June Chat with the IE Team on Thursday

Join members of the Internet Explorer team for an Expert Zone chat next Thursday, June 19th  at 10.00 PDT/17.00 UTC. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by members of the IE product team. Thank you to all who have attended the chats to date!

If you can’t join us online, all chat transcripts are published here. Allow approximately 7-10 days following a chat for the transcript to go live.

Hope you can join us on Thursday!

Kristen Kibble
Program Manager

P.S. Upcoming IE chat dates for July and August 2008 are posted here. If circumstances arise that cause us to reschedule a chat, I'll give fair warning on the IE Blog and provide the new date.

Comments (54)

  1. most important question says:

    Will the chat work in Firefox 3? I suspect most developers will be using it by Thursday. 😉

  2. Rocky says:

    I have a suggestion for IE8 Beta 2.  Please add an "Open all unread in tabs" option to the feeds on the Favorites Bar (under "Open all items" would be a good place).

  3. Mike says:

    Well hopefully this time one of the experts might actually answer one of the many questions about SVG support.

    I am not holding my breath though.

  4. Jeria says:


    I think that this question has already been answered, and the answer is NO.

  5. Same Chat, Same Questions, Lets get Different Answers this time please! says:


    Question #1. Will the end user be able to modify their toolbar chrome by IE8RTM? (e.g. be able to move the reload button to the left of the location bar)


    Question #2. Will the remaining bugs with .getElementById(id) in ‘ie8 standards mode’ be fixed by IE8RTM?


    Question #3. Will the remaining bugs with .setAttribute(name, value) in ‘ie8 standards mode’ be fixed by IE8RTM? (e.g. no more camelCaseOnly attributes)


    Question #4. Same as question 3, but specifically for inline events be fixed by IE8RTM?


    .setAttribute(‘onclick’, ‘doFoo(this);’);


    Question #5. Will the window.prompt() dialog be fixed by IE8RTM?


    Question #6. What fix will be available for OPACITY in IE8RTM? We need to be ready for this, therefore we need details, not just a yes or no.  Will this be the filter:alpha() hack? or will there be an -msie-opacity: 0.5; CSS property that will be similar to the CSS3 spec property, but internally use something else?


    Question #7. Will the javascript: protocol on the about:blank page be fixed by IE8RTM?


    Question #8. Will the option to _NOT_ display the !@#$ing "about:tabs" page when opening a new tab for the 2,467th time by IE8RTM?  PS any intelligent user is aware of what a new tab is by hmm, say, the 3rd or 4th time.  It isn’t rocket science.


    Question #9. Will the non-domain portion of the url "graying-out" feature be either customizable, or removed and fixed by IE8RTM? (this has been discussed ad-nausium, please just remove it already)


    Question #10. Will the user be able to drag a hyperlink to meaningful places in IE8RTM?  The inability to drag it to a new tab or into a text edit, is very frustrating.


    Question #11. Will the IE options dialog be getting its long overdue overhaul for usability?


    Question #12. Will the option to open a(n) (i)frame in a new tab or window be part of the right-click context sensitive menu by IE8RTM?


  6. after downloading ie 8 beta for w/xp2, i noticed an error report whenever i click on the favorites button which as a result shuts down the web page.

  7. gigi says:

    I’ve had IE 7 since it came out, but the downloads page interrupts my web surfing and overrides my home page with invitations to download IE 7 when I have had it for a VERY LONG TIME.  CAM ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS.  IT IS MADDENING.  THANKS.  


  8. Leonard says:

    Adding on to _Different Answers’_ list I’d like to see this one fixed.  As a power user I run into this all the time when I’m forced to use IE.

    Total lockup of my browser isn’t fun at all.


    Question #13. Can we please have the form checkbox issue BUG 132 fixed in IE8!

    oh heres a link in case you don’t have it


    ps it would also be very if there was a way to "pre-ask" questions for these chats since it usually happens when I’m asleep!

