Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available in 25 Languages

In August 2008, Dean announced the release of IE8 Beta 2 in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and German. Today the IE team  is pleased to announce the availability of Internet Explorer Beta 2 in 21 additional  languages. The languages released today are fully localized versions of the IE8 English Beta 2.The Complete List of IE8 Beta 2 Languages

Arabic Chinese (Hong Kong) Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Czech
Danish Dutch English Finnish French
German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian
Japanese Korean Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal) Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish

Note: Please visit the Internet Explorer 8 homepage on to download IE8 Beta 2 in your language of choice. Alternatively, you can download all languages from the Microsoft Download Center.

Supported Platforms

This release is supported only on x86 versions of the following platforms with the exception of Hebrew which is also supported on 64-Bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. 

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista SP1
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Server 2008

When installing localized versions of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 on XP or Windows Server 2003 please remember that the base language of the operating system must match the IE8 language you are trying to install; otherwise the Setup Wizard will display an error. For Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the base language of Windows does not need to match the Internet Explorer 8 language version in order for a successful install. When your user active language matches the Internet Explorer 8 language you installed, then IE8 will appear in the desired language. You will still be able to use IE8 in all other scenarios, but it will appear in English as a fall back version.

For further details on install guidelines, please see the How to Install localized versions of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 section in the IE8 Beta 2 release notes and the Upgrading to Internet Explorer Beta 2 blog post.

For IE8 Beta 2 support, please consult the list of IE8 Frequently asked questions or visit the IE Beta Newsgroup. The Report a Webpage Problem add-on is available for download and allows you to report a website issue. Additionally, you can sign up through MS Connect to vote on IE8 Beta bugs or request to be added to the IE Technical Beta Program by following instructions found at the bottom of the IE8 Beta Feedback blog post.

With the release of these additional languages, the IE8 IEAK can now build an additional 20 language packages. Download the IEAK and learn more about how to customize IE8 here.

We're excited to enable more users to download IE8 Beta 2 and use it in their native languages! You're feedback is always welcome, so please leave us a comment on this post.

Vishwac Sena Kannan
International Program Manager

Edit: Added the link to the Internet Explorer 8 homepage and removed individual language links

Comments (51)

  1. LorenzoDV says:

    I’ve been monitoring the download center page since late August and I must say THANK YOU for making the beta available in localized versions.

    Two weeks is still slower than open source localized releases, but certainly an improvement for Microsoft.

  2. sokzzuka says:

    Maybe this is not the right place to post it, but I would like to ask if W3C document.implementation.createDocument() , DOMParser() and other API’s wille be implemented in IE8 ?

  3. Jeffrey Gilbert says:

    Please please please please please don’t release this version prematurely. This version of IE as I’ve tested it is not standards savvy yet even in compatibility mode and seems to error tons on pages that all standards compatible browsers I’ve tested work fine on. Safari, Opera, and Firefox are my main testbed with IE under VM being the last thing I develop for. It adds so much development time and frustration to debug for 2 different versions of IE that wont behave correctly. What I’ve noticed is when I test in IE8 (just downloaded it on a clean VM) both compatibility mode on and off render in two completely different ways from even standards or older versions of IE which is essentially adding TWO new browsers to test for in addition to IE6 and IE7.

    I don’t know how you get people away from IE6 which is at this point absolutely dreadful to code for, but it’s holding strong at 30-40% market share on most sites. The day it dies the web will cheer. Secondly, since MS wont buy a standards compliant browser company for a standards compliant engine *cough*opera*cough*, can it please support the same standards across the board that the rest do BEFORE The next release? I appreciate the effort to work towards standards compliance in IE8 for the betterment of the web overall, but if it’s to the detriment of my productivity to push another unfinished release which I largely regard IE7 as, I’d just assume not have the browser live at all. I see the ads for adopting IE8 beta 2 and it’s scary

  4. HUY PHAN says:


  5. gin says:

    Can you guys make the scroll mouse wheels to work in smart address bar. I expand the favorite and can’t use the scroll wheels to scroll down

  6. Joe Clark says:

    Why is your list of languages a table?

