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Related to the IE Blog post around mashups in Internet Explorer 8, the Jscript team has a great post on ECMAScript, Security and Mashups over on their blog. Check it out!

Kristen Kibble
IE Program Manger

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  1. Dan says:

    Can we have a real javascript debugger and error viewing instead of ‘mashups’ in IE8? (without installing visual studio)

  2. Vilius says:

    Dan, it IS ALREADY there. Just right click on the toolbar, customize -> add and remove commands, and add Developer Tools.

  3. ajo says:

    Kristen Kibble

    IE Program Manger

    What’s a Program Manger?? :-p

  4. Charles says:

    @Vilius: Thats not a debugger.  Thats a band-aid solution to a gaping hole.

    where is the console? so that I can do a console.log(‘This throws an error’);

    where is the informative debugging for more info than "Object expected", "Object or Property not supported", "Undefined is not a function"

    Those are all likely accurate statements, but they are absolutely useless to a developer trying to find out "which" method, property, or object was undefined, read-only, null, etc.

    Apparently in IE8 the line numbers returned are more accurate (the previous ones were useless), although if you are in the midst of an anonymous function good luck… there’s no help for you there, no stack trace, nothing.

    Just try Firebug for a week.  You’ll cry when you return to IE and realize there is nothing out there for IE that even comes close.

    (Credit due to DebugBar and similar as they at least stepped up to the plate and improved IE debugging)

  5. Mike says:

    From the recently published IE Chat from May:

    "Jane [MSFT] (Expert):

    Q: Has my suggestion from the last chat to allow tabs to be torn off and made into new windows been documented so there is a chance it might be implemented? If not, can I make the same suggestion to the Windows 7 team?

    A: This is a great idea and it’s on our wishlist of future features. In the meantime, you can press Ctrl+N which will open the current tab in a new window."

    Please note, that RE-opening the same page has been reported a thousand times already as a huge bug.  Please fix this!  We’re glad that opening new Tabs isn’t prone to this bug, but the new window bug is certainly still there in IE8 (just as it was in IE7)

  6. Fernando says:

    why dont you use firefox and avoid all this problems , if you decide using iexplorer so dont complain because you already know what happen

  7. Anthony says:

    Ok so I tired IE 8 out on my web site tonight for the first time and found some messed up errors.  For instance ASP.NET menus stopped working. Some odd alignment problems as well (I can probably fix those…hopefully without messing up IE 6 or IE 7)

    What I don’t understand is (This really makes me laugh) my site is working perfectly in the latest Safari, Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, IE 6 and IE 7, and even Opera web browsers. Now IE 8 is suppose to be "standards compliant" and everything breaks?  Umm what about those other companies?  Pretty sure they are more compliant with standards then IE.  Why such a difference?

  8. Mitch 74 says:


    – check your website’s CSS: it may use conditional comments that cover IE 8; IE 8’s rendering is more standards compliant than IE 7’s, some workarounds used in IE 7 will wreak havoc on IE 8; fir you use [if IE] somewhere, I’d recommend replacing it with [if lte IE 7]

    – IE 8 still has a very messy box model support: if you start playing with fixed positioning and negative margins, get ready to rumble… (the website I work on, click up there to check it out, goes nuts because of that fact alone)

  9. Kyle says:

    @Anthony regardless what everyone calls it, IE8 will ship "more standards compliant" than previous IE versions.  Will it be on par with Safari, Opera or Firefox? – No.  Those browsers are well into HTML5 and CSS3 support, not to mention native Canvas and SVG support.

    So yes, IE8 will be a lot better, but what it boils down to is now for a lot of things, we can set the conditional commenting to _exclude_ IE8 (and beyond) from the hacks we need to apply to IE6 and IE7.

  10. Vilius says:

    @Charles, have you even tried what I’ve suggested? Almost everything you are talking about IS THERE. Take a look at the second screenshot. See that Callstack button? Or breakpoint button? It’s not firebug but still it is VERY helpful.

  11. Anthony says:

    @Mitch 74

    The funny thing is there are no hacks on my site, no conditional comments.  My CSS is validated 100% and my XHTML misses by two errors, but those are caused by ASP.NET creating scripts.

    Yeah I believe its positioning that’s killing the rest of my site. I hope they tighten the screws in beta 2.

  12. Mitch 74 says:

    @Anthony: then, look out for:

    – padding on fixed positioning elements: any padding will add an extra margin to the element. Remove all padding, add margins to their children. Tedious yes, but it should solve the problem, and also make your layout quirks-mode (IE 5) compatible (this is the bug that makes me tell that Trident still uses quirks mode as the default box model, adding shims over it – shims not added to IE 8)

    – em measurements: em are still not used correctly, quite often referring to em=10px – whatever the size of the font actually is (this may come from the type of hinting used in MS fonts). Use px and/or % instead.

    – several hacks are not CSS breakers: the star hack (* html) validates, for example. However, IE7/8 ain’t sensitive to it.

    – a documented bug, that may find its root in IE7’s inability to correctly compute the height of an element containing variable size children, is that elements added dynamically to the page force it to scroll back up.

    I really wonder where these bugs stand now (beta 2… beta 2…).

  13. stevewebdev says:

    Well don’t bother waiting for the IE Blog team to give you the news, its already on the street.

    Nick MacKechnie (Senior Technical Account Manager at MSFT New Zealand.) spilled the beans on a Q3 (July/August/September) 2008 timeframe for Beta 2 release.

    Still no news on what it will contain in terms of regression fixes, new fixes or new features.

  14. JEN says:

    IE 7.0.6001.18000


  15. So how does this new fix deal with blogs – any known issues

  16. woil says:

    Please considier this.

    IE7 has the exakt same issue.

  17. Toby says:

    @woil – Why would MS fix this minor alert() dialog  issue when their prompt() dialog has been neglected for a decade? It has been laughed at and complained about by everyone in the industry yet MS hasn’t changed it, fixed the bugs with it or even updated the chrome since it was first added to IE.

    Web Developers won’t even use it now because IE broke it.  It should be one of the most useful dialogs in the JavaScript toolbox but until IE supports it – no one can use it.


  18. handan says:

    what support IE7 XMLHttpRequest?

  19. Jeria says:

    I really wonder why comments are allowed on this blog. It makes no sense at all, since the IE team refuses to answers any questions.

    And when there is an answer it is something like "we can’t discuss any future features blah blah bs"

  20. min-width says:

    Will min-width and max-width be supported on select elements in IE8?

    It was annoying to hear that min/max-width were supported in IE7 only to find out that it didn’t apply to all elements.


  21. Scott says:

    Oh and the chrome on the scroll bar of a select list is wrong in IE8B1.  It looks like windows 3.1 styles.

  22. Scott says:

    similar to Tony’s comment I noticed that there are still no styling options in IE8B1 for options in a select list (e.g. I can’t make a bold option) any chance this will be in IE8B2?

    Oh and Tony, in IE8B1 the min-width is still not supported.

  23. Panthera-IT says:

    To Jeria. I hope that even if the comments are not answered, but for those comments and noted the error will be corrected. Personally, I still IE8 wait until it matured somewhat.

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