Trustworthy Browsing with IE8: Summary

Back in June, Dean Hachamovitch kicked off a series of blog posts explaining how the IE team approached the task of building a trustworthy browser. Trustworthiness is the foundation of Internet Explorer 8, and we’ve worked hard to deliver a product with improved security, reliability and privacy, while supporting these new features with responsible business practices that respect users’ choices. Throughout a lengthy set of blog posts this summer, my colleagues and I have detailed the investments we’ve made in each of these key areas. This post serves as a summary for readers who would like to refer back to the posts we’ve made on this topic.

Trustworthy Browsing: Security
  • Part I: DEP/NX Memory Protection details how Internet Explorer 8 will mitigate memory-related vulnerabilities by working with Windows and your processor to help prevent code from running in memory that was marked non-executable.

  • Part II: ActiveX Improvements explains the important attack surface reduction changes we’ve made to add-ons for IE8, and provides references to help developers build more secure controls.

  • Part III: The SmartScreen® Filter describes how we’ve built upon the success of the IE7 Phishing Filter to deliver reputation-based protection against malicious sites, including those that distribute malicious software.

  • Part IV: The XSS Filter explains cross-site-scripting attacks and details how the new IE8 feature will help mitigate the most common vulnerability in software today.

  • Part V: Comprehensive Protection describes how the Web Application Defenses, Local Browser Defenses, and Social Engineering defenses we’ve built for IE8 help provide comprehensive protection from malicious sites.

  • Part VI: Beta 2 Update, coming to the IE Blog next week, will describe minor changes we’ve made to Beta 2 security features in response to customer feedback and to improve support for the current HTML5 draft proposal.
Trustworthy Browsing: Reliability
  • IE8 and Loosely-Coupled-IE explains the architectural changes which have been made to Internet Explorer to help improve the performance, reliability, and scalability of the browser.

  • IE8 and Reliability describes how LCIE enables the new IE8 Automatic Crash Recovery feature, designed get users back to browsing as quickly as possible after a crash.
Trustworthy Browsing: Privacy
Trustworthy Browsing: Business Practices
Thank You!

This summer, we’ve done our best to keep you informed about the investments we’re making in Trustworthy Browsing for IE8 while working feverishly to deliver these improvements as soon as possible. Our blog community, chat participants, standards bodies, partners and even competitors have provided tons of great feedback on the work we’re doing, and Internet Explorer 8 will be a much better browser for it.

Thank you all—we hope you enjoy IE8.

Eric Lawrence
Program Manager
IE Security

Update 12/1: Adding a link to the Beta 2 Update security blog post.

Comments (103)

  1. randy says:

    I only have one tab open in IE 8 beta 2 and taskmanager is showing 2 iexplore.exe process. Is this normal?

    are there any sample website to try out the SmartScreen® Filter?

  2. Garrett says:

    Since you guys have so much market share, please make everybody somehow upgrade to the newest browsers.

    As a web designer, IE is proven to be a detriment. For everybody who works on IE, please mop up the crap caused by IE6

  3. Michael Madsen says:

    @randy: Yes, this is to be expected due to tab isolation. One process is the webbrowser "chrome" (the UI), and the other one is the tab itself. See for the details.

  4. 8675309 says:

    heres something you should think about its not ms that has to push people to upgrade to new ie, its retailers that need to promote new xp/vista pcs so people who have win 95/98/98 2nd pcs that have the huge ie6 market share

  5. randy says:

    can you change the keyboard shorcut for Address bar to CTRL+L it’s much easier than alt+d

  6. Eden says:


    Try F6, although it’s not really a shortcut for Address bar.

  7. Arieta says:

    An update to Beta 2? Please fix the ability to use "right click save as…" for files that IE doesnt recognize (eg. everything but images and html files). It is not possible to save exe or rar or zip files, and it seriously breaks what you call the user experience.

    the zooming bug I mentioned in the comments earlier is also pretty annoying, but nowhere near as bad as the "save as" issue.

  8. randy says:

    the smart address bar look weird without a website icon on searches. FF3 did it right by adding website icon.

  9. Randy says:

    In the tools menu i can not find the delete command. Was the delete command remove?

  10. Town Idiot25 says:

    Two questions.

    1. My mcaffee add-on is opening these site baloons that won’t go away unless you open a new tab, which the baloon covers so you can’t open one very easily. How can I fix this?

    2. Is there any way to change the URL box so it doesn’t do that only highlighted the main part of the URL thing it does? If so, how?

  11. Walle says:

    Every time I start IE8 is the "Netphising shield" in Norton Internet Security 2008 turned OFF! WHY?

    No matter what site I visit, it happens EVERY time!

