Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers Now Available

This morning at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, the IE team made eight announcements about IE8. The most interesting for many people is that a developer beta is now available. Download it here.

The rest of our talks and demos focused on seven other areas that appeal to developers:

  1. Our goal is to deliver complete, full CSS 2.1 support in the final IE8 product. IE8 Beta 1 for developers delivers better interoperability with other major browsers, addressing major pain points (e.g. floats and margins) from previous IE releases. We’re not finished – there’s much more to come in Beta 2.

  2. We’ve contributed over 700 test cases to the W3C CSS working group because we think a comprehensive certification test suite for CSS is important for true interoperability and we support the W3C’s effort to deliver such a suite. The CSS spec is good, but contains many ambiguities, and a test suite will help resolve them and benefit web developers and designers. We’re making these available under the BSD License, which is the license that the W3C CSS working group has proposed using for the rest of its test cases. Of course, we will contribute more tests en route to a full test suite, and welcome your feedback on the tests using the W3C's CSS test suite mailing list.

  3. We’ve delivered better scripting performance because we heard from developers that they needed it given how heavily the latest rich web experiences rely on script.

  4. We’ve started delivering support for HTML5 because we understand that developers want to start delivering richer web experiences, with great interoperability, as soon as possible.

  5. We’ve delivered the first installment of great, built-in developer tools. We understand that script, CSS, and layout debugging are crucial today. Again, we’re not finished here – there’s more to come.

  6. We’ve delivered a better way for web services to integrate into the user’s workflow with “Activities.” For example, a user can select text on a web page and map it, blog it, look for it, or just act on it without having to copy it, open a new tab, navigate to  another site, and paste. We made the OpenService Format specification available under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise and the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

  7. We’ve delivered a better way for web services to enable their users to keep an eye on interesting parts of a webpage within the browser with “WebSlices.” Developers can make parts of their pages “subscribable” with just a little mark-up, and users can easily subscribe and keep an eye on information (like their social network, an auction, or a sports score) within the browser, even when users are not at the developer’s site. We’ve made the WebSlice Format specification available under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise and is dedicating copyright in the specification to the public domain using the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication. 

The list above is the very short version of what’s in IE8 and does not represent everything that’s in the final product. There’s a lot more. This list details specific investments for developers. As with previous releases, members of the IE team will post to this blog in detail over the coming days, weeks and months. In the meantime, you can find a lot more information at the revamped IE Development Center:

While anyone can download it, this is a developer beta. We released it at MIX for a good reason: great web experiences start with web developers, and we want to engage developers first. We believe that to build a better browser for the people who use the web, we need to build a better browser for the people who make the web. Non-developers are welcome to try it, but they’ll be more interested in Beta 2.

One theme I hope developers notice here is interoperability. The team understands how big an impact differences between browsers (and previous versions of IE in particular) have had on developers in terms of wasted time, frustration, and (in some cases) limiting the experience that they deliver to users.  We want to deliver a big step forward in real-world interoperability for developers with IE8, and standards are at the core of our approach. This topic deserves a lot more than just this paragraph; expect more soon. 

The beta is available today for Windows Vista (“Gold” and SP1), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 SP2, and Windows XP SP2 and SP3, both in 32- and 64-bit versions. We will release the developer beta in German, and Simplified Chinese shortly. We’re interested in reading your feedback in the beta newsgroup and developer forums.

Please try it out – the browser itself, the developer tools, writing an Activity, marking part of your page as a WebSlice – and let us know what you think. 

Thank you,

Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager
Internet Explorer

Comments (121)

  1. Diablofan says:

    Internet Explorer 8 Fails Acid2. I know it passed in December 2007. But I tried it today, and it Failed

    <a href=";><img”>;><img src="; alt="IE8 Epic Fail" /></a>

  2. doug says:

    Dean, I am having trouble starting IE8 on Windows XP, I looked in my Internet Explorer folder and I am missing the "tfswshx.dll" component from the Installer. I don’t know why the component wasn’t included. What should I do to remedy this?

