Flash Player 10.2 Beta Supports IE9’s Hardware Acceleration

Earlier this week, Adobe
a beta release of Flash Player 10.2 that includes Internet Explorer
9 hardware-accelerated rendering support
, previously previewed
in Flash Player “Square.” Adobe
, “we’ve seen significant improvements in Flash Player
graphics performance—exceeding 35% in Internet Explorer 9 Beta compared to
Flash Player running in previous versions of IE.” Other features of the new
Flash Player 10.2 beta that mirror those available in IE9 include hardware-accelerated
playback and sub-pixel text rendering enhancements.

We applaud Adobe’s work to harness the full power of the PC and their use
of the new hardware-acceleration-friendly
ISurfacePresenter interface
of IE9. This new IE9 interface is intended specifically
to improve the performance of DirectX-based ActiveX controls.

If you’re one of the over 15 million users who have now downloaded
and installed
Internet Explorer 9 Beta
and you’re in a beta kind of mood, you may
want to check out this beta
version of Flash
and see how it performs in your environment. Like all beta
software, the beta of Flash Player 10.2 is pre-release software and may have bugs
and other incompatibilities.

—Ted Johnson, Program Manager Lead for Web Graphics

Comments (32)

  1. AMWJ says:

    Why are they all 32-bit?

  2. Chris says:

    64 bit is in "Square" release still, and won't be making it's way over until later.

  3. juan uribe says:

    thought it would be great! uninstalled "square" and now flash images jump all over 🙂 very bad release !

  4. Chris says:

    Works great for me. Makes HD YouTube videos playable on my old Dell Dimension 2400 rig. I'm impressed, frankly. It's got a good video card, so hardware accelleration is actually breathing new life into the old thing.

  5. TED-aholic says:

    I too had great hopes for this update from Adobe, but I don't see any difference whatsoever. I don't mind the voice/video synchronization and choppy playback problems with Flash/IE9 on most sites, but I really notice it on TED.com. I don't mind jerky video when the clip is short, but it's impossible to watch 20 minutes or more. After installing IE9 Beta, I have no choice but to use Firefox to watch TED videos.

  6. blah says:

    Adobe's desperation is really showing, now that even the dinosaur of browsers is gaining HTML5 video support. Good riddance to this performance hog and marketing/malware backdoor.

  7. CvP says:

    when embedding flash objects, does setting "wmode" to transparent/opaque disabled hardware acceleration?


  8. tp says:

    I switched back to 10.1 in IE9 after just a few hours. 10.2 was completely messing some games and videos for me. Oddly enough, running the plugin version of 10.2 in Chrome did not throw up any problems on the same sites.

  9. A Guy says:

    @CVP: Indeed. Setting "wmode" to transparent or opaque disables hardware acceleration and makes it fall back on software.

  10. sugggestion says:

    Why don't you bring the great features of win7 taskbar like using icons to identify tabs, grouping tabs, etc.. to the tabs bar of ie?

  11. Flew says:

    when will the IE9 RC be released in the website? so it will be able to download? or the Beta2 ?

  12. Prior Semblance says:

    I guess I'm still stuck with the older beta that supports 64bit browsers.  Something that silverlight still needs to do.  It is especially annoying that IE can't tell the difference between 32bit and 64bit add-ons so it continually bugs me to install silverlight.

  13. mocax says:

    it's crashing like crazy if there're 2 or more flash running. Tab crashes, recovers, crashes again and repeat…

  14. Ted Johnson [MSFT] says:

    To folks experiencing problems with Flash Player 10.2 beta:

    Please submit bugs to Adobe at bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer


  15. Victor says:

    If there's any consideration left to developers and basically the entire world population that uses the internet: bundle WebM codecs with IE9. Thank you.

  16. FremyCompany says:

    Horrible release. Did someone in the team test this version with IE9 ? A lot of flash blocks aren't working as expected and "flash" on and off at the top left corner of the IE window (even if they were supposed to appear elsewhere). I'll even not report the bug, it's so odd they could find them by himself. Adobe need to rethink his strategy if he want to keep some revelance in the next few years…

  17. Chris says:

    Yeah, I take it all back. YouTube was the ONLY flash-enabled sight I saw gains on. All other video content was choppier and less stable than the release build.

  18. Alin says:

    I reported the incorrect positioning of Flash Videos as bugs.adobe.com/…/FP-5876, in case someone else wants to vote on it.

    Horrible experience for me as well, except on youtube (where now I can view the videos without the video freezing every 5 seconds)

  19. LagunaJim says:

    With all the new betas of Flash I experience massive CPU usage when running full-screen video vs the release versions.  Using beta CPU upwards of 90% on 4 cores, with release version more like 15-20%.

