Internet Explorer 8 Final Available Now

Today we’re excited to release the final build of Internet Explorer 8 in 25 languages. IE8 makes what real people do on the web every day faster, easier, and safer. Anyone running Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server can get 32- and 64-bit versions now from (Windows 7 users will receive an updated IE8 as part of the next Windows 7 milestone.)

We’ve blogged a lot here about what’s in IE8. Stepping back from individual features, Internet Explorer is focused on how real people use the Web. We designed the product experience based on real-world data from tens of millions of user sessions. We worked closely with developers and standards groups to deliver a far better platform for the people who build the web. We cooperated closely with the security community to address the real threats that users face on the web, and keep users in control of their browsing and information. The resulting product takes a “batteries included,” just works out of the box approach to delivering the next browser for how hundreds of millions of people really use the web. We think it will surprise people who haven’t looked closely at IE in a while. Perhaps it’s time to re-think conventional wisdom about IE.

Today at the MIX conference, we showed IE8’s technology and design in the context of what real people do all the time on the web:

  • Get where you want to go faster with real world performance. The core activity in the browser is navigating to a website. IE8 makes that faster and easier with its new address bar, new tab experience, favorites bar, and history in search box. IE8 is faster than IE7, and favorable to today’s other browsers on today’s common sites. Script benchmarks measure script; overall browser performance involves many different factors. Looking at a slow motion video of today’s common web sites in the latest browsers, IE is often the fastest at real world sites. Unlike some other browsers, IE isolates misbehaving sites so that only that tab, not the entire browser, crashes.
  • Use more of the web, easier. With IE8, people can get what they want out of web pages, often with just one-click, in the flow of their regular browsing. Webslices make it easy to stay up to date on the latest information from a web page (like weather, traffic, or status updates). Accelerators make it easy to act on the current page (mapping, sending, sharing, etc.) using another web service without the tedious work of “copy, new tab, navigate, paste.” Visual search results and Quick Pick make it easy to get the search results users want from the search services users choose. Users are in control of how they use services with these their with these secure, reliable, and consistent extensions.
  • Stay safer from real world threats: IE8 has built-in protections to keep users safe from real threats. These defenses are easy to understand and use, from highlighting the current site’s domain in the address bar to the clear indicator when IE is browsing “InPrivate.” IE provides protection from today’s dangers, like malicious software downloads, as well as tomorrow’s, like cross-site scripting attacks. IE is the only browser that, out of the box, enables sites to protect their customers from clickjacking attacks.
  • Build on real world interoperability, standards, and compatibility. IE8 shows Microsoft’s commitment to an open and interoperable web. IE8 by default shows web pages in its most standards compliant mode. With IE8, we’re delivering the most complete and correct implementation of CSS 2.1 available in any browser.  To improve interoperability not just for IE but for all browsers, we’ve contributed over 7,000 test cases to the W3C (and taken feedback along the way).  This will make it easier for the people who build the web to develop with standards. We’ve started delivering on HTML5. We’ve also made the specifications for webslices, accelerators, and visual search available to the community (under the appropriate open licenses) for a more open, interoperable, and rich web. IE creates great opportunities for developers and sites to integrate themselves into their users workflow and make their experience stand out.

    We respect the practical realities of web development. We are actively engaging site developers and have built strong developer tools into the product to help them. Many site developers have not yet had the time to adjust to IE’s new behavior. To make sure the web continues to work for the people who use these sites with IE, consumers have a “Compatibility View” button and access to a community-driven compatibility view list.

What’s Next

First, as a team we want to thank everyone who used our pre-release software and provided feedback. You helped us deliver IE8.

Our next steps start with listening. We’re going to listen for customer and security issues and respond appropriately. We’re going to engage with web sites and developers on compatibility. We’re going to finish Windows 7. We’re going to work with standards bodies to finish CSS 2.1 and bring other standards to a customer-ready state faster. We’re going to stand behind this product and service and secure it for many years. We’re going listen to your feedback while we start work on the next version of IE.

The more important part happens outside of the IE team as people start using IE8. We’re excited to see how developers take advantage of it, from slices, accelerators, and visual search results that people can  extend IE with to richer, safer websites that they’ll use every day.

Thanks –
Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager

P.S. The following table offers summarizes much of what we’ve blogged about here; please see for a more complete list that includes our work on accessibility, manageability and deployment, and more:

Faster and easier for how people really browse the web every day

Address bar. Searches across your history and favorites

Search box. Visual Search suggestions, Quick Pick, search results from your browsing history.

Accelerators. Immediate in-page access to the services of your choice.

Web slices. One click access from the Favorites bar to the services you choose. Live previews and automatic updates.

Tab grouping and coloring. Automatic tab organization and easier to multitask.

“New Tab” experience. Easy access to your last browsing session or closed tabs.

Favorites Bar. One click to add a favorite to the bar; and once click access to favorites, web slices, and feeds.

Real world Performance.  Top sites load fast on IE8.

Find bar. Easily find and highlight text on the current web page.

Suggested Sites. Discover more sites on the web that are similar to the sites you already enjoy.

Toolbar close box. Easy to enable or disable toolbars

Add-on load time. See and control which add ons affect IE performance.

Safer, protecting real people from the real threats on the web

Malware protection. Prevents installation of malicious software

Cross-site Scripting Filter. Protection from web site attacks.

Tab isolation and Automatic Crash Recovery. Keep browsing even if a site or control crashes.

Domain highlighting in the address bar. Easy to see what site you’re really on.

InPrivate Browsing. Protection  -- never saves your browsing history.

InPrivate Filtering. Avoid third-party web tracking

Delete items from the Address bar. More over the shoulder privacy.

Search settings protection. Your search provider is always your choice.

Clickjacking protection. Protection from a class of exploits involving mouse click redirection tricks

Per User/Site ActiveX. Additional protection from repurposed ActiveX controls.

DEP/NX. Protection from a class of memory exploits

More-secure mashups for developers with new functions and support for new standards-based mechanisms (ToStaticHTML(), XDomainRequest; Native JSON support, postMessage()).

Opportunities and Interoperability for the people who build the web

Standards mode by default. Easier to build sites that work across browsers. (Compatibility View list for end-users while developers adjust to a more interoperable IE.)

Most CSS 2.1 compliant, with 7,000+ test case CSS 2.1 Test Suite (incorporating community feedback) contributed to the W3C.

Web slices, Accelerators, and Visual Search extensibility. Easy to integrate site with the browser experience. These formats released under open licenses.

Developer and Designer Tools

Beginning of HTML5 support (XDR, local storage, navigation); ACID2

Comments (342)
  1. Helen says:

    Why is ClearType (aka FuzzyType) enabled in the install dialog boxes when I have clearly requested it not be turned on in both Windows and in IE8 RC1 (and IE7 before that)

  2. Dan says:

    Helen, why not just spend a few minutes fixing your configuration so ClearType looks better?

  3. Matthias Walther says:

    Download doesn’t work for me so far. After clicking the download-button, I get the screen where the installation is explained in 4 steps including screenshots. The d/l doesn’t start. When I manually try to do so by clicking "click here", I’m pushed back to the page where you have to select country and operating system. Hope this will be fixed soon. I’m using IE8 RC1 on XP SP3. BTW: Do I have to uninstall RC1 first or is it OK to install the final over the RC1 on XP?

  4. Roland says:

    Congratulations! And enjoy your chocolate cake from Mozilla (hopefully!)…

  5. Richard says:

    Congratulations!  As a web designer who learned to hack around IE 6’s utter weirdness, and saw IE 7 as a baby step in the right direction, my experience with IE 8 so far has been very positive (only ONE IE specific CSS line for my site! For opacity.).  I hope you keep up the good work!

  6. Roob says:

    opening new blank tabs is still slow, i hate the slow animation whenever i open a new tab.

    i guess ie was never designed for tab browsing meh…

  7. Stefan says:


    I love it! I updated every machine I have with IE8. Thank you for such a great browser! Keep up your good work! 🙂

  8. J G says:

    Congratulations on your launch!  IE 8 looks significantly better than IE 7.

    With IE 7, you waited several months before rolling it out via the Windows Update mechanism.  What’s the schedule for deploying IE 8 with Windows Update so I can integrate it into my IT plans?

  9. Dan says:

    Roob, try running IE with no-addons mode.  You’ll almost certainly find new tabs are instantly opened.  You probably have a buggy addon like the "Java SSV Helper" installed; that plugin slows down new tabs a ton.

  10. Milo says:

    When will it be offered through Windows Update?

  11. Roob says:

    @Dan, sadly that didn’t help.

    btw, i’ve already disabled that java plugin along with office 2007 plugins, only one enabled is live sign in.

  12. Brenton says:

    Congrats on releasing a great browser! On behalf of web developers around the world, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hopefully all the old IE6 and IE7 users will upgrade quickly so that the internet can start moving forward again! I trash on IE all the time, but this browser truly is an achievement! Keep up the good work! Work on those standards and work out those bugs! Huzzah!

  13. You're blessed to be web developer nowadays 🙂 Lots of interesting releases by MS lately: ASP.NET

  14. Clark says:

    @Dan telling folks to tune ClearType won’t fix the issue. As many have noted since the day ClearType came out there are just too many issues with attempting to pull off sub-pixel anti-aliasing.  You end up with all text looking blurry, all text wider than normal, all text looking bolder than normal, and color-rainbowing occuring on what is otherwise black-on-white text or vica versa.

    Helen is correct in her statement.  She has it turned off just like thousands of others that hate ClearType with a passion (me included) however her settings were not being respected.

    In addition to this issue (also noted) during install that my settings from RC1 for default blogging, mapping, etc. accelerators were not maintained.  Upon install of IE8 B1,B2,RC1 I set Blogger as my blog, Gmail as my mail, Google Maps for mapping, etc. (e.g. no MS services were set as my defaults) however during instal the "default" set I saw was all full of inferior MS products (Live this, Live that, etc.)

    It isn’t quite monopolistic but it is certainly a "gray area" behavior.

  15. Clark says:

    I thought the address bar was getting fixed?

    Why can’t I see any favicons for my sites? Even back in IE6 I had those!

    IE8 looks like a very rushed release.

  16. timewaster says:

    The wonder thing is released and I have already found strangeness in it.

    Take this site:

    It’s in German, try to click on the first few links in the article. Try to click on "Internet Explorer 8" and "Testbericht von" …

    Nothing happens! The browser will not show the requested site. It’s as if I didn’t click at all. I noticed this behaviour on some other sites too.

    Wait, It’s not exactly true, something DOES happen..

    iexplore.exe processes pop up in the task manager (under processes) if I click on the above described links. Nothing else happens though.

    All other browsers work. I tried the compatibility view, same problem. I am using IE8 final.

    Another problem: I got an javascript problem on IE8 which worked on IE7 on some site. The failure message was "Interface not suported".

  17. Nocturnal says:

    What does this mean:

    "We will automatically resolve any other bug that is reactivated."

    Are you saying that you will automatically fix the bug for IE9 or are you guys planning to do incremental updates to IE8?

    There is still a bug when you put your mouse cursor to the very left of a maximized IE window and try to scroll down using a mouse wheel.

    My submitted but is already reactivated for me but I want to know if you guys are planning on fixing it for IE8 SP1 or something like that or if you guys are just going ot wait until IE9.  What do you mean by that exact quote?

  18. Now THIS is total awesomeness… Glad to have it done, now like they said, to finish Windows 7. IEBlog

  19. Sterling says:

    Well done with IE8, team! As an IE user and fan, I am very happy with IE8 🙂

    There are some missing features (spell-checking, download manager, better options for moving the control bottoms, mainly the Favorites star) but that not for today, today is y’all’s day 🙂

    IE8 is great! Love the search bar (it’s better than Firefox’s), Accelerators and the new Smart Address Bar.

  20. Chaitanya Mahajan says:

    I wish I can use final IE 8.0 with my Windows 7 Beta system. IE 8.0 is very good and I love it. Microsoft job well done.

  21. Sterling says:

    Quick question: Which Microsoft IE Newsgroup should be use?

    microsoft.public.internetexplorer.beta or microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general or will a new newsgroup will be created for IE8?

  22. Nuntawat says:

    The old and same problem had never fixed. When I use Internet Explorer 8, I found that I can’t rearrange photos on my Facebook – when I click on photo and drag it to new position and click again to paste it, I can’t paste it! And I know that Facebook is in Compatibility List, so what should I do?

  23. I’ve just installed IE8 final (Finnish language version) on my home WinXP laptop (also Finnish Language). There was one problem after the install, at the first time when I opened IE8.

    There propably should have been a welcome web page, but what I was presented with was a Live Search page for keyword search "finland windows internet explorer welcome aspx". So I quess you don’t have the Finnish welcome web page ready yet…

    In addition to this, there were to minor problems:

    – As part of the install process I selected Google as my default search, but still it was Live Search that was used

    – The funny part: first result in that IE8 ‘welcome page’ in Live Search was a page about Linux 🙂

  24. Luka says:

    Visual search still doesn’t work. When using Wikipedia Visual Search (got it from Add-ons Gallery), I get red X instead of the pictures. Same thing happens when using Live Search Suggestions.

    Also, it would be nice if Google Search Suggestions would go visual.

  25. Timewaster says:

    I wrote the posting "Bug alert" and now I found the culprit for the problems: Logitech software!

    I killed all the logitech background programs: KHALMNPR, setpoint, setpoint32 and after that, all bugs went away! Even the javascript problem is gone.

    I am using the latest setpoint software, 4.72.

    This problem will affect ALOT of people.

  26. Jane [MSFT] says:

    @ Matthias

    Try this link to download IE8 for XP:

    You don’t have to uninstall IE8 RC1 before installing IE8 RTM. The IE8 installer will automatically remove the older version. See my earlier blog post for more info:

  27. franzon says:

    I would like an option to keep InPrivate Filtering always enabled. Thanks

  28. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    For information on the plan for distributing IE8 via WindowsUpdate, please see

  29. Internet Explorer 8 Final Available Now . Here is an important snippet for me: Anyone running Windows

  30. gabe says:

    so much for being more secure looks like they found secuity bugs in ie8 quicker then in ie7

  31. Henk Poley says:

    Just installed IE8 on an EPIA-800 with 768MB RAM. This is clearly on the bottom end of performance spectrum, but I didn’t expect it to take 50s to start (CPU time split about equally between the two processes). Tried the ‘reset’ options on the Advanced tab of Internet settings. Didn’t really help anything.

    I’m now uninstalling, but if there’s anything sensible I can try, I might give it a go.

  32. Booboo says:

    For folks who already have IE7 installed, is it preferred to uninstall it prior to upgrading to IE8, or does it not matter?  Didn’t see this info anywhere yet.