  3. dmose says:

    Ok I just tried IE8 Beta on one of my sites..

    The site works 100% fine and is really fast (javascript wise) on Safari, FF 2 and 3 (beta) and IE7..

    On IE8 – it’s a complete dog – with my cpu spiking hard.  Even in ‘ie7 mode’ the site doesnt’ render like it did in IE7..

    Uninstallilng until this beta comes along further, hopefully I can uninstall it ok 🙁

  4. Soum, the Activity popup doesn’t show on IE8 standards mode pages. It works in IE7 stds mode and quirks. This is a known bug for beta 1.

  5. curious says:

    Can this be installed STANDALONE? or does it wipe IE7 out (on XP)?


  6. We’re interested in reading your feedback says:

    "We’re interested in reading your feedback"

    yes indeed! and we are interested in submitting it!

    Sorry I missed the memo, WHERE IS THE PUBLIC BUG TRACKING?

    e.g. NOT a newsgroup or forum.

  7. dmose, hang in there. When you pushed the Emulate IE7 button, did you restart IE? Also, we haven’t completed or optimized IE8 stds mode yet, so perf will be slower. You should see that IE7 stds mode is as fast or faster than in IE7.

  8. Only one version of IE can be installed at a time. However, we have Virtual PC images with different versions of IE available for free here:

  9. Gyrobo says:

    I’ve tried the beta, and I’m completely appalled.

    The ONLY improvements to CSS selectors appear to be :before, :after, and :lang() selectors, and NOT any of the double colon notation versions.

    SVG support is nonexistent.

    And to top it all off, Acid2 FAILS. Looks like someone gouged its eyes out.

  10. Tihiy says:

    Well. is completely broken.

    Internet Options->Advanced->Tabbed browsing is misnamed "Only allow approved domains to use ActiveX…"

    Tab crash recovery is triggered, like, 10 times in 5 minutes (completely virgin IE8 over IE6SP2 installation).

    So thanks for delivering, but Mozilla folks would call this alpha.

  11. Justin Smith says:

    Hi Dean Hachamovitch (or anyone else at MS).  Have you considered giving users the ability to use Pipeline requests to servers like Opera and Firefox do…? There’s not a single web page I’ve found that doesn’t support HTTP 1.1 Pipelining because Pipelining has become standard.

    Opera enables Pipelining by default with a max of 8 simultaneous connections, and Firefox users rave about the ability to enable it.

    Here’s a screenshot that shows what a Pipelining dialog box could look like in IE 8:

    It would be the nail on the coffin performance wise if IE 8 used 4 to 8 simultaneous Pipelining connections by default since only about 1 % of the population still uses dial-up.  The speed boost would be incredible.  You could even ask users what connection they have in the new IE 8 wizard, and if they have broadband, you could enable Pipelining, and if they say they have dial-up, you can disable it.  Anyway, thanks for hearing me out, and a response would be greatly appreciated.  If you’re still hesitant support wise about enabling it, remember, you could always take the lesser route and make it an "Advanced" option that users would have to enable themselves, like Mozilla did with Firefox.

    Keep up the great work!

    Also, any user comments on this issue would be great too…

  12. Xu Xun says:

    The "opacity" CSS property is not working on IE 8 beta 1. Tested on Windows XP. The opacity filter does not work either:

    Here’s a test case:

  13. Guru says:

    Dear IE Team, proper public bug tracking please ala Bugzilla or whatever you all prefer to use.

  14. You can try the Acid2 test here (although their site seems to be down right now.) The test doesn’t work from the other domains you listed because the call for the eyes is cross domain; IE8 currently doesn’t trust that cross domain call. We’re working through whether we can change that for beta 2 safely.

  15. drshivas says:

    So where’s the standalone install instructions??

  16. P says:

    Congrats on this release!

