User Experiences: Site-Centric Browsing on Windows

Dean shared earlier today that the IE9 beta is available for download at! Through continuous releases of the IE9 platform preview we’ve shown how the platform uses the whole power of the PC to deliver HTML5 experiences that feel like Windows applications. Sites can create amazing experiences through hardware-accelerated SVG, canvas, video and audio that use the same markup across HTML5 browsers. We anticipate a new class of sites for this era of modern browsers. Our objective with IE9 is to create a user experience that complements these immersive sites and make them shine.

IE9 on Windows 7

Today, sites are contained in the context of the browser, and the way to launch, consume, and interact with them is through the box of the browser.  This is different from how people interact with Windows applications – each application has its own representation on the Taskbar, with the fundamental conveniences of launching, switching and jumping to a specific task.  We found that people fully utilize these capabilities on the PC. For example, 86% of people who use Windows 7 launch applications from the Taskbar.

People spend about half their time in the browser and the other half in Windows applications. Today, only the Windows application experience is represented on the Taskbar.

A typical setup of the Windows 7 Taskbar – Windows 7 customer data

Shouldn’t all the things you do on the PC be at your fingertips? If people spend a significant time on the PC reading news, shopping, socializing and watching videos, shouldn’t the Taskbar look more like this?

The Windows 7 Taskbar with sites through IE9

We focused on an experience for sites in the context of the entire PC instead of the browser. We were inspired by having sites on the Taskbar, and further explored how sites could be the primary focus. These explorations, research, and discussions led us to the user experience goals for IE9.

We want IE9 to be great at three things – helping sites shine, being a natural extension of Windows 7, and delivering the fundamentals of a fast, safe, and reliable experience.

A natural extension of Windows 7

We start by looking at the environment in which sites live in – the PC. Our approach is that your favorite sites should be a natural part of the PC experience. By building on what you know and enjoy with Windows 7, it not only makes tasks on the web easier to do, it increases your confidence in the overall experience of the PC. Your sites are now an integrated part of the whole system.

Your Sites on the Taskbar

The Taskbar is the most used piece of user interface of Windows 7. With IE9, you can pin your sites on the Taskbar. This is much more than just a “shortcut” – these are sites that can fully take advantage of the Taskbar capabilities you already know how to use; Jump Lists for common tasks and destinations, Thumbnail Toolbars to interact with sites directly, and icon overlays for site notifications. 

Facebook Jump List tasks and new content notification Jango with audio Thumbnail Toolbars

By simply dragging a tab to the Taskbar, the site is pinned there for immediate access. Your Taskbar can now be personalized to how you use your PC.

You can pin any site to your Taskbar, and in a future blog post we’ll describe how site developers can create Jump Lists, Thumbnail Toolbars, and more ways to make sites flow into the Windows 7 experience.

Tab Aero Snap

Tabs are a way to organize lots of sites in one window, and it’s a great way to queue up search results, news articles, or whatever you want to get to later. In addition to queuing up pages, people want to view pages side-by-side – for instance watching a video while reading an article or comparing two product reviews on separate sites. We want to make this task easier for you to do.

We learned that 40% of sessions have two or more windows visible at the same time. This was the main motivation to design Aero Snap to swiftly arrange two windows for a side-by-side view. For IE9, we wanted to extend that ability to tabs in the way that people understand today. With IE9’s integration with Windows 7, a tab behaves like a window where you can snap it to the side of a screen for a side-by-side view of web content.

The experience as you drag a tab is smooth and the rendering is continuous throughout the entire motion – for instance if the webpage has an active video, you can watch the video play as you drag the tab.

Sites shine in the browser

When designing the interface itself, we took a step back and thought about the browser design exclusively from the perspective of the sites. Traditionally browsers approach the interface in a browser-centric way, where the focus is about the capabilities of the browser and not the site.

We asked ourselves what can we do to help sites shine?.. We began by looking at the ways people use the browser. We instrumented over 700+ of the commands and controls in IE8 and analyzed the ways in which people use these commands and controls. It was clear that there were some that were used a lot more often than others.

Browser Command and Controls Usage Graph

We took the top 90% of controls used and broke them down by task: interact with the site content, navigate to other sites, or change the settings on the browser. From there, we mapped out how often these controls are used within a browsing session.

Occurences of top 90% of controls.  64% are Site experiences, 36% are navigation related and 0.4% are browser settings related

The majority of browser usage is within the sites’ content (like clicking on hyperlinks and copying content on a page) followed by navigating to sites and switching between sites through the Address Bar and tabs. A distant last is modifying the browser settings (like deleting browsing history and rearranging links on the Favorites Bar). Comparing the use of the IE-specific commands and controls with the use of Windows 7 controls like the Taskbar, we had the opportunity to make what’s easy and familiar on Windows available for websites and the people who browse them.

A Site-Centric Design

First, we optimized IE9 to integrate well into Windows 7 through the things that you know and use already - Taskbar and Aero Snap. Within the browser, we prioritized the site content first, followed by the navigation controls with a natural way to get to browser settings.

The frame layout surfaces only the most essential controls for navigation. The linear layout of the controls makes efficient use of the growing horizontal dimension that we see with wide screen laptops and desktops. This gives even more space to sites.

IE9 on Windows 7

The IE9 site-centric frame brings focus to the site content, especially when the site is pinned to the Taskbar:

Amazon frame when pinned to the Taskbar CNN frame when pinned to the Taskbar

Through the use of a glass frame, monochrome treatment of controls, and the back and forward buttons that take on the branding of the site icon, the browser visually recedes to the background. Even though settings are rarely used, they are important when you need them. The way to get to the settings needs to be predictable, which is why we put them all in one location in the new tools button in the upper right corner of the frame.

By removing distractions in the frame of the browser and integrating with the Taskbar, the focus of IE9 is shifted from the browser to the site content and getting you where you want to go quickly.

A Quieter Notification Model

The browser needs to communicate with the user to provide a safe and reliable experience, for example to notify when a site is trying to pop-up a window or to indicate browser history deletion. To minimize interruptions and keep the focus on your sites, we looked at all the different forms and occurrences of notifications that browsers use today – dialogs, balloons, gleams, sounds, and information bars.

We discovered that we could create a quieter notification experience so that people can see, hear, and experience the site, not the browser. The new notification bar delivers suggestions in a consistent and clear manner that is decoupled from the site. For instance, through the notification bar you can choose to accept file downloads, save passwords, or choose to ignore these entirely. This keeps you browsing, and you have the choice to interact with the suggestions you care about.

Notification bar at the bottom of the page asking if the user wants to save their password.

Fast, Safe and Reliable Features

The experience isn’t complete without fast, safe and reliable browsing.  Each feature is designed with the whole system in mind, so that in combination browsing is fast and fluid. Here’s a quick glimpse at the features we’ll share in greater detail in future blog posts:

  • An integrated navigate and search experience that respects your privacy with One Box.
  • A new tab page to quickly get you to your popular sites with a design that helps you easily recognize the sites you visit often.
  • A smooth file download experience with built-in safety through the SmartScreen Application Reputation service.
  • A new Add-ons Performance Advisor that gives you performance information to help you decide which add-ons you want use. You’re in control of your browsing experience and which add-ons you use.
  • An improved hang recovery experience that isolates site issues from the rest of the browser.

The IE9 platform and user experience have a combined mission to provide the best experience for your sites, using the full power of your Windows PC. With the IE9 beta your web sites shine.

Install the IE9 beta at and browse around with the new frame, Aero Snap with a tab, and pin your favorite sites to the Taskbar. Some fun ones to try are Facebook, WSJ Magazine, CNN, Discovery Channel, IMDb, Amazon, Jango, PhotoBucket and more from We are eager to share more detail about the design and process in the coming weeks and look forward to your feedback (from the tools menu)!

Send Feedback option in the Tools menu

Jane Kim
Program Manager Lead of User Experience

Comments (186)
  1. keep in mind says:

    Keep in mind that only 4.4% of the users spent time adding stuff to the favorites bar because it was a PITA to use. Organizing them with the "organize favorites" dialog was like trying to re-organize marbles with boxing gloves on.

    In XP (not sure about Vista/7) deleting a favorite from you toolbar could take up to 30 seconds while IE contacted the moon to determine if the phase was right to allow the deletion that should take 1/2 a millisecond.

    IE didn't handle bookmarklets well (constant warnings that it might curve your spine if you tried to change ANY aspect of one) and you couldn't drag them to your toolbar… and they couldn't be longer than 504 characters or you might cause the flux capacitor to melt – oh noes! which of course made handy development tools for IE almost useless.

    Packing up bookmarks to pass around was next to impossible and the more useful bookmarks you had the slower IE gets.

    Quick tabs was of course never used because it kept disapearing every time you looked at something else and users were wasting enough of their time trying to open new tabs.

  2. keep in mind says:

    OMG and that notice bar at the bottom is SOOOOOOOOOOOO overlooked its not funny! Users are not looking there for info, please make an option for it to be at the top again.

  3. davis says:

    I have 16 tabs open in IE8; one of which is reading this blog. I don't see how I can use IE9 with its UI model for tabs as it is. There must be an option for a separate row of tabs, above or below (one or either) the address bar.

  4. Steven says:

    For some reason "Send Feedback" is not working (through IE9), but I found a bug:

    I have two homepages set in Internet Options. If I pin a site and open it in site mode, and the click the favicon (which replaces the "Home" button), it opens my second homepage in a second tab.

    It seems the correct behavior would be to disregard ALL homepages and just used the pinned site as "home".

  5. Chaitanya says:

    Installed, using it, loving it!!

    Websites as apps are around for quite some time now, but it never felt so natural before.

    Can we pin a tab-group to the taskbar the way we can pin a single site?

