Application Compatibility Logging in IE8

The latest Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) release, ACT 5.0.5428.1080 is publicly available and can be downloaded here.

To give you some background, ACT helps customers understand their application compatibility situation by helping identify which applications are compatible with Vista, IE7, and IE8 and which require further testing. ACT allows compatibility data to be uploaded from individual machines to a central location for analysis, grouping and reporting. Once an issue has been identified, help will be available on how to resolve a particular issue or create a workaround. Furthermore, partners and customers using ACT are able to post comments to the Online Application Community, where they can share data and information about application compatibility testing.

The IE components of ACT are:

  • Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool (IECTT). The IECTT helps identify your Web-based issues, shows your results in real time, and allows you to upload and view the data in the Application Compatibility Manager (ACM), a part of the ACT toolkit. As you test your application or site, the IECTT records events in real time when compatibility issues occur. For instance, if one of your sites injects JavaScript to another site and the IE8 Cross-site scripting (XSS) filter detects this as a reflection attack, a Cross-Site Scripting Filter event would be logged in the IECTT UI.

  • Internet Explorer Compatibility Evaluators (IECE). The IECE can be deployed within an enterprise and will help identify Web-based issues in the background. As you test your application or site, the IECE records events in the background as they occur. You will be able to view the logged events in the ACM after you upload them.

Overall, these tools help customers lower their costs for application compatibility testing, prioritize their applications, and deploy Internet Explorer more quickly.

The work flow for identifying application compatibility issues before rolling out a new version of IE8 is shown below:

Application Compatiblity Testing Workflow

  1. Install the latest version of ACT and IE8.
  2. Either deploy the IECE to a body of testers or use the IECTT and enable logging.
  3. Begin a regression test pass of all line of business applications and sites.
  4. Once a compatibility event has been encountered, diagnose the problem and create a suitable workaround or fix.

New Application Compatibility Events added in IE8

We added logging for twelve new Application Compatibility Events in IE8, as shown in the table below. Including the IE7 events, we now currently log 31 compatibility events. The Internet Explorer Compatibility article contains more information on these events.

New IE8 Event Name Event ID
Cross-Site Scripting Filter 1046
Intranet at Medium Integrity Level 1047
DEP/NX Crash Recovery 1048
Standards Mode 1049
File Name Restriction 1056
Codepage Sniffing 1058
AJAX Navigation 1059
Application Protocol 1061
Windows Reuse Navigation Restriction 1062
MIME Sniffing Restrictions - no IMAGE elevation to HTML 1064
Web Proxy Error Handling Changes      1065
Certificate Filtering 1073

Internet Explorer Application Compatibility article

In the past, we noticed that the ACT tool helped identify the compatibility issues that occur in a line of business application or website, however, the tool itself did not provide any guidance for remediation. In IE8, we are providing a resource that gives exactly that information. The article is linked directly in the IECTT logged message or is directly available here. The article covers the following topics for all IE7 and IE8 compatibility events:

  • Logged Message – This is a copy of the event description that you’ll see in the Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool.
  • What is it? – This is an elaboration of the logged message explaining what the event is. Additional references are provided when available.
  • When is this event logged? – This is a short description of what has to happen in your Web page for this event to be logged in the Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool.
  • Example – Most events include examples that demonstrate how to make the corresponding event create a log entry in the Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool. These examples help make the description of the event more concrete.
  • Remediation – Guidance on what you can do to eliminate the incompatibility from your Web site.

We will be adding additional examples and remediation to this article before the final IE8 release.

As you can see, we refined our Application Compatibility logging in IE8 and have provided a useful resource in the IE Application Compatibility article. We look forward to you trying it out and giving us feedback in the IE newsgroups.

Jatinder Mann
Program Manager

Comments (36)

  1. Brez says:

    Could you allow user to place the Home, feeds, safety and tools command buttons on the smart address bar area and a way to remove the search box.

    I hate the the separator between the favorite center icon and add to favorite icon. if you put the favorite center next to the tab it’s not align with the add favorite icon on top.

  2. Flazzy says:

    I think this is a great new resource!

  3. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Brez: You can hide the search box with this tweak:  Alas, there’s no way to move the command buttons to the address bar area.

  4. k-man says:

    i don’t know where else to post this, but can you please, please, with sugar on the top, bring back the Alt+m, enter shortcut to get back to the home page? please? Alt+home is awkward, especially for 1 handed people (i’m not one of them, but i have a friend who is). thanks.

  5. idonknow says:

    I have a question:

    1.From the firefox,i saw the picture was fast.

    2.From the IE 7/8Beta 2,i saw it was slow.

    why ?

  6. Brez says:

    Allow user to middle click the url link in Smart Address to open in a new tab.

  7. justin says:


    Since it is an animated GIF image it might be affected by this bug in IE.