    Some observations:

    – Noticed the failing of Acid2 as well

    – It crashed on Acid3

    – It crashed when trying to get to the Browse History

    – It crashes randomly

    – It fails box-sizing/overflow/sizing tests at: (even with "-ms-box-sizing: content-box;" added to the stylesheet"

    – It seems to hang/is very slow quite often

    BTW: I agree with other posters: bring up a public bugbase: it helps streamline our efforts to give input.


  17. dmose says:


    No I didnt restart the browser when I clicked the emulation button – should have tried.

    I uninstalled it because I need IE7 on my computer for development right now.

    What I can tell is its a step in the right direction however maybe the beta is actually an alpha? (given the rush to release for MIX it’s understandable)

    Nevertheless, I have confidence you guys will deliver a solid browser.

  18. John C Bachandouris says:

    It will not install. Says wrong service pack. Strange, the requrements section says it will work with Vista or Vista SP1. So why doesn’t it install?

  19. dmose, try the VPC I pointed to earlier then. Thanks!

  20. Gyrobo says:

    If a browser restart is needed to switch between rendering modes, then how could the opt-in system have possibly worked?

  21. petmal says:

    Any official bug reporting tool around? Thanks.

  22. P says:

    Another thing: Where’s the list of fixed bugs + new features? I checked the Release notes, but they’re too high level.

    for example:

    – button tag value submit fixed?

    – 30 stylesheet limit fixed?


  23. Gyrobo,

    The restart is to make sure that everything is in sync — ua string, rendering mode, and all visible pages. IE can switch page mode on the fly via the meta tag.

  24. Jason Cox says:

    IE8 is performing excellently so far, no issues to speak of- though I have to say I’m a bit surprised the Live Search guys didn’t test the homepage in IE8 before Beta 1 was released.

  25. jun says:

    "Only one version of IE can be installed at a time." What do you expect from Microsoft? Non-viruslike programs?  Forget about it!

  26. jalf says:

    Obvious question, and I’ll admit I didn’t read up on the webslices thing, but what’s wrong with using existing microformats standards?

    It sounds like you reinvented a separate distinct format for achieving the exact same thing that microformats have done for a couple of years now.

    Is that how far you were willing to take those promises of interoperability? Or am I missing something obvious 🙂

  27. Jalf, we’ll blog more about that later, but the current microformat didn’t have all of the information we needed to deliver the experience we wanted. We are contributing our spec back to the public domain under the CC-PD license so others can use it though.

  28. doug says:

    Tony, I am having trouble starting IE8 on Windows XP, I looked in my Internet Explorer folder and I am missing the "tfswshx.dll" component from the Installer. I don’t know why the component wasn’t included. What should I do to remedy this?

  29. Chess says:

    Renders fine in:

    – Opera

    – Firefox 2

    – Safari

    – IE 7

    Renders badly in:

    – IE 8

    So is IE8 even more standards complient then the others or ?

  30. Chess, I’m not sure about that site specifically, but as we’ve mentioned, we’re not yet done with our CSS 2.1 implementation, so there are features missing(not to mention bugs) that may cause sites to not draw correctly. Beta 1… 🙂

  31. tony says:

    Initial Feedback:

    + Favorites moved out of the tab row! (about time!)

    – Command bar still in the Tab row (pls change)

    – Refresh/Stop still on the wrong side of the address bar

    – Zooming still major-ly messed up.

  32. Victor says:

    After having read "With all the great styling and layout changes we’re working on in our new engine for IE8 to be much more standards compliant, […]" in "Compatibility and IE8", I was anxious to see if the main reason for so many, many problems in the past would have finally been taken care off. The dreadful "hasLayout" property.

    Unfortunately, it’s still present in the IE8 beta. Why call it a new engine if it still uses an appearantly fundamental architectural flaw, which has been with the Trident engine since it first saw daylight back in 1997? I’d really like to know how and if it’s still being used in the layout engine of IE8.

  33. petmal says:

    Well, maybe I am doing something wrong, but renders correctly.

