Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Now Available

We're excited to make the IE8 Release Candidate available today for public download today in 25 languages for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server customers. You can find it at Please download it now and try it out. We welcome your feedback!

What’s New

The team will post more about all changes between Beta 2 and RC. In brief:

  • Platform Complete. The technical community should expect the final IE8 release to behave as the Release Candidate does. The IE8 product is effectively complete and done. We’ll post separately about the thousands of additional test cases we’re contributing to the W3C. We've listened very carefully to feedback from the betas. With the Release Candidate, we’re listening carefully for critical issues.
  • Reliability, Performance, and Compatibility improvements. We’ve studied the telemetry feedback about the browser's underlying quality and addressed many issues.
  • Security. We’ve worked closely with people in the security community to enable consumer-ready clickjacking protection. Sites can now protect themselves and their users from clickjacking attacks “out of the box,” without impacting compatibility or requiring browser add-ons.  We also made some changes to InPrivate based on feedback from customers and partners.

We also made some changes to the user experience based on feedback. For example, based on data about how people use actually it, we made fitting more items on the Favorites bar easier. (Note that the IE8 Release Candidate is for Windows Vista, XP, and Server only; Windows 7 users will get an updated IE8 with the next update of Windows 7. Also, the Release Candidate of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit is available for download now.)

What’s Important

IE8 focused on how people really use the web. Consumers want a browser that makes the tasks they do every day faster and easier. The activities people spend their time on define real-world performance: navigating to websites, working with tabs, searching, keeping track of changing information (like traffic or an auction), and using the information from one site with another (as in getting a map). Everyone wants a trustworthy browser that keeps them in control and protects their safety. Developers want great developer tools, great interoperability, and a powerful platform that enables them innovate. For some people, accessibility is crucial; for some organizations, policy, administration, and deployment are essential.

The people who read this blog and comment on it are (for the most part) technology enthusiasts and professionals. We enjoy wading through the details of browser features or how to measure performance. We also need to remember that we’re a pretty small minority of the hundreds of millions of people who browse the web. Looking at the telemetry data and usability tests and feedback from real users, we’re excited about the positive impact that this release of IE will have.

What’s Next

The call to action now is for the community to download the Release Candidate, test your sites and services and software with the product, make any changes necessary for the best possible customer experience with IE8, and let us know about your experience.

We’re going to continue listening to feedback. We’re interested in reports of critical issues (e.g. security, backwards compatibility, completeness with respect to planned standards work, or robustness). We’re also going to keep blogging and reading and responding to the comments here.

Our next step, after listening to feedback from the final testing feedback from the community, is releasing the final product. We will be very selective about what changes we make between the Release Candidate and the final product, and very clear in communicating them. We will act on the most critical issues.

Books often have dedications from the authors at the beginning. While software typically doesn’t have an equivalent, the software developer’s blog is a good stand-in. To everyone who has installed the product and provided feedback so far – web developers, security experts, industry partners, IT professionals, and people who “just” browse the web – thank you from the Internet Explorer development team.

Thanks –
Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager

PS – Jason Upton and I sat down last week with Channel 9 to discuss the RC.  You can view the interview here.

Updated 4:04pm – adding link to interview.

Comments (130)
  1. ieblog says:

    We are having some technical difficulties publishing the RC1 release notes.  We are working on resolving this as soon as possible.  

  2. Microsoft hat sich vor der Veröffentlichung einer Beta-Version des kommenden Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) nun doch (einigermaßen überraschend) dazu entschlossen, die ggü. IE6 und IE7 standardkompatiblere Darstellung von Webinhalten standardmäßig zu verwende

  3. The IE Blog reports on the release of IE 8 RC1 : We're excited to make the IE8 Release Candidate

  4. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 for Windows XP.

    Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 for Windows Server 2003 SP2 64-bit Edition or Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition.

    Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

    Windows Internet Explorer Release Candidate 1 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 64-bit Edition.

    Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 for Windows Server 2003 SP2

  5. JScript Blog says:

    Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Is Now Available . Here is post that would help you Upgrading to

  6. epic fail says:

    links point to Beta 2 (not even PR1) nor RC1.

    docs are just a copy of the Beta 2 ones. (we know, because they were shipped with "Track Changes" enabled (e.g. not a PDF) and 99% of the changes were "deleted beta 2".

    links to the "view website" for IE8/Canada point to the IE7 page.

    So lets review how this should go.


    1.) upload the binaries to the file server(s)

    2.) update the documentation pages to point to the new binaries

    3.) update the IE blog to point to the new documentation

    4.) No epic fail! (other than the blog site being down, because it was getting hammered, due to the epic fail of this post.

    Oh well by tonight this should all be solved.

  7. grant says:

    Eric – those links all fail too.

  8. Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 is finally available! In order to get started with all the news,

  9. Robert says:

    At first I was fired up about support for querySelector and querySelectorAll in IE8. However, after a lot of testing I’m sorry you implemented it. You should have waited until you had support for CSS3 selectors. Otherwise, the same selector query for Firefox/Safari with CSS3 selectors will require a cludgy workaround for IE8. Since in all my JavaScript I test for support for querySelectorAll and if it is not supported I use my slower JavaScript selector API, now I have to test for querySelectorAll AND then test for IE8, at which point I need to ignore querySelectorAll and use the JavaScript API, all because you don’t support the full spectrum of selectors as other browsers. My JavaScript API will make ammends for IE’s lack of CSS3 selectors, but it’s much, much slower than querySelectorAll.

  10. おはようございます。五寳です。 大変お待たせしましたが、Internet Explorer 8 RC1 が先ほどリリースされました! このビルドは最終リリースに向けた、その名のとおりの位置付けのリリースで、IE8

  11. El equipo de Internet Explorer acaba de anunciar la disponibilidad de la Release Candidate 1 (RC1) de

  12. Dan says:

    Robert, your design is flawed, because you cannot reasonably make assumptions about what selectors are supported.  Suggesting that the IE team shouldn’t bother making dramatic improvements because there’s always a new standard coming down the pipe (which isn’t yet supported well by everyone) is absurd.

