Facebook Add-ons for IE8


In this post, I will introduce you to some of the most compelling Facebook add-ons for Internet Explorer 8.

Share with Facebook Accelerator

The Share with Facebook Accelerator allows you to share any text, link, or page with your Facebook friends with a single click. You can use this accelerator by selecting either some text or a link, or by right-clicking on any part of the page.

Install here: http://www.ieaddons.com/en/details/204/Share_on_Facebook/

image of IE Accelerator menu with "Share on Facebook" accelerator

The technical beauty of this add-on is that it is extremely simple. In fact, it is contained in a single XML file, which is based on the OpenServiceDescription specification.

Facebook Web Slice

The Facebook Web Slice allows you to stay up to date with what’s happening in your Facebook network. Regardless what website you are on, you can click at any time on the web slice title and display the recent messages from your friends on your board.

Install here: http://www.ieaddons.com/en/details/social/Facebook_Web_Slice/

Facebook webslice showing some status updates

The Web Slice uses the Facebook Connect APIs to connect to your account and it shows a notification when new content is available. Special thanks go to the MVP Konstantinos Pantos for his contribution to the community.

Facebook Search Provider

Do you need to search for someone on Facebook? You can start right away from the browser search box!

Install here: http://www.ieaddons.com/en/details/searchhelpers/Facebook/

IE search box searching on Facebook

Again, this extension is built on top of an XML file which describes the end-point for the search provider.

Facebook Toolbar

The Facebook Toolbar lets you to share with your friends while browsing anywhere on the web - get notified, share content, upload photos, and update your status no matter where you are!

Install here: http://www.facebook.com/toolbar#!/toolbar?v=app_4949752878

Facebook toolbar

The source code of this toolbar is available on github.

Thanks to the Facebook Team for these great extensions!

If you have any feedback or you would like to highlight other great IE8 add-ons, please leave a comment to this post.

Giorgio Sardo
Web Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation

Comments (33)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does your context menu for accelerators show all the bing garbage?  Google is #1 for a reason – see infographic


    the attempts on this blog to attempt subtle self-promotion are hilarious.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Troll elsewhere please. We’re bored.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but i am still not convinced. I stick to Firefox.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you know what would be better? a browser that supports CSS properly.

    stop procrastinating and coding plugins no one cares about.

  5. @epic: you can embed Flash and other objects into Silverlight, so you can use flash.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I recently was wondering about an application like this..glad it is added!

  7. Could you take a look at IE7Pro. It was made for IE7 but works with IE8


  8. donny says:

    cool! 4 new ways to clutter IE with facebook! – uhm pass.

  9. Ömer Çelik says:


    I have created an accelerator for our Turkish-English dictionary in here : http://www.ieaddons.com/tr/Details.aspx?Id=2172. I have also added flash buttons to listen searched word but flash animations are nto clickable inside accelerator. (Only can be clicked when moving mouse) Is it a problem about IE8 or flash player?



  10. James says:


    Think before you post !

    An accelerator doesn’t exist till you bring up a context menu for a page/url/text selection.  There’s no cluttering at all!

    The search provider plugs in to the existing search mechanism.

    The web slice fits on the favorites bar !

    Maybe your point is slightly valid with the toolbar, but hey, it is optional !

  11. Mathew says:

    My wish for the future version of IE: +90 points in Acid 3 please !  Then i will look into extensions. First: the basics.

  12. Andy says:

    People are still using Facebook?

  13. Matt says:

    Snark is fun. Stats are more fun.  Facebook has  400+ million active users, with 200+ million who log in every day.


  14. piratesmvp04 says:

    Wait a minute…Microsoft released the source code for their Facebook toolbar? LOL

  15. Jorge says:

    @piratesmvp04, the article said "Thanks to the Facebook Team for these great extensions!", so Microsoft isn’t the author of that toolbar. Read carefully before post 😉

    Great add-ons by the way! I have my Facebook account, and I’ll use the Facebook Accelerator to publish content 😀

    Best regards from Peru! 😀

  16. Joshua Chen says:

    We created Accelerator/Webslice/Search provider for Packagetrackr just after the first announcement of the IE 8 beta at Mix8.