    If we could, that would redefine awesome for me!!

    Great job, IE team!!

  6. Mitze Ugu says:

    The notification thing looks spoofable, not better than the bar. You should do something similar to Firefox 4's "doorhangers".

  7. Roland says:

    Great work, guys! However, when opening a website that's pinned to the task bar, all toolbars (add-ons) are disabled on this browser window. Is this by design?

    I have a toolbar that helps translating Web pages. I use it several times each hour when visiting my Top 5 sites (i.e. the sites I'd likely pin to the taskbar). If the toolbar is not usable in this scenario, this would be a major drawback and surely confuse users (where's my toolbar gone?).

  8. Mitze Ugu says:

    The notification thing looks spoofable, not better than the bar. You should do something similar to Firefox 4's "doorhangers".

  9. Mitze Ugu says:

    BTW, it's nice to see you finally do screenshots as PNGs instead of artifact-ridden JPEGs, but please don't use nearest neighbor for resizing, it looks awfulโ€ฆ

  10. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mitze: Yes, the notification is spoofable, as was the old information bar. The notifications are designed such that dangerous actions are blocked.

    @Roland: Yes, it is a feature of the "Pinned Sites" that browser extensions like toolbars and BHOs do not run. (This is similar to InPrivate Browsing's default behavior, although there's a checkbox in INETCPL to turn add-ons back on for InPrivate).  It sounds like this is something that you should file a bug on Connect for to collect votes.

    @KeepInMind: Bookmarklets only have a performance impact when clicked. Otherwise, they do not impact performance.

  11. Mitze Ugu says:

    @EricLaw: So what should my grandma do if the notification thingie tells her to download and install ThisAintMalware.exe or the PC will explode?

  12. dlh2009 says:

    The experience of IE9 is rather natural; however, the tab arrangement is quite annoying. I usually have 6-10 tabs open. It find it extremely annoying having to resize the address bar so I can see all of my tabs. I agree with Davis, there should be away to have the tabs appear at the bottom or top if prefered.

    IE9 is really snappy. I type a page into the address bar, and bam, the page is loaded.

    I also like the website pinning feature. It's pretty cool that you can access common website tasks fast.

    Overall, I think IE9 will change how people use the web. If you guys can keep improving IE and stay ahead of the competition, IE will start gaining some ground in the browser market, again.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  13. Comwave says:

    Goooooooooooooooooooood JOB!!!

    This is the best I've ever met from MS^^

    Keep going on!!!

    I'll love IE9 MORE if its little bugs are taken care of, no, I LOVE IT as it is, though.

    Cheers from Seoul!

  14. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mitze: If your grandma is one of the 99.99% of web users who are unable to differentiate between browser UI and attacker-controlled webpages, then she'll be happy to know that IE's SmartScreen Filter feature is absurdly effective at squashing scareware attacks, having blocked over a billion malicious downloads so far. Stay tuned for further discussion of the improvements in this feature in IE9.

  15. Roland says:

    @Eric: Thanks for the clarification! However, I think it was a wrong decision you made when disabling all add-ons on "pinned sites". In fact, this will not only confuse users, and users will blame IE about the inconsistent behavior: "Sometimes my toolbar is working, and sometimes it's not there." Once this is more widely known, developers will lose interest in writing add-ons for IE. We would have the strange situation where all other browser vendors are extending their add-on capabilities (first Firefox, then Chrome, now Safari) – while IE would limit it in IE9.

    Another scenario: My aunt feels safe in the browser when the Norton Antivirus toolbar is visible. Now, after adding to the taskbar, she would no longer see the toolbar after opening the window, and she would feel unprotected.

    A third scenario: My wife uses the Windows Live toolbar to access all her Windows Live services (Hotmail, Space etc.) and she wants this to be available in simply every browser window.

    It's great that users are now more in control of their add-ons in IE9. The warning about slow add-ons is simply brilliant. Then why take control away of them by simply disabling all add-ons in "pinned sites"?

    I'm afraid that this would not get many votes on Connect as just more experienced users will be voting there.

  16. Mark says:

    I am happy with the IE9's overall performance. It's not just the website, but the the browser interface that is snappy. I also appreciate the new minimalistic interface of IE9. That said, I am very very unhappy with the way tabs are handle; when using a small screen or opening a lot of tabs, the tabs become almost unusable. I would love to see the tabs move to the now empty space above the address bar.

  17. Mitze Ugu says:

    @EricLaw: Well even I would be unable to differentiate between real and fake information box if it's done well. This would not be the case of the information thing was part of the browser UI in such a way that there would be no way of spoofing it (leaving fullscreen scenarios aside).

    Additionally, I don't like the idea of solely relying on blacklisting/signature-based protection stuff, it's having a AV software and therefore deciding to run as Admin (no UAC of course) and open just anything because the producer of the AV software told me it's 'absurdly effective'. But absurdly effective might not be effective enough, what if for example someone is victim of a targeted attack?

  18. Kevin Daly says:

    Is there any way to enable feed discovery again (or is it enabled and I just can't find it)?

    That was actually a very useful feature.

  19. wifiaero says:

    This looks great guys but you all are still behind on typical standards for example the site the word "NEW" is supposed to have a light blue glow on it, it shows for all other browsers except Internet Explorer you can also check out the site it is like the new acid's tests but this time it's HTML5.

  20. Guilherme Oliveira says:

    The parameter does not work <base href="xxx" />

  21. Eduard Valencia says:

    IE9 crashes on me every time i start it,even without add-ons

    Anyone knows a solution? i HHave Windows 7 service pack 1 with the latest drivers

  22. war59312 says:

    My tab area has a black background. Even in no addons mode.

    The "control icons", that is "minimize, maximize, and close" dont work half the time. ๐Ÿ™

  23. Anonymous says:

    They only problem I really have is with feed and search engine discovery not being there.

  24. Gaurav says:

    Why did the Find on this page bar have to ape Firefox? It:was moved to the bottom like Firefox and "Find whole word only" was REMOVED!!! I am very angry and disappointed with the IE9 beta? You guys can only copy other browsers. BRING BACK THE ABILITY TO MOVE THE FIND BAR ON TOP AND BRING BACK THE FIND WHOLE WORD ONLY OPTION.

  25. Heresy says:

    I had tried to install IE9 Beta on my computer.

    My OS is Winodws 7 English version and Chinese language pack, so it doesn't allow me to install the Chinese version of IE9 Beta.

    I can only use English IE now.

    Could someone tell me how to make my IE9 beta display Chinese interface?

  26. PeterSt says:

    @EricLaw: I second Roland's point. I have some add-ons in IE I simply rely on, for example Webresearch Pro, which is vital for my college work. I pinned Wikipedia to the taskbar as a starting point for my research activities. However, after opening IE 9 using this shortcut, the Webresearch toolbar is simply not available in IE! It even cannot be enabled on the Toolbars menu. I use this toolbar in almost every browser session and expect it to have at hand no matter if the site is pinned to the taskbar or not.

    IE 9 seems to be a huge step forward in general; however, this specific issue is a major regression that spoils my whole IE experience!  ๐Ÿ™

    Thanks for listening…

  27. CvP says:

    It's really sad how IE9beta got stuck for a long time and stuck permanently couple of times while trying to browse this site.

    It also displays a "page can not be displayed properly" msg AFTER displaying the page properly if the header has incorrect content length (a very common unwanted scenario when using compression). Chrome has the same problem (…/detail) though firefox/opera and previous IEs can handle this situation just fine.

  28. Jace says:


    Thanks for pointing me to the 'reopen last browsing session' feature.

    I really like the performance with IE9 and some of the UI design features.

    A couple of small suggestions I have:

    -Reduce the back button size and bring back the drop-down arrow

    -Put File above Print in the Gear menu

  29. Jace says:

    Two more:

    -Spell checker, please? ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Put the website tite in the title bar. With my reduced vision, it would help.

  30. Mario says:

    Hello Microsoft people i like themes on internet explorer 9 it rocks!!!  and i wish we could choose where we want TABS at like if we right click around the TABS defualt area it will ask us if we want TABS on top or on below the URL bar.. please give us this option and i hope on my other computer internet explorer 8 32-bit and 64-bit will update with windows updates on windows 7   please!!!!

  31. John G. says:

    Guys for 2 decades, the Favorites pane was at the left without requiring to pin it. Suddenly I find it is moved to the right and I can't move it. Why MUST I accept such changes made for sake of change and which may not be liked and forced upon everyone? A simple ability to freely move all browser elements when unlocked and then lock them will make users EXTREMELY HAPPY. They can put things where they want. That is what IE6 and earlier versions offered and what later versions LIMIT.

  32. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @CvP: Thus far, we have no evidence that incorrect content-length is a common problem. We've only found two sites that currently have issues here (Paypal, when printing shipping labels, and the Japanese version of the Amazon Affiliates site). Please let us know which sites you're having problems with so that we can outreach to them. Obviously, sending proper content-length is important for security, performance, and functionality reasons.

    @Roland, @PeterSt: As I said before, please do file a bug on this; you might be surprised at how many votes it gets. As I've blogged before, I'm *very* fond of Ralph Hare's Mouse Gestures add-on, which is a BHO that isn't loaded in Pinned Sites mode.

    @Mitze Ugu: I'm not sure exactly why an attacker would be willing to "leave full-screen scenarios aside"? The overall point is that any UX can be spoofed, and if scareware has taught us anything, it's that the best defenses are coupling signature-based and reputation-based protections along with user-education. Without all three of these protections, an attacker has an overwhelming advantage.

    @Gaurav: I'm not sure what you're asking about. IE9's "Find on page" bar is on the top of the page, just like IE8's, and neither offers a "whole word" option.

    @Kevin Daly, @Anonymous: Please consider filing a bug on the lack of Feed/Search discovery and collecting votes.