    Tested on VirtualPC XP machine.

  34. gary says:

    just an idea. instead of the favorites button, display the text of the last selected tab. so if feeds was selected, the button would display "feeds", or it would display "history" if the history tab is selected.

  35. Drazick says:


    That’s an important step.

  36. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @P: "button tag value submit fixed?"

    Yes, in standards mode, we submit the value, not the innertext.

  37. Chris Jordan says:

    I’m glad to hear about Microsoft’s efforts on IE8, and I’m glad to hear it coming so soon on the heels of IE7. I’m a FireFox user myself, but until FF gets a better hold on the marker share for browsers, our only hope as developers is that the IE team does its level best to fix bugs and become standards compliant.

    I’m encouraged, by this blog entry, but still think I’ll wait until beta 2 to give the thing a go.

    I would love to see less tight integration with the OS (read: I want to run this as a stand alone and not have to fiddle with virtual machines to run various versions of the program).

    I also want to see IE8 handle z-index correctly when it comes to stacking divs on top of selects and such.

    Thanks for your efforts. Let’s hope IE8 is everything we want and more.

  38. David Naylor says:

    1. I didn’t expect this so soon!

    2. Great that you made it for XP too! Keep up the good work.

  39. petmal says:

    Does IE8 handle application/xhtml+xml type correctly?

  40. Jane [MSFT] says:

    @John C Bachandouris

    IE8 is supported on Vista and Vista SP1 final version only. The reason you are not able to install IE8 on your machine is most likely because you are running an earlier version of Vista SP1. Please upgrade your machine to Vista SP1 version 18000.



  41. Guru Stop says:

    With MIX, and meeting the announced MVC roadmap , the new versions of AS.NET Extensions are now publicly

  42. thacker says:

    Thanks for the Beta.

    After review, there are some serious CSS issues that I am sure will get resolved. The speed/performance issue will get resolved from what you have stated.

    No support for application/xhtml+xml MIME content type is a disappointment.

    Have notified various staff to be sure to add the Meta equivalent tag to IE7 engine and get it done, today.  While the likelihood of a vendor/customer logging onto a client’s Intranet is remote using IE8 Beta, it is still a possibility.  Perhaps, the default rendering should have been IE7 until the final Beta of IE8.

    All said and done, I am sure you will get the issues resolved as best you can.

  43. Installed the first Internet Explorer 8 beta. Some thoughts:

    I&#8217;m impressed that it can import settings from Firefox &#038; Safari.

    It detected Firefox extensions and even offered to look up similar add-ons. Unfortunately it was a big long searc..

  44. Praveen[MSFT] says:


    aria-* properties are new properties that allow the author to provide accessibility information. More info at

  45. Xepol says:

    Thank you, got it installed and checking it out now.

    Thanks for a way to launch a whole folder from the links bar into a set of tabs, I appreciate that suggestion getting in!

    I also appreicate how it didn’t scramble the order of my links toolbar.  Whoever did the extra work on that one – THANK YOU!!!!

  46. Brian LePore says:

    You commented on parts of HTML5 being supported. Mind to share what you’ve begun work on?

    Feature suggestion: allow some way for a domain to mark an element node as cacheable. If your site’s navigation/header/footer rarely change it would be nice for the browser to cache those elements between pages, that way only your content area(s) need to be rendered on each page load.

    Only "bug" I saw was on a client’s site using our Web builder application the top left graphic on was getting being pushed down by the inner div (I recognize that it’s bad HTML, but that part’s centering is done by the client editing it in Design Mode). I had to give it a width of 100% and make it an inline-block to avoid a 10px gap that IE7 nor Firefox2 had. I couldn’t figure out where these 10px were coming from via the new Developer bar.

    I *LOVE* the ability to finally edit attributes inline in IE. THANK YOU.

  47. Ibrahim says:

    Just wondering, is there a 64 bit version of IE8 like there is for IE7? Not that it really makes any difference except added incompatibility with plugins in the 64 bit version. I’ll probably wait on this release of IE8, but nice work passing Acid2!