    We want to be highlighted at that time but didn’t get the attention. 🙁

    Anyway, after the IE add-on gallery launched, we submitted all but the Webslice never get succeed, here is the latest version: http://www.packagetrackr.com/product/plugins/webslice


    We’re hoping IE blog could highlight us this time 🙂

  17. TheLudditeDeveloper says:

    We created a UK Shopping Search Engine and would like it to be included in that category on ieaddons.com.

    How do we do this?

    We have been able to add it manually to our own IE8 browsers in the top right hand corner search bar.

    When adding a search provided you need to provide a URL that will perform sample search on the word TEST (must be uppercase).

    The following URL will do this


    The search engine returns results in a much more shopper friendly manner with pictures and prices in addition to a choice of vendors.

    Users are able to sort the results by price, popularity, or alphabetically.

    Users are also able to filter the results by price range, brand or store.

  18. Dr Watson says:

    The Facebook webslice doesn’t work for me.  I have tried on two Win7 64bit computers, for each of them when I try to log in at http://webslice.cloudapp.net/Connect.aspx, it tells me to click on Connect to start.  There is no clickable Connect link visible, the word Connect only appears in plain text.  Is the hyperlink or button I’m supposed to clikc on missing?


  19. Oliver says:

    Oh yeah, great! Only one year after the first firefox/facebook extesio, IE8 can nearly do the same.

  20. @Ömer Çelik: for security reasons, some scenarios are not allowed in the context of the accelerator preview. If you use HTML, you should be able to do any click/scroll/pan (e.g. Yahoo! Map Accelerator).

    @Joshua Chen: I’m not sure what happened there, I submitted your scenarios for review to the Gallery owner.

    @TheLudditeDeveloper: you can create an account on ieaddons.com and submit your scenario (once you are logged-in, click on your name on top of the page and you will see and "Upload" button).

    @Dr Watson: the connect button is a standard XFBL control provided by Facebook; it should render at run-time an image and attach a script, as defined by the Facebook APIs (http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/Facebook_Connect_Login_Buttons). Once you click on Connect button, a popup window should allow you to login to your Facebook account and authorize this web slice. Can you please check if JavaScript is enabled on your browser? Do you see any JS Error on the status bar? You might also try to search on the Facebook Forum to see if their button has known issues.

  21. Steve says:

    Who cares…  Stop wasting your time with this stuff and hurry up and get IE 9 out the door with better CSS support

  22. Tim Brown says:

    Hi there.

    I am trying to upload pics to facebook but I and being told I need to install the facebook plug in. When I click install it never seems to work. Do you have a link that I can follow in order to install it successfully?

    Many Thanks

  23. Azure says:

    You will continue to receive negative comments because of your execution delivering IE7,8.

  24. Dr Watson says:


    Thanks for the reply.  You prompted me to look a bit more carefully, and the problem turned out to be InPrivate Filtering.  Facebook had been automatically added to the filter list.

    The webslice worked properly the moment I turned off InPrivate Filtering and did a refresh on the page.

    Any luck with improving InPrivate Filtering for IE9, so that it can be more easily turned on (instead of needing to be manually turned on each session or with a registry key) and also to whitelist sites like Facebook on the automatic setting?


  25. steve says:

    For IE9, can the IE tools be fixed for a bunch of irritating issues.

    1.) the toolbar (undocked) isn’t shown/hidden per tab in IE8.  Thus you can open tab A, open the dev tools, use the ruler – and everything is fine.  Close the ruler. Now open tab B, click on the dev tools that is on the taskbar, then click the ruler tool… the toolbox dialog opens up… but the ruler tool doesn’t actually work because it is tied to tab A.  This is just one of many tools that doesn’t work across tabs within the toolbar.  Since you need to re-open the dev tools for most of the commands to work, please hide the dev tool window when the tab that opened it loses focus.

    2.) When viewing the HTML source, do not collapse the line-breaks in inline CSS or SCRIPT tags… it makes reading the code darn near impossible.