    @Eduard Valencia: If you boot the Internet Control panel from the System Control Panel, and tick the "Use software rendering" option at the top of the Advanced tab, does that help?

    @Guilherme Oliveira: Please be more specific about the problem you're having with the BASE element? I test this frequently and have not observed problems here. Thanks!

  33. Mario says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]  when the stable version of internet explorer 9 comes out will internet explorer 8 on windows 7 upgrade itself with windows updates?

  34. Yusuf says:

    My keyboard stopped working after installing IE9.  It works fine in the Bios and when I select the OS to boot with.  Just not in Windows.  Very strange.

  35. Jace says:

    Quick tip:

    You can click and drag down on the back and forward buttons to get the lists to appear more quickly than just the click and  hold.

  36. ADAXL says:

    I have downloaded IE9 Beta on my virtual Windows Vista (I am running Vista inside Parallels 5 on a Mac), but it is now stuck at "Downloading required updates". It hasn't budged for fifteen minutes. The widow has no controls, so I cannot break off and start over later. I wanted to have a look at the new wonder and check a few sites. No such thing. As far as I am concerned, IE9 Beta is a big "Fail".

  37. Linfocito B says:

    Great job IE team, everything is just flawless. Nonetheless, it's just me or is CTRL+ENTER shortcut not working? In IE8, it added "www" and ".com" between the term you write in the address bar and goes to the web page; now only puts in the ".com" without "www". That makes some websites to not load or redirect to a useless free domain page. Otherwise, great work. Greetings from Colombia!

  38. icelava says:

    Looks like i cannot pin it when i (typically) set my taskbar VERTICALLY on the sides of desktop screen.


  39. Linfocito B says:

    Nevermind. It was a normal behavior, because it just selects a bad writen old link in the adress bar. Deleting exploring history fixes it. P.S.: I'm looking forward for a good spell checker, that will be neat!

  40. Linfocito B says:

    @icelava In that case try to drag the adress bar favicon, not the tab. It will pin normally.

  41. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Gaurav: A clarification– the "Match whole word" and "Match case" options are not top-level options in the native IE "Find" bar– they're in the "Options" dropdown menu at the far right of the bar, which appears on the top. If you have a "Find" bar that's showing at the bottom, that suggests it's likely that you have a 3rd party add-on installed (e.g. IE7Pro?) which takes over the CTRL+F hotkey.

  42. James says:

    Really nice job — it's very snappy to use and should support more advanced use cases via support for emerging "standards" such as HTML5 (personal note: I'm not sure I'm thrilled with movement twoards developing complex apps with HTML and the dynamically typed JavaScript, but any forward movement on platform capabilities is ultimately a good thing!)  I have only one major complaint and one suggestion.  Complaint: I very frequently browse with many tabs open.  I think it's reasonable to use the current layout as a default, but for those like me having the ability to move the tabs onto a separate line is an absolute must.  Suggestion: I like having the buttons inherit the "branding" of a website, but it seems like this should always be the case, not just when a site is pinned.  These aside, I do believe IE is back in the game and surpasses the competition in many ways.  Great job!

  43. Gaurav says:

    You're right. My bad. I had IE7Pro installed too. Find bar is normal thank god. It is because your radical UI changes and removals sometimes give users a heart attack that users become paranoid.

  44. Shiv Kumar says:

    It's really good to see IE 9 beta finally out! The performance of the browser (in all aspects) is just awesome. I think you guys have done a great job of concentrating on the right sub systems so as to provide a real improvement to the browsing experience. Hope to see more improvements in performance as time goes on.

    On the UI front however, I don't think things look that good. In fact I'm not very pleased with what I see. I don't like the default color of the back and previous buttons :).

    I spent a good deal of time browsing the sites of my choice all of today and jotting down things that I felt while browsing. I should tell you that I've always used IE as is (no add-ons, except for things like Flash and no customization except for adding my own favorites. I also use Firefox and Chrome a lot and again no add-ons or customizations.

    Anyway, I then gathered my thoughts and proceeded to create a list of things I think need to be changed/improved. You can find them here.…/html-5-video-and-flash

    I second @Jace on the ordering of the menu items. Print? Gosh I'm not sure when I last printed anything from a browser.

    I also second @James' suggestion about the branding. I think the browser should do this under normal navigation too. I can't see pinning stuff to my task bar as it's already quite full of the applications I use regularly and I don't want to clutter it any more.

    Some Questions:

    1. Can we hope to see the IE team deliver more frequent updates (I'm talking version updates not just during beta) like other browser vendors do, rather than annually? You could have a version that corporate can use and another that the rest of the world can use and probably provide corporate a way to tell if an upgrade needs regression testing or not. I know some corporate environments that would love to know if an upgrade requires such things.

    2. Where do we file bug reports for the beta? Should we use the same place as the Platform preview?

  45. Nocturnal says:

    This is good and all but you need to make it so that when you open up a link from the pinned links, that they open up in an existing IE windows as opposed to opening up in an entirely new window.  This is horrible.  We are no longer using IE6, we all use tabs or if not all the majority do.

    Please at least put this as an option as opposed to keeping it like this until IE10.  I would really appreciate it!

  46. Nocturnal says:

    @EricLaw also the IntelliPoint accelerated scrolling still exists!  Is there any way you can put me in touch with a contact from the IntelliPoint team to see if I can get this resolved?  IE7 was perfect!  Since IE8, major problems with IntelliPoint and accelerated scrolling!  Please!

  47. Errata says:

    Because the statusbar was lost, I do not understand whether the download of the homepage completes or stops or is either.

    Internet Explorer cannot be ended until download is completed when the download of the homepage is executed.

  48. Poweruser says:

    –  Biggest annoyance – I want to be able to move all browser elements freely in unlocked state. All browser elements means address bar, tab bar, menu bar, favorites bar, command bar, and the Favorites-Feeds-History pane (left or right). Give everyone this and they will be insanely happy about how customizable IE9 is.

    –  When Favorites-Feeds-History pane is pinned, it should pin to the right when the Favorites pane is to the right and pin to the left if the favorites pane is dragged by the user to the left. You should allow moving the Favorites pane to the left like it was for decades.

    –  Common search box should be optional as IE has always allowed address bar search and search aliases even before there was a separate search box. Without a search box, I am not *forced to* identify the search engine by its icon, confusing if I created multiple OpenSearch queries with Google and Bing. Search box with dropdown helps read a list of all engines with the textual names. Please give *users* an option about such a HUGE change in the UI.

    –  When searching from the address bar, I click one of the search engine buttons and I have already typed something before into the address bar, it should search with that engine instead of simply selecting that engine. Only when I haven't entered any search terms, it should only select the search engine.

    –  Optional to users – To have icon and name of the site in the title bar. It is also necessary to have indication of Work Offline in the title bar.

    –  No QuickTabs button. View menu -> QuickTabs not working. Don't remove QuickTabs

    –  Bring back text labels, selected text labels and large icons option for command bar (toolbar) buttons. Taking away the text labels and large icons options also affects my custom toolbar buttons.

    –  Where is the tab list dropdown menu? The one in IE8 between the QuickTabs button and the first tab. That is so useful to switch to any tab from a list.

    –  Bring back status bar buttons. I understand some users prefer a clean UI but power users will prefer will a functional UI with more easily accessible tools.

    –  Downloaded Program Files ActiveX folder does not behave like a special folder on Windows 7. My Windows is not on C Drive.

  49. Shiv Kumar says:

    The Notification thing deffinately needs to be more obvious and probably to the top part of the page and as @Mitze Ugu  has been saying not (so easily) spoofable. I just clicked on the Send feedback button and had to install the Windows Live sign-in add-on and after clicking on a link, sat there for a few seconds expecting to see the download and never did see the notification thing show up.

    This reminds me. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. I tried installing the 32bit version of IE 9 was it said the install is not compatible with the OS. So I installed the 64bit version. That worked, however since there is no Flash player 64bit version I can't see any Flash content using IE 9 beta. Is this by design?

  50. robert says:

    1. favicon's is still problem – look or

    2. toolbars not moves (roboform toolbar occupies the full width). This is very irritating.

  51. Starfield says:

    As with the usual dumbing down like Vista's Defragmenter for example, the download manager has also been dumbed down. One of IE's all time best features is gone –  the ability to show the transfer rate!!!!! % progress is the only indicator now? Unacceptable and ridiculous. There should be at least also a Aero progress bar and completed MB amount shown too (not just %). In the download manager, pressing the Delete key for a complete download should remove it from the list just like the "Delete" button. Cancel should only cancel the file, not delete it from the list so users can redownload it if it's a broken/half completed download. There is a Clear list button at the bottom which will clear the download anyways.

    Completed MB, progress bar and transfer rate is a MUST. Please IE team add this. Every version of IE has had these.

  52. Starfield says:

    Also I forgot to mention. IE played a nice ding sound when a download completed. That no longer plays! When "Play system sounds" is checked in Internet Options, the ding sound should play.

  53. Starfield says:

    Sorry about another comment post but IE9 should play sound for all these like previous versions did: Start navigation, complete navigation, popup blocked, information bar, feed discovered, search provider discovered, download completed (all downloads or each download). Don't forget a sound event. Also, in the Sound Control Panel, these should be in a separate IE group/heading, not mixed with Windows Explorer.

  54. xtt1341 says:

    ie9 is very powerful and beautiful,when firefox 4.0 is releasing,ie9 beta is up.

    I'm a web developer(php),and of course I must install:

    and I found ie9's speed is much fast than ie8, and is about 10 times or up…

    I love it!

  55. Beauty of the IE says:

    Hey IE team, I have compiled a list of old and ugly UI elements which always get ignored and ship with modern IE versions:

    –  AutoComplete animation in "Would you like to turn on AutoComplete" dialog.