  48. David Clarke says:

    Wow, you guys must need skin like rhinos, I guess it’s hard to please everyone when you’re part of the evil empire(tm). I’m glad you went with standards mode by default and you’re making the right noises about standards support. I’ve had a brief play with the beta and at first blush my last standards-based site is all good. The beta seems solid and the developer tools are a big improvement. Well done.

  49. Pipo Lambert says:

    Well done guys, I didn’t expect a beta release so soon!!!

    Disregard the unsatisfiable posters and negative comments; people who created a personality out of bashing Microsoft suddenly find themselves with much less character – you did a great job, I look forward to the future releases 🙂

  50. thacker says:

    Am sure that you will run across this if you already haven’t.  Off-screen hidden text via CSS isn’t fully supported, e.g.






    Text is hidden but white space remains.

  51. Matt says:

    No png support at all.  Looks to me not all CSS is supported correctly. However i am looking forward to the final release and hopefully it will be friendly to us true web standards people.

  52. brindahl says:

    Thanks for the beta

    A quick test shows it working well under XP SP2.  Funny how many sites break under the new standards mode (like everything on!).

    I see the Adobe SVG viewer still works which is nice until …… ??


  53. Microsoft hat sich vor der Veröffentlichung einer Beta-Version des kommenden Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) nun doch (einigermaßen überraschend) dazu entschlossen, die ggü. IE6 und IE7 standardkompatiblere Darstellung von Webinhalten standardmäßig zu verwende

  54. PatriotB says:

    @doug — tfswshx.dll is not part of Windows or IE…  This page might help you out:

  55. hito says:

    what about application/xhtml+xml?

  56. iBoy says:

    Do you know what I like the most about IE? It is not installed on my Mac 🙂

  57. Ya está disponible para su descarga pública la primera beta de Internet Explorer 8. Los detalles pueden leerse en el blog del equipo de desarrollo. Otra crónica es la que hace Percy Cabello en MozillaLinks:

  58. Nwind says:

    don’t have ‘hasLayout’?

    display:inline-block is different from safari?

  59. Stifu says:

    Cool to see the first beta that soon. Too bad about the lack of support for new CSS 3 properties, SVG and XHTML, though. That may change later, or not… I wish an announcement was made about such things, what’s planned and what isn’t. At least CSS 2.1 compliance is planned, which is something already…

    I have a couple of questions on my mind, but will only ask the most important ones:

    – Is the IE7 rendering exactly the same as in IE7, currently, or are there differences? I’m asking because I still need to test sites in IE7, and was wondering if I could do that with this beta…

    – Is IE6 rendering mode supported at all?

  60. Diese Woche findet die gr&#246;sste Web Konferenz von Microsoft statt. Folgende Ank&#252;ndigungen sind

  61. Diese Woche findet die grösste Web Konferenz von Microsoft statt. Folgende Ankündigungen sind wichtig

  62. Breno Ribeiro says:

    I’m still waiting to test it… the download takes so long… why not standalone?

    The vpc solution is really a big problem! Help us!

  63. D�cid�ment, on n’en finit pas de parler d’Internet Explorer 8 ! Comme �voqu� sur ce billet, la premi�re b�ta de la version 8 est disponible. Le blog de MSDN l’annonce dans un billet. Elle est t�l�chargeable sur le site de Microsoft.

  64. pd says:

    Having spent half a dozen hours debugging this

    issue this week, and being a huge Firefox supporter, I really have every right to hate Microsoft and IE right now.

    However … I got home from work and found IE8b1 available. I installed it and tested a few of my sites … and all I really want to say is




  65. Wow! I didn’t expect a working version of IE8 that early. Looks like bug-tracking is now a very high priority.

  66. Ludo says:

    Good but the notepad to edit source and properities are always so bad!!!

    please, doing a good job for this

  67. James says:

    I’ve been using IE7…installed IE8 last night.  It immediately crashes every time I attempt to start the browser.  It doesn’t even get to the point of displaying home page.  I’ve tried reinstalling a few times as well.  Any suggestions?  