  33. Paul says:

    Gabe: You fail to point out that ALL attacked browsers were exploited.  Attackers only have to find ONE bug; defenders have to block them all.  IE8 antimalware will make IE8 much safer than IE7.

    Henk: If you run without addons, how long does it take?  what are your proxy settings in tools/internet options/connections/lan?

  34. Mark says:

    booboo: just install ie8 on top of ie7.  it’ll work fine.

  35. Leo says:

    Did they replace the image toolbar that was removed from IE7 or am I going to have to continue using IE6?

  36. Mikro says:

    Hey so far so good No issues here as of yet I’m off to go give the release build a spin

  37. Xavi says:

    I don’t find Internet Explorer in Catalan language. Please, can you indicate me where I can find it? Thank you!

  38. INET-Watcher says:

    @timewaster: No problems on Golem (no repro):-)

  39. INET-Watcher says:

    @timewaster: No problems on Golem (no repro):-)

  40. JohnCz says:

    Thanks. I’ve had a positive experience since the RC build and look forward making this my default browser.  I know you want to focus on a smooth rollout..but please, alot some resources to jump start the planning for the next release.

  41. Chris Anderson says:

    I like it.  I had IE 7 before and favicons wouldn’t work no matter what resolution steps I followed.  Favicons are back!  Makes me happy.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1) Allow us to use Page up/Page down for cycling through the tabs like in Firefox.  As a left handed person it is very cumbersome to take my hand off the mouse to change tabs.  

    2) Again, like Firefox I love being able to rename the shortcuts in my Favorites Bar to have no name.  That way only the favicon shows up.  It’s great because I can then fit a ton of shortcuts on that one line.

    Thanks for all the hard work, performance improvements specifically.  A lot of us at work have been complaining about how dog slow IE7 is.  

  42. dcc says:

    Ok i close IE 8 and still have 4 ieexplore.exe is running. Why is the process still running?

  43. Nifty says:

    It still has some inconvenience, like

    1. I can’t sort Add-on list by clicking its column headers.

    2. Find dialog box keeps forget previous input text and checkbox settings.

    Now all beta forums have been closed, where should I feedback this (or is it impossible now?) ?

  44. Timewaster says:

    @INET-Watcher: You have no problems, because it has something to do with the logitech drivers:

  45. 信太郎 says:


    I am experiencing the same issue with the broken images (red x) appearing in the visual search suggestions list.  If anyone else can confirm this issue or has a solution, it would be extremely helpful.

    I posted a topic about this issue on the microsoft newsgroup:

  46. Henk Poley says:

    @Paul: I do not have the no-addon option in the startmenu. Though I had disabled pretty much all addons by hand, and the ones that were loading (mostly Microsoft own stuff) accounted for something like one second added together. The microsoft office research thingy was disabled, btw.

    No proxy, 13/1mbit ADSL, 100mbit lan, XP SP3 btw. IE6 starts in 1s732ms fresh, 0s880ms cached, IE7 about 2s620ms fresh.

  47. Vishwac Sena [MSFT] says:

    @Joona Kokkola: Yes thats right. We are working to get the localized Finnish welcome pages up. Users will be redirected to English Welcome page as a temporary fix.    

  48. Sharon [MSFT] says:

    @Joona Kokkola

    Hey, I’m not sure what steps you took during install for your search providers, but if you click the dropdown arrow in the search box, click on Manage Search Providers and then you can set any provider as your default.

  49. Ben says:

    Here’s to the successful launch of much improved and more standards compliant browser platform!

  50. C’est officiel : depuis aujourd’hui, la page d’accueil de Microsoft sur Internet Explorer indique clairement que la dernière version finale disponible d’Internet Explorer est IE 8. Autrement dit, IE 8 peut, désormais, être téléchargé en version finale

  51. war59312 says:

    100% cpu usage on all 3 xp sp3 machinces i installed ie 8 final on.

    Takes five minutes for it to load. 🙁 No such problem with RC1!

    And no such problem on either vista sp1 machinces either. 🙁

    Wow! Sad!!! Not any add-ons either since even happens on a new install of xp pro. x86 sp3 retail copy.

  52. war59312 says:

    ok wow is it screwed up..

    even if you try and download a file in another browser like ff 3 it causes ff to use 100% cpu..

    again only on xp machines..

    Figures! Bad Microsoft!!!

  53. Mantas says:

    Well… disappointment. It looks like you didn’t test IE8 with increased DPI settings (in my case – 120 DPI on Vista laptop). Almost every website, when using standard 100% zoom level, shows the text as too small (notable example – Gmail) even though the same text looked perfectly fine under IE7. What’s even weirder – I don’t see the compatibility button for Gmail anywhere in the browser.

    I’m switching back to IE7 for my laptop until this problem is fixed – zooming is of no use as the resulting text starts showing ugly visual artifacts. On the other hand, I can confirm that IE8 works fine with standard DPI settings (under XP).

  54. war59312 says:

    Whoops, forgot to mention that even opening control panel causes 100% CPU usage.

    I can’t take it anymore. Uninstalling!!

    Wow, crazy that this got through!!

  55. Jan says:

    Congrats on the new IE. Very good work!

  56. Marc says:

    I have come to the conclusion that unless you have a dual core machine, IE8 will run like a dog. No wait, dogs run quite fast don’t they?

    Performance on my 1.3Ghz Celeron with 2GB RAM on XP is terrible. Firefox and Chrome are still much quicker, not just at page loading as your recent video demonstrates, but simple things like tab switching, creating a new tab, right-clicking(!).

    However on my Core2 1.8Ghz 2 T720 Duo Vista laptop it runs nice and fast, not noticeably different from Firefox.

    I guess we all have to move on at some point, but really, a web browser running on a mid spec 4 year old machine shouldn’t be a problem.

    So while there are tons of improvements, if a new tab takes seconds to create then what’s the point? I’m not getting any younger! I’ll stick to Chrome I think on the lower spec PC – which is a real shame because the interface is really nice.

    Considering switching from Firefox on my faster laptop, although I can live without Ad-Block+, I can’t live without inline spellchecking.

    I know because I am a developer myself that users always want more and it’s really annoying, but going forward I think some kind of install system (like Firefox) for plug-ins and add-ons is going essential.  Maybe then users can be educated to only install software via a menu inside IE, not some random link on the web, and we might cut down on botnets/viruses etc.

    So my reaction is mixed, certainly not the big release IE5 was… back in the day… wow it remembers passwords(!) 🙂

  57. Nuntawat says:

    Now I has just finished to install and configure my notebook run on Windows Vista Business with SP1 and latest Internet Explorer 8 RTM. After I restart my computer to finish installation of Internet Explorer 8, Windows Update show the security update KB947864 and KB953838 as Important Update. I want to know that should I install them while I am using Internet Explorer 8, because they did not apply to Internet Explorer 8 any version (Beta, RC, RTM)?

    Thanks a lot!

  58. jcc says:

    What no way to maitain the website order in favorite bar. Add a option to put new favorite website last to maintain the website order.

  59. John says:

    Someone knows how to remove the "Turn on Suggested Sites…" button from the bottom of the Favorites Center?  

  60. Xepol says:

    Looking good.  Now we need SVG support and HTML 5 canvas support for where things on the web are going next.

    Why do I say that?  Simple.  I can do anything in IE –EXCEPT– a site that requires either.  When I need that, I fire up Chrome.

    Seems to me any test case that absolutely requires using other software should be at the top of the list.  When customers close your software, they may well never open it again.  Think about it.

    Btw, I know that there is a SVG plug in for IE, but it is old, out of date, unsupported AND does not work reliably if you have 2 or more SVG images on a single page (when I use it, I do)

    @Dan -> Don’t get me started on Cleartype again.  If the user chooses to have it off, it should be off.  Period.  Why?  Because they chose it that way. Nothing else matter.  Not even how awesome some may think it is or how much others think it may improve the experience.

    That said, I found IE had respected my preferences in past.  I have it turned on now that I have Vista (XP Cleartype is definitely NOT the same as Vista Cleartype.  The difference is blur vs clarity), so I can’t verify that it still does this (I expect it would).  

    However, I believe the objection was to the use of cleartype in the installer and not IE proper. If this is the case, it seems odd.  After all, you have to go out of your way to turn on Cleartype when it is disabled.  Why you would disrespect your customer’s choise in this way, I have no idea, but it would be a poor choice if it is happening.

    See, now I’m all annoyed about cleartype again… Ugh.

  61. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John, if you want to disable Suggested Sites entry points, you can use the Group Policy editor.  Or you can import the registry values directly:

  62. Sviluppatori says:

    Non potevo perdermi l’uscita di internet explorer . La prima impressione è che sia effettivamente veloce nel far vedere la pagina, come predica microsoft in questo video. Mentre rimane inspiegabilmente lento (ma meno di ie7) nell’aprire nuo

  63. Aidan says:

    Installation got off to a bad start when the installer tried to extract files without prompting for UAC elevation first – and promptly failed with a permissions error.

    Tried again with "Run as Administrator", and it’s got as far as prompting me to reboot.

  64. Xepol says:

    Oh yes, a request for IE9 now that IE8 is out the door.


    This has driven me wild since day one.  If you enter a username/password on a site, you are asked if it should be remembered before it is confirmed as correct.

    The result?  Auto completion can have usernames that are not valid and they are in there FOREVER.

    Ok, first, I realize that you can delete all username/passwords the system is tracking, so technically not forever – but who wants to nuke every password just to remove 1 bad entry?  That is like formatting your harddrive to delete a file.  

    The problem can be agrevated by other people using your machine adding their credentials by accident, FORCING you to delete everything to get rid of it AND they have to change their password all because someone clicked yes by accident.

    So ya, credentials build up clogging the system until you nuke everything.  Not a great system.

    Worse however, is when you answer NO.  Yikes.  No way to change your mind ever again.  Want to change your mind?  Again, nuke everything.

    Let me restate:

    Please add Site by site, user by user management of passwords.  Let us delete them one by one, update them one by one and change the "never remember" flag one by one.

    The current alternative is akin to reformatting your hard drive to delete a file.  In fact, the current password management is a single step away from NEEDING to reformat your harddrive to remove unwanted credentials.

    This does not provide any addtional security or privacy concerns.  After all, anyone with access to the machine can just browse the site and use the cached credentials already, so the additional obscurity just makes everything harder.

    Avoid, however, something foolish like Chrome’s checkbox to show the stored password in password management.  Passwords are easy enough to steal as it is through HTTP sniffing.

  65. John says:

    Many buttons on web pages are now tiny.  The "Submit" button on the bottom of this page is unreadable.   There is no "compatibility view" button on this page, but toggling it on other pages doesn’t help.

    A screenshot comparison:

    Have I done something wrong?  This didn’t happen in IE7.

  66. Jon says:

    I expect the Mozilla team to send you a cake — preferably with the ACID2 face on it.

  67. Bikeman says:

    FYI: Attempted to download from main IE page for Vista 64 and the downloaded file was not listed as an executable.

    Selected the alternate site and it was and installed fine.

  68. David says:

    hey all whats start working on Internet Explorer 9

  69. It’s becoming impossible to keep up with all the updates at MIX09! Today’s announcement is right in line

  70. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Henk- you can run IE in no add-ons mode by using the following command in START > Run:

    iexplore -extoff

    @Mantas: Actually, a significant number of us run IE in zoom by default because we have high-DPI displays.  Can you post a screenshot of the problem you’re seeing?

    @dcc: Do the iexplore.exe processes eventually terminate (e.g. after a minute)?  Had you been using sites that use Java?


  71. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John: Thanks for the screenshot; I’ve never seen a problem like this.  We’ll look into it.  (Does the button resize if you zoom in and out?)

    @David: Dean talks about what’s next; see the end of the post where he says: "Our next steps start with listening"

  72. John says:

    RE: Thursday, March 19, 2009 7:25 PM by John

    I have changed Themes in Display Properties and the button size is normal again. I suppose IE8 is more sensitive to some theme setting than IE7.

  73. Robert says:

    Thanks for your hard work on the standards issues.  While there is still more work to be done for IE 9, I’m glad you guys have come so far.  My only question is: Who will get it? Will it be a required upgrade any time soon?  It’s be beautiful to not have to support IE6 any longer.

    Thanks again for making things easier, even if it takes 10 years until I can reliably drop support for IE6/7.

  74. Phil says:

    Same as henk on XP SP3 – extremely slow startup, even when running "iexplore -extoff" (I’d disabled all the gimmicks to start with.


    Got it to crash instantly at work accessing a site in our corporate DMZ (behind clustered ISAs, which I suspect is the problem)…  Will try to investigate the cause tomorrow.

  75. Sharon [MSFT] says:


    This post contains more details about IE8 distribution.

  76. Paul says:

    Where can I download the full IE8 rather than the launcher? Very frustrating not to have a link to the full download!

  77. I reported a bug in the beta in which IE will fail to install if you don’t have a C: drive. Unfortunately, the first thing I got to experience with IE8 is how it wasn’t fixed.

  78. Jariz says:

    Close IE 8 3 hours later i open IE 8 it warn me if i want to restore the previous website because it IE 8 crash. ummn all i did was close IE 8. I’ve encountered this issue in Beta before. closing IE 8 can crash IE 8 hasn’t been fixed yet

    I have IE 8 close and processes iexplore.exe 54,288k is still running and two other process around 13,880 k.

  79. Look! No patch!

    I’m very happy with the progress made in IE8. I’ve only noticed one small glitch and that is only in a test environment! The CSS 2.1 is really solid and the developer tools are very useful. I’m at the point where I’m co-designing in both Firefox with Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar and IE8 and the developer tools. The debugger is great and I really find HTML tab’s ‘Style’, ‘Trace Styles’, and ‘Layout’ features as well as the DOM branch. The fact that we can seamlessly switch between IE8/7 modes is greatly appreciated. Granted I still have some reservations though in general I think you guys have done a really solid job as far as the goals that were set are concerned. Now stop reading comments and go have your cake and eat it too. 🙂

  80. Matt says:

    Congratulations, I’m looking forward to having more standards support!

  81. こんばんは、五寳です。 やっと、みなさんにこの報告をすることができて、とても嬉しく思うのと同時に、これまで様々な形で Internet Explorer に対する熱い想いをくださった皆さんへの感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。

  82. day says:

    > Windows 7 users will receive an updated IE8 as part of the next Windows 7 milestone.

    What does it mean?

    When exactly can I get it?

    I am tired of using a buggy one…

  83. ccatto says:

    Hey Now,

    IE8 is great.