    –  Middle click scroll cursor is ugly.

    –  Print Dialog: Options tab bitmap is antique. Replace it with a modern bitmap. Don't remove it.

    –  Print Dialog: Make printer area in Print Dialog large enough to hold at least Tiles View. It currently has a scroll bar if there are several printers. Argh!!

    –  Auto Disconnect Dialog which appears on dial-up connections when an IE window is closed has ugly icon

    –  Internet Options Connections Tab: Dialup and VPN settings section has ugly 16-color modem icon

  56. Xepol says:

    I am not getting the site icon (favicon) displayed in the address bar or beside the forward/back buttons, and the forward back buttons remain the default blue as a result.

    I can duplicate it on multiple machines mixed x86 and x64 win7.

    Also, the "back list" is the same foolishness that Chrome uses where you have to guess non standard behaviour to find the list.  Bring the drop down button back please?  It isn't very big, but it IS self explanitory.

  57. Xepol says:

    Also, the whole favorites on the right part of the screen is very akward.  

    First when you pin the favorites open, it jumps all the way to the other side of the screen.  

    Secondly, when you hover over a favorites link the arrow for opening points to the right AWAY from the browser window entirely.

  58. Wowser says:

    Hey IE team, all you have to do when redesigning features is make sure old features get preserved to the tiniest bits. Take for example, the download manager which offers the major improvement of resuming but does away with minor useful features like progess in tooltip on hover of taskbar button. If you design IE non-destructively instead of making radical UI changes with trade old features for new ones, users are going to hate IE. If you carefully add new features while preserving existing ones, it's win-win for everyone.

  59. RicarDog says:

    @EricLaw, it seems the IE feedback page on Connect is not accepting votes. Could you please check this so we can vote on bugs/suggestions?


  60. Sergejus says:

    Overal it's not bad, but several thing are missing (in priority order):

    1. Address bar on the same row as tabls? Common! Look at Chrome.

    2. Management of bookmarks hasn't changed at all. When we'll have bookmarks sync using Cloud?

    3. Paste and Go – please, add this. Easy to implement and so usefull

    4. Most visited sites list is not as friendly and feature complete as Chrome or Opera has

  61. @ Shiv Kumar

    Even if you install x64 IE9, by default IE will launch in 32-bit mode unless you explicitly choose to run IE in 64-bit. You should be able to use Flash on the 32-bit IE9.

  62. @robert

    If you use two or more toolbar add-ons you can move them to the same row. Right click on the space to the right of your tabs and make sure "Lock the toolbars" is unchecked.

  63. Geoff says:

    There should be an option to allow the tabs to appear underneath the address bar.  Its quite unusable if you have a lot of tabs open.

  64. Jason says:

    I love the pin to taskbar feature. But when I pin Facebook to the task bar the tasks don't show up as they should, i.e, News, Events, Messages etc. Twitter works fine though.

  65. PatriotB says:

    @Beauty of the IE — "Print Dialog: Make printer area in Print Dialog large enough to hold at least Tiles View. It currently has a scroll bar if there are several printers. Argh!!"

    This is the common Windows print dialog, so there isn't really anything the IE team can do here, besides passing the feedback on to Windows, or writing their own print dialog (which for consistency I'd hope they don't do!)

  66. fanboy says:

    Is microsoft considering changing the user agent, to make it more unique for internet explorer? (ie, removing the outdated mozilla bits?)

  67. robert says:

    @  Herman Ng [MSFT]

    I know but I would like to put the roboform bar next to toolbar favorites. I use only one bar and a few favorites. Unfortunately I can not.

  68. Stifu says:

    @fanboy: or maybe keep the Mozilla bits in non-strict modes only.

    This way, everyone should be happy (old sites can sniff the Mozilla part, while modern sites do without).

  69. Danny says:

    I really like the new speed and focus on simplicity. I would like a way to move the tabs into the title bar as right now that is completely unused space and would fit more tabs more easily.

  70. Three questions on the taskbar jump lists feature:

    – Is there any authoritative documentation on the supported meta tags

    – Will IE9 catch dynamic updates to the meta tags, ie. can I change the meta tags using JavaScript DOM manipulation after the page is loaded and will the jump list or icon reflect the change.

    – The examples show that items are added to the Tasks section of the jump list. Is it possible to add items to the Frequent list of the jump list using meta tags?

  71. Richard Wilson says:

    Just a quick note to say that the link to in your final paragraph is broken.

  72. Paul says:

    IE Team is ignoring our feedback once again.

    We want Tabs moved on to new line, NOT next to address bar..

    When you have more than 20 tabs… tabs become ridiculous and squashed!

    Please do similar to Chrome.  


  73. 6205 says:

    1./ Back button is way TOO BIG. What is this? Some dumb Longhorn 2005 design? Back/Forward buttons should be the same like in IE8 or Window Explorer file manager. Consistancy is important. But i like the fact that they are changing color.

    2./ What is doing a favicon before back button? It's a mess! Favicon belongs to window title which is currently empty(another nonsense) And what about pages which do not have favicons or will not care for IE? It will display blank, generic file icon. What a lame concept..

    3./ Combine Stop and Reload buttons to save space, now when you have tabs beside adress bar, every pixel counts.

    4./ Stop/Reload/Go/Search or compatibility view button icons in adress bar should be colored the same like in IE8 or Window Explorer file manager and not grayscaled. Consistancy is important. Lear that word. CONSISTANCY.

    5./ Why must i access my favorites through that small icon on right through the same menu like in IE8? At least redesign it slightly to reflect new placement on the right side. Sorry but it's horrible and don't force me pin favorites to taskbar.

    You need seriously redesing some UI elements. I feels very unpolished, unfinished… Why must i lecture you? You should know all this already and maybe you do, you just have propably decides to piss me off and majority of other users ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Kay.L says:

    Pin & jumplist is really cool but favicon never update. (maybe until clear cache or bookmarked it or whatever.. it just broken my User Experience. Hope IE give a button to refresh all of them)

  75. Ali says:

    IE9 Rocks!

    Continue the good work, IE team!

  76. Drake says:

    @Beauty of the IE

    โ€ข Agree with the autocomplete GIF used in this dialog.  Would be so easy to update by just tracing over it too.  Just make sure you specify a custom pallet of 256 colours rather than the standard to make it look most smooth. ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€ข Agree with middle-click icon for dragging the page.  Smoothing the circular border would be all that's required, too.

    โ€ข The bitmap in Print Frames is Windows '95 era style 4-bit/16-colours.  Totally needs updating.

    โ€ข Select Printer scrollbox could easily be made bigger if the Print dialog was made to be resizable itself.  Never liked how there is no border around the printer icons too to show how big this control is but one for the Windows 7 team.

    โ€ข Don't use dial-up here but if it's still this icon <…/image012.jpg&gt; then I agree entirely.

    โ€ข The icon the represent a dial-up connection in the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings" box on the Connections tab is actually a modern Windows Vista/7 system icon but the control element used for the list can only support 4-bit/16 colour mode so that's how it is being displayed.  Also note the thick shadow around it: alpha blending of shadows is only supported in 32-bit mode so providing your video card is set to 32-bit mode this is always a telltale sign of an old control.  The Users tab in Task Manager back in Windows XP (and I think Vista) was the same: new 24-bit icons with alpha transparency rendered as downlevel 4-bit/16 colour format icons. ๐Ÿ™

  77. Stilgar says:

    Can someone from Microsoft comment on why text render differently? What was the reason behind this change, can the user control it, what is the technical implementation. It seems like many people (inlcuding me) do not like it but everyone is just guessing what the reason is. I tried turning off hardware acceleration and the text still look strange so it seems like it is not connected to the hardware acceleration. Switching to compatibility mode makes the text render in the old way again.

  78. Dudley says:

    What had this little button done to incur the IE team's wrath?:…/ietabdropdown.png I used so often when I had lots of tabs open. Like on Patch Tuesday when there were dozens of security updates to download. I want an answer please from the IE team.

  79. 6205 says:

    What is wrong with font rendering? Majority of web sites have blurry fonts, but some sites are OK, like this blog…

    Look here

  80. Prior Semblance says:

    This new UI seems like a complete downgrade to me.  All the blank space at the top looks awkward, the tiny address bar is annoying, to have just 1 toolbar requires a new line no matter how small it is, the favorites bar is way off to the side, theres not enough room for tabs, search box is harder to use, etc.

  81. danielgr says:

    I would love to provide feedback on the new IE9; unfortunatelly, it seems that there is a compatiblity problem with the Wave 4 Live Essentials Beta Live Sign-in assistant and IE9.

    Whenever I clic on the feedback button I get an error message saying that Live Sign-In assistant was not installed.

    If trying to install the version available in the net it tells me it can't do it because I already have a newer version.

    Anyway, since I can't provide it through the "feedback" button I'll do it here:

    – Would be great if one of the "tasks" options on the task-bar icon of IE9 one could choose "Restore past session" straight away.

    So far I love it, keep it up !

  82. Daniel Smith says:

    @John G. Totally agree about the favorites button/sidebar positioning.  The favorites sidebar is IE's most compelling feature.  Itf it wasn't for that, I'd have permanently moved to Chrome.  It's *really* annoying that it's now stuck on the right hand side, with no ability to move it ๐Ÿ™

    The other thing that's missing that I used all the time is the "open in new tab" arrow in the favorites when opening multiple items.  Yes, you can wheel click the favorites links, but I can't do this on my laptop becuase I don't have a wheel, so it's now a total pain in the neck.

  83. filip007 says:

    Yes thanks for busting the shell or your shell of Windows i should say.