  68. Lambros Vasiliou says:

    IE8 ROCKS! Still hate the "javascript error do you wish to debug dialog" comming up all the time when i am not interested in developing at that moment.

    Development tools also look great.

    Hope you end IE6 support entirely as soon as IE8 goes RTW

  69. says:

    Gestern hat das IE-Entwicklerteam auf der zur Zeit in Las Vegas stattfindenen Konferenz MIX08 die erste Beta des Internet Explorer 8 ver�ffentlicht. Einen �berblick �ber die neuen Funktionen und �nderungen gibt das Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit

  70. Lambros Vasiliou says:

    James, try to start IE without any addons. If it loads just fine then one of your addons is causing the issue.

  71. Sagi Arsyad says:

    I test on wikipedia site (just some random article)

    try to scrolldown a little on textarea, hightlight a line

    you can see that IE8 will automatically scrolling up

  72. Vaughn J says:

    Does Microsoft have any documentation about GPO settings that will be available for IE8?  GPO information would help us plan for IE8 implementation at our organinzation that has over 110,000 desktop and laptop computers.


  73. I like IE 8 interface. Clean :).

    Same problem like Sagi Arsyad and it happen on my website too. IE8 autoscroll it self when reaching a "text input". IE 8 Wrecking my design which it had same appereance in IE 7, FF, and Opera. Maybe I should refine it. Slow repaint problem at the toolbar in my laptop.

    Great Release, I hope many bug will be fixed in future release. I love this browser 🙂

  74. jeanph01 says:

    The activities are fine but can they be personnalized ? I mainly use blogger for my blog posts.

  75. rakaz says:

    Microsoft released the first beta of Internet Explorer 8 yesterday. There are lots of articles on the web discussing the changes they have made, so I won’t repeat any of the general comments. I will…

  76. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Sagi / @DItyo Nurasto: Thanks.  The scrolling issue is a known bug in Standards mode.  

    @Matt: PNG is fully supported and has been since IE7.

    @Ibrahim: Yes, when installed on a 64 bit OS, IE8 has both 32bit and 64bit versions available.

    @Stifu: IE6 Quirks mode remains IE8’s Quirks mode.  IE6 "strict" mode was replaced by IE7 "strict" mode and is no longer available.  When you opt into IE7 Strict mode via the X-UA-Compatible Meta-tag or Header, it should behave identically in IE7 and IE8, although you must ensure that your conditional comments and window.navigator.userAgent checks account for IE8.

  77. jeanph01 says:

    I know it isn’t in this version but what are the plans to support XSLT 2.0 in future versions of IE ?

    and the affering standards ? (xpath 2.0)


  78. This menu makes all DOM calls to create and display menus. It is completely broken by the IE 8 beta.

  79. Mephiles says:

    What HTML5 tags and attributes do you support? I’d like to put them in Wikipedia.

  80. Stifu says:

    EricLaw: thanks for answering. Yeah, I meant IE6 "strict" mode, of course.

    As for IE7 strict mode, I just thought maybe the fact IE8 is a beta may make it behave unexpectedly, making it an imperfect reference for IE7 tests. From what you’re saying, it sounds like the IE7 mode should be totally unaffected by the IE8 core, which is good.

    However, I don’t agree with you on the PNG point. Yes, Matt is obviously wrong when he says there is "no png support at all", yet PNG is not "fully supported" either, as gamma correction is still handled incorrectly (makes images darker than they should be).


  81. @Tony Chor: Thanks for the link to VPC images. I’ve misplaced my "qualifying media" and haven’t been able to create an image of my own using an XP upgrade disk.

    Does the IE team intend to keep providing new VPC images as old ones expire?

  82. Dave Nelson says:

    How soon can we expect a VitrualPC image to test with in the same way we currently test IE6 and IE7?

