September Chat with the IE Team on Thursday

Join members of the Internet Explorer team for an Expert Zone chat next Thursday, September 11th  at 10.00 PDT/17.00 UTC. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by members of the IE product team. Thank you to all who have attended the chats to date!

If you can’t join us online, all chat transcripts are published here.

Hope you can join us on Thursday for our first chat sine IE8 Beta 2 released!

Kristen Kibble
Program Manager

P.S. Upcoming IE chat dates are posted here.

edit: The chat is really in September. 🙂

Comments (26)

  1. amodine says:

    I am really hoping that you increase performance and decrease the memory footprint before this product goes live.  I am a big MS fan but Chrome tempts me to use it versus IE8.

  2. forFar says:

    I think I found another bug which only occurs in IE8b2 (doesn’t happen in IE6/7 or other browsers).

    Basically, it involves rounded corners using images and jquery show/hide effects. I wanted to make a menu with rounded corners which can slide in and out. The rounded corners are applied the first time you slide out, but when you slide in and back out they disappear. IE8 forgets to refresh the background image or something.

    This is how the html looks like:

    <div id="menu" class="rounded_corners">

    Let’s say this is a menu

    <div class="rounded_corners_UL"></div>

    <div class="rounded_corners_LL"></div>

    <div class="rounded_corners_LR"></div>

    <div class="rounded_corners_UR"></div>


  3. Stefan says:

    I’d really like to see in the next Beta (or RC?) a Download Manager and a Profile Manager. You should know which "killer" features for the Download Manager were suggested…

  4. DOMCAT says:

    I really wish the IE8 team would support the CSS3 ‘border-radius’ property.  The only browser that doesn’t support it in some way (experimental or not) is Opera.

    If IE8 can get this in, the software would be a 100% godsend in my book.  Everything else has been OUTSTANDING in beta 2! 🙂 ! I’m a happy developer/designer aside from this one little property!

    I know you guys would like to have border-radius available in a "non-experimental" way, but PLEASE make it at least experimentally possible via -ie-border-radius or something. I’m desperate.

    Take a look at WordPress.  Like them, I’m not using any of the clever hacks for rounded corners anymore, but I am using the experimental border-radius properties.  At the moment, pages look inferior in IE7 as opposed to Mozilla/Webkit.

    If you can get border-radius in, we’ll militantly support IE8+ forever. 🙂

    Thanks for listening.

  5. 8675309 says:

    what id like to see is built-in options for Live favorites & Live Rss like what Opera has witch is called Opera Link. if live RSS ever happens

  6. fan says:

    a tab just crash on me and it didn’t recover the website at all. 3 times it crash and it didn’t recover the website at all.

  7. J says:

    IE8 MUST increase performance and support for technologies, or it will hold back the whole progress of building for the web…!

  8. hAl says:

    Suggesting some minor menu adjustments


    * Remove compatibility view and compatibility setting from ‘Tools’ dropdown menu as they are already in the ‘Page’ dropdown menu as well

    * Move full screen and show/hide toolbars from ‘Tools’ dropdown menu to ‘Page’ dropdown menu.

    * Move accellerators from ‘Page’ dropdown menu to ‘Tools’ dropdown menu

    * Move ‘Send page by email’ and ‘Send link by Email’ from the ‘Page’ dropdown menu to email icon menu-item effectivly making that a drop down icon menu-item like the printer icon already is.

  9. witgoed says:

    As already announced for Firefox i’d like to a option to disable the historyfunction. Next to that, any possibilities to use plugins?

  10. jerriho says:

    Will IE8 have any AdsBlock ability? That to me along with FlashBlock are the top reasons FireFox appears so appealing.

  11. chr says:

    How do i restrict smart address from searching a a website in favorites or disable smart address bar from searching history. I agree a profile manager is needed.

  12. redxii says:

    "Will IE8 have any AdsBlock ability? That to me along with FlashBlock are the top reasons FireFox appears so appealing."

    Those extensions for Firefox aren’t included and are written by other people. If MS made an ad blocker into IE8 it might be spun around as "using dominant market position to compete unfairly with other ad blockers" or accused of blocking competitor ads but not their own.

  13. Looks like you’ve got a typo in your title:

    August Chat? August 2009, perhaps?

  14. John Resig just posted on some of the problems and a proposed solution for the current sets of public JavaScript benchmarks. It’s well worth a read and even a mostly non-technical person like me got through it just fine and came away much better informed.

  15. stale says:

    I’m finding that Google Chrome causes my CPU to run constantly (the usage as tracked in Windows Task Manager) and the fan has to run more often than when using IE or FF.

  16. L says:

    @font-face in IE custom style sheet -> Errors.

  17. Pipo des Bois says:

    I found that all my sites, which use <meta http-equiv=’Page-Exit’ content=’progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Fade(duration=0.2)’ />, are unusable in IE8.

  18. Charlie says:

    August Chat in September? way to schedule!

    Actually I have my first two questions already.

    1.) Opacity in IE8 – Seriously this is a show-stopper. We need an *EXACT* status update on this.  Is it in or out? Is it filter:alpha() or CSS opacity?  Is it the CSS3 property, or an -ms-???? property?  If this is being dropped, please for the love of god change the existing forced 0% opacity for 100% opacity.

    2.) On the request level, how about border-radius?  You enforce if by DEFAULT on FIELDSET elements (it can’t be turned off), yet you don’t support it on the elements we care about! DIVs, SPANs etc.

    Finally when do you estimate that Beta3 will be released.  I want to know how long we have to start testing and submitting bugs for Beta2.

    Beta1 was unusable.  Beta2 is testable, but we need to de-hack a lot of IE6/IE7 specific code in order to present proper code to IE8, to see what bugs remain.  I’m hoping we have a 2 month window here, but there has been no info on how long this beta is expected to be available.



  19. Kristen [MSFT] says:

    Thank you to those who pointed out the "August" in the title. I’ve corrected it…since the chat is in September.

  20. Juan says:

    It’s that easy: Microsoft focuses on Windows and Mozilla does the Web. Don’t mess around with IE! The comunity ist stronger and you make your money anyway. You don’t support the standards… you’ve been trying to create them and you lost the war. Never mind… you got the money.

  21. Fontman says:

    You had published a schedule of chats some time back and it said Thurs. Sept. 18.

    And considering the August typo, is this for sure?

  22. Kristen [MSFT] says:


    The Chat is this Thursday, September 11th. The online schedule was updated approximately a month ago and reflects the September 11th date.

  23. Matt says:

    I found a bug in IE8 beta 2 that has hopefully been mentioned before this but I will detail it as well.  When using InPrivate browsing mode, my experience has shown that no particular browsing history is recorded in the history tab of the favorites menu, HOWEVER, when you begin to type in a URL to the address bar, it will begin to suggest pages that were viewed in the private browser even after all browser windows have been closed.  Say I opened an InPrivate session and went to and went browsing around sports or finance articles.  After closing the browser and returning to the un-private browser, there will be no history of my yahoo visit in the favorites/history tab but when I start typing "http://www.yah&quot; into the address bar, it will begin to suggest pages that I viewed in the private browser, which indicates that a history is being stored somewhere and is errantly showing up in the non-private browser.  This has happened a couple of times to me and I have had to click the little X to the right of the address bar suggestions to clear them from the normal history.

  24. orcmid says:

    I loved the chat.  I have put the next two into Outlook.  (Thanks for making it easy).

    Also, thanks for providing a link to the transcripts.  Those chats are wild to follow in real time, because of the two streams — the expert responses in one window, the incoming requests and backchannel in the other.

    The coverage was great. Some canned responses, but generally, goodness.

  25. Hi, I haven’t seen the transcript yet. When will it be available?


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