Check Out The “Engineering Windows 7” Blog!

Earlier today, Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky kicked off the Engineering Windows 7 blog; we hope to have a discussion with the community about how we are building the next version of Windows, much like we have with the IE Blog and IE development. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

Tony Chor
IE Group Program Manager

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  1. Daniel says:

    Oh, I’m already a big fan of Win7. Hopefully it’ll refine the rough edges of Vista 🙂 And let’s hope it’ll contain IE8+1.

    Anyway, you should’ve released IE8b2! Please tell us how long we’ve got to wait now. Give us a hint at least, please 🙂 It became silent on IEBlog.

  2. Radcliff says:

    Daniel, IE8Beta2 will be out this month.  Since today is neither Tuesday or

    Thursday (in the AM PDT), you’ll need to wait until next Tuesday/Thursday (19/21)at the earliest.

    While you are waiting, enjoy Firefox 3.

  3. Derek says:

    if thats the case radcliff give us some IE8 Beta 2 eyecandy! 😉

  4. 8675309 says:

    its funny how the rumours about xbox 360 Valhalla MB launch date probably arent true. havent herd much about weather they released jasper the succsessor to falcon MB

  5. 8675309 says:

    what the 360 needs is Windows SideShow support & the september price falls around the same time the autum update comes. so that may be the reason why there cuting the price besides the fact that jasper MB was supposed to be out by now

  6. 8675309 says:

    they finally lowered the price on the wifi adapter for it from $100 To $80. that a start now how about a XBox 360 Live bundle?

  7. Daniel says:


    I figured they won’t release it on Friday, however, Beta 1 was released on Wednesday.

    Since this week was boring I guess next week could be showtime..

  8. Hexaae says:

    My advice, as I can see from Vista criticism experience (Vista is the best Windows out there but non-technical people will never understand this), is to give masses what they want: a lot of eyecandies and cool visual effects!

    -sarcastic but with a bit of truth 😉

  9. Stifu says:

    hexaae: I guess I can consider myself a technical person, and I can’t see how Vista is so superior. It’s slower and less stable than XP. It’ll probably get better by the next service pack, but at the moment, it’s all around inferior to XP to me (although prettier).

  10. Gazza says:

    I hope IE8 works better than IE7!  Just rebuilt my computer with a new motherboard and processor – AMD Athlon Dual Core and find IE7 crashes when you try to close a window.

    Now back to running a very dated but stable IE6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Gazza: Chances are extremely good that you’re running a buggy addon.  See for troubleshooting steps.

  12. spriou says:

    So, when the beta 2 will disembark on our computers ? :D.

  13. Alex says:

    IE 6 & 7 MUST DISAPPEAR FROM THIS WORLD! They are the worst browser ever. It is 3 days I am working to a web based file manager and I spent most of my time to understand and correct the lacks of IE 7 box model (I do NOT want to support IE 6 anymore!). Of course, Firefox, Opera and Safari always work very good…only IE 7 has problems. What do you say if I will send you my invoice? I do not want to work a lot for fixing IE 7 stupid bugs if no one gives me some money for this. People must be paid for their work! SHAME!

    PS: when i buy my next PC, I will install Linux Ubuntu…Windows, especially Vista, is unusable, like the worst web site ever designed.

  14. Daniel says:


    As a web developer, I can understand your anger, but I think you can’t blame the current IE dev team.

    First, I wonder what your problem is with IE6’s box model? It’s the standards one if you’re in standards mode. And some problems are easily solvable. If not, you could use quirks mode and do the work for two browsers: IE6 and IE5.5! Saved me a lot of time on my latest project.

    About IE7. Sure, it’s not what we all expected, but from my daily work I can truly say that it made a lot of problems simply go away.

    And hey, IE8 is going to get serious CSS 2.1 support, I hope and/or think in IE9, a fine DOM implementation will be aimed for.

    So hey, the IE devs can’t do everything at once, but they do their best imho. So, instead of spreding anger, why don’t you participate in the Beta Test and report issues you find?

  15. Alex says:


    Yeah, but some problems might be fixed in IE 7, and they did not. I work with CSS since 2005 and in the last 2 days I found very serious bugs in IE 7 box model. For esample, it drows 2 vertical scrollbars if the body has overflow: auto and contains a box with fixed height and overflow: auto, with its content that is higher than it.

    Or, if I use a left negative offset for an absolute positioned input element inside a floated box, it draws the input as a "big clickable border" in the top of the page. Why all other browsers do not have this problems? I think IE teams might completely rewrite IE engine, not simply try to correct it. I am sure IE 8 will be much better than IE 7, but I think it would not preserve the backward compatibility with IE 7 & 6 (that I consider absolutely the worst browser).

    PS: If I had time, I would like to be an IE 8 beta tester. I am working for a web application and I have not much time…but I am seriously thinking about this opportunity.

  16. JohnDeng says:

    I’m very comfortable with the current windows interface, but the only thing on my wish list is the security, virus and spyware,  I’m very jealousy over MAC on this.