    Does Microsoft know nothing beyond tables for layout?

    Your three Chinese dialects are  a single language even if they represent different versions. Same goes for Portuguese. Hence, you have announced 18 new languages.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You’re going to have to explain your math there, Joe.

  8. Evangelism says:

    Microsoft would never switch to another much much better standards compliant engine, Trident is embedded everywhere in Microsoft products and will break everything, product of bad design and bad engineering from the days when they wanted to crush Netscape through embrace, extend, extinguish and illegal means now comes back to haunt them. Karma sure is a pain, isn’t it?

    Microsoft also doesn’t care about standards compliance, look at their websites like,, etc. All of them use the EmulateIE7 meta tag to force IE8 into IE7 mode. Again, bad design and bad engineering decisions during IE7’s development makes things even worse now and karma is biting them in the rear which they so deserve.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Evangelism you contradict yourself,in the last part.

  10. …в том числе появилась поддержка русского.

  11. Vitus says:

    What about Russian version for Vista x64?

    Can anybody post here link for it ?

  12. Rob Parsons says:

    I have some friends at that are eagerly awaiting the Indonesian version.

    Is there a difinitive list of Languages that the PRC will be available in.

    Well, I know you probably can’t answer that question…

    Lets re-phrase that…

    Are you planning to support additional languages in the public release.

  13. Helder Magalhães says:

    Note that the "Portuguese (Portugal)" link is broken.

  14. Tarun Singh says:

    I downloaded the IE 8 Beta 2 yesterday onto my perfectly fine notebook and since then have been having a whole load of problems resulting in my system ultimately collapsing. I dont know what is the problem with this IE, but sure advice all to stay away for now from IE 8.

  15. Stifu says:

    Eran: shameless cybersquatting. 😐

    Doubt anyone will care.

  16. slawek says:

    Why IE8 use 50% of CPU when I use other application, but IE is maximized?

  17. Ajo says:

    So how about also supporting for multiple languages. Now only English, German and Chinese are supported. However I would like a Dutch version as well, since many Dutch IE users don’t care about the NY Times.

  18. ren says:

    could you guys add icons in section header and website.

  19. awq says:

    A bug with the accelerators, this one relates to the ‘Map with …’ providers.

    Select any text and click the accelerator for Map with Google maps. The url now opens, but the URL bar remains in edit mode. This means I can not zoom in or out on the map using my scrollwheel.

  20. awq says:

    The go to webslice arrow button on a webslice should open the webslice in a new tab, not steal the current one!

  21. clark says:

    I have Beta 2 installed (english) but I noticed that when I scroll down with the mouse wheel, then scroll back up.. IE leaves lots of artifacts on the screen.. (e.g. extra copies of textareas, buttons, hrs etc.)

    Is this a known bug or does this need to be registered somewhere?

  22. Olivier says:

    The French link is broken.

    @clark : I’ve the same artifact problem.

  23. 3 weeks on, IE 8 Beta 2 is now available in an additional 21 languages, bringing the total to 25. As a comparison, as far as I can tell that’s only one fewer than IE 5.5 and 6 were released in, ever. Another sample Microsoft beta, that for Windows Server

  24. Ben says:

    Im having problems downloading the new version. I keep getting a messege the its not a valid WIN32 Application. Can anyone tell me what to do?

  25. ms says:


    More css hacks we’ll write!

    Ie’s ugly!

  26. says:

    @Anonymous ("You’re going to have to explain your math there, Joe.")

    Well, I’m not Joe but I can explain it anyway.

    As already mentioned, there are three "extra" languages in the list (two Chinese and one Portuguese) that are actually just different versions of the same language.

    21 new languages – 3 duplicates = 18 new languages.

