Putting sites at the center of the browsing experience, using the whole PC: IE9 Beta Available for Download

Our approach to building a faster web browsing platform, as seen in the Platform Previews, involves using everything the PC and its hardware have to offer. Before IE9, browsers used perhaps 10% of the PC’s capability. IE9 has shown the clear performance benefits with full hardware-acceleration of webpages. 

Our approach in designing a site-centric web browsing experience also involves using everything available around the browser. We see all the pixels and code that people need for a significantly better browsing experience already there on the screen. The beta of Internet Explorer 9, available now at www.BeautyOfTheWeb.com in 33 languages, reflects this unique approach:

IE9 Beta on Windows 7

Our point of view is that the browser is the stage, or backdrop, for the web, and the sites are the star of the show.  Similar to the relationship between Windows 7 and Windows applications, people go to the web for sites, not the browser. We asked, “How can IE make sites shine? How can IE put sites at the center of the experience?” Microsoft has more than a billion Windows customers in the world today, and we want browsing the web – one of the most common things they do on Windows PCs – to be a great experience.

The IE9 experience starts from what people use regularly for launching tasks and managing windows. While consumers have browsed with a home button and bookmarks (or Favorites) for fifteen years, and tabs for closer to five, they use the parts of Windows 7 for launching tasks and managing windows far more. More people launch a pinned application from the Windows 7 taskbar (87%) than use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+T) for opening a new tab. More people pin at least one non-default application to the Windows 7 taskbar (33%) than add a link to the Favorites bar. While tabs are central to the browsing experience, over 97% of IE sessions have 5 or fewer tabs, and more than 90% of users have never had more than 8 tabs open at once. The set of real-world usage data represents hundreds of millions of sessions and tens of millions of users worldwide, including students, enthusiasts, developers, people at work, and consumers in general. This post from the E7 blog has good background on the use of data to inform product design.

IE9 makes what’s easy and familiar for Windows users available for websites and the people who browse them. Users can pin sites in the taskbar just as they pin applications, and launch web tasks directly, the same way they launch everything else in Windows. Websites can program jump lists for pinned sites, to make common tasks easier for their users as part of the desktop experience. Sites can also program notifications when the user pins them in the task bar. The browser has a clean new design that reinforces the site’s visuals, with a large site icon, and that icon’s colors reflected in the back and forward buttons. IE9 does far more than provide shortcuts to sites on the desktop and reduce the space used in the browser interface. The design of IE9’s frame puts the user’s focus on the site, not the browser, with fewer distractions. IE9 allows sites to shine.

Tabbed browsing is central to the experience of IE9, even when sites are pinned. The metaphor of tabs is the best approach to date for browsing, and we've put a great deal of work into making tabs great. Even for pinned locations which normally reflect one single domain, we heard strong user feedback when we tested early prototypes that tabs were important to users in these pinned scenarios. For example, while immersed in shopping at Amazon or reading a news site, users still wanted the convenience of tabs when following links from these pinned sites, or when comparing information on different pages.

At the same time, we also understand that people consistently value multiple top level windows for browsing, and by integrating across Windows in the taskbar we bring together all the user’s sites: tabs in the context of a pinned site, and the taskbar across all the top level windows.

People often want to see two tabs at once. For example, people want to compare two product pages, or have one page visible for reference while writing a comment or blog post or email. Every day, millions of people use Aero Snap in Windows 7 to put application windows side by side on their screens. About 40% of Windows 7 users have used Aero Snap. (Only 15% of users have control-click’d a link in a page.) IE9 is the first browser to support Aero Snap for tabs: 

Aero Snap support offers a good perspective on alternative approaches to building a browser. IE9’s approach involves using what is familiar and available around the browser. Another approach, seen in other browsers, is duplicating within the browser all the functionality that users find around the browser.

Duplication in this context has negative consequences. From an engineering perspective, duplicating code in this way is inefficient. It’s a peculiar decision given the relatively low usage patterns described earlier of in-browser user interface, and the emphasis on removing browser user interface. The better way to duplicate functionality is by sharing the same code across all the running programs. Drivers and video codecs are good examples of shared code on a system. From a consumer perspective, duplicating code can challenge confidence. When users expect things to work the same, but find they don’t, there’s an “Uh-oh, what happened? Why didn’t I get what I got the last time I did that?” moment for consumers that breaks their confidence in the system.

Browser-centric thinking has other negative consequences as well. One is artificially limiting the browser experience to what’s “in” the browser, despite how people actually use their PC. The work that goes into running across several operating systems displaces the work needed to be excellent on any one of them. It also leads to the browser window supporting more and more user interface (or requiring people to learn hidden shortcuts, or other contextual UI) to manage browsing. This growth in browser window user interface is hard to reconcile with the sites the browser needs to support. There's plenty of screen real-estate for improving the browsing experience—it is all around the browser, and not necessarily inside a single browser frame window.

IE9’s browser-specific experiences also focus on sites and users. For example, let's look at the New Tab Page:

IE9 New Tab Page

We re-designed and re-wrote IE9’s New Tab Page to be fast. The New Tab experience also reflects your usage patterns. It’s an example of building a feature that doesn’t require people to manage anything. In previous versions of IE, after users open a new tab, 47% of the time they just type in the address bar. Just as the address bar remembers where you’ve been and makes it easy to go back, this page adjusts to where you go on the web.  This experience is for the vast majority of people who are looking for something that works with their typical usage, and not looking for more information and surface area to organize, manage, and “get right.” Sometimes, and in this case our point of view is, “just works” involves fewer options and staying out of the user’s way.

IE9’s One Box combines the address bar and search box into a single edit control. Our design respects your privacy by default and it does not send your keystrokes to sites unless you tell it to:

IE9 One Box with and without Search Suggestions

With one click, you can get suggestions (typically visual suggestions), and turn the information flow on and off as you see fit. It’s also easy to use many different search providers, as well as add more.

Browsers have an important role in keeping people in control of their web experience and web data. IE9 makes significant progress with safety, reliability, performance and settings protection, and privacy.

Because add-ons are a key source of performance and reliability (and privacy) issues for consumers, IE9 provides information on the ongoing impact of add-ons on site performance and informs the user, so the user can stay in control of performance:

IE9 Disabled Add-ons Dialog showing the performance impact of each add-on

Downloads from the internet are a significant source of malicious software. Is that download really a screensaver, or actually malware? Other browsers leave that decision to the consumer without additional information or context. Just as IE8’s SmartScreen filter protects users from phishing and malware sites, IE9’s download manager offers users an early warning system against malware:

Warning dialog that a download is uncommon and could hurt your computer

IE9’s site-centric approach uses the entire PC to make sites shine. We made IE9 fast with fully hardware accelerated HTML5 so people who browse the web can enjoy a faster, more immersive site experience using the full power of your Windows PC. Your favorite sites will shine with a clean new UI that integrates web sites into the Windows 7 experience you already know. Because malicious and poorly written sites threaten the reliability, privacy and safety of your online experience, IE9 delivers significant new protections that continue our leadership in developing a trusted browser.  And for developers, IE9 delivers excellent support for HTML5 and other modern standards, so the same markup works across more browsers, and the web is more interoperable.

The people who build the web have better ideas for their customers than browsers have been able to deliver to date. With IE9 this situation starts to change. Websites can offer richer experiences because of fully hardware accelerated HTML5. Those richer experiences now blend comfortably and consistently into the consumer’s desktop experiences. The focus should be on the site, not on browsing and browsers.

On behalf of the individuals and companies who have worked with us to deliver this beta, and the many people at Microsoft who have built it, thank you for visiting www.BeautyOfTheWeb.com and trying the IE9 beta.

Dean Hachamovitch

P.S. Folks interested in more information about IE9 ahead of our blog posts might want to look at this feature list, and this "top feature" list, and at this Guide for Developers about the platform.

P.P.S. The beta is available today in 33 languages: 29 fully localized versions, and 4 languages with Language Interface Pack (LIP) localization. The English language version of Internet Explorer 9 Beta will however install on any language edition of Windows Operating system. The localized flavors of Internet Explorer 9 beta will only install on matching language editions of the underlying Windows Operating System.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Even if you had 9 lives, you still couldn't get it right.  You should consider going to China and make cheep copies of ..everything. You useless pustules!

  2. Taciturne says:

    Clap. Clap. Clap.

  3. Senthil says:

    In the first screenshot, how did you get the back/forward buttons to be the same color as the website's major color. For example, Amazon website had yellowish orange buttons, CNN website had red buttons. How did you do that? Mine is always blue!

  4. Firetech says:

    This is really a very good leap in the right direction as far as a browser is concerned

  5. Jeff Therrien says:

    Love what you guys have done. A massive step forward for IE and the web! I may even switch back to IE. Who knows.

    One question: What's with the cut-off back button? It looks out of place. Is it on purpose?

  6. atconway says:

    I like the focus on user experience and performance.  Those are always good things!  Look forward to trying it out on my machine.

  7. Cliff says:

    The download link on beautyoftheweb.com does not work for IE 8 :X I had to download IE9 Beta with Firefox 4 Beta.. :

  8. rabidtongue says:

    finally! good job!

  9. Senthil says:

    Found it! I just had to wait till the FAVICO was loaded. When I pinned a website before that, it had the IE icon which was blue! Awesome stuff.. My amazon website IE theme is orange! 🙂

  10. James says:

    Impressive! Great job! 🙂

  11. Dave H says:

    Will the beta run along side IE8, or should we install it in a VM? Any news on a Application Compatibility VPC Image?

  12. Senthil says:

    Jumplists for sites is a neat feature. Just added amazon to my taskbar and I have a whole set of amazon-related favorite links there!! This is insanely cool!

  13. Aethec says:


    I know it's a small detail, but…please consider updating the scrolling icon. The current one looks extremely old.

  14. Loving IE says:

    @DaveH: Given it's a beta, a VM seems an appropriate option if you have it.

  15. Shelley says:

    Can't download. Progress bar gets stuck after a certain point in the "Downloading Internet Explorer 9" dialog. Why has this to be so complex? Why can't you offer a full download link?

  16. godfree18 says:

    Good job guys!

  17. Pallab says:

    The thing is IE is still playing catchup. Most of the features are copied from Opera and Chrome. IE9 still doesn't have the wow-worthy features that every major release of Opera and Fx seems to include. AeroSnap is nice, but nothing else makes me want to dump my current browser and embrace IE.

  18. Miguel Web Developer says:

    The download link on beautyoftheweb.com does not work for IE 8 :X

    I had to download IE9 Beta with Firefox

  19. Shelley says:

    Here's the log: depositfiles.com/…/ohu0pgy8n. EPIC FAIL. I can't even try IE9 on Windows 7 now.

  20. jabcreations says:

    The standards support is pretty solid and I really do appreciate the hard work on that.

    …however the GUI is a disaster! I'm not saying this to be a jerk/troll/etc, I'm being honest because clearly no one bothered to try and customize the GUI at all nor utilize it in a power-user environment. This is the plague of minimalism at it's worst! The controls are ALL OVER the place when they generally should belong at the top right.

    Why are tabs not on a DEDICATED toolbar? I currently have over 30 tabs open and they are still manageable however in IE9 opening many tabs forces them in to an overflow so they are no longer easily selectable.

    The file menu is at the bottom AGAIN! Plus it can not be unhidden. Merge the file menu to the top like Firefox and Opera but don't condense it in to a single menu because that is also annoying.

    I can not move the command bar on to the address bar toolbar, the back/forward buttons are stuck in a static GUI.

    The command toolbar will NOT go to the right of the favorites. No more text labels? 99% of non-technical people who sit in front of their computer while I'm with them clearly do not want to click on things not clearly labeled and do NOT take roll-over titles in to consideration.

    Whoever is in charge of the GUI should just lose their job NOW. I'm so disappointed in how clearly no thought was put in to the GUI at all. It simply can not be customized, it's anti-intuitive, and it wastes space when you try to customize it and can't.

    I hope you guys seriously fix these problems (ALL of them!) before the live release. Bad GUI kills products and only minimalists who do not comprehend that non-technical people will be at the greatest disadvantage because of this will like what has happened to the GUI. The code aspect of IE9 is pretty solid though it's not the only thing that makes or breaks a browser.

  21. the_dees says:

    Sorry, is this really Beta1/Preview5?

    There are so many regressions and overall it seems the build is from somwehere before Preview 4 was published.

  22. Jan says:

    The 2 pixel line below tabs is still in IE9, why? It should be removed.

  23. meteor_86 says:

    You guys make it perfect!!! and also thanks for the lots of languages version together.

  24. Wheret says:

    Can I find a "pre-downloaded" version? I had to download updates manually, because they got "stuck" at some point, and now it's stuck on "Downloading Internet Explorer 9".

    Same crappy MSDNAA downloader now in IE9 installer.

  25. Stephen says:

    The tab stuff is nice in that the window is still live and doesn't 'reset' like firefox does, its similar to chrome but chrome obviously just takes a snapshot at the time you start dragging.

    There is something I noticed however that isn't very nice, if I've dragged a tab out of a window and then I hit the side of the screen, presumably you have some logic here to then spawn a new window in place, but if this was accidental I cant simply drag the tab back, as soon as I hit the side I'm no longer dragging a tab but I'm dragging a window, it just LOOKS hacky, do you really need to spawn a visible window to get windows snap to work?

    The next thing is the UI, which I'm really shocked about, I don't understand how this UI was considered a good move, the tabs look really strange, the layout is no longer simple, tabs extend down further than the address bar and the icons, the navigation button clips off 'stylistically' and the notifications for downloads and things like offering to disable tabs are hideous, hard to determine that they are from the app or the domain I'm on. Not only this but the UI is really inconsistent, the buttons don't look at all like OS buttons, who designed this?