    Thx 4 the info,


  84. fmerletti says:

    Congratulations to the IE8 Team

    Greatings from your fathers

          –Mozilla Firefox team

  85. Anton says:

    Startup of this IE8 release is HUGELY slow! After clicking on the icon, I can wait 30 seconds or so before the app appears, and then the homepage load is slow too.

    Any way to get back to RC1?

  86. Sam Ruby says:

    Dean Hachamovitch: I always suspected this was the case, but I guess that confirms it:  I’m not a real person. Screenshot: Intertwingly on IE8. To be fair, that’s actually better than versions of IE before it.  It still i

  87. Mumei says:

    First of all, congratulations.

    While I am a long time user of Firefox, I have always thought it right to give each browser a fair chance and use the best browser. I immediately installed IE8. Impressions so far:

    -I am generally impressed with the much improved rendering capabilities. This puts IE back in the game as a viable option. Of course there is much (much) more to do, but surely you are aware of this.

    -Rather sluggish performance. Openning a new tab often takes a few seconds, and browsing to common sites often seems to lag, especially when compared to loading in other browsers.

    -I like the idea of InPrivate browsing. I indend have this enabled 100% of the time.

    -The menu only appear when the left Alt key is pressed. Could you enable for the right key as well?

    -I am still unhappy about the IME behavior. Every time that I open a new tab the IME language is reset to the system default, so I am constantly changing it. Please maintain the IME language for IE as a whole or at the very least default to the previous tab.

    -There seems to be IME bugs. Sometimes, not always, Alt-Shift does not switch the IME language, so I have to do it manually.

    -IME: Halfway through typing an e-mail in Japanese, the input turned into Korean (which I also use). The IME was most certainly set to Japanese, and no matter how many times I manually reset it, I could not type in Japanese anymore. I saved a draft and completed it in Firefox. I regret that I can not give precise repo steps.

    IE8 is certainly a much better product than IE7. My evaluation is far from complete though. I will continue to test it before deciding on a regular browser.

  88. Sterling says:

    I just discovered a new feature in IE8 regarding the search bar, which, btw, is one of my top new features of IE. If I enter a program’s name, such a ‘google earth’ (no quotes), the drop-down menu will display below the program’s name the program’s URL and if I click on that search result it’ll take me directly to the site! Awesome! I don’t think this was present in RC1.

    I really hope IE8 gets some props for these nice features the browser has brought to users.

    Well done y’all!

  89. Sterling says:

    Okay. The URL in search box results appears to be a Google feature, and it works not only with programs but with sites. It looks like to a version of Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky." I have Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ engine in IE8 but might remove it in favor of Google’s own version.

    Why didn’t the Live Search/Kumo people thought of this? Hmm…

  90. Rajiv says:

    Looking forward to IE9. Please make that in Managed Code

  91. Nick says:

    Just installed final version of IE8 and am experiencing the following:

    1. Open in New Tab fails – get a new tab that just says "Connecting…"

    2. Open in New Window fails to open any new window, only a new iexplore.exe process.

    3. Recent Pages Drop-Down Button does not show recent pages when clicked (nothing drops down).

    4. After installation, Windows Explorer opens all folders in new windows even though the option to open in same window is selected.

    5. My DVD Drive is labelled as a CD Drive in Windows Explorer.

    6. C: Drive no longer has flag icon in Windows Explorer.

    FYI, I am using Vista Ultimate SP1.  As I had same problems with IE8 RC1, I did the following as a precaution prior to installing:

    1. Uninstalled Flash, Shockwave, Java and Google Toolbar.

    2. Disabled Skype and Google Desktop.

    3. Used msconfig to boot in minimal diagnostic mode.

    4. Ran IE8 without add-ons.

    5. Reset all IE8 security and advanced settings to defaults.

    Unfortunately these didn’t resolve the issues.

    Others have same problems:

  92. timecop says:



  93. tzi says:

    IE8 is unable to display RSS and Atom feeds. Seriously, WTF?!

  94. Login says:

    Congratulations on your launch!  IE 8 looks significantly better than IE 7. Thanks for the great stuff.

  95. tzi says:

    The RSS bug is there since Beta 1 and still exists. I mean, seriously, is this your kind of flagship product or what?

  96. Joe says:

    I have IE 8 close and 2 iexplore.exe process is still running. Is this normal?

  97. hAl says:


    I have little rss experience but the site you are referring to does not seem to be doing this:

  98. tzi says:

    hAl, the site i am referring to is a blogging service. It hosts a number of blogs.

    For example:

    Click the RSS toolbar icon. Okay, we got the preview. Now click "subscribe". NORMALIZATION ERROR.

    IE7 works. IE8 doesn’t.

  99. nbrouwer says:

    Thanks guys, installation was a charm. Weird enough, on my Vista SP1 32bit box, the Media Sharing client was disabled after installation. And I couldn’t get it to start again. MediaPlayer kept complaining about some firewall issues. I checked all dependant services and they seemed to be running ok.

    Uninstalling (reverting back to IE7) solved my issue… Any thoughts on this?

  100. someone says:

    from some reason, this version is even less stable than the previous one when using a browser like maxthon2 that uses its engine.

    also, in IE8 itself the bug of sometimes having an error page instead of the website , still exist. this is a bug since i can show the website after refreshing the tab.


  101. kopitiam says:

    Hey team thanks for this release, it is running great on my old XP laptop with just 248MB of RAM.  Tabs are opening quickly, great to see the performance looking this good.

  102. GreLI says:

    Great, but bugs are still presents. Inline absolute positioned elements are afffected by next elements padding. Too bad: it’s used for CSS srpites.

  103. a user says:

    i still sometimes get the page:

    "  Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

      What you can try:

       Diagnose Connection Problems  

        More information


    and then when i refresh it, i can see the real website.anyone else has this problem?

  104. Kurzbeschreibung: Finalversion des Windows Internet Explorer 8 (kurz: IE8) für Windows XP. Der IE8 ist die Internet Explorer-Version von Microsoft, welche bislang Web-Standards in der Voreinstellung am besten unterstützt. Dessen Installation ist somit

  105. Phil says:

    Something has badly regressed after RC1.

    IE8 takes over two minutes to start up (XP SP3, 2GB RAM, Athlon XP 2600).

    Hint to Microsoft – if you do major changes after an RC, release another RC.  When the bugs are fixed, remove RC Branding and rebuild, and issue that as RTM.

    Don’t do major changes between RC and RTM!!!!!

    Phil, totally unimpressed by MS QA

  106. David Naylor says:

    Congrats on releasing a much better browser. I’ll stay with Firefox though. The killers for me are pretty basic stuff:

    – Opening a tab takes one or two seconds in IE, no time at all in Firefox.

    – I want stop and reload where I can reach them.

    And of course, I have loads of nice Firefox addons that I doubt there are IE versions of.

  107. Noel says:

    Great work guys!


  108. Wely says:

    Rekan – rekan komunitas, Setelah ditunggu sekian saat, akhirnya Microsoft meluncurnya browser andalan

  109. Alex says:

    IE8 got better in every considerable way but displaying png images with alpha channel transparency, or transparency generally, which has become utterly slow.

    Please have a look at with IE7 first, IE8 afterwards to see what I’m talking about.

  110. Christian says:

    Congratulations on this release.

    It would be more than interesting what future plans are, e.g.:

    – rollout schedule through windows update

    – anticipated development schedule for IE9

    – planned features for IE9 (e.g. what about: SVG support, Javascript improvements, xhtml support, html5 audio/video support)

    IE8 is a big step in the right direction and undoubtedly the result of a lot of hard work.

    Especially the improved CSS-support is a big one.

    But it would be good to know what’s planned next as there are many areas that IE8 could not yet address.

    Also, it would be good if you could keep people posted when Microsoft’s sites like or break out of the IE7 backwards mode. I think this would be an important step to lend credibility to IE8.

  111. elko says:

    Internet Explorer 8 is not supported on this operating system




    Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1

  112. Mitch 74 says:


    Since you asked so nicely (and congrats on shipping), here’s my own selfish list of improvements:

    – XHTML 1.0 Strict support (ask for closed tags, conform to XML 1.0 syntax, etc.), which should come hand in hand with HTML 5 support

    – accurate supported MIME-type list for content negotiation (no more ‘*/*’, PLEASE!)

    – DOM2 events support

    – DOMContentLoaded support (I’d rather not use the ‘eval’ + ‘defer’ trick any more)

    – SVG Tiny support

    – editable DOM while loading

    – support for Vorbis and Theora in sound and video-specific tags in HTML 5.


    – allow fully customizable tool bars (even better, allow vertical tool bars) for less screen real estate losses on 16/9 AR screens

    – make options like alternate style sheets more accessible

    developer tools-related:

    – faster propagation of changed/deactivated CSS rules

    That’s "all".


  113. allanwx says:


  114. Olivier says:

    I’ve a problem at work.

    I’m using Windows XP MUI, configured for french.

    I downloaded IE8 French, and when I try to install it, it says that it can’t install on my Windows version.

    I downloaded IE8 US, everything went well but now my browser is in English. What can I do to get the French version ?

  115. says:

    Congrats for a severely-needed update for Windows customers and hope that IE9 won’t take as long as IE7 to IE8 did.

  116. anonymuos says:

    I am so sure IE9 (when released) won’t be released for Windows XP now that Windows 7 is due soon and that’s what worries me. The OS has what, currently, like 65% of the market share.

  117. Olivier says:

    Another problem, the "plugin’s load time" doesn’t work at all. The browser is fast but when I check the times, they’re all above 1000 seconds :

    – DBBManageUI Class : 1423 s

    – Google Toolbar Helper : 1331.56 s (and two others google stuff)

    – Spybot-SD IE protection : 1412.65 s

  118. Gavin Greig says:

    Good job. I’ve installed it on all my machines.

    Please, please, please provide native support for SVG in IE9.

  119. IE8 on nüüd ametlikult valmis ja kõigile kättesaadav aadressilt Välja kuulutati

  120. Henk Poley says:

    I uninstalled IE8, then went to Microsoft Update and got IE7 (I was still on IE6). Just installed IE8 over that. Now IE8 opens in ~2.5s CPU time (2 threads combined). Which is about equal to IE7.

    So maybe there is something broken in the IE6->IE8 direct upgrade path.

  121. Henk Poley says:

    Ah, just tried on an account that never seen the IE7 run, and it’s still in the ~22s window ~50s rendered page league.

    So it’s something with the user files.

  122. From now through the end of the MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Rob Burke will be providing his insights

  123. From now through the end of the MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Rob Burke will be providing his insights

  124. From now through the end of the MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Rob Burke will be providing his insights

  125. Klimax says:

    For those with slow start problem:

    One way to make sure you are not seeing sort of compatibility bug,turn off ANY applications running at that moment(including deactivation of AV,…) then run Process monitor and start IE then open new tab and after this test stop ProcMon, restart deactivated apps and look in the capture in ProcMon for any anomaly of iexplorer.exe(you may want to filter out all other processes)usually error conditions should be investigated(exception is buffer_overflow in access to registry keys as it is expected)

    Why this suggestion? Certain events like crash or combination of install/unistanll can cause extreme loading time and delay in tab-creation.(4 seconds norm in my case) ,registry cleaners will not help(tried them).

    If help needed with analysis,I am reachable(mail in url-this post only!)

  126. ronald says:

    @Nick – "1. Open in New Tab fails – get a new tab that just says "Connecting…""

    yeah its a big PITA… bug was filed numerous times with Microsoft… every time they declined it.

    Then again, theres a bunch of stuff they didn’t care to fix.

    Too late now I guess… maybe in IE9 things will actually get fixed.

  127. Roman says:

    Confirming the 100% CPU on process start-up issue. Was on XP SP3 with IE8 RC1. Apparently it affects all applications that use IE’s engine (e.g. Microsoft Document Explorer).

    This sucks. 8=[

  128. confused says:

    So I tried turning off all extenstions by loading IE8 in no addons mode.

    1.) Doesn’t load any faster – in fact is seems slower.

    2.) Opening new tabs in no-addon mode is slower that with addons running

    3.) Every single tab I open tells me that I’m running in no-addons mode.  Every single time, every new tab is opened!  I clicked the ‘x’ to clear the very first one, I shouldn’t have to do this on every single tab!

    Wow, IE8 lasted all of an hour and now I’m back to Firefox and Chrome.  Nice attempt but it is way shy of the bar that other browsers have set.

  129. JCK says:

    Amazing how stupid microsoft still is =

    Try to put a transparent png with filter: alpha(opacity=50) on it… c’mon, could not be so hard!

    And nothing about CSS3????

  130. JCK says:

    Amazing how stupid microsoft still is =

    Try to put a transparent png with filter: alpha(opacity=50) on it… c’mon, could not be so hard!

    And nothing about CSS3????

  131. vasko_dinkov says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 IE8 is really a big step for you!

    Now you say your next step starts with listening so I start with my suggestions:

    1) Open completely your bug tracking tool and allow registration and quick and easy bug submissions by anyone willing to report bugs without the need for explanation why he/she wants to register and approval from you.

    2) Start releasing nightlies (or weeklies, or at least monthlies ;)) as soon as possible so that you can actually get a decent feedback from the community and on the other hand the community can follow your progress. And, of course, also allow easy side installation of these test builds so that they do not replace the regular IE build installed on the machine.


  132. anony.muos says:

    Hope you don’t kill Trident or anything like that with IE9 otherwise it’s goodbye to IE forever. As long as Trident’s there, I’m an IE user. Is MS committed to improving Trident? Recent comments in the media indicated otherwise.

  133. victorbwhitehead says:

    Apparently you need one or more alternate sites since I have been getting for the past hour the same thing Matthias Walter (one of the earliest posters yesterday) was, just an endless loop of frustrating offers to download but never quite delivering on that promise.  I am using IE7 to try to download IE8–maybe I should switch over to Firefox or Opera and see if they don’t work better than IE7 here, too?  This is a very bad beginning for IE8, I have to say, so I hope you fix the problem soon.

  134. victorbwhitehead says:

    Apparently you need one or more alternate sites since I have been getting for the past hour the same thing Matthias Walter (one of the earliest posters yesterday) was, just an endless loop of frustrating offers to download but never quite delivering on that promise.  I am using IE7 to try to download IE8–maybe I should switch over to Firefox or Opera and see if they don’t work better than IE7 here, too?  This is a very bad beginning for IE8, I have to say, so I hope you fix the problem soon.

  135. 8flavor says:

    1. Only sideeffect or is this a bug is on my XP Pro, when desktop icons are hidden (Show desktop icons is unchecked), wallpaper isn’t shown anymore (ever since I installed IE8). It only shows the plain background color.

    2. Is there a way (a regedit tweak) to turn off domain highlighting bcoz for experienced users, it’s making reading on CRTs for some really really difficult.

