work out the bugs, you work on finalizing the product to give consumers the best possible solution- there are clearly problems here, in that the interface either cannot be changed by a home user, or that the mechanisms to do so are too obscure to be easily identified. There should be options to do so, keep folks happy like, ya dig? I'd rather have some control over my user experience, and not have to relearn it because the developer thinks it should define it for me. I'm certain I'm not the only person that feels this way; simply implimenting an option to revert back to the IE7 or 8 UI will not detract from the default user's experience at all and will help keep from losing ESTABLISHED INTERNET EXPLORER users.

  333. TPL says:

    Tried adding the TPL from…/Default.html but comes up with an error

    [Window Title]

    Tracking Protection


    The Tracking Protection List could not be added.

    This might have happened because:

    – A required file could not be downloaded

    – The website is unavailable

    – You are not connected to the Internet

    You might want to try again later.


  334. TPL says:

    I tried to post the above comment from IE9 RC but t was not posted and the button said "Publishing" for a long time. I had to use Chrome to submit the comment.

  335. Paulius says:

    Please fix your machines, windows and so on, cause on my 4 years old computer IE9 works flawlesly… From IE8 BETA2 simple computer user can be fully satisfied with Internet explorer. You just can't face it.

  336. TPL says:

    @Paulius This comment was not for you to answer. I know how to fix my computer, you dont have to tell me. I would not have got a JavaScript error message if it was a problem with my machine, so think before you post your comment. I have been using IE from version 5.0 and have tried all platform preview versions of IE 9, beta and now RC. I have now stopped using Chrome and only use it when issues like this come up, so I would like IE team to fix issues like this before IE 9 final version is released. I was just reporting the issue I had with IE 9 not able to add TPL list and the problem i faced when trying to publish a comment as I dont have access to beta feedback.

  337. Paulius says:

    @TPL My post was not directed to you.

  338. Wojtek says:

    Oh I remember now why I imediately removed previous betas – there is this dumb ClearType turned on without any option to turn it off… I was meaning to give IE a try but it's painful tu use without acually starting to use it…

  339. _Wojtek says:

    Oh I remember now why I imediately removed previous betas – there is this dumb ClearType turned on without any option to turn it off… I was meaning to give IE a try but it's painful tu use without acually starting to use it…

  340. AntiLuddite says:

    Ha ha Tuxplorer you are a pathetic creature and a total Luddite. Lolll. I LOVE the fact that XP has been destroyed for ever by Microsoft. Windows 7 FTW. IE9, just like Windows 7, is the most beautiful and productive OS EVER. XP is a fugly, pathetic, unproductive and completely unusable OS. Lollllllll, you got your butt kicked at the Neowin forums, and have come here to whine. But no one will listen to your crap, Luddite. Ha ha ha.

  341. Alexey says:

    @Paulius, with that fine "works for me" attitude you will find yourself among peers with the Linux fans.

  342. Klimax says:

    Piere 12 Feb 2011 9:06 AM:

    If I have to use 400% to see something I consider it going too far. I use native LCD resolution,so if I have to see something with huge magnification then I don't think that is problem because I don't run anything with such magnifiaction and therefore can't notice anything like it. (I am shortsighted btw.)

    As for setting I ran through "Adjust ClearType text" and choosing what looked best. (AFAIK I generally chose second option on each page)

  343. Klimax says:

    Another note: When looking at text at 400% I saw only lightly coloured pixels – nothing excesive. Seemed to be mostly shades of grey.

    BTW:Be sure to have best method used for magnification or it may alter result. (Should be obvious,but often people won't realise it.)

  344. AntiLuddite says:

    Please delete my comment above. I'm sorry I said those desperate and nasty words.

  345. Tuxplorer says:

    Please delete my comments above. I'm sorry for being such a Luddite and being a pathetic loser, and also for knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about computers.

  346. Tuxplorer says:

    Also notice that I have fake ID's like eXperience, "7flavor", "someone", "IE8user" etc. I'm just a lifeless troll who got his butt kicked all over the place at the Neowin forums.

  347. tuxplorer says:

    Just to be clear. IE team, I was here to post my feedback on IE9 and offtopic comment spam and remarks from others impersonating my user name need to be cleaned up. Or maybe the IE thread should start moderating comments to keep offtopic and disrespectful comments at bay.

  348. tuxplorer says:

    And also please disallow my fake ids like "eXperience", "7flavor", "someone", "anonymous", "XP", "IE8user" etc.

  349. Ark-kun says:

    Plase fix the only usability bug that's left in IE9 for me:

    IE9 doesn't remember (across tabs) last used save folder for pictures.…/ie9-doesnt-remember-last-used-save-folder-for-pictures

    When you save some file (i.e. .zip archive or video) IE9 remembers and shows the last used folder for this file type. But when you save images, IE9 forgets the last used folder and always shows you the My Pictures folder (when you save an image in a different tab.).

    1) Open any website.

    2) Right-click on any image and click "Save Image As". You'll be shown the default My Pictures folder.

    3) Navigate to any other folder and save the image.

    4) Try to save any image on this page again and notice that you are shown your last used folder which is desired behavior.

    5) Open a !new! tab either by opening a link in a new tab or by opening a new tab and navigating to some website.

    6) Try to save any image – you'll be shown the default My Pictures folder instead of the last used folder.

    I expect to see my last used image save folder.