  13. test says:

    Installed RC1 but the Version says 8.0.6001.18241 and says beta 2

  14. Wouter says:

    I’m curious! I’ll give it a try in Virtual PC. Hope to see a new version for Windows 7 soon.

  15. Gerard says:

    Installed RC1 on Windows Server 2008 x64, where IE7 was working fine, but IE8 is not: Open in New Tab opens a new tab that says "Connecting…" but does nothing. Open In New Windows does nothing either.

  16. says:

    Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 for Windows XP Windows Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate

  17. Gary says:

    Grrrrrrr, I got a beta version 8.0.6001.18241 as well.

    That was an anoying waste of time

  18. paracetamol says:

    Installed RC1 on Windows Server 2008 x64, where IE7 was working fine, but IE8 is not: Open in New Tab opens a new tab that says "Connecting…" but does nothing. Open In New Windows does nothing either.

  19. ieblog says:

    The RC1 release notes are now availble here:

  20. kL says:

    How is clickjacking protection implemented? Does it require cooperation from websites? Is it documented?

  21. Elijah Grey says:

    I commented in the wrong post previously, so I’ll say it here too:

    Why doesn’t setting accessors work on objects? From my tests, it only seems to work on the DOM and Window.

  22. steve_web says:

    Not even sure how to describe it but IE8 RC1 suffers from some major Table rendering glitches.

    adding DOM nodes to a node that is inside a table, where the new nodes are positioned absolute (e.g. float over the table) causes a huge table shift on the existing table content, where text, images and form controls all overlap table cell boundaries and increase padding.

    Much worse than the IE8 PR1 rendering. much worse.

  23. steve_web says:

    Print Preview is one big fail.

    The options dialog tries to refresh itself every  2-3 seconds removing focus.

    I tried for 2 minutes to set all margins to 0.25 and couldn’t.

  24. hAl says:

    Retried installing.

    Geeting an RC 1 version now.

    Very anoying blocking of add-ons due to Live login addon. The popup stating this has an option "Update" but it does not update the addon but takes me to a fairly complex support page on that is definitly not acceptable for the regular users.

    This needs to be improved (a lot)  

  25. Ted says:

    steve_web said: "Not even sure how to describe it but…"

    I’ve got an idea, how about you describe it like a reasonably good beta tester?  Provide a repro URL or HTML source and screenshots showing the erroneous behavior.

  26. steve_web says:

    OMG! that print preview is BAD!!!!!

    Even after you exit, it STILL tries to steal focus, flashing the printer selection dialog in the background.

    At a bare minimum we need an RC2.

  27. josh says:

    Will (when?) the Application Compatibility testing VHDs be updated with this new version?

  28. steve_web says:

    @Ted: not sure if you’ve downloaded IE8 RC1 but if you have, and you visit some sites with tables and DOM manipulation, you’ll see that RC1 is a step backwards in terms of reliable behavior.

    I didn’t create a test case yet (repro URL points to private internal applications)

    Just giving my first impressions before heading home for the day.

    So far, its worse than PR1. (so far)

    As for how to be a good beta tester? yeah I do know.  When there is a good system to submit bugs where I don’t have to spend 30 minutes to fill out a report – then we’ll talk.

    Lets see what others think.  I think so far today the install of IE8 RC1 has been a complete mess.

  29. В данной версии браузера: завершена платформа. Финальная версия браузера будет вести себя как и текущая.

  30. SunSpider says:

    SunSpider IE7

    Total:                  23583.8ms +/- 1.7%


    3d:                    1198.0ms +/- 3.0%    cube:                 356.2ms +/- 10.7%    morph:                375.4ms +/- 7.8%    raytrace:             466.4ms +/- 7.4%  access:                1714.6ms +/- 5.5%    binary-trees:         405.4ms +/- 5.7%    fannkuch:             679.2ms +/- 2.9%    nbody:                358.6ms +/- 14.2%    nsieve:               271.4ms +/- 10.7%  bitops:                1584.6ms +/- 8.4%    3bit-bits-in-byte:    390.8ms +/- 8.1%    bits-in-byte:         394.4ms +/- 10.3%    bitwise-and:          446.2ms +/- 5.5%    nsieve-bits:          353.2ms +/- 15.9%  controlflow:            456.2ms +/- 7.5%    recursive:            456.2ms +/- 7.5%  crypto:                 990.6ms +/- 6.1%    aes:                  363.4ms +/- 10.8%    md5:                  324.2ms +/- 10.4%    sha1:                 303.0ms +/- 5.7%  date:                   818.0ms +/- 10.2%    format-tofte:         402.6ms +/- 11.1%    format-xparb:         415.4ms +/- 10.1%  math:                  1088.4ms +/- 7.2%    cordic:               471.0ms +/- 5.4%    partial-sums:         273.6ms +/- 10.2%    spectral-norm:        343.8ms +/- 10.2%  regexp:                 375.4ms +/- 6.3%    dna:                  375.4ms +/- 6.3%  string:               15358.0ms +/- 1.9%    base64:              7397.4ms +/- 4.0%    fasta:                448.6ms +/- 13.8%    tagcloud:            1556.2ms +/- 6.8%    unpack-code:          440.6ms +/- 12.1%    validate-input:      5515.2ms +/- 2.4%