    When i click on folder from hard drive i say this function not available or something and then i must click Open with right mouse button to work, i have fixed that with registry cleaners!

    Try this site it will slows down your browser a lot.

    What's with colored tabs, i have that and can't see here on your blog?

    Bye and don't send me anything, don't want to talk to anybody, capish!

  84. Beat says:

    Well done Microsoft!

    But this version does not support Websockets or Webworkers. Anybody correct me if I am wrong.

    Please Microsoft support Webworkers and Websockets.

  85. jjonsson says:

    Hi folks.

    First, great job on IE9! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am writing because Native Web Apps need to be implemented properly as a Site Specific Browsing experience.

    Chrome does this with Application Mode, that disables all browser controls, so only the titlebar shows. Mozilla does it with the Prism project. Site Specific Browsing is a crucial feature towards making IE9 succeed in the Native Web App competition space. This feature could be implemented simply by providing a meta-tag (as Apple has done with Mobile Safari).

    We would really love to see this feature in IE9. It is the primary feature needed to fade the difference between desktop and web apps as IE9 intends to do.

    Thank you!

  86. Drake says:

    Weird bug: any executable file I download using IE9 then click the [Run] button once complete in the Download Manager it tells me "This program couldn't be downloaded" in the Location column and presents the options [Retry] and [Cancel] instead of running it as IE8 would used to.

  87. Nick Hope says:

    Again, very nice work with IE9. There are a few things that I can't see but annoying a large % of users –

    1. Tabs on same line as address bar!  If this is believed to be the better way of doing things by yourselves then fine, leave it as defaullt but at least give us the option to move it around!!

    2. Tab dropdown list. Really useful if you reguarly have 30+ tabs open. IE has got much better when dealing with a large amount of tabs performance wise, so why not facilitate this by making it easier to navigate to them!

    3. Download speed not shown in download dialog. ??? Not acceptable.

    4. Somebody said something about paste and go…it is indeed a useful feature. Can't be too hard to implement ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway nice work and hope to see some progress!

  88. Ooh says:

    @EricLaw: You mentioned several times that we should enter bugs and suggestions on Connect such that everybody has a chance to vote on the feedback. Unfortunately, as RicarDog already pointed out, the IE feedback page on Connect does not accept votes (although AFAIK it did at some time in the past). Could you please check this and explain what we're doing wrong? Thanks!

  89. Stifu says:

    @  6205: "Consistancy is important. Lear that word. CONSISTANCY"

    I suggest they learn the word "consistency" instead, but that's just me. :p

  90. mocax says:

    The minimalist design is all nice and cool.

    But there's no way to tell if a site has RSS unless I re-enable the command bar.  Perhaps move the orange icon into the URL bar?

    And there's no way to tell that I got new RSS updates unless I re-enable my Favorites bar. Perhaps some kind of notification.

  91. Big Al says:

    Great job, contratulations! From the point of Microsoft marketing however, I'd recommend to mention the product name "Microsoft Internet Explorer" somewhere… When I have an IE window open,  I cannot see if I'm surfin' with IE or some oder product.

  92. 6205 says:

    Uhm… it looks like also address bar have different borders from IE8. Another inconsistant crap ๐Ÿ™ i"m dissapointed

    BUT i give you second chance ๐Ÿ™‚ in Beta 2 to repair UI ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. planetarian says:

    Is there any way to install IE9 alongside IE8 like in the platform previews? I need to test sites in both, but SuperPreview is woefully inadequate (no navigation == useless, no native IE7 test) and having to use VMs for it is ridiculous.

  94. planetarian says:

    6205: um, there's no need at all for the UI to be consistent with previous versions.

  95. Stifu says:

    @6205: what? IE9 does NOT have to be "consistent" with a previous version! That doesn't make sense.

    Like, did you notice that Aero controls are not consistent with the ones of the Luna or classic themes? *rolls eyes*

    I guess you don't quite get what consistency is about (let alone spelling it properly).

  96. other gui says:

    Is it possible to have ie9's engine running under ie8's gui? Like Google Chrome Frame?

    New gui doesn't ever remember search terms (even opera does it – when I search for something it's remembered as google's address, not search term…)… and there's no space for tabs, I use many of them.

  97. 6205 says:

    @Stifu: IMO IE9 should be consistent with rest of the OS if you wanna have beautiful UI. Currently almost all elements are looking different from Windows Aero UI.

    – Back/forward buttons

    – address bar outline borders

    – rest of the address bar buttons (stop/reload/go/search/compatibility view)

    Not to mention the fact of missing window title, blurry fonts or that ugly white/blank line inside on top of every window

  98. Stifu says:

    @6205: I see your point, but to be consistent with the OS, it doesn't need to mimic anything from IE8.

    As for the border around the URL bar, I really think it's fine right now, and doesn't need to be changed. There are certainly much more important issues.

    Besides, historically, Microsoft has had much worse consistency issues between its products (like, between Windows, IE, Office apps, Outlook…), with menu bars, scroll bars and so on looking and behaving differently. Like, the fact IE scroll bars give no visual hint as you hover them, this always bothered me a bit (dunno if that's been fixed).

    That doesn't mean it's fine, of course, but the color of a 1px border is really a small, tiny detail. And besides, as web browsers are such important applications, I can understand they'd try to do a few things differently from other apps when it makes sense (like to optimize real screen estate, or to look lighter).

  99. 24 says:

    You guys should really work on the 'Internet options' UI. It really sucks having that same old, Windows 95 look when everything else in the browser is clean and modern.

  100. Ian says:

    I'm actually really liking the IE9 Beta. Fast, clean and great support for html5 and nearly there with the CSS3. However………..

    What about support for CSS3 Transitions/Animations? It's a greate feature to have:- allowing simple animations without the need for a js library. For example, check out the I'm currently working on. Would be great if these subtle animations worked in IE9 without the need for js. It works fine in Chrome, Opera, FF4, Safari etc.

  101. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Robert: uses a META tag to indicate that its FavIcon is here: That URL returns a 404. returns a GIF as its Favicon, which, despite the fact that their page claims it's of type image/x-icon, is not a supported format.

    @otherGUI: No, it's not supported to use IE8's UI with IE9's engine.

    @Drake: What antivirus and anti-malware engines do you have installed? Where is your default download folder? Do you have SmartScreen enabled?

    @Richard Wilson: Thanks for the note about the broken link

    @fanboy: For reasons described in the original blog post, no, we are not planning further changes to the IE9 user-agent string.

    @RicarDog: I think "I can reproduce this bug" has taken the place of "voting up" an issue.

    @ShivKumar: When you install "64bit IE", you're actually installing both 32 and 64bit IE.

    @Poweruser: View > QuickTabs should still work. If it doesn't work for you, please file a bug. Please note that the option is only enabled when more than one tab is open. The "new tab page" does not draw in the QuickTabs page.

    @Nocturnal: Please file a bug on the Intellipoint behavior.

    thanks, all!

  102. 6205 says:

    @Stifu: I cannot help myself. I am very sensitive to any minor UI elements and i like consitency in every single small detail. We wanna have best UI, do we? Better than Apple..

    If i would be in charge of IE9 UI desing team it would be not so much different from current IE8. Specially those Longhorn like back/forward buttons makes me wanna jump out of window… So IE9 is kinda dissapointment for me. Also toolbars like command bar, bookmarks bar or internet options were not redesigned. New three white buttons on right are also not customizable. So what i would change to look IE9 much better?

    – IE8 like back/forward buttons (but with nice new IE9 color effects)

    – remove website button beside back button(that icon belongs to tab)

    – the same address bar outline like in IE8 or Windows Explorer file manager

    – IE8 like rest of the address bar buttons (stop/reload/go/search/compatibility view) – current grayscale is not bad but inconsistent

    – three new white buttons on right side should be on mouse hover only somehow pre-lighted, but not colored, it's looks imo bad

    – remove white line inside of every window on top

    – fix blurry fonts

    – restore back proper window title with IE icon and webpage name + browser name

    BTW: I still do not understand new IE9 icon which is not following beautiful Aero icon guidelines. Instead of that we will get pastel, XP Luna-like icon from 2001…

  103. Perry says:

    We're having an argument here at work…Your chart says that 9% of all IE users don't click on a link. What do they do? Just stare at the MSN page and walk away? Can you define what a User means to you guys? Is it someone who surfs 10 minutes a day? 1 hour a day for 5 weeks? They can't believe that 9% of people dont use a link….

  104. hAl says:

    I would like easier mouse access to the "Search on this page" feature which is now very inaccessible.

    Either in rightclick menu or trough search button in adress bar.

    Right click menu could also be more context sensitive and display less clutter (no greyed out options)?

  105. steve says:

    W7 only!

    Keep building that Chrome market share why don't you.

  106. Inke S. says:

    @6205: Actually the icon colour goes far back as IE3, it's probably another attempt to make the last IE6 users update. If this won't work then IE10 will probably reintroduce the image toolbar and a setting for switching into tabless mode. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. Jason says:

    One of my favorite features is the ability to attach/detach tabs to/from any browser.

    Why would this feature be removed from Pinned Sites?

    Others have also complained about the disabling of add-ons for Pinned Sites.

    I would suggest that as a design goal, Pinned Sites should only enhance a tab's functionality, and should never remove any features or functions.

  108. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Perry: I believe the chart shows the percentage of browser sessions in which a given command is used. So, for instance, in 91% of sessions, the user clicked a hyperlink, while in 9%, the user simply looked at pages without clicking on any links.

    @hAl: Thanks for the feedback! I'd be interested to understand how often you use the mouse to access Find on Page vs. using CTRL+F? (As searching requires the keyboard anyway.)

    @steve: In addition to Windows 7, the IE9 beta also runs on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

  109. Stefano says:

    Nice.. all really nice.

