IE8 Beta 1 June Security Update Now Available on Windows Update

Today we released the IE June Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers on Windows Update. For detailed information on the contents of this update, please see the following documentation:

If you are using IE8 Beta 1 for Developers, we encourage you to download this security update through Windows Update  or the Microsoft Download Center today.

Terry McCoy
Program Manager
Internet Explorer Security

Edit: removed "today" from first sentence

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  1. odd or paranoid? says:

    Why is it that as soon as the discussion gets the slightest bit heated on this blog, that a new main page post is made?

    the XDR vs the Standard Specs for CS-XHR discussion was just about to blow the lid when this post came in!

    Here’s a quick link in case you’ve landed here expecting to chat about CS-XHR:


    Now onto this post, I thought that WinUpdate didn’t work in IE8?… if so, just how the !@#$ are we supposed to update our IE8 images?

  2. Matt says:

    Oh calm down Odd.. Just get into IE7 mode if your using XP. If not you dont even use IE for WU in Vista..

  3. Robert Teague says:

    And now the Developer Tools no longer work.

  4. Henry says:

    @Robert Teague – "Tools no longer work." Mine seem to still work, but other stuff has changed… placing the cursor in an input type=text box that has a bunch of event handlers attached to it seems to cause massive ammounts of "flickering caret" when the DOM content changes in sibling nodes…

    Note, my input box doesn’t move, focus is not stolen, nor does the box blur, and no class/style changes are made to the input.

    This all happened with this new update.

    PS I’m running IE8 beta 1 in a Virtual PC config on XP.

    Highlighting behavior is messed up too… tries to highlight the "opposite" text of what I’m trying to select.

  5. Jessica Hamilton says:

    Scrolling with the mouse wheel doesn’t work correctly in some cases.

    Particularly when scrolling down, and land on a hyperlink with the cursor, the view jumps back to the top of the page.

    Also, CSS style ‘clear: both’ doesn’t work on <br /> tag.

    (I’d have posted on the newsgroups, but I can’t create new posts, IE6/7/8, XP/Vista).

    Other than that, generally nice. Oh, and why can’t I choose to remove "Emulate IE7" from my toolbar?

  6. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Jessica.  The scrolling issue is a known-issue for beta-1.  

    The "Emulate IE7" button introduced for the beta is locked to visible as it’s an important compatibility feature for Beta-1.

  7. Hipotecas says:

    My Developer Tools are not working could you fix that please.

    I also have some issues witht he clear tag on css


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