  12. Randy says:

    i don’t care if you guys copy the new Password Bar in FF3 it’s useful and less annoying.

    I like to move menu bar next to the

    back/forward button. Can it be done? in FF3 with Glasser you could do that.

    when using "search the internet" on start menu search it open in new IE 8 windows. I prefer new tabs instead.

    My internet provider change my search to yahoo by default so when i use the "Go to" in smart address bar it uses yahoo. Can you make a tweak to allow user to change the search to live search or any search provider user want.

  13. mocax says:


    You get to choose your default search provider during installation. Or you can do it later in "Manage Search Providers"

    As for a fully customizable top toolbar, I doubt it’ll happen any time soon.

  14. IEwin says:

    Great with the release! I’m now really happy with IE 8 beta 2… But I want more!

    1. Essential functions: Add it in RC release???

    – Download Manager

    – Spell Checking (Use Vista’s External Dictionary from Windows Mail)

    2. More standard:

    – SVG

    – Acid3 (not improved much since IE 8 beta 1)

    3. Little tweak:

    – Better performance but still have memory leak! (Still hog resource > Firefox 3 is faster!)

    – Allow to change tabs color or even let the website set the color!

  15. mocax says:

    I think Acid3 won’t be tackled until the next major version, or until they do away with activex altogether.

    I find firefox3 to be slower than IE8, when I had to install all the add-ons to match IE8’s features.

    I guess a vanilla IE8 would be blazing.

  16. Javier Arroyo says:

    I think IE 8 beta 2 looks and works good! However, when it hits rtm. We need to finally see IE stand out from all the browsers. Like add some WPF effects and a brand new professional looking UI. If the UI doesnt change, all its going to look like is a small update from IE 7 with some performance tweaks. It look be nice if you guys can add small Browser Gadgets (add-ons) to the final IE 8. ( Weather, feeds and so on.) Also, spell checker and a download manager is a must need! By the way, here’s a mockup I did a while ago. Please comment. It would certaintly mean a lot to me.

  17. About th new IE8 Beta 2

    On many pages the CPU goes to 50%, and the cooling fan kicks in. Like for instance,

    What can be the reason? Safari, Opera and Firrefox all open the page without any problem.

  18. hAl says:

    I can confirm that the uses about 50% of CPU when entering it with IE8 beta 2.

  19. hAl says:

    @Robert Carlsson

    Are those other sites that use a lot of CPU also Intellitext script users ?

  20. llakichan says:

    Cuando abro una nueva pestaña (new tab) empieza a volverse loca como si quisera abrir, pero no lo hace correctamente. ¿Alguna solución?. Enhorabuena por el trabajo vamos por buen camino.

  21. anony.muos says:

    Overall, with IE8 Microsoft has taken a gigantic step forwards. Congrats to the team. IE8 is powerful enough to even gain back the lost marketshare and developer credibility. IE8 will be a very successful browser release like the Windows XP OS.

    I’m concerned about some of the features removed from IE8: (Can your team confirm this)?

    1.  Inline AutoComplete (No reason to remove this feature, and you are keeping it for the shell and taking it away from IE? BRING IT BACK!)

    2.  Open existing tabs upon opening IE next time. Why would the team remove this is beyond me? Is it because now it recovers automatically from crashes? So now I’ll have to terminate all instances of IExplore.exe so that the next time I open IE, all tabs will be restored like from a real crash.

    3.  Make web page available offline based on a set schedule (Probably removed because of RSS feeds and web slices, and already said to be removed in IE7, however I can use it right now on IE7). IE team, why don’t you understand that almost all RSS feeds don’t show the full version of the web page and that web slices can only be created by the page/site developers? Making pages offline on a schedule was a useful feature used by end users.

    4.  "Also delete files and settings stored by addons" option from "Delete Browsing History".

    5.  "Open new tabs next to the current tab" gone from Tabbed Browsing options. I’m aware of the new tab grouping functionality, however this setting is different.

    I would appreciate an answer for each of these from the IE team. The features removed have no exact substitute functionality and removing them may only prevent some users from upgrading to IE8.

  22. james says:

    How can I submit a new IE8 bug on this site ?

    I can see the other bugs but I can’t submit a new one.

  23. anony.muos says:

    "Reopen Last Browsing Session" is a great way to compromise privacy unless using InPrivate Browsing mode. Earlier the IE7 implementation "Open these tabs the next time I open IE" was more elegant because the one who closed IE got to decide that. Now if someone else opens IE, and the previous user has cleared the History and everything, yet the new user can easily click "Reopen Last Browsing Session" to open all pages opened by the previous user.