    Except that the pin of the website doesn't work if you have the taskbar in another position than bottom.

  110. hollybear61 says:

    I have not downloaded the new version as of yet but wanted to comment on two things that drives me nut with IE 8:

    — I want the backspace button to NOT navigate.

    — when a page/tab finish loading and I'm in a different tab/window, I do NOT want it to pop up and interupt what I'm working on.

  111. @Stefano: As noted in other comments, you can always drag the FavIcon out of the address bar to the taskbar to pin a site.

  112. Brian LePore says:

    First thoughts:

    * Site's using CSS filters are incredibly sluggish. Fortunately every feature I use filters (except gradients) for is replaced with native CSS so they can be eliminated … Would be nice if IE noticed that things like the Shadow feature can be ignored if box-shadow is on.

    * Really need the minimize/maximize/close buttons working

    * None of our sites serving out HTML5 video seem to be playing. We serve content in webm, ogg, and mp4. These videos on my ipod touch, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. I'm not sure what to do to debug what is going wrong here.

    * IE9 is taking forever to type this message out.

    Overall I am happy. Don't take this as a negative.

  113. Lila says:

    How can I embed object tag a Web page about in the ie9?

    <object type="text/html" data="site.html">



    does not work

  114. @Brian: Are any of your HTML5 video sites publicly accessible? If so, can you share a URL?

    @Lila: I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you more fully explain what you're trying to do?

  115. Brian LePore says:

    Yep. Off the top of my head there are a few: ( scroll down)

    I thought it might be a doctype thing, but the first URL uses the HTML5 doctype while the other two do not. So that's not it. I'm puzzled.

  116. Lila says:


    I would like to embed a Web page about the object tag, that still work with IE8 and Firefox 4 but not in the IE9

    in IE8 works so:

    <object style="width:100px;height:190px;" classid="clsid:25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13" data="site.html"></object>  <– does not work in the IE9

    in FF works so:

    <object style="width:100px;height:190px;" type="text/html" data="site.html"></object>   <—does not work in the IE9

    How it works in the IE9?

  117. brrk says:

    Great work IE team! I really liked the new UI, great speed and new features.

    But I didn't read anything about extension support anywhere. Are there going to be extensions like Firefox and Chrome. Because otherwise I've no reason to switch to IE9 if I don't have an easy-to-use RSS reader, web mail checker (that checks and opens all my web based mails with a single click), adblock app (very important for me), or something like xmarks (I know xmarks works with IE, but not like an extension as it is on the other browsers. It's a complete software for IE) that syncs all my favorites accross my browsers.

    And about tabs: this way it looks nice and slim but not useful after a few tabs. Maybe it's okey with a 22" screen but you should think of small screen laptops and netbooks also. It'll be nice if have the option to choose among "above addressbar", "side of addressbar" and "below addressbar". I don't know if there is a restriction for that but why can't you use the top of the screen. It's empty and wide. Also a button to preview the open tabs would be nice. I think you had in IE8 but I'm not sure.

  118. FrankR says:

    @brrk: There are a lot of extensions available for IE. Just visit For a great free adblocker, check out However, add-ons are disabled in IE9 once you open the browser using a shortcut on the taskbar, which renders add-ons almost useless in IE9. Hope they will fix this in beta 2…

  119. Skeggia says:

    Dear IE development team,

    the new user experience and speed is great in IE 9 beta. Just to suggest you to implement the "Reader" button in the final release. As see in Safari, that command allow to read very very fine the articles and post.

    For more information about it, please follow this link:…/whats-new.html


  120. Pinned Sites says:

    Frank meant to say that "Pinned Site Mode" browsers do not run browser add-ons. If you have a taskbar shortcut that opens IE normally (NOT in that mode) then your add-ons run just fine.

  121. ieblog says:

    Corrected the final link to in this blog post.

  122. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Lila: Embedding a page as an OBJECT appears to work just fine in the Beta, e.g. see…/test.htm for example. What specifically happens when you try this. (I'm also curious: why not just use an IFRAME?)

    @Brian: I'll have a look.  My first guess is that while you're using an MP4 container, the encoding of the video inside it isn't h264.

  123. Chaitanya says:

    I don't see your new-tab page when i open a new one. All I get is a blank tab… any ideas?

  124. Cavalary says:

    Just installed it and this "site-centric design" is what I don't like. If you don't have a widescreen monitor, there's very little space for tabs, meaning they get lumped together in a meaningless mess if you have more than a few. I can still open 12 tabs before they start scrolling, but now I barely have half the width of the screen available for it instead of nearly the full width, so I end up just seeing the first character of the name of each (and not even that for the active tab, since the X to close it takes over … which also makes it tricky to click on tabs and not close them!).

    I'd also still like to use a separate search bar instead of the multipurpose address bar (and if said search bar could be set up to automatically open searches in a new tab so I won't have to open a new one myself in order to prevent the search opening over the current tab, it'd be fantastic!). But apparently that's not even an option anymore. Which also goes for the menu…

    I still have the "command bar" option, but it's quite pointless because tabs can't be moved to it, so if I pick that I just get a nearly empty bar. Would be nice if I could still place tabs on the command bar, with them taking up most of the width and a few command buttons all the way to the right, as I had it set up on IE8… Would also be nice if I could move those 3 buttons that I do still have to the left, since I was used to click left to bring up favorites and now I'll keep clicking back most likely for a while, so it's just a pointless user readjustment requirement. And while I'm at moving things, I think pulling tabs out of the tab bar should be a little less easy, as in keep the tab on the tab bar until the mouse goes at the very least 10 pixels off the bar, don't turn it into a separate window the moment the mouse goes off the bar, because that makes it all too likely to pull tabs out without meaning to.

    There also seems to be some issue with the display, as sites that use Flash sometimes require me switching focus off the tab in question and then going back to it in order to see anything, showing up blank before I do that.

  125. Actually it appears that the problem is very strange.

    If I close IE9, then clear the cache, then open the .xml file in IE9, I cannot load the .xml file.

    If I modify the .xml file then I can load it in IE9.

    Is that a cache problem ?

  126. Vilius says:

    What others said: speed and UI is great, just need an option for advanced users to move tabs into separate row. Keep up the good work!

  127. The IE blog does not let me post my link, so my first post looks like non-sense.

    Click on my name to see the problem.

    If you get a "Internet Explorer cannot open this webpage" error, then this is the problem.

    It looks like as if IE could not find the XSL stylesheet until the .XML file is modified.

  128. SnarkMaiden says:

    @Xepol – you're describing the difference between a site in a standard IE window and a site that's been pinned to the taskbar; I wonder how many people would prefer the pinned look for all page?

  129. Brian LePore says:

    @EricLaw – Really? I wasn't aware that the ipod touch or Safari supported non-H.264 videos with the mp4 container, hence my confusion. I compiled those videos with ffmpeg. Some of them were originally flv files I believe ….

  130. Should I add that this website is working great in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, so I think that a problem of IE9 beta.

  131. harold says:

    The TABS absolutely have to be able to be moved to their own line… there is no room on a regular screen for tabs… or god forbid you aren't running the browser maximized.

  132. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Brian LePore: Appears my guess was incorrect. The Video team is investigating, thanks for the repro!

  133. Cavalary says:

    Ah, sorry, it's not particularly a Flash issue, but the fact that tabs aren't cleared until you switch TO them, so the background goes over the site content if it's a new tab. (It's also funny that the background of new tabs is made up of any menus, warnings and bars that had been opened previously, due to that lack of clearning… Bit annoying that you see those things for a split second when you switch tabs too.)

  134. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Brian, the Video team reports that the content advertised as AVC1 is actually MPEG4 version 2 simple profile AKA M4S2

  135. Lila says:


    yes it works:))

    Sorry and Thx

    IE9 is great work

  136. robert says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]

    Ok, favicon link is lost but but it works on other browsers. Why? uses a gif file as a favicon. Is this a big problem? Other browsers do not have a problem with that. Why not support?

  137. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Robert: doesn't show a favicon for me in Opera, Chrome, or Firefox either. Perhaps you have an old copy cached in those other browsers (before it went missing on their site) and that's why it renders there.  

    Yes, using a non-icon as a Favicon is a big problem if you want it to work properly. There are a number of reasons why IE requires an icon format for FavIcons– the icon format allows multiple sizes, for instance, which means that it can show at 16×16 in your Address Bar, at 32×32 in the SuperBar/desktop, etc. Other formats like GIF or PNG do not support that, which means that the images must be scaled, which can result in pretty ugly artifacts.

  138. Red M@ says:

    Ran into a weird bug on Google with IE9 Beta that I haven't seen before:

    1. Perform a Google search so that you are looking at a search results page.

    2. Select the text in the search box starting from the right hand side of the text, dragging the mouse (button still down) across the text and beyond the search box to the left side, and release the mouse button over the Google logo.  (This is a muscle-memory movement for me)

    3. Expected result: Selected search text, ready to type a new search.  Actual Result: IE9 navigates to the Google homepage (as if you had clicked the logo).

    I believe this behavior occurs for any mouse movement with a button-down on the text box, and a button-up on the logo.  Can't verify right now since I'm on XP at work.

    Also, typing a search in the address bar results in an I-feel-lucky search (or at least I think that's what's happening), not a Google results page (Google is my default search provider).  Is that a bug, by design, or maybe an issue with my search providers? (Came over from IE8)

    This is all on Win 7 64-bit, default IE9 (32-bit?).

    P.S. I too cannot post feedback because I have the Windows Live beta installed.

  139. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @RedM: Thanks for the feedback. The mouse-up issue is a known-bug fixed in a post-beta build. The "I'm feeling lucky" search might be a by-design feature; inside Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Manage Addons > Search Providers, click "Google". On the right hand side, is there a line underneath the "Search suggestions address"?