    SunSpider IE8 RC1

    Total:                  5653.8ms +/- 1.7%


    3d:                    722.2ms +/- 8.0%    cube:                232.6ms +/- 11.3%    morph:               213.4ms +/- 7.0%    raytrace:            276.2ms +/- 9.8%  access:                948.8ms +/- 6.8%    binary-trees:        193.2ms +/- 13.4%    fannkuch:            394.6ms +/- 9.5%    nbody:               236.4ms +/- 9.0%    nsieve:              124.6ms +/- 10.3%  bitops:                775.0ms +/- 7.2%    3bit-bits-in-byte:    92.8ms +/- 38.8%    bits-in-byte:        137.2ms +/- 14.7%    bitwise-and:         339.8ms +/- 6.6%    nsieve-bits:         205.2ms +/- 10.7%  controlflow:           168.2ms +/- 20.8%    recursive:           168.2ms +/- 20.8%  crypto:                469.8ms +/- 4.6%    aes:                 197.8ms +/- 14.4%    md5:                 136.2ms +/- 29.6%    sha1:                135.8ms +/- 9.7%  date:                  531.0ms +/- 5.6%    format-tofte:        271.2ms +/- 10.8%    format-xparb:        259.8ms +/- 13.3%  math:                  634.6ms +/- 8.8%    cordic:              249.4ms +/- 12.7%    partial-sums:        201.4ms +/- 8.2%    spectral-norm:       183.8ms +/- 20.2%  regexp:                258.2ms +/- 12.0%    dna:                 258.2ms +/- 12.0%  string:               1146.0ms +/- 6.5%    base64:              222.0ms +/- 15.6%    fasta:               296.6ms +/- 13.3%    tagcloud:            237.2ms +/- 8.4%    unpack-code:         181.6ms +/- 20.4%    validate-input:      208.6ms +/- 14.8%

  31. pete says:

    left-padding inside an input element is not observed when the text overflows the container width. (e.g. if you type a lot)

    regression bug from IE8 PR1

  32. Dustin says:


    I have yet to see the Print Preview issues on my XP SP3 machine (a physical machine, not a virtual machine).  Perhaps it is merely a fluke on my machine or I suppose it could be a problem with yours.  It might also be a conflict with Virtual PC or whatever virtual machine you might use if you didn’t actually install it on a physical machine.  Care to provide some more details to help the developers determine if they can fix this issue you have?

  33. sonicdoommario says:

    The problem I’m having is when you open a tab. The re-open closed tabs links overlap, maing it very messy. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  34. hAl says:


    No issues with print preview here on Vista.

    Do you have those without running in no-addons mode as well ?

  35. hAl says:

    SunSpider IE8 around 5600ms here

  36. Please update the Virtual PC images for IE8 to RC1.

  37. hAl says:

    IE8 RC1 seems to pass previous bugs 154-173+176-178 on this page

    Still some rendering bugs left though

  38. @steve_web I’d like to get repro information from you on the print preview issue.  Shoot an email to my alias (mattcrow) at microsoft dot com if you get a chance.

  39. sonicdoommario says:

    Nevermind, the tab bug was part of a custom CSS that I use….fixed it.

  40. @epic fail: "links point to Beta 2 (not even PR1) nor RC1."

    Thanks for pointing this out. We are publishing the correct version of the document as soon as possible.

    @George V. Reilly: "Please update the Virtual PC images for IE8 to RC1."

    The new VPCs are coming. We had some publishing difficulties. Keep watching the site.


  41. RoyalSchrubber says:

    I think IE devs should see this:

    I have posted comment on channel 9 video about IE8 RC1, but I don’t really bother reposting it here, so here is the link

  42. @Mr Dean Hachamovitch [MSFT]

    > We’ve listened very carefully to feedback from the betas. (…)

    > We’re going to continue listening to feedback. (…)

    So far, nothing to report regarding critical issues like crash, hang, memory leakages, dataloss or other situations with objectively high gravity, severity.

    > completeness with respect to planned standards work

    A few bugs have been unexpectedly left out

    – :hover class reactive when hovering border but not padding area. Eg, visit and hover mouse over border and padding area of W3C image-button

    – text underlining: 2 cases described in bug 339309

    I added a complete comment in that bug report

    – css parsing of incorrectly formed cursor: url() declarations:

    I reported this bug in numerous places since 2005 ( including ); I can’t believe you guys missed/ignored that one!

    – I still do not get expected results in bug 389191

    – Bug 362142: event.offsetX, event.offsetY are mouse coordinates relative to padding-box of target node …

    will have to be fixed otherwise there will be an obvious incompatibility with IE 7

    – Some failures in CSS 2.1 test suite:

    etc,. there are others

    In dev. tools, in HTML tab view, images have


    appended when this is not created or inserted by web author. Why such unexpected and unsollicited code insertion into web author’s original code?

    Regards, Gérard

  43. Speednet says:

    Thanks to the IE8 team for fixing the bug in the partner release that ignored styles sheets in rich text editors (like TinyMCE).  Saw that you closed the issue too.  (I posted a confirmation comment.)

    @steve_web:  There’s nothing wrong with the bug reporting system (Microsoft Connect), and it definitely doesn’t take "30 minutes" to fill out a bug report.  In fact, I’ve found it to be highly collaborative, in addition to easy-to-use.  It’s one of the few bug reporting systems I’m willing to use.

    All the people reporting bugs in the comments here should be making those reports on the Microsoft Connect page.  Microsoft actually seems to evaluate each one carefully.  I’ve never had a bug that was not properly addressed…. Other than the lack of a regular-old CSS3 opacity attribute.  😛

    That better be in SP1.  :/

  44. Standards says:

    "As you can see they’ve fixed quite a few bugs in this latest build, but the list of bugs in the IE8 Final Build is getting larger and larger by the day; this means its certain that IE8 will not be fully Level 2.1 compliant, as I’ve said before."

    Looks like IE Team overstated their own capabilities, you’re not gonna even be able to claim full CSS2.1 compliance like what was boasted for the whole of 2008.

  45. hAl says:

    As I was required to update de Live singin helper addon which seems part of the Live essentials I accidentally installed the Live toolbar.

    I could now see how slow that loads in the addon helper which show loadtimes for each addon.

    Very poor load times.

    Off course I uninstalled the Toolbar now (took me a while finding uit that goes trough uninstalling Live Essentials.

    You might however want to inform the Live toolbar team that their toolbar is slowing your browser down considerably.

  46. stubie says:

    Open in New Tab (explicitly chosen from context menu, or with middle mouse button) produces a

    tab that just says "Connecting…" for me too.

    Open in New Window does absolutely nothing (no errors, no new window, nothing).