    The tracker doesn’t indicate if this is fixed in IE8 or not but i’m guessing we would have heard about it if it was.

    My guess is that because IE is trying to hook into every single frame of the animation to do (whatever?) it just isn’t very optimized.  I don’t think the internal code to handle the image rendering has been touched since IE5 (except for the partial fix for PNGs)

    BTW the image loads just fine in my Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera but it is very slow in IE7 too. REAL slow.

  8. idontknow says:

    @ justin

    Thanks justin.

    so IE is quite different from the others browsers. 🙂


    And another question:

    On Vista,

    I used the IE 7/8 browser and I tried to

    upload lots of my data to the FTP server.

    why the IE 7/8 took a lot of times to show me the "Computing time" ??

    I waited very long  time and again that it still showed me "Computing time" and sometimes crashed.

    2.The info "computing time",it was too very long.

    3.IE sometime crashed.

  9. PatriotB says:

    @idonknow — I seem to remember that Netscape had a minimum frame time when playing animated GIFs, so presumably IE copied this to become compatible with the animated GIFs that were reliant on this Netscape quirk.  And since there are likely such animated GIFs still out there, IE will probably always continue to display them this same way.

  10. Eghost says:

    To:General Manager Dean Hachamovitch and Architect Chris Wilson

    Gentlemen  I would like  to see on the IE blog.  A announcement or title for the UI changes or a discussion on the  UI.  IE blog Team has done a lot on the features built-in to IE but has ignored the UI.  Yes I do have issues with the UI, it just seems to me Dean that Microsoft is ignoring them.  To put it in perspective Microsoft’s new battle cry or catch phrase is "Live with out walls" yet Microsoft has put up a wall with IE 8’s UI. thank you for your valuable time gentlemen.

    "Vita Per Moenia"

  11. Stan says:

    Heya IE Team !!

    I know you guys are working hard hammering on IE8 for features and stuff, but I have to note something …

    Performance needs to be attended to. Things like memory consummation, process usage, etc.

    But more important is the Javascripting engine; it needs to be sped up … A lot. Sure, Acid2 support, awesome. But isn’t that more CSS than javascripting?

    Why? This IS the browser wars 2.0, and IE is getting slaughtered if it wasn’t for being preinstalled in the majority of PCs and for users who don’t really care.

    Those that actually follow whether or not there will be updates or new releases DO care, and I am worried about how IE8’s scripting will fall behind Mozilla 3.x’s TraceMonkey and Google Chrome’s amazing web application speeds.

    IE team, please work on performance. We really need you guys to be at least on par with other browsers in terms of speed. Features, yeah, continue to work on those, but I feel as if it is important to get closer to Acid3 compatibility and get faster in terms of performance.

  12. Soum says:

    Please reconsider the colors used as the background of the address bar when there are EV certificates or certificate errors, especially in Vista with Aero turned on (see the screenshot: ; the text is barely readable). May be a lighter/brighter shade of the background color or a white font would be better.

    Also, when a drive-by download is blocked by the information bar, could the name of the file be shown? And when multiple add-ons are blocked or there an add-on is blocked alongwith a pop-up, the name of the blocked add-on(s) is not shown. It just says "Pop up blocked. Also, to help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked other content from this site. Click here for options.." ( ). We need the name of the blocked add-on to decide whether to allow that or not!

  13. says:

    bug: Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 create multiple processes to be open,it consumes a lot of memory and processor, very slow with only 3 tabs open, open processes more, not requests save section when closed normally, the eyelashes is not colored unless it is open from another as does (color fultabs) Firefox, does not close the processes and open the browse maintains the old processes the new, hangs and closes the browser.

  14. Brez says:

    keyboard shorcuts for add to favorite button

  15. says:

    support for SVG, jpg-2000 and jpg-XR

    Support for Adobe air, ODF and XPS

    support for Perl and Ruby

    pop-up Blocker scrits block XSS and jar dangerous

    Redesign the IE8 UI with WPF, Adobe air, Flash, and Silverligth

    support for Atom feed, and RSS feed

  16. Daniel says:

    Guys, stop complaining about the memory footprint. Can’t you see that Ballmer is a PC, and he loves his company? He’s working on it!

  17. Eghost says:

    Lets try this one more time, The last post did not make it, I did not curse or use vulgarity, but the moderator deemed it necessary to block it.  

        Dean, the Windows 7 blog is starting to discuss the UI in Windows 7. Perhaps you would allow an open discussion on IE 8’s UI. It’s just a suggestion Dean, if Microsoft is willing to walk the talk, of, "Life with out Walls."  Then possibly you can open a discussion on IE8’s UI. Is that too much to ask for? Because it is really appears that you are just ignoring what your customers might want. Dean would it hurt Microsoft to have an open discussion on IE8’s UI.  Or is this like the beta’s of Vista and Microsoft and the IE team are not open to suggestions when if comes to the UI. It’s the same old Proverbial wall that Microsoft has put up ever since the beta’s of Vista. It’s Microsoft saying, "Don’t tell us what we don’t want to hear, only tell us what we want to hear." So come on Dean, if you really believe that you have chosen the best UI for IE 8 then you should be willing to hear input on it. Open a discussion on the UI, stop putting up walls, anything else is just pure BS. If you only want hear that your great, then why even beta test, just put out the product, because obviously you know better that your customers.  