    At present the only 2 solutions seem to be:

    1. Use a different user account for that person.

    2. Use InPrivate Browsing mode.

  24. Daniel says:


    I think you deed a Windows live ID first, then you can participate in the system (rating bugs for example).

    To be able to file bugs yourself take a look at:

    It’ll take about a week to get an answer.

    BTW, if I was able to help you, please vote for Feedback 362116 (

  25. IE 8 fan says:


    IE8 beta 2 Bugs

    1. Internet  acceleration  problems

    When I triple click on a paragraph, the paragraph gets selected and a small icon is seen at the top. When I clicked outside the paragraph so that it is deselected (not on the paragraph) the icon still remains without getting disappeared.


    Triple click a paragraph

    Then click outside (not within the paragraph) the paragraph to deselect it…

    You will notice the icon still on the top

    2. Scrolling

    While scrolling  though the text in โ€˜upโ€™ direction (slowly) , if there is any controls  (buttons , text box) are situated at top then you would be able to notice stripes in these controls.


    Just search for anything in Google

    Scroll down the page till the end

    Now slowly scroll up

    When you reach the search box and buttons you would find some stripes

    (It is still worst when you scroll with scroll bars)

    Note: this doesnโ€™t happen when you select some text and do the above processes again

    3 . Ie crashes when i open this site

    4 . As mentioned above some sites like is taking lot of CPU process

  26. codestrider says:

    Good job so far on the developer tools..

    I am, however, finding the browser to be a little bit flaky on Google search.  I find it’s not displaying all of the html – sometimes it displays noresults, or a few results – while the raw html actually does have some results.

    If I reclick the google search button a couple times it is eventually rendered correctly.

  27. element says:


    connect site is broke with IE8 for me also.

  28. Arieta says: displays fine as long as I don’t switch rendering modes with the developer toolbar.

  29. Michael says:

    I think what IE really needs now are three things.

    1. a download manager

    2. improved favorites management

    3. a better page properties dialog like the one in FF3

    I know there are add-ons for this, but I think most people don’t want to go searching for those before they can use their browser. Anyway, most other browsers have these features now anyway.

    I know the page properties dialog might not be something that important, but when people browse the web they might just klick on the context menu entry and find the very old looking dialog there is now. This does not leave a good impression.

  30. Alireza says:

    Hi ,

    I shocked when see my site on Ie 8 B2 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    on Firefox , Ie7-6 , Opera ,… Every thing Is Ok ,

    But When I call First Dom Append child , etc My page will be white ,

    next bug On Css

    why My site is ok on all Browser , But have problem with Ie8 B2

    i can send you My style sheet , etc

    how can i contact Ie team ,

    for fixing this problem

    king regards


  31. Eduardo valencia says:

    Please add:

    – SVG Support

    – Download Manager

    – Less memory usage,no memory leaks

  32. Randy says:

    Closing the browser when several tabs is open usually end up showing a small pop-up windows with question "Do you want to close all tabs or the current tab?" Instead of a pop-up windows it should show a new information bar that has the close all tabs and close current tabs buttons.

  33. Randy says:

    does the compatibility view add website automatically to the comapatibility view setting? or does user have to add website automatically?

  34. mojo says:

    I’ve been using FF3 and keyword to launch website. no mouse click

    When user start typing letters in the smart address bar can you please replace the website icon on the left side of the address bar to something else for example a search icon or something else. In FF3 when user type letters it usually change to a white paper icon.

    add icons in front of Autocomlete Suggestion, History, Favorites, Feeds if your not going to add icons on the list of websites. Although I prefer to have icons on the list of website.

  35. E.Fahd says:

    – You guys have made very interesting improvements in page-rendering and usability, and that’s definitely great : visiting a website has become a really pleasant experience. But now that I’ve visited the website that I’m interested in, how about *using* it and making something out of ? This is clearly a field that’s not so much adressed by browsers and suffers from an obvious lack of features. So I want to discuss this with you.

    – When I visit a website I usually need to take some notes, highlight some interesting stuff on it (could be images, text, …), compare it to another website and so on. All these actions are *NOT* possible to accomplish today in a friendly and easy way, within the browser. I think it would be great if I could have a "Website Toolbox" (let’s say a side-bar in IE8 which could be hidden or visible), that could allow me to select different parts of a site, make comments on them and highlight  them, open another webpage in a second pane and compare the two pages etc. I’m sure you can think of various scenarions where such feature would be incredibly usefull.

    – All in all, I think IE Team have made a great step forward to ensure that visiting web pages becomes a user-friendly experience, but now you should think about the next step. Improving the way users manage all the information collected from visiting web-pages could move IE from "a great browser" position to "an outstanding browser" one. Think about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Chris says:

    IE 8 Beta 2 is AMAZING! InPrivate is the complete shizzleness. Only option I’d suggest is something where you always start in that mode when opening IE.

  37. bill says:

    Microsoft wants beta testers for IE8, but it’s impossible to submit bugs on that site.

    Why should I user IE8beta2 if I can’t submit bugs????? Come on, let me submit bugs on that connect web site.

  38. Mike Diack says:

    Is there someway you could clearly list what features are available in the XP build vs the Vista build. This blog doesn’t make it clear.

  39. Randy says:

    The color of tab does not disappear when going to another website or typing in a website in address bar.

    When user go to other website the color of the tab should change to default color tabs if user go to another website.

    I see a list of C:UsersrandyFavoritesLinksIEBlog.url in the smart address bar.

    When command bar is place on top left i can’t place the favorite bar on right top side the same level as the command bar.

    empty space is wasted when user place command bar on top left.

    I like the Accelarators the only thing that’s missing is when you mouse over image it doesn’t display the small blue arrow icons

  40. Kyle says:

    We’re still missing an inline spell checker in IE!  EVERYONE else has this basic functionality without the need to install an additional add-on.  Do you know how annoying it is to use a web form only to find out that you misspelled words after you hit submit.

    IE8 adds yet more Web 2.0 functionality, yet doesn’t perform a basic spell check as I type.  What gives?????

  41. Nyj says:

    Is this true about Inprivate mode?

    "Although casual users cannot see the previous userโ€™s search history, authorities such as the police will be able to access it if necessary",2933,412161,00.html

  42. For some reason one of my websites displays strange in IE8: parts of the page are missing until you click near them. The page has been validated:

    My other sites work well:

  43. Ralph says:

    Not too bad getting better ๐Ÿ™‚

    In Beta 3 I would like to see more of the known bugs in IEs Javascript and DOM manipulation fixed.

    I should be able to set innerHTML on every element without crashing by users browser.

    I want to use the standard event handlers too. writing extra code just for IE seems pretty pointless.

    When I open a new tab I want it to be the very last tab. So if I have 6 tabs and I’m on tab 2 (from the left) I want new tabs to open as tab 7,8,9…  I would suspect that this is the most common behavior since thats how other browsers do it but if you just want to make it an option and not the default thats fine too.

    Text selection is still jittery as if the browser is really struggling to decide what to highlight.

    Pasting in the address bar has caused a crash for me once but I hear lots of people complaining about it.

    The domain highlighting is still horrible (no improvement from Beta 1’s test run) bolding by default would be the obvious choice to make it better, but having options to switch between (1) Bold domain (default), (2) Grayed non-domain, (3) Turn it off, I’m not a noob.

    settings would be best.

    The "about:blank" text on new tabs (or "about:Tabs", or "about:WhereDoYouWantToGoToday") is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, frustrating! It always gets in the way when trying to type or paste a url because the tab loads so slowly!

    While on the subject, can we change the case of "Tabs" or whatever you have in the url to lower case? It looks weird compared to other browsers.

    The reload and stop buttons are still in the wrong spot.  I suppose this won’t be an issue when the toolbars are customizable again!!!! Will the movable tools/menus/toolbars be in Beta 3? or do we have to wait until RC releases?

    During the setup of IE Beta 2, the setup IGNORES the system settings to turn off the stupid Start/Stop Navigation sounds BTW. This is one of the first things most users turn off in Windows because with headphones on the clicking during music playback is very interfering (not to mention during normal surfing)… and sounds real dumb when JS submits a form, then a page change occurs, then a redirect, then another… all you hear is… C-L-I-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-K  it makes IE sound like a very old piece of software.

    ClearType rendering is still a mess and needs to be turned off (preferably by default).

    How are we to set opacity in IE8? this was broken in the betas but no info was provided on how to get around this limitation.

    Likewise in IE8 STD’s mode, CSS Expressions are now null and void.  While I applaud this move, the expressions were quite handy at fixing many IE CSS rendering bugs.

    I still can’t style select lists properly nor add behavior to the options via javascript.

    The reported HTML when viewing the .innerHTML of any element is still a bowl of MSFT TagSoup[tm], can we not get this fixed? surely just reporting back what was set would be so simple? no?  I don’t think any professional developer would dream of using UPPERCASE tags or elements these days! It screams of amateur work.

    Trying to use the scroll wheel to scroll content of an iframe with overflow:auto; does not seem to work anymore in Beta 2 (this breaks a bunch of sites where iframes contain "filmstrips" of featured videos or similar)

    Javascript bookmarks are still too short and are hard to edit with all the silly warnigs.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to Beta 3!