  27. Olivier says:

    I can’t install the French version on Windows XP MUI 🙁 (MUI or whatever the multilanguage XP is called, I don’t remember)

  28. kejser says:

    Hi, I have just installed ie8 beta 2, but I still have a small problem.

    When I go into the website: is ie8 slow to run applescript.

    The same was ie7. Firefox and chrome is super fast. Therefore, it should be possible to get ie8 to run the same speed?

    In addition, I ie8 beta 2 is really good

    Sincerely yours

  29. kejser says:

    I have found out ie8 beta 2 has problems to display images in a different frame when clicking through a link on a flash picture scroll module. The image in the second frame which is a jpeg is not shown. It worked in ie7 and in the other browsers

  30. Nicholas Shanks says:

    I don’t understand the correlation between the X and Y axes of your TABLE element. The one with the languages in it. to me it looks more like an unordered list (but of course, if it was one of those, you’d have used a UL, wouldn’t you?).

  31. You STILL Don’t Get "Full Screen"/Auto-Hide, Do You!

    Here’s a Hint: Restore "Full Screen"/Auto-Hide To IE6 Functionality…

  32. I. S. says:

    IE8 fails the A List Apart Holy Grails 3 columns via CSS method that all browsers including IE6 and IE7 pass with some hacks.  Examples are:


    See article for explanation:

  33. Mitch 74 says:

    I’m gonna vent. I just spent an afternoon trying to make IE (6, 7, 8) do something as STUPID as selecting a value in a limited choice list with Javascript.

    The problem is thus: I want to use the status of a checkbox to influence the content of text fields. No biggie, I put an event listener on the checkbox. I also want all this stuff to be reflected in the URL upon submit, through the GET method. Easy enough. I need the checkbox to be checked by default. Child’s play. However, in case of submit, I have a problem: if the box is unchecked, the element doesn’t have a value (that’s ok) but is not even cited (that’s no good) forcing me to check that there are other parameters in the URL to see if the form has been submitted – not clean – in order to be sure the checkbox doesn’t re-check itself (with selected="selected" in HTML). That’s the case with all browsers.

    So, OK, a checkbox ain’t the best solution. What’s next? Radio buttons! Strangely, they work the first time I click them but not the second time; probably something I didn’t get about them, but oh, well. they don’t look good anyway, and can’t be treated as a single object (no single ID). Exit radio buttons.

    So, I use a select; with 2 options, it should be OK, right? I start making it, I use mySelect.option[0|1].selected=true according to context, it works beautifully under Firefox, Opera etc.

    IE removes box’s content. IE doesn’t support "selected" in option properties (dixit IE8’s debugger).

    Not deterred, I switch to using mySelect.selectedIndex=0|1; Firefox purrs along.

    IE removes box’s content. "selectedIndex" is read only (dixit IE8’s debugger).

    Getting annoyed, I switch to using

    mySelect.value = "option1"|"option2" ; Firefox keeps purring.

    IE removes box’s content. IE can’t match option values to select.value content, "value" is read only (dixit IE8’s debugger).

    I look around. It seems that the ONLY way one can modify what a SELECT shows, is by rewriting said SELECT (in its entirety) with innerHTML (dixit MSDN).

    Nevermind that I then need to remove the event listener, if I don’t want a memory leak, recreate the control, and re-add the event listener.

    Nevermind that this basically prevents me from inserting the select in a table (dixit MSDN).

    Nevermind that I then get a huge slab of code where one single line should work.

    I’m pissed. Really, I’m PISSED! It took me the whole afternoon to have IE deal with a CHECKBOX defaulting to CHECKED, after a SUBMIT, with Javascript.

    I chose another way: I defaulted the checkbox to unchecked, and reversed all my code. Nevermind that I really wanted to have it checked for visual and semantic reasons.

    I tested the above under IE 6, 7 and 8b2.

    IE 8’s CSS 2.1 support has improved, no doubt about that. The debugger is a bit rougher than Firebug, but close enough (it’s a bit buggy too: check your own checkboxes…), which is still miles above, well, none. There’s still one little problem.