    3. Are the many different versions of "Compatibility View Updates" on Download Center cumulative? Or you need to apply the Jan release as well as March release?

  136. iron2000 says:

    Not good here.

    Was on IE8 RC, uninstalled it before updating from IE7.

    On double-clicking the icon, 2 instances of iexplorer.exe comes up in Task Manager.

    One instance rapidly eat up memory and hogs 50% CPU.

    After quite a long wait the window finally shows up.

    Opening a new tab is slow and uses 50% CPU too and it opens another instance of iexplorer.exe.

    Each new tab opens another instance of iexplorer.exe.

    The RC build was never like this.

    Running on XP SP3.

  137. iron2000 says:

    Not good here.

    Was on IE8 RC, uninstalled it before updating from IE7.

    On double-clicking the icon, 2 instances of iexplorer.exe comes up in Task Manager.

    One instance rapidly eat up memory and hogs 50% CPU.

    After quite a long wait the window finally shows up.

    Opening a new tab is slow and uses 50% CPU too and it opens another instance of iexplorer.exe.

    Each new tab opens another instance of iexplorer.exe.

    The RC build was never like this.

    Running on XP SP3.

  138. iron2000 says:

    Oops, sorry for the double post

  139. iron2000 says:

    Oops, sorry for the double post

  140. someone says:

    @Nifty and others who can’t sort addons, click on a white/empty space and set "Group by" to None then stuff can be sorted by columns.

  141. MK says:

    It feels like the longer i use IE 8 the slower it gets.

  142. Yachira says:

    "Not good here.

    Was on IE8 RC, uninstalled it before updating from IE7.

    On double-clicking the icon, 2 instances of iexplorer.exe comes up in Task Manager.

    One instance rapidly eat up memory and hogs 50% CPU.

    After quite a long wait the window finally shows up.

    Opening a new tab is slow and uses 50% CPU too and it opens another instance of iexplorer.exe.

    Each new tab opens another instance of iexplorer.exe.

    The RC build was never like this.

    Running on XP SP3."

    Yes, my experience to the letter. Something is definitely wrong with this build.

  143. anonymuos says:

    I so wish importing and exporting / deploying stored passwords was part of IEAK8 or some addon.

  144. Rockstar says:

    Does anyone else see two divider lines in the right click menu below paste?  Saw this in the RC and thought it was something about that build, but now I’m not sure…as have two mahcines that both experience it with the final.

  145. victorbwhitehead says:

    Don’t know what caused the double posts above but it wasn’t me, I don’t think.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and try Firefox and guess what it worked the very first time, so maybe that will help someone figure out what it is that is causing the endless loop of forever waiting for the download when you’re using IE7.  What a weird situation it is to have the prior version that won’t download the update to the newest one.  This has got to be a first of some sort, and I don’t mean a positive one.

  146. victorbwhitehead says:

    Now that I have this downloaded, can anyone tell me were there no changes in the last two months?  I have an RC of IE8 that I got on Jan. 29, ’09 that has the same file size and the same exact version number as the RTM of IE8 that I just downloaded today.  I hope I haven’t somehow stepped into a time warp and downloaded the RC again instead of the RTM, but how am I supposed to know that I really have the latest version if the numbers are exactly the same as the previous version?

  147. victorbwhitehead says:

    I forgot to say above I’m using XP pro SP3, in case that helps anyone troubleshooting things. Some of the comments by others above are not so encouraging, but I’m working up my courage to go ahead and install IE8 anyway based on some good reports from other sources, today’s favorite being a blog called that has established a very good reputation in just a few months.  (Note it is not my site and I don’t have any ulterior motive in saying this other than passing it on for what it’s worth.)

  148. someone says:

    I’d second the request for an integrated password autofill/manager for IE v.Next. The experience of an integrated one is better, maybe you guys can also take advantage of Windows’ Credential Manager API available since XP.

  149. Jim says:

    Have I missed something on the several IE 8 support pages listed, that is, the ability to download now for installation later (e.g., one monolithic download file)?

  150. wai says:

    Hi, i delete the IE registry accidently, IE rebuild it on the next startup, but the font in "View Source" program changed to other font, rather than "Courier New". How can i change it back? Thanks!

  151. mkiz says:

    The startup & tab-opening times are unacceptably slow, i’ve already reverted back to IE7 because of this issue (no-addons didn’t help). Also when viewing a big picture that requires scrolling to fully view there’s considerable choppyness aswell (not so in IE7). Webpages themselves do however load faster which is always a good thing I guess. All this is on a fully uptodate fast XP gaming system.

  152. kendoo says:

    Congratulations to the IE8 Team

    IE8 is great

  153. Jeffrey Gilbert says:

    After a decade of Extinguishing, I guess we’re back to Embrace and Extend so the cycle can repeat itself.

  154. There are reports that IE8 will not start fast if user’s system is immunized using Spybot S&D. 

  155. hAl says:

    Washington Post performs browser speed test showdown between IE8 RC1 en Firefox 3.07

    Winner: IE8

  156. Matthias Walther says:

    I’d like an option for "Always use InPrivate browsing".

    I figured how to start IE8 in InPrivate mode. I just add a ‘-private {desired start-URL}’ to the command line.

    However, if you enter the browser by clicking on a link in an e-mail, you’re in normal mode anyway. Is there a registry-hack or anything else to force IE8 into InPrivate mode even if called from external programs that don’t pass the ‘-private’ parameter?

    I’d like to always use InPrivate browsing and only switch back to standard mode if a problem occurs on a website.

  157. danny says:

    I do not want to try IE 8 because the IE7 make me mad greatly. I thought only the third party may program the ugly program. but IE 7 make me think again. I move to firefox because IE wasted me so much time for IE 7 collapsed my system not more than every 15 minutes. I could not bear the time wasted. so I change my internet explore to Firefox. up to this time I have not idea if the IE 8 is really great than Firefox. how long will IE 8 get collapse?

  158. anonymuos says:

    A problem for me while using Web Slices is they open in a new tab. I’ve checked "Reuse windows for launched shortcuts" as well as set all new popups and links from other programs to open in the same tab, however webslices instead of creating a flyout/pulldown menu open in a new tab. How to get rid of this?

  159. Helder Magalhães says:

    Hi IE8 Team,

    I made a few experiments using the newly released version — was seriously interested in playing with the Improved Namespace Support [1], first announced in Beta 1.

    Nevertheless, it didn’t seem to work. Is there additional information available on this feature? Or was it disabled/removed somewhere between the release cycle?

    I found very sparse information [2] [3] on how to take advantage of this and, inclusively, it seems that the While Paper contains a few mistakes.

    Despite all the negative feedback, I see this release as a Good thing for the Web. Specially if all announced features are available and also if Microsoft is able to convincing users (specifically corporate administrators) to finally abandon IE6.

    Good luck,

    Helder Magalhães




  160. xpfanboy says:

    Performance of IE8 is great on long, heavy and JavaScripted pages compared to IE7. New tab creation is a bit slow. I concluded performance is better for my XP if IE8 is directly installed over clean XPSP3 install with IE6, instead of installing over an IE7 install.

  161. rscano says:

    Hi, there are problem with the object element: if i try to embed a page (text/html type), the content isn’t loaded.

    Here is a sample:

  162. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone!

    @Leo: No, the image toolbar is not available in IE8, but all of the commands it offered are still just two clicks away: right-click the image, and choose the command you want.

    @Paul: The "full" IE8 is the download available from the download center.  During setup, we do check on the web for any needed WindowsUpdates, but this step is optional and can be skipped.


    "Openning a new tab often takes a few seconds"

    This is almost always caused by a buggy browser addon.  Please see for troubleshooting steps.

    "The menu only appear when the left Alt key is pressed. Could you enable for the right key as well?"

    I am not able to reproduce this problem.  This might be related to your IME or keyboard mappings?

    @Nick: It sounds like you had an installation failure.  You should probably contact support (// to get help; they’ll probably want to collect your setup logs.

    @timecop: There is no option to remove the Favorites button.

    @tzi: I’m not able to reproduce this problem in the RTW build of IE8.  Can you send the exact text / screenshot of the error?

    @GreLI: Can you please send a link to a testcase?  thanks!

    @Phil: Does the problem occur in no add-ons mode?

    @David: IE8 allows you to move Stop/Refresh to the left of the address bar.  Did you want them somewhere else?

    Do you have the "new tab" slowness when running with no add-ons?  What page do you have set as your new tab page?

    @Christian: News on the rollout schedule will be posted when available.  In terms of IE9 planning, we definitely are interested in your thoughts and suggestions.

    @elko: Are you running a 64bit version of Windows 2003 Server?

    @Mitch74: Thanks for the list!

    @Olivier: Did you have a pre-release version of IE8 installed?  Unfortunately, one of the beta versions had a bug which caused the load times to be stored incorrectly.  As these values are not cleared on upgrade, the bad values in the registry still show up in the final version.  

    @someone: Comments you’ve read in the media about Trident were not from the Internet Explorer team.  Many people like to speculate about future plans, but reader beware.

    @iron2000: Does the problem occur in no add-ons mode?

    @Rockstar: It sounds like your Accelerators list might be empty?  Do you have any Accelerators installed?

    @victorbwhitehead: To confirm you have the final build, visit  Near the bottom of the page, you should see the string "getComponentVersion says you are running Internet Explorer 8,0,6001,18702."

    @Jim: The "full" IE8 is the download available from the download center.  During setup, we do check on the web for any needed WindowsUpdates, but this step is optional and can be skipped.

    @Donna: We have determined that there is a problem with the SpyBot Search and Destroy "innoculate" feature which puts 10000 domains in the restricted sites list.

    *** It’s possible that this might be causing the performance problems on startup that some folks are reporting here. ***

    @Matthias Walther: There’s no direct way to always start in InPrivate mode, but you probably could tweak the registry keys to add a -private to the command line.  (E.g. editing HKCRhttpshellopencommand).  However, a better (and supported) bet is probably to just set the "Delete all browser history on exit" option which is available on the Tools / Options tab.

  163. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @rscano: This is by-design.  For security reasons, the setting "Access data sources across domains" is set to "Disable" in the Internet zone.

    Because you are using an OBJECT tag with a source that is on a different domain, the content is blocked.

    You might consider using an IFRAME instead, as this will allow you to properly embed a cross-domain page.

  164. RitikaV says:


    >>A problem for me while using Web Slices is they open in a new tab. I’ve checked "Reuse windows for launched shortcuts" as well as set all new popups and links from other programs to open in the same tab, however webslices instead of creating a flyout/pulldown menu open in a new tab. How to get rid of this?

    We’ve never had this problem reported. Can you email me with more details, please?

    You can click on "Email" under the "This Blog" heading on the top right of this page.

    Please mark the email "Attn:RitikaV"

    Thank you!


  165. Hselburn says:

    I had some crashes that might be caused by an add-in but when I went to manage the add-ins,none were displayed. After reverting to Ie7,(I’d like to try ie8 again) the add-ins reappeared. Should I therefore uninstall ie7 and if I need it later, is it still availabe for download? I couldn’t load ie8 help without crashing yesterday.

  166. Frank A. says:

    I’m interested in the schedule also.  I checked as suggested.  There’s no deployment plan there, just

    "Distribution of Internet Explorer 8 by Automatic Updates will begin slowly and take several months to complete. Customers can expect to be offered the upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 at any time in the months following the release of Internet Explorer 8"

    and later

    "Distribution of Internet Explorer 8 by Automatic Updates will begin shortly after the final release of the product"

    So far, it’s just a endless loop with each post pointing back at the other with no real information.  Sure IT guys can block the update on their local networks, but what about everyone else?  Knowing the plan and the schedule would help me prioritize our compatibility testing, updates, etc.

    I heard a rumor that you have already started offering the upgrade for IE 8 beta and RC users and are going to start updating XP users with IE 6 as soon as next week.

    An official deployment plan, even without firm dates on it, would get some of these rumors under control.

  167. Phil says:

    @ EricLaw – Donna is spot on ascribing the slow launch time to a large restricted sites list:

    Still got the crash bug at work to resolve – may have time to dig into that next week.

  168. Bill says:

    No spell check?  Our company utilizes many web based applications.  Spell check is a must.  We could buy IESpell licenses (required for commerical use) or we can use Firefox for free.  Guess what we chose…

  169. TWL says:

    Very good work on this realese!! but i have spotted an issue where pages take a while to load when SmartScreen filter is enabled but overall a vast improvement ive switched from firefox now and i never used to use ie because it was slow at loading pages but 8.0 has a fast page load and im very satisfied.

  170. TWL says:

    Very good work on this realese!! but i have spotted an issue where pages take a while to load when SmartScreen filter is enabled but overall a vast improvement ive switched from firefox now and i never used to use ie because it was slow at loading pages but 8.0 has a fast page load and im very satisfied.

  171. Anton says:

    "There are reports that IE8 will not start fast if user’s system is immunized using Spybot…"

    Yes, after disabling immunization in Spybot and Spywareblaster, my IE8 is working perfectly.

  172. There are reports that IE8 will not start fast if user’s system is immunized using Spybot S&D

  173. Ian_M says:

    A big improvement with only 1 irony – I now have to install Firefox, Google or Safari to use by bank’s site as DEP refses to let it run. Unfortunately looks like I wil have to revert to IE7. Or is there someway to tell DEP to ignore my bank??

  174. dcc says:

    EricLaw [MSFT]

    @dcc: Do the iexplore.exe processes eventually terminate (e.g. after a minute)?  Had you been using sites that use Java?

    No the iexplore.exe process does not terminate at all. I’m using Anchorfree hotspot shield and this is what seem to causing iexplore.exe to not terminate. the Hotspot shield: BHO shows ads in inside Internet Explorer 8.

  175. dcc says:

    I disabled the hotspot shield class: BHO in IE 8 manage add-ons and this fix my issues about iexplore.exe not terminating when closing IE 8

  176.   Rekan – rekan komunitas, Setelah ditunggu sekian saat, akhirnya Microsoft meluncurnya browser

  177. Paul says:

    I would have been ok with IE’s slow new tabs if I could only drag a link from a webpage to another existing tab. This prevents me from using IE8 as an everyday browser.

  178. AlexGl [MSFT] says:

    @elko: IE8 doesn’t support Windows Server 2003 SP1. You’ll need to upgrade to SP2 to install it.

  179. Olivier says:

    @EricLaw : thanks !

    Yes, I had IE8 beta 1 but I never got any other version on this computer. If it’s safe, please can you tell me where the value are stored so I can delete them ?

    I’ve another problem : Microsoft Project Web Access (version 2003 I think).

    Each time I connect to my company’s PWA, it asks for my Windows login infos. I didn’t ask them with IE7.