    I see default My Pictures folder.

  350. temp says:

    Why IE9 64bit is slower than 32bit in sunspider ? 209ms VS 989ms

  351. Barry Carlson says:

    Well I never!

    While reading this blog, I switched to IE9 Compatability View and … APPCRASH!!!!

    Not a good experience, but I was kind and let you have the feedback.

    I wont miss IE8, it was released with a javascript runtime / page refresh bug, which made some scripts that worked in earlier IE versions fail, yet they worked in the competitor's browsers. You say that IE9RC supports CSS3 2D Transforms, but I fail to see any support for the basic transform:rotate(45deg) used in…/index.html – yes right in the center, the little box should rotate. Of lesser importance is the 1px (x,y) rendering error of that pattern – compared with FF.

  352. Tom says:

    I can understand why not implementing websockets. But webworkers run fine on other browsers.

  353. Mudassir says:

    I dont know what is the thinking behind this but can you guys fix the "F12 developer tools" menu command in a more "Windows" way, i.e. "Developer tools     F12" (with F12 appearing after a tab in shortcut column? Currently it looks very ugly.

  354. Tanner says:

    @Klimax – You are missing the point on ClearType.  You have found a setting that works for you – congratulations!  For the rest of us – we have not.  We have tried fiddling with the settings to no avail.

    When the OP talked about zooming he/she wasn't doing so to point out minuscule details that can't be seen to the naked eye he/she was merely increasing the size so that those with poorer eyesight (be it near sighted, far sighted, or astigmatism) could see clearly what the rest of us see every day if we turn ClearType on.

    I run my laptop at the native resolution too – ditto for my secondary LCD screen and I can see blurry text and colors all over text that shouldn't have colors.

    Maybe this is just a case where PC technology needs to catch up to technology like the Retina display on the iPhone.  I realize that Microsoft thought they could pull off the "effect" with software, but this is really a hardware issue and as such the software "hack" should be turned off by default to avoid eye-strain issues.

  355. egh says:

    I wish I could close the last tab without closing the whole browser.

    In IE8 this was possible. Make it possible again.

  356. Steve says:

    Do not like the 'download manager' at all.

  357. Anyone have an insight on what is causing errors like this in the IE9 RC – Variable uses an automation type not supported in Javascript…/7e34fca5-aa31-4a25-b136-8c58b2fd9dfb

  358. Neville says:

    @egh – couldn't agree more! this is the one thing I HATE about chrome! I'm just closing the tab – not the browser! If I wanted to close the browser I'd click the X in the top right, or press ALT F4, or right click the browser in my task bar and click Close.

  359. GregM says:

    That's all great, but without a separate search box, I either won't be using it, or will have to find a browser toolbar to do the search.  I don't want IE guessing whether what I entered was a search or an address.  I just got rid of the browser toolbar because I no longer needed it with the search box.  This is a major step backwards.

  360. Francisco Ruiz ( says:

    I'd like to use the middle mouse button in every button that links to a web page to open it in a new tab (home, favorites, back, forward, etc).

    Best regards.

  361. DT says:


    While IE9 should be handling that case, leaving statements to be automatically closed is bad form and the CKEditor people et al should probably update their code to explicitly close them (assuming this isn't an optimisation done by the code crusher, anyway).

  362. CvP says:

    "I'd like to use the middle mouse button in every button that links to a web page to open it in a new tab (home, favorites, back, forward, etc).

    Best regards."


  363. David Millar says:

    I'm not able to use IE9 RC at all. Upon launch, all tabs crash and produce a dialog saying "Internet Explorer has stopped working". Upon clicking "Close program", it actually relaunches the tabs rather than closing, and repeats the same process until I have to end iexplore.exe through task manager.

    My 2 huge gripes with this:

    1. What the heck? I even uninstalled the "update" and reinstalled IE9 RC and still encountered the same problem. What's wrong and how do I (or you, MS) fix it?

    2. If a tab within a program is crashing, it should bring up a dialog for the crash within the program, not as an always-on-top dialog covering everything else. The dialog gives the user the idea that IE crashed instead of just a tab crashing, so the expected result is that IE will close – not that the tab will relaunch. I'd much rather have some sort of splash page come up like the "sad tab" that comes up in Chrome when a tab crashes, not this stupid dialog box – and cut out the auto-reload crap too while you're at it.

  364. np1 says:

    You know, I was wondering… When is IE going to save filenames with spaces instead of saving them with %20? Every other browser does it by now.

  365. compatible issue with flash player 10.2 says:

    compatible issue with flash player 10.2:

    ie9 rc + flash player 10.2 -> flash lag!

    ie9 rc + flash player 10.1-> flash ok

    ie9 rc(GPU accelerated off) + flash player 10.2 -> seems ok!

  366. Sri says:

    I know this has been asked many a times – Why is the title bar blank?

  367. says:

    why u can address bar as top most of browser and shows that much pixel savior  for us…

  368. JerryTT says:

    People complaining about Cleartype should have read the thread as there it was mentioned that IE9 follows ystem wide cleartype settings. Same seetings you have in all other applications.

    If you have specific issues with IE9 and reading fonts it will be probaly be caused by the IE9 hardware acceleration of text trough Direct2D text. That means the combination of Direct2D, your graphics driver and your graphics hardware does not render text correct.

    If possibe anyone having text readability issues in IE9  should consider upgrading their gfx card and/or mobo chipset drivers.

