IE8 Beta Feedback

It’s exciting when we have a new beta to release! The launch of IE8 developer beta is a huge milestone, and we have set up various mechanisms to collect feedback. Before I list out all of our feedback channels for IE8 betas, I want to explain what we learned from our experience with IE7 feedback.

We were thrilled but a little overwhelmed by the amount of input we got in IE7.  Frankly, we couldn’t keep up and really do a good job handling the free-form bug entries.  So we want to try something new for IE8.  We’ve asked our best bug finders from IE7 and other Microsoft beta programs to handle the bug reporting.  (Note: We’ll keep evaluating our invite list and add promising new people as we find them --  and removing ones who aren’t delivering).

Everyone will be able to see the bugs they enter and vote on the ones they think are most important.  There are instructions how to do this at the end of this blog.

We also have built ways to help us collect feedback in automated ways from everyone.  Some of these are technologies you’re probably familiar with like the Customer Experience Improvement Program, which gives us real world usage data like “how many times people click the back button in a session,” and information when IE crashes or hangs.  We have also added a new tool called “Report a Webpage Problem…” to help report website compatibility issues. 

So here is the more detailed listing of our feedback channels:

  • IE8 Technical Beta - We are inviting a group of beta testers from around the world to do beta testing of IE8 and provide us with bugs.  These beta testers commit to spending time with IE8 betas and file bugs when they observe unexpected behaviors.  The IE team will be evaluating this set of bugs, looking for the most impactful bugs to all of our users.

  • Public Votes on IE8 Technical Beta bugs – We want to be transparent about the bugs reported by our beta testers, therefore the bug database for the IE8 Technical beta will be available for everyone to view and vote on issues. , You can sign up here: to view the Internet Explorer 8 Technical Beta program. (Note: registration on the Microsoft Connect site is required.)

  • Report a Webpage Problem Tool - We have released another tool to help us capture website compatibility issues.  The Report a Webpage Problem is a control that can be downloaded and installed in IE8. When you encounter a site that is not rendering correctly, you can submit a report.  We use these compatibility reports to populate our compatibility test suite with real site issues seen by users around the world. 

  • Automated Customer Feedback – Internet Explorer uses an automated system to collect real-world data about the causes of customers' pain—primarily about crashes and hangs, as well as data that gives us a picture of how IE8 is being used in the real world.  The IE8 betas will be opted in by default to Customer Experience Improvement Program, so we can use this automated data to inform us on issues that are affecting beta customers at large. 

  • IE Beta Newsgroup – This new newsgroup is the all-in-one place to discuss items about IE8 betas.  Our Microsoft MVPs and IE team members will monitor this newsgroup.

So, what do you do if you believe you have an issue that the IE team needs to know about? Here are the steps we encourage you to take:

  1. Read the IE8 Release notes – we try to outline most of the known issues in this document at the time of release. 
  2. Visit the Internet Explorer 8 Technical Beta program on Connect ( and view bugs in the database. Note: you must register on the Microsoft Connect to search for your issue
  3. If you find your issue, please rate it (vote for it). This will help us understand how many people find this issue important
  4. If you don’t find your issue, you can visit the IE beta newsgroup and post your issue there. Members of the technical beta will be monitoring this newsgroup and can file a bug about the issue on your behalf in the technical beta

If you want to request being added to the IE Technical Beta, you can send email to:, Subject: Apply for IE Tech Beta, and tell us why you are a great beta tester.  There is a limit to the number of people we will add, so if you don’t make it in, please follow our guidelines above when you encounter issues.

Thanks and happy beta!

Kellie Eickmeyer
Lead Program Manager

[Update: Release Notes link updated]

Comments (213)


    If the plan is to kill it after IE8 goes RTM then I’m not submitting a darn thing.


    Waiting on an [MSFT] official response before entering ANY bugs/issues.

  2. Honestly, we’re not sure yet what we’ll do with the bug tracking after RTM. We want to make sure that any feedback channels we have that we keep alive are ones we can continue to respond to, so we’ll see how well the system works before we decide. We’ve definitely heard the feedback that people want us to keep it alive.

  3. Looks like the first beta of IE8 has just been announced . Download it here . There’s a fact sheet too

  4. GoodThings2Life says:

    Hey IE Team, I just installed IE8… very impressed so far! Just some observations:

    1. Favorites Bar… when you hover over multiple folders on the favorites bar, you shouldn’t have to click each folder to make them drop down… hovering should be sufficient if you’ve clicked on a folder already.

    2. What is the "grayed out" effect of web addresses meant to serve?

    3. When you use the "Add to Favorites" option within the Favorites menu, it would be more intuitive if it were like the "Pin to Start Menu" option rather than duplicating the folder.

    4. Not sure if it was possible in IE7, but very awesome on changing the View for the History listing!

    5. Love the "Activities" option and can’t wait to see more!

    6. WebSlices are a cool idea, so again I can’t wait to see more!

    7. Crash recovery seems to be working well too… I’ve had it crash twice, but always at times where I was mucking about with a lot of things at once.