  140. toby j says:

    I'm sure that web developers will jump at the chance to add more Microsoft-specific markup to their sites in order to use all these new features! Just like Web Slices before them, site-specific Jump Lists will set the web on fire! Give me a break… for all your talk about web standards and HTML5 and using the same markup in all browsers on all platforms, Microsoft still doesn't get it. The new minimalistic UI is a really nice, bold new move for IE but the rest of this junk will die on the vine.

  141. TobyJ says:

    Wow it gets even better!! msSiteModeActivate() lets the website cause its taskbar button to begin flashing! I'm sure that popup spammers won't use that feature at all…

    @Jorrit, to answer your question, you can find more info for developers to use these features (if you really want to) here (linked from the site referenced in the post):…/gg131029%28VS.85%29.aspx

  142. George says:

    Excellent transition from IE8. But i have one question. Where is the download speed? Is it disable or completely removed?

  143. Rogier says:

    How do I uninstall this piece of software? I cannot find it at Add/remoce software screen!!! @Microsoft: WHY is is NOT on this list!?!?!?! Do you ever learn?

  144. Daniel Smith says:

    As RicarDog and Ooh have already mentioned, why was the voting option on Connect disabled?  Removing the voting and relying only on the "I can too" link doesn't make sense for suggestions.  The removal of the voting is not in the spirit of Connect, and definitely not in the best interest of your customers.  It makes the IE team seem to be the only group on Connect that isn't interested in feedback from customers and will only serve to disillusion and alienate people.  PLEASE reconsider this.

  145. Xepol says:

    @SnarkMaiden -> I would counter how many people prefer their browser to act differently based on obscure trivial operational details?

    Besides, it does not explain why the favicon doesn't show up even in the address bar anymore.

  146. Brian LePore says:


    Just wanted to say that I re-encoded the videos on the three pages. The first one does not play when you click on the play button, but it does advance if you click on them. The videos on the other two pages do in fact load fine now.

    Seems to me the poster image disappears a bit too fast IMHO, but it at least is a step in the right direction.

  147. Ryan Foster says:

    Great work on the IE9 Beta!  It is a huge improvement over IE8 in terms of performance and code/standards conformance.  The Acid3 Test and CSS3 Selectors Test look great, and I look forward to seeing more improvements to the Acid3 Test score.

    Two bits of feedback from me:

    1.)  An option to move the tabs in a separate row below the address bar (now called the One Bar).

    2.)  Look into the HTML5 Test (  Currently, IE 9.0.7930.16406 Beta (score: 96) scores lower than Firefox 3.6.9 (score: 139), Opera 10.62 (score: 159), and Chrome 6.0.472.59 beta (score: 217).  The support you have for HTML5 is a good start, but I'd love to see your score (and really, all browsers scores) go up so that I can have the same markup provide the same experience to the end users of the site.

    Don't stop here, keep up the great work!

  148. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Rogier: To uninstall IE9, click "View installed updates" in the left-hand side of the Programs and Features applet in the System Control Panel.

  149. Shiv Kumar says:

    @EricLaw, @Herman thanks for the clarification on the 64bit 32bit thing. It so happened that all of yesterday I'd see the "Download the Flash player message" on but since we also have an Html 5 video player I'd use it instead. Even during development/debugging I'd this message (on my local machine) so I figured it was due to the missing 64bit Flash player.

    Then this morning (which also implies a re-boot) I suddenly started seeing the Flash player embedded and that took me by surprise. Since then I've also installed the Preview of Flash Player 64bit and that works well too.

    On the IEBlog site, when I user IE 9 beta I am unable to see comments or log a comment, because the number of comments (the number) is not hyper linked. I've signed in and tried too but there was no difference. I remember using IE 9 beta yesterday to post and view comments here. But I can't today.

    Html 5 Video

    There are a few bugs that are very difficult to explain in writing that I'd like to see fixed. Is there a way to work directly with someone from your team so we can help you nail them? I'm one of the engineers working on this for and we've recently released an Html 5 player that works across all major browsers (latest/beta versions of all major browsers).…/389

    We're interested in seeing this feature of IE 9 equal and/or surpass the other browsers while ensuring a single code base.

  150. James says:

    Possible bug (if it is "by design", please change it): the animated circle that appears on tabs when the page is loading stops/disappears/is replaced by the favicon of the web site well before the page actually appears and is done loading. This, combined with the lack of a progress bar (integrating one in the address bar as its background, as Safari, could be a great idea), does not make one realize if the page is stil loading.


  151. hAl says:


    "@hAl: Thanks for the feedback! I'd be interested to understand how often you use the mouse to access Find on Page vs. using CTRL+F? (As searching requires the keyboard anyway."

    I never use shortcut keys for anything.

    Could you tell me how many IE user currently know CTRL+F means "Search on this page"

  152. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @James: We have an active bug on the premature disappearance of the loading donut. Thanks!

  153. James says:


    Oh, and sometimes when clicking on a link on a page or just entering a new url in the address bar, it does not load the page at all. The page either remains blank (most of the time) or continue display the previous content. However, if I click on the link with the wheel/middle button of the mouse to open it into a new tab, the page loads instantly in the new tab, but it still does not load in the other one.

  154. KenB says:

    I like the simplified layout, but the choices made with respect to white/empty space, button sizes and locations, scrunched tabs, and the inconsistencies introduced along with the (truly cool) pinned site feature, point out some areas in need of some serious UI rework.

    Like Explorer in W7, there's too much wasted space above the main controls.  In the olden days, this space was occupied by title text that most users probably never read. I can accept it going away (not that I have a choice), but want the space back, too.  While the "back" button is likely used far more than the "forward" or other buttons, its size in beta 1 is just weird — there must be another way to visually call-out this key feature.

    I agree with everyone else that forcing the ta bar to share space with the "one bar" renders it substantially less useful.  With the loss of the title bar text, the tab title and the address bar are the only places where you can "see" which page you're visiting, and both of those areas have been cut so short that they are no longer useful for identification purposes.  (Yes, yes, tool tips, but why make me move my mouse, wait for the tip, then move it back when a quick glance works now?)

    Finally, pinned mode has real potential for blurring the lines between sites/pages and apps.  However, how IE9 handles the "home" function is inconsistent and frankly needlessly messy.  In an IE9 window started by the IE icon (that is, not by a pinned button in the task bar), the "home" function is handled by an icon of a house; the icon is found at the far right along with the Favorites and Tools icons.  In "pinned" mode, the house icon is replaced by the favicon.ico of the pinned site and the location of the "home" feature moves from the right to the far left.  

    I would argue that this inconsistency can be easily fixed in a way that also quites the complaints about the favorites function being moved to the right.  The navigational functions in the UI include back, forward, home, and favorites.  Rather than separating them and occasionally moving them around (for sport?), I suggest grouping them together at the left in this order: home, favorites, back, forward.  Regardless of "pinned" mode or not, the first icon would always perform a "home" function, where "home" means either the browser home (standard mode) or the app home (pinned mode).

    With home and favorites on the left, it's easy to nudge Tools inward some, restore the "back" button to normal size, and squeeze out the empty space above the address bar.  This gives IE further leadership in minimizing the UI in a way that lets the websites shine through.  There's really little need to show the favicon in the one bar since it's already showing in the active tab and as the home button if IE is running in pinned mode (are three copies of the same icon really needed on line line of UI?).  With that extra horizontal space, the tab Quick View button can be restored, this time, to the right of the tab list (with the Tools icon following it).  

    If you read all of that, here's how it might look (please forgive poor image editing skills):…/IE9-UI-suggestion.png

  155. Elmer says:

    I *HATE* the layout and arrangement of the control groups, and the fact that I can't re-organise it to suit my own requirements.

    I constantly use the addressbar for copy & paste of URL parts, and routinely have 10 (or more) tabs open when they are related to task I'm working on.

    I prefer tabs below the favourites, and I'd choose a full-width addressbar, a full-with favourites bar and a full-width tab-bar… as it suits my needs better.

    I really don't care about whether or not a page scrolls a few mm earlier/later, but I sure do care about being forced to change the way I work… particularly when it is slowing me down.

    Why can't the control groups be made dockable, and the user allowed to arrange them to *THEIR* preference, rather than force them to accept a fixed layout ??

    If some are happy with a compact approach, fine… but if you prefer an expanded or multi-line layout, the browser should comply with your preferences.

  156. RicarDog says:

    @EricLaw: In other Connect sites such as Visual Studio's (…/Feedback), voting is enabled and it helps us see the top voted-up bugs/suggestions, which is not available with "I can repro too". I believe the admin of the IE Connect site has to enable voting manually.

  157. Marc Brooks says:

    All in all, AWESOME effort. I'm a daily Chrome user and I could see switching back to IE9.

    I too can't stand two things about pinned sites:

    1) My taskbar is on the right side vertically and I cannot  drag-to-pin.  This a simply a bug

    2) If I pin a tab, you have NO BUSINESS turning off features, especially not my Add-ins.  I have them as Add-Ins because I want them to ALWAYS be available.

    As minor gripes:

    WTH is the point of the Huge back button?

    Please let me have the tab-bar on a seperate line… my current Chrome session has 14 tabs open and would be completely unusable in IE9

    If it were me, I would move the address-bar and favicon/back/forward buttons to the now-mostly-empty non-client-area (e.g. the minimize/maximize/close button & title-bar row).

  158. The new explorer window has no title!!! says:

    I never understood, why people are using tabs! I rarely use them! I use separate windows, to beeing able to compare them most of the time. This is a natural way to browse, I think, it is another thing to use a special web application, where one window fits all. So, if the browser does not show a title on it's window, this is really very bad design/behavior. In Opera, you can decide!