    (Vista x64)

  47. yoshi says:

    Hi when i viewing the source, sometimes the caret showed in a wrong place.

    The caret can go to the grey area of line number

    The caret reaches the end of the line, but it stopped near the "utf-8"…

  48. yoshi says:

    in RC1 i still find this bug, the problem of username with "@" character, it breaks the history link, make it unclickable.

  49. someone says:

    some bugs that i found while using IE8RC1 :

    1.although i rarely use zoom out, when zooming out, some content may become invisible, example:

    2.sometimes i get an error page which i can easily refresh it and the error is gone.the window looks like this:

    3.when i installed the web browser on vista , it gave me a waning concerning a "windows live " program , and offered to update it . however, when i chose to update, it didn’t succeed entering the update website for it.

  50. Thomas Cloer says:

    After installing the Inter Explorer 8 RC1 on my office PC (Vista Ultimate), the rendering of HTML emails in Lotus Notes 8.5 has become incredibly slow.

    I had the same issue with IE8 Beta 2 and Notes 8.0.2 before. It disappeared after a rollback to IE7.

    IE is *not* set as the default browser in Notes, BTW.

  51. someone says:


    i’ve found a bug in the next website(warning:not suitable for children and watching at work) :

    the bug is that the video cannot be seen completely, and you also cannot zoom in to watch a larger video .

  52. Arieta says:

    The middle button scroller still jumps to the end of the document instantly, unlike Beta 1-2 (and every older revision). It did so in the pre-RC1 build too, and it’s very annoying.

  53. lrbabe says:

    There is an obvious regression that still hasn’t been fixed. It is no more possible to use VML dynamically in IE8 standard mode.

    Microsoft is aware of it since the very first beta, and the problem is still in the RC1.

    What is going on???

  54. Arieta says:

    4187.8ms +/- 4.2% on sunspider here.

  55. Tous les détails ici sur le blog IE : Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Now Available Les liens de

  56. pete says:

    ie8 rc1 cannot be installed on my system (xpsp3).

    all the help offered doesn’t lead to a solution . another big failure after the win7 beta 1 release .

    very sad …….

  57. Ronald says:

    Hallo !

    After installing IE 8 RC on my vista ultimate x64 system the vista sidebar does not work. i became only the messege: sidebar does not work and must be closed. Has anyone an Idee.



  58. IE8 Tester says:

    A critical underline display error has been found since the immediate launch of IE8 RC. Please take a look at this site and you’ll find the issue: The underline is broken into several parts. It seems to have something to do with UTF-8 Japanese characters. Please fix it. Thanks.

  59. Josh says:

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place: When typing in the new address bar, is there a way to make the TAB key cycle through all entries in the list rather than just the headers? It is unnatural to move your hand over to the arrow keys to press the DOWN arrow (or, like what happens to me a lot, TAB, then have to press the UP arrow to get back to the first entry. Thank you.

  60. Jace says:


    IE8 completely breaks the website

  61. RBJ says:

    Please fix the zoom in/out with huge images.

  62. tim says:

    This bug still isn’t fixed in IE8 RC1 (keypress event for the Tab key) but even more strange is that IE8 RC1 (in standards mode) also causes the right side of this page to disappear on any keypress event in the textarea.

    bug report

    What causes the side to disappear?


    PS the anti s.p-a.m measures on this site are waaay to strict!

  63. Matthias Walther says:

    Some remarks about the layout:

    I use IE8 RC1 on XP SP3.

    I have the following turned on:

    – Menu bar

    – Command bar

    – Status bar

    I’ve customized the command bar, it only contains the items "Home" and "Print". It is set to "Show icons only". The icons are at the rightmost position of the command bar.

    In IE7, the same setting worked properly also with the toolbars locked, the "Print" icon did not disappear.

    Further on, when I have the Favorites pinned to the left side (View / Explorer Bars / Favorites – not to be confused with the "Favorites bar" in the toolbars section), I find it annoying to have both the yellow star on the height of the IE-tabs and the yellow star with the green + sign of the favorites pane below it. In IE7, these icons were side-a-side and not on different heights. It’s a waste of screen space.

    I’d also like to see an option making the "Turn suggested sites on" disappear in the pinned favorites pane.

    Another bug:

    When you have set the menu bar to appear where it really belongs (on top of the address bar and NOT below it) with a registry tweak, IE gets confused when you first pin the favorites pane and then de-pin it. The menu bar is then at once shown below the address bar. If you pin the favorites pane again, it’s alright. In general I think it should be the default setting to have the classic layout (address bar is BELOW the menu bar).

  64. ieblog says:

    We are having some technical difficulties publishing the RC1 version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8.  We are working on resolving this as soon as possible.

  65. hitman721 says:

    As someone using the Windows 7 version of I.E. 8 near-RC version, I have two feelings about it.

    In somethings, its very improved. Definitely in some ways a few steps forward from I.E. 7. It has a lot of potential to be a great browser.

    However, I do think the Windows 7 version and the RC are in need of a refresh.

    1. Java is still slow even using the latest version from Sun. The Chrome Browser improvements in Java performance should have spurred you guys to get the Java speed up to or faster.

    2. I.E. 8 is still a resource hog that still hangs occassionally. The memory footprint needs to drop significantly. It also crashes a little more frequently than I.E. 7.

    3. There is no way to delete the shell of I.E. 7 or 8 within Windows. One of the reasons why the U.S. and the E.U. has Microsoft in anti-trust cases, is the ubertight integration of the browser and the OS. There should be a removal tool within the Programs and Features menu that allows you to delete the I.E. shell. It would help with anti-trust issues.

    4. There still isn’t a download manager build directly made by Microsoft thats available. Considering how easy it is to be kicked offline, this should be a must improvement within I.E. 8.

    I would hope before I.E 8 becomes RTM, that the I.E. 8 team would make these improvements before its launched. Thank you.

  66. anas says:

    صدرت نسخة إنترنت إكسبلورر الشبه نهائية RC1 و هي متوفرة للتنزيل الأن عبر تلك الروابط ..