  9. Mohammad says:


    In "Microsoft.com Chat"

    In "Country/Location"

    Please Insert "Iran" To List, Please

    Thank you

    Good Luck

    —Only Microsoft—

    Mohammad From Iran (mohammad.oe@gmail.com)

  10. CSS Gallery says:

    Wow, can’t wait to get this opportunity to chat with microsoft staff. Great!

  11. Patrick Garies says:

    Questions 2-4 were already answered by Microsoft at http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/04/10/html-and-dom-standards-compliance-in-ie8-beta-1.aspx on this blog.

  12. OZoogle says:


    Override non-Autoscroll areas

    Many sites nowadays have areas that disable autoscroll (pressing middle mouse button and moving the mouse). For example in this forum you can autoscroll from the background, but not from the message fields. Some sites have such a tiny autoscroll area that it’s impossible to use that feature.

    the issue has already been solved in other browsers such as Firefox. Autoscroll works fine absolutely everywhere except on links and flash objects.


    One of the most annoying things for me while browsing is to come upon a site that has 90% non-autoscroll space and you have to search for that little spot on the side where autoscroll is still active. Autoscroll should work everywhere, except of course on links and flash objects, where you have other uses for the middle mouse button.


  13. Vicki says:

    I would like to see a feature in IE 8 similar to the "Autofill" function in Avant Browser, and the "Wand" function in Opera Browser.

  14. Todd says:

    @Patrick Garies "Questions 2-4 were already answered…" – NO THEY WERE NOT!

    They have indicated that they "fixed" this for IE8 Beta1 in IE8 standards mode.

    As any developer can attest, THEY HAVE NOT been fully fixed, and the #4 question (inline events) was not even remotely touched or fixed.

    If you follow the IE Feedback site, you’ll note that these bugs have either not been updated by MS, or have simply been flagged as "we’re looking into this".

    What we all want, is a difinitive answer.  Is it going to be in or out?

    Adding my own question to the list.

    Question #14) Will the length of a saved favorite be fixed in IE8RTM? In particular, saving a Bookmarklet of any decent size in IE is not possible, without hotlinking into a site that you hope is up.  I’d like to know if the 512 limit will be fixed in the final IE8?

    Question #15) Will the autocomplete feature be fixed in IE8RTM so that calling .submit() on a form actually saves the form details in the autocomplete list?

  15. Steinar says:

    I have a question about IE7 which may apply to IE8. I have this local html page on my C: drive. That local page has got no ActiveX controls or scripts, basically just plain transitional HTML, CSS, tables, images. If I navigate to any page that uses ActiveX controls, and then navigate back to my non-ActiveX page, IE7 prompts me to allow or deny ActiveX to run (all in the same IE session,  window and tab). Is this a bug? Will this be fixed in IE8?

  16. SiSL says:

    Sadly I’m not able to attend chat, yet my question would be status of:

    display:blocks in anchors and unwanted horizontal scrollbar even greyed out will be fixed in XHTML Transitional…

  17. anony.muos says:

    Read this article here: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080615-microsoft-to-developers-fix-your-broken-web-pages-for-ie8.html The following statement is still true for IE8: Internet Explorer 8 remains the least standard compliant of the competitive browsers – Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE. I don’t like this. I expect the same won’t be true of IE9. Internet Explorer 9 should exceed the standards support of at least one of these browsers.

  18. anomymuos says:

    I have another suggestion for IE8 beta 2. Please make searching Favorites and History more intuitive and responsive. I know we have iFilters for these but I’m talking of an integrated search UI. Also add searching for feeds with a simple UI.

  19. Daniel says:

    more questions

    Question #16 – Will the Find function be fixed in IE8 RTM? By fixed we mean will the modal dialog – find one thing at a time in the most "Notepad circa 1993" way be fixed to be an inline search that allows highlighting/jumping to results.  I realize that it has only been a decade and a half since this form of UI was the norm, but I though that Microsoft wanted freedom to innovate?

    Ok, that was a little below the belt 😉 but seriously, can we have this fixed? it isn’t like changing it will impact any other part of the browser, and the fix would take any developer about 10min to implement.