  159. Congratulations IE9 team says:

    I would like to congratulate IE9 team for the great development from IE8 to IE9.  The new tabs position took a little time to get used to it, but it works. The only downside of Ie9 for me is the lack of customization, I would love to be able to put tabs on top or bottom and also to give a new position to the search feature, bookmarks favorite bar and find bar (maybe aero like would be better), But I feel that I'll some my expactatives fullfilled in the second beta.

  160. Gabriel Hautclocq says:

    There seems to have a lot of problems related to IE cache.

    This website does sometimes work, sometimes not :

  161. cogo says:

    There still seems to be a lot missing from IE9

    The thing is, if you don't get it ALL working now, then we'll be waiting another 10 years for these features to become available.

  162. badger says:

    So amidst all the great things about IE9 that I like, I found one I don't–perhaps it's a bug, but I fear it's "by-design."

    You cannot pull a tab from one site mode window to another window (except other same site site-mode windows). You can't even pull off a tab from a site mode window into a generic IE9 (non site-mode) window.

    That's rather unexpected and feels like something is "broken' when suddenly this now natural action doesn't work in some cases.

  163. Steven says:

    IE9 can interpret ICC profiles from images, but obviousely does not use the monitor profile! Thร t`s very bad. Also Iยดm missing a possibility to have a quick overview over all the open tabs. There should be a quick way to arrange all open tabs on the screen. IE8 had this, although it should be visually more attractive. Using the task bar (Aero) is no solution, because I can only see one tab/browser content at one time.

  164. badger says:


    First of all the idea of a "litmus" test for browsers is inherantly a fail. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That being said, the spirit of that site is great. However, it's charts aren't very accurate. Few examples off the top of my head:

    –  Claims IE9 doesn't support WebM.  Well, sort of, as long as WebM codecs are installed on the computer, IE9 will support it. It just doesn't come w/ them by default.

    – Claims IE9 supports SMIL animation……my understanding is, at least for SVG, this is not supported.

    Also, just because a feature exists doesn't mean it's worth the investment.  Look at how many red Xs changed to green checks from 8 to 9.

  165. alazif says:

    IE9 is fast and nice but why broke Windows 7 x64 desktop gadgets ? .

  166. Henrik says:

    The changing color of the forward and back buttons sounds really cool. I can't seem to make it happen though. On any site ever. Even the ones shown in various reviews and on press shots. It's a bit of a shame really.

    It also bugs me that the tabs resize far to quickly after one is closed so that if I wanted to close three or four tabs next to each other I can't just keep my mouse pointer at the close button and click until the tabs are closed but have to reposition it for each tab. This works great in Chrome, poorly in Firefox. This might be the one thing that'll really bug me long term

    Overall IE 9 looks like the nicest version of IE ever and it's very pretty.

  167. Ali says:

    Five things I don't like about the IE9 interface

    1. The web addresses is not in the Window header.

    2. The back button is too big.  ((( i do not agree )))

    3. The address and tab bar should be on separate bars.

    4. There is no need for a separator bar underneath the address and tab bar.

    5. The Download window does not should your download speed.…/111662-five-things-i-dont-like-about-ie9-interface.html

  168. Stefano says:

    @EricLaw: thanks very much for your answer and to take the time to do it, I didn't find the other comment before.

    I'd like also to point out that the 64bit versione of IE9 Beta1, at least mine on a Win7 Ultimate x64, is having a lot of problem with the download page and download function. Actually, to me, it looks like is not working!

    If I try to open the Download window from the menu or with the shortcut nothing happen. The same if I try to download one file, I receive the message that ask me about the action to do and nothing else.

    Doing EXACTLY the same things, on the same website, with the same computer, on the same connection (only 5 seconds after) but with the 32bit version of IE9 Beta1 and all is working fine.

    What's wrong with the 64bit version?

  169. 6205 says:

    IMHO we can all agree that big back button is bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. Reality says:

    Anyone who starts their comment by saying "We can all agree" is almost certain to end it with something that isn't accurate.

  171. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Gabriel Hautclocq: There are no known problems with the IE9 cache. The website you pointed to ( appears to have functional problems. It returns a HTTP/406 error code indicating that I must configure my Accept-Languages to include English or French, and yet I already have English in the list. This server should be fixed.

    @Badger: That is indeed currently by-design.

    @alazif: Can you please be more specific about the problem you're having with desktop gadgets?

    @stefano: Thanks for the feedback. I haven't heard of any problems with the 64-bit download manager; please file a bug.

  172. Website shortcuts in toolbar must respect my browser preference says:

    I know this is a new IE9 feature, but to my surprise, clicking the icon doesn't respect my default browser preference, eg Google Chrome. You MUST RESPECT MY BROWSER PREFERENCE!!!! Does this break any anti-trust laws?

  173. hAl says:

    I like the bigger Back button.

    I use it a lot more than the forward button. A whole lot more

  174. Pies says:

    I generally like the direction this is taking, it's certainly the first time I've ever even consdered making IE my default browser. It's still not as tight and fast as Chrome, and I dearly wish I was able to move the tab bar into the empty space at the top — above 4 tabs things get hairy on my non-widescreen.

  175. Pies says:

    Oh, and the New Tab page should include the bookmarks from my bookmarks bar, even if I have it turned off in the interface (again, like Chrome).

  176. Jace says:

    Unable to check out using IE9 beta 1 on and due to 'problem with security certificates'

    Both sites works on IE8.

  177. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jace: I'm not able to reproduce problems with either site. Can you please post exact steps to reproduce the problem, including the exact URLs you're visiting?

    @Website-Shortcuts: Pinned sites are a feature of Internet Explorer. When you create a Pinned-Site with Internet Explorer, you're creating a shortcut to Internet Explorer.

  178. JustinSC [MSFT] says:

    @Steven, @danielgr, @Red M@

    Thank you for installing the IE9 Beta and helping us to make it better through your feedback!

    We have identified an issue with the Send Feedback tool for users of the IE9 Beta on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and Server 2008 who have also installed the Windows Live Essentials Beta.  Enhancements made to the Windows Live Essential Beta prevent the Feedback tool from running โ€“ you will receive a message entitled โ€œPlease install the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistantโ€ with a link to โ€Get the Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistantโ€.  When you try to download and install from the link, it will say you already have a more recent version installed.  This issue has been reported by users in Connect, and we will update those bugs as we investigate the issue.

    To provide the IE team with your feedback, go directly to the IE Feedback Program ( on Microsoft Connect.  This is the same location where all entries from the Feedback Tool are logged.  You can use it to view, edit, and comment on bugs, and to see the results of our investigation.  You need to register on Connect to use the Send Feedback tool and the IE Feedback Program. Registering is a quick and easy process described here:…/content.aspx.  Once registered, you can go directly to the Feedback page (…/feedback), search for your issue, and submit new feedback if it is not found.  The Feedback page has additional information on the process.

    Your feedback is very important to us and much appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experiences with the IE9 Beta.

    Justin Saint Clair

    Program Manager, Internet Explorer

  179. Jace says:


    I appreciate your quick replies and interest in our issues.

    I'm enjoying using IE9 thus far.

    To answer you about steps, here are the steps for

    1. Add something to your 'bag' such as:

    Raccoon BodysuitSize:0-3 mos



    2. Click the orange checkout button at the top right, this will take you view your 'shopping bag'

    3. Click the orange checkout button at the bottom right, this will take you the Checkout page

    4. Notice that the Sign In, Shipping, etc buttons are disabled and IE is displaying a security certificate errors message

    We logged in on our other computer with IE8 and ordered without a problem.

    Thanks again.

  180. Lexihel says:

    The navigation buttons are not changing colors according to the site as expected. Not really concerning, I'm just curious about why it is not working for me: Using Windows 7 x64 with Nvidia hardware acceleration. Unable to comment on some sites, and in almost every "disqus" comment system (this one was already reported in the feedback site).

    Congrats, even tho I confess I still use Firefox 4 nightly builds, I've taken my time to test drive your new iteration of IE and works pretty well so far.

  181. Adam says:

    Where's The Favorites Bar Going?

    (You'd better have a favorite's bar, I'm pretty sure most people use them)

  182. Hi @Jace! I don't have any problems with the Gymboree site with the steps you've described. What is the URL of the page that shows the error?  What is the specific error listed in the certificate error page? My guess is that the error is: "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address." and that your address bar shows "…". The problem in that case is that the URL is supposed to be ";. The blocking of the certificate with the mismatched name is not new in IE9, and will occur in any version of IE (or any other browser). If the certificate error is different (e.g. "This certificate is not within its validity period") then you should check your computer's system date to make sure the clock is correct.

    @Adam: You can enable the Favorites bar using the View menu (Hit ALT+V, Click ToolBars > Favorites Bar)

  183. Jace says:


    I've got a Problem Step Recorder file showing the problem. It's 1.28MB, I could email it to you, or put it on Skydrive and share it with your email address.

  184. Slugsie says:

    The AeroSnap and Tab integration looks cool, but with a small problem (not the IE teams fault, the AeroSnap teams fault). When you are running multiple monitors (in my case 3) you cannot use the mouse to snap to the joining border of two monitors, thus the usability drops as you have to tear the tab off, drop it on the desk as a new IE window, then use the keyboard shortcut (Win+left/right cursor). It's a PITA.

    Other than that I want to echo the thoughts of many others here and elsewhere. Let us customise the layout. I want tabs on a separate row (above or below I don't care, just separate – moving it up to utilise the wasted space at the top of the window would make sense however), I also want a separate search box. I have found that the integrated box just doesn't work anywhere near as well.

  185. Croft says:

    Hello! Where can I find this (Use Large Icons) option?:…/IE8_increase_icon_size2_100609.gif

    I would now like to use small icons, my browser:…/full

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