IE Chat Rescheduled

The March IE Chat will be rescheduled for March 25th at 10:00AM PST/18:00 UTC.  A significant number of the IE PM team will be attending the Mix09 conference in Las Vegas on March 18-20th and didn’t want to miss out on chat. We apologize for any inconvenience.

See you next Wednesday!

Allison Burnett
Program Manager

Comments (20)

  1. hans says:

    Will IE8 RC2 release date be announced before this date?

  2. gabe says:

    @ hans id not be suprised if microsoft resles ie8 final or rc2 on march 20th

  3. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Hans: Please see for our previously discussed post-beta2-plans.  Thanks!

  4. Tom says:

    Please do a last minute reconsideration and give us an RC 2 even if its only out for like a month, let us see where you have headed. If you truly want the RTM/RTW to be quality based please give us one more pulic relase.

  5. JAB_au says:

    I would suspect that if a large portion of the team is going to Mix09 then there is a good chance that is were the announcement of release will be.

  6. hAl says:

    Don’t bother with an RC2 but just gives us a final version this week which improves on the RC1.

    The sooner the better so you can get on to improving the DOM support for IE9

  7. Elias says:

    I think the RTM will be launched at friday 😉

  8. Jasper says:

    @JAB_au, @hAl, @Elias –  Have you fully tested in IE8 RC1?

    I test in it daily, and every day I find a new bug.

    I would much prefer an RC2 to clear out the current backlog of bugs and rendering issues so that we (developers) can focus on a final migration path.

    +1 for RC2

    -1 for RTM

  9. boen_robot says:


    Me neither, but I bet it will be on March 19th, possibly during Dean Hachamovitch keynote.

    I too would like to see IE8RC2 before RTM, but as said (almost explicitly) already by Eric Lawrence (in the comments above), as well as by the rest of the MSIE team, we’re not going to have RC2.

    If you read between the lines, "See … for our previously discussed post beta2 plans" (and I’m not just quoting Eric; I’m quoting the MSIE team "canned" answer to this question) is a politer way of saying "NO! We’re going to have RTM directly. You had your chance to persuade us to have RC2 when we discussed our post-beta2 plans before, and you missed it. Live with the consequences!"… to which of course one can say "How on earth could we know that RC1 will have so much bugs? How could we have known that it will create new ones? OK, perhaps the disappearing text from Beta2 was an indication, but still…"

    +1 for RC2

    -1 for RTM

  10. sreid01 says:

    Yes, getting rid of all the bugs will keep all the critics away.  

  11. Lucas Lim says:

    Just launch the product on this friday we will all be happy 🙂 Hurry Firefox releasing 3.5 soon.

  12. Richard Fink says:

    Remember to always split Aces and Eights.

    See you next week.

  13. Elias says:


    Of course I have. I do actually use it as my primary browser on both my PC’s.

    And yeah, there are a couple of bugs, but I hope these has been fixed as I report everything to connect.

  14. @Jasper

    > I test in it daily, and every day I find a new bug.

    Jasper, you have not identified in any way (description, testcases, urls) the bugs you discover.

    I can still find bugs in RC1 build 18372 but

    – most of them are minor bugs: I am not saying they are not bugs or that they should not be eventually fixed

    – often, they have already been filed, validated and confirmed. You can assume (I do assume) that the most obvious and most serious bugs will be fixed in IE 8 final release. You also must assume that some bugs are dependent on others.

    The most serious bugs in RC1 build 18372 that should get fixed in my opinion are:

    Text reflow:

    Automatically switching to compat view when there is no markup|CSS error whatsoever:

    Hoverability: e.g.


    regards, Gérard

  15. AlfonsoML says:

    I don’t think that any talk about another RC will change anything at all. Only finding big security holes might be able to change something, anything else will be discarded.

    What would be the reason to call it RC unless they expect it to release it?

    Yes, they have been applying changes after the RC was released, so it was a fake RC, but fixing all the issues until we get a perfect IE will take a long time, so let’s forget about another RC.

    The questions now that must be answered are:

    1 -What will happen to connect? There are lots of reports that have been marked as valid, but delayed for another version.