    Also, when I submit everything so my boss can validate my times, I don’t receive the popup saying "an e-mail has been sent to colleague 1, colleague 2,…"

    I’ll try in compatibility mode to see if the problem is fixed.

  180. anonymuos says:

    @RitikaV, thanks for replying. After searching, I came across the solution. IE7Pro was the culprit, not yet IE8 compatible. Disabling the BHO eliminated the WebSlices problem.

  181. iron2000 says:


    Its the same when running with -extoff.

    The problem persists.

    Third time I (re)installed the IE8 Final, this time I even try to disable the other add-ons and disable SpywareBlaster before installing but still no good.

    One thing I noticed is the on all 3 installs, when the IE window finally shows up (after the long wait) there is always the message "Your last browsing session closed unexpectedly.

    Would you like to restore your last session or got to your home page?".

    Is it something left over from an unclean uninstallation of the IE8 RC?

    Thanks for replying though!

    Hoping that some solution will come soon.

  182. iron2000 says:


    Ok, I think I found the cause.

    Reading a few posts up.

    The cause is my usage of IE-SPYAD.

    The large amount of resticted sites.

    After clearing the Restricted Sites list IE8 runs better.

    Other problem I have now is the tiny form buttons on using third party visual styles on XP.

  183. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Ian_M: Please be more specific about what exactly happens, and what bank site you use?

    DEP helps prevent exploit of the browser by mitigating abuse of memory-related issues.  If your bank site is causing IE to crash, it’s almost certainly due to a buggy addon.  


  184. aldo says:

    Why is IE8 Final so slow? I remember using IE8 RC on Windows Vista extensively, and it was pretty fast, but now IE8 Final is very very slow in terms of starting up and opening tabs.

    Why is this? It is SO frustrating at times I am about to switch to using something else.

  185. dcc says:

    Anyway i hope IE 8 or anchor hotspot shield resolve the compatibility issue in the mean time I’ll be using Firefox.

  186. Young says:

    why there is always a problem with DEP and the error does not exist after the refresh?

    I believe there is some problems with IE8 itself.

  187. tzi says:

    > I’m not able to reproduce this problem in the RTW build of IE8.  Can you send the exact text / screenshot of the error?

    I suppose the translation is like:

    Internet explorer is unable to display this web feed.

    A normalization error has occured.

    Go back to previous page.

  188. To those who are seeing a slow startup of IE8 (and maybe even OE) on Windows XP: Please state, if you’ve "Spybot Search&Destroy" installed and made use of the "Immunisize" feature of Spybot. That "may" cause the issue. Resetting or disabling the "Immunisize" feature in Spybot "may" speed up your IE8 (and OE) start times.

    BTW: Am I missing an entry on this very blog on why the Add-On mode for a site-by-site blocking/enabling option has been removed in IE8 RTM (at least for Windows XP)?

    Bye, Freudi

  189. Ian Boyd says:

    Any chance of improving text and image rendering performance on high-dpi monitors before launch?

  190. Rob says:

    Well, everything went ok with the install on my Toshiba laptop running vista 32 bit, but after a reboot it was all down hill from there.

    – 2 min freeze on bootup screen.

    – Vista’s start menu extremely slow.

    – Desktop interaction (opening explorer, quick launch) takes 30 secs or more to respond.

    – Launching ie ( or any program) was brutally slow.

    – CPU was normal – very strange.

    I did a system restore and everything is back to normal.  

    I think explorer.exe is having some kind of major issue with this release.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

  191. Kurbli says:

      There are reports that IE8 will not start fast if user’s system is immunized using Spybot S&D

  192. I’m sure updates will come to remove it’s shortcommings , but i for one think ie8 is a success.

  193. Frustrated says:

    I was running IE8 RC1 on XP SP2 which I found to be pretty stable. I uninstalled and upgraded to the final release.


    My quick launch icons disappeared. My task bar was emptied and Cleartype settings changed. I fixed those issues and proceeded to test IE.

    On each load, two instances of iexplorer.exe came up in the taskbar. It took 147 secs for the window to appear. Each tab created another instance of iexplorer.exe and on 3 tabs my PC crashed.

    I had not been using any addons at that stage.

    On reboot, XP took forever to startup and load my start-up programs. The screen got caught in a series of rapid refreshes while CPU climbed to 100%. Another crash.

    I discovered that there are issues with Logitech drivers, so uninstalled my Logitech mouse and went back to a standard mouse.

    Everything loaded up ok, but very slowly.

    I installed the Microsoft default addons.

    Did some browsing with IE8 and watched as CPU usage kept climbing. It took 15 minutes to reach 100% and by that time I had 7 instances of iexplorer.exe showing in the task manager. Crash followed when I tried to close the task manager.


    Found iexplorer.exe in task manager 1 hour after closing IE.

    Even with IE closed, my system just got slower and slower until it was almost unusable.

    Uninstalled IE8.

    I find this really disappointing. RC1 was not causing any problems and I had expected the final release to be at least as stable.

    XP Service Pack 2

    Dual-core Athlon 64×2

    2 Gb RAM

    No Spybot installed.

    No install of 3rd party addons.

    No install of compatibility list.

  194. hAl says:

    @Rob, Frustrated

    What kind of anti malware /protection software are you using ? (other programs might behave similar as spybot and spyblaster)

    Does you restricted sites list contain a list of sites ?

    (Tools => Internet Options => Security tab => Select Restricted sites => Sites button)

  195. Nifty says:

    > click on a white/empty space and set "Group by" to None

    Thanks! 🙂

  196. __left says:

    I was experiencing the same slow startup issues (OS: XP SP3) and they appeareantly were caused by the immunization feature of Spybot Search & Destroy. If you undo the changes made by Spybot (Spybot itself allows you to do so in the immunization tab), IE8 will load as fast as it did previously.

    I wonder why this bug didn’t appear in RC1, though. Anyway, thanks for the hint, Kurbli!

  197. TheUndeadable says:

    Very nice browser, but I’d like to have some improvements:

    a) Better german translation. There are some typing errors

    b) Better Button texts. Some buttons don’t have the ‘…’-Postfix, but they open a dialog. I think this violates some UI-Guidelines.

    c) InPrivate-Filtering is not enabled by default. Even if I enable it, it’s disabled when I restart the browser.

    d) The tab-texts ‘Favoriten’, ‘Feeds’, ‘Verlauf (History)’ are compressed for about half a second when I click on the star for the favorites at the top left border. It is a little bit annoying to see the recalculation of the tab.

  198. ben says:


    "There are reports that IE8 will not start fast if user’s system is immunized using Spybot…"

    Yes, after disabling immunization in Spybot and Spywareblaster, my IE8 is working perfectly.

    So you are telling us that the only way to make IE8 usable is to disable the anti-spybot tools we have that actually make IE safe to use!!!

    Congrats on a therefore-useless browser!  There’s no way in @#&$! that I’m going to run IE without Spybot installed – Ever!

    Unless IE starts shipping with a -noactivex command parameter.

  199. aldo says:

    I am going to back up other people who have said Spybot Search & Destroy Immunization is to blame for this.

    I undid Immunization and IE8 is fast again 😀

    So I still think its IE8 itself as I was using Spybot and its immunization with IE8 RC and it was unaffected, but Final is.

  200. Lauri777 says:

    I have a majoooor problem!I’m running Vista 32bit. I installed IE 8 but I didnt restart my comp immeaditly. I surfed the web for a while and used Vista Manager to defrag registry. After defrag it reboots computer automaticly. When I got my comp up and running again I clicked iexplorer.exe but nothing happens! It doesn’t start at all. Windows Update says it failed to install 3 updates which are related to IE 8. I can’t uninstall IE 8 because it isn’t even installed properly. Reinstall doesn’t work either because windows says I already have a newer version installed. I tried system restore but it fails! How can I fix this?

  201. Jatinder Mann [MSFT] says:

    @Ilia Jerebtsov

    This issue has been fixed in the latest release; we have not been able to reproduce the issue as you have described. I am lead to believe there might be some other issue with your computer.

  202. Joe Fallon says:

    IE 8 crashes every time I pop-up a window and try to use its scroll bar. If I click in the white space in the scrol bar to "page down" IE 8 crashes with the message:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Runtime error!

    The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

    This is pretty frustrating as I use scroll bars quite a bit. Any idea why something so simple crashes IE 8?

  203. Joe Barney says:

    What happend to the option to open the current tabs next time you open IE? In IE7 you could hit the close button and the dialog box had a section which gave you the ability to click a check box and open them next time. No longer. Now you have this option when you pop a new tab to open last session windows. But that sucks. Should u forget to do that, open a window, then close the browser – your previous windows are gone. Firefox handles this very well and IE7 did a good job too. Why must MS make these sorts of changes on every new iteration? You get use to something and then they change it and in this case change it to be harder to use not easier!

  204. Joe Fallon says:

    I disabled all my add-ons and it resolved the issue. But I have to turn off my favorite Ad Blocker software that I have used for 7 years.

    Here is the information:

    Name:                   AdShield.AdShield

    Publisher:              (Not verified) AdShield, LLC

    Type:                   Browser Helper Object


    File date:              

    Date last accessed:     Today, March 21, 2009, 2:23 PM

    Class ID:               {7559B76E-0222-4D77-9499-CCE9EB4EDC2F}

    Use count:              76219

    Block count:            21

    File:                   AdShield.dll

    Folder:                 C:Program FilesAdShieldAdShield


  205. Matthias Walther says:

    For these still having problems downloading IE8 under XP (as I described in my first post at the beginning of this thread): Do not use the default link with the thick button provided when entering onto IE8 website. Instead opt for a different language version. Then in the screen where you select your language, make your selection. Now in the right part of the screen, right-click on the OS you want (e.g. Windows XP) and open it in a new window or tab respectively. Should work fine then. I had the problem only under XP SP3, not under Vista SP1.

    @EricLaw: Deleting history on exit is not the same as a full InPrivate session. Maybe in next version you should add a "Delete selected items on exit" to the delete-menu so you can for example delete history, temporary internet files and cookies on exit automatically. This would replace the "Delete history on exit" option.

    And for those like me who start up in InPrivate mode, a button to go back to normal mode would be helpful. Even better if like for InPrivate filtering, you could add a list of sites you always want to open in InPrivate.

    What’s still annoying to me is that if you don’t want to use the horizontal favorites bar but you want to use the vertical favorites pane (i.e. pin the favorites to the left side of the screen) you lose precious screen space and it looks very ugly. On the line where the tabs are, there is only empty space horizontally till the end of the favorites pane. Try it and you will see.

    And when you have done the registry-hack so that the menubar appears where it should have been by default (above and not below the address-bar) and you then enable the favorites-pane, it changes back to menubar below addressbar.

    Further on when you use the normal favorites drop-down menu and click "sort by name" on a folder, the folder gets sorted but you get thrown out of the menu. In earlier versions of IE, the folder you clicked "sort by name" got sorted and you still were in position with the mouse pointer, i.e. you could continue and for example sort the next folder without the need to drop down the favorites-menu again.

  206. Gerard says:

    I’m really impressed with performance and stability of IE8 RTM, considering that every previous version up to and including the RC was too unstable to be usable for me.

    Startup, opening new tabs and rendering is much faster than with IE7, but I am surprised that so many people report that IE8 is slower in one or more of these areas, some even saying that RC1 was better.

    One thing I REALLY HATE about IE8 is the new tab handling. In IE7 when switching to a tab, new tabs opened from that tab would be appear behind thr current one, in IE8 they are always opened at the end of all tabs or at the end of the current tab group (depending on whether tab groups are enabled). There seems to be no option to restore the previous behavior. A major usability deterioration.

    I also have a problem that sometime tabs do not immediately close, maybe due to scripts running in the page.

  207. John says:

    Has somethign changed with font fallback compared with IE7?

    When I visit

    or any other chinese/japanese site I see boxes instead of chinese characters, unless I am in compatibility mode.

  208. Rob says:


    I only use Onecare for spy/antivirus, nothing else. The restricted site list is empty.  I wouldn’t be surprised if onecare had something to do with it.  

    It’s strange there is nothing in my event logs that shows anything to do with the system slow down. I reset all ie settings to default and nothing changes. Its back to ie7 for now.

  209. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John: Yes, IE8 Standards mode properly supports fallback when multiple fonts are specified in CSS.  IE7 only tried the first font. is on the Compatibility View list for this reason and others.

    @Matthias Walther: When you check the "Delete browsing history on Exit" option, it will delete whatever history you’ve previously selected in the "Settings…" dialog.  So, it sounds like the feature already works much like you’re suggesting, so long as your settings reflect what you want to delete.

    The suggestion that you could have a list of sites to alway open InPrivate is a cool one.  For now, one thing you might like is this little tweak:  It puts an "Open InPrivate" item on the Shell’s context menu for .url shortcut files.

    @Joe Fallon: For addon problems like this, you should probably contact the AdShield team and ask when an IE8-compatible version will be available.

    @Ilia Jerebtsov: Can you please provide a bit more information?  How exactly does setup fail, and what error messages do you see?  What version of Windows are you using?

    @Hselburn: When there were no addons listed, what was the filter setting at the bottom left of the Manage Addons dialog?

    @Olivier: To correct the problem where load times are incorrect, you must delete the "LoadTime" and "LoadTimeCount" registry values under the "iexplore" key inside each of the GUID-identified registry keys here:


    You should probably backup your registry before doing this in case you make a mistake.  If you’re familiar with the RegMon tool, it can help find you the exact keys if you watch IE read these when Manage Addons loads.

    For the problem where you’re prompted for credentials: The key question here is what Zone the PWA site is in.  Is it in the Intranet or Trusted zones?  The question about "submit everything so my boss can validate" is one that would probably have to go to the Project team.

    @Aldo: do you have a ton of sites in the Restricted or Trusted zone?

    @Young: At what sites do you see crashes?  This is most likely caused by a buggy addon.

    @tzi: I’m not able to reproduce this error.  It’s possible that you have cached content from the feed which had invalid markup.  If you delete the feed, clear your cache, and resubscribe, does the problem go away.

    @Ottmar Freudenberger: The option for per-site ActiveX was not removed for IE8.  If you’re not seeing the prompt, please ensure your zone settings inside Tools / Internet Options / Security are set to defaults.  Also, for any addon that you’re not seeing a prompt, go to Manage Addons, choose the addon, click "More information" at the bottom left, and ensure that "*" isn’t in the allow list.

    @Ian Boyd: As we’ve already launched, it might be a bit late for that.  ðŸ™‚  Can you provide more details about what problems you’ve had?