    "Vita Per Moenia"      

  18. IE user says:

    Please reconsider the design of the tab of IE8 of Windows Vista.

  19. D J says:

    I’m not sure where else to put this, so I’ll put it here.

    There is a rather common rendering bug I’ve noticed in "old" pages where large chunks of text are not displayed until someone clicks on text nearby the undisplayed text.  I’m not sure if this is actually what a "proper" use of the old quirks would actually do, but it is rather annoying and it’s behavior I don’t notice in Firefox.

  20. someguy says:

    I’m not sure if this is by design, but the Accelerators pop up, even if you have empty space or an empty element selected.

    Looking good so far – keep it up!

  21. says:

    Improve support for standarts W3C, Acid3, CSS 2.1 and 3.0 and javascrit and pass the test with 100 / 100

  22. says:

    Improve support for standards W3C, Acid3, CSS 2.1 and 3.0 and JavaScript and pass the test with 100 / 100

  23. says:

    Add function view background, block page, block advertising, block Web,restore tab,download all the images,copy link,copy link image

  24. hAl says:


    Acid3 test does not say anything significant about being standards compliant.

    It just says something about being acid3 compliant.

    Acid3 is more a competition for browser developer than a serieus standards testsuite.

  25. Rado says:

    I’m sorry to be off topic but other article where is something about my issue has disabled new posts.

    The reason why I have to recommend my customers to stay with IE7 is the new great "security" feature of file upload edit box in IE8 which is disabled so path cannot be directly pasted.

    My app (it is hosting webbrowser control) automatically  creates many files which have to be uploaded by forms along with another information which user fills/confirms manually and submits. Now it would be real pain for users to browse for each CORRECT file manually.

    Is there some way how to enable file upload path edit box in IE8 again using windows API/webbrowser interfaces/registry/….anything please please ? 🙂 Thank you

    PS. Why application hosting/owning webbrowser control cannot directly fill file upload path using DOM anyway? (I’m not talking about filling from javascript). When malware is already running at application level, it can send any files using wininet or own HTTP client easily. Why would it use IE to browse to some form to submit some file?

  26. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Rado: Simply click BROWSE and then paste in the full file system path into the dialog.  This is the same in all latest-version browsers except Opera.

    The hosting application cannot file the file upload control using the DOM when using the DOM APIs, because these are the same APIs used by javascript.

  27. IEBlog says:

    Hi. In previous posts I talked about the IE8 IEAK and new event logging for IE8 in the Application Compatibility

  28. The latest Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) release, ACT 5.0.5428.1080 is publicly available and

  29. Rado says:

    @EricLaw: I believe other browser did wrong thing too 🙂 I mean it is not real security hole at least I’ve haven’t heard about any malware using this.

    Using browse button requires one more click and shows annoying dialog. In disabled edit box it is visible only short piece of path and it’s not even possible to copy it into clipboard or scroll it.

    It should support at least drag&drop file over file upload box 🙁

  30. lele says:

    I have a vb script that uses an instance of IE through Automation.

    It works perfectly in IE6/IE7, not in IE8.

    This is an example:

    Set objExplorer = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

    objExplorer.Navigate "about:blank"

    objExplorer.Visible = 1    

    objExplorer.Document.Title = "Test"

    objExplorer.Document.Write "<body>" & vbcrlf

    objExplorer.Document.Write "Can you see this?" & vbcrlf

    objExplorer.Document.Write "</body>" & vbcrlf

    msgbox "ok"


    The first "Write" faults with "Unexpected call to method or property access" message error (8000FFFF)

    How can i test scripts like this with IECTT?

    With Compatibility Mode Settings (IE7 for all sites) the code works.


  31. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Rado: It’s not an issue of malware, it’s an issue of malicious Javascript.  And yes, there have been a ton of attempts to exploit file upload controls over the last few years, in ALL browsers.  Hence the change.

  32. В прошлых сообщениях я рассказал о IE8 IEAK и новом способе учета событий в IE8 реализованном в Application

  33. With the release of the Windows 7 beta , there has been a lot of speculation about an accompanying version

  34. 이 글은 Internet Explorer 개발 팀 블로그 (영어)의 번역 문서입니다. 이 글에 포함된 정보는 Internet Explorer 개발 팀 블로그 (영어)가 생성된 시점의

  35. IEBlog says:

    We’ve made a few improvements to our extensibility model in IE8 RC1 based on feedback we’ve received

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