    نسخة ويندوز إكس بي

    ويندوز فيستا

    و لكن تم عمل اختبارا سريعا لنسخة انترنت إكسبلورر 8 مقابل نسخة بيتا 2 من فايرفوكس 3.1 في إختبار Acid 3 الذي يظهر توافق أداء المتصفح مع المعاير المستخدمة من قبل صفحات الانترنت الحالية و لكن أثبتت كفاءة 20% مقابل 93% كفاءة للفايرفوكس .

    و ذلك يعنى أن إنترنت إكسبلورر لم يتخطى عقباته الأخيرة بهذا الإصدار .

    و من خلال التجربة لمن يحاول تنزيل النسخة من المواقع سالفة الذكر يرى مشكلة بالموقع الرسمي حيث يقوم الموقع بتوجيهك إلى نسخة بيتا 2 بدل نسخة RC1.

  67. Jerry Foster says:

    Suddenly with IE8 RC1 we our cookies are being ignored, and cookie headers are not being set.  We had posted a similar, though not as serious, issue on Connect with FEEDBACK# 392032.  Microsoft responded that this bug was resolved in RC1.  However the problem is actually worse with RC1.  A trace shows the server is definitely sending the cookies, but a simple asp page shows them to be blank.  We have set up a test page here:

  68. SaD says:

    After updating from IE8 beta2 to IE8 RC1 i get some trobles.

    In Maxthon ( when creating new tab sometimes you will see desktop. When clicking on the link on some page, tab is blinking.

    Integration ReGet ( now don’t work.

  69. IE Team,

    I added 4 bugs (2 regressions) which happens in RC1 build 18372:

    Referring to connect IE beta feedback bug ids:

    – 339309: fixed but text underlining is now at baseline and it’s rather thick

    – 362142: not fixed

    – 389191: not fixed

    – #201 in my IE 8 bugs webpage: this one has been reported several times in several places since 2005

    – 389777, 399794 and #209 *must* be fixed before final release IMO: people who need to view a page with larger font/text size should not be penalized here

    Regards, Gérard

  70. Stilgar says:

    where do I submit feedback now?

    The Connect website says:

    Page Not Found

    The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it.

    If you believe you have reached this page in error, click the Help link at the top of the page to report the issue and include this ID in your e-mail: adae316f-3e71-4b10-9fd0-5866b535c12a

  71. kral oyun says:

    I’d like to get repro information from you on the print preview issue.  Shoot an email to my alias (mattcrow) at microsoft dot com if you get a chance.

  72. RBJ says:

    Can you guys please fix the zooming in/out when viewing huge images?

    it lags a lot, firefox 3 doesn’t have this problem.

    here is a picture for example:

    open it in IE8 RC1, wait for it to load completely then see how extremely laggy zooming get.

  73. ieblog says:

    Sorry for all the commenting issues going on right now.  We are working to resolve the issue asap.

    The IEAK is now availble.  You can retrieve it from here:

  74. Vistaboy2008 says:

    Hallo !

    Für alle die ein Problem mit der Vista Sidebar haben seitdem sie den neuen Release Candidaten vom Internet Explorer 8 installiert haben, kann ich eine Lösung anbieten. Ich hatte das Problem das mir die Vista Sidebar bei meinem Vista Ultimate x64 immer abgestürzt ist bei Starten von Windows. Jetzt habe ich herausgefunden, das bei Vista Ultimate x64 standartmäßig die Vista Sidebar x64 startet. Man kann dies aber umstellen, sodaß nur mehr die Vista Sidebar x32 startet. Einfach die Sidebar in der Taskleiste beenden, dann unter C:Programme(x86):Windows Sidebar:Sidebar.exe die Sidebar starten. Schon startet automatisch die Vista Sidebar x86 beim Systemstart mit und stürzt nicht mehr ab. Falls ich jemanden helfen konnte bitte Email an

    Lg. Vistaboy2008

  75. Evan says:

    One of the things I liked in IE6 that was missing in IE7 and I’d like to see in IE8 is the ability to move my Favorites Bar up beside my Menu Bar.  It’s not much, but that 1/4" is valuable real estate.

  76. IEBlog says:

    Since the release of Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, we’ve listened, watched and learned a lot about how

  77. hAl says:

    @Gerard Talbot

    About your #209 bug

    When I resized the font to largest the grey box expanded accordingly. No overflow as you picture example below suggested.

    It is unclear what is going wrong (if anyhting) but you picture example is very different from what I see in IE8 RC1

  78. kirk says:

    On when you try to use the calendar to pick a departure date/return date for a trip it doesn’t work in IE8 standards mode (unless you click the little arrow to move forward a month, then go back a month)

    I realize this might be due to Expedia’s code, but it was likely expecting bad IE rendering.

  79. kirk says:

    On the autocomplete for a departure / destination location dropdown has text that overflows due to the background not being wide enough. (or maybe this is that IE8 RC1 bug with text overflowing tables issue IDK)

    In addition, the Route Map is cropped vertically at an odd height making it unusable.

    Next issue is the travel advisory panel renders on top of other content on the page.

    Minor issue, the Month/Day select list pickers don’t line up in IE8RC1.


  80. kirk says:

    on in IE8 RC1 standards mode you can’t pick the second calendar icon to select a date when booking a flight.

    It shows the: "Internet Explorer can not display the web page" error message in a floating iframe?

    Both calendars work for hotels…

    The first calendar for cars fails, but the second one works.

  81. kirk says:

    on in IE8 RC1 the menu has no text content until you hover over each menu item.

    Then, the menus don’t show/hide properly when you mouseover/mouseout with clipping and zindex issues.

    The autocomplete drop down for the departure/destination overlaps the input text box making it hard to see what you are typing.

    On the Cars section, the calendars are completely blank except for the days of the week S-M-T-W-T-F-S therefore are completely useless.

    Same issues on the Hotels booking page.

  82. kirk says:

    on neither one of the calendars work in IE8 RC1 in standards mode.

    This is for the flights, hotels, cars and vacations calendars.