    Hope they resolve that.  I will report via the Adobe bug website.  /jim

  20. Nick says:

    So this hardware acceleration – does it only apply to video content or does it apply to Flash Games as well? – Since to be honest thats the only reason I need/use flash and well, I thought it was already hardware acceleration – in fact I'm fairly surprised it wasn't…. or was it?

  21. game kid says:

    It's a very…odd release.  In most cases, I have found Flash games (especially those of Artix and Armor Games, my main reasons for still using Flash) to be vastly slower and choppier in "Square" and the 10.2 beta when in a typical browser window.

    However, when full-screened (in the few of those games I can run full screen) in "Square" (but not 10.2 beta), they either run at around regular speed, or EXTREMELY fast–like, 60fps, so-fast-their-cutscenes-trip-over-themselves fast–seemingly at random.  I'm still trying to decide whether the latter is a bug or a feature. 🙂

  22. game kid says:

    (I used the term "release" liberally there, of course.)

  23. FremyCompany says:

    Even bug report readers seem to be <censored> at Adobe : "Thanks very much for your taking time to report the issue. Sorry but it is not flash content on the top left. It is not flash related. " Yeah, maybe it is a buggy HTML 5 ad. And this HTML 5 ad only appear when I install the beta version of Flash.. Every website I use do a special test to replace Flash ads by HTML 5 ones when we use the beta version……… #epic #fail

  24. Character code says:

    Does Internet Explore 9 support Ideographic Variation Sequence of UNICODE?

  25. Ryan says:

    Please add  text area resize feature in IE9!

  26. Feature requestor says:

    Please add inline spell checking for IE9. Firefox and Chrome have had this for such a long time. IESpell is not the answer.

  27. IE9 and HTML thumbnails says:

    Okay so I have been using Ave's HTML Explorer Thumbnails (http://www.aveapps.com/htmlpreviews.html) which is a thumbnail handler for HTML, MHT and URL files. It works on Windows 7 flawlessly until I install IE9. After installing IE9, as Windows Explorer is generating thumbnails for HTML/MHT files, I constantly hear the notification bar sound (which means IE9 is loading in the background?). Please fix this. I still don't get it. Why does IE9 not ship with built-in thumbnail and preview handlers for HTML, MHT and URL files??

  28. FremyCompany says:

    @(IE9 and HTML thumbnails) Did you report the bug on Connect (or using ALT X "Send feedback" ?

  29. steve says:

    Can someone from Microsoft please make a statement about shutting down the IE6/IE7/IE8/IE9 images at http://www.spoon.net/


    This was **THE** most useful resource for testing multiple versions of IE and the shutdown really ticked developers off!

    As a long time web developer of Enterprise Web Applications I've tried all the options out there to try and simplify testing IE and the lack of realistic options is a royal PITA.

    1.) Multiple IEs – IE8 breaks the functionality of IE6's textboxes – thus its a NO-GO

    2.) IETester – works great until you need to test popup interaction and then it fails – thus a NO-GO

    3.) Virtual PC with timebombed images of IE6, IE7, IE8 – works ok, but the 12Gigs of HD space needed is frustrating when each full image of Windows dies 4 times a year, running a full Windows image is slow and you have to beg for updates because the releases are not co-ordinated and announced well at all – thus its a NO-GO

    4.) IE Super Preview – Last I checked this did not allow full testing of IE user interaction, JavaScript DOM changes, popups etc. – thus its a NO-GO

    5.) Multiple PC's to run multiple versions of windows and IE.  With all the hardware, software, and physical space needed – its a NO-GO

    6.) Spoon.net IEs – They work, they work just like local native apps once running, and there's no hacking of my real local IE install. – the **ONLY** problem with these IE's is that Microsoft shut them down

    Please understand that we (developers) just want something that works.  Testing in multiple versions of IE is a pain to begin with and with IE9 on the horizon it is only getting worse.

    I'm not sure where the issue stands with Spoon, but I would really like a solution worked out fast.


  30. IE9 and HTML thumbnails says:

    @FremyCompany, feedback on Connect doesn't make any difference. It is closed saying "This is by design". They do create the illusion very successfully that they are listening to our feedback.

  31. FremyCompany says:

    @(IE9 and HTML thumbnails) From the 62 bugs I sent, only a few were closed 'by design'. Most of them were solved, delayed until a next version (said in the comment) or the current behavior had bee proven right (some JScript tricks I reported).

    Maybe your bugs missed some information do perform a repro. Please note that every suggestion is automatically closed as 'by design'.

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