IE Team Chat Schedule

After a great turnout this year, we are continuing our monthly online Expert Zone chats with the IE Team in 2009. Here is our schedule for the first half of next year:

January 22nd

February 19th

March 19th

April 23rd

May 21st

June 18th


All our chats start at 10.00 PST/18.00 UTC.  These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered and hear from members of the IE product team.  In case you miss the chat, a transcript will be published afterward and available online. Previous chat transcripts can be found here.

See you in the new year!

Allison Burnett
Program Manager

Comments (33)

  1. gabe says:

    why not make it standised like every 3rd Tuesday in the month ie team has chat

    makes it easier to track

  2. Zwen says:

    This is off topic cos I don’t where else to post. I’m using Windows XP but can’t open my IE, what’s the reason?

    Also when I tried to download IE7 using other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera the time taken for the download is horrendously slow. Took me at least over 2-3 hrs to download 14.7 MB of IE7. In one instance took me over 5 hrs to download 15+ MB only to find the file corrupt.

    Why is it so slow to download IE7 using other browsers? Is it a deliberate act to discourage users from downloading by those browsers?

    Please enlighten.

    Thanks & Happy New year!

  3. Cox, Ken says:

    Is there a way to set InPrivate Blocking as always On? Perhaps a registry setting or command line switch?

    Always on would be especially useful as the standard for computers in public places like libraries.

  4. hks says:


    append a -private switch to your shortcut.

  5. Mert Tan says:

    i found a deficient on the microsoft explorer 7 and 8. if you be careful. Firefox browser can show animation gif icon of web sites next to the adress bar. But explorer 7 and 8 can"t this one. Explorer 7 and 8 deficient about this.

  6. Stifu says:


    "Is it a deliberate act to discourage users from downloading by those browsers?"

    No. Your Internet connection may just sucks, or something restrains it too much (firewall?). Or another possibility: the server you tried to download IE7 from is slow or was busy at the time, but I don’t think so.

    The fact you can’t open IE7 makes me think something is wrong with your computer in the first place.

  7. erictee says:

    The latest IE8 partner build still doesn’t show the favicon of the feeds correctly


  8. Mike says:

    @Mert Tan

    For once I am happy that IE has not implemented something the others have. Using animated gifs for favicons is extremely distracting and irritating.

  9. anonymous says:

    Yes, I second the suggestion to have those chats on a fixed day of the month. Makes it so much easier to remember.

    But if there’s one thing I’d like to change most about IE, it’s the time between releases. IE7 to IE8 is also 2.5+ years? Then IE9 will come in 2011/2012?

  10. Stifu says:

    anonymous: more than the time between releases, I’m annoyed by the fact Microsoft barely tries to push new versions to their users. One new version every 2 years is alright with me (although that won’t help them catch up to other browsers), but at least ensure that within 2 years after a release, most people have moved to the latest major version.

    Nowadays, people can buy a new computer, and end up with Windows XP SP3 with IE6 rather than 7… That’s not right.

  11. Greg says:

    Detect for accessibility reasons text and background with the same color.  This is common problem with a white text on black background ie browser color scheme.

    Also detect when a black and white image foreground color matches the IE user’s defined background color scheme.  This is a problem with black and white graphics where the foreground pixels are black and the background is transparent when displayed on a IE user defined white text on black background color scheme.  This is problematic when reading many types of web pages with embedded graphs/formulas.

    Lastly, please consider letting an IE user turn off gradient color schemes for IE controls (button, toolbar, etc) as they are quite difficult to separate from the background when you have vision issues.  This is more problematic as one gets older than 45 since vision moves towards seeing the larger picture and ignoring the finer details (i.e., lots of small graphic effects such as gradients, button shadows, button animations, rounded corners, too many lines, etc. add visual noise to the IE GUI and make it much less user friendly to read the web page).  

  12. gillian says:

    I’d like to request a floating time for the chat as well.

    I am never available at 1pm (EST/EDT) when the chats normally run.  I always have to wait for the transcript (which doesn’t reflect the conversation at all) and I can’t ask questions.

    Can we either change the time up a bit? or have an option to pre-submit questions?

    e.g. window.resize events do not fire in any version of IE8 (B1,B2,PreRC1): Is this going to get fixed in time for the RTM or do we need to tell our clients not to upgrade to IE8?



  13. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Greg, did you try unchecking "Enable visual styles for buttons and controls in webpages"?

  14. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Gillian: I’d love to see a repro for your resize bug.  As far as I know, this issue was fixed for the December build.

  15. Stifu says:

    Greg: I don’t think IE should detect any potential color issues, or at least, I’d put it very low on the todo list. That’d waste developer time, complicate the code of IE (possibly affecting performances), and bring potential bugs or problems (like colors changing when they’re not supposed to).

    If there’s a problem with a specific site, then the site should be fixed, not the browser.

    By the way, talking about graphs and formulas, these should often ideally be made in SVG and MathML respectively, which IE doesn’t support. If they were supported by IE and consequently used by web developers, then you wouldn’t be having these issues. So maybe adding support for such technologies would be more of a priority than implementing quirky workarounds…

  16. steve says:

    @EricLaw, @Gillian – There has been no fix for the window.resize events not firing since IE8 Beta 1. This is a well known issue and has been brought up in IE chats, IE Feedback, and this blog several times for each release.

    I can assure you (as it is the first thing I test for each IE8 release), that it is as 100 % broken as it was when IE8 Beta 1 came out.

    It *IS* the precise reason why I can not allow IE8 in production as IE8 Partner Release 1 currently stands.

    Drop an iframe on a page, set the width/height to a percentage and set an onresize handler to the iframe, then resize the outer window frame.

    It will fire resize events in every other browser EXCEPT ANY VERSION OF IE8!


