IE team Chat Wednesday, FireStarter event Thursday

Just a quick reminder that we’ve got two great opportunities for you to interact with the IE team this week. 

Tomorrow, March 25th at 10.00 PDT/17.00 UTC is the Expert Zone chat.  This is our first chat since IE8 released and we are excited to hear what you think and answer your questions.

Thursday, March 26th is the Internet Explorer 8 FireStarter event.  This is a full day of talks and discussions about IE8.  Everyone is invited to attend either in person or via Live Meeting.  

Sharon Cohen
Program Manager

Comments (12)

  1. Konstantinos says:


    – Make IE save web pages without modal dialogs delaying your work.

    – Make IE save web pages without messages saying "This webpage could not be saved". Why is that ? It loaded it fine. Why can’t save it ?

    – Password save confirmaion shouldn’t stop page load.

    – You should provide a better way to save/load sessions. This one is really ugly.

    – It would be better if all new tabs opened next to the current tab and not at the end of the list.

    – The start page should contain some of your favourite web pages thumbnail-links (like in Opera).

  2. Konstantinos says:

    … to add a built-in download manager. IE Pro does no good.

    Also make Ctrl+S save the webpage.

  3. Konstantinos says:

    … make IE remember the last saving format (now it’s *.mht all the time).

    A feature for page link extraction would be nice too.

  4. Konstantinos says:

    …u should add a "paste & go" option in the context menu of the address bar.

    Come on… be inventive (for the time being copying other browsers features should do…)!

  5. phz says:

    IE8…. A big step for Microsoft and a small step for mankind. Can’t believe they ignored "opacity" css request over and over again.

    And by the way, if you think ACID2 is a big deal, ACID3 is today’s game. Think Opera and see the ACID3 result.

  6. steve_web says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the chat? I missed the chat due to a meeting and I’d rather not wait 2-3 weeks for the "edited" version.


  7. says:


    in ie (all versions) when a page fully loaded and you want to save the page,although page has been fully loaded but ie start downloading whole the page from source you will see this scence which really bugs me.cuz in it takes time to download the page again and if you have open multiple tabs you cannot access them until this window vanish. is there a way to tell the ie to save the page from the cache?

    one of the reason that most of user don’t use ie is like this

    I mean this :

    plz inform me if there is trick for this problem      

  8. hAl says:


    The chat transscript is already up (*amazing*)

    Interesting items I found:

    – explanation of restricted sites issues

    – IE8 RTW is not vunerable for exploit in pwn2own hackcontest

  9. steve_web says:

    @hAl – wow, color me impressed!

    @MSFT – we should probably remove the "beta" name from the IE8 chats now. 😉

  10. hAl says:

    De webaccess to the firestarter event is terrible and I have not intention to install a client

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