    8. Please give us a Download Manager!

    9. NICE!!! at the bold RSS Feeds that are unread.

    Performance does seem pretty decent so far, so I look forward to seeing the progression to the final product.

    I’m sure I’ll post more things as I continue to play.

  5. Steven Roussey says:

    I know it’s policy to only release a few betas over a long period of time, but in the spirit of change, can we expect more betas more often? Like monthly?

  6. GoodThings2Life,

    Thanks! Re: web addresses, we’ll blog more about that later too, but briefly, we highlight the domain name and dim everything else back to help users know where they are on the web. A common ploy for phishing attacks is to spoof the URL so it looks like a legit domain; this feature makes those kinds of attacks more difficult.

  7. Rag says:

    The release notes link does not work (redirects to;[ln];kberror&style=error&errurl=%2fdefault.aspx%2fkb%2f949800 )

  8. Thanks, Rag. We’re checking on it now.

  9. Tihiy says:

    Wait… you want to say there’s now TWO iexplore.exe’s MIRRORING EACH OTHER?!

    I thought even dirtiest malware stopped using tactic long time ago… 0_o

  10. John says:

    Just a few minor things I’d like to note…

    Why does ctrl+l open a dialog box when the address bar is all that’s needed?

    The "second" menu bar on the tab bar wastes a lot of space I think. A help button when there’s already a help menu, a 2nd Tools, which is ??almost redundant with the 1st… Speaking of which, why is it that the 1st menu bar doesn’t have icons next to listed items but the 2nd one does?

    Also, that new mail button, if it could be configured with webmail that’d be nice.

    Thanks guys for keeping the progress up.

  11. Frank says:

    "Real browsers work on any platform" – adding W2K could help you to find obscure issues with seriously limited memory and bandwidth. Just an idea.

  12. Kay says:

    Nice beta, but I already found something:

    The text selection tool is very buggy.


    If you select some text and drag the cursor over some whitespace the selection is inversed.

    If you select some text with list elements (e.g the article on this page) the elements disappear (or is this a feature?)

    Text selection is generally slowish and flickers.

    Anyways, can’t wait for the final

  13. anonym says:

    Just wanted to congratulate you guys on this beta release. Time to make a fine browser – together!

    Keet it up!


  14. Kellie Eickmeyer [MSFT] says:

    Hi, I just fixed the link to the release notes. Thanks for letting us know.

  15. Kellie Eickmeyer [MSFT] says:

    Hi, I just fixed the link to the release notes. Thanks for letting us know.

  16. Kay, text selection and editing are definitely works in progress in the new engine.

  17. Eli says:

    Great work guys, I’ll bet you $100 that Mozilla rips the domain syntax coloring.

  18. Arieta says:

    I like IE8 so far. Problems I noticed:

    – PNG gamma correction / color correction is still not supported. As a result, png graphics display darker then they normally are. Simple test case: make a html page that displays color #123456 as the background, make a 100×100 png image of the same color, and put it on the webpage: the difference between the two should be clearly visible.

    This has been an issue since IE6. Supporting all these web standards is awesome but a simple png file can break the graphics on your site because of incomplete support.

    – memory usage. When closing a tab, IE8 does not release the RAM used by a tab. Or if it does, it doesn’t do it properly. Eventually, after extended use, the process iexplore.exe racks up absurd amounts of memory usage.

    This happened in IE7 as well, although it wasnt this extreme (got 110mb usage after 5-6 minutes of browsing – only checking 4chan, a few rss links and googling for acid2, closing the links thereafter only freed up a few megs from the 110).

    – huge TABLEs. These loaded slowly in earlier IE versions, because they were only displayed once the whole table was downloaded in the source (it was a nag when loading 500k tables back on dialup). This still happens in IE8. Of course its not much of a problem given that I’m running a 10mbit cable connection, but, with IE8 these tables not just load slowly, but scroll and display with extreme cpu usage as well. This is very, very annoying.

    A simple test case:

  19. Steven Roussey says:

    John: ALT-D moves to the address bar like you want. In all the versions of IE I remember and in Firefox.

  20. sonicdoommario says:

    To the IE Team:

    The other Acid2 site came back up, so when I attempted to test it with IE8 Beta 1, the face does render correctly, but highlighting the nose makes it turn blue. Is that supposed to happen or no?

  21. I’m guessing this item installs over IE 7 and 6 … and I just wanted to suggest that you give the users the option to install IE8 beta in a different directory from their current IE install.

    Its important, because this is a no-risk strategy.

    The user’s current IE browser remains untouched and that gives users like me the confidence to take IE8 for a test drive, without worrying about the stress of uninstalling it and reinstalling IE-whatever if it doesn’t run the way we like.

  22. Michael says:

    Very impressive guys. While IE7 was an OK release (I did like the streamlined UI), IE8 really looks promising already.

    I noticed how Activities has been something you’ve guys developed for a long time. