Updated VPC Images Now Available

Hey there, just a short post to let you know that new VPC images are ready for download. You can access them from the tools section on the Internet Explorer Developer Center, too. Thank you for your patience!

Kristen Kibble
Program Manager

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  1. KL says:

    It is not support chinese and Japanese Website. Words are mess up !!

  2. randy says:

    can’t use the smart address bar because it won’t recognize my previously save IE7 favorite.

  3. Fox Oak says:

    woww, Nice! really very useful to developers, which unfortunately are 3 images and not just 1 to 3 versions of IE, but only 400mb each

    Here smart address bar when it is expanded, it takes 10 seconds for load(if load…) and my history and feed is new and don’t have nothing, not saving properly addresses visited would put an option to activate the address bar of intelligent

  4. ABOUT TIME says:







  5. Jay Levitt says:

    Hi… I just went through a pretty hellish experience installing the previous VPC images into VMWare Fusion 2.  See my post at http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-7250 for details; essentially, Microsoft omitted some USB drivers that are normally installed at Windows XP setup time, and can’t be easily installed later, even through the Add Hardware wizard.

    Are these issues already corrected in the 8/28 images?  Or, if not, could they be slated for correction in the next round?  It seems an easy inclusion for Microsoft, and the workarounds involve about 60 manual steps..

  6. Joe Chung says:

    Why is the IE7 VHD XP SP2 instead of XP SP3 like the others?

  7. Joe Chung says:

    The IE7 VPC image wasn’t updated.  It’s set to expire September 9, 2008.  Please update this with the XP SP3 image.  Thanks.

  8. wai says:


    you need to tick "Install files for East Asian languages" in the "Control Panel" > "Regional and Language Options", it will promote you to insert the XP setup disc to copy files. It needs additional few hundred MB, it may not be a good idea to include in those image file.

    If you need the non-unicode program to display the Chinese font, you need to change the setting in "Language for non-Unicode programs" too.

  9. luc says:

    I tried to load the .vhd of IE8+XPSP3 in VMWare Server but it doesn’t work. Why?

  10. Jay Levitt says:

    To answer my own question: No, the new IE6-XPSP3 image is still missing critical USB drivers that VMWare Fusion 2 (now at 2.0rc) needs.  I’ve updated the doc at http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-7250 to reflect the changes.

    If Microsoft can include these in the next spin, I’d really appreciate it.  And/or, if anyone knows any Windows Setup tricks that’ll make this process easier, please edit the VMware doc (it’s wiki-like).

  11. Stifu says:

    One word: IETEster


    It’s a little sad that Microsoft can’t even come up with something nearly as good as that.

  12. anony.muos says:

    Is there any way to start InPrivate mode directly from the command line using any switch/parameter?

  13. AlfonsoML says:

    Hi, thanks for the images.

    I guess that most of the developers that download them want to focus on testing the IE features, not the eyecandy of windows, so I think that it would be better if those machines were configured for best performance instead of best appearance.

    It’s already too painful having to use a virtual machine to test a different version of IE, so don’t add anything that makes it more unpleasant.

  14. KL says:


    thanks your reply.

    this is not a convenient method if user havent Windows Dics.

    I think MS need to consider all user around the world.

  15. ADAXL says:

    I know Microsoft has this habit of only supporting Microsoft products. but is it asking too much for MS to provide disk images for Parallels, VMWare or QEMU? I don’t have a windows machine, and since MS bought and then axed Virtual PC for Mac (oops!), I am running Parallels.

  16. Les says:

    Warning to others: You might want to give it more than 128 MB (VPC default apparently for XP). I got a wonderful "Out of Virtual Memory" error upon starting IE 8 Beta 2, and it appears they turned off paging (no paging file) in the image.

    Also, when viewing source, if you go to the Refresh command in the view source window, is the browser supposed to crash :P?

    Also, what the heck have you done with button width behavior? I’m getting a ton of buttons on some sites jumping to be two lines high instead of one line high, and other browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari) don’t do that.

    Also, it looks like the button for the FILE input is differently sized height-wise than the default height for normal buttons. That’s kind of strange.

  17. RK says:

    The VPC Images are great for testing. Thanks for putting these up.

    For those who have not already tried Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 on Virtual PC 2007, here is a step by step guide – http://eggheadcafe.com/tutorials/aspnet/1350e66d-eef3-4bcc-ace0-a8278cba76ab/internet-explorer-8-beta.aspx

  18. full says:

    Unfortunately .vhd files don’t work on VMWare . Please give me an image for VMWare  

  19. DT blogi says:

    Microsoft hoidis kinni ajakavast, millest kirjutasime kandes Firefox 3 RC 2 väljas, IE8 Beta 2 tuleb augustis ning IE8 Beta on nüüdseks väljas. Käesolevalt annan ülevaate sellest, mida IE8 Beta 2 uut ja huvitavat pakub, kuid on lood jõudlusega j…

  20. MyTime says:

    Could you offer VPC Images of a Japanese version?

  21. Just Another Guy says:

    People, please keep the comments topic specific.  Re-read the subject/title and see if your comment is on topic, if not then find the right place to post your comment.

  22. Just Another Guy says:

    @ Stifu.

    So I followed your link to IETester and found this:

    Known problems and limitations :

       * When resizing, the content may disappear. I am working to correct it on the next version.

       * The Previous/Next buttons are not working properly

       * Focus is not working properly

       * Java applets are not working

       * Flash is not working on IE6 instance.

    This is just bad.  Very very bad.  On the other note, I am supposed to be testing what sites look like in browsers that our customers use.  Our customers (and most users on the web) are using real browsers, not some concocted application.  It would just be waste to my time to test web sites in IETester and then re-test them to make sure they work in real browsers too.

  23. I think that images are nice. They bring a variety – thanks.

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