  83. Stig says:

    The 64 bit version of IE8 RC1 doesn’t work on my Windows XP Professional x64. I get an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error no matter which URL I enter. Looks like it can’t connect to the net at all.

    Luckily the 32 bit version of IE8 RC1 still works fine.

    I upgraded from IE8 Beta to RC1 through Microsoft Update.

  84. Lucent says:

    The rendering of by IE8 is embarrassing. At least fix some of the bugs affecting it before releasing.

  85. @ hAl

    > When I resized the font to largest the grey box expanded accordingly.

    It may means my testcase is not reproducible 100%. I use XP Pro SP3 btw. Do you always see the descenders (p, q, y, g, j) of glyphs? Do you sometimes see a reflow of lines?

    Can you try this one:

    and if you feel like voting for this bug, visit bug 389777

    Another closely related one is #207:

    it still occurs at connect IE beta feedback

    Regards, Gérard

  86. Stefan Georgiev says:

    Is there any ETA for bulgarian localization?

  87. Jace says:


    IE8 RC1 completely breaks

  88. hAl says:


    I’m on Vista. The test on:


    Your #209 test changes in wrapping when text is resized but stays (correctly?) in the gray area. The wrapped lines fill the grey area nicely to the end on all sizes.

  89. hAl says:

    @Gerard Talbot

    #207 Seems fine here.

    The text under the title column wraps nicely when the pages text size are ignored (and thus the text size are larger)

  90. yoshi says:

    when the page is zoom as 400%, and i click view source, the font in source viewer becomes very big also. I cannot change to normal size even i click Text size to default?

  91. hAl says:

    @Gerard Talbot

    Also from your tables with bugs listed under IE8 beta 2 (#103-#130 and #154-#188) most now seem to render fine with RC1

  92. Nitro says:

    Rappellez-vous !

    que le format OOXML de MS a été validé par l’ISO en 2008. Il y a toujours la présence du VML pour les tracés vectoriels afin de garder une compatibilité descendante pour les vieux sites web et applications.

    Il y a aussi le fameux tag <META HTTP-EQUIV="X-UA-Compatible" CONTENT="IE=EmulateIE7" />

    en plus qui permet de d’imposer le mode de compatibilité désiré.

    En ce qui concerne IE 8 vous pouvez toujours découvrir sa face caché et surtout ce que l’on peut faire avec les langages propriétaires de MS depuis 1998 avec le HTML- JAVASCRIPT – VML – HTML+TIME – TDC.

    Un petit rappel, PAGEDITOR PRO est un éditeur WYSIWYG vectoriel qui permet sans programmation de réaliser un site web de bonne facture pour 85% des internautes de la planète.

    Voici la preuve sous IE en version 6-7-8 :

    Encore une fois vous rêvez tous à un monde ou MS ne devrait ne plus réguler la planète !

    sachez que l’on à mis 30 ans à assimiler le mot  "Traitement de texte" à Word…


  93. Nitro says:


    that the MS OOXML format has been posted by ISO in 2008. There are always the presence of the VML for vector draw to keep a backward compatibility for old sites web and applications.

    There is also the famous tag < META HTTP-MATCH = "X-UA-Compatible" CONTENT = "IE = EmulateIE7" / >

    In addition that enables of to impose the desired compatibility mode.

    As regards IE 8 you can still discover the hidden face and especially that can do with the owners of MS since 1998 with the HTML-JAVASCRIPT – languages VML – TIME HTML – TDC.

    A small reminder, PAGEDITOR PRO is a vector WYSIWYG editor that allows without programming to achieve a good invoice for 85 % of users of the planet website.

    Here is the evidence under IE version 6-7-8:

    Yet once you dream all in a world or MS should no longer regulate the planet!

    Note that is to put 30 years to assimilate the word processing of text to Word…


  94. nandakorya says:


    i guess, you in the ie team want me to do odd hours to fix your different verions of ie6,ie7 and ie8.

    ie8 is just Next 0.001_01 developper release but you dare to call it a release candidate…

    don’t get me wrong but do your job and stop making me loose my precious time that i could spend with my wife and children.

    i have no problem to submit bugs when i found them and i’ve been doing so but hey, it was a beta and i thought there will be still plenty of time.

    but no, you’re certainly trying to get the express ie8 rc out so that you can start selling windows7 with it.


    do your job first and give the release the name it should have and to help you it doesn’t contain the words Release and candidate in it.

  95. Nicholas Piasecki says:

    Am I missing something?

    This page ( says that "IE8RC1-XPSP3.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE8 RC1 VHD file" in the Overviw, but if you look in the "Files in This Download" section, it is just not there–it is IE8B2-XPSP3.exe

  96. Ted Como says:

    When I opening a new tab, it clicks rapidly back and forth between "new tab" and "connecting." If I let it go for a minute or so all the entire browser turns black and white and does not respond – must be closed with task manager. Build 18372 on Vista Home Premium, Dell XPS system.

  97. CSSteve says:

    I am noticing that there is still a CCS problem with the "hover" pseudo-class. It is failing to activate the background image for the top navigation for this site:

    If you notice, it activates the "hover" pseudo-class until the mouse is over the link inside the li item. Once the mouse is over the link inside the li, the "hover" pseudo-class drops the background image swap. All other browsers handle this correctly, so it seems unique to IE8

  98. CSSteve says:

    I am noticing that there is still a CCS problem with the "hover" pseudo-class. It is failing to activate the background image for the top navigation for this site:

    If you notice, it activates the "hover" pseudo-class until the mouse is over the link inside the li item. Once the mouse is over the link inside the li, the "hover" pseudo-class drops the background image swap. All other browsers handle this correctly, so it seems unique to IE8

  99. Kral Oyun says:

    I get an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error no matter which URL I enter. Looks like it can’t connect to the net at all.