    Maybe its just me, but after all the hard work into getting the brains of IE not only up to date but even surpassing the competition in places, this is really insulting, part of me thinks you lost your way and are trying to make IE some 'cool hip' browser like firefox, instead of a neatly packaged tidy browser that it should be, if you guys need inspiration for visuals look at chrome, not firefox.. or better yet stick to optimizing the UI you introduced with IE7, you could start by redoing the options dialog, seriously, HOW OLD is that dialog? how does that fit in with a modern browser?

  26. RobertWrayUK says:

    @jabcreations: "While tabs are central to the browsing experience, over 97% of IE sessions have 5 or fewer tabs, and more than 90% of users have never had more than 8 tabs open at once. "

    It's called catering for the majority.

    @ieteam – nice one, this looks like it's going to be a fantastic release. Oh, and the immediate pop-up telling me AVG's add-in was slowing my browsing down,… A winner! =)

  27. AA says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for calling this beauty of the web when it is an utterly exclusive software on your own platform.  I am on XP and I don't intend to move. You can keep this junk to yourself.

  28. kudraw says:

    I don't like the tabs on the left of the address bar… but the global UI is good.

    Please somebody make an AdBlock that works!!!

  29. Will there be extensions?  Themes?  Plugins?

  30. Neil Dunensach says:


    Not sure what you're talking about – the file menu can be unhidden by hitting ALT, and everything is condensed just like all other browsers on the top right.  What's the problem?

    @Kudraw – do you mean on the right?  On my system, the tabs are to the right of the address bar.

    For some reason though, I can't get to the Acid 3 page… anyone else having that issue?

  31. PB says:

    Amazing! Great job guys! But please, you have to come up a better way to manage a massive number of open tabs. Right now with 14 tabs open, i can't even see the title of the blog im on right now!

  32. Neil Dunensach says:

    Ahh, never mind – Acid 3 is working now.  91/100… not bad for a first beta 😉

  33. Frank says:

    Myth: "IE9 is the first browser to support Aero Snap for tabs" Fact: Chrome has long supported Aero Snap-type functionality on Windows.

  34. Oguz says:

    How can I enable the IE8 like formatted XML view in browser? If I open an XML file it will be shown as unformatted texr. The browser looks very clean and it's very fast!!!!

  35. David S says:

    I can't wait to try this out. We are using XP at work so that sucks so I have to wait. I like the minimal design. I'm also glad I can do proper navigation because the Platform Preview didn't give an option to go "Back". Just keep working on the bugs and try to squeeze in more features.

    @jacreations: Why do you have 30 tabs open? I can't see why anyone would need 30 tabs at once.

  36. Troll says:

    Starting a "Features removed in Internet Explorer 9" article on Wikipedia. Ideally, this article should not exist (there should be no dropped features from IE8. Please don't limit customization which was previously possible and remove features because few people used them or your telemetry said so.

  37. Rogier says:

    Oh my god,  does Microsoft EVER learn from it's mistakes? The installation takes ages! Please LEARN from your competors (sorry for my english…i'm Dutch) And 'restart your pc now?" Is that a joke?????

    My advise to Microsoft: please take a look at for example Opera!

  38. Will says:

    I dont understand this thing with removing the top left icon for software either. like with explorer on win7. why cant it say windows internet explorer 9 ?

  39. Brad says:

    Will it be available for Vista?

  40. Inhibitor says:

    Crashes for me win7 32bit 🙁

  41. boen_robot says:


    If you drop the tab and create a new window, you can again grab *the tab* and put it back into the original window. At least that's what I've been able to do. Grabbing the Window doesn't work like that (and it shouldn't).

    @IE team

    Great work on many fronts… but like many, I have some cringes with the GUI (but I'm sure you expected that – you can never please everybody). In particular, even if I unlock the toolbars, I can't move the tabs bar anywhere. It would be nice if you let users move it below the address bar to a dedicated "row", and better yet, it would be able if you could also make it movable to the top too, and end the "should tabs be on top or bottom" debate by letting the user choose, and keep the default in the middle, as is now.

  42. hAl says:

    Where is the "Search on this page" function gone to ?

  43. Rogier says:

    @Microsoft: Where is IE9 installed????? I cannot see an icon on the desktop and I see no 'Internet Explorer 9" in the Start Menu?!?! 🙁 🙁

  44. James says:

    It seems that that annoying bug regarding the zombie iexplore.exe process that remained running for about 30 seconds after closing the browser has finally been fixed! I have been waiting for this at least for a year. Finally, thank you!

  45. jabcreations says:

    @RobertWrayUK Clearly you did not read my entire post which include comments about (the lackof) GUI customization. It's not impossible to appeal to non-technical users, savvy web surfers, and power users. However this GUI does not benefit any one.

    @Neil Dunensach The file menu disapears after using it, the user therefor has to always press ALT to see the file menu. The file menu should be at the TOP and merged in to the top-most bar (not sure what the terminology for that bar is?) however it should not be condensed as Firefox and Opera have done so.

    @David S I have 30 tabs open because much of what I do overlaps in schedule. There are also website GUI constraints such as with YouTube. I also use my PC for entertainment, gaming, etc so I have plenty of reasons besides work to have numerous tabs open.

    @ IE Team: when are you guys going to fix this? At 1280×1024 you can only effectively have access to 12 tabs at any given time. Again I'm not trying to be a jerk here though this would not be easy for my parents to use and I can't customize it even 10% in any desirable direction.

  46. Larry S. says:

    @Microsoft – When will IE9 Beta be available for Vista?

  47. Olivier says:

    It's good that today we are April 1st, or I would have thought you have messed up a lot this IE !

    Why my favorites are on the right when I want them on the left ?

    You should remove tabs browsing, because now it has been stupid : it was perfect in IE7 and IE8 and now it's a mess… why the tabs are on the side of the address bar ?

    And the taskbar… put it back on by default !!!! It should be something that is small, not annoying but useful… now, each time I hover a link, there's this grey box that jump on the screen and distract me from the real content ! It's not because others browsers do something that you have to do the same !!!

    Now, I'll wait for the beta 2 or 3 or final, because my websites are working well in every browsers, except in IE9.

    Anyway, even if I didn't say nice things in this post, I want to wish Microsoft good luck, and I really hope IE9 will be a great browser… but release it for Windows XP (yes, I had to ry in a VM…) !

  48. Firetech says:

    @jabcreations Most of the things you are complaining about I do NOT want to see in this browser and why I like IE9 is because they are not there!! The made the interface simple and clean. Stop living in the past most of the things you mentioned would take IE9 back to an IE8 interface type and is a lot more clunky.

    @AA First off you should be ashamed for asking Microsoft to make a browser compatible with an OS that is 9 years old. An OS that for some reason you seam so blindly attached to. So you can keep that junk to yourself.

  49. Drake says:

    Some initial thoughts:

    Download Manager: good, but why remove the speed of the download part?  Used to like seeing how fast I was downloading at.  The percent complete could also have a progress bar in the background.  I've also read that this new feature is "integrated with the Downloads folder" — can anyone confirm if this means you can no-longer choose where to download to yourself?

    Notifications: not too sure about these being at the bottom of the window than the top otherwise glad to see some of the old modal dialogs (like "This webpage contains content that will not be delivered [securely] …") gone though and how now a dialog on one tab won't stop you using the entire browser until dealt with.  On the examples that reference a file though I think the file name should be in bold text to make it stand out more.  Also, for ones like the "Add-Ons may be slowing your browser" is it possible to answer "Don't tell me again"?  In all the screenshots of people testing it I've seen none seem to show such an option.

    Status Bar: have read this has now gone.  If so, how does a user confirm what zone a website is in and how do they quickly adjust the zoom?  Is it just off by default or gone for good — can anyone confirm?

    Control Themeing: love how the back and forward buttons take on the favicon overall colour — but why is this only for websites you pin to the taskbar?  I'd like to see this be the default when browsing in either mode and make it always theme to the favicon of the tab you are current in on that window.  Might be cool too if the glass window border also took on a fainter tint of the website you were on (e.g. a faint orange tint for Amazon) and transitioned smoothly between colours when you change tabs.  (Reminds me of those TVs that have backlights that colour the wall depending on what you're watching.)

    Application Menu icon: it went in Windows Explorer in Windows 7 now it's gone here too.  Seriously, why can't WIE7 have the new icon in the top left corner and say "Windows Internet Explorer 9" after it?  I'd be happy for the page title to be removed if at-least this could stay.  And if it is brought back in a later beta please alsy have the page title on the right, not left.  So: "Windows Internet Explorer 9: Google News" not "Google News – Windows Internet Explorer 9".  Application reference should be the first thing you read, not last.

    Tabs: not so sure about not showing thumbnails of pages in the New Tab page — looking a bit too minimalist.  Really not keen on the new arrangement of the tabs after the One Bar, either.  For netbook users on resolutions like 1024 x 768 this is really going to hurt.  Hope an option to "Display tabs on a separate line" is introduced later.  Also, on the subject of tabs, I'd love to see IE9 do a preview of tabs (similar to the Windows 7 window previews in the Taskbar) as they are moused over.

    Options Dialog: not shown at-all in the video but any changes here, anyone who's tried the beta?  Could definitely be done with being made simpler — perhaps use the tabs-vertically-on-the-left-side ala Windows Live Messenger's options?

    Will add anything else if I think of when I do. 😉

  50. James says:

    A sort of Favorites Bar displayed only in the New Tab page would be nice and useful.

  51. reiska says:

    So, you are bragging about what a resource hog this browser is. Weird thinking. My machine needs the 90% left from browser for other things Iäm doing, now IE9 is requiring 10x more resources and leaves nothing for other programs. Have you ever heard of multitasking? Of course not, you use Windows.

  52. Troll says:

    WTF! No text labels on buttons. Give us back the "All text labels, selective text, icons only" option. Also, only small icons? No large icons? DON'T REMOVE IE8 FEATURES FOR MINIMALISM MADNESS.

  53. Klimax says:

    Although new UI looks interesting,it seems it is unusable when one needs more then 10tabs. (Which is modus operandi ofr some of us)

    Like when I use RSS feeds and open majority of updated ones to separate tabs and then opening new tabs from them with articles of interest.

    Bets way would to either allow tab-bar on its own row or put there an option "old or new" style. Everybody would be satisfied-

  54. Michael Ens [MSFT] says:


    If you view the video about Aero Snap tabs, we compare Chrome's side-by-side implementation.  Chrome's implementation does not integrate with Aero Snap; it works differently.

  55. Victor says:

    What a shame! You should, at least, support the features all other browers already support in the current generation (equivalent to IE8). HTML5/CSS3 support is awful compared to ALL other browsers. Hardware acceleration is good, but it's not everything. Other browsers will just attach these kind of functionality to their already advanced CSS3/HTML5 browsers, and supporting XP. Sorry, but after all these years, this is not even close to what we expect.

  56. hdw says:

    Good! The UI decisions are a bit questionable though

    The address bar and the tabs bar beign in the same line gives a crammed look

    Give us the option to move the tabs bar below the address bar


  57. @Neil: IE9 Beta's ACID3 score is 95. If you're seeing something else, either you've changed settings or you have network troubles.

    @hAl: Hit CTRL+F to launch the Find on this Page experience, or if you must use the mouse, click the gear icon, choose "File" and choose "Find on this page."

    @Oguz: There is a known Beta bug where XML is not pretty-printed when loaded from your local computer. Works correctly when loading from a file share or internet site.

    @Frank: Chrome 6 doesn't currently support Aero snap, so not sure what your "Fact" is.

  58. easson says:

    Can't pin a tab to the taskbar when taskbar is on the LHS of the screen.  When I drag the tab, it does not let me move it to the taskbar.  Instead, it always opens up a new window, which is not what I want.

  59. Stephen says:

    @boen_robot I didn't let go of the tab.. try it, grab a tab, drag it to the side, don't let go and now drag that tab back to where you got it, you can't because as soon as you touched the side, the tab you have grabbed magically turned into a window.. thats poor UX.

  60. A2 says:

    nice best very very TOP

  61. Drake says:

    Tabs: wanted to expand thoughts on this.  Wouldn't it be cool if, similar to the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon, if you rest your mouse cursor over a tab and use the scrollwheel it scrolls through your tabs and displays the site live as you do?  Could be an easy way to allow a user to preview their open tabs!  Alternatively, how about making it so the moment you mouse-over a tab the website appears below but does not become the active tab unless you then click on its tab?

  62. Neil Dunensach says:

    Look, everyone, complaining about the UI…

    IT'S A BETA, PEOPLE.  Give it TIME.  Don't act like the UI is set in stone already because it's not.

  63. blog.chromium.org/…/unleashing-gpu-acceleration-on-web.html

    Oh, looks like IE9 will still be the slowest browser compared to Chrome 7 when it comes to everything else. 60FPS in Fishtank, Asteroid Belt, Hamster Dance and Mr Potato Gun.

  64. fr says:

    Looks nice but the being able to move the tabs below the address bar is a must for power users who open more tabs then you seem to think they should.  I suspect your low average number of tabs open statistic is mainly due to people who still aren't really aware of the tabs feature, which is a surprisingly large number in my experience.  Those people who do make use of tabs in my experience tend to end up with quite a large number open.

  65. bob e says:

    So far so good I am liking this – I would lie the option to put my tabs under the address bar if I prefer.  Also "Search on page" is missing and I used that feature a lot.  Otherwise very happy 🙂

  66. Mario says:

    hello i downloaded the beta well I don't like the new back and forward button the back button is Ugly. is there a way i can change it to look like it did in Internet Explorer 8?

  67. Hi says:

    @Google Chrome internet explorer 9 is going to be faster than google chrome cause google chrome #FAILS big time

  68. Neil Dunensach says:

    @Stephen – you're right.

    @Eric – I think it's the acidtests website having issues.  Everything else I do is fine and I haven't changed any defaults.

