April Chat with the IE Team on Thursday

Join members of the Internet Explorer team for an Expert Zone chat this Thursday, April 17th  at 10.00 PDT/17.00 UTC. These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by members of the IE product team.

If you can’t join us online, all chat transcripts are published here. Allow approximately 7-10 days following a chat for the transcript to go live.

Hope you can join us on Thursday!

Kristen Kibble
Program Manager

Comments (36)

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I wonder if you have details about which members of the team will actually be participating in the chat; e.g., which PMs — and if reps for other parts of the team will be there (dev, testing, docs).


  2. Hi, I tried to login, but there is a problem as you can see on my screenshot: http://jeenaparadies.net/t/s/ie-chat-safari.png

    It says "Microsoft.com Chat is not currently compatible with your Internet browser and/or computer operating system." and then "Safari 1.2 and later for Mac".

    I use Safari 3.1 for Mac which is obviously later than 1.2 ;).

    Hope you can fix that problem before April the 17th.

  3. Mike says:

    "These chats are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by members of the IE product team."

    How about forgetting a live chat and just answering all the questions that remain unanswered in this blog since IE8 was announced!

  4. Rocky says:

    Since I can’t attend the chat, I’ll just write my feedback here.  There is a minor UI bug that was in IE7 that appears to still be in IE8 Beta 1.  In Vista, when you close IE in full-screen mode, then open IE again, then exit full-screen mode, the navigation toolbar stays opaque and isn’t transparent like the title bar.  Also, in IE8 Beta 1, the Favourites/Add icons disappear the first time going into full-screen and then they return when you exit full-screen, but then with the labels, even though "Show Only Icons" is still selected.

  5. billybob says:

    "Expert Zone Chat"

    You have been speaking to the Mozilla team?

    The IE team have never been experts in web browser design.  It seems like it is you lot that need some help rather than us.

    The only question we all want to know the answer to is ‘when are you going to fix IE?’

  6. Aaargh! says:

    "Allow approximately 7-10 days following a chat for the transcript to go live."

    Why does this take so long ? If a simple copy-paste of a chat transcript to a webpage takes 7-10 days, no wonder IE is 8 years behind the competition.

  7. Omar Perez says:

    The mozilla team proffessionals? come one give me a break… do you know how bugged is firefox these days?.

  8. Omar Perez says:

    My question would be… when are we going to have IE8 beta 2… because with beta 1 is impossible to browse most of the pages with ccs, unlesss we switch to IE7 emulation…

  9. gabe says:

    Omar Perez around 70 percent of those problems are the sites not ie8

  10. Glen Fingerholes says:

    "Why does this take so long ? If a simple copy-paste of a chat transcript to a webpage takes 7-10 days, no wonder IE is 8 years behind the competition."

    Layers of bureaucracy, a lack of people on the team, or both?

  11. Glen Fingerholes says:

    "Omar Perez around 70 percent of those problems are the sites not ie8"

    It’s hard to tell with all the rendering bugs that have been reported in IE 8 what is the fault of sites and what is the fault of IE 8. Perhaps a new beta to work with might help here? A beta with some of the more annoying issues fixed.

  12. Dominic G. says:

    (Missed the chat so I’ll write this here.)

    I might be the only person here concerned by that issue but the image resizing algorythm in most browsers but Safari is vomit-like, it would be a nice thing if IE8 did it right for once.

    Sadly, because of the current way downsized images look in IE8 (and most browsers), this really practical feature cannot be considered as an option in web development.

  13. Ted says:

    @DominicG: I think you’re looking for bicubic resizing?  See http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms530822(VS.85).aspx

  14. Kristen [MSFT] says:

    @Michael(tm) Smith:

    There will be representatives for all feature areas of IE8, though I do not have specific names to share.  

    Do you have a specific feature or area of interest?

  15. AC says:


    "(Missed the chat so I’ll write this here.)"

    Really? Did you check that chat date? I mean really looked at it before glossing over it and continuing on with your comments?

  16. Hello Ms Kristen Kibble,

    I have many questions.

    1- The first one meets exactly what so far most of us (Mike, Rocky, Dominic) have been saying. If we can’t join the expert chat, can we ask our questions and get answers in this IE blog?

    2- Why bug 336685 (option disabled="disabled" is not supported) at IE beta feedback was closed? Because the given explanations are based on and imply a misunderstanding. I wish this bug could be reopened and that this bug be fixed.

    3- You are editor of the IE Team Blog. How come such blog usually has between 700 and 1200 validation markup errors every single day and… a posted message from a PM speaking about W3C web standards. Doesn’t such blatant – at least apparent – contradiction annoy you or your IE team colleagues … to the point that this issue be fixed?

    4- I’ve suggested in the past to create and build in IE a webpage quality indicator add-on (which could be turn off by default so that ordinary users wouldn’t be confused, scared by it) which would report with an icon (frown or smiley, green check or red x) in the statusbar or elsewhere if the webpage passes markup validation. If clicked, it would return more info, some specific details, including a clickable link to the W3C markup validator. A lot of browsers now are doing that, can do that or have extensible error report.

    Since Microsoft is clearly – and I’m quite happy about it – turning toward W3C web standards compliance, isn’t that sort of add-on a welcomed – if not forced – addition?


    a) There are now a few attributes (cite, summary, etc) and elements (q) still missing in HTML 4. What’s the current plan as to support them in IE?

    b) There are also bugs (spec violations, limitations) in HTML 4. What are the plan as to fix them?