    Also for people complaining about text readability issues please include information on your OS version, your GFX hardware configuration and the version of your graphics driver.

    We might then find common ground for the text rendering problem in certain chipsets or driver versions.

  369. Bill says:

    The new tabs in the RC are the ugliest in the browser market.  Quite a step backwards in terms of progressive UI.  A little rounding goes a heck of a long way.

    HTML5 video format should NOT be h.264 by default – it is disgusting that IE insists on shipping with this as the default. It does nothing to promote the open web and should be regarded as an assault on free and open technologies that the web was built on.

    Did anyone have luck with the geolocation? It outright fails for me with standards based code that works perfectly in all other browsers.

    All in all a good beta release but far from RC worthiness.

  370. Bill says:

    The new tabs in the RC are the ugliest in the browser market.  Quite a step backwards in terms of progressive UI.  A little rounding goes a heck of a long way.

    HTML5 video format should NOT be h.264 by default – it is disgusting that IE insists on shipping with this as the default. It does nothing to promote the open web and should be regarded as an assault on free and open technologies that the web was built on.

    Did anyone have luck with the geolocation? It outright fails for me with standards based code that works perfectly in all other browsers.

    All in all a good beta release but far from RC worthiness.

  371. Stan says:

    @jerryTT no the issue isn't direct2D.  We hate FuzzyType in general in windows because it doesn't look good regardless of settings.

    That said if as you noted I have to upgrade my perfectly good video card in order for me to use IE9 then there is a problem and it has nothing to do with my setup and 100% to do with IE!

    Until there is massive improvement in FuzzyType I have no intention of using it in windows or IE.

  372. JerryTT says:

    People reporting crashes please check if your browser also crashes

    * if you start IE9 in noaddons mode (Start | run box  and type iexplore.exe -extoff)

    * if you start with the a different startpage (open IE9 from a link) or without a startpage.

    * if you surf to the page you crashed on in compatibility mode (add the page to list of compatibility sites manually).

  373. shuren88 says:

    IE9 must have all-failed and massacred final as Vistal, if M$ have refused implement enable/disable ClearType like IE7/IE8 cause I dont like ClearType.

  374. Adam says:

    Would be nice if new tabs opened via Ctrl+click or middle-click opened next to the active tab instead of at the end of the tab row. This would allow the user to, for example, open a search result in a new tab and then quickly Ctrl+Tab directly to the result page.

  375. JerryTT says:


    If you do not like cleartype in windows then you should switch it of and not *** about it here.

    IE9 will follow your windows setting for cleartype.

    If you still have issues with the text rendering it won't be cleartype then.

    Most IE9 user do not have any issues with text rendering. They can see the text perfectly fine. But apperantly also several people do report issues. Since text rendering has changed to hardware it is likely an issue with hardware driver support for the Direct2D text spec.  

    And if you gfx card and driver do not render text correct they are not so perfectly good as you claim they are. You should either upgrade to a newer fixed gfx driver of ask your gfx card supplier for such a fixed driver.

    Providing info on your  gfx hardware and driver version could help as it can identify issues with particular gfx driver/hardware combo's which could help Microsoft to contact the hardware manufacturer.

  376. Jace says:


    Go to Tools, Internet Options, General, Tabs – Settings button:

    Uncheck "Enable Tab Groups"

    Check "Open each new tab next to the current tab"

    Restart your browser. Have a nice day.

  377. SvenC says:

    @Jerry TT: please take a look at this blog post:…/wpf-4-0-text-stack-improvements.aspx and see that Direct2D and DirectWrite still give the control on anti aliasing and that it can be turned off completely. The WPF team started out with anti aliasing only and devs trying to use WPF were more than unhappy that their UIs could not compare with native apps any more. In .Net an option was added to turn anti aliasing off.

    So it is no problem of gfx hardware, just of API usage.

  378. Michael says:

    @JerryTT: Okay then, *font smoothing* doesn't work for all users and all screens. Happy now?

    Whether the exact problem is with ClearType or anti-aliasing of fonts or Direct2D, or some other rendering method is really quite irrelevant. The problem is that IE renders text differently from the OS, and that there's no way of changing that for the users who have *legitimate issues* with this.

    The graphics card has nothing to do with this: VS2010 respects uses hardware-accelerated rendering via WPF, but it can still display perfectly clear and crisp letters that I can stand to look at for more than 10 minutes. With IE9, my eyes and head hurt like hell within seconds of starting the browser.

  379. CaioToOn! says:

    Hi there.

    I'd like to know what does IE9 team is thinking about users migration from IE8 (and earlier versions) to 9.

    IE have a considerable share of browser market, and until earlier days we have many people using IE7, and even few IE6. I'm fearing developing for IE9 (with HTML5/CSS3 capabilities) and ends in a scenario where a huge market share is not able to make use of these features.

    So again, what does IE9 team is planning about seamlessly migration topic? What are the expectations and previsions?



  380. jarra says:

    Excellent job!!

    But seriously, no text-shadow ??

    PLEASE, don't make this the transparent PNG of today! Designers need want and demand text-shadow! Please, surprise us with text-shadow in the final release!

  381. Anonymous Coward says:

    First, thanks for adding the second row of tabs back.  That makes IE9 actually usable without having to always put the brower in full-screen mode.  Now I don't feel I have to immediately uninstall it again.