  20. Lenid says:

    Can I enter this chat using some normal IRC client? Or does Microsoft hate open protocols?

  21. Dustin says:

    >Question #16 – Will the Find function be fixed

    >in IE8 RTM? By fixed we mean will the modal

    >dialog – find one thing at a time in the most

    >"Notepad circa 1993" way be fixed to be an

    >inline search that allows highlighting/jumping

    >to results.  I realize that it has only been a

    >decade and a half since this form of UI was the

    >norm, but I though that Microsoft wanted

    >freedom to innovate?

    I’d be happy if F3 actually jumped to the next search result rather than popping up the Find dialog box… I do agree with you, but this bit has annoyed me for a long time. If you use a Notepad dialog box, it only makes sense to use Notepad behaviour, right? 😛

  22. Sam says:

    Question 17. – Will popups be fixed by IE8 RTM so that the location toolbar (if it really, really, really, really, really, are you serious?, seriously, really, really must stay in IE8)…. that shows up display in a more usable manner?

    It shows up as a select list, which to a user is an input control, e.g. requiring user interation.  sure enough, you can open it (even though it is kind of grayed out), which then displays 10 empty rows of nothing (ooh, that’s handy! not!).  It also has a flashing cursor suggesting that you can type a new url? – no dice it is readonly…. but if it is readonly, what is with the cursor?

    A simple 1 line, read-only, no-cursor, not-a-select-list, no-user-interaction-strip with the URL of the site will suffice.

    Question 18. – Will the properties dialog be fixed in IE8 RTM? – you know the one that if you right click on a page/frame/image it pops up in Windows 95 mode to display a list of properties with a value of "Not Available" for 90% of them.

    Question 19. – Why does IE7 have a checkbox on the "about:tabs" page that says "Don’t show this page again", yet in IE8 there is no way to turn this off? – Why if I had removed it in IE7, years after Tabbed Browsing existed would I want to remind myself how to use a browser in IE8? I can accept if after install, it shows it to me __ONCE__, as long as there is an option to __REMOVE__ it! – Its no wonder everyone hates the IE UI.

  23. Anwar says:

    This list is great! I hope someone can quick post all these questions in the chat when it opens.

    question 20) Will the text selection highlighting be fixed in the final IE8?  If you use the zoom feature in IE7/8 text selection gets majorly distorted, starts to highlight text you didn’t select, etc.

    (to see in action, go to the "about:tabs" page in IE7/IE8, select/highlight any two words in a sentence. Now zoom in (CTRL & "+") 1-10 times… notice that the selection is all over the place… same when you are zoomed in, selecting acurately is very difficult, it is as if the space between the characters isn’t part of the text string)

  24. Talking about IE8 on Digg says:

    They’re talking about IE8 on Digg!


    Well, it might not be great news, but it is at least a step into the "positive" view by developers.

  25. henry t. says:

    nothing better than a list to make things clear!

    ok what number are we at?

    QUESTION 21.) In IE8 Beta 1 there was a regresssion where *ALL* text on a page showed the "arrow" cursor, rather than the "carat" cursor. (the "I")  Can we pressume that this will be properly fixed in public release of IE8?!

    @Anwar: for Question #20, this "appears" to be fixed in IE8 Beta 1.  This drove me up the wall in IE7, glad to see someone put a fix in.

  26. Jeria says:

    Good Digg link. I hope that the IE team reads it.

  27. IE 12 released today! says:

    If you want to know what IE 12 will have to live up to, download Firefox 3 today at 10am PDT!

    IE8 is a major update on IE7, so we can only hope by IE 12 they are equal to what Mozilla is shipping today.

    Keep up the good work IE Dev Team, "you’ve come a long way baby" I figure within 3 years you’ll actually be able to compete with the other browsers on rendering and standards support.

    I can’t wait until SVG is supported natively in IE, JavaScript 1.8, CSS3, XHTML, who knows maybe even CANVAS!