    @TheUndeadable: Please provide a list of problems with the translation so I can ensure that these get fixed.  The "…" postfix was removed starting with the UX standards years ago for cases where it is obvious (from context) when a dialog must necessarily result.  The fact that InPrivate Filtering is reset on startup is by-design.  

    @ben: You can very easily disable all ActiveX installations in IE if you’d like; you don’t need to install 3rd party tools or settings to do this.  Simply adjust your settings inside Tools / Internet Options / Security.

    @__left/aldo: The Spybot issue is in-fact new to the final version of IE8.  It is related to a change in the zones list handling logic.  We’re looking into ways to address this issue, but for now, the best bet is to simply disable the immunization feature.

    @Joe Barney: Thanks for your feedback about the "reopen last tabs" feature.

  210. Howard says:

    @EricLaw[MSFT] – you were just quoted as saying:

    "The Spybot issue is in-fact new to the final version of IE8.  It is related to a change in the zones list handling logic.  We’re looking into ways to address this issue, but for now, the best bet is to simply disable the immunization feature."

    Let me get this straight.  You are telling users NOT to use the best damn protection available on the market against drive-by sites that only IE suffers from security holes with?

    Un-!@#$ing-Believable! I can’t believe you just told users to disable Spybot because IE RTM isn’t Ready for Market.

    Nice one!  Please remove your foot before responding!

  211. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Howard: Firstly, please notice that I did not suggest that users “disable Spybot” but rather that they not use the “Immunize” feature.

    The immunization feature offered by SpyBot is not required to browse safely with Internet Explorer 8.  IE8 includes more reliable protections against malicious sites, including per-site ActiveX, ActiveX opt-in, DEP/NX, Protected Mode, and SmartScreen Filter.

    Blocking a static list of sites using Zones is fundamentally a losing game, because (as phishers have demonstrated for years) attackers can simply deliver malicious attacks from new domains or IP addresses.

  212. Nick says:

    Solution to Open in New Tab/Open in New Window Issue with IE8 RTM

    Credit to eisenb11 for the solution in Step 11 below.

    Here’s what I did to get it to work (on Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit; not all steps may be necessary):

    1. Rebooted.

    2. Uninstalled Flash and Shockwave using tools from Adobe website.

    3. Uninstalled Java.

    4. Uninstalled Google Toolbar and Google Desktop.

    5. Turned off Windows Defender and AV.

    6. Turned off UAC.

    7. Rebooted (required after turning off UAC).

    8. Installed IE8 RTM.

    9. Rebooted as instructed.

    10. Opened Command Prompt window (Run as Administrator).

    11. Typed regsvr32 actxprxy.dll followed by Enter.

    12. Closed Command Prompt window.

    13. Prior to launching IE8, went to Internet Options control panel and reset security settings and advanced settings to defaults.

    14. Launched IE8, confirming all works OK (Open in New Tab, Open in New Window, Recent Pages drop-down).

    15. Confirmed Windows Explorer issues gone (C: drive now has flag icon; DVD is labeled as such, not as CD; opening folders opens in same window if that folder option is selected).

    16. Rebooted.

    17. Reinstalled Flash, Shockwave, Java, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop.

    18. Turned on Windows Defender and AV.

    19. Turned on UAC and rebooted.

    As I said, not all steps may be necessary.  The trick is Step 11.  Seems like the IE8 installer fails to re-register this DLL.

    Hope others find similar success.

  213. Stuart Miller says:

    Try loading to see how really slow IE8 can be.  Very frustrating.  Chrfome and Firefix are almost instantaneous in comparison.

  214. Dan says:

    For me, IE8 fully loads in about 4 seconds.  

    Firefox 3 fully loads it in about 8 seconds.  

    Chrome loads it in about 1.5 seconds, although I don’t have Flash in Chrome, so none of the applets are loaded.

  215. says:

    IE8 on my comp is very stable, I’ve yet to see the tab crash-recovery UI.

  216. tzi says:

    > I’m not able to reproduce this error.  It’s possible that you have cached content from the feed which had invalid markup.  If you delete the feed, clear your cache, and resubscribe, does the problem go away.

    The markup seems valid:

    Feed preview works:

    …until subscribed.

    I have also tested IE8 on a clear installation of XP Home SP3 EN, all the same. The cache is surely unrelated.

  217. @Eric (regarding the AddOn site by site feature)

    Ah, I see it now under the "Details" window. But that changed from previous versions of IE8 beta, doesn’t it? I do not remember to have to click on the "Details" button previously to see a list of sites the AddOn is allowed to run. Maybe I’m getting old…

    Thx, Freudi

  218. Matthias Walther says:

    @EricLaw: If it’s like you said and everything selected in the delete-menu gets deleted if "delete history on exit" is thicked, I would certainly move this option, as it can easily be misunderstood.

    As the word "history" has a certain meaning for brwosing, it can be understood as only the history (i.e. websites you visited) and nothing else gets deleted. It’s further irritating that this option is separate from the delete-menu. If you select the Tools/Internet options menu you see it ("Delete browsing history on exit"). But if you just select "Delete browsing history…" from the tools menu…nada, you don’t even get a clue there is an option to always delete your traces on exit.

    I suggest you remove that "delete browsing history on exit" from where it is and instead add a "Delete selected items on exit" to the delete-menu so you also see it if you’re using the "Delete browsing history…" option instead of "Internet options" in the tools menu. It would also be more clear as it avoids the word "history".

    BTW why isn’t it possible to number all comments in this blog? It would be easier to refer to a certain comment/posting. You could say "@xy: You mentioned in posting #xyz…" – "Having the same problem as described in comment #zxy…"

  219. Ehm, BTW:

    It would be a good idea to get the information bar to display *which* site is asking to run an AddOn *and* to have an option to *disallow* running an AddOn on specfic sites.

    I.e. on a site which does display Flash ads via i.e. but you may want to allow Flash only on the "original" site/domain, with IE8 final you’ve to play bingo to allow the "right" AddOn. Furthermore it seems to be impossible to *remove* any site separatly in the Details window of an AddOn. You can only remove the whole list, which is "maybe" not, what the user wants/is expecting.

    Additionally a "Don’t ask again" ("for this site") option in the context menu of the information bar occuring while trying to execute an AddOn would be a great thing to have. These permanent bleeps of the info bar while accessing sites which includes i.e. Flash, are sooner or later leeding to allow the AddOn to run on all sites or disable the AddOn completely.

    FWIW, Freudi

  220. hAl says:

    [quote]It would be a good idea to get the information bar to display *which* site is asking to run an AddOn *and* to have an option to *disallow* running an AddOn on specfic sites.[/quote]

    Indeed it is now impossible to surf with a popular addon installed but not allowed or even disabled.

    If not allowed on any site you get harrassed by the yellow bar asking for the addon to be allowed or to be allowed on all sites where I would like options as not allowed for this site of allowed always only for this site.

    If disabled ananoying popup from the statusbar shows up every time stating thew site is asking for a disabled addon.

    If f*cking know ! That is why I disabled it !!

    Stop repeating that info and stop popping up.

  221. arbab7baba says:

    In the name of Allah , the beneficent , the merciful


    I think here is one error from IE8 download link for Windows XP 64-bit.

    Please see it and if needed resolve this error.

    please send me IE8’s email.

    Sincerely yours: Sayyed Reza Musavi

  222. Helder Magalhães says:

    As several messages after my previous one [1] were replied to, I was curious to know if it was just missed or if adding some more information to the message obfuscated its main aim.

    Thing is the "Improved Namespace Support" seems barely documented and, according to a few preliminary tests, not working as expected.

    Should I try a specific mailing list and/or file a bug report?


  223. Olivier says:

    @EricLaw : thanks for your answers, I’ll check tomorrow when I’ll go to work. The PWA is probably in the Intranet zone, but I’ll add it in the "Trusted zone" to see if it solves the problem.

    Please, do you have a solution to my first post : how can I get IE 8 in French on a Windows XP MUI (of course the Windows XP is configured to get French menus, dialogs,…)

  224. Michael says:

    Congratulations to the IE team!

    IE8 is great most of the time, but encountered one below exception when opening one new tab sometimes:

    "Unhandled exception at 0x02efd580 in iexplore.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x02efd580."

  225. Olivier says:

    I’ve just installed IE8 at home.

    OS : Windows XP Pro SP3 French version with all the updates.

    I’ve a weird light yellow problem in a dialog box :

    And maybe it’s related with this problem, I’ve in English instead of French and grayed : "Run IE in Protected Mode" in the same dialog.

    And if it’s not related, what is locked down "by my administrator" ? (Admin is myself and I’m logged with my admin account)

  226. John says:

    Using IE 8 cancels the ‘Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse’ fro the Ease of Access Centre. Why?

  227. autopin says:

    I’ve have had IE8 installed for a few days and think it’s a great browser. I haven’t noticed much difference to IE7, but the coloured tab groups are nice and it’s good to see the bug fixed where if you made text size bigger than 100% then highlighting it would blacken it out completely instead of inverting the colours. It is very stable, no crashes or problems to date on XP SP3.

    But the big annoyance is that just like IE7, favorites does not autopin. Opera does, Firefox does, IE6 did. It’s the best way. Could you change it for a subsequent release? Perhaps a toggle option – autopin or standard mode.

  228. KS says:

    @Olivier. That means that some settings are set by policy and cannot by changed by you. Usually, that means that you installed some security program that did some changes (requested or unrequested) for you to improve security and used Group Policy for this or did it in such a way that it applies for all suers and not just for you.

  229. Olivier says:

    @KS : Thanks for your answer.

    I’ve spybot and ad-aware installed but the only grayed parameter is the "Run IE in protected mode", which I know is only available on Vista+.

    Or maybe the locked parameters aren’t visible at all ?

    I’ve checked another computer (XP Pro SP3 French), it doesn’t have any security software, and this time IE8 :

    – doesn’t have the weird yellow label (see my previous capture)

    – doesn’t have the English parameter "Run IE in Protected Mode".

    So I don’t really understand where this two things are coming from.

  230. Luka says:

    No feedback on broken visual search yet. I would really like to hear if anyone else besides me and 信太郎 has problems with it.

    Other thing that bothers me is the coloured tabs feature. I like the visual distinction of tab groups, but this feature needs more tweaking. For example, if you have multiple homepages, when clicking on home button all sites are opened in one tab group although they all belong to different domains (not very logical).

    On the other hand, when a tab is in a group and you navigate away to a completely different site by typing an URL, I would expect that tab to "detach" automatically from the group. This enables users to reuse tabs easily not having to manually ungroup it.

    Lastly, it would be very convenient if tabs would always open immediately next to the active tab. If you have tabs A, B and C open as a tab group and then you open tabs B1 and B2 from tab B, I would expect the order of the tabs to be “A, B, B1, B2, C”. Yet the actual order is “A, B, C, B1, B2” which actually breaks the flow.

    On completely another note, there is an option to import privacy settings but no option to export them in the first place.

  231. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Oliver: Thanks for the screenshot: This yellow label shouldn’t be broken like this.  This label appears when there is a Group Policy registry setting that is enforcing one of the settings on this dialog.  If you’re familiar with RegMon, you can start it and then watch IE startup.  The registry key that causes this yellow bar to show will contain the string "Policies".

    @Luka: I’m not able to repro your "Visual Search is broken" issue.  Can you try grabbing a network capture (see of the failing scenario, and email me the .SAZ file?  Thanks!  (ericlaw AT microsoft)

    <<On completely another note, there is an option to import privacy settings but no option to export them in the first place.>>

    This option has worked this way since P3P was introduced; the feature supports an XML syntax which cannot be directly edited within the UI, so export isn’t very useful.

  232. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John: Thanks for the note; we’ll look into it.  

    @Michael: Most such crashes are caused by buggy add-ons.  Can you try running IE without add-ons to see if the problem occurs? ( explains how).  If you look in your Windows event viewer (in the "Application" bucket) you might see an event for the crash.  In the information, there may be a "Fault bucket" number.  That number may allow us to specifically tell you the cause of the problem.

  233. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @tzi: The only other thing I can think of is to try deleting the feed store, which will be rebuilt during the next refresh:

    1>Close IE.

    2>del %localappdata%microsoftfeedsfeedsstore.feedsdb-ms

    3>Restart IE, right-click a feed, and choose Refresh.

  234. Olivier says:

    @EricLaw : thanks for your answer.

    With RegMon, I’ve found :

    – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionpoliciesRatings (with nothing in it)

    – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsSafer (with stuff in it about executable types)

    I’ve renamed both keys so they couldn’t be found anymore by IE8, but I still have the yellow label.

    I’ve also tried running in no-addon mode in case of, but I still get this yellow bar.

    Eric, this "locked parameters" should be invisible ? grayed ? Because as I said, the only grayed parameter I get is the "Run in protected mode".

    Another thing which aren’t related but which is on the same dialog : "Always open pop-ups in a new window" is in English instead of French. All the others parameters are translated.

  235. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Oliver: Hmm… neither of those keys should be the culprit. When you did this check, did you first close all IE instances, then watch with RegMon as you started IE and launched the internet control panel from it?

    Typically, yes, we try to grey out the settings which are policy controlled, but this doesn’t always happen.  

    Thanks for the note about the missed translations; we’ll look into these.

  236. Joe says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]: What is the best way to get in contact with someone at the IE team about a bug in iexplore.exe? (With a reproducible test case and Process Monitor logs.)

  237. Konstantinos says:

    I have a few suggestions:

    – Can you PLEASE make Ctrl+S Save the web page ?

    – Can you PLEASE make IE remember the last saving format used (now *.mht is always the default).

    – For some reason I don’t see all my accelerators (e.g. the 1 for Wikipedia) in the manage acel. dialog.

    – Can you add a "view selected source" feature ?

    – Can you provide some features similar to Opera’s (like wand passwords, favourite pages in the start tab, page link extraction, support for Opera’s widgets, etc) ?

    – Can you add a built-in download manager (IE Pro won’t do) ?


    And well done for your work so far.

  238. Konstantinos says:

    I would also like IE to save browsing sessions like Opera.

    Saving a few URLs in a file is not so hard, is it ?

  239. Dave says:

    Did the guys at Mozilla send you a cake?

  240. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Joe: Feel free to send me a mail (ericlaw atmicrosoft). For your first message, please leave out the logs, since the server might drop the message due to size restrictions.

  241. Konstantinos says:

    Can you also make IE restore the tabs that were opened when it was last used ?

    IE is the only browser that doesn’t do that !!!

  242. Konstantinos says:

    Can you also make IE restore the tabs that were opened when it was last used ?

    (I mean at start-up)

    IE is the only browser that doesn’t do that !!!

  243. Konstantinos says:

    Little while before I ‘ve said:

    "For some reason I don’t see all my accelerators (e.g. the 1 for Wikipedia) in the manage acel. dialog."