    Unfortunately, there's still other broken things.

    I really can't see how the "One Box" has been fixed to allow refinement of searches.  I can see two ways to make it useful again.  Either do as a number of other people have suggested and allow us to add a IE8 style search box if we want or set the box to remember if it's a search box or a URL box.  With the second method, if the user makes a search from the One Box, then it would remember that it's being used for searches and retain the search query performed.  When a user types in a web address or clicks a link to get to a page, then the box would have the URL in it.  Pick one or the other, cause the current method sucks.

    Hacking through the registry to add FaviconPath strings seems to have made the horizontal search engine list tolerable, though some major websites still don't have favicon's to steal.  Some improvements could certainly be made here.  Ex. automatically attempt to grab the website's default favicon if none has been specified.  Alternatively, it would be nice if the list of available search engines was rather larger and more relevant than the current one.

    I don't really understand why the pulldown box on the One Bar shows all the crap it does.  Either let me fully minimize some of those sections (favorites and history) or make the box only display sensible things instead of trying to blanket the screen with everything vaguely related to what I've managed to type.

    I agree with many of the above posters, the title bar is currently wasted.  Put something there.  Either put tabs, or the page title.  Or at least allow the user to choose to put something up there.

    Add some of the functionality back to the status bar.  In IE8 it gave you some notification about page security issues as well as giving you access to the SmartScreen filter.  For a bar that's easily removable, it would be nice if it could do something useful.

    I understand some people use those three buttons in the top right.  I never touch the home or tools buttons, so I'd love to be able to turn them off again, as I did in IE8.

    I know I'd be content with the traditional MS configuration method of hacking through the registry for any sort of customization option you can give us.  So, while it would be nice if the above changes could be toggled in the browser itself, I'd take any available means to do so.  I think it's fine to optimize the default layout for the average user (who never uses a bookmark???) but give the rest of us some ability to change the UI to suit our needs.

    It would also be nice if the graphics infrastructure could use my Intel integrated graphics.  It's enough to run Aero, so I don't see why it doesn't work for IE as well.

  382. Anonymous Coward says:

    The "Your most popular sites" list doesn't seem to work very well.  It wanted to show pages I'd only seen once over pages that I visit almost every day.  Perhaps that's just cause IE9 doesn't seem to carry over much of the IE8 settings, such as the last tabs opened.  It would be nice if some customization was available for the "Your most popular sites" list beyond just removing sites that you're not interested in.

    And what happened to the InPrivate filtering option?  I'm sure it was obscure, but it offered a great mechanism for ad/virus blocking.  (Note, this was seperate from InPrivate browsing in IE8.)

    Interestingly enough, the ActiveX Filtering seems to block posting on this forum.

  383. vladlvov says:

    IE 9 and  earlier versions of the browser do not provide a convenient infrastructure to make an add-on visible to the user without wasting screen space. IE makes it more difficult to extend the browser functionality.

    Adding an extension icon to the Command bar puts it on the right end of the bar that is obsolete, relatively wide and full of rarely used menu items and icons installed silently by the Microsoft Office.  The Command bar is often truncated by the browser and is disabled by default.  The command icons resolution is too low for modern UI.  Adding an item to the Tools submenu of the Command menu is not practical for the same reason.  There is no option to show an extension menu item in the new top Tools menu (ALT+X).  The IE toolbars are visible and can be easily accessed by the IE user but they consume a lot of valuable vertical space reducing the browsing area.  

    I suggest to add a new Task Bar that  will appear between IE tabs and three IE icons (home, favorites and tools).  The task bar should function the same way as the Windows 7 taskbar or the System Tray allowing extensions to modify their icons dynamically. That will make the user experience consistent with other browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) and the operating system.  The user should explicitly install the tasks on the IE Task Bar to protect the browser from installers that silently install IE plug-ins.

  384. Klimax says:

    Tanner 13 Feb 2011 11:53 AM:

    What the hell?? If you don't do it,ClearType settings are default therefore maybe not best for you. There are 4 questions. It tries to finetune it to your expectations. It is not an on/off setting.

    So far I have to conclude that there is too many trolls. That's so far the only explanation for ignoring directly point I am making.

  385. Klimax says:



    Sorry for all caps,but so far majority just ignores this and thinks IE has fault not their settings in Win7.

  386. @Klimax:

    No need to go further adusting the ClearType settings (I'm using Windows 7). Even, turning it ON/OFF DOES NOT change ClearType setting inside IE9 content box (this page, for example).

    I notice other UI parts of Windows are affected by this setting, BUT (note that I put an emphasis here), it won't change ClearType setting inside IE9 content box. It affects other IE9 UI parts, such text in address bar, tab title, Internet Options, etc., though.

    Have you tried yourself turning it ON/OFF to see which UI part of IE9 is affected by Windows ClearType settings? Can you spot the difference in UI parts I mentioned above when turning it ON/OFF?

  387. Parrotlovre77 says:


    I'm off to try the supposedly easier way to refine queries in the One Box, but I remain quite skeptical.  Maybe the telemtry data was innaccurate since some of us ran fleeing from IE9 during the beta period?  Just a thought…

  388. Prior Semblance says:

    Ever since updating to the RC I seem to be having even more issues with IE remembering what pages I've been too.  In the beta version, it just chose odd pages to list first while I typed in the address box.  Now it's not even suggesting half the sites I visit, plus it doesn't even change the color of the links to those pages like it should (and yet it changes the color on pages I visited before the update…) so it's like it doesn't even realize whats going on.  This seems like an odd glitch, so I'm guessing it might be a problem with my installation or because im using 64bit ie9 on 64bit vista.

