IT Professionals: Prepare for Internet Explorer 8 availability via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) in August 2009

For those of you who manage your organization’s desktops using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Internet Explorer 8 will be made available via this technology starting August 25, 2009.  Internet Explorer 8 will be made available as an “Update rollup” and will be applicable to all supported languages.

Is my organization affected?

If your organization uses WSUS and has it configured to auto-approve Update rollup packages, upon acceptance of the Internet Explorer 8 End User License Agreement (EULA) by the WSUS administrator, Internet Explorer 8 will install automatically on computers running Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on supported operating systems.

What should I do if I auto-approve Update rollups but want to control when I deploy Internet Explorer 8?

To give you control over how and when Internet Explorer 8 is deployed in your environment, perform the following steps:

Before August 25, 2009:

  1. Turn off auto-approve for “Update rollup” packages in WSUS, and approve the updates manually.  Note: Even if Auto-Approve for “Update rollup” is on, you will still be required to approve the Internet Explorer 8 EULA before Internet Explorer 8 is deployed to downstream clients.

After August 25, 2009:

  1. Synchronize your WSUS server.
  2. Decline the Internet Explorer 8 update packages.
  3. If you typically auto-approve update rollup packages, you can re-enable automatic approval for “Update rollups.”

What other Internet Explorer 8 updates will be available via WSUS?

Cumulative security updates for Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List updates will also be released via WSUS as they become available.

To deploy Internet Explorer 8 today, visit the Internet Explorer TechNet Center – among other useful resources you’ll find an Internet Explorer Deployment Guide and information about the Internet Explorer Administration Kit which explains how to generate a MSI installer and distribute it using Systems Management Server or Group Policy.

Eric Hebenstreit
Lead Program Manager

Comments (15)

  1. Phil Rigby says:

    Great Eric, thanks for the update… was wondering when this was going to hit the WSUS infrastructure.

  2. 127 says:

    "Windows Internet Explorer 8 MUI Pack for Windows XP/2003"


    "Internet Explorer 8 Language Packs for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008"

    also available by WSUS than ?

  3. hAl says:

    Quick Q.

    What is the most current and up to date IE8 build on Windows 7 ?

  4. ieblog says:

    @hAl: In Win7, the IE version matches the Win7 version.  So, depending on which build of Win7 you have, you’ll have a different build number for IE8.

  5. As an administrator of my company, I use Windows Server Update Services to manage the distribution of Microsoft hotfixes and updates released through Automatic Updates to the PCs in our corporate environment.

    The awaited availability of IE8 via this service is a very good news to me and my company as a whole.

    The tutorial about how to gain control over how and when IE8 is deployed, if one auto-approves Update rollups is well comprehended.

  6. hAl says:

    On windows 7 Skype addon is



    IE 8 release notes states that Skype addons with versions above 2.2.0193 should be acceptable for IE8

  7. @hAl: We block slightly different versions on IE8 downlevel and IE8 on Win7. Depending on how it is written, it is possible for a given add-on to have problems only on Windows 7.

  8. merdzd says:

    Automatic Updates (WSUS) will only offer Internet Explorer 8 to users with local administrator accounts.?


  9. Samner says:

    I think IE8 is a great new resource!

  10. yolanda says:

    I do not know all this I just hope this will help me in the future. I am just learning to understand of what a computer is all about. It is somewhat helping to understand of how it work. Thank you for your time yolanda

  11. Rob says:

    IE 8 is so great! It even supports CSS border-radius!  Oh wait, it doesn’t? You mean it’s 2009 and I can’t event make rounded corners in IE? Seriously?

  12. Sam says:

    It’s 2009 and you still haven’t figured out how to do rounded corners in IE? Seriously??

    How have you managed to keep your job? Can I have it?

  13. Jon says:

    I think IE8 is a great new resource!

  14. hotel porto says:

    And great to see it works good!

  15. Greg says:

    Given the zero-day issue in IE6 and IE7 is there any way to change the timing on this – like today?  Rather than spend time applying the workarounds to IE7 I’d prefer to rollout IE8 using WSUS.  However at this time the IE8 WSUS rollout requires user interaction for the "MSFT software improvement" program.

    Having a silent install of IE8 with no user interaction through WSUS would save a lot of time…….    

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