IE9 Beta Webcast: Tune in

Since March, many of you have downloaded the IE9 platform preview builds and visited the Test Drive site.  Your thoughtful feedback in the comments here and in the bugs you’ve logged in Connect is helping to make a better IE9. On Wednesday, 10:30am PST, you can tune in to a web cast to learn more about what’s next with IE9 Beta live from San Francisco.

- The IE Team

Comments (112)

  1. Joe R says:

    Looking forward to it and congrats to the team getting it this far!

  2. Mario says:

    Finally the day is here the day that we will stop being laughed at for using internet explorer. cause all the other webbrowser users always say to me ha ha ha you use internet explorer and it isn't that great as firefox and google chrome.  


  3. Mario says:

    wait a mintue will internet explorer update with windows update when the stable version comes out and will the 64-bit and 32-bit internet explorer 8 update on my computer? I'm usuing windows 7 home edition 64-bit

  4. wafsd says:

    @Mario – grow up. Please. Fanboi behavior is obnoxious no matter who you support.

    Congratulations, IE Team. I am eager to download IE9 and use it as my daily browser. One question – will it run alongside IE8 as the platform previews have done, or will it replace IE8, as your past betas have done? I don't much care as IE9 is clearly a superior product, but I'd like to know.

    I also commend you for your work with standards, especially developing and releasing tests that are impartial to the browser being tested.

  5. IEFan says:

    I'm still on XP (I just can't afford a Windows 7 PC at the moment) but I'm looking forward to the Webcast, I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

  6. Mario says:

    all i asked this time was will internet explorer 9 have update the 32-bit and 64-bit version of internet explorer 8 on my computer. and if there would be a ie9 64-bit 🙁

  7. Taciturne says:

    You read it here second

    "Internet Explorer 9 has combined the search box with the address bar. You can search from the address bar by typing multiple words in the address bar or by typing a question mark followed by a space followed by your search query."

  8. samirguo says:

    Looking forward to the Webcast

  9. Mr.buttons says:

    hello will the "Back and Forward buttons" on Internet explorer 9 look like internet explorer 8's or no i would like a reply.  and i hope when ie updates that windows file explorer interface will change to look like internet explorer 9's cause as of now it look like internet explorer 8's interface

  10. Xelo says:

    Faster, Better.. what about SAFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No_More_viruses_online says:

    @Xelo hello yes Internet Explorer 9 will be safer 😉

  12. da speed hacker says:

    hello will intenret explorer 9 have something it that hackers can hack to speed it up or never?

  13. Tornado7969 says:

    So exactly what time tomorrow will it be ready for download, or do we download it right when the webcast is over?

  14. Hi IE9 says:

    Just waiting for it.

  15. Amin says:

    I can't wait. PST is killing me since it's Wednesday, 15 September 9:30 A.M. in here(+3.5 GMT) but Tuesday, 14 September

    10:00 P.M. in PST! I'm counting down.

  16. Adam says:

    Is the webcast going to be available for download after it's over?

  17. mahmoud says:

    can't wait 😀

  18. Senthil says:

    Great job IE team and thanks to whoever took the handcuffs off the IE team!

  19. Raheal says:

    Great job guys, can't wait to see what great unintuitive and anticompetitive stuff that you've come up with.

    I'll continue to use my current browser, but take the new rendering engine for my own browser. 🙂

    P.S. I only use the rendering engine for backdated websites.

  20. riddle says:

    Can I uninstall my IE 8 from windows 7 system and use IE 9 bate  only?

  21. Badger says:

    Looking forward to it, what a leap from 8!

  22. Neo yep cant wait again. says:

    This is actually the best Browser I have ever used

    it kicks but in all of its tests against even firefox.

    i dont think they will get close to this any time soon.

    microsoft has something extroardinary here.

  23. Alvatrus says:

    Is it 10.30am PST or 10.30am PDT? (As announced elsewhere.)

    Can you specify the time in UTC also? This will circumvent any ambuigity with daylight saving time.

  24. Tophe says:

    Great job guys!

    can't wait to download it!