    Also, I would love an option to bring back the old search box so that the address box is just an address box.  I keep accidently ending up at websites instead of searching.

    If you add just one new feature before release, make it html5 form placeholder text.

  389. DT says:


    No, no-one needs text-shadow.

    *Some* developers want text-shadow for reasons which are beyond me.

    It isn't the eighties anymore. Please set text-shadow as your lowest priority.

  390. Björn says:

    @Maximilian Haru Raditya: It does work for me. When I turn off ClearType it falls back to greyscale anti-aliasing.

  391. @Björn:

    If it works for you then good for you, but it certainly doesn't work for me, and I heard many others.


    OK, now before this work-and-don't-work discussion goes into a unhelpful flame war, I think we should ask for a clarification from Microsoft: why, in IE9 content box, does ClearType settings works for some users and not work for other users?

    If this ClearType settings didn't work as expected, it's certainly Microsoft's responsibility for not testing it thoroughly and then fixing it; and not a chance for one user accusing and insulting other users just because it works fine for him/her.

    BTW, in a Microsoft PDC 2010 presentation here: (the PowerPoint link here:…/CD57-Jain.pptx), it's mentioned that DirectWrite will have an "Improved Quality – light text on dark background." Though I'm not sure enough about it, I think it's related to this issue.

  392. ST says:

    I dont like font-smoothing (ClearType, AntiAliasing, etc., etc., etc.).

    Have you seen alphabetic-text mixed with non-alphabetic-text ?…/ie9font.png

    Can I disable font-smoothing (font-masher, etc., etc., etc.) ?

  393. Mixfede says:

    Please add Transitions, text-shadow etc… !!

  394. Myron says:

    Thanks for the chart comparing this version with IE8 and other browsers.  It's great to see the significant improvements in javascript and CSS3 support.  And, as with many others, look forward to additional CSS3 support (e.g. text-shadow).

  395. Mark J says:

    HTML5 Drag & Drop Uploader.

  396. Björn says:

    @Maximilian Haru Raditya: The mentioned improvements are those that come with an Update which is also part of Windows 7 SP1, if you compare light-on-dark rendering from the early Directwrite version with the current one (e.g. 6.1.7601.17514 on Win7SP1) you will see that the newer is better in terms of readability in small and medium font sizes.

  397. zzz says:

    Klimax: As was stated several times, the issue isn't ClearType directly, changing that setting will make text worse in all apps if it's already good in all but IE9. This was extensively tested during the WPF fiasco that lasted several years.

    After complaints of text quality on WPF, they fixed it so that it look 1:1 like GDI even though it is hardware accelerated.…/blind-comparison-vs2008-vs-vs2010.aspx

    The problem here is purely that the API that IE9 uses has either not incorporated these fixes or if it has, IE9 doesn't have the option to enable them on all sites by default without affecting other areas of the browsing experience.

    So just like I mentioned earleir, if you talk about ClearType Tuner or "disable font smoothing" as fix, then you've not identified the problem that affects those of us who want text to look pixel & color-identical to IE8, as those settings have no effect on sub-pixel positioning. There is no OS setting I'm aware of to control s-pp.

    Some other browsers have actually worse text quality than IE8 so if you're making comparisons of IE9 to other browsers you may not notice difference. This may explain why not everyone is noticing the issue (esp people who use other browsers as their primary browser and now test IE9).

  398. Björn says:

    @zzz: AFAIK, all browsers on Windows use GDI for font rendering (the one used by IE8) with the exception of Safari 3 and Firefox 4.

    Deactivating sub-pixel positioning would have side effects for animation, integer positioning is obsolete and going to be phased out, you should get used to it.

  399. zzz says:

    I need to add that even though the vs2008 vs vs2010 comparison "looks 1:1" it actually isn't, but the difference is much subtler than the IE9 vs IE8 issue.

  400. zzz says:

    Björd: What effects exactly? I don't like to read moving/animating 8-14 size text anyway so if the priority of the team is to have better animated text rather than preserve readability then honestly I don't know what polite things I could say. VS2010 proved that the screen pixel aligned + accelerated rendering can be done on element basis, so there's nothing to prevent turning on the sub-pixel positioning for only elements that animate.

  401. DougH says:

    I wish who ever put the tabs in the header part of the window would try using IE9 with Aero transparency turned on and a black desktop.

    The only tab that is readable is the active tab.  Adding the row of tabs-only would have fixed the problem if it wasn't in the transparent header part of the window.

    I looked for an opacity setting for IE9 or some other way to make the tab row more readable, but couldn't find one.  

    If the released version doesn't have some way to get around this condition, I guess I have only 3 choices: turn off transparency, revert to IE8, or give Chrome or other browser a try.  Putting information that the user might want to actually read in the transparent part of the window seems like a giant step backward.

  402. SvenC says:

    Please, everybody who does not like font smoothing, add your vote:…/cannot-turn-of-font-smoothing-in-ie9-rc

  403. alirezanoori says:

    Tabs on top! PLEASE!