  17. Saitir says:

    Anonymous (7:23am)

    The delays between version of IE are obvious and transparent.  They’re directly related to an OS release.  IE7 was geering up prior to Vista, IE8 now we’re gearing up for Windows 7.

    It sucks that they’re stil tying IE to an OS release rather than doing point releases between OSs, and it means that feature improvements that don’t make it now will likely not be around for a long time to come (2012).

    Unless, of course, MS can comit to properly detaching IE from the OS release schedule.

    At this point, I’d settle for a yearly release if the alternative is every 3 years!

  18. Daniel says:


    Could you please create a testcase that we can see online? Best with steps to reproduce, expected and actual results.

    Or is there even a bug in the Connect Database? Do you have the Bug # then?

  19. Andrew Powell says:

    Hey, where’s the new IE6 VPC image? The one available for download is still expiring on Dec. 25th!

    Maybe you all should chat about that…

  20. @EricLaw


    EricLaw [MSFT] (Expert):

    Q: Will support for MIME types like application/xhtml+xml and application/javascript be included? And will IE 8 include an XHTML parser?

    A: I’m not sure what you mean when you say "support for application/javascript"? IE8 is not an XHTML browser; it does include a number of HTML5 features, however.


    coming from

    Valid media type for script elements (javascript) are "application/javascript" and "application/ecmascript" according to RFC 4329, sections 7 and 8

    IE 7 and IE 8 do not support and will not support those types.


    valid types are "application/javascript" and "application/ecmascript". All modern JavaScript interpreters being implementations of ECMAScript, it seems like it would be best to use "application/ecmascript". Except that our good friend IE doesn’t recognize them and ignores the script altogether if you use them. So once again, thanks to one more non-standard behavior of IE, we can’t afford to follow the standard.


    by Bertrand Le Roy,

    Robin Lionheart also reported these absence of support in his

    HTML 4 Conformance tests

    The related bug 338278 was *closed* (by design)


  21. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Gerard: You’re showing why it’s important to actually provide test cases– when non-specific statements like "IE doesn’t support foo" are made, the actual problem can be very ambiguous.  

    With regard to my remark, if you visit, you will see that IE correctly runs the script from files with the MIME types of application/javascript and application/ecmascript. As suggested by RFC2616, these MIME types are specified in the HTTP response header "Content-Type".

  22. ash says:

    @Gérard Talbot

    From the RFC 4329 memo:

    "This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard of any kind."

  23. steve says:

    @Daniel, EricLaw: It turns out that there are technically "2" bugs, both to do with window.resize events not firing.

    The trick is the nesting.  Top level documents will now (bug 1) fire the resize event, however nested iframes will NOT fire the resize event (bug 2).

    Bug #1 in Connect:

    I’ve now added Bug #2 (a refined case of Bug#1) since the particular nesting is the issue for this bug (although one would have thought it was one in the same)

    Since users of Connect can not download any of the test cases submitted to Connect, I’ve added a test case as an inline comment… save and test to see the bug in action.

    Thanks Steve

    Built a test case and uploaded it for the bug in Connect:

  24. @EricLaw

    If you visit

    HTML 4 Conformance tests

    you will see that IE8 pre-RC1 Partner Build 18344 (and all previous versions of IE) does NOT execute the scripts with the MIME types of application/javascript and application/ecmascript.

    Bug 338278 has been *closed* (by design) and has NOT been fixed.


    The list of registered MIME types for application is here:

    Everything in RFC 4329 suggests that javascript media types application/javascript and application/ecmascript should be supported and replace obsolete ones



  25. I have uploaded another testcase on top:

    Firefox 3.0.5, Opera 9.63, Safari 3.2, Konqueror 4.1.1, Seamonkey 2.x, K-meleon 1.x, etc. pass that testcase; IE 8 does not.


  26. Mitch 74 says:

    Having downloaded the December build somewhere (no, I’m not part of the program, and I tried again to register to submit bugs and once again my Live login triggered an ASP server error), I’m happy to report that, as Gérard Talbot wrote on his webpage, the bug related to negative margins not being properly applied is gone. Also gone is the scrolling bug (all scrolls apart from main window are reset to 0 on DOM modification including CSS pseudo-elements like :hover).

    But! You have a regression, guys! From what I could track down, margin collapsing isn’t done properly on dynamically sized elements if there’s no screen refresh done. Test case and demonstration: open the following page on a screen with at least 800px height (there must be no scroll bar).

    Open with currently public IE8 beta 2, hover then leave the third test case: everything is correct, box is reset to previous size

    Open with partners pre-RC1 build (build number 8.0.6001.18343), hover and leave the third test case: a red border appears, and bottom paragraph is now closer to the box. Hint at bad margin collapsing algorithm?

  27. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Gerard: Your test case demonstrates that Internet Explorer does not execute scripts that specify "application/javascript" or "application/ecmascript" using the TYPE ATTRIBUTE on the SCRIPT tag.  

    As demonstrated previously, specification of these MIME-types using HTTP response headers works fine.

    It seems odd that 4329 claims that ‘Use of the "text" top-level type for this kind of content is known to be problematic’ but provides no substantiation for the remark.

  28. 在这里 => IE Team Chat Schedule After a great turnout this year, we are continuing our monthly online Expert Zone chats…

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  30. Hello,tonight i did learn some,i did enjoy on the different programs.i think yahoo may have found me a  program so far i like it i s, see that i have been taking notes more thank you Yahoo  Yours  Turly   Lilia

  31. Stathis Adel says:

    Using the MIME-types using HTTP response headers did work fine for me, no complaints here.

  32. Olivier says:

    @gabe : actually, it’s the 3rd Thursday of every Month 🙂

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