    3.) in the HTML source do not put "Text – Empty Text Node"… in fact, don’t add "Text – …" at all, it just wastes space and makes it harder to find text content.

    4.) The style panel contains all kinds of UPPER CASE tags that are NOT present in the HTML documents – all tags should be lower case. Ditto for the CSS tab.

    5.) The "Trace Styles" tab should open with all the properties expanded to be of any real use.  You view this tab to find out why IE is rendering something wrong, thus you are going to expand it… and may need to navigate up the HTML tree with it expanded to find the inherited source of a property.

    6.) The {Property}{Space}:{Space}{Value} formatting is annoying, please remove the space before the colon.

    7.) When you do have 2 tabs open (your app ver x, and your app ver y) and you have the dev toolbar window open for both, there is no way to distinguish which toolbar belongs to which window (unless the page titles are different)

    8.) Firebug handles this much better by indicating that it isn’t active for the current tab (when it hasn’t been requested), and auto-toggles between tabs when you switch between them (much better design)

    9.) The style tab of Firebug is far superior to the style tab in the IE dev tools as it renders the CSS selector as it appears in the CSS stylesheet.  e.g. html, body {…}  this works much better than just raw tag names as the context of the true selector is known.

    10.) The line number in the related file (CSS or JS) is also a missing feature in IE’s toolbar.  Without it you still have to grep your source files to find a selector once you find it in the IE tools.

    There’s hundreds more usability issues with the toolbar but I’d be happy with any improvements that can be made to make the toolbar usable.

  26. Reader says:

    @dan: If you actually *read* the post, you’d see that the add-ons here were written by Facebook, not IE. Facebook is a website run by a different company.

    @Dr Watson: An "automatic whitelist" sorta misses the point. InPrivate Filtering is *supposed* to block sites like Facebook if the user wants. If you want to allow Facebook to watch as you surf around the web, choose "Allow" in the settings dialog. And let’s stop pretending like setting a registry key (or double-clicking a .REG file) is a real burden… it’s not like they don’t know how to code a checkbox– they clearly decided not to. Probably so that people who don’t understand the feature don’t accidentally turn it on forevermore.

  27. epic fault says:

    Just announced: Windows Phone 7 development is ONLY available through Silverlight.


    So No Flash app support ever, and all your typical development tools are out the window.

    I certainly hope this doesn’t reflect on the mobile IE browser’s perspective on web standards.

    Just stunned.

  28. Blah says:

    @epic: You clearly don’t know what development tools are "typically" used for Windows Phone development.

  29. dtrim says:

    Soon more IE9 info will be revealed in MIX10, and I will make a prediction here :

    IF IE9 will indeed support the HTML5 video tag, the ONLY built-in codec will be WMV/VC-1, and there will be most definitely NO native Theora support.

    And all those HTML5 video fan(boy)s, who constantly whine in this blog for IE to support HTML5 video, will then scream in terror as they realize that the HTML5 video thing will finally be in a mess of a three-way codec war, with Adobe laughing over all of us.

    I hope I will be proven wrong, but really, I’d bet that just like Apple will always be supporting only H.264 natively, Microsoft will always be supporting only WMV/VC-1 natively.

    And people will then realize that they should never ask Microsoft to support the HTML5 video tag in IE before the HTML5 specs can settle on a standard video codec first, and they should first let the Theora vs. H.264 fight finish, instead of turning it into a Theora vs. H.264 vs. WMV mess.

  30. MIX10 says:

    @dtrim: The Mix10 announcement just showed HTML5 Video on YouTube, which uses H.264, not WMV.

  31. Mike says:

    Hey are you guys planning to announce this?


    A lot of information on IE9 and even a preview version to download.

  32. Dr Watson says:


    Thanks for the reply, but that wasn’t really my question.  If I have InPrivate Filtering as "Automatically Block", I want the option to manually whitelist the sites I don’t want blocked by the automatic rule.  As for a registry key, it’s easy enough for me but it’s too much bother to explain over the phone or email to a non technical friend who loves the idea of InPrivate Filtering but ends up not using it because it’s just too hard.

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