    Only 5 hours to go! I’m so excited! A real, great browser that I can download, use on any PC, Mac, Windows or Linux, and have the User Experience that IE users can only dream of!

  28. FarStrider says:

    suggestion integrate microsoft File Transfer Manager so notebook users dont have to restart downloads when wifi cuts out

  29. Farstrider says:

    sorry to say im not satisfied with firefox,  opera seems to work better & songbird isnt that great anymore

  30. ShadowWolf16 says:

    ie team you need a more better download manager the download manager you got now is too old school you need to make one like firefox manager because its more stable

  31. TW says:

    W/regards to Question 8 and Question 19, have you people actually even looked at the tabbing settings at all?

  32. Jason Ganz says:

    I’ve officially given up on IE8 and IE7.  The fact of the matter is, firefox 3 provides a great choice, is not forced upon us by buying it, and has a far more dynamic team and ability to extend, use, and enjoy without as much fear of bugs / glitches consistently showing up.  It’s not perfect by any means, but as long as IE’s team continues to feel that they are the benchmark, it will be quite easy for FireFox to make the internet a very easy and fun place to browse.  IE’s team had best take a long hard look before they make a final IE8.  not even 7 hours into DownloadFest and over 2.45 million downloads… Ya think that says something about Firefox?

  33. David says:

    wow any one done lode the new Firefox 3???

    its like haveing free DSL  it is vary fast

    i all so have a suggestion for IE8  is there any way we can make the new IE8 run fast like firefoxs 3????

  34. handan says:

    在Internet Explorer Beta 2发布前夕,微软已经向各网站所有者发出了提醒,尽早对IE8的性能和标准做准备–由于之前的浏览器不遵循网页标准,因此在未来的标准化IE8占领市场时可能会遇到一系列兼容性问题.虽然微软已经在IE8中采用了“IE+EmulateIE7″的特性,但对于一些企业网站来说这一机制依然完全无法运转,何况IE8 Beta1在测试阶段被抓出许多网页结构布局还原的问题.

    6月10日,微软IE Team在IEBlog上发出提醒,网站所有者需要参考IE8进行修正.


  35. FarStrider says:

    "wow any one done lode the new Firefox 3???

    its like haveing free DSL  it is vary fast

    i all so have a suggestion for IE8  is there any way we can make the new IE8 run fast like firefoxs 3????"

    yeh i know a way block things like CTS.

    & plainly dont use proxys

  36. world.com.ru says:

    Good stuff. Thanks and greetings!

  37. Travis says:

    @TW: "W/regards to Question 8 and Question 19, have you people actually even looked at the tabbing settings at all?"

    Uhm, yeah, which setting would that be now? and if it does exist (it doesn’t) why isn’t the default "Never bother me with this silly page again"?

    over 6Million people downloaded Firefox 3 in less than 24 hours… trust me, we all know what the heck a TAB is!

  38. bhm says:

    Firefox 3 comes with a nice download manager that display icon on the status bar. when is IE going to have a download manager?

  39. keif says:

    I’m curious about canvas and SVG support – if not IE8, is it planned for a future release (IE9, we’ll get to it, whatever).

  40. dovella says:

    Firefox 3 is out

    Opera is out

    Ie 8????????

  41. TW says:



    Internet Options>


    ‘When a new tab is opened, open:’ select list.

    No point asking me why the default is what it is. Why exactly does the page offend you, and how exactly is it more difficult to move away from than about:blank anyway? (it isn’t)

  42. martin says:

    @TW The point is that it is an anoying reminder.

    On the very first load of a tab, if they want to display it, fine.  However every single tab opened after that is effectively:

    "Congratulations n00b! You’ve opened a new Tab! Just in case you have the mental capacity of a 2 year old, we promise to remind you EVERY SINGLE time you open a tab!  In related news: Scientist say that water is wet!, fire is hot! and guess what! That tab you intentionaly opened for the 17th time today, 213th time this week, and 718th time this month, is A NEW TAB!  This anoying message can not be removed, would you like to yell at Internet Explorer in frustration again today?"