    <a href="; title="juegos"><font color="white">juegos</font></a> <font color="white"></font><a href="; title="Oyunlar"><font color="white">Oyunlar</font></a> <font color="white"></font><a href="; title="Kostenlos Spiele"><font color="white">Spiele</font></a> <font color="white"></font><a href="; title="Free games"><font color="white">Free<br />

    games</font></a> <font color="white"></font><a href="; title="Spill<br />

    Spill"><font color="white">Spill</font></a><font color="white"></font>

  100. Ben Amada says:

    @Nicholas: You’re right, I too don’t see it there.  I just found a different page that has IE8RC1-XPSP3.exe available for download.

  101. Frank [MS] says:

    Kirk, thanks for reporting these issues.

    We’re investigating the usairways issue now…The kayak and expedia issues are known and will be fixed.

    The issue that you describe is fixed in a newer build. seems to have a site issue – but we’re looking into it. Thanks!

  102. Nicholas Piasecki says:

    @Ben Amada: Thanks for that! Looks like they goofed and published a whole new document instead of updating the old one.

  103. Ben Amada says:

    Is there a VPC image of IE8 RC1 on Vista?  I downloaded the IE8 RC1 image for XP-SP3, but why isn’t there one for Vista?  Isn’t Vista the current, preferable operating system of the two?

  104. Tyler says:

    When I perform the following cookies are not deleted:

    BrowserOS: Windows 2007 and IE8 RC1.


    0. Go to a site that loads cookies, like

    1. Open a blank page in IE8 RC1.

    2. Click on Tools->Internet Options

    3. In the dialog under Browsing History, click the "Delete…" button.

    4. Check the following buttons:

    "Preserve Favorites website data"

    "Temporary Internet Files"



    5. Press the "delete" button.

    6. Close the browser.

    7. Re-open the browers and go to the site above.


    Cookies are deleted.


    Cookies are NOT deleted.


    If I only check the "Cookies" checkbox, then the cookies are deleted.

  105. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Tyler, presumably you have one or more favorites pointed at Microsoft/MSN, and thus need to clear the "Preserve Favorites website data" checkbox if you want those cookies deleted.

  106. Luke Puplett says:

    Sorry if this is wrong place to post bugs but some MSFT comments show you’re reading them!

    1/ The main bug I encounter is that the scroll bars aren’t stuck on after the HTML is finished rendering. This happens mostly on documentation pages.

    2/ On my old laptop, the mouse cursor gets real sluggish on mousemove over items in Favorites (like CPU going crazy to fetch a tooltip?) may be my display driver.

    My last one is usability – I liked being able to move the toolbars in IE6 and I keep hitting Home instead of Print.

    Still my favorite browser after trying all the others, and despite it eating all my memory.

  107. Luke Puplett says:

    Damn. I’m an id10t. It seems I *can* move the toolbars (sheeze you guys reacted quickly to my comment 🙂 ) and to clarify, the scrollbars don’t get added (they’re missing) on MSDN pages fairly often.

  108. JMac says:

    Installed the RC1 on Vista 64.  I get the add-on was blocked message for Windows Live Login Helper Object.  If you check for updates using the dialog presented you are redirected to a page which is no help (as noted in several other posts).

    The message bar indicates that all add-ons are disabled.  

    Major functionality in various applications is not working (ie. Outlook, Media Player, Windows Live, etc…)




  109. Frank [MS] says:

    JMac: Can you provide us with more info on "Major functionality in various applications is not working (ie. Outlook, Media Player, Windows Live, etc…)"

    Also: " If you check for updates using the dialog presented you are redirected to a page which is no help (as noted in several other posts)."

    We’ve received this feedback loud and clear 🙂 We will be improving this for the final release.

  110. says:

    Ein mehr oder weniger weltbewegendes Ereignis hat sich in meinem Urlaub dann doch zugetragen: Microsoft hat den Release Candidate 1 des Internet Explorer 8 ver�ffentlicht. Im Vergleich zur Beta 2 haben sich folgende �nderungen am RC1 ergeben: Platform

  111. At Microsoft&#8217;s IEBlog, Dean Hachamovitch announces that an Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate is now available:

    We&#8217;re excited to make the IE8 Release Candidate available today for public download today in 25 languages for Windows Vista,

  112. MarcSil [MSFT] says:

    @Tim: It looks like you’ve found two unique issues here.

    1. You can capture the Tab key through the keydown event, which captures all key presses. For example:

    <textarea onkeydown="alert(window.event.keyCode); return false;"></textarea>

    Like keydown, the keypress event is part of the W3C DOM L3 Events working draft, which admittedly isn’t an area we focused on in IE8. When we do focus on this area in the future we’ll definitely consider allowing the Tab key to be captured via keypress since it’s a good suggestion to improve interoperability with other browsers.

    2. The right side of the page disappears on keypress in the textarea because of malformed HTML in the page. There is a missing </span> closure after the <span id="cashGrab"/>. As a result, the innerhtml is replacing the entire right side of the page (document.getElementById(‘cashGrab’).innerHTML = cash;).

    I hope this helps!

  113. Itchy123 says:

    I go to the control panel to add and remove programs to try and remove this ____ because as soon as i installed it i am no longer able to open IE , i wish i never did the update , i redownloaded IE7.0 for xp pro 64bit but i cant install it because windows is to stupid to realize IE8 does not work and i get a error that says a newer version already exits and the install cannot continue . well when i try to remove the IE8 from add and remove programs i get a message saying " vgx.dll.000 on windows NT servicepack Uninstall Directory is needed   , Type the path where the file is located and then click OK . Well im sure i dont have this cause i have the origanal XP pro64bit and have done the SP2 update long ago . That is another stupid thing windows does is have you do updates but then you no longer can use your disk to help you or reinstall anything , i guess its another way for them to scam you into buying a new OS just for updated version .

     Any suggestions on how to get this IE8 that dont load off my PC ?????

  114. Itchy123 says:

    I have also tried to remove it by the following 2 options but get the same message of the needed file of vgx.dll.000 on windows NT servicePack Uninstall , bla bla bla !

    Click Start, and then click Run.

    In the Open box, type %windir%ie8spuninstspuninst.exe, and then click OK.