  44. Kelly says:

    I downloaded IE8 beta 2 on the day it came out in the hopes that finally Microsoft would fix IE, which has become a total straggler in the market for obvious reasons. Not only has it been years since it’s been updated, it is the only modern browser that is a total DOG.

    So…there’s not much to say about the new version. Basically it doesn’t perform any better or differently than IE6 in any key performance area. Pathetic!

    It’s sad that Microsoft can’t see the forest for the trees. Why is the dinosaur still approaching IE as if it were Word 2005…? GUYS–please. No one wants more bouncing paperclip features (or renamed versions of dumb ideas from previous versions). I thought your big forte was copying others: JUST MAKE A BROWSER THAT WORKS LIKE THE MANY OTHER "A-GRADE" BROWSERS THAT HAVE BEEN OUT FOR YEARS. PLEASE.

    It’s a sad day when the largest software company in the world has years to develop a new browser and they’re STILL getting their [behind] kicked by the likes of OPERA….

    What a joke.

  45. defmoz says:

    In my Quick Pick menu there’s a globe icon and it’s yahoo search. yahoo search was provided by my ISP. Can i remove the globe icon/yahoo search?

  46. Vince says:

    @defmoz: If your ISP is interfering with your software, its time to get a new ISP.  ISP based browser versions is Soooo 1999.

    Wake up, point your IE at and download the latest version.  You won’t be disappointed by your ISP interfering ever again.

    Or or any one of these 3 will knock your socks off if you are used to your ISP’s locked down version of IE.

  47. Internet Explorer Beta 2 released last week ( downloads ). Here is the current list of companies providing

  48. Tandis que la beta 2 d’Internet Explorer 8 vient d’être rendue disponible via Microsoft Update (pour

  49. Nikhil says:


    I am not able to use Debugger in vs 2005 & 2008 with IE8 Beta2..!!

    cn any one help me in this issue..!!!

  50. @ comments

    My CPU also went to ~50% on, but a I noticed something interesting – when I moused over the News ticker, it dropped immediately to 0%.  So the CPU usage is something to do with the way IE is interacting with the newsticker.

  51. Amble says:

    One cannot ask the browser to show you just one frame as one can in firefox – right click to get "show this frame only". It is invaluable for allowing one to read just the interesting/relevant parts of a page.

  52. Sonic says:

    I would like add any search provider I like just like in IE7. Please let me create my own search provider in IE8. Don’t remove such features.

  53. Fersis says:

    One thing i want to point out.

    IE8 Beta2 is faster than IE7 , and i mean a lot faster.

    So you have Fersis approval ๐Ÿ˜€

    PD:IE8 Beta1 was unusable, IE8 Beta2 is already faster than FF3 (At least on my PC )

  54. pkubaj says:

    I found an error in IE8 Beta 2. I don’t know if it’s already been describen, but in case it’s not here I’ writing. After choosing Favourite Bar several times, Favoure Bar gets more and more narrower. Of course it’s only when Favourites Bar isn’t pinned.

  55. Kelly says:

    This is a serious problem, if you call IE8 "standards-based" in any way: IE8 Beta2 gets the worst score I’ve EVER seen on the ACID3 test. (Not to mention popping up questionable errors in the process)

    Gosh, I would have thought IE6 did better than that–oops, I can’t check because I can’t run more than one version of IE on the same system (how do you guys expect web developers to work with your products)…

    Also, that validation link that someone posted in a comment above was hilarious– 1500+ validation errors. Yes, this is a company I really trust to develop a web browser.

    You need to stop adding all these bells and whistles and start working on the very basics, because you lost sight of those a long time ago. "Trustworhty" features are a big waste of time, if the browser itself isn’t worth using.

  56. O. H. says:

    I just downloaded the IE8 second beta, and wow.

    I am returning from years of firefox to internet explorer territory.

  57. TheViewMaster says:

    Now, I Understand Why You "Rushed-Out" Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2:

    Google Chrome

  58. pkubaj says:


    Download Virtual Machine Image containing XP SP3 + IE6. By the way you can’t demand IE6 to pass Acid3, because IE6 had been published before Acid3 was.

  59. Google Chrome makes IE8 even more obsolete and irrelevant in this Web Standards world.

  60. says:

    Okay, guys. We have to speed up our progress.

    Now Google is coming out with a web browser. IE needs to become way ahead of the show before Google’s browser takes over. We don’t want the same thing to happen to IE like MSN Search (Live Search). If Google over takes IE, then they are going to believe they can over take anything Microsoft creates.

    Keep up the awesome work! I love IE8 Beta 2. Keep the new features coming!

  61. hks says:

    damn, found a serious problem.

    IE8 beta2 sends a totally new session ID in the first new AJAX request, but subsequently uses the new session ID, INCLUDING the parent page.

    This destroys whatever session I had in the parent page.

    I read that this happens for too.

    Hope there’s a patch for this.

    How do I file a bug?

  62. huh says:

    So let me get this straight.  You finally accept that shipping with Standards mode on by default is the best way to go, then you come back months later and tell us well not quite we are going to hold back the intranet still (and gosh darnit, we sure hope that doesn’t make us keep a lock on proprietary code on the internet?)

    Well done! Which politician works on the IE team? they certainly deserve a lot of credit for their spin.

    Better yet is the "This site is running in Standards mode, would you like us to fix it by running it in the Microsoft mode?" switch with the broken page.

    Very clever indeed.

  63. Eduardo valencia says:

    The compatibility view icon isn’t centered!!!

    Fix it!!!

  64. nikhil says:

    Yeah I agree with ‘dlh2009’. IE8 Team keep going to improve IE with features, Performance and UI for sme eyecandy..

    Atleast 2 new Innovative features from out of box..

  65. Jerry says:

    When I accidentally select whitespace (e.g. double-clicking somewhere in the white "void" of the page, IE highlights a single space character. (fine) However it shouldn’t offer up the Activities/Accelerators for a " " character, since the results would be pretty meaningless.

    Although the error on Live Maps is rather pretty – not.

  66. Bob says:

    As a web developer I have to have two machines – one for IE6 and one for IE7.  Just checked one of my more active sites, and in Aug 08 17% of the hits came from IE6 – so it is still active.  So, how can I test my sites against IE8. I’m NOT buying another computer for IE8, and I don’t want to install VM.  Both of my machines are XP. HELP !!

  67. orz says:

    Thank you for taking out spell check; maybe people will learn to proofread before they hit submit. =)

    Automatic spell checking is a detriment to society–if people are forced to do their own proofreading, their spelling should eventually improve to a point at which automatic spell checking should no longer be necessary. Or are some people just genetically predisposed to poor spelling skills?

  68. asif says:

    middle click to close information bar

    to duplicate a tab drag to empty space

    icon in smart address bar need to change when searching.

    bold domain highlighting

    show inprivate mode in a new tab

  69. Eric says:

    You people should be embarrassed. Google Chrome came out today and it is WAY more functional and about 300 times less buggy that IE8 beta 2. Unreal that with the resources MSFT has available to them this POS is all they can produce.

  70. Angel Ochoa says:

    Look, I don’t wanna be rude … but … installed Google Chrome … man … you people must give it a try, then go back and made IE runs like it, then come back with a new browser and we can keep on talking.

    By the way, IE8 hang on me on the and i can’t kill it in any form, it stops showing but when go the task manager is there, no one kills it, not even taskkill. I’m running a Vista SP1 Ultimate in an Assus A6J with 2Gb.

    Not gonna test it anymore, sorry guys, there is no point. Hopes Beta 3 will be Chrome-level.

  71. omg says:

    Have you seen how fast/cool Google chrome is?

    Jeepers thats fast! smokes all browsers, including IE8 Beta 2 by miles.

    Go Open Source!

  72. Open Source says:

    Forget about IE8, can’t even compete with Firefox 3.0, Firefox 3.1(in alpha testing, soon will hit beta testing status) or Google Chrome when it comes to web standards support, speed or memory management and efficiency.

    Open source, putting the dinosaur browser to sleep and shame.

  73. says:

    I just downloaded Google Chrome. It is terrible. It makes IE look fast when it loads web pages.

    Now Microsoft just needs to out smart FF.

  74. TheViewMaster says:

    I Can’t Sign To MSDN Blogs Using Google Chrome!

    I Get…

    Invalid User Credentials

    The username and/or password cannot be validated, or your account is locked out or has not been approved yet.


  75. AngelOchoa says:

    The View Master: "I Can’t Sign To MSDN Blogs Using Google Chrome!"

    It works ok for me

  76. Rick Tr says:

    I downloaded and installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta, boy was that a mistake.  the browser would not even get all the way till it crashed, and it caused problems with another browser I used.  Then I go to the website to see how to uninstall it, and it said to go to the control panel, then the uninstall programs, it would be listed there, WRONG, took me a while, I eventually found it by having it list recent updates.  Once I uninstalled it, the version 7 started working again, loaded right, and the issues with the other browser was fixed.  I am using Vista.