  404. BP says:

    Cleartype DRIVES ME NUTS! >.<

       Seriously, total computer geek here with decades of experience, but no matter what monitor I use (desktop to laptop, CRT to LCD to LCD TV), regardless of how much Cleartype tuning I do, the ClearType characters make my eyes hurt after a few minutes of reading.

       Probably sensitive to the color halo around the letters or something, but I always try CT on every new OS (XP through W7), always try to give it a chance, but always go right back to 1:1 pixel, normal rendering of text w/o CT because my eyes start to cross and hurt after looking at these 'oddly' formed CT fonts.

       Not having a way to turn off CT in IE9 IS a HUGE reason I'll stay with Opera/Firefox moving foward.

  405. Björn says:

    @BP: There is a way to turn of ClearType and go back to greyscale anti-aliasing. If you see colors around letters then you should try to calibrate your display.

  406. Catalin says:

    The Page-Enter and Page-Exit transitions don't seem to work in IE9.  (they worked fine in previous versions 6,7,8)

    <meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.0)">

    <meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.0)">

  407. Pablinho says:

    Please read this:…/ie9

    Nice article about IE9 & HTML5 and how all these 'tests' MS brags about are not standard ones…

  408. @Björn:

    OK, thanks for the info. I will take a look again on this as soon as I have Windows 7 SP1 on my hand.

  409. @Pablinho says:

    Even I, a firefox user since ff2.0, don't buy that bullcrap by "Paul Rouget".…/html5-site-ready-and-experimental.aspx

    so go troll in some other place.

    'nuff said.

  410. angeles says:

    hallo microsoft. im very sorry to report that doing the install of ie9 beta rc, it had problems installing. i then removed ie9 and reinstalled. after that ie9 litterely crashes on almost any site. this diddent happen that often on the previous version of ie9. any ways, im sad that im forced to move to google chrome now as this rc version is beond useless on my machine (asus eee 1215N)

    i hope u will fix this problem soon coz, i have always bin using ie and bin dissing the rivals. dont change that now 😉

  411. ben says:

    hallo. if this browser is gpu accelerated, then how come it uses more cpu according to task maniger than the old non gpu accelerated browser chrome? shuldent it be gpu only? otherwise i dont get it really. i thought the whole point to this idea was to offload the cpu. not just overload yet another pice of hardware? apart from that i have a requst if its posible. can u make IE9 switch inbetween gpu and cpu when needed? i relie hevenly on my battery and, since i went to IE9, my netbook turns my gpu on all the way resulting in poor batterylife when browsing light pages. fx youtube SD  = cpu youtube HD = gpu. is that posible? if so, do it. thats how it shuld be done 😉

  412. ben says:

    oh yes now im already complaining. can u make some sort of restrictionon for glossy displays on netbooks as u did  with rams and such? that wuld be imba :p

  413. Michael says:

    > Unfortunately, the blue accelerator icon became inoperable after installing ie9rc.

    > Removed all accelerators and reinstalled some; all attempts were to no avail. Any hints?

    Finally deleted the user‘s entire HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsActivities registry branch. -> problem was solved.

  414. David Millar says:

    I tried all of these and still can't get the RC to work:

    > * if you start IE9 in noaddons mode (Start | run box  and type iexplore.exe -extoff)

    > * if you start with the a different startpage (open IE9 from a link) or without a startpage.

    > * if you surf to the page you crashed on in compatibility mode (add the page to list of compatibility sites manually).

    > No, no-one needs text-shadow.

    > *Some* developers want text-shadow for reasons which are beyond me.

    > It isn't the eighties anymore. Please set text-shadow as your lowest priority.

    While I agree it shouldn't be highest priority, I lot of great designs use text-shadow to create the illusion of slightly inset text as well as other type decorations that are distinctly NOT eighties-looking. If the reasons why developers want to use text-shadow are beyond you, do a search and educate yourself.

  415. paccone federico says:

    vorrei sapere perchè quando scarico la ie9rc mi vine scritto chè non può scaricarlo perchè avrei un ie piu nuovo' grazie

  416. Steve says:

    I see others have the same problem as myself (on Windows 7 64 bit) as when they start up IE9 RC 64 bit it crashes after a few seconds. I had no problems with IE9 Beta 64 bit (latest version). IE9 RC 32 bit works fine though.…/16dbeddd-412d-400b-bef9-e0a7986b6dd2

  417. Masoud says:

    I'm confused. If this is the truth, then what the hell is this?…/ie9_vs_fx4.html

  418. Come on says:

    So funny, are you planning to make a good browser instead of this *** ?

  419. steve b says:

    Its nice, fast and doesn't crash as much, but I am annoyed abount one small thing, something I had already wrote in on the beta trial but was not corrected. IE9 is supposed to be aimed at developers and that is great if they chose to uses the built in editing software but I chose to use microsoft expression web as a web editor. Normally I can click on page tab and there it is "edit with expression web" but with IE9 it will not show unless i slide over to tools and open that tab first then slide back to page and open that tab and voila there it is. How hard can it be to fix such a small glitch……but it really burns my ass since I use it 100 times a day.

  420. yury says:

    haha, is it pitiful enough to make you do a lot of cheats whith the table of standart compatability? :)))

    tro-lo-lo team 🙂

  421. Brian L says:

    I was running IE9 Beta, a few minor issues on websites, but after installing IE9 RC, getting intermitent runtime errors. Example I can login into Facebook, but cannot do anything, otherwise, runtime error. Restore back to IE9 Beta. After searchuing the web, I am not alone…..running Windows 7 64Bit.