    Now I correct it:

    For some reason none of the additional accelerators in the "All accelerators" list is listed in the accelerators dialog.

    WHY none of the additional accelerators in the "All accelerators" list is listed in the accelerators dialog ? 🙂

  244. Konstantinos says:

    I also think it would be nice to add a setting specifying whether the "New Tab" button (and the Ctrl+T) should open the new tab next to the current tab or at the end of the tab list. (Or make it always to open the new tab next to the current tab…).

  245. BillH says:

    So…Is the slow loading issue for IE8 resolved by removing the resticted sites?  I upgraded to IE8 and then downgraded to IE7 specifically because IE8 was taking 4 seconds or better to render once the icon was clicked on my XP Home Edition PC.  Found a lot of references to Spybot immunization which I used to do frequently but I haven’t used that product in years but my restricted sites list is huge.

  246. CRens says:

    @BillH: Yes, if you have a large restricted sites list (large to the size that Spybot makes it), then removing it should fix the loading issue. Deimmunizing with Spybot made it work for me.

    Clearly IE not being able to handle the large list is a bug that cropped up between RC and Final, so hopefully we’ll see a fix for it in the near future.

  247. BillH says:

    WOW! What a difference!!!!  I found reference to a tool called deldomains.inf found at and ran it on my system and it removed all of my resticted sites in one shot.  Reinstalled IE8 and it launches very fast and loads my default page in a flash.

  248. Olivier says:

    @EricLaw : I’m at work right now so :

    – I’ve solved the addons load time problem (over 1000 seconds) by deleting the values you told me. Thanks ! 🙂

    – PWA is already in the trusted zone and "enable Integrated Windows Authentication" is checked. But it still asks me for my Windows login/pass.

    At work I’ve also Spybot and Ad-aware but I haven’t the "yellow label" problem like at home. Tonight I’ll check again carefully with regmon if I’ve missed some "Policies" keys.

  249. Jacky shen from china says:

    Performance is still a big problem,especially when you open a new TAB.

    When you use Chrome to do the same thing, you immediately understand the meaning of a light weight browser 🙁

  250. Anton Zlygostev says:

    Hello guys,

    Where can I provide some feedback for IE8?

    I would like to complain about the "Error page lie" that started, I believe, with IE6.

    I hoped that IE8 will stop pretending to be stupid, but without any success. It still provides suggestions like "Diagnose Connection Problem" for simple mistyping of a web address.

    Just go to to see the idiotic page "oops, something went wrong".

    I call this idiotic because before IE6 the browser knew difference between all the reasons listed as "possible explanations" on that page.

    Why on earth would the sane browser _guess_ "If this is an HTTPS (secure) address" instead of just _looking_ into the URL?

    Guys, for me that’s the epic fail.

    In case that’s a deliberately chosen decision, please explain it to me, to reduce my frustration level.

  251. jacky shen from China says:

    When browsing a webpage which contains large amount of infor ,you can obviously feel the delay if you scroll the  vertical bar.

  252. Jim says:

    First, thanks, Microsoft, for responding to posts here.

    Mention was made of InPrivate and settings that clear files/history on exit. It’s been my experience with previous IE versions that IE crashes can leave (for instance) temporary Internet folders populated rather than emptied. Can you address whether that behavior’s been improved in IE8? Having the browser maintain users’ privacy is a nice feature, but if a browser crash doesn’t clean up after itself, that privacy isn’t assured. Thanks again,

  253. Under torsdagens keynote på MIX09-konferensen annonserades att den släppta versionen av Internet Explorer

  254. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jim: As a part of the crash recovery process, any InPrivate data detected is immediately deleted.

  255. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Olivier: Glad the load time issue got resolved.  It was a kinda funny bug, because it only repro’d on some machines with high-resolution timers.  Fortunately, mine was one of them.  ðŸ™‚

    The "Integrated Windows Authentication" setting isn’t the important one– the important one is the setting inside Tools / Internet Options / Security / <zone> / Automatic Login.  I assumet that /if/ you type your username/password, the login is successful?

    Some versions of SpyBot will enforce policy against INETCPL.  In the "Immunize" section, see if you have checkboxes named "lock IE start page setting against user changes" and "lock IE control panel against opening from within IE." If they are checked, uncheck them. This will enable you to use Internet Options.

    @Anton: Thanks for the feedback on the error pages– I agree that these pages could be made more specific in some cases; this is something we looked at for IE8 but ultimately didn’t get to. I do not recall IE5 being significantly different in this regard.

    In other cases, it would be difficult to be more specific because the root cause of the problem is not easily "bubbled up" all the way to Internet Explorer.  In my opinion, this is something that merits further investment.

  256. Vishwac Sena [MSFT] says:

    @Olivier: Reg – Please, do you have a solution to my first post : how can I get IE 8 in French on a Windows XP MUI (of course the Windows XP is configured to get French menus, dialogs,…)

    Since you’d mentioned that you are on XP MUI, you will have to download and install IE8 MUI pack for XP which will be made available in the coming days. This should address your issue. Stay tuned!  

  257. Olivier says:

    @EricLaw : yeah, the load time bug was strange, because I swear the browser wasn’t taking 1000 seconds to load 😉

    I’ll check tomorrow at work to see how the Automatic Login is configured. But yes, I get logged when I type the login/pass (that’s great, so my boss doesn’t kill me)

    In Spybot (, "IE tweaks" section, only "Lock Host file read-only blahblah…" is checked. The two others "start page" and "control panel" are unchecked.

    I did another search with Regmon, then I tried renaming a few policies keys in the registry but I always get the yellow label.

    I’ve found another strange bug which can’t be reproduced everywhere.

    1) go here :

    2) scroll down to about "Shorewall-perl – The down side"

    3) with the mouse, select some lines of text. Works most of the time by selecting from bottom to top.

    4) See the text jumping strangely. I’m not sure, but the problem seems to be caused by the lists.

  258. Olivier says:

    @Vishwac Sena : thanks for the answer 🙂 That’s great !

  259. Hselburn says:

    @EricLaw I checked the filters settings in Manage Add-Ins and it was set to currently loaded. I changed that to all add-ins and I can see them, providing selecting to manage add-ins does not crash ie8 which it does more often than not to me. I think uninstalling ie8 and 7 and then reinstall ie8 should work providing that uninstalls previouly installed add-INS. Btw I also turned off ad-aware to see if that might be an issue. No change.

  260. Hselburn says:

    @EricLaw I checked the filters settings in Manage Add-Ins and it was set to currently loaded. I changed that to all add-ins and I can see them, providing selecting to manage add-ins does not crash ie8 which it does more often than not to me. I think uninstalling ie8 and 7 and then reinstall ie8 should work providing that uninstalls previouly installed add-INS. Btw I also turned off ad-aware to see if that might be an issue. No change.

  261. clowg says:

    IE 8 has been crashing on me since I installed it yesterday.  (I have not tested any of the beta versions)

    I get:

    "This program ["C:…iexplore.exe" SCODEF:6584 CREDAT:6445] caused a problem and is going to close.  Would you like to save a dump file?"  [Yes] [No]

    I also saw one instance of DEP stopping a tab.  

    The nice thing is IE only crashes one tab, and then it automatically reopens that tab.

    Any help on why this might be happening?

  262. Deborah Gooden says:

    After installing this mess, I get a blank

    screen after signing in.  A blank black

    screen.  I going through task manager

    to get to my internet.  This is crazy so

    I tried to use fix it to get seven back

    but had problems.  I’m a vista basic


  263. Olivier says:

    @EricLaw : in the trusted zone parameters, I changed "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" to "Automatic logon with current user name and password" and now I can go on PWA without entering my login/password. Thanks again !!

    I don’t really understand what "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" means but at least the problem is solved 🙂

    Tonight I’ll file a bug on Connect for the Project team regarding the last bug : I’m not receiving the "recipient summary popup" when I validate my times on PWA.

  264. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @clowg: The number one source of IE crashes is buggy add-ons.  Please see

    If you figure out which addon is crashing, please let us know.

  265. web guy says:

    I’m not finished reading all the comments here, but I had to say that this release is QUITE IMPRESSIVE.

    I see that not everyone is having as much luck, but I’m glad to see how much this improved from the RC to this version. I think if you guys continue to engage the community the way you are doing now then you’re going to have a winner of a product.

    Not sure if it was a bluff or just to get us to freak out, but that RC was horrible…

  266. Microsoft released the final version of IE8 last week (3.19.2009); your users will soon be automatically upgraded unless auto-updates have been explicitly blocked. Are you ready?…

  267. Paul Wade says:

    The Spybot issue is a real pain and there’s a rendering issue on both Vista versions that doesn’t happen with XP. Otherwise I wish someone had told me to remove an older version of the MS Developer Toolbar before upgrading. Even after uninstalling subsequently it still took hacking the registry to manage to remove all references to it afterwards. Maybe I missed that advice?

  268. Hselburn says:

    I uninstalled java and disabled 3rd party add-ins and ie8 still crashes when trying to view ie8 help or manage add-ins. I hope that gets resolved sooner, rather than later. Back on ie7 for now.

  269. Hselburn says:

    I still can’t load ie8 help without crashing. I disabled 3rd party add-ins, uninstalled java and I’m back to ie7 with a fresh java install.  

  270. Hselburn says:

    I still can’t load ie8 help without crashing. I disabled 3rd party add-ins, uninstalled java and I’m back to ie7 with a fresh java install.  

  271. F.U. says:

    Since my last comment obviously got deleted because i used some offensive words –  another try:

    Your new browser is not good. It breaks standards-compliant websites. This is costing me time and money and i’m sick of it. It may be better than the previous versions but your competitors are still doing much better. Compared to other browsers it is very unpleasend to the eye and not easy to use.

  272. Konstantinos says:

    – Their new browser is not good. – So ? Wait for the next release.

    – It breaks standards-compliant websites. – It’s the webpage-makers who break the standards not IE. Nags to them. (you should see what Opera breaks… I know – I ‘m using it !)

    – This is costing me time and money and i’m sick of it. – That’s life.

    – It may be better than the previous versions but your competitors are still doing much better. – So ?

    – Compared to other browsers it is very unpleasand to the eye and not easy to use. – That’s fine to me (and the 60% of the web users).

    Not very comfortable to use maybe… Why don’t you suggest some changes on that ?

    IE8 is MUCH better than IE7 & IE6.

    The last version of Opera is MUCH worse than the previous ones…

    FF3 is little better than FF2.

    See…? IE is the only one evolving so quickly !

    One day it will catch up… I hope.

  273. F.U. says:

    You must be a big fan.

    "Wait for the next release." – It’s not about me wanting to use it.

    "It’s the webpage-makers who break the standards not IE." – That’s true in many cases. In this particular case – I have a 100% valid page, using nothing but HTML & CSS, no hacks and all competing browsers render it the expected way, even IE7, only IE8 puts a margin the size of the whole body on top of it – would you say it is my fault?

    The 60% you are talking about aren’t proud IE users. Most of them simply don’t know better, don’t care or they can’t upgrade (old or pirated windows version, no admin rights at work). I have yet to meet someone switching back to IE after I showed them Firefox.

    Of course IE8 is better than 6 and 7, would be really embarrassing if not. Still it’s years behind the competition.

    "So?" – Nothing. It’s not my browser.

    "One day it will catch up… I hope." – Never lose hope! 😉

  274. hAl says:

    Mike the two links you provide are to the same forum thread.

    The likely cause is also mentioned. The * advertising network probably uses incompatible script to prevent their ads being blocked.

  275. Mike says:

    The problem is that IE8 does not crash on all systems. We cannot replicate the problem. Zedo causes no problems with the previous version of Internet Explorer.

    Could Microsoft team verify what is the culprit?

    If you make some search on the web I will notice that there is many people experiencing the same issue.

  276. Dan says:

    >F.U.: "I have a 100% valid page"

    Provide the URL, please?

    >hAl: "uses incompatible script to prevent their ads being blocked"

    No, crashing the browser is never okay.  I am not able to reproduce this problem; I’m blocking with the restricted sites zone and do not crash on USA Today.

    It’s probably a Flash bug (as usual).

  277. Konstantinos says:


    "You must be a big fan." I am a HUGE fan of IE as a part of the OS. IE is more that a simple browser.

    "would you say it is my fault?" There R browsers with more problems (Opera). Funny enough, I love Opera – who cares about the standards, the UI is great! Users don’t care about the standards. Reasonably enough MS didn’t care about them either !

    "I have yet to meet someone switching back to IE after I showed them Firefox." I have ALL known browsers on my PC and FF is the last I’d like to open… IE lets me do some nasty tricks, so I guess it takes the place just before FF. I find Chrome (just released!) and Opera MUCH better choices that FF.

    "Never lose hope! ;)" I won’t ! Hear that IE team ? I have faith in U ! Make IE better or I’ll hack your machines, steal your IE code, fix it myself and then send it back to Bill Gates via e-mail ! 🙂

  278. Konstantinos says:


    I didn’t get even a single crash with IE8.

    Crash reasons could be:

    – the antivirus

    – IE add-ons

    I’d try to disable some for a while, to see what happens…

    Note for IE team:

    Can you set a lower priority for Flash objects in the page ?

    Whenever there is a large Flash I get non-smooth page scrolling. 🙁

    See here (the time map):!39DD12B3936DAECF!234.entry

    Can you also add a Task Manager Similar to Chrome’s please ?

    (In IE9 I guess…)

  279. Mike says:

    @Dan: Thank you for your answer.

    If I try to block (restricted sites zone) my IE8 does not crash.

    When we try to do that on another pc IE8 crash. Removing * and from "Restricted sites" zone IE8 does not crash anymore.

    We never experienced any problem with IE6/IE7, Firefox and Opera with Zedo.

    I think IE8 should not crash managing Zedo code even if Zedo domains are in "Restricted site" zone.

  280. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mike: Does the Zedo crash occur if you start IE in no-addons mode?

    Inside your system’s Event Log (right-click the MyComputer icon and choose "Manage") do you see an event for the IE crash with a "Fault Bucket #"?  If so, can you send us the fault bucket #?


  281. Mike says:

    @Kostantinos: The first thing I tried was lauching IE8 without any addon (Start, All programs, Accessories, System utilities, Internet Explorer (no addons)).

    The results? IE8 still crash every time I browse the web page that contains Zedo code (with * and in "Restricted site" zone).

  282. m00nbl00d says:

    Folks, about the Spybot – Search & Destroy issue.

    There is no issue with Spybot, at all!

    It is a bug in the final version of Internet Explorer 8.