  77. Rick Tr says:

    I downloaded and installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta, boy was that a mistake.  the browser would not even get all the way till it crashed, and it caused problems with another browser I used.  Then I go to the website to see how to uninstall it, and it said to go to the control panel, then the uninstall programs, it would be listed there, WRONG, took me a while, I eventually found it by having it list recent updates.  Once I uninstalled it, the version 7 started working again, loaded right, and the issues with the other browser was fixed.  I am using Vista.

  78. TheViewMaster says:

    Got It Now Via Password Recovery…


  79. stalepie says:

    I don’t get any errors when signing into here with Google Crome. Stop bugging out.

  80. stalepie says:

    "Scott McCloud" — what, like "cloud computing"? Starfox?

  81. SPARTAN-117 says:

    IE 8 Beta 2 is awesome, I like the new features such as webslices, and InPrivate. Now the only thing that is missing is a download manager. Google Chrome is not that great, it’s overhyped, like every single other Google product. And Firefox is useless without plugins. Back to IE 8! Keep up the great work, must be fustrating to have all these Google fans and Firefox fans on your Blog. I’m sure you guys will come out with something incredible by the time IE8 is released.

  82. Tester says:

    Ok, so I tried Google Chrome, Firefox 3, Safari, Opera … but I’m still on IE8.

    Google Chrome crashed when I opened four tabs.  The whole Chrome browser crashed, not just one tab.  And what’s with the GoogleUpdater.exe running the whole itme, which I didn’t want or ask for?

    Also the privacy settings seem meagre compared to IE8.  

    One thing I did like and would love to see in IE8:  the "almost-full-screen" feel, which gives big (but not total) real estate to the web page.  The way the status bar and pop-ups float rather than "move" or "hide" the web page.  

    Would be great to have a mode like this in IE8 RTM, it’s also great for less IT-savvy users like my mum who just get confused by having more than two buttons.

  83. AngelOchoa says:

    Back from the Chrome. I’m not a Google fan, I’m just a technology fan and the G. browser is faster than IE8, that is very important to me.

    IE8 feels too heavy, in general is faster than FF or other IE versions but can’t compete with Chrome in speed. But this could be an advantage to MS since they just need to improve the rendering engine because the rest is OK with IE8.

    Lots of stuff can’t be seen with Chrome but the javascript engine is great ( and fast, very fast ) and that is a big plus for applications developing, wich is my case now, the IE8 tools for developers are better but still in that Chrome wins in speed.

  84. houten vloeren says:

    Chrome rocks. It surpasses IE8 in many ways!

  85. Halo_Four says:

    Chrome is nice, and some of the similarities between it and IE8 are striking, particularly the isolated process model.  Chrome and IE8 both launch child rendering processes to handle each group of tabs.  Both launch the full browser image, passing command line arguments to specify channel details.  Both assign the child processes to jobs to restrict their security privileges.  Both use UDP over loopback as the IPC mechanism.  It makes me think that Google took some hints from the already-released IE8 beta.

    Chrome does take this further by also isolating plug-ins in child processes.  It’s a great idea in theory as a crash within the plug-in itself would not cause the page on which the plug-in was loaded to also crash.  However, judging from the Chromium code it also requires a lot of hackery to work around plug-ins that were simply not designed to be loaded out-of-process.

    It is my opinion that it would be worthwhile for Microsoft to look into also hosting plug-ins out of process, not necessarily for IE8 but future endeavors.  I feel that if you and Google could put some of your differences aside you could publish some good guidelines to plug-in designers to make their plug-ins function correctly in an out-of-process.  The weight of both companies could likely enforce those guidelines which would improve reliability across the board.

  86. [l] The second beta version of IE8 was released on August 27th. It is working well in testing so far

  87. The second beta version of IE8 was released on August 27th. It is working well in testing so far. Only

  88. chscott says:

    One of the best features of IE is "inline autocomplete" for URLs. Why was this feature removed? As usual, Microsoft does not listen to its customers…

  89. amk says:


    I installed IE8 beta 2 today. All my font settings in outlook express 6 vanished and am unable to reset it. The font was permanently set to Times Roman with IE8. So, I uninstalled IE8.

    You guys working on this ?

  90. iddaa says:

    The compatibility view icon isn’t centered!!!

    Fix it!!!

  91. Chris Quirke says:

    On "Trustworthy", we need better user control over settings detail, given how this can be automated by software (e.g. Acrobat Reader 9 silently enabled active content).  

    Ideally, it should be possible at a glance – through logging changes and by improving the UI – to see when something’d been fiddled with.  It’s not enough to show "Custom" rather than a template name, because what if your choice of settings is already "Custom"?