  69. RedHot says:

    Is that it? There is very little differentiation from FF and Chrome! Why is Microsoft going to come out with something that is innovative. The tab-snapping, history search, etc. is so minor. Is there a benchmark for speed?

  70. ArunB says:

    Installed IE 9 Beta 1 and after rebooting, if I open IE, it is displaying a "Internet Explorer has stopped working" dialog repeatedly…

  71. Arjen says:

    Can't say I like the address bar and tabs on the same 'level'.  It seems to make both of them second class citizens.  With lots of tabs open this will be come unuseable.  

    And the address bar is barely useable.  Other than that first impressions are good.

  72. Olivier says:

    @Neil Dunensach : about the UI : even if it's a beta, if nobody tell to Microsoft the new UI is bad, the final will have the same UI. That's why people report it here, because it's really bad and unusable.

  73. ssol says:

    Tested with ms crm 4 .. can't save / save and close/ save and new buttons do not work … I simply can't believe you would release this without testing it with CRM … Absolutely Unbelievable

  74. perfect. says:

    Damn good.. Just downloaded. Its rich in every way. Perfect and well done.

  75. Richard says:

    What about having the option to move the address bar to the top (on the same row of the minimize/maximize/exit buttons)?

    Or maybe the other way around moving the tab bar to the top.

  76. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Neil: Indeed, the public ACID Tests site appears to be overloaded and is not returning all of its content. IE9 Beta will have the same score as PPB4, 95, as announced previously on this blog.

    @BobE: Hit CTRL+F or use the Gear Icon > File > Find on Page.

  77. Stilgar says:

    An option for a separate tab bar please. I don't like the minimalistic madness for most programs I'm a power user of. Your statistics is probably tiltded because 40% of the users use other browsers and guess what… these are the people that have many tabs open.

    Other suggestions:

    Make sure you can bring the status bar back even if it is off by default (I'm not sure if you can do this now).

    Put back the site title in the title bar of the IE Window.

    Listen to Ars Technica. These guys know what they are talking about.

    Otherwise the beta looks cool. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

  78. Neil Dunensach says:

    @Olivier – it's not really bad and unuseable.  I don't like the tabs and address bar on the same level, but other than that it's fine.  What I'm saying is that the comments on here from some people make it sound like the world is coming to a horrible end instead of being constructive criticism.

  79. frymaster says:

    couple of comments:

    with the command bar not being there by default, it's really difficult to get RSS feeds for sites without hunting around the page for them.  I like – and use, a lot – the RSS feed autodiscovery

    the downloads thing closes when downloads are complete; the only way to bring it up is to go into the menus, or press ctrl+j; if I have to have the command bar on there (for RSS notification) I'd like to be able to view the downloads window from there as well

  80. Drake says:

    @fr: totally agree!  I've seen countless users turn-off tabbed browsing and use individual WIE windows because it's "what they're used to".  Ironically, the bar for each open WIE window in the Windows taskbar then becomes their tabs! :p

    Must say the new IE9 tab UI looks very similar to how Limewire's UI went in version 5 onwards (tabs on the right of the main search bar).  The open-source alternative, Cabos, however, has it's tabs in a bar on the left which goes down vertically, not across horizontally; on small screen resolutions this is a blessing!  Might be an option to consider for future versions of WIE — a Tab Panel that could be snapped on the left.  Would certainly be useful for massive-res widescreen users too I'd imagine: easier to scroll through your sites in a veritcal list than to mouse way over to the right to reach that last tab!

  81. Nico Burns says:

    First of all, congrats, this isa *huge* improvement on ie8, however, I have one big complaint:


    This is seriously inconvient as it prevents me from opening a new tab (to get to new tab page) and then closing my previous one (which I no longer want).

    I agree with your other UI descisions though, most of my non technical friends rarely use loads of tabs, and I can still use 10 on my screen using your design. There are other browsers to cater for the needs of power users, and you have addressed the standards and speed issues excellently.

    Loving the html5/css3 support, cross-browser interperobility and the snappyness of the UI.

  82. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @easson: To pin a site to the task bar when your taskbar is in a non-standard location (E.g. top, left, or right) simply drag the FavIcon out of the address bar rather than dragging the tab button itself.

  83. Rafa says:

    I love the new UI. Having the Address bar and the tab bar in the same row is a brilliant idea. It saves a lot of vertical space. Overall, IE9 beta on Windows 7 is the greatest browser on earth. Thank you.

  84. wkdown says:

    Thank you guys for finally coming to the party and contributing! This is a great step towards removing the bad feelings associated with IE in the web community.

    (Now just do something to kill of 6 please!?)

  85. Steve W says:

    Outstanding. Spellcheck and "paste and go" like Chrome and this would be perfect.

  86. Badger says:


    -When downloading a file you get 2 options:  Run  or Save.  Next to Save there's a down arrow that gives you  Save or Save As. So you can choose where to download it if you like. Nice improvement, I think.

    -In the download manager, the tooltip over the download progress shows the download speed.

    -As for changing the back/forward buttons to the site's color when not pinned,  I agree. But I think what they were going for was stylized *sessions*. Meaning, this pinned icon for Bing represents a grouped session of related browsing. But I'd think I agree with you on this one.

    – "Windows Internet Explorer" doesn't appear first in the applications title so that when you scroll over tabs in the taskbar, you see the title of the web page instead of   "Windows Internet….." "Windows Internet…." "Windows Internet…" across your taskbar. This is especially important for those that use Vista or Windows 7 w/o combining icons.

    -I like the minimalistic new tab page. Page thumbnails are often indistinguishable at the size they are in Chrome, Safari, or Opera. The favicon is much more recognizable at first glance.

    -However, I too would like to see a "tabs on a separate line" option.  10% of 1 billions users that use more than 8 tabs is still 1 million people. 😉  Tab management beyond 8 tabs is difficult in the beta. Also, if the window is snapped to an edge (1/2 width of screen) and you're on a non-widescreen monitor, the tab management is even harder and the address bar shrinks so it's almost unreadable.    I think a third option would be to have the tab bar automatically slide down below the address bar when the number of tabs get too great.  Then, for 90% of users they'd see the nice minimalist interface, yet the 10% of users (call them, "power users" if you will) would also have a manageable interface.

  87. Ivelina says:

    Please please make an option to separate the tab bar. I like having more than 15 tabs opened so it is really inconvenient for me. I like the site pin feature. I also like the new address bar with the integrated search box.

    There are many changes in IE9 I hope I can get used to them.

  88. hdw says:


    Please make IE9 save web pages in the background. without blocking all the tabs

    I remember you saying you would change this, but you haven't kept your promise!

  89. Jace says:

    Is there still a way to 'reopen last browsing session'?


  90. Xepol says:

    Ok, a few thoughts.

    First, I did not think I would like the reduced UI footprint.  Google proved that less really is less at times.  However, the way that the IE team merged the search box with the address bar works for me.  Very nicely done.  It does, however, break the Win7 UI design (tho the control panel search box breaks it worse).

    Secondly, the new download UI process is very nice, but somewhat glitchy in the experience.  If the file is small, you might miss the fact is was downloaded and just have no clue.  I turned off the do not notify me of download completion, and it seems better.  Also, a progress indicator would be nice.  When possible a percentage to completion, but at least a total amount downloaded so far.

    Third – not sure why, but I do not see site icons in my version.  At all, they do not even seem to download and show in the address bar.  Any thoughts on why this might be?

    Fourth- This bug is actually part of aerosnap itself, but when you have a multiple monitor display, aero snap only snaps to the left and right edges of the outside displays.  I know you probably just use the feature, but could you mention to the aerosnap people that this is kind of annoying and somewhat defeats the point of aerosnap?  Maybe if there was a keyboard shortcut that could work on the tabs the sameway to bypass the problem?

    Finally:  I love what I am seeing so far.  The best features from other browsers are making it into IE without having to compromise any of the best of IE.  Great work.  I love dragging tabs out.  All the improved standards, graphics performance improvements, javascript engine are just great icing on the cake.

  91. Alexandre says:

    Congrats for this new version!

    However, it is not true that "IE9 is the first browser to support Aero Snap for tabs".

    I use Opera and I have had that for a while in released versions of Opera (i.e. not beta). Yes, one thumbnail per tab open, not only one thumbnail for the whole application (this can furthermore be customised in opera:config#UserPrefs|UseWindows7TaskbarThumbnails ).

  92. Alexandre says:

    Congrats for this new version!

    However, it is not true that "IE9 is the first browser to support Aero Snap for tabs".

    I use Opera and I have had that for a while in released versions of Opera (i.e. not beta). Yes, one thumbnail per tab open, not only one thumbnail for the whole application (this can furthermore be customised in opera:config#UserPrefs|UseWindows7TaskbarThumbnails ).

  93. JiriDE says:

    You guys did a hell of a job! Outstanding work on the IE9 beta. I'm looking forward to see the final.

  94. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jace: At the bottom left of the new tab page is the "reopen last browsing session."

    @hdw: I have never, ever, made any such claim in any forum. Please stick to the facts (which are that I simply acknowledged your complaint in a previous blog post). Thanks.

    @Nico: As in IE8, you can middle-click on an inactive tab to close it. Performance of background-tab closure is even faster in IE9 due to some work that the team did.

    @Stilgar: Yes, you can re-enable the status bar using the View > Toolbars > Status Bar menu.

    @All: If you want to make your best case when providing UX feedback (or frankly, anything else), please file a bug on Connect and share that bug number in your posting so that others may vote on it.

  95. Joe R says:

    I agree, you guys did an awesome job, seriously! Your team has made a complete 180… I can't wait for the final release 🙂

  96. Neil Dunensach says:

    Loving the download manager – and the pop-up notifications at the bottom of the chrome are a really nice touch.

  97. Hula says:

    Computer restart required 🙁

  98. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Alexandre: I think you might not understand what the Windows 7 Aero Snap feature does. Opera 10.6 doesn't have it. Aero Snap support for tabs means that when you drag a single tab out of the browser window to the edge of your monitor, it becomes a half-monitor window snapped to that side of the monitor.  Currently, IE9 is the only major browser with that convenience.

  99. James says:

    Just out of curiosity, why is the "Always use ClearType for HTML" option disabled by default? May it cause some issues? Do you (the IE Team) recommend leaving it disabled or enabling it?


  100. Marius says:

    Does it support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (http://www.w3.org/TR/cors/) in the standard XHR way, or it still uses XDomain object?

  101. Brian says:

    Cool, CSS support is now about equal to Firefox 3.0.  Way to under-deliver, guys!  I guess it's better than IE8, but that isn't saying much.

  102. Firetech says:

    @Drake you can click on the arrow next to save and click on save as to pick where you want the file to be saved.

    Most of the complains I have seen on here (there are some exceptions and some very good suggestions) are from people that are used to and comfortable with the interface from IE8. As for the "lack" of tabs. If your 10 or so tabs you can see at one time without scrolling is too little for you here is one option. (and I know it doesn't work for everyone but I hope it helps some)

    Pin your favorites (ie the website you use a lot such as youtube, facebook, ect.) on your task bar and group your tabs accordingly this makes finding things very easy (and why it was designed this way)  as for your random sites you can have a windows open for that as well. I know this may change the way you browse but like the new interface for Windows 7 I think once you get used to it you will find it faster and better.

    Also if you need your (file menu) a simple Alt+t should bring it up temporarily

  103. Steve Dennis says:

    @Nico Burns

    If you have a mouse wheel/button3 you can middle click tabs to close them whether they are active or not.

  104. Michael Madsen says:

    @Alexandre: Aero Snap doesn't have anything to do with the thumbnail preview you get when hovering over the IE icon on the taskbar – that's called Aero Peek, and IE8 had that too. Aero Snap is the part where the window can snap to the sides of the screen, and the new stuff here is that you can snap the individual tabs directly, just like you would a window.

  105. David S says:

    Here's the deal. If you are posting on this blog you are the minority of the minority. The tab space is perfectly fine. If you have more than 10 tabs open you are just a pack rat. And yes, I am a power user. Most of you also browse on a wide screen monitor so there shouldn't be a problem.

  106. Takashi says:

    Cannot be enable InPrivate Filtering by Default for All Internet Explorer 9 Sessions.

    InPrivate Filtering is not made effective in default in IE9 though as follows was done in IE8.

    Enable InPrivate Filtering by default

    1. Launch Regedit.exe and navigate to:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Safety PrivacIE

    If the above branch or its parent does not exist, you need to create the keys manually.

    2. Create a new DWORD value named StartMode

    3. Double-click StartMode and set 1 as its data

    4. Exit the Registry Editor.

  107. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Marius: No, IE9's XHR object does not support CORS.

  108. bob e - IE9 user says:

    uh oh… I just noticed I can't print shipping labels from eBay or Pay Pal using IE9 🙁

    Must download ff or chrome because i don't want to go back to ie8

  109. Aethec says:

    @IE Team: Please consider adding a way to send feedback directly from the browser. I don't want to have to install some Windows Live stuff to be able to fill in a feedback form.

  110. IE 9 Rocks. Always been a great fan of Microsoft & its professional approach towards their products. Wish I can get into MS team some day!

  111. Stilgar says:

    @Firetech, @David S I know we're a minority. I've been using IE8 since beta and I've been loving it. Should I (and the others like me) switch to another browser just because I can't have more than 10 tabs open or should the IE team add an option to move the tabs to a separate bar? I believe they can add this little option for us. Most of the people here are not questioning the default position but the lack of option to switch to what they are used to.

  112. Chris Hynes says:

    Where's the VPC? I'm assuming this overwrites IE8, which means I can't install this until it's final.

  113. VR says:

    Damn it never works on XP is't that same and how in the world one can compare with other browsers? Building a modern browser requires a modern operating system shame MS.