  422. Open Letter says:

    This is exciting that IE is moving closer to being standards compliant but ultimately its still a missed opportunity by the IE team.

    IE is something that has been a waste of time for anyone who is a web developer. Taking probably 25 to 40 % more time to make a website format correctly.

    And the reason we spend the time and effort is because of the market penetration IE has. Not because we think its a amazing product.

    The IE team has a fantastic opportunity to push the envelope and pave the way for web standards but instead they are some how consistently behind.

    Please leap frog the competition….

  423. Raymond says:

    The problem is that no matter how much Internet Explorer 9 tries, just from the fact that THIS IS THE RELEASE CANDIDATE shows how horrible Internet Explorer  will continue to be. After 10 years or so I'd think you guys would get it right. But sadly you still haven't. The browser I hope will get better at full release to public but at this rate probably not. It's been playing catch up for a long time. I don't understand how hard it is to actually implement ALL of the web standards like CSS3 and HTML 5 but you claim you are making the web beautiful when in fact you do not even support half of the stuff. I read an article of someone interviewing Microsoft on why certain things were not included and they simply said it was because there isn't enough people who want it according to your research. Your research? If you've been doing your research since Internet Explorer 6, you'd know that you have to always implement everything not just what you THINK people will use. In doing that you are holding people back and holding your market share back. I've designed many pages that work on other browsers and I always go on internet explorer to see that it's broken even in version 9. That's horrible. YOU DON'T just support what you feel like in that case you will never move forward and 9 will just be a little better than 6, 7, 8 and not a REAL improvement. It's okay to have some dynamic push for great content but instead you are holding US back ALL OF US. I used to use internet explorer until it started breaking the look of my sites. It always had only SOME of the web standards. For example the scroll bar feature was a interesting implementation but to leave other more web standard based codes out just limits everyone.

    I will use Internet Explorer 9 if the final release actually pushes the envelope and supports all webstandards (ALL OF CSS3 and HTML 5, not just some), until that day I will continue to use firefox and chrome or other browsers.

    Oh and on the last note not making a version for Windows XP is a joke. That is where MOST of your marketshare is. Unless you start giving them free copies of windows 7 they might never upgrade. The excuses for not having a Internet Exploer 9 or future 10, 11, 12 is a joke. The features you have are easily replicated in fact Mozilla shares the same features and is available on windows XP. The fact that you don't support your operating system when they are left with the crap that is internet explorer 6 is a bad move on your part. If internet explorer 9 was FULL compliant with web standards that would be great, however at this point I severely doubt such attempts.

  424. andy says:


    you search-result-thieves are lying again. disappointed.

    internet explorer has always been the biggest nightmare to ALL WEB DEVELOPERS

    for the sake of the digital world. PLEASE DISCONTINUE THIS JUNK BROWSER. PLEASE.

  425. hAl says:

    @andy is a joke.

    It gives only 20 points for support the Canvas 2D context spec which is big and complex but at the same time it gives 20 points to a single html5 element, the device element. An element has been discontinued by w3c HTML5. It is not likely to return before may when the W3C HTML specs should be feature complete.

    It also gives points for webgl which is also not an HTML5 specification. Mayby a future HTML6 might contain a Canvas 3D spec which could use webgl elements.

    Also HTML5test gives support for spec that are known to be changing. And in addition to that MS has added experimental support for still changing specs like Websockets and IndexDB but they have place them in on line prototypes (see HMTL5 labs site) but not in their production browser.

    Firebox implements unfinished specs like websockets even though it is already known their implementation will not be compatible wit the final specification and the htmltest site rewards that behaviour of creating incompatible implementations.…/html5-site-ready-and-experimental.aspx

  426. hAl says:

    In an early preview build IE9 scored highest on the newly implemented W3C CSS test suite…/results

    Has this score been changed / improved in by this release candidate ?

  427. Open Letter says:

    @ Raymond, I agree with you but the not on the XP part.

    XP may still be around and especially in the corporate environment but Microsoft needs to cut the cord its 10 years old.

    If they made it for XP they would have to support it for XP. Which has to fragment their resources when it comes to time.

    No different then making a website look good on 5 different browsers. The more systems its on the more support and time it takes

    I hope this is the start of a new shift for Microsoft and I hope they move quicker and stop supporting legacy platforms.

    But as a final note and an agreement with many people on this board. I work at big agency where we make a ton of interactive

    and web work. And our time/labor for all our projects on average is 36.7% more time/labor is used to address IE. And to think almost every agency has to have a similiar number.

    Its pretty unreal how much time and money IE has wasted. And there is no "feature" or desire to use the product. Because every other browser does the same job faster and more accurately.

  428. NoName says:

    Will IE ever support APNG?

  429. Catalin says:

    IE9 RC does not remove all the files when doing Internet Options -> Delete … -> Delete.

    I must manually go to Settings -> View Files -> select them in the "explorer" like interface and hit "Delete".

    Also, "Settings" -> "Check for new version of stored pages " set to "Every time I visit the webpage" does not re-download the page (and its CSS's, JS's, etc…) on each page access.

    Both of these features worked fine in IE8.

  430. David Millar says:

    I've now tried uninstalling the developer preview and the update for IE9 RC and then reinstalling IE9 RC, and I still get all of my tabs crashing when they try to load.