    The current settings detail scales too poorly to show everything concisely; perhaps a table with collapsable rows for settings and columns for zones would be better (and tabs for multiple user accounts?  Pivot to columns for user accounts and tabs for zones?  A lot of complexity, but if that’s what it takes…)

    Pop-ups happen unexpectedly, even in IE8, so clearly we have not succeeded in limiting what sites can do.

    Also, the old IE8 Tools, Options, Advanced setting to "disable 3rd-party extensions" does not disable 3rd-party additions to the new IE8 UI (i.e. the Tools menu).

  92. Chris Quirke says:

    I find it hard to take Chrome seriously, when it’s based on a code base version that is already known to be exploitable, has already been PoC’d in the wild, and has already be retro-patched (in Safari).

    If Google want us to trust the large exploitable surface of their new JavaScript engine, then they have to convince us they can speedily detect and patch code exploitability.  This, the above fails to do.

    It’s also interesting how my initial perception was "Google beat IE8 to market with these new features", because the way Chrome was released, felt like an RTM than a beta 1.

    In reality, IE8 beta 1 debuted many of these features a while ago, and is already on beta 2 by the time Chrome’s very first public beta came out.  Great smoke, Google; nearly hid the substance from me for a while, there.

  93. Chris Quirke says:

    Responding to Rick Tr’s comments about how IE8 beta 2 caused trouble with another (unspecified) web browser, I have to ask; what other browser was it?

    The reason I ask, is in case it’s a browser that’s based on IE, as some are.  Changing the code base under such browsers (especially to a new beta) seems likely to end in tears!

  94. Chris Quirke says:

    I agree with Randy on this; if I enter a different address in a colored tab, the color should change as I’m breaking out of that group (and change back if I "Back" my way back to it… implying color-tracking in history).

    I love the colored tabs, but in a way, it’s the start of a whole new feature set for it to be as useful as it could be.

  95. Chris Quirke says:

    If a page crashes the browser, should IE go on endlessly re-loading the page?  

    Or should there be an awareness that after the second time the reload fails, maybe it’s better to stop?

    So far, I’ve had two big IE8b2 runtime melt-downs.  In the first, the whole of IE crashed rather than just one tab (first time I’ve seen that in either IE8 beta) and the result was a a 40-item-high stack of "send details to MS" dialogs, etc.  It was a bit like selecting every file in System32 and then leaning on the Enter key   ๐Ÿ™‚

    The second was where IE8b2 had been running in XP SP3 for a few days, with lots of tabs open in two windows, many of which were stalled on Active Content permission prompts (yes, I like and use Prompt).  How many tabs open?  I don’t know, as I can’t find an UI to tell me.

    Ctl+Alt+Tab showed System and IExplore both at 50% CPU, and it was hard to get a click in edgeways… closing IE eventually ground to a standstill and I had to bang my way out via End Task.  Another stack of crash report requests and OKs (i.e. "Done", Close) to click.

    When I started IEb8 again (after shutstarting XP to clear heaps etc.), I chose Yes to re-open all tabs (how about more choice there, like a page of links, instead of "Open all tabs at once" or "lose track of what you had open for ever"?).  So that rapidly went the same way… seems to me that if the last multi-tab session ended badly after opening each tab one at a time, then opening all of them at once is unlikely to work any better?

  96. Jovan says:

    I’m using IE8 b2, and a have a big problem with downloading files. When I press the link of the file, ie just pop up the download window and stops reacting. The only way to shut down the ie is task manager. The same thing is hapening when I’m trying to open pdf files. Page just goes blank and ie stops reacting. What should I do to resolve this? Guess I’m not the only with this problem.

  97. Part 3 in my roundup of the new breed of web browsers. In this installment I’ll discuss the beta version of Internet Explorer 8…

  98. a {color : #0033CC;} a:link {color: #0033CC;} a:visited.local {color: #0033CC;} a:visited {color : #800080;}

  99. This afternoon, Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch has announced the immediate availability

  100. neuronspark says:

    Engineering Windows 7 The first issue to untangle is about the difference between malware making it onto a PC and being run, versus what it can do once it is running. There has been no report of a way for malware to make it onto a PC without consent.

  101.     ์•ˆ๋…•ํ•˜์„ธ์š”. ์ด๋ฒˆ์—๋Š” Jon DeVaan ์ด ์ตœ๊ทผ์— UAC ์— ๋Œ€ํ•ด ๋ฐ›์€ ํ”ผ๋“œ๋ฐฑ์— ๋Œ€ํ•ด ์ด์•ผ๊ธฐํ•˜๊ฒ ์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค.  Windows 7 ์„ ์™„์„ฑํ•˜๊ธฐ ์œ„ํ•œ ์ž‘์—…์˜

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