  114. argh says:

    [Window Title]

    Windows Internet Explorer 9

    [Main Instruction]

    Internet Explorer did not finish installing


    Setup couldn't start. For more technical information, see the C:WindowsIE9_Main.Log file.


    00:00.000: ====================================================================

    00:00.062: Started: 2010/09/15 (Y/M/D) 21:11:39.546 (local)

    00:00.109: Time Format in this log: MM:ss.mmm (minutes:seconds.milliseconds)

    00:00.234: Command line: "F:DownloadsIE9-WindowsVista-x64-enu.exe"

    00:00.312: INFO:    Setup installer for Internet Explorer: 9.0.7930.16406

    00:00.405: INFO:    Previous version of Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18943

    00:00.515: INFO:    Checking if iexplore.exe's current version is between 9.0.6001.0…

    00:00.561: INFO:    …and…

    00:00.593: INFO:    Maximum version on which to run IEAK branding is:…

    00:00.671: INFO:    iexplore.exe version check success. Install can proceed.

    00:00.686: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: 7005 (0) as "IE9-neutral.Extracted.msu"

    00:00.733: ERROR:   === FindResource (7005,"IE9-neutral.Extracted.msu") failed with 0x716

    00:00.780: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: 5006 (0) as "IE9-support.cab"

    00:01.170: INFO:    Operating System: Windows Workstation: 6.0.6002 (Service Pack 2)

    00:01.591: INFO:    Windows Vista operating system detected.

    00:01.747: INFO:    Service pack major: 2

    00:01.950: INFO:    Service pack minor: 0

    00:02.215: INFO:    Service pack name:  Service Pack 2

    00:02.480: INFO:    Version Check of C:WindowsSystem32Photometadatahandler.dll: 7.0.6002.18107 >= (True)

    00:02.855: INFO:    Version Check of C:WindowsSystem32MFReadWrite.dll: 7.0.6002.18391 >= 7.0.6002.18391 (True)

    00:03.463: INFO:    Trying to extract ID: 5005 (0) as "FeedbackTool.msi"

    00:03.650: INFO:    PauseOrResumeAUThread: Successfully paused Automatic Updates.

    00:04.025: INFO:    Launched Feedback Tool Installer: "C:WindowsSystem32msiexec.exe" /i "C:UsersAdminAppDataLocalTempIE95EE1.tmpFeedbackTool.msi" /quiet /lwipecvr+! "C:Windowslogsfeedbackinstaller.log"

    20:05.170: INFO:    The neutral pack was not successfully downloaded from the internet. Installation will continue using the extracted package.

    20:05.186: ERROR:   Online only setup was unable to download the neutral package.

    20:05.232: INFO:    PauseOrResumeAUThread: Successfully resumed Automatic Updates.

  115. Alexandre says:

    @EricLaw, Michael Madsen: Thank you for your response; I indeed mixed “Aero Peek” and “Aero Snap” together…

    I should have listened more carefully to the second video 😛

    However, this Aero Snap for tabs does not look to work so well when I try from a window that has three or more tabs, because the remaining tabs will be over, and therefore hide, the first tab that was extracted. The demo in the second video starts indeed with a window that has exactly two tabs.

  116. Marius says:

    @EricLaw re CORS

    Thanks Eric.  All the other browser support CORS in XHR, which helps a lot on building mashups. Seems like you are trying to get things right with IE9, so why do you use a proprietary way of doing CORS?

  117. Milo says:

    Trying to install this in an IE8/Vista SP1 VPC image says "Setup doesn't support the Windows service pack version currently installed on your computer."

    I want to try this out, but you guys aren't making it easy…

  118. Wish List says:

    amazing release …

    I currently use IE, but these are some features I frequently miss from other browsers:

    – user configurable UI (let me drag the tabs and stuff where i want)

    – integrated spell check (i probably misspelled something on this form)

    – windows live/mesh based synchronization (bookmarks, settings, plugins, etc.)

    – mouse gestures

    – ad block / flash block / easier access to block JavaScript

    – frequent auto-updates (there has to be a way to let organizations lock into 9.0 through policies yet let home users auto-update to 9.1)

    The FireFox model of having to install plugins to to be able to do anything is crazy.

    Complete Windows installs are faster than Firefox + all the necessary plugins these days.  

    I almost have to slipstream an install.

  119. Swathi Ganapathi [MSFT] says:

    @Aethec: We do have a way to send feedback directly from the browser. You can go to Gear icon (on the extreme right) > Send Feedback to let us know what you think. Thanks!

  120. rjl_austx says:

    Absolutely terrible work.  The text rendered by IE9 is unreadable.  It's Migraine inducing.

    FIX THIS THING so reading doesn't make us all sick.

  121. Alexandre says:

    Possible bug: "Cannot display the webpage" when running a localhost Website from Visual Studio 2010 (Ultimate), i.e. just the normal start button in Visual Studio when developing an ASP.NET Web site. It seems to work when I disable the "SmartScreen filter" apparently.

  122. Ivellina says:

    I agree with rjl_austx. Something is really wrong with the text rendering. It's awful.

  123. mentas says:

    Where is CSS3 complete features?!

    Not working on IE9: http://www.webdesignerwall.com/…/47-amazing-css3-animation-demos

    …and HTML5 Forms… Canvas and GPU speed do not solving the "beautiful web".

    IE9 run slow on old graphics card.. any option to disable?


  124. Jason Goh says:

    Great job on the core, the speed, the CSS compatible, the 2px left border (finally!!), the address bar is new experience, I like it; tab function improved (?), new UI (?)…. All these make me can’t wait to try new IE. Full of expectation during Preview released. But …

    i m agreed with jabcreations (not all, but 90%), and someone said it is called majority change??!! Hahaha, the group of web developers, designers, and hardcore users are not important?? Why Opera, Google and even the browser i hate most also can "Apply to all"… Hahaha, big joke!

    @RobertWrayUK, my team has more than 20 people (and I believe my ex companies web developers & designers team also), they open more than 10 tabs during working hours (not yet include facebook), so, u can imagine how worst if the tab is “not smart enough”??!! Now the Tab UI is totally a bad bad idea (yeah, as jabcreations said, the GUI team should pay for the responsible)!!! Please do more research on what is called User Experience, if cant find any books, go to download Opera or Chrome. And please take out the 3px white space under the tab when final released, 'if possible'!

    Back button is another joke, is it a bug? :p if yes, i will ignore it 1st, since it is just a beta as what Neil just said. Or can move these buttons to right hand site? More practical than the eclipse design….

    Restart after installed, man, now is 2010??!!! Another joke.

    When there are some errors happen,  i tried to "investigate" what happen to the site, at the end i found a warning message (or tips) appearing at the bottom of the page, with a white box with a 3px orange color line, is that hard to make the alert message more easier for user to "find"?? (This happen in the previous version of Live Messenger, after final released this minor issue still not yet change, after few times i complained, now it changes from white to yellow)

    There are many bugs but i can wait till final release. Like scrolling problem, missing scroll bar problem, text rendering, switch from two tabs u will see the new tab default page, and etc…

    Really a good job on the big change of browser’s core!!! But please do smtg on the UI, if the UI is not final confirmed, please let us know, we all HAPPY to hear that.

    p/s: I hope the IE9 icon is also in BETA too… dear IE team, IE7/8 icon is great & perfect!!! U can use it back, no one going to complain about that if there is no better than the old 1!!!


    IE supporter (may be not anymore in future)

  125. Steven Fuqua says:

    If I go to Gear -> Send Feedback, I'm told I need to install "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant".

    If I follow the link to install it, I'm told I already have a more recent version.

    Help? 🙁

  126. Drake says:


    Save As choice: Yes, I agree, now knowing this is how it's done this is better as a combo-button.  If you're downloading a non-executable file (e.g. a Word Document) does the [Open] button also have an "Open With…" option in a dropdown list?  If not, would be great to have this feature so that certain files I'm suspicious about can be safely opened in Notepad first rather than in Word or Adobe Reader, etc.

    Tooltip for Download Speed: a tooltip isn't dynamically updated though.  I'd rather it was added back onto the dialog or at-least made as an extra column that can be added in manually.

    Control Themes: glad you agree.  This feature I really do love: but I wan't it always, not just when using IE in launch-from-pinned mode.

    Window Title: yes, with how the tooltips would be generated I can totally agree window title coming first does seem more sensible.  You didn't comment as to whether you agree that a window title should be re-instated though as opposed to the current Windows 7-Explorer-Like beta with no window title.  Care to share your thoughts?  Personally, I feel it's a loss of branding — which is odd when WIE9 gives Microsoft a lot of good things to talk about! :p

    Tab Page: I rarely use the Tab Page in WIE8 currently: I just set it to "Open my homepage when opening a new tab" so this won't really bother me much.  Does the Quick Tabs feature (that shows a page of thumbnails of all open tabs) still exist?  All screenshots on the web only have one tab open so can't tell (and I've not set up a Virtual PC to test the beta yet).

    Tabs on Separate Line: have a feeling with the amount of people who have voiced that opinion in this thread alone that Microsoft may well reconsider this UI change. :p

    Thanks for your feedback!  Hopefully I can try the beta for myself.

    *     *     *

    @Microsoft: how about considering doing a blog like this for technically-minded *users* of Windows Internet Explorer?  This blog is designed to be web-developer orientated — but even the customer-orientated Exploring IE blog seems so too (or at times can be patronisingly simple with the user-orientated topics).  Would love a blog to share thoughts on the IE experience and UI as a non-web-developer!  Logging feedback on the Connect sites doesn't have the same feel as here does.

  127. mentas says:

    Others UI elements (e.g. favorites) need to be more consistente with new look.

    …and form elements (old and OS like) don't look good on webpages… its time to make form elements clean and "Web 3.0".

  128. Andrzey says:

    Possible bug in IE9

    1. Go to http://money.pl or http://bankier.pl (both pages are oveloaded with flash ads)

    2. Try click something – pages are loaded and all looks fine)

    3. Try to write something in web addres bar,,,,,and

    you CANNOT go anywhere!

    4. Try click some link (as in point 2) – page is frozen.

    The only way to get out from the page is closing IE9 and restart it again.

  129. mentas says:

    Still missing Firefox like plugin manager and a better plugin development (e.g. .NET).

    No HTML5 forms and other features, no CSS3 complete features, no new plugin development, …something is missing…or we are talking about IE8.1 (not IE9)?!

    IE9 it's late and still missing features…

  130. LouisMa [MSFT] says:

    @ Xepol – In your multimon scenario, here is an example of what you can do.  Say your browser is on your leftmost monitor.  Drag tab 1 to the edge of the screen to snap it.  Then make tab 2 that you want to snap active, and press Windows Key + Right arrow.  Windows Key + arrow direction snaps the active window to the edge of the screen.  Hope this helps!

  131. Esben says:

    The new IE9 is really great! I like the new minimalistic design and the speed of creating a new tab! But I think the text is blurry compared to IE8.

  132. manny says:

    I like the "lack" of in your face dialog for the mixed content warning… it simply doesn't load the insecure content and prompts you at the bottom.

    However I like it mostly because the IE8 dialog was a mess and completely unusable! 😉

    The messages at the bottom are a bit odd though… at the top where the security bar was before made much more sense.  Most users will not spot it, as they will only be focusing on the top 50% of the screen (e.g. when I'm surfing the web… if you asked me to close my eyes and tell you what items were on my start bar… I'd have no idea – I'm not looking there)

    It was sad to see that the existing IE options dialog was un-touched.  It was due for massive improvements but got none.  Ditto for prompt, and Print preview/settings.

    The performance dialog for addons is good unfortunately the issue was in IE8 – it appears that IE9 fixed all the issues with new tab speed! Yahoo!

    Too bad there are so many bugs in the DOM still and missing HTML5 form features.

  133. Gerard van der Land says:

    I love how fast and uncluttered IE9 is, beautiful!

    There is one major annoyance though in terms of usability: the fact that the Favorite button and Favorites Center appear at the far right side. Yes, I could use Alt-A instead, but please move them back to the left!

  134. Sunil Joshi says:

    I am very pleased with ie9 and am (for now at least) using it as my main browser instead of Chrome.


    Chrome has, for a long while now, had a feature when you drag a tab to the edge of the screen it would split the screen half and half between the dragged out tab and the window from which it came. This is functionally the same as the aero snap (although the UI is actually more informative – a little folder appears to let you know what's about to happen.)

  135. hAl says:

    @Wish list

    If you want an adblocker go to


    A browser it not going to provide adblocking as standard functionality.

  136. marcoos says:

    Providing a working VirtualPC image of Vista + IE9 basically would cost Microsoft almost nothing (a few manhours maybe + some bandwidth costs), but would be really useful for web developers.

  137. @Andrzey

    I'm not able to reproduce the problem you described. While the page is frozen are you able to switch to other tabs or create new tabs?

  138. easson says:


    You say that "To pin a site to the task bar when your taskbar is in a non-standard location (E.g. top, left, or right) simply drag the FavIcon out of the address bar rather than dragging the tab button itself"

    This violates a basic UI interface principle.  The bottom location for the taskbar is not "standard", it is just "common". Windows 7 is supposed to work the same regradless of where the taskbar is placed.  Things should work the same regardless of where I choose to have my taskbar located.  Please fix for the release.

  139. Matt says:

    esson: What is your bug number on Connect? Some ppl might want to vote on it.

  140. RyanLM says:

    General thoughts:

    Some websites there seems to be a grey border, kind of an inset border around the page, and others there are not.  Even on the same site, some pages on amazon.com have it and some don't, Bug?

    The odd 3 pixel line under the tab bar just looks bad.

    IE's new logo like way to bright, doesnt really fit in with the rest of the windows icons.

    There should be a page title in the "title bar"

    Each tab should have a little x to close it.