  83. IEBlog says:

    As Dean mentioned yesterday in his post announcing the availability of the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

  84. As Dean mentioned yesterday in his post announcing the availability of the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

  85. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Stifu: My understanding (and this is not my area of expertise) is that browsers have different interpretations of how to handle Gamma (some ignore it, some deal with it one way, etc).  

    In order to get the best cross-browser behavior, you might consider stripping out the gamma chunks.  Beyond improving consistency, this will improve the performance of your page, as the images will be smaller.

  86. Stifu says:

    EricLaw: I’m no expert either, so I can’t comment on how it should be implemented. On the other hand, all other browsers and gfx edition programs seem to agree on this point and do things the same way, leaving IE alone with their implementation.

    By the way, I don’t know if there’s a way to make, like, Photoshop omit the gamma chunk by default, as opposed to having to edit the PNG afterward, which is quite tedious. Gimp makes things easier, though.

    As for the performance gain, it shouldn’t be noticeable at all, as the size difference is so tiny…

    Also, removing the gamma chunk causes Macs to render PNG images too brightly, which is another problem (to which gamma correction is supposed to be the solution).

  87. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @stifu: I’m not convinced that there is any agreement on this point.  

    There are some good articles on this topic:

    "Of the various PNG-supporting browsers, Safari on Mac OS X prior to 10.4 is the most prominent problem: It applies a gamma change to unlabeled PNGs. This means that even unlabeled PNGs are no good those who want consistent colors between images and CSS in Safari on Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.2"

    More here:

  88. Ingo Turski says:

    It seems, that the IE8 should be treated as a "normal" browser. But therefore the standard IE7-Hacks should not work in IE8.

    This are:

    – a HTML comment before the DOCTYPE (IE7 as well as IE8 recognice just the xml-declaration)

    – the "standard" CSS hack :first-child+html

    If you want IE8 to be treated as a standard compliance browser, then fix these Bugs too.

  89. Janko's Blog says:

    IE Tem announced Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for developers and designers. Release notes can be downloaded

  90. Mephitus says:

    any hopes for a win2k version — for those of us who just want to test the thing -without- shelling out more $$ (that we dont have) for a new version of windows?

  91. Mark says:

    Mephitus– No way they’re doing a Win2k version; Win2k is pretty much out of support.  They didn’t release IE7 for Win2k for that reason.  

    You can probably just install the Virtual PC software and run IE8 on that?

  92. Reverso says:

    A warning message appear when a zip archive is righ clicked since I’ve ie8 beta on my computer.

    The message is:

    "The page has an unspecified potentiel security risk. Would you like to continue?"

    I’m running Vista Home Premium and my software for extracting or zipping files is Winrar.

    Great job

  93. Michael Lockard says:

    Congrats on the release, fantastic for a beta. Fixed tons of float/margin bugs. Really a massive improvement over ie7.

    A few quick observations, I too noticed that css opacity is not working, since the ‘filter’ properties are gone(as they should be) dynamic fade-in’s etc don’t work… Big problem for "web 2.0" sites.

    Will you be supporting standard CSS opacity in future releases?

  94. Morris says:

    I just don’t understand why IE standalone is not a standard feature.

    Wouldn’t it help corporates to slowly upgrade to IE8? (Although I think ideally they would upgrade to IE8, and run standalone IE6 for their legacy sites – I guess standalone IE6 would not be doable).

    And obviously developers want standalone IE8…

  95. Johny says:

    I tried to view some my websites in IE8. It’s nice that Acid2 is correctly showed but most of pages looks terrible in IE8. I optimize my webs for IE6, IE7, FF, Opera and Safari and they are displayed more than correctly there. I hope that this is only first beta version (probably alfa) and finally build will be much more better. On the other side if it isn’t better It’ll be an other stupid browser that will need special CSS hacks (as like as IE6).

  96. Ramesh says:

    I have installed internet explorer 8 beta 1 successfully but i m unable to uninstall it from add remove programs as there is no remove button.