    Click Start, and then click Run.

    In the Open box, type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK. It may take several seconds for your computer to compile a list of programs.

    Scroll down through the list and click Windows Internet Explorer 8, and then click Remove.

  115. wai says:

    @EricLaw [MSFT]

    if the "Preserve Favorites website data" will preserve cookies and temp internet files, there is no meaning for cookies and temp internet file keep being checked. May be you can toggle each other when they are checked?

    (e.g. when checked "Preserve Favorites website data", other two will be unchecked, if cookies or temp internet file is checked, "Preserve Favorites website data" will be unchecked too)

  116. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Wai: I think you misunderstand the feature. "Preserve Favorite website data" acts as a *filter*.  If you check it, then all of the other selected items will be deleted EXCEPT if those items belong to one of your Favorite websites. For instance, say I have 1000 files in my cache and 100 cookies.  Of those 1000 files and 100 cookies, say 20 files and 2 cookies belong to the 2 sites I have in my favorites folder.  If I select to delete everything but preserve favorite website data, when the delete process completes, my browser will hold 2 cookies and 20 cache files.

  117. wai says:

    @ EricLaw [MSFT]: thanks for your explanation 🙂

  118. Simone says:

    Windows 7: IE8 issue Open in New Tab/New Window opens a new tab that says "Connecting…" but does nothing.

  119. Itchy123 says:

    I have found a way to remove it when receiving the cant find file error , what i did was !

    went to windows folderin C drive selected folder options then show hidden files then used the search and typed vgx.dll.000 and found one that worked in


    then got error cant find install.ins on windows NT Service Pack Uninstall Directory is needed so typed install.ins in the search and found it in the directory of C:WINDOWSie8 used that in the "Copy files from" started unistalling then had yet another error stating "Setup cannot copy the file hmmapi.dll.mui" searched that and found it back in the other file C:WINDOWSie8(2) so i put that in the Copy files from box and clicked enter , then needed iexplore.exe.mui so i searched that , then ieakmmc.chm then file ieeula.chm ,and you can see where this is going every file had to be pointed out for the location one by one so just keep going , dont worry there is a end your about quarter the way there ! then it actually says Windows IE8 has been sucessfully removed reboot !

  120. IEBlog says:

    A few weeks back, we announced Compatibility View improvements available in the Release Candidate build

  121. kin says:

    try this url using IE8 RC1

    I have quite a few encounters of hangs like that.

  122. Kin says:

    1. make sure the IE windows is small enough (like 1024×768), goto

    2. scroll to to bottom and click "Find a Job"

    3. wait till the page is loaded, then hit the Back button to get back to the msn page.

    4. I got the following random cusor positions:

    a) scroll position is Top of Page.

    b) scroll position is middle of Page.

    c) scroll position is at the correct position

    Try a few times and you may get different results.

    Note Chrome is annoying like hell that it always return to the top of page AND THEN scroll to the old position.  IE7 or IE6 never does that.  IE8 sometimes does that.  Please Please don’t follow Chrome on this.  FF does the same as Chrome but faster so it’s less annoying.

  123. Said says:

    Today I installed Windows 7 Beta which includes IE8, all working fine but unfortunately I have a problem with add-ons, like Google toolbar, status its indicating enabled, IE yellow bar says disabled and not evailable as well, pls assist.(dell optiplex 745 c2d)

  124. IEBlog says:

    We wanted to let you know that an update was released earlier today that will improve Internet Explorer’s

  125. Hi All, I wanted to let you know that an update was released earlier today that will improve Internet

  126. Hi All, I wanted to let you know that an update was released earlier today that will improve Internet

  127. IEBlog says:

    Hello, my name is Amy Placzkiewicz and I’m a Lead Software Design Engineer in Test on Internet Explorer’s

  128. Mike Sandman says:

    I downloaded IE8 on an XP machine, replacing IE6 (which I seldom used).

    I tried IE7 a long time ago, but found myself wasting a lot of time looking for the home, print, refresh etc. icons in the wrong place. Luckily I was able to successfully remove IE7.

    I tried the IE8 release candidate because some pages were acting funny in IE6.

    The first two times I ran it, it crashed the whole system. The third time when it crashed, I just let it wait befote rebooting while an hourglass was on the screen.

    Somehow after 5 minutes or so, the program restarted itself and the computer was again usable. That was slick! Heck, it’s only 5 minutes to wait.

    IE8 RC1 may have crashed because the program is a little slow (maybe more than a little?). I expected it to be at least as fast as IE6 – so when sometihing didn’t work right away I kept clicking it again. Apparently a very bad idea with IE8. If I wasn’t so impatient, the program wouldn’t have crashed. I’m a real jerk.

    The customization capabilities of IE8 are really a huge improvement over IE7. I can now simply right click on a menu bar and click Customize, and tell IE8 to move the refresh and stop icons to a different position that the developer preffered. Thanks!

    The range of customizations that are possible from the Customization menu are breathtaking.

    Unfortunately, I have a big gray space after the Menu Bar (with File, Edit etc.), and the Menu Bar can’t be moved to share a line with other stuff, and nothing else can be put in the large empty gray space next to Help on the Menu Bar. I’m sure allowing that level of customization that would have delayed IE8 for months or years.

    I fully understand why the program is slow and inconsistent with IE6 and FF, and a pain to use (I know I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to get things done).

    I realize that grabbing something with the mouse and dragging it to another position requres an incredible amount of code that not all MS developers are able to write.

    Maybe MS could have afforded a rent a coder guy for $25 an hour in India to help them implement customizing the pacement of icons, but I’m sure spending $50 on an apllication you’re giving away for free really doesn’t make sense.

    I talked to my doctor, who said he would give me Ritalin if I’d like to continue to use IE8. I decided against it, and went back to FF3, which works fine for me – except on some MS sites which tell me to drop dead, I’m a jerk for not using IE, and I don’t get to see anything on the site if I’m stupid enough to visit with FF… but heck, I already knew that.

    Thanks Microsoft!

    Mike Sandman

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