    Download manager should include the speed

    Doenst seem to be working well with VS2010, cannot find localhost.

    Not sure how much I did the general look, you have a very square address box with square buttons, then you have slightly rounded tabs, and very round back/forward buttons.  Doesnt seem right.  Not sure how much I dig that the back button is cut off as again, it is not consistent with the rest of windows UI.  (Well, as if any of the windows UI was at all, lol).  

    I feel like I should still be able to tear off tabs from non pinned applications to pinned ones, right now you cant.  Why should that be so limiting? Why not just do what I want it to do?

    The multipurpose search address box is nice but feels awkward, Chromes is very clear (but I do like that its still a dropdown).

    Browser is very quick, really just a bunch of UI stuff that makes it feel "meh".  You guys really really need a better design group.

  141. Greg says:

    Sunil Joshi, how do you turn on that feature in chrome? doesn't work for me in v6. 🙁

  142. Gary Carpenter says:

    Cant install. Requires updates yet all updates have been installed ?

  143. Richard says:

    I really like what I am seeing. Everyone remember this is the first beta of a redesign. So I don't expect everything. Now what I like, FINALLY a download manager. That has been one pet peeve I have had for a long time. I still wish it used BITS instead of just a standard browser download. Loosing connection when traveling and having to start over is not fun. But overall so  far experience is good. Facebook is fast, Youtube seems fairly quick. Will give more feedback after testing. But nice overall.

  144. Oliver says:

    IE 9 is very nice. But what i don't understand is that are some controls, how scrollbar, are not touchable for fingers? Why

  145. Josh says:

    will you be releasing an IEAK that works with 9 soon?

  146. easson says:

    Where did the small down arrow on the back arrow in IE8 go to?  It allows you to jump back directcly to earlier web sites.  It is essential because there are some web sites that you get "stuck" on, and can't go back by clicking on the back button.  Please fix.

  147. Paul McKeown says:

    Without wishing to be a bore, revisiting old ground, would MS please, please, please, consider releasing the IE 9 standards based functionality or a sensible subset thereof for Windows XP?  The fact is that XP will be around for another 5 years or so in considerable numbers.  It would be a shame for the web to be held back by having to support IE8 for that period…

  148. 6205 says:

    1./ Back button is way TOO BIG. Back/Forward buttons should be the same like in IE8 or Window Explorer file manager. Consistancy is important.

    2./ Combine Stop and Reload buttons to save space, now when you have tabs beside adress bar, every pixel counts.

    3./ Stop/Reload/Go/Search or compatibility view button icons in adress bar should be colored the same like in IE8 or Window Explorer file manager and not grayscale. Consistancy is important.

  149. fchivu says:


    Some time ago I asked you about the rendering mode of IE 9 WebBrowser control (WebOC) and you mentioned that by default it will continue to be compatible with IE7 (the rendering mode can be changed in registry). Now I have a serious problem with IE 9 WebOC which affects our most important commercial product. We are using the WebBrowser control from .NET to display web pages in Windows Forms and capture a metafile (EMF) screenshot of the web page displayed in browser.Everything was perfect with all the previous versions of IE (up to IE 8). But with IE 9 Beta the captured EMF does not contain any text record even if the test web page contains only text. The generated EMF will contain a raster screenshot image (bitmap) of the web page an no text record. I have the following test project for VS 2010 to reproduce this problem:


    When this test application starts it will load a simple test page containing only text in the WebBrowser control and then it will capture an EMF screenshot of the web page and it will count the text records in the EMF. With IE 9 Beta, on 32-bit Windows 7, the captured metafile will contain 0 text records. With the previous versions of the browser (IE 8) the EMF will correctly report 12 text records.

    Is this a known issue? Is it a limitation of the Beta version? Is it something that will be fixed in the final version of IE 9? I see no reason to make any change in the way the web browser writes the content in EMF since the default rendering mode of IE 9 WebOC is IE7.

    Please try to download and run the test application from the URL I indicated to reproduce the problem and let me know if there is any solution to maintain the backward compatibility with the previous versions of IE.

    Thank you very much.

  150. Alexandre says:

    @RyanLM Try to disable the "Smart Screen Filter" to get IE9 to find your localhost when running it from Visual Studio. It worked for me. It would be nice to have a proper fix though.

  151. easson says:

    One more thing missing in IE9 that was readily available (and useful) in IE8.  Since the status bar at the bottom is now gone, where do I change the display magnification?  It was so easy in IE8 to choose 125% or 150%, but these options are now gone (or hidden???).  Old, tired eyes want to know this.  And, I'm sure, you're going to have millions of people complaining about how you have screwed up this aspect of accessibilty.

  152. Michael Madsen says:

    @easson: While the status bar is not visible by default, you can make it visible and get your zoom controls back where you're used to having them – just right-click near the icons in the top right and enable the status bar. You can also control the zoom level using Gear icon > Zoom.

  153. MyEyesBurn says:

    The fonts look horrible.  I double checked to make sure cleartype is disabled in html, but it is obviously not.  Running Windows 7 with "Smooth edges of screen fonts" disabled in the Advanced system settings performance dialog.  I check my default font to make sure its still Times New Roman, and it is.

  154. John says:

    @easson: it works very similar to Chrome. You just have to hold the click onto the back button and that dropdown list appears.

    @6205: I agree with you about the back button being a little too big and about combining the reload/stop button. I hope someone on the IE Team will take this into account. Instead, the grayscale is fine, because those button are actually colored on mouse over.

  155. Miguel Web Developer says:

    Why  we must place tabs-on-top (like Firefox 4):

       * to have a correct UI hierarchy where the controls are tab specific.

       * Fix a redundancy in having both a titlebar with page title as well as a tab with the page title. Still titlebars can have the whole title instead of a truncated one.

       * A Fitt's Law win if the window is maximized.

       * A small vertical space saving allowing more room for content.

    So why IE decides to be diferent from the others? Is because it's beautifull and you forget about usability?

  156. LouisMa [MSFT] says:

    @easson – To access the menu that used to be in the arrow next to the back/forward buttons, you can either right click on the buttons, or press and hold on the buttons for the menu to appear.  For the zoom controls, you can click on the Tools button and select your Zoom level from there.  If you prefer the Status Bar, press Alt > View > Toolbars > Status Bar.  Ctrl + / – as well as Ctrl + Mouse Scrollwheel also change your zoom settings.  Hope this helps.

  157. EricLaw [MSFT] says:


    To adjust Zoom, click the Gear icon and use the Zoom menu. Alternatively, hit CTRL+Plus or CTRL+Minus.

    While the travel log feature is definitely useful for power users, as you might imagine, few users ever use it. To invoke the travel log function (e.g. what used to be the dropdown next to the back/forward buttons) simply right click (or hold down the left mouse button) over top of the back or forward buttons.

    @Sunil: Thanks for the clarification. I never noticed that you could drag Chrome's tabs to "magic" spots to get this behavior.

  158. easson says:


    Thanks.  Those suggestions work OK.  They are, however, a lot less intuitive than in IE8.  Any chance of a "power user" mode or somrthing like that, that will make these highly useful operations for power users more obvious in the UI?

  159. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Richard: The IE9 download manager does not use BITS (there are reasons why it cannot, like cookies and credentials) but it utilizes the same underlying HTTP functionality, and hence offers the same support for download resumption that BITS would.

  160. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @fchivu: Please file a bug on Connect and attach your sample project. That's the best way to ensure that your issue is tracked and gets proper follow-up.

  161. AdamR says:

    It would appear the Send Feedback option is not working correctly for me. I have the WLID Assistant installed. However, when clicking the Feedback button, absolutely nothing happens. Am I missing something or is it currently broken?

  162. Derek says:

    I'm really glad you fixed that "iexplore.exe still running for 30 seconds after exiting" bug! Thanks!

  163. Reinhold Hoffner says:

    "And for developers, IE9 delivers excellent support for HTML5 and other modern standards, so the same markup works across more browsers, and the web is more interoperable."

    I'd like to believe the web is more interoperable but this very blog doesn't even have its videos available in a WebM version. It just seems.. disingenuous.

  164. S Kleckner says:

    Something is wrong on the printing side.  To print a webpage that sends 450k from ie8, ie9 beta is sending a 92MB file!   Makes printing essentially useless since the printer has to parse so much.  What is up with that?

  165. thenonhacker says:

    I am also having problems with "Send Feedback".

    So IE9 told me to get Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 (wllogin_64). When I tried installing this, it says "You already have the latest version".

    Well I guess IE9 team will not receive any feedback at all, what a wasted Beta Release with no feedback from users… I am just hoping Windows Update can fix this soon!

  166. Miguel Web Developer says:

    Why  we must place tabs-on-top (like Firefox 4):

      * to have a correct UI hierarchy where the controls are tab specific.

      * Fix a redundancy in having both a titlebar with page title as well as a tab with the page title. Still titlebars can have the whole title instead of a truncated one.

      * A Fitt's Law win if the window is maximized.

      * A small vertical space saving allowing more room for content.

    So why IE decides to be diferent from the others? Is because it's beautifull and you forget about usability?

  167. Alexandre Bars says:

    Great job, beauty design, let's see how its got to us!!

  168. TheTechFan says:

    Overall I'm very impressed. I have a few suggestions, though:

    1. Hovering over the location bar should show the entire URL. I instinctively keep doing this and it seems weird that it doesn't work.

    2. Our internet is a bit slow and I never know whether a site is loading or not. At least keep the tab spinner turning until it's finished so I know something's happening.

    3. Where's the built- in spellchecking? It's 2010 and all the other browsers have this. This is a MUST-HAVE feature, IMO.

    4. Hovering over the taskbar previews should change the whole browser window, not just the content area. Currently, I keep thinking: "I didn't know that page had that on it… Oh, wait…". Firefox 4 has a very nice implementation of this.

    5. I would have used the built-in "Send feedback" option, but it said I needed the Windows Live sign-in assistant, and when I tried to install it, it said I already had a newer version. I think this has something to do with the Windows Live Essentials beta I have installed.

    6. Lastly, I sure hope someone at Microsoft reads these comments and passes along the feedback…

    Great job on the speed, standards support, and download manager 🙂

    Hopefully some of my suggestions can make it into the next beta…

  169. jilted says:

    Please do not listen to 6205!

    1./ Back button is fine, you use the back 10x more than forward, Fitt's law says make it bigger

    2./ Combine Stop and Reload buttons to save space. NO! I should be able to click Stop at any time and I should be able to click reload at any time. Attempting to perfectly sync these when a user is trying to hard reload a page ends up in failure as the user tries to reload then cancels their reload. It's been tried in the past, and it failed. DO NOT MERGE THEM.

    3./ Stop/Reload/Go/Search or compatibility view button icons in address bar are just fine! very simple, clean and un-cluttered. Don't let 6205 try to paint your bike shed.

  170. Cooper says:

    @TheTechFan: I agree with you, especially on points 1 and 2. It would be nice to have that tooltip that appears in the bottom left corner of the window also when hovering over the address bar.

  171. Sebastian says:

    Here's some feedback: The feedback reporting tool doesn't work! It says I must install the Live ID assitant and sends me to a page to download it. This application, however, fails to install because I already have a newer version (presumably the Windows Live essentials beta). This means I can not submit feedback on the browser.

    The actual feedback:

    I like saving vertical space by putting the adress bar in line with the tabs, but it's too big. Perhaps get rid of the little ie/bing icon in the text field, hide the "http://" bit, and get rid of the three buttons (compatibility view, refresh, and stop loading). At least on an option. It's too cramped, but I think it could be made to work by getting rid of those rarely-used things and putting them on a right-click menu on the tab, or something.. At least as an option.

  172. Sebastian says:

    More feedback: opening a link in the background (middle click) freezes the current frame (until the new frame has loaded). This makes my browsing experience very frustrating (switching back to chrome for now on the back of this one thing). Please make it kick off the new tab on a background thread rather than freezing any UI to do it.

  173. Alexandre says:

    Possible table layout bug in XHTML (application/html+xml), when omitting tbody. Test case: alexandre.alapetite.fr/…/20100915-XHTML-tbody.html

  174. rbridgeman says:

    I can't log in to the Send Feedback tool.

  175. Kelvin Yong says:

    I'm looking forward to IE9 beta but I was told by Darryl Burling (MSNZ) that it upgrades IE8 on Win7 to IE9 beta. During the IE9 Platform Preview, it was able to be installed side-by-side with IE8 without a hitch. Why can't IE9 beta be able to install side-by-side along with IE8 (or IE7 on Vista for that matter even).

    Firefox 4.0 (all up to beta5) can be installed along side with existing Firefox! I was hoping to give IE9 beta a good test along side with IE8 that I know it isn't buggy.

    Any thought of making IE9 running sxs with existing IE8/7??

  176. thenonhacker says:

    @Miguel: Have you seen the video showing IE9 occupies less space (and more for content) compared with Google Chrome? You should compare them side by side.

  177. Mourinho Web Developer says:

    I think, that TABS ON TOP are the best choice… WHY?!

    It makes sense, in real world, to have a software correct UI hierarchy, where the controls are tab specific

    The things discussed in the following link are there for a reason:

    wiki.mozilla.org/…/Direction_and_Feedback  – Firefox Theme/UI Proposed Direction

  178. gui is a disaster says:

    You destroyed a PERFECT ie8 gui by copying idiotic solutions from chrome and opera.

    You have exchanged your existing userbase for a potential 10% chrome + opera userbase. Way to go.

    – searching in the address bar – wtf? Now I have to remember what I searched before, and I often want to search again, only with slightly modified term. Ridiculous.

    – tabs on the right – perhaps for people with only 3 tabs it's better, but why it's not customizable? It's unmanageable. Atleast you didn't copy 'tabs on top' from chrome. This is the main reason for it's small userbase.