    Just imagine anything else you do every day, how anoying it would be to be reminded.

    Hey! you’re brushing your teeth!

    Hey! you’ve flushed the toilet!

    Hey! you’ve tied your shoes! All by yourself!

    Hey! you’ve clicked a link!

    Hey! you’ve typed a word on the keyboard!

    Hey! you’ve copied text to the clipboard!

    Its the same agrevating crud that Clippy[tm] the anoying office assistant would do.

    "Hey! you’re writing a letter! would you like me to animate in the corner and distract you while splurting random obvious bits of information at you?"

    Long story short – the page is an insult to anyone that can count to 12 without taking their socks off.

  43. pd says:

    Why aren’t you going to implement border-radius in IE8?

  44. steve says:

    @pd: re: "Why aren’t you going to implement border-radius in IE8?"

    Unfortunately IE was so far behind that IE8 could only work towards fully supporting CSS2.1.

    border-radius is part of CSS3, thus won’t make it into IE8.

    Your best option at the moment is to go ahead and use it on all your designs, knowing that for IE users, they will just degrade (fall back) to the sharp corners.

    If then, you want to get funky (have time to waste), hook in some event handlers for onload, for IE only, to apply some magic to make them look a bit better.

  45. autoverzekering says:

    The comments are broken? I can’t reply anymore..

    The chat is in a few hours from now right?

  46. steve says:


    you have 2 JS errors on the index page:

    Line: 1162

    var gFpc="WT_FPC";if(document.cookie.indexOf(gFpc+"=")==-1){document.write("<SCR"+"IPT TYPE=’text/javascript’

    Line: 1163


    The declaration for gFpc is unterminated (falls over 2 lines), and thus causes errors.

  47. Will Peavy says:

    @ martin — You can change the default display of new tabs in Internet Options > General Tab > Tab Settings

  48. Kristen [MSFT] says:

    The transcript from Today’s chat is now live.

  49. Peter says:

    I’d like to echo the suggestion in the chat session about moving the file from the temp folder to the destination if the source (where the temp folder is located) and the destination are on the same drive. The give explanation, that the move could fail and the file would disappear somewhere between universes, is simply ridiculous.

  50. omfg says:

    Is IE8 going to support HTML 4.0?

    How many years is it going to take to implement the q tag?

    Seriously, what the !#!@#?


  51. XiKno says:

    "The give explanation, that the move could fail and the file would disappear somewhere between universes, is simply ridiculous."

    the whole IE chats are ridiculous..

    palm to head bad.. have to wonder where they get the time to even do the chats they seem so FAR FAR FAR back in catch up & copy land and they won’t even get that done right either or they’ll copy some crap feature instead of looking at what are better implementations.

    and the thank you for suggestions commments.. on some of the questions i mean aside from some being really lame features anyway the fact its acknowledged.. its like IE team either don’t ever look at and study what good features other browser actually have that just surpass IE.. its a joke looking at C9 interviews and MS guys are using the plain vanilla IE engine.. says it all really.

    and undo tab similar to firefox.. man that noob browser didn’t have that feature you still gotta get the undo tab icon as a addon.. and those were copied features from other browsers along with many other features… but why they even have to be suggested for the IE team to GET it.. its just ridiculous.

    Maxthon wipes the floor of this browser and vanilla installs of every other browser and most there amature addon feature implementations… its just a shame its still gotta use the trident engine, I guess I’ll be installing IE8 anyway just for pitiful engine improvements but its just so bad looking at MS sinking, oh well plenty of opportunity for anyone else to step in 🙂

  52. Ted says:

    What’s pitiful is the number of flamebait trolls who have nothing better to do than leave moronic comments on this blog.  

    Get a life– Go out and do some volunteer work or something.

  53. sserge says:

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  54. IEOldFan says:

    I’m the old fan of IE; now it sucks so far!

    And Microsoft always late!

    When all the browser passed Acid2, they develop.

    When in future, they passed Acid3, MS will…

    I’m very disappointed… IE Team

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