  97. It has been a busy week this week. I arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday and have been really enjoying meeting

  98. irulats says:

    2 bugs: Sidebar is corrupted in Vista Ultimate SP1 after IE* install.

    CTRL-f brings up find box but doesn’t scroll down to where the found text is high-lighted, so you have to scroll and find it yourself…

  99. Pollyx says:

    When IEW8 Beta 1 is installed, the webbrowser control of .NET 2.0 Framawork exposes the HTTP User Agent string "MSIE 7.0" and shows all the known rendering bugs that IE7 has, so it seems that the new IE8 rendering engine is not at all used in Dot NET.

    Is there a workaround or is this the intended behaviour?

  100. Hi All, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is a developer preview for web designers and developers to help prepare

  101. Hi All, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is a developer preview for web designers and developers to help prepare

  102. I can’t open “live mail” at IE8… watarrell

  103. Programmerman says:

    I have one question for you, Mr. Hachamovitch…

    Where do we get the "eight" shirt?

  104. chaparo says:


  105. With apologies to anyone who’s already read this on my Webwatch e-mail list, I wanted to mention that beta 1 of Internet Explorer 8 is available. This is the product I work on at Microsoft so it is always nice when something I work on is available publicly.

  106. Amigo says:

    I have a very stupid question – how to report a support ticket to IE team?

    The matter is the next:

    try to create a next HTML page:



    <div CONTENTEDITABLE="true"><a style="DISPLAY: block" href="">google</a></div&gt;



    then place cursor right after google link and press Enter.

    IE just crashes….

    I need a link to some support ticket (if I only knew how to create it!) for our customer, who is complaining about that.

    Please, could anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

  107. DT blogi says:

    Ehkki IEBlog teatas juba möödunud nädala kolmapäeval, et IE8 esimene beta on väljas, polnud mul mahti sellega enne tänast tegeleda. Põhjuseks CeBIT 2008 ja sinna järgi kevadiste projektidega alustamine. Internet Explorer 8 esimene beta on mõ…

  108. iron2000 says:

    Is the cache overflow problem fixed?

  109. Chris R says:

    I had the same problem.. probably because I installed it on XP SP3 RC2. Digging through the Add/Remove entries in the registry, it would appear that it failed to set UninstallString. I was able to find the uninstaller in the hidden/encrypted folder c:WindowsIE8spuninst so if anyone else runs into these sort of problems, now you know what to do.

    Saturday, March 08, 2008 2:55 AM by Ramesh

    I have installed internet explorer 8 beta 1 successfully but i m unable to uninstall it from add remove programs as there is no remove button.

  110. Chris R says:

    I don’t recall now, but I see there’s also a NoRemove set to 1 under the IE7 entry.. if that’s also the case with IE8.. that entry could be modified or removed and that could allow the Remove button to show.. but then agian, without the UninstallString it might be a functionless button.

  111. test says:

    here’s a link/method to the common method for making ie (just betas ?? – dunno) running standalone.

    (link is down:

    method was:

    1. download ie package

    2. open and extract exe file to a folder

    3. delete "shlwapi.dll"

    4. create an empty text file called "IEXPLORE.exe.local" and save it in the ie path

    5. run iexplorer.exe

    worked for me with ie8 beta1.


    – couldn’t open local files (prompted with an tab error)

    – menu’s sort of partial dead

    comment: method worded on ie8 beta1; ie7 beta(1,2,3) &(rc1) partially->displaying issues, ie7 did not work

  112. IEBlog says:

    The IE team is pleased to announce the availability of Chinese (Simplified) and German versions of Windows

  113. IEBlog says:

    In addition to the features for developers we showed in IE8 Beta 1 , we’ve been working on great new

  114. says:

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Coming in August

  115. IEBlog : Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers Now Available

  116. says:

    noted yesterday that Microsoft only had 11 more days within which to deliver the more customer-focused

  117. says:

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Coming in August

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