    – favorites tab – omg!!! The place of favorites (as most people have only a few) is right to the address bar, on the same level. Another toolbar just takes too much space. Disaster.

    It seems to me that you made ie9 to be the browser for statistical average man, and even the ie9's developers aren't going to use it, as they are not "average". But… nobody is.

    Back to ie8 for me, for a while. I'm hoping for a normal separate search bar (as an option), tabs under the address bar (or – movable tabs, everywhere, as in ie8) and ability to place favorities toolbar right to the address. So it's one feature really – customizable, moveable gui elements, as in ie8.

    And if not… well, welcome firefox with ie8-like gui skin…

  179. rbridgeman says:

    Since I can't leave feedback, I've noticed on some forums like EVGA's forum (www.evga.com/forums/) in the area where you reply to messages – the toolbar flickers in simple and full mode.  It doesn't do this in other browsers like Opera.

  180. Dee Earley says:

    If anyone is getting the crash, restart loop, there is a workaround on the Connect site which turns off hardware rendering:


  181. James Gentile says:

    IE9 is great, the gpu acceleration rocks.  Love the html5, svg, css 3, canvas, video, js engine, etc.  One problem, fonts look terrible on some sites, for instance http://www.dailyrotation.com (try the site with the different background color options, like blue) and http://www.techreport.com – this really needs to be fixed, the most important thing about a browser is reading and reading pages in IE9 is quite irritating right now because of ugly/blurry fonts.

  182. ie9 user says:

    Hi, I noticed when I try to play a video clip from youtube (flash) using IE9. The video is very laggy…but it plays smoother in firefox. That's very annoying…Anyone has similar issue?

  183. MIguel Web Developer says:

    @thenonhacker – Maybe you're right, but I think that tabs on rigth are bad for small resolution screens. Because tabs are going to be smaller.

    I just hope that, not following some good ideias, from Chrome or Opera or even Firefox, won't stop users from upgrading from IE older versions.

    Because the layout looks cool and beautifull… but I don't know yet about usability. That's really dificult to achive. And I think that Chrome achives both and mantains a UI Hierarquical. And for me It makes sense.

    Event so … It's a very cool job from IE team.

  184. rbridgeman says:

    @gui is a disaster:  TBH, I like the GUI.  It's obvious some people can't adjust to change but get used to it.  Change is everywhere.

  185. Rob says:

    No Quicktabs. or tabs list dropdown…. Vista misses out…. but I guess it is time to shoot it (Vista)…

    Not 10 out of 10, but I never grade anything that high. There is always room for improvement. Good job…

    Oh… Us Ozies and Ditch swimmers got hit with a Windows Update..the Wednesday Nite (our time)before the Beta was available. a quirks of timezones and the Beta UTC release time… Some users are going to complain of Black toolbars again.

  186. thenonhacker says:

    FEEDBACK: I can't use the feedback tool.

    FEEDBACK for IE9: If I pin the Favorites Center, it does not appear at the right side (right below the View Favorites Button). The Favorites Center, History, RSS, etc… should be docked at the right side by default. Today, it's weird seeing the dropped-down Favorites Center on right flying to the left when I dock it.

  187. jjonsson says:

    Please implement a meta-tag that allows developers to hide the address bar, navigation buttons and tools buttons on pinned sites. In order to achive a native web app experience the browser should only show the title bar and the content – like Chrome does in Application Mode. It is the only way to give users a feeling of using native apps – otherwise it will remain a browser.

  188. Cooper says:

    @Rob: actually that's a good idea; a tab list dropdown would solve (or at least mitigate) some of the usability issues regarding the tab bar/space being small.

  189. thenonhacker says:

    FEEDBACK: The Tools Menu needs work. You have to see the Firefox 4 Beta Menu, they did a great job. It is inspired by the 2-column Windows Start Menu, and Office 2007. I think you should do the same. SCREENSHOT: http://www.techreport.com/…/ff4-beta5-il.jpg

    You got one shot on improving the Tools Menu, now is your chance!

  190. thenonhacker says:

    FEEDBACK: It would be great if you adapt the Zooming Scrollbar in the Microsoft Labs Pivot application. It shouldn't be a problem now that IE9 is GPU-Accelerated. SCREENSHOT: Click the 2nd screenshot in this article: http://www.mikealt.com/…/going-for-a-scroll-with-micosoft-pivot

  191. Drake says:

    After testing the beta here's some feedback:


    • New white and grey toolbar buttons fit Windows 7 UI style much better.

    • Active Tab is highlighted white, making it much easier to see than the bigger-size-but-same-shade-of-blue in IE8.

    • No-longer possible to overshoot the vertical scrollbar by going too far right of it (no pixel gap). 🙂

    • New download manager, featuring pausable downloads — which can even resume in a later IE session!!

    • Downloads are now saved direct to location, not the TIF folder first so no copy operations after large downloads! 🙂

    • Option to open new tabs next to parent tab as in IE7 (instead of at the very right in IE8) finally restored! 🙂

    • IEXPLORE.EXE processes now kill off within seconds after closing last browser window.

    • Frequently-viewed websites addition to Jump List on Windows 7 is nice.

    • First-run questionnaire wizard is much simpler with less questions to answe (just one as of this beta).

  192. Miguel Web Developer says:

    The Opera browser, always was a good example for inovation. For example, I porpose to IE team to try for a weak Opera and then swith to IE9. Then you will see that you miss some features from Opera Browser.


      * browsing with Opera in slow networks (opera turbo fixes this)

      * Opening tabs in background

      * etc …

  193. A Tester says:

    PRO: Almost everything

    CONTRA: I have also the issue with text rendering, causes migrane and a terrible headache,… had (although I really love IE9) to do a system restore,… still I have a blurred vision. System: W764 Nvidia Graphics,…

  194. RitikaV [MSFT] says:

    @Drake – Not sure where you read that it is "integrated with the Downloads folder" but basically it means that the Downloads folder on Windows is the default location for your downloads. You can always pick another location by using the "Save as" option under the "Save" dropdown in the notification bar. In addition, you can customize your default downloads folder by clicking on "Options" in the Download Manager

    Regarding open with – this option is avalable post download in the download manager for any non executable 🙂

    @Drake and RyanLM

    The speed is in the tooltip as we saw from user studies that people were more focussed on the estimated time remaining. In order to clean up the UI and reduce concepts, we removed it top level UI but still kept it in the tooltip. Moreoever, we optimized for the common case which were quick downloads where the transfer speed is less important. The limitation is that the tooltip is not dynamically updated and that you need to hover away and hover back.


    the notification bar notifies you when the download completes provided this setting is checked in the download manager options –

    "Notify me when downloads complete"

    Since we respect your IE8 settings, it is possible that this setting migrated from IE8 where you had it unchecked

    You can access the download manager from the "tools" option in the command bar and the file menu


    Not sure why you are not seeing the percentage. You should be able to see the percentage and the estimated time remaining. And when we do not know the file size before hand, we do show the amount downloaded. Please point me to the site where you saw this behavior.

    We took away the progress bar to reduce progress indications overall and keep the users focus on their browsing so that "sites shine". The IE icon on the task bar shows the progress with a green wipe that stretches across it – similar to a progress bar

  195. Drake says:

    After testing the beta here's some (more) feedback:


    • No window title.

    • No choice of "large icons" for toolbar icons.

    • "Find on this Page…" feature now more difficult to access since the removal of separate search box.

    • Status bar off by default (can't quickly see Zoom level or where a hyperlink will go on mouse hover).

    • Status bar no-longer shows some information (e.g. what Zone a website is in; possibly more).

    • Quick Tabs preview feature off by default (superceeded by Taskbar previews in Windows 7 to some extent).

    • Internet Options Control Panel dialog not updated.

    • New One Bar makes it harder to use Search Providers as you need to scroll to their option first to use them (not just type then hit ENTER).

    • Information Panels at bottom, not at top, of screen (especially for file downloads they're now far less easy to spot. White also makes them blend in with many websites so at a glance they can be easily missed.)

    • Import/Export Settings wizard still doesn't allow Search Providers, Accelerators, History or Saved Usernames/Passwords to be backed up.

    • Favourites Bar or Command Bar UI look terrible when enabled (compared with their old styles IE8).  I am using Aero Basic as it's a virtual machine though so under full Aero perhaps this is better (can anyone confirm?)

    • Auto-Select Encoding option off by default (doesn't this mean certain accent characters might not show on some websites?)

    • Toolbar buttons for Favourites and Tools lack the down arrow by side to show they expand to reveal options.

  196. Hardy Leung says:

    Congratulations, IE team!  I made a Tagxedo — word cloud with shape — using this IE9 announcement and the shape of the Internet Explorer logo.  Hope you like it!


    An interactive version is here:


  197. Drake says:

    After testing the beta here's some (more) feedback:


    • In the Home Page options change the [Use Current] to a combo-button with "Use Currently Active Tab" and "Use Current Set of Tabs" as options.

    • Rename "Delete browsing history on exit" to "Delete selected history items when exiting" then rename the [Delete…] button to [Choose History Items…]. Current phrasing makes it sound as though it's just the History list affected by this feature.

    • I'd like to see "Custom Compatibility View Entries" added to the Delete Browsing History selectable items. I like to keep my history erased for maximum browser performance but this also clears the list of sites manually added to Compatibility View which I want to keep!

    • "Use most recent order when switching tabs with Ctrl+Tab" still tucked-away on the Advanced tab and not logically in the Tabbed Browsing Settings with all other tab-related options.

    • "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when the browser is closed" still exists under the options on the Advanced tab even though this setting is also available in the Delete Browsing History dialog. Isn't it now redundant, doing the same thing?

    • The Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog might be good if you could choose manually via checkboxes which elements to reset (e.g. Search Providers list or Accelerators) but then not affect other settings.

  198. Drake says:

    After testing the beta here's some (final 😉 ) feedback:


    • White line below active tab still not removed (not all websites have a white background so it doesn't always blend well!)

    • Favourites Pane appears on right side yet if you choose to pin it this is done on the left side.

    • Options dialog in Download Manager has Tahoma as the font for window elements even though IE9 is not aimed at XP and so should be Segoe UI everywhere.

    • Option "Allow websites to use the search pane" (orange down-arrow when OpenSearch provided) doesn't seem to work.

    • Why does the "Go" button appear for when Refresh/Stop are set to appear before the One Bar but not in the default mode? Would seem more sensible to include "Go button" as a separate option so users can choose if they want it in either arrangement.

    • "Play a sound when a pop-up is blocked" checkbox is ticked but greyed-out and unchangeable.

    • "Play a sound when a feed or Web Slice is found for a website" checkbox is checked but greyed-out and unchangeable.

    • "Play a sound when a monitored feed or Web Slice is updated" checkbox is checked but greyed-out and unchangeable.

    • When I cancelled a download in the Download Manager the temporary Part File isn't then deleted.

    • Whereas IE8 used to tell you when a website needs an add-on that is disabled IE9 so far hasn't.  Surely this would seem a perfect use of the new Information Panel pop-ups at the bottom?  I want to see something similar to "This website requires the use of the Adobe Flash add-on which is currently disabled.     More Information     [ Allow Add-On to Run | / ]   [ Ignore ] .

  199. Drake says:

    @Miguel Web Developer

    IE8 already provides an option to open new tabs in the background ala-Opera.  Simply untick "Always switch to new tabs when they are created" then middle-click links on a site until your heart's content. 🙂

    @RitikaV [MSFT]

    That phrasing was on Paul Thurrot's Supersite for Windows review of IE9 Public Beta, but someone has explained the tooltip already, thanks anyway.  I'd still prefer an option to add a column with this.  And to see amount left to download, not just original total and done so far.

  200. Srsly?? says:

    <<< "Find on this Page…" feature now more difficult to access since the removal of separate search box.>>>

    Considering how absurdly awkward that feature was, the fact that you didn't already move to use the CTRL+F hotkey like the rest of the world makes me take all of your feedback with a huge grain of salt.

  201. Kevin Dente says:

    The decision to combine the address bar and tab bar on a single line is a dreadful mistake (at least for heavy web browsers like me). I wonder if your stats are distorted by selection bias – heavy web users that open lots of tabs left IE for other browsers long ago.

  202. Drake says:


    Of course *I* use CTRL+F, yes: along with CTRL+E, ALT+D, CTRL+F4 and CTRL+TAB regularly.  But there are some users who don't always know these shortcuts exist and so will wonder where to find this feature.

    To say that any of my feedback is questionable just based on this one point is being quite snide, too.  I'm sure many people to this blog will appreciate most of it as being valid — especially when compared to the other usual "why won't you support XP", "[insert browser here] has been doing this since [insert year here]" and "sorry, have you heard of Linux" comments that add nothing to the discussion.

  203. Brett Merkey says:

    <<To access the menu that used to be in the arrow next to the back/forward buttons, you can either right click on the buttons…>>

    Right-click on a button?!  Do the GUI designers know what a button is?  A software button is something that looks clickable…and that you click on.

    This UI is an inflexible mess and still manages to look old. Speaking of old, the UI ignores demographics. While Microsoft UI designers are clearly getting younger, the rest of us are getting older. Poor font treatment and lack of text options for control labels are surprising.

  204. Bruce says:

    IE9 seems unable to load an SVG file via the object tag or embed tag anymore.  This is a regression from IE9p4

  205. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Bruce: Repro URL please?

  206. easson says:

    @ Brett Merkey

    Hear hear!

  207. Itzi Mitzi says:

    So that's how you plan to make the last IE6 users to migrate to IE9 by changing the icon's bluish tone back to the 90's blue?

  208. jabcreations says:

    @Firetech Are you joking me or attempting to scare-crow what I said? Clearly you have no read my criticisms of IE8 and clearly you did not read my posts. The browser's GUI should appeal to non-technical people and be customizable for tech-savvy people which would include being able to move or outright remove features from the GUI.