    Why isn’t Spybot’s fault? Easy. Uninstall it or even disable it’s immunizations and add entries to the Restricted Sites Zone, from, for example, IE-Spyad, and you’ll see what happens.

    And about the [quote]@Howard: Firstly, please notice that I did not suggest that users "disable Spybot" but rather that they not use the "Immunize" feature.

    The immunization feature offered by SpyBot is not required to browse safely with Internet Explorer 8. IE8 includes more reliable protections against malicious sites, including per-site ActiveX, ActiveX opt-in, DEP/NX, Protected Mode, and SmartScreen Filter.

    Blocking a static list of sites using Zones is fundamentally a losing game, because (as phishers have demonstrated for years) attackers can simply deliver malicious attacks from new domains or IP addresses. [/quote]


    Fact – Not everyone has, unfortunately, patience to deal with UAC. There’s always something that doesn’t work quite well, and, if people can’t make it to work, then, they’ll have to find people who’ll do it for them. Perhaps, their IT professionals.

    Fact – Even though is IE 8 is safer than any other previous version, it won’t be 100% effective. Nothing is.

    Fact – Regardless if some user makes use of SpywareBlaster, Spybot – Search & Destroy, IE-Spyad or any other entries, to add to IE’s restricted sites zone, there’s always going to exist this additional layer of security.

    Fact – If the Restricted Sites Zone is useles, why still existing? Makes no sense, at all.

    Fact – Not everyone has the knowledge to tweak IE for a safer browsing, like disabled ActiveX and only enabling per site. They’d got lost with those tweakings.

    Fact – All that was said on that post, in no way, is a valid reason not to fix this bug, that didn’t exist in the release candidate version.

    One thing is theory, one other practice. Two different realities.

    Best regards

  283. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @m00nbl00d: SpyBot (and a few other products) can configure Internet Explorer with thousands of sites in the Restricted Sites list.  Such a configuration proves problematic for the release version of Internet Explorer 8, which incurs a signifcantly performance penalty when thousands of sites are mapped into Zones.  

    No one has suggested that the IE team does not believe this is a problem in IE8, and no one from IE has suggested that it will not be fixed in the future.  

    Thus far, we are only sharing a known workaround, which is to avoid configuring IE with thousands of sites mapped to specific zones.


  284. m00nbl00d says:

    @ EricLaw

    Yes, but, after reading an interesting article in Softpedia saying that the reported issue will only be fixed in another 8 or even 9 version, and seeing everything said here, made me wonder how interested is Microsoft in fixing such issue.


  285. m00nbl00d says:

    P.S: And how fast such issue will be fixed.

  286. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @m00nbl00d: Which "article in SoftPedia" did you read, and who from the IE Team was cited in that article?  thx.

  287. Konstantinos says:


    I ‘ve added * and in "Restricted site" zone. I browse their web page and IE seems fine.

    (I wish I could say the same about the Chrome I use right now…the address bar has gone black…)

    I have a few add-ons enabled.



    Cipher Strength:128 -bit

    Product ID:01398 -600 -0011903 -00117

    Update Versions: 0

  288. Mike says:

    @Kostantinos, @EricLaw: when we add * and in "restricted sites" zone we get no "fault backet" error. In the event viewer is only present the following error:

    Application error caused by iexplore.exe

    module urlmon.dll ver 8.0.6001.18702

    error address: 0x0003e819

    0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74   Applicat

    0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c   ion Fail

    0010: 75 72 65 20 20 69 65 78   ure  iex

    0018: 70 6c 6f 72 65 2e 65 78   plore.ex

    0020: 65 20 38 2e 30 2e 36 30   e 8.0.60

    0028: 30 31 2e 31 38 37 30 32   01.18702

    0030: 20 69 6e 20 75 72 6c 6d    in urlm

    0038: 6f 6e 2e 64 6c 6c 20 38   on.dll 8

    0040: 2e 30 2e 36 30 30 31 2e   .0.6001.

    0048: 31 38 37 30 32 20 61 74   18702 at

    0050: 20 6f 66 66 73 65 74 20    offset

    0058: 30 30 30 33 65 38 31 39   0003e819

    0060: 0d 0a        

  289. Konstantinos says:

    Go to:

    Try to download Windows Defender (the orange button). Press "Continue". When I was about to install the ActiveX I got a crash. The 2nd time I tried, I managed to install the ActiveX and then I crashed! Now I (after 2 crashes) I can finally get Win Defender!

  290. Konstantinos says:

    The button is blue in the english version of the site. I saw the greek one…

  291. m00nbl00d says:

    @ hAl

    Thank you for posting the link for the article.

    I thought I had done it.


  292. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @hAl, @m00nbl00d: The article in question is basically a copy of Allison’s blog post here:

    If you ignore the incorrect summary that the author added at the top, you’ll see that the proper statement is that *postponed bugs* from the IE Connect database are candidates for the next IE version.

    This does not apply to issues which were not filed in Connect and deliberately postponed.

    Recently discovered issues (including the performance issues for users who have thousands of zones configured) will be triaged by the product team for possible update in the regular browser patches.

  293. m00nbl00d says:

    @ EricLaw

    Thank you for clarifying it.

    It is appreciated that Microsoft will provide a patch as soon as possible.

    Best regards

  294. Travis Leithead [MSFT] says:

    @Helder Magalhães:

    Sorry, I started writing some better documentation after I released we handn’t updated anything since Beta1. The following document supercedes the Beta1 whitepaper with all the latest changes, and is currently being indexed on MSDN. Nevertheless, here is the direct link. I hope this helps.

  295. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Luka and others with problems with Visual Search Suggestions showing a red X instead of the image: With help from community members, we’ve tracked down what we believe to be the cause of this issue.  

    Inside Tools / Internet Options / General / Tabs / Settings, you likely have the "Enable QuickTabs" item unchecked.  If you check this item and restart, the visual search suggestions should start working.  

    While these two features are otherwise unrelated, they both use the same image rendering technology.

    Please let me know if this workaround does or does not work for you.  


  296. Konstantinos says:

    After installing IE8 I have noticed some extreme delays in WinRar’s "Extract files…" option (in the shell menu extension). It takes VERY LONG time for the app’s dialog to appear. I’m not 100% sure that it’s caused by IE8, but can you check this out plz ? (It wasn’t there before I install IE8)

    Has any other user using WinRar noticed this problem ? I hope it doesn’t affect other apps too.

    Probably I should post this here…

  297. Konstantinos says:

    My mistake.

    After restarting Windows everything seems fine.

  298. Ever since IE8 was released, users of Spybot-S&amp;D and/or SpywareBlaster programs are seeing slow starting

  299. m00nbl00d says:

    Hello Donna

    Yes, indeed. And, not just while browsing.

    I don’t if Microsoft is also aware, and I’ve forgotten to mention it, but, the issues with a large Restricted Sites Zone, doesn’t only affect IE 8 browsing, but also, logging into administrator account, accessing Windows services with administrator rights, installing applications with administrator rights. Well, pretty much anything requiring administrator rights to work properly. Those applications needing such, they work, but, the there’s a quite long waiting before they do their thing.

    I’m sure no one would like to install, for example, VMWare Workstation with administrator rights, uh? Before an UAC prompt appears, I’d have to go at the shopping center, walk the dog out, etc.

    Let’s hope Microsoft solves this as soon as possible.

  300. Konstantinos says:

    I use MS Visual Studio 2008 and here is what I get when using the MFC "Add member variable" (HTML based) wizard:

    I want my MFC wizard back please !

    R there any easy solutions or I’d have to go back to IE7 ?

    PLEASE fix this ! 🙁

  301. Mike says:

    This is the most annoying feature I have ever seen on the internet. How do I remove or disable Domain Highlighting? Until this can be taken off I will be using Safari.

  302. Don’t see a download dialogue box and can’t’

    locate IE8 complete on my hard drive with

    search. Found IE8 icon for disabled add ons’

    but it does not revert to standard config

    when closed and opened. Quite frustrating.

    I’m used to software downloads littering

    my desktop with icons that must be deleted

    but disappearing… is new to me.


  303. Konstantinos says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]

    Thanks. And another thing:

    One of my favourite features of IE is that is saves/opens *.mht files (only Opera and IE can do that). However, there is a bug in opening *mht files in IE. When the filename of the *.mht file contains a ‘#’ character IE doesn’t open it. The same doesn’t happen with *.html files. Can you copy the the code from the html file-path parsing routine to the mht file-path parsing routine ?

    Example- Doesn’t open this:

    C:Learn C# in 3 days.mht

    But does open this:

    C:Learn C# in 3 days.html

  304. hd says:

    please replace the save dialog that appears when saving web pages.It does not allow me to use my tabs while saving

  305. hd says:

    ie takes a long time (than opera)when opening mht files and worse sometimes it crashes if several mht files are opened at once

  306. Alca says:

    IE8 is *STILL* stealing focus, just like IE7 did.

    (open many links at once, bring another window to the top, Explorer, Outlook Express or whatever, at some point IE8 will come to top, disrupting whatever you were doing)

    This is MOST annoying and tweakui focus option does nothing. (XP SP3)

    Please, by all means, fix this.

    Once in the background, IE8 should STAY in the backgroud.

    Thank you.

  307. i386 says:

    Please, an option to have the inline search bar (CTRL+F) appear at the bottom of screen instead of top. Thanks!

  308. Rose says:

    I tried Internet Explorer 8 and uninstalled

    it again, because; it got rid of my drop

    down menu. It wouldn’t drop down. I had to

    type the address of the website, I wanted

    to go to into my browser, every time. It’s

    much easier to click on it and have it go

    there for me, without having to type it in.

    There was no help for that on the support

    web page. I was very upset, that I couldn’t

    access my websites, quickly anymore. My

    spell check button was missing too and hasn’t

    returned, even after uninstalling Internet

    Explorer 8. It’s really caused trouble here.



  309. Is that possible to get "INTERNET EXPLORER 8 FINAL"free.If possible send me mail on and how to download also thanking you.

                            HITESH PITHWA

  310. Gene says:

    I wonder if the restricted zone sites issue is also occurring with SuperAntiSpyware Pro.  IE8 has been consistently very slow to load ever since installation, a good week ago.

  311. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Gene: It should be simple enough to check.  Click Tools / Internet Options / Security / Restricted / Sites… and see how many sites are listed.

    You also might try running IE without addons to see if you have a buggy browser add-on installed.  See for more info.

  312. rasha says:

    i ve a problem with a web site i designed i am opening it on IE6

    its working very good

    when i try it on IE8 the lay out is complet;y corrupted

  313. Mike says:

    No other suggestion about this issue?

    (IE8 crash with * / in "restricted site" zone).

    Thank you again.

  314. Konstantinos says:

    I was trying to install One Care from here:

    and that’s what I got:

  315. Konstantinos says:

    I think my OS is not supported by OneCare (XP Home Edition).

    Only 1 tab crashed.

    A few more checks might have prevented this.

    I also have the impression that the tab crash caused serious delays for a time period on my machine. (Launching mspaint.exe took many secs and saving the pic took a whole minute).

  316. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mike: We have not been able to reproduce the crash you’re reporting here.  Unfortunately, without further information, it will be difficult to directly troubleshoot your specific issue (although if you’ve configured Windows to upload Error Reports, we’ll see the data on the backend).

    If you’re a developer (or interested in learning some tricks 🙂 you could send us a .dmp file that shows us exactly where the crash is.  

    1> Install WinDBG from

    2> Configure WinDBG to run when a crash occurs: In an elevated command prompt, run WinDBG with the -I (case-sensitive) parameter.  E.g.

    C:debuggerswindbg.exe -I

    3> When the crash occurs, WinDBG opens.  Type the following command to generate a .DMP file:

    dump /ma %USERPROFILE%DesktopIECrash.dmp

  317. Gene says:

    @Eric: Thanks. The SuperAntiSpyware Pro list of restricted zones didn’t seem very long.  Since I primarily use IE as a back-up browser when sites don’t like Opera, I decided to go back to IE7 for now and thus didn’t check the No add-on mode.  The normal start-up speed has returned with IE7 (add-ons enabled, about 20 in list).  

  318. Mike says:

    I will surely do that! Thank you. Two readers are reporting similar IE8 crashes (urlmon.dll) with and home pages too.

  319. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mike: Thanks!  When you have a .dmp, shoot me an email and we’ll figure out how to get it to me for debugging.

    With regard to the Nokia sites– both use Flash, which is the most likely cause of this issue.  We’d want to check if this repros in no-addons mode, and if not, what version of Flash they’ve got installed.


  320. Mike says:

    Ok, sure. I’m managing a big website and this issue is making me crazy. In my case, I verified with the readers that IE8 crashes only when * and are in "restricted sites". The problem seems to come up even if the readers (5 o 6 users) start IE8 in no-addons mode. They use the latest Flash version (

    However, I will send you the dump files as soon as possible. Sorry, where I can find your e-mail address?

    Thank you again.

  321. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mike: I’m ericlaw@@Microsoftdotcom, but you will not be able to attach the .DMP files directly (as they will be in the neighborhood of 50mb.)  Instead, mail me and we’ll work out a place where these can be uploaded.  Thanks!

  322. i386 says:

    Are "Web Slices" working for anyone on eBay?

    Or is the feature not implemented yet or broken on eBay’s side?

    Also, what is this

    there’s a download link with a IE8 installator customized by eBay… what are the changes compared to standard IE8 install from MS, are there any?

  323. Olivier says:

    @i386 : I’ve just tried eBay, and I’ve the same problem as you : no webslices.

    I haven’t tried, but I guess the eBay’s IE8 installer comes preconfigured with eBay visual search, accelerator and maybe a direct link to eBay in the favorites.

  324. error signature appname:iexplore.exe modver:8.0.6001.8372 offset:000e041b

    modname :mshml.dll

    it ask to send error message or debug oftem.

    it’s frustrating. please  send me a fix

  325. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jerry: On what sites do you see this problem?  Do you see the problem when you run IE8 in no-addons mode?

  326. Patrick says:

    Hi EricLaw. I’m also experiencing crashes with IE8. I installed WinDbg but how to use the dump command? Where should I use it?

  327. i386 says:

    @Olivier, thanks for checking the webslices feature on eBay. Guess they didn’t implement it yet.

  328. TWL says:

    There Should Be a Internet explorer 8.0.1 with all bugs fixed!

  329. TWL says:

    There Should Be a Internet explorer 8.0.1 with all bugs fixed!

  330. JScript Blog says:

    With Internet Explorer 8 we introduced several new JScript language features including native JSON support

  331. RSA is here again, and presents a great opportunity to discuss the security in Windows 7: specifically

  332. IEBlog says:

    With the “final” release of IE8 for Windows Vista and other versions of Windows in several languages

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