Windows 7 RC Tab Hang Reporting Update Available

As we described on Monday, the IE8 in Windows 7 RC includes additional tab “hang” reporting functionality. This functionality relies on a timer threshold to determine when a tab might be unresponsive.  This threshold was calibrated based on data from internal Microsoft users. 

As we began to look at data coming in from real-world Win7 RC users, we noticed that some users are being prompted to recover from hung tabs more frequently than some would like. We stated on Monday that if the data suggests that too many users are being prompted too frequently that we would publish an update to resolve the issue.

Based on the data we’ve seen so far, today we are publishing an update that turns off the additional tab hang reporting in Win7.

The upside here is that we now have a wealth of data about the real issues that users encounter every day, and we are going to continue to work hard to address responsiveness issues up until and after Win7 RTM.

More information about this update can be found here.

P.S. For those of you waiting on the update to the Compatibility View list, it’s available today as well.

The IE Team

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  1. Hm, KB969497 aka "Compatibility View list update" doesn’t seem to be available for other Windows version than Windows 7 RC and Windows Server 2008 R2 RC yet, while the related MSKB article lists also Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

    Am I correct in assuming that KB969397 is intended to be released/distributed for these Windows version on May 12th?

  2. Mark says:

    Although I am not currently using Windows 7 RC, I would much rather this functionality/telemetry data be available to both myself and the IE team especially if we’re talking about a pre-release version.

    I find that IE8, while overall more responsive than its predecessor occasionally just stalls for a few seconds across many different environments (including Vista x86, Vista x64 and Windows 7 Beta, although the latter may very well be an OS issue), and I think it is very important that the IE team have the data necessary to be able to figure out the cause(s) for this issue. Aside from that, great work and I hope you all get a well-deserved break after this is all over.

  3. RickB says:

    IE8 continues to hang regularly on other OS’s as well, so why not add this instrumentation to IE8 "generically"?  On XP, IE8’s tab hangs are a 2-3x daily occurrence.  Though FF never hangs… 🙁

  4. mocax says:

    i noticed that RSS feeds in IE8 for windows 7 don’t get automatically updated until i kickstart the RSS update by manually clicking "refresh all"

    but it’s working correctly in IE8 for Windows XP.

  5. nice one says:


    The feature was an Epic Fail?

    Glad time was wasted on this rather than fixing IE bugs that have existed in IE since IE6.

    Wouldn’t want to focus on what’s important rather than "PR Candy" for our next media conference.

  6. FremyCompany says:

    @nice_one :

    No, it’sn’t an "Epic Fail". They wanted to have some telemetrics data about the hangs, now they have, so they can disable the "unfinished" feature until they will make it ‘ready to manufacture’.

  7. Franco says:

    Just increase the timer value, don’t remove this cool feature

  8. Reza Nourai (MSFT) says:


    I’d like to find out more about your RSS syncing issue and see if I can help you resolve this, or get a bug created if it’s a new issue. You may contact me at



  9. Typhoon87 says:

    Will you be updating the compatabily list speadsheet in the download center as well?

  10. Typhoon87 says:

    A second thing does there seem to be any known issues with adding rss feeds to the IEAK for IE 8 and them not showing up if you deploy thorough SMS.

    The feed appears fine if I go the the file share and run the installer, but if I test the deployment thrugh SMS it fails to add the feed but the rest of my branding works fine WFT??

  11. Henrik says:

    Is "hanging" the same issue as a new tab getting stuck trying to connect but just sits there not doing anything?

    Because that’s been happening to me on Vista x64 since the IE8 beta and still happens on Windows 7 RC. I thought it might have been the AVG free 8.5 link scanner screwing it up, so I disabled it and it might have solved it, haven’t encountered it after a reboot.

    I’ve never been prompted to do anything as a result.

  12. Amiya says:

    You may already know this but the Netflix queue page is frequently misdiagnosed as a hang. My super long queue probably has something to do with it.

  13. Larry says:

    Does anyone know that the phone activation phone number is incorrect? It is listed at activation time as 1-888-725-1047, the number belongs to Ms. Eckleson. Poor Woman.

    What is the correct number to activate in the US?

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