IE8 Beta 1 For Developers Now Available in Chinese (Simplified) and German

The IE team is pleased to announce the availability of Chinese (Simplified) and German versions of Windows Internet Explorer Beta 1 for Developers. The two languages released today are fully localized versions of the IE8 English Beta 1, released March 5, 2008. They carry with them the same improved CSS 2.1 support, better scripting performance, and other features and improvements that the English beta 1 developer release contains.

Download links:

Supported Platforms:

This release is supported on the same platforms as the previous IE8 Beta 1 English release. Here are the supported operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista SP1 (final version only - Currently available to MSDN and TechNet Plus subscribers and Volume License customers)
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows XP SP3 (RC2 candidate - Build 3311 or higher)
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 (final version only)

For install guidelines, please see the "How to Install the German or The Chinese (Simplified) Builds of Internet Explorer" section of the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 release notes here.

Please note that each international version may only be installed on its native language operating system or on English versions of the operating system with the native language’s Multi-language User Interface (MUI) installed. You can learn more about Multi-language User Interfaces (MUI) here.

We value your expertise and look forward to hearing your feedback on this Developer Beta release! Online support is available through the IE Beta Newsgroup and you can sign up through MS Connect to vote on IE8 Beta bugs. You can report a webpage problem and also request to be added to the IE Technical Beta Program by following instructions found at the bottom of the IE8 Beta Feedback blog post.

Hope you enjoy this Beta release for developers as much as we do!

Vishwac Sena Kannan
International Program Manager
Internet Explorer

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Comments (11)
  1. ahmed mohamed says:

    thank you Microsoft  

    where is Arabic  version???????

  2. MyTime says:

    When Windows XP SP3 RC2 was applied after the installing IE8 Beta 1, the system stopped booting.When it tries inspecting, in iertutil.dll, API non it seems that the fact that it is interchangeable is cause with IE7.

  3. Glen Fingerholes says:


    Applying a release candidate on top of a non-standard Windows (IE 8 where IE 7 or 6 was expected) is probably not something you should have done. It’s supported if you’re installing IE 8 on top of SP3 RC2 (Build 3311 or Higher), but I don’t think the other way around works (as you’ve found out).

    IE Team:

    Do you use Team Foundation Server for IE development internally?

  4. songsong xionbg says:

    Ie8 very good, very strong. In particular the "imitation IE7" function.

    Open new tab significantly faster than before. !

  5. chat notes says:

    There was a chat with the IE Team a few weeks back that I wasn’t able to attend.

    Are the notes from that chat going to be posted anytime soon?

  6. rc says:

    @chat notes

    Supposedly, uncovering of that chat’s transcript is not something that they gape after. 🙂

    I was at the chat and have saved its text. From time to time I will cite quotes there in comments.

  7. Kristen [MSFT] says:

    @ chat notes

    The notes from the chat are located here:

  8. Pujil says:

    @rc, re chat notes

    So after a quick read, here’s the executive summary:

    1. SVG support? – Not in IE8, yell loud enough and we might put it in IE8

    2. XHTML support? – Not in IE8, yell loud enough and we might put it in IE8

    3. MNG (Animated PNGs)? – Not in IE8, not even considered on the roadmap

    4. rgba() color specs? – Not in IE8, no comment for IE9

    5. CSS3 support? – None in IE8, will only consider *AFTER* spec is finalized, thus IE9 is a *VERY* weak maybe.

    6. UI/Chrome fixes for moving toolbars, buttons etc.? – No comment, no commitment. – Lets cross our fingers that they fix this one pronto!

  9. hAl says:

    I did seem to read between the lines in that chat notes that jpeg XR support might be on the cards.

  10. Sheriff says:

    Oh,here it comes the Chinese vision.

    It’s wonderful to use IE8 in my native language

  11. says:

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Coming in August

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