  431. Gordon freeman says:

    it‘s very good!

  432. Raymond says:

    Sorry to say but I heard news that the browser will release come March 14, 2011 supposedly. If that's the case I feel bad for Microsoft. This is a half-baked attempt at rectifying their problems with internet explorer. Maybe you should pull the plug on XP but at the rate you are doing with your half done browser being half standard compliant Internet Explorer should vanish as well. Microsoft, you guys are losing market share by the moment. Doing incomplete work will neither benefit you OR your market share. MANY people have already dropped Internet Explorer and as of right now Chrome is rising and Firefox has taken a chunk of that market. What your product is right now will not give people any reason to use it or come back. If it was actually fully standards compliant I wouldn't even need to download firefox(for standards) and chrome for speed. Sure internet explorer is faster but not by much and relying on the graphics processor is sad as most average users probably don't have a good one. The browser should be fast based on the build itself. But more importantly you have to make the browser fully standards compliant. But I guess at this point I don't know why I still bother to give feedback. It's already the release candidate and supposedly you guys won't be doing more than one so it's probably not improving much if at all.

  433. Gérard Talbot says:


    > When will I be able to report a bug without _ONE MORE_ useless registration? I can't even see if the bug already reported.

    GreLI, I fully agree with you. I reported this fundamental issue months ago in this blog wrt bug reporting and I never was answered. IE beta feedback is the only bug tracking system (with Opera BTS) that requires registration just to view bug reports. No explanation why. No justification why. No comment none whatsoever. During the IE8 dev. process, anyone could see the bug reports.

    regards, Gérard Talbot

  434. Daniel says:

    Still no ability to change the location of "Home/Favorites/Tools"?  There are other more suitable places for them, depending on the user, especially when a lot of their functions appear on the opposite side of the screen (pinned favorites and tools dialog), leading us all over the monitor to accomplish simple things.

    There could be an option to move it to the title bar area (either beside the windows buttons or on the other side, above the address bar) between the back/forward buttons and the address bar, or on it's own bar either on the left or right.

    Which brings me to another peeve – there's no ability to place things in the command bar where you'd like.  All command bar items are always on the far left unless you enable the favorites toolbar, then it's always on the far right. "Unlocking" the toolbars really doesn't accomplish anything, but place useless grips on them.

    We need more customizability for simple items like this!!

    An option in the right click menu for large or small icons/buttons would also be highly appreciated.

    I was hoping by this time these things would have been addressed but now I'm a bit dissapointed.

  435. Manuel says:

    Great release, but when can we expect the same support for Web standards seen in WebKit and Firefox?

    As a reference, please have a look at this post:…/ie9

  436. yello says:

    i like how microsoft's own web standard comparison chart says that IE8 is crap

  437. Rikkie says:

    Ad spell-checking (use the libraries from Live Mail?) and an option to disable Cleartype and IE9 beats other browsers hands down.

  438. text-shadow says:

    Full CSS3 support? Where is text-shadow?

    All modern browsers support it. It wouldn't be difficult to put a directX translucent surface under the text or something or like you did with box-shadow.

  439. Jeff says:

    While waiting on IE9 RC to materialize, I switched to Chrome (had issues with IE 8 and IE 9 Beta on 2008 R2).  I quickly became very dependent on the synchronization capabilities of Chrome (e.g. the ability to sync apps, autofill, bookmarks, extensions, preferences, and themes).  I have a desktop PC at work as well as a laptop.  I also have several computers at home (e.g. desktops, laptops, and netbooks).  Having the ability to synchronize various browser settings across all these computers is great.

    Having said that, the IE 9 RC is really nice!  I love the new look-and-feel.  However, until I have the ability to synchronize browser settings like I have in Chrome, I just don't see myself switching back to IE.  Thanks for a great product… I look forward to using it again sometime in the future once it gets some more advanced features.

  440. C. Moya says:

    The Home/Favorites button all the way on the right side is a huge annoyance. They should be moved to the wasted and currently useless wasted titlebar space over the Back/forward and address bar…. this would also match MS Office 2007/2010 and Windows Live Essentials.

  441. steve says:

    anyone yet heard of a new hack to move the menu bar to the top? the existing hack (itbar7position) no longer works.

    i entirely agree with all those clamouring for the tabs line to go above the url bar!

  442. Steven says:

    I installed the RC version…uninstalled it a day later…reason….the download manager is doing something very weird when you try to download photos or compressed files. The name that is given in the download manager doesn't match the file names and it kept giving me an error on downloading or copying photos or compressed files. I do 3D animation and I use legitimate free and public domain sites for acquiring textures…could not use IE 9 to download them because of this problem. I *hope* this gets fixed before the final release. Also…an option for a seperate search box would be nice…including it into the address bar may be "trendy"…but it gets confusing if you have multiple search providers that you use. Just a thought. Hoping the final release is good….liked what I saw…just the bugs that cropped up kept me from utilizing it like I wanted to…it also caused a couple of my desktop gadgets to stop functioning as well. And, unlike the rendering in Google Chrome…which I had hoped IE 9 would surpass on graphics…is non-existent in the RC version…no 3D or shadowing of web items like Chrome has. A bit dissapointed in that. But I do love the fact that I can hide my web presence and keep sites from tracking me…BRAVO!! guys!

  443. Gunnar says:

    Great work but lack of text-shadow makes me sad.

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