  25. mohammed says:

    When can I download it how much time is left

  26. Joey says:

    PST may refer to:

    • Pacific Standard Time, UTC−8:00

    • Pakistan Standard Time, UTC+5:00

    • Philippine Standard Time, UTC+8:00

    UTC instead of ambiguity is too much to ask? If you have an international audience, that would also simplify things as I guess most people would know their time zone difference from UTC but not from an arbitrary time zone 1/3 around the world.

  27. aL says:

    @ joey bump!

    really you should paste in some js that could give localized time but at the very least  you should use utc….

    in any case, cant wait for ie9 🙂

  28. Mike Dimmick says:

    @Joey: Redmond and San Francisco are both in the US Pacific time zone. It's currently summer time so UTC-07:00. That makes it 17:30 in UTC (18:30 British Summer Time for any Brits reading).

  29. Tom says:

    Should I like you a screen shot of time zones in Windows, Mike?

    UTC-07:00 is "Mountain Time" Pacific Time is UTC-08:00

  30. Tom says:

    Should I link you a screen shot of time zones in Windows, Mike?

    UTC-07:00 is "Mountain Time" Pacific Time is UTC-08:00

  31. olafhamburg says:


    The Windows update is installed and now I wait impatiently for the IE9.

    Can me somebody the one in a link way nominal where there is it?


    greetings from Hamburg/Germany


  32. olafhamburg says:

    In Germany 18:30 Europe Summertime

  33. Andrew says:

    Here is the link to calculate what time the webcast will start in your local time:…/fixedtime.html

  34. olafhamburg says:

    Maybe it is better when we here only still the hours posting until it is so far. 🙂

  35. just surfin' says:

    can't wait to see what new features in ie9 beta.

  36. Alex Bars says:

    Great News, I hope that IE9 vanish its past, please release its stable version as soon as possible!!


  37. Jones111 says:


    Previous statements said, that the IE9 Beta will replace IE8. If you like to stay with your old browser, you'll be free to download updated platform previews and use them parallel to IE8.


    Please post some installation instructions and basic infos so that we can prepare our computers.

  38. Jones111 says:


    Previous statements said, that the IE9 Beta will replace IE8. If you like to stay with your old browser, you'll be free to download updated platform previews and use them parallel to IE8.


    Please post some installation instructions and basic infos so that we can prepare our computers.

  39. Mello says:

    Please provide IE9 for XP minus graphics acceleration. Don't abandon your customers.

  40. AntiLuddite says:

    Please ignore trolls like Mello (aka Tuxplorer) and dump the highly insecure and ancient XP.

  41. olafhamburg says:

    IE 9 is only for Windows Vista and Windows 7: -)

  42. mohammed says:

    When when when when I can download the IE 9 I'm waiting

  43. olafhamburg says:

    i hope in 4 hours

  44. Rob says:

    Why Visual Studio and IE9 have similar colors and branding (blue-violet)?

  45. steve says:

    The calendar appointment over on says the webcast starts at 2pm EDT (which would be 11am in SanFran)… which is correct? this blog, or the launch site?… and whichever one is wrong, can you fix it?

  46. Sudheer says:

    Just can't wait. Make it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon guys……………. I love IE

  47. mohammed says:

    I am from Saudi Arabia and the wait from 5 am to 4 pm, have not changed the dish only the latest

    I love microsoft and  all of its programs

  48. AntiLuddite says:

    WTF no XP support Microsoft?

  49. Shamil says:

    @AntiLuddite: Windows XP was released nearly a decade ago. Please "get real" and upgrade to a modern operating system. XP support should be over. You can't expect Microsoft to continue to develop for now an outdated platform.

  50. Neo says:

    Yes that is still 5 hours and 5 minutes away its still 5 am here.

  51. Andrey says:

    I can't wait webcast!

    I wonder IE wil often updated or one of the one-two year.

    Anywaut a very waiting Internet Explorer 9 beta.

    P.S. I'm from Russia, I'm sorry for my English.

  52. Oguz says:

    Release the Kraken!

    Unleash the the beast!

    Keep up the good work. Can't wait to download the Beta! Do a early launch!!!!!!

  53. Andrey says:

    Now (PST) is 7:16AM.