    @IE team

    What the GUI should be top to bottom left to right (and then followed by how it should be able to be customized)…

    The top bar (not sure what it's called technically) should have the icon, file menu, and then the title all floating to the left…the minimize, restore, and close buttons on the right. The file menu should NOT be condensed in to a single menu item. This would merge the file menu, not hide it (it should NEVER be hidden unless the user opt-IN to hiding it) and save some vertical space. Also there are no real concerns since IE is a DESKTOP browser most screens (even at 1024×768) have more then enough horizontal width.

    The first actual toolbar (second GUI item)should be the main control bar. The following buttons should appear MINIMALLY and with text labels on the side all floating to the left (with the option to have icons, icons with text below, or icons with text on the side): Back Forward Refresh Stop Home | Downloads Favorites History New Tab Print/Print Preview. The search bar should appear floating-center (half way spaced between the last button and half way from the right most edge of the window). Additionally the downloads button should simple open a drop down ON-MOUSE-OVER displaying a Firefox-like downloads list however it should NOT be a separate window like how Firefox does it. Again MOUSE-OVER not a click, these details are SO important. The toolbar should be no more then 30px with the text-labels-on-the-side option though vertically larger for the labels-below option for those who don't have average dexterity. Again customization should allow EVERY button be moved on an individual basis (not sticking back/forward or stop/refresh buttons together!!!!)

    The next (and second by most people's view) toolbar is the address / favorites bar. Again you HAVE to consider screen resolution, HD LCD's are selling for $160 and even at 1024xx768 I have set the bookmarks toolbar folder in Firefox to be to the right of the address bar. Few people will need to see the ENTIRE address bar (when interacting with the address bar it would THEN be appropriator to change it's z-index so-to-speak to show it over other GUI items or if it doesn't have a reasonable minimum width). Want to talk minimalism? Have an option for favorites on the favorites toolbar to only appear as favicons because a single click bookmark in Firefox wastes less of my time and I'm sure others have icon-only bookmarks/favorites too. In the very least keep the text labels within reason (16 character limit would be reasonable, "Bank", "Email", etc) to help users make actual use of the toolbar and DISALLOW PROGRAMS FROM DUMPING JUNK FAVORITES IN TO THERE! Also two more items that should ALWAYS appear is the Go button with a text label and I've got to hand it to Opera the magic button (Sign In would make sense) to quickly sign in to a site while it's open in the focused tab. So address bar, Go button, Sign In button, favorites toolbar with the favorites toolbar taking up most horizontal space on an HD monitor. This toolbar should only take up about 30 pixels TOPS unless the user has bad eye sight and needs larger text.

    The third and LAST toolbar is the DEDICATED tabs bar. Close buttons should NOT be removed for any reason so a 50 pixel minimum width when you have like 60 tabs open (it can happen in production environments such as mine) with the favicon and close button. An option to hide the close buttons would work however that would confuse non-technical people so make sure not to hide them by default. It would be VERY good idea to have a default feature (that can be toggled off by technically savvy people) to remove empty tabs that are open if the user opens a new tab (third of ten tabs is empty, user opens new tab, third tab is closed or simply moved to the last horizontally positioned tab). Again toolbars should attempt to be no more then 30px in height unless there are special circumstances or preferences (such as text labels below instead of on the side). When tabs start to clutter they should begin to sacrifice text labels and only use the favicon. The ability to remove the close buttons should be an option for minimalists who dislike functionality though they should be enabled ALL the time otherwise to prevent the user from becoming confused. When the tab bar finally overflows there should be a help feature that alerts the user (without it being a production halting JavaScript alert in example) that always appears until the user actively acknowledges it.

    Now obviously not everyone will want their GUI setup the way it should be setup for the non-technical majority of users. There are also situations where full toolbars (mine would be 90 pixels in height ideally I think) are excessive in some situations or not enough for those who can't see well. So in example if the user has special accessibility options enabled IE should detect that and display larger text labels BELOW the icons and make the buttons and other GUI items larger by default. However on a netbook for example the ability to customize the GUI is critical to maintaining reasonable amounts of single-click functionality while also maintaining a reasonable amount of space for the sites themselves. Buttons should *ALL* be able to be dragged independently (maybe some people do like putting some buttons on the right, I don't). In example on my netbook I have setup Firefox's toolbars the following way: Toolbar –> file menu favicon-only bookmarks toolbar floating left / web developer toolbar (icons only) floating right. Second toolbar are the icon-only buttons (back, forward, reload, stop, home | bookmarks, downloads, full screen, history, new tab with the location bar floating to the left directly next to it and the search bar on the right side (though also floating left however the location bar spans out and shrinks according to the width of the other GUI items on that toolbar). The last is the tab bar which I had ten tabs open the last time I shut it down. I could probably slim off about 10 pixels if I dictated the minor details though I have all the functionality I need in quick single-click access that takes up a reasonable amount of space on a very small screen.

    Now I'm not saying having the tab bar being able to merge on to other toolbars is a bad thing…but this beta is whoa…no. It's static, it's stuck, and at 1280×1204 I can only access 12 tabs by a single click at any given time. That might work fine for some people who only check email and log on to Facecrook though there are a few of us who wish the make the most use out of a reasonable amount of space (without the GUI bleeding a few pixels here and there to waste like 40-60 pixels of space overall).

    To move GUI items there should be a lock/unlock feature (like on XP's taskbar when you want to move the quick-launch toolbar but that is ANOTHER useful feature removed in Windows 7). The favorites toolbar, the address bar, the search bar, the file menu, EVERYTHING needs to be able to be VERTICALLY positionable as well as merging multiple items on to the SAME toolbar if the user so chooses.

    THAT is how the GUI defaults SHOULD be for the majority non-technical users as well as how it should be CUSTOMIZABLE for the tech-savvy who are and have the full right to complain about wasted pixels.

    …or you guys could just blindly copy other browsers?

    It's up to you folks to make it or break it and I'm truly not trying to troll though you guys totally broke it. On the bright side I REALLY like the work on the standards compliance so at least keep that stuff up. I do wish to see you guys make a successful product because there are a few of things IE can and does do better then other browsers. If I can customize it and get better functionality for browsing out of it then Firefox then you'll get me to switch. Here's hoping the IE team is listening.

  209. Woz says:

    > Sometimes, and in this case our point of view is, “just works” involves fewer options and staying out of the user’s way.

    I read this with Steve Jobs' voice.

  210. GoodThings2Life says:

    OK, I can't seem to get the "Send Feedback" to work… says I don't have Windows Live ID Signin Assistant installed (which I definitely do)… Windows 7 x64, Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta installed…

    I hate the back button.

    I hate the still bird egg blue "menu" for the Favorites/Command bar.

    I hate the font rendering right now… on smaller text it just looks HORRIBLE!

    I wish the Add-Ons Manager had the ability to forcefully REMOVE add-ons, not just enable/disable them.

    I've had quite a few sites that render poorly (Microsoft Technet subscription renewal) or don't render at all (Gateworld.net), but 99% works great.

    BUT, those handful of negatives aside, the experience overall is quite favorable so far. It's fast… wicked fast! I like the download manager, and the web app concept is awesome! Keep up the great work, you're headed in the right direction! Fast, lightweight, and truly usable! 🙂

  211. James Gentile says:

    MSFT, no comment on the text/font rendering?  Please look at this: home.comcast.net/…/ie9vschrometext.png  <- a picture of chrome v7 and IE9 beta side by side displaying the web page 'www.dailyrotation.com' – IE9's text rendering is totally atrocious.  At least tell us if this is a fixable issue or something wrong with my system or what not.

    System is Core i7 965, gigabyte x58 mobo, 12GBs ram, evga gtx 480, windows 7 x64.

  212. willpeavy.com says:

    I've been playing around with the developer tools, and am very impressed by the performance. For the first time in a number of years, I can honestly say I am looking forward to developing for IE.

  213. Bruce says:


    Off-line email?


  214. @GoodThings2Life

    You can uninstall add-ons through the Add/Remove Programs window. I should also point out that a disabled add-on no longer runs code and will not affect your browser in any way.

  215. John says:

    I love it, will use it. Well done !

    By the way, no support to WEB SQL DATABASE?

  216. Frank Olivier [MSFT] says:

    @James Gentile We are looking into the text rendering issues and will address it in a future update. In the mean time, please try the Cleartype text tuner in Windows 7.

  217. Frank Olivier [MSFT] says:

    @S Kleckner IE9 Beta does sometimes create large spool files – this is a known bug and will be addressed in a future update. Which web site were you printing? Thanks!

  218. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Bruce: ericlaw at microsoft.

  219. Ryan says:

    Congrats on releasing the beta!  Overall, I like the new IE9 design, but I thought I would add my voice here also as one that feels left out by the lack of any UI accommodation for tab overflow, as was considered during the design of IE7 and IE8 (which handled tab overflow very nicely).  (I also logged this on Connect as suggested earlier).

    I won't go so far as to say the data-driven design approach is invalid (though the Henry Ford quote "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” comes to mind), but when I read quotes like the following from the IE blog (blogs.msdn.com/…/ie9-beta-available-for-download.aspx):

       "…more than 90% of users have never had more than 8 tabs open at once."

    it makes me think that a key fact about IE and Windows is lost: they are used by millions (or over a billion in the case of Windows) customers.  If you take the market share of IE7 and IE8 to be over 40% (~400 million users), 10% of that is still over **40 million users** that open more than 8 tabs.  That's larger than the entire userbase for some competing OSes!  

    If nothing else, please, please add back the tab list drop-down from IE7/8 before the final release.  It's a very small bit of UI that would accommodate a still-significant number of users that need it.

  220. Andrey says:

    This is a really big jerk. But, move tabe up (in up many empty). And, return old icon (from IE8). I'm sorry my English.

    I love Microsft.

  221. Browserenthusiast says:

    Whatever happened to the download progess bar in Downloads windows and Windows 7 taskbar??

  222. Woojin says:

    You say: Our point of view is that the browser is the stage, or backdrop, for the web, and the sites are the star of the show.  Similar to the relationship between Windows 7 and Windows applications, people go to the web for sites, not the browser. We asked, “How can IE make sites shine? How can IE put sites at the center of the experience?”

    Bravo.  You have managed to figure out the design philosophy of Google Chrome.  

    P.S. You should have read Google Chrome comic strip intro.  You would've learned all this 2 years ago if you had.

  223. Andrew says:

    Nice to see that the tabs open a bit faster than in previous versions. Definitely enjoying the speed.

    Also good to see that the notifications have been fixed.

    However, it's hardly a step ahead of other browsers. At least progress is being made, I guess.

    Also, IE9 seems to be having a problem detecting the Arial font – it's using Arial Italic instead. My other browsers aren't doing this, so it's obviously a problem with IE. What's with this?

    Meh, I'll try restarting my computer after writing this. If that doesn't work, then I guess it hardly matters because I won't be using IE as my browser anyway.

  224. Jason says:

    I love the pin to taskbar feature. But when I pin Facebook to the task bar the tasks don't show up as they should, i.e, News, Events, Messages etc. Twitter works fine though.

  225. The Dude says:

    Definitely good looking but anyway Firefox 4 Pwns… IE is a bit Toooooooo slow…

  226. Markus says:

    Just a quick note: http://www.delphipraxis.net/dp_portal.php renders slow as hell. You will notice this with the hover effect on the links. I thought you might want to look into it. Not sure were to leave feedback, since the IE9 lacks the feedback buttons the office betas have.

  227. Mark M says:

    cant uninstall IE9 what gives MSFT ?

  228. Manuel says:

    The UI approach is bad, the address bar should be contained inside the tab area (like Chrome and Firefox 4 do) and this is why: blog.mozilla.com/…/why-tabs-are-on-top-in-firefox-4

  229. Ricardo says:

    Apart from what users already said,

    I was very used to creating .URL files inside folders on my system, by simply drag'n dropping from the address bar's favicon to an open folder in Win Explorer. Now it only saves it as .WEBSITE files, which are not recognized by any other browser.

    I also dislike the behavior (since IE 8) that every typed site will automatically be recorded to the address bar drop-down list after hitting Enter. In IE 8, while typing the address I could select the last entry ("go to url") and it wouldn't be recorded there. No more possible it seems. Why I don't like this behavior? Because the drop-down list can record a very low number of sites, and if I want to keep a list of frequent sites there, every site added after the limit will remove one site from the list.

    Also, lots of redraw bugs related to GPU Rendering, especially when changing between tabs.

    I think it also increases memory usage a lot when opening multimedia-intensive sites or very long pages, in this case, tab crashes also happens.

    Fonts are also very blurred here. Cleartype is well configured, i.e. no problem with other programs/browsers. (I'm testing in Win Vista).

    Please polish UI, especially in the matter of integration of additional toolbars (e.g. Command Toolbar), that are very useful to power-users and web-designers. Time to make them Aero-compatible! Or, at least, why not use some theme (e.g. Office/Expression theme) for those interface bars/panels?

    Search Bar is a good time-saver and Address Bar separated from Tab Bar is way too essential to be missed this way.

    [My bet: at next Beta Microsoft will say: "We heard you again. We are bringing back Tab Bar isolated from Address Bar"]

  230. Anupam Kumar says:

    I have always been amazed by Microsoft Technologies. This browser is by far the best with regards to first impression. I have downloaded it only an hour before. But I am sure, it will work well. I find this new browser to be a combination of Chrome in terms of performance and Safari in terms of looks.

  231. Drake says:


    If you rename any .WEBSITE file to .URL they function again as per a standard link.  You will need to rename using the Command Prompt though (or use a patched version of the old File Manager from Windows NT 4.0 SP6) as they are treated in the Windows Shell as special files and so it is not possible to see their extensions in Windows Explorer even if "Hide file extensions for known file types" is turned off.