    IE’s DOM support still sucks.

    There. Done venting. Move along.

  34. net says:

    I think IE8 is a big improvement on the previous version, but there’s still something left that I’d really like: an INTEGRATED DOWNLOAD MANAGER. In 2008 it’s not possible I can’t pause/resume my downloads.

    Is this feature in your upcoming plans?


  35. 다운로드 세부 정보: Windows XP용 Windows Internet Explorer 8 베타 2 IEBlog  Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now

  36. Eduardo Valencia says:

    And the download manager ???????????????????????? 😀

  37. IE8 Living with Walls says:

    25 languages that’s impressive, yet you still can’t customize the UI like you could in IE6, So basically the UI sucks in 25 Languages.  I don’t like the ribbon but at least that is revolutionary.  the UI in 8 is the same in 7 wow I can make the search bar bigger, and Microsoft payed how much to come up with this UI. IE 8 "Living with Walls"  

  38. Olivier says:

    @IE8 Living with Walls : yeah, but your walls have Windows… 🙂

  39. IE 8 Living with Walls says:

    It use to have windows, now it has Vista…:-(

  40. Mitch 74 says:

    While we’re on the topic of bug catching, and I know it is out of context, the checkbox "show all properties" in the developer tool/debugger is buggy: if you check it for a selected object it will display all the object’s properties, but if you change your selection the checkbox stays checked, the new object displays only read/write properties and you need to un-check the checkbox then check it again to have it work. So,

    – either read the checkbox’s state on loading a new selection

    – reset the checkbox on selection change.

    …and better DOM support would be cool. But then I’d rant some more so I’ll stop now.

  41. IEBlog says:

    Hi, my name is Jatinder Mann and I work on the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) and Group

  42. Cosmin says:

    Romanian ?

    I don’t want to be mean, but… I often read stupid articles about many brilliant Romanians working in Microsoft; was is so difficult to ask one of them to translate some strings ?

    Just curious…

  43. Ayham says:


    I have a problem with IE8 Beta 2 and Norton Internet Security, once I open IE the phishing filter in NIS becomes At Risk!

    Using IE7 or Firefox causes NO problems with NIS, please advise.


  44. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Ayham: IE8 includes phishing protection via the SmartScreen Filter feature. Unfortunately, you’ll need to contact Norton to get more information about why their phishing filter feature is inactive in IE8.

  45. uniscribe bundling with IE? says:

    Dear IE Team,

    are there any considerations of bundling an up-to-date version of Uniscribe with IE8? This would be a big advantage for example for various indic languages and should give IE8 a significant boost in some areas of India and elsewhere.

    I think some earlier version of IE had already brought an updated version of uniscribe into the system and Office 2003 seems to install an updated, private copy of the USP dll. It would be really, really great if IE8 could also bring at least its own, updated version of uniscribe.

    Especially with all the revitalized discussion about web fonts and so on it would be just *great* if you could do this.

    Best Regards


  46. Ralph says:

    Dear IE-team

    I have tried to change from the english to the danish version of IE8 beta 2, and got downgraded to IE7. And now I can’t install/upgrade to IE8 beta. How do I fix that?

  47. Urvabara says:

    Please, can you make a Finnish version of Internet Explorer 8 Beta for 64-bit Windows Vista? I only found a 32-bit IE8 Beta 2 for Finnish Vista.

    Please, please.

  48. Hi.

    Sort of off topic:

    The "domain highlighting" feature of IE8, is using a color that is too difficult to see – in my opinion.

    I think you should make it a bit darker, so the rest of the URL is easier to read and parse for the human eye.



  49. Hi All, Back in June , James Pratt and Jane Maliouta alluded to IEAK improvements for IE8. Today, I will

  50. Microsoft heeft dinsdag de Nederlandstalige versie van de tweede bèta van Internet Explorer 8 vrijgegeven

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