    6- User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 recommend to offer web browser users a GUI so that they can turn off specific HTML attributes which are known to limit accessibility of content, to restrict accessibility and usability:

    – noresize attribute of <frame>

    – scrolling=no of <frame>

    – turn off/neutralize <marquee> or stop them in webpages

    – non-resizable javascript-initiated secondary window

    – non-scrollable javascript-initiated secondary window

    – minimal font-size for webpage which all other web-standards-compliant browsers have

    The last 3 may not be in the UAAG recommend but it certainly fit into its spirit.

    Regards, Gérard

  17. Dominic G says:

    @Ted: Thanks a lot! I was far from knowing IE7 could do that.

    @AC: Sorry, I somehow mistook the publication date for the chat date! I believe the usual heavy css must have disabled my eye from reading plain text.

  18. memil says:

    what’s that in GMT+1h?

    see ya there

  19. Fred says:

    @Memil: "UTC" is the new name for "GMT" so 17:00 +1h = 18:00.

  20. duyu says:

    Will IE8 support per process persistent cookies in it’s webbrowser control?

  21. Michael says:

    @Fred, Memil: Note that UTC does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time. If DST is in effect where you are, add an hour.

  22. tim says:

    The only question we all want to know the answer to is ‘when are you going to fix IE?’

  23. davok says:

    can we enable or disable add-ons like flash and

    silverlight from running on certain website. For instant i want to use flash on Youtube only and all website that have flash content is disabled. trusted sites and restricted sites for add-ons. is this possible?

  24. omzg says:

    should be able to disable sounds per tab!!! as a browser control.. that way the user doesn’t have to rely on some stupid web developer to have actually implemented anything useful or easy to see/use when it comes to disable sounds through flash/silverlight crap etc

  25. Helder Magalhães says:

    How about a petition for webkit in Internet Explorer? 😀

    Seriously even today i was amazed how we still use Internet Explorer with such an awful render engine. Apparently neither IE7 or 7 like floats with backgrounds because the backgrounds went crazy showing up sometimes and disappearing on scroll. I had to fix it with the zoom attribute. I mean how much a mess is the IE engine atm?

  26. why the font " tahoma " in IE 7 Is so baad .. ? : (

    I love IE 7 but I can’t use it because This reason Adversely affect in my work !!

    IE 6 is good in tahoma font .. But I need any help to use IE7 .. ?

  27. meeeee :) says:

    i love IE, cant stand any of the other browsers, though heres a thought:

    a lot of considerations according to other websites has been size and layout, some ppl like buttons here, others there – what about customization? something like the way forms are created and changed in visual basic? have a nice default layout, but allow users to resize the various areas and relocate buttons (any not moved left in a drop down menu?)

    also, what about being able to view more than one tab at once? like a right-click "tile tabs" or a button or something like that so each tab can be used at teh same time in one window?

    or what about a nicer more 3D interface to go with vista – maybe being able to flip through tabs in a similar manner to coverflow in itunes?

    lastly, what about a download manager instead of those annoying popups that can be closed? maybe a little progress bar somehwere and then another window to view details on each download and especially being able to pause and continue downloads if possible and recover them if the connection is lost perhaps.

    i like the sound settings per tab idea above too.

  28. Steve says:

    Don’t know why this wasn’t a post itself on the blog (or maybe I missed it), but this interview with Chris Wilson on Channel 9:


    However it is a good bit of information that many developers would likely benefit from.

    As per Chris’ request in the video, my JavaScript tests so far have been really good, much better speed, and the fixes for .setAttribute() and .getElementById() (that have been done so far) are very much appreciated!

    The only request I have, is an Opera/Firefox type feature, to avoid infinite / extremely long running loops.

    As a developer, often alert() is your best friend for debugging, but if you accidentally fire one onfocus/onblur of an input field, you end up in a great loop that is only fixable with a CTRL+ALT+DEL.

    I’d love to see some heuristics around this type of thing, either like Opera, with a checkbox in the alert,confirm,prompt dialogs to "[_] Stop scripts from running on this page" or like the firefox: "A Script is causing this page to run slowly, [Continue] [Debug] [Abort]"

    Heck! even if you touch the "prompt" dialog, don’t add the feature, but "accidentally" check in some code that makes it *actually fit* the message! you would win major points with developers. 😉



  29. omzg: How do you disable sounds on a per tab basis (sorry, it’s an area in which I have some expertise)?  IE might be able to control the handling of the <BGSOUND> tag on a per page basis, but it’s not going to be able to do anything about various plugins that choose to make sound (either Flash, QT or WMP).  

    That’s because the plugins each have their own audio infrastructure, and WMP doesn’t have the ability to interfere with that.

  30. anonymous says:

    Why has the new IE team given up servicing IE? In the past we had:

    – IE 4, 4.01, 4.01 SP1, 4.01 SP2

    – IE 5.0, 5.01, 5.01 SP1, 5.01 SP2

    – IE 5.5, 5.5 SP1, 5.5 SP2

    – IE 6.0 and 6.0 SP1. We even had IE6 SP2 on XP.

    Please produce a IE7 SP1. XPSP3 and Vista SP1 are out.

    Servicing helps fixing bugs, improves stability and ppl have a better experience.

  31. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Anonymous: Rather than making up new version numbers, IE servicing now is applied directly to the release version in question.  

    So, IE7 with the current set of patches has the latest set of updates available for IE7; you don’t need to go hunt for a mythical "7.01" version.

    (Contrary to your statement above, there was never a "SP2" for IE6, there was simply IE6 on XPSP2.)

  32. anonymous says:

    But the cumulative patches only include some IE7 files (mshtml, wininet, urlmon) and not the obscure ones. So in case there’s a problem in those, users have to hunt through the knowledge base.

  33. hAl says:

    No transscript yet ?

    It has been more than a week now.

  34. pete says:

    its more than two weeks now !!!

  35. AndyWilson says:

    Where’s the transcript!?!!? It’s been ages, you said 7-10 days but now it’s 11!

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