Microsoft Attending SVG Open 2010 Conference

With Patrick fresh off the plane from Brussels (see previous post), this is a great time to share that Patrick and I will be attending the SVG Open 2010 conference late this summer. The theme of this year’s conference is “Ubiquitous SVG.” We’re excited to help make this theme a reality through our continued participation in the W3C SVG Working Group and the broader developer community and with our implementation of SVG in IE9.

SVG Open 2010, the 8th International Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics, will be held in Paris, France from August 30 – September 1, 2010. A day of optional workshops follows on September 2nd.

This will be the second year the IE team has attended SVG Open. Like last year, our primary purpose is to listen and learn. Of particular interest to us is how the community sees SVG evolving in light of HTML5 and CSS3 proposals around transforms, transitions, and animation.

I’ve been asked to present a keynote address which I’ve titled “From Zero to SVG in One Year—SVG 1.1 in Internet Explorer 9.” In it, I’ll describe Internet Explorer 9’s implementation of SVG and share insights from the team’s experience implementing it as part of our GPU-powered HTML5 effort. In addition, Patrick will be delivering a presentation titled “The Future of SVG and HTML5—How SVG Will Impact the Web.”

If you’re able to attend, we look forward to seeing you in Paris at the end of the summer.

Ted Johnson
IE Partner Program Manager for Web Graphics

Comments (15)

  1. infinte says:

    So, SVG 2.0, Right?

    Please show it in the next preview, WITH VIDEO AND CANVAS!

  2. ZippyV says:

    Infinte, your childish behavior is getting really annoying.

  3. infinte says:

    @ZippyV: I'm only expressing what the developers want. They can't wait.

  4. Hey Microsoft, do you guys have a blog for Windows itself?

  5. Mitch 74 says:

    Still can't post without JS support. I'm getting fed up with having to re-type comments.

    @infinte: SVG 2.0 isn't even a draft; if you meant, SVG 1.2 2nd edition, then by all means.

    It IS nice to have strong interest in SVG from MS. It's been long in coming, but at least what there is now is far from token support.

  6. Neil Dunensach says:

    @infinite – they'll have to.

    @John – you mean this?…/Windows+7

  7. Neil Dunensach says:

    John – sorry, try this… need to click before I shoot 😉

  8. John A. Bilicki III says:

    @Neil Thank you… Vista is horrible but 7 is unimaginably even worse! The GUI is anti-intuitive and is arthritis inducing! Half the useful features from XP have been hack-sawed off and the rest of the useful features are hidden (properties context menu for the My Documents folder is a glaring example). Some genius thought to change documents to favorites…not like the word "favorites" is ***HIGHLY*** associated with any PROMINENT piece of software in Windows right? Many features require 2-5 clicks/actions that could be achieved in XP with a single click. I could go on and on about how awful 7 is but I won't.

    On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE I just had to rewrite this entire post from scratch because MSDN decided NOT to redirect me to a new page thus destroying the page in the browser's history somehow I had typed this on originally wasting more of my time, forcing me to associate my account which is also not working…it's just turning in to a massive disaster around here.

  9. a688 says:

    @John A. Bilicki III – Are you sure you aren't the massive disaster. Unable to use bing or google to find a blog AND whining about changes in Windows on the IE blog.

  10. John A. Bilicki III says:

    @a688 That's funny because when this blog isn't broken my name is linked to my site showing my technical capabilities whereas looking up your alias on any search engine does not associate with any real life individual which only means you're a troll. 🙂

  11. Neil Dunensach says:

    @John – wow, I guess you don't like 7 huh? 🙂  Actually I like it a lot, I love the redesigned Task Bar and I think the libraries work well.  Not sure what you're referring to about Documents becoming Favorites, I still have a Documents Folder where I'd expect it to be…?

  12. HTML5 says:…/html5-test-updated-how-well-does-your-browser-support-html5-now.html

    "Microsoft even released their own HTML5 test suite in which they score 100% and all other browser score less. Of course they only test the things they actually implemented: Text selection, Foreign content and getElementsByClassName and forget about all the things they haven’t implemented."

    "Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2 scores a meagre 32 points. Let’s hope they manage to improve on this score."

    Microsoft, dishonest, FUD, liars who can't even implement Canvas support yet makes grandiose claims.

  13. HTML4 says:


    Get out you silly little child.

  14. 8675309 says:

    would be nice to see shockwave get better supprt

  15. FremyCompany says:

    What's strange about Microsoft, is that they seems to be able to move at a speed no other software company could even reach. And, still, many people (sometimes including me) feels like Microsoft is always a step before the others. I'm seriously asking myself how such a situation is possible…

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