IE8 Firestarter event on March 26th

While the team continues getting ready for Mix09 coming up this week, we wanted to let you know about another unique opportunity coming up next week.  On Thursday, March 26th, the IE team will host the Internet Explorer 8 FireStarter event.  This is a one-day conference with IE8 talks from myself and other team members.  If you are local to Redmond, we invite you to attend the event in person.  Other options to attend are via Live Meeting or at a live streaming session hosted by your local user group.  (Check with your INETA or Culminis associated user group.)  Here is the schedule for the day (times are Pacific local time):

  Session Name


8:15 – 8:30

Kick off

Mithun Dhar

8:30 – 9:30

Keynote – A lap around IE8

Dean Hachamovitch

9:30 – 10:00

Creating value with IE8

Giorgio Sardo

10:00 – 10:15



10:15 – 11:45

Trustworthy Browsing in Internet Explorer 8

Eric Lawrence

11:45 – 12:30



12:30 – 1:30

Designing cross-browser websites using

Steven Guttman

1:30 – 2:00

Application Performance with IE8

John Hrvatin

2:00 – 2:15



2:15 - 3:15

Compatibility & Migration

Michel Barnett

3:15 – 3:45

IE8 Deployment

Michel Barnett

3:45 - 4:00



4:00 – 5:00

Browser War 2.0

David Tesar

We hope you can make it either in person or via Live meeting; however, a recording will be available after the event.  More info is available here.

John Hrvatin
Program Manager

Comments (11)

  1. Brian LePore says:

    You know, for all the hype from MS right now I really do believe that they need to just release IE8 at this point, or stop acting like it is already out. Recently today I had come across some weird bug that is only happening in IE7 and the recommended fix is listed as "download IE8".

    Please don’t take this comment as a bash at Microsoft. I recognize that IE8 has been a great deal of work. I just find it quite odd having it touted as a solution to something when the product is still considered beta.

  2. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Brian: Thanks for the note.  Mind mentioning which bug you’ve encountered in IE7, and where it was suggested that you download IE8?


  3. I’ve been working with a lot of XHTML and CSS of late and I’ve got to admit the CSS 2.1 rendering is on par with the other browsers. There are actually a few instances where I’ve noticed Gecko has bugs that are not present in IE8 (as I design with Gecko by default I know the issues extensively). I’ve really been warming up to IE8 as far as CSS is concerned and the developer tools have been very useful for JavaScript debugging as well as figuring out where an element has inherited styles and what those styles are.

  4. Brian LePore says:


    Sorry about that. I had intended to include it.

    It is quite odd though. I do exactly what Method 2 states as a work around and has worked quite well for most of my clients and people in my company. This is being done using the a flash based image rotator (JW Image Rotator 3.17). The major oddity is that this only occurred in the internal administrative section of our site, and worked flawlessly on the live site. I installed Visual Web Developer and the Developer toolbar on the one laptop at my company that we could reproduce the error, and through the toolbar was able to find that the page stopped executing and produced the error message while executing this.

    Let me reiterate again that I am quite pleased by IE8. It has removed many problems I have had with IE in the past. The only major rendering difference I’ve seen were settings on overflow that caused scrollbars when I didn’t want them that were not present in any other browser. The only reason for the overflow property in the first place was for IE in the past, so working around that issue seemed to be the solution.

  5. wai says:

    Hi I am using IE8 on Win7 build 7057. I used Spybot – Search & Destory to immunize the system. The software inserts blocked domains into registry as restricted sites used by IE(total around 10k domains). However, after immunized the system, IE becomes very slow on startup and open new tab. It back to normal if i undo immunizing the system.

    This doesn’t happen in winxp sp3 IE8 and win7 build 7000.

  6. Dan says:

    Wai, why would you expect the IE team to try to help you debug stolen, non-released software?  Build 7000 is the latest released build of Win7.

  7. wai says:


    It is just a feedback on the symptom found. Although the number of entries in very large, it is surprised that this will affect the execution which doesn’t happen before. Pirated or not will not help to solve this symptom.

  8. Security says:

    "VANCOUVER, BC — It took a while longer but Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 did not survive the hacker onslaught at this year’s CanSecWest Pwn2Own contest.

    A security researcher named “Nils” (he declined to provide his full name) performed a clean drive-by download attack against the world’s most widely used browser to take full control of a Sony Vaio machine running Windows 7.

    He won a cash prize and got to keep the hardware.  Details of the vulnerability, which was described by contest sponsor TippingPoint ZDI as a “brilliant IE8 bug!” are being kept under wraps.

    Several members of Microsoft’s security response team were on hand to witness the successful exploit."

    So when is the patch for IE8 Final? 😉

  9. IEBlog says:

    Just a quick reminder that we’ve got two great opportunities for you to interact with the IE team this

  10. Due to technical difficulties that prevented people for getting in when the meeting was scheduled to

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