  17. Daniel says:


    Well, it’s known that IE was not developed for some years. When Vista was around the corner, a new IE had to be made anyway, so they fixed the most problematic bugs in IE6. I personally started serious web design in 2003 and find IE7 a great release as it was possible. Of course it was not the step forward most web devs expected.

    But now there’s IE8, Chris Wilson said the CSS engine was built from scratch and while Beta1 shows some serious bugs, I have no doubt that the final implementation will be pretty solid.

    I also tested IE7 Beta 1 and it was way worse than the Final which, as I said, was a great release for its purpose.

  18. mocax says:

    Less than 50% of August left. Where’s IE8b2? 😛

  19. steve_web says:

    @Alex re:"If I had time, I would like to be an IE 8 beta tester"

    You will likely want to download Beta 2 (when it is out) and test with it for your own apps.  The IE Team has been very "Mum" on how many beta’s there will be however there have been statements that the final will be out in 2008.

    I get the sneaky feeling that Beta2 will be the "lockdown" release for the rendering engine.  This will mean that whatever rendering bugs are still in IE8 (from previous versions, as well as new regressions) will be in the FINAL release too.  I would hope that there is a Beta 3 release, that still fixes rendering issues as Beta 1 had several serious issues as well as old ones, but more importantly the rendering/navigation issues are/were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD that testing with it was darn near pointless (in fact I’ve stopped testing with it because it so #@$! frustrating).

    If Beta 2 is usable, then we can do lots of testing, but if Beta 2 is the "lockdown" release then we just have to hope that the IE Team has fixed all the issues that are outstanding.

    This would really suck if this is the case, as it will not get any thorough testing as a result.


  20. Daniel says:


    The announcement that IE8 Final is meant to be released in 2008 also made me struggle. The first announcement was that the feedback for Beta 2 will greatly influence the time it’ll take to release IE8 Final.

    Anyway, IE7’s Beta were also "layout-complete" but many bugs were fixed anyway. it just means that no really new features can be expected.

    I personally expect a RC 1 release before Final.

  21. Arieta says:

    Stifu: Vista is neither slower or less stable compared to XP. I used it first with an athlon64, geforce 7600 and 1gb ram, and it was actually faster compared to XP. It took a bunch of tweaking, but XP needs a bunch of tweaking as well.

    The "less stable" thing is all but a myth I’m afraid, unless you use unsupported hardware that has no official drivers (nforce3 motherboards are a very good example). But, this is not the fault of Vista, infact XP can also crash with buggy or nonexistant driver support. Heck, literally the only way to make any of the NT core based Windows systems unstable, is to force bad drivers on them.

  22. Chris Mahoney says:

    Arieta, if you don’t have any problems with Vista then that’s fine. But to come out and say that it’s "neither slower or less stable compared to XP" when some people are clearly having issues just doesn’t make sense to me. You know that people are having serious problems with it, but instead of accepting that, you tell them that they’re wrong?

    People don’t care *what* causes the problem (eg. drivers), they just notice that Vista doesn’t run as well as XP. I expect that it probably does run better on "fully-supported" hardware, but please don’t state your opinions as fact.

  23. snark says:

    In truth, I have poor hopes for Windows 7 with Sinofsky in charge given he has publicly demonstrated that he is either

    a) technically incompetent and lacking attention to detail, or,

    b) (perhaps less likely, but who knows?) deliberately suppressing quite legitimate public reaction to his posts.

    I refer, of course, to the fact that comments (a very large proportion of which were negative) have mysteriously disappeared from his previous "techtalk" blog, whose raison d’etre seemed to be a super longwinded defence of the super job that super middle managers do.

  24. hypotheek says:

    Hope Windows 7 will be good! Im already a fan of vista and xp, so i think this will be fine!



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  26. Chris says:

    "I work at microsoft…Ie is the greatest"




    <boDY iD="MICRO">

    We Win, also this is perfect XHTML



  27. Windows 7?

    I’m a bit confused.

    Is this gonna be something related to IE7?

    Pls let me know.

  28. @webdesign weisshart: Windows 7 is the working name for the next version of Windows. The version number is not related to IE7.

  29. incredible says:

    @ Tony Chor [MSFT]

    It is rare to find someone so polite!

    You actually took "webdesign weisshart" serious!

    That is what you call customer-oriented! :-)))


  30. Raj C says:

    Here’s to a new and improved ie8. Lord knows it/we need it.

  31. IE8 fan says:

    Hey, come on, release IE8 Beta 2 sooner… I am waiting here to test it first…

  32. Arieta says:

    Chris: I know people who had problems with XP but had Vista working fine. I knew people who had Windows 98 working fine, but had sever problems with XP. I personally also had a very annoying networking bug I could never fix on XP (that caused a total system hangup completely randomly), but it never happened with Vista.

    This depends on WAY too many things to be generalized the way you say it. Both XP and Vista are equally stable and working systems, as long as you use them properly. Likewise a Wartburg can outperform a Ferrari if you have no idea how to handle the latter.

    And besides, the same things were said about win2k and XP when they came out – buggy, slow, problematic, bloated, et cetera.

  33. Eduardo Valencia says:

    Release Internet Explorer 8 beta 2!

  34. steveballmer says:

    These guys are really on the ball people!

  35. World says:

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