    If the connect site is closed again you will make angry all the people that have spend their time creating the reports.

    Most important: there’s no reason to shout it out, but for the moment the new IE8 engine has been poorly tested in the wild, the first betas were merely alphas that were impossible to test in real environments, the RC is a good beta, and now the people is testing it, but there are little things that don’t work as expected and isolating and creating proper test cases takes time.


    – What’s after IE8?

    When will IE 8.1 be released?

    I guess that it will be related to the release schedule for Windows 7, but any acknowledgment about the future will be welcome.

  16. steve_web says:

    Since this blog is 100% about web/app design and rendering, not to mention chock full of links to test cases, bug reports and the like… can I make a recommendation?

    Can you update the blog so that hyperlinks actually get wrapped in <a> elements so that they are clickable.  Feel free to add a rel="nofollow" to not encourage spammers (or run the links against your anti-phish list) if needed.

    If the blogging software doesn’t support this natively but does support plugins, just let us know, I’m sure someone can write one for you.


    PS for the record… My $0.02

    +1 for RC2

    -1 for RTM

  17. @AlfonsoML

    In my opinion, an IE 8.5 to be released in 12-15 months from now is a forced move. An IE 8.5 would ideally have

    – remaining CSS 2.1 bugs all fixed

    – remaining HTML 4.01 bugs all fixed

    – improved accessibility (UAAG)

    – DOM 2 Core and DOM 2 HTML bugs all fixed and implements all the unsupported attributes and methods

    – DOM 2 Events implemented

    – ECMAScript 3.1

    – CSS 3 border-radius, opacity, DOM 3 textContent, HTML 5 canvas

    – better, improved dev. tools

    – built-in HTML validator in dev. tools which would work offline, in real time

    – built-in CSS validator in dev. tools which would work offline, in real time


    > c.) you can’t set the border on the select element

    In RC1 build 18372, a web author can set the border on a select element

    Also, did you verify bug 418495? :focus:hover is correctly supported in RC1 build 18372.

    I agree with you: link text should be linkified in the IE blog…but they certainly should be linkified in connect’s IE beta feedback.

    regards, Gérard

  18. Joshua Coons Jr. says:

    Given that IE implements things things currently that are draft or are being proposed, can we expect CANVAS in IE 8.5/9, now that CSS 2.1 is pretty much out of the way?

    Why you went with CSS 2.1 makes sense with 8. It would be great to know what your next priority is.

  19. hAl says:


    Are filings those bugs anywhere ? (if not don’t bother asking for a new RC version)


    Fixing errors between RC and RTM is normal. That does not make the RC a fake.

  20. AlfonsoML says:

    @Gérard Talbot

    You are not describing 8.5 but a far distant 9 or even 10.

    I don’t wanna waste the time talking about what we would like, just about what’s next. IE8 will have new bugs that didn’t exist in IE7, we know that it does have them, so I’m asking about minor incremental updates to fix those regressions. Hopefully even fixing some old bugs, but mainly an easy way to get all the people that uses IE 8.0 to upgrade to that 8.1 that fixes incompatibility problems and so the update ratio from people with IE6 and IE7 improves.

    If the bugs in IE8 makes people stay in IE6 or IE7 it will be very bad, and the "IE7 compatibility" button isn’t the solution because there are also new bugs that also happen in that mode.


    Check how Mozilla does handles the RC status. Usually the first one might not be really RC, but after that there will be another one trying to iron out anything that it’s left, but of course, don’t expect any "normal" bugs to be fixed at that stage, you had several months to try the betas and daily builds. The point is that when all the little details are fixed, the RC is just the final release, the differences between the first RC and the final release are very small, branding, installers, … when the process is almost at the end you can’t start checking again the basic code.

    Just yesterday I was baffled at several problems with the developer tools. Lots of js files were missing in the script panel, console.log statements did output only empty strings.

    If there is no promise about a new release in order to fix the problems that we will start to find, why should I or anyone else waste their time creating simplified testcases if they are going to close the bugs and dump the whole connect site as they did the last time?

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