  232. S Kleckner says:

    @Frank Olivier [MSFT] – a page from Amazon.com

  233. Maarten says:

    The back and forward button kinda reminds me about Firefox 3.6 :/

  234. How do I disable the One Box and go back to having a separate search box?  I never liked how Chrome combined them and I'm disappointed to see IE9 do it.  Although, I do understand why they did it, as it "decluttered" the UI and I guess most people like it.  I'm an odd duck.

  235. Just chiming in that I agree with the others… The combined address/search bar with tabs on the same line is way too cluttered for more than 3 or 4 tabs.  I regularly have 12 or more tabs open.  Combine this with no site title in the windows title and it makes it frustrating to easily see which page I'm on when I have, say, several pages from the same site open (thumbnails look basically identical at that point).

    I should definitely not end this post negatively because you guys have done some awesome work.  I can't wait for the next beta.  I just think sometimes the quest for the perfect nonthreatening minimalist UI sometimes impedes on old computing habits from a vast amount of old loyal users that are okay with change, but also like to have a switch to turn it off. 🙂

  236. Also, just noticing the status bar isn't as useful as it was before.  In IE8, you could enable/disable/change settings on SmartScreen, plus there were about five or six icons that would appear (or not) depending on status.  I liked that.  Maybe add that back please?  Most people won't use the status bar, but for those of us that like it, it should be as useful as IE8 at least.

  237. Maxwell says:

    Would like to continue testing the beta, however, cannot until fonts are rendered better.  Right now text it just way too blurry and disabling hardware rendering, doesn't change this.  Gave it a couple of tries, but can only take reading anything in IE9 for a few minutes, had to uninstall and go back to IE8.  Hopefully this can be fixed in another beta.

  238. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @MarkM: You can uninstall IE9 and go back to IE8 by using the "View installed updates" link in the Add/Remove Programs applet of the system control panel.

  239. jdawgnoonan says:

    I have been an IE basher for years now.  I switched from IE in roughly 2005 and wrote the software off as junk.

    Believe it or not I hated that because I thought IE 4 and 5 were phenominally better than the competition back in the day.

    IE 9 brings it back and shows that Microsoft might be caring about being the best again instead of just counting on winning via marketshare numbers.  IE is going to be a great product again.  I am leary of setting a beta browser as my default, so hurry up and get it released.

    Good job team!

  240. Congratulations on the beta release team IE, but when do you plan to support the HTML5 History API? http://html5demos.com/history/

  241. Dan Plaster [MSFT] says:

    @S Kleckner:  Follow up question to the printer spool size issue.  What printer do you have? Make/model.  Second, do you have printing of back ground images enabled?  (Print->Page Setup and look for the item 'Print background images and colors'.


  242. Matiolli says:

    Put back the transfer rate, please!


  243. Bruce says:


    An SVG file will load via the object or embed tag in IE9 beta.  In the preview you could force the IE9 render mode via the toolbar but you can't in IE 9 beta.  You must make sure you have the <!DOCTYPE html> tag in the document.

  244. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Bruce: The IE9 Beta Developer Tools absolutely should let you force the render mode.  If that's not working for you, please file a bug. Of course, you should specify the document type in the page since you don't want users to have to manually change the rendering mode.

  245. Given that web sites now become "apps" in Windows7 it would be nice if Windows Desktop Search could index those apps just as they do regular apps (e.g. email clients).

    Imagine going to the start menu and searching through the tweets of all the people I follow. THAT would be cool.

    Just a little idea for you.

  246. When I go to connect.microsoft.com/…/SearchResults.aspx to see the existing tickets for IE9 (to vote for them), there's nothing. When I go to front page (connect.microsoft.com/…/Feedback), I see the last 10 ones, but these are not the ones I need.

    In the meantime, can those people who created tickets for 1) separate tab bar, and 2) blurry text, link directly to them in a comment here?

  247. Milo says:

    I just successfully took IE8/Vista SP1 VPC, updated it to Vista SP2, and installed IE9 on it.  I will be very sad when this VPC image stops working.

    Please create an IE9 VPC image, or at least update the IE8/Vista one to SP2!

  248. ispud says:

    There is a nice little music manager called MusicBee that is under active development by it's creator. IE 9 has broken the UI with many graphical glitches. They are only present if IE 9 is installed. Problems include clipping, artifacts, and window selection areas remaining on the screen. Musicbee uses XULRunner for the web browser, so the web browser integration is not a problem. Are there any dlls that have changed that could be the source of the problem. If any dev can take the time to install it (it's free) and poke around, that would be great.

  249. Ryan says:

    Just a warning in case you rely on Yahoo Messenger–installing IE9 appears to break it.  Instant Message appear blank.  I'm running at the moment.

  250. ispud says:

    Ryan, it might be the same problem MusicBee is having.

  251. gu says:

    Great… looks nice and i want to try it out, only its not for vista without service packs (which dont want to install at my pc for some reason…)

  252. Answering my own question… here are the links to Connect tickets for tab bar position, and for blurry text. There is a bunch of different ones for both already, so I've picked those with highest number of upvotes so far.



  253. W Rose says:

    Any chance that the beautyoftheweb site will eventually work? There is a link to it on the MS Homepage but it does not work. You guys better get Bill Gates back in and sort the place out.

  254. Ryan says:

    @Pavel Minaev: I don't think tabs under the address bar would be the best solution.  I think it would look quite ugly against the current design.  I know I certainly will exceed the amount of space whether the tabs are on the same line as the address bar or on a line dedicated to tabs.  A tab overflow solution is needed, not merely extra space for tabs.

  255. Elmer says:

    When did choice and preferences become a bad thing ?

    Docking zones and dragable control groups… let the user decide the best layout and arrangment of the controls, and don't hand people such an easy reason to reject the product.

  256. Tutang MM says:

    Wow. IE 9 is very good and much faster than its predecessor.

  257. Alex says:

    Please, make installer with everything included when you do RTM. Downloading something when installing is not so good.

    Other than that I dont like new icon. Looks really bad, too washed.

  258. kim H says:

    ie9 has improved in speed and simplicity, but is far from good enough, here are my wishes

    1. I wish more bookmarks on a page in tabs groups. I think 36 bookmarks are adequate.

       ie9 team schould look at then "speed dial "plug in for chrome.

    here you can costumise bookmarks. It should be the same in ei9

    2.  apple website with quicktime plugin is still slow when loaded

    why can iu not be faster. It is no microsoft defends itself with it is a 3rd party product. It works faster in all other browsers, chrome, firefox safari etc.

    3. Firefox Panorama, has anything microsoft also must implement in ie9. It is a completely gineal things that are so useful. It must be such that when closed ie9 remembers which organized groups of tabs you have chosen


    Kim H, denmark

  259. James Gentile says:

    I like the simplicity, IE9 is a very fun browser to use over all. A couple of things I would add:

    Per site Scripting like Per Site Active-X

    Allow IE9 x64 to be the default, and allow IE9 x64 to open pinned sites.

    Fix the font rendering on some sites (as I already noted.)

    Other than that, it's really a great product, thanks for the hard work.

  260. papakp says:

    I think is perfect

  261. LT says:

    IE9 Beta is increasing my laptops' startup and shutdown time significantly. if i uninstall it, things are back to normal. Re-install, lots of waiting. Anyone else see this behaviour?

  262. S Kleckner says:

    @Dan Plaster:

    HP Laserjet 4200 PS

    Print Background Colors and Images is NOT checked.

  263. Alex says:

    Another 2 cents.

    Make it possible to remove "compatibility view" button. Make inprivate filtering usefull without registry tweaking – make it remember last setting. If I turned this on I want it to stay on unless I turn it off, not until I close browser.

  264. RiaGuy says:

    I just tried IE 9.. don't like it. It scores 96 points out of 300 on HTML 5 test – http://www.html5test.com/ I wouldn't release such a product, it would downgrade company's reputation.

  265. GetAClue says:

    The so-called HTML5 test is garbage. It uses user-agent sniffing and tests a bunch of things that are not really html5. IE9 smokes other browsers on real-world stuff.

  266. Randall says:

    Congrats — looking forward to the competition this spurs, and to what's in IE9.5 or 10. 🙂

  267. Dan Plaster [MSFT} says:

    @S Kleckner:  Thanks for that information.  We have reproduced the large spool size issue with your specific printer and confirmed it is the known issue we thought it was (that is good) and that Frank Oliver mentioned (above)  that will be addressed in a future update.  Thanks for the cooperation tracing this issue down.

  268. Don Reba says:

    Dear God! The text feels like Linux. Don't do this to me!

  269. JustinSC [MSFT] says:

    @Steven Fuqua, @thenonhacker, @TheTechFan, @Sebastian, @rbridgeman, @GoodThings2Life, @Markus

    Thank you for installing the IE9 Beta and helping us to make it better through your feedback!

    We have identified an issue with the Send Feedback tool for users of the IE9 Beta on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and Server 2008 who have also installed the Windows Live Essentials Beta.  Enhancements made to the Windows Live Essential Beta prevent the Feedback tool from running – you will receive a message entitled “Please install the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant” with a link to ”Get the Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant”.  When you try to download and install from the link, it will say you already have a more recent version installed.  This issue has been reported by users in Connect, and we will update those bugs as we investigate the issue.

    To provide the IE team with your feedback, go directly to the IE Feedback Program (connect.microsoft.com/ie) on Microsoft Connect.  This is the same location where all entries from the Feedback Tool are logged.  You can use it to view, edit, and comment on bugs, and to see the results of our investigation.  You need to register on Connect to use the Send Feedback tool and the IE Feedback Program. Registering is a quick and easy process described here: connect.microsoft.com/…/content.aspx.  Once registered, you can go directly to the Feedback page (connect.microsoft.com/…/feedback), search for your issue, and submit new feedback if it is not found.  The Feedback page has additional information on the process.

    Your feedback is very important to us and much appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experiences with the IE9 Beta.

    Justin Saint Clair

    Program Manager, Internet Explorer

    @All (@Authec, @AdamR, etc)

    For those of you for whom the feedback tool simply isn't running, you should similarly go to connect.microsoft.com/ie.  In addition to logging your original feedback, we'd like more information on your experience with the Send Feedback tool so that we can troubleshoot those issues.

  270. Ian Boyd says:

    "While tabs are central to the browsing experience, over 97% of IE sessions have 5 or fewer tabs, and more than 90% of users have never had more than 8 tabs open at once." At the time i was reading it on my iTouch's RSS reader. i didn't look closely at the screenshots, so i didn't see the address bar/tab position changes.

    When i first read this i thought to myself, "Okay, as long as you don't remove the space available for tabs. Just cause the majority of users don't have more than 8 tabs open – doesn't mean that i don't. Just don't change the UI based on that assumption."  

    Now that i've seen the IE9 beta, and the cramming of the address bar and tabs into one row…

    …i'll just let the rest of the world's mad out-cry speak for me.

    But i thought it was ironic that i predicted the very UI change that i didn't want; based simply on the very mention of an interesting piece of telemetry.

  271. Don Reba says:

    The search box used to provide a quick shortcut for searching various sites: "Ctrl+E, Down, Y" for Youtube, "Ctrl+E, Down, M" for MSDN, etc. Now, the search providers are cramped into a line of mostly nondescript icons at the bottom of the address bar dropdown list and are no longer easily accessible from the keyboard.

  272. cartman says:

    is it going to support 2d transform, text shadow, multicolumn layout and any other css3 features?

  273. Shane says:

    In ie9 beta, proxy settings failure, Winodws 2008+IE9 Beta,and in ie8 normal.

    Internet options > connection > LAN Settings > Proxy Server > Advanced … > sockets:

  274. @Shane: I'm not sure what you're asking. If you don't know why your proxy settings are set that way, you should switch them back to "No proxy" and scan your computer for malware. Other than web debugging software and perhaps old "web accelerator" software, the most common reason that a proxy setting is set to (your own computer) is because malware is installed on your computer.

    @cartman: IE9 Beta many CSS3 features, which you can read about here: msdn.microsoft.com/…/ff468705.aspx

  275. cartman says:

    hey thanks eric. yes i saw that link before. my question is IE9 final going to incorporate 2d transform, text shadow, multicolumn support since Firefox and Chrome already have it. i know  IE9 is still in beta so I'm hoping you guys would add those css3 features in the final version  plus other ones which arent available in the beta.

  276. Juan says:

    Hi, i have 2 pc's with win7, i instaled ie9 on both, but Aero Snap Tabs only works in one, i already uninstaled and installed again but it just wont work, any ideas what can it be?

  277. doug1140 says:

    The translucent bar where the tabs are displayed makes it very difficult to see the inactive tabs when the desktop is a dark color (mine is black).  I often have a dozen tabs open.   I prefer the look of IE9 on my netbook which doesn't have Aero.  All the tabs are easily visitlble.

  278. omg says:

    this is, well i have to say, a chrome OEM

  279. Rasmus says:

    I have set Google as primary search provider. Some of my searches takes me directly to a website instead of showing the search result in Google. How do I turn this off?? For example searching for "internet explorer" takes me directly to http://www.microsoft.com/…/default.aspx (I live in Denmark).

  280. Mirko Mandic [MSFT] says:

    @Rasmus – Through its Top Result feature, IE enables Search Providers to efficiently navigate you directly to a specific result (without showing an intermediary, aggregate results page), if they have high confidence that the entered term corresponds to a particular web page.  As Search Providers continue to refine their confidence algorithms, this functionality will continue to improve, but if you would like, you can also disable Top Result for individual Search Providers (Tools > Manage add-ons > Search Providers > select a Provider > Disable top result in address bar).

  281. Mourinho Web Developer says:

    I usually have I have 5 or 6 tabs opened… And in my view, there is a lot of blank space up the tabs doing nothing. something it's optimized yet! Should tabs go that space left?

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