  54. technically... says:

    it's now 7:23am PDT (not PST). the webcast is actually at 10:30am PDT, so 3 hours and 7 minutes.

  55. ieface says:

    In face,now (Beijing) is 10:25PM.

  56. Jason says:

    IE9, are you still pushing that crap? Give it up guys, the only reason people use IE is because you cram it down their throats on install of an operating system and they don't know any better, or they're stuck using it because the company IT department is too lazy to upgrade hundreds of systems.

  57. Croft says:

    Awww…. Here in Finland until 20:30. Now the clock is 17:30.  ðŸ˜€  Can not wait…

  58. Martin says:

    As long as IE9 will be w3c compliant I am happy. That is what should be focused on!

  59. Logisoft says:

    Can't wait can't wait!! BTW, will the beta be available for public testing immediately this 1030PDT? thanks!

  60. AntiLuddite says:

    @Shamil, but 6 years of the 9 years, XP was the latest and then Vista uptake was less than expected. Microsoft Windows overwhelming majority of users use XP and IE9 won't run on it by using Windows 7 specific technologies. How come the web evolved so far without hardware acceleration? How come other browsers aren't dropping XP support yet? How come no one in the industry is yet dropping XP support? How come Microsoft's commercial products like Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 all run on the "nearly decade old obsolete" XP? They just don't want to give XP users all the rendering improvements without us paying the Windows tax. Their vested interest is more in Windows than in progressing the web.

  61. NEO says:

    The BETA IS only going to be Available to MSDN Developers.

    Their will be no download trial links supplied emmediatly.

    On the 17th the links will be available here.

  62. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Neo: That is incorrect.

  63. Oguz says:

    @Jason are you feeling the pressure on your back? What a nonse arguments, you can clearly see that IE9 with it's featureset will be the best browser to have. You didnt even bother to take the  HTML5 and other tests to see what kind of performance improvments are made with IE9 . You are just dissapointent that your current browser is left behind and eating the dust.

    How can you ignore the performance of IE9 vs your browser?  And if you are happy with your current browser, well stick with it then. Leaving nonse comments won't effect anything. It's for you a way to express your fealings. And this is not a blog for

  64. thematt says:

    IE9 is looking really awesome (core-technology and standards wise!) Looking forward to the UI and getting hands on with the beta!

  65. Croft says:

    Will the Event view live video from somewhere? If so, where?  I hope that the Finnish language is included. (Had been included in IE 8 beta.)

    I want to install the beta, and remove the Platform Preview (was a problem with the window maximized, the window did not stay maximized).

    Thanks a lot for the Internet Explorer team, and thanks to you commenters! 😉  (Sorry for the bad English language)

  66. @MSFT says:

    You know you are not launching the BETA to the General public. Just like the (NEXT) System. Windows NEXT

  67. MJay says:

    Seriously – is it going to be better? hmmmmm I deploy it in the enterprise because I have to, chrome is going to e hard to beat for speed and firefox for features.

  68. Mohammad says:

    Great job IE team

    Microsoft My love 😉

  69. churvey says:

    IE9 will be a shoot

  70. Hello says:

    Please Don't Remove website keep it i love testing my webbrowser all the time

  71. May Be Silver says:

    I Love Microsoft , I Love Internet Explorer

  72. olafhamburg says:

    @ May Be Silver   oh yes me too.

    Regardless whether Windows, Office or WindowsMobile if there is something new must I it fast have. 🙂

  73. Cosmin says:

    I've never used another browser. For me, safety comes first and nothing can beat IE. when it comes to that. Even if a Microsoft employee will tell me something else, it's my history using this browser that tells me something else.

  74. olafhamburg says:

    another 1 hour and 15 minutes correct?

  75. hi says:

    yay i can't wait xD

  76. Jordan Williams says:

    This is the first time I've added an additional clock for another timezone in Windows Vista/7 under my time settings.

  77. x5ga says:

    Big thanks to the team of developers working on IE9. Can't wait for it to be released.

  78. hasan says:

    waiting for release 🙂

  79. IE Fan says:

    here's to IE9 and many more innovative releases to come…

  80. Meni says:

    Since so many fanboys are gathered here, let me repeat a questionnaire i made some time ago (appologies for those who filled it and didn't get an anwser 😉 )

    1) What did you think of SVG/canvas/DOM-events before 2009 when MSFT announced support for it.

    2) What do you think of those today?

    3) What do you think of WebGL today? Please do look at MSFT before answering 🙂

    4) What do you of sites targeted at IE (6 mostly, but 7 and 8 also)?

    5) Silverlight?


    Meni, a fanboy of open-standards

  81. Shamsher says:

    32 minutes..!!

  82. olafhamburg says:

    Get ready for a beautyful web.


  83. Hassan says:

    Will check out IE9 potentially uses my Geforce 9800GT.

  84. Jordan Williams says:

    I just checked the beautyoftheweb site & it's out there now.  At least for me in Central Standard timezone

  85. Shamsher says:

    I am downloading..!!

  86. Jordan Williams says:

    aw you beat me to it, Olaf

  87. olafhamburg says:

    @Jordan Williams   sorry:-)

  88. Senthil says:

    I have it! Awesomeness!

  89. Jim Harrer says:

    Congratulations to the IE 9 Team!  You must be very excited for today!

  90. FatherOfZen says:

    Is the IE9 podcast starting at 1:30 Eastern time or 2:00?  If 1:30, it is after that now, anybody got a link to the podcast?


    -I come by way of Hanselman

  91. Alan Tucker says:

    The beta is available on

  92. Kalina Dancheva says:

    Congtarulations! I cannot wait to test the new Internet Explorer 9!

  93. web developer says:

    IE9 is awesome! Unfortunately XP with IE6 and IE7 is still what web developers have to deal with. I wish Microsoft could do something to clean up that mess. Just leaving it behind is not fair. Web developers spend countless hours testing and hacking css and javascript so that web apps work on the less awesome browsers out there.

  94. FatherOfZen says:

    I feel your pain.  I'm trying get some styles to work on IE6 right now.  I wish it would just go away.

  95. Senthil says:

    Hi, I missed the Keynote. Can I download it from somewhere?

  96. Croft says:

    Senthil, Click on the blog web cast link on the top or this:…/internetexplorer   😉

  97. Still can't see the video says:

    @Croft.. I actually opened the "web cast" link in the top when it was like 2 mins before the end. Some guy was asking the audience to try out the latest HTML5 web apps. Then it ended. But now, when I click on that link or the one which you gave, I go to a page where THAT video is not available. The video gallery is full of videos about IE9 but not the KeyNote. Is that the page where I can download the KeyNote or is it too late?

  98. 5 says:

    iexplore.exe 中的 0x023b88b1 处未处理的异常: 0xC0000005: 读取位置 0x89087d8b 时发生访问冲突


  99. Kashish Gupta says:


    I would like to report a problem i have experienced while suing IE9 Beta.

    When you go on and log in, the chat client does not load.

    It says loading for infinite time, so I think this may be a problem with a plug-in that isn't working properly with the new release of IE.

    When you use IE8, everything works fine, with then same plug-ins installed and everything.

    Me and my friend have both experienced the same problem with IE9 Beta.

    Thanks, and I hope this gets fixed soon!

  100. B.X. says:

    i love the the redesigned ie9 beta, but i had some issues with it. First of all, im a windows 7 ultimate user, and i noticed that after i installed the ie9 beta (or at least the 64 bit version), every time i used the show desktop button, the desktop gadgets gets minimized. i've had a friend who also had the same issue. it's not a major concern, but it does annoy me because i use that button a lot. The second problem i had with ie9 beta is that although the new interface looks great, when you click things like options and favorites, they're exactly the same as ie8. frankly, i found those menus very ugly and it just kinda ruins the minimalistic vibe of ie9. Hope those things get redesigned as well. Lastly, i really wasn't impressed with the add-on manager (which is the same as ie8). i pretty expect ie9 to step up in terms of add-ons, because otherwise it will lose an edge compared to others like Chrome and Firefox. if ie9 is going to have more add-ons, then those horrible add-manager need to become less complicated and user friendly (i mean it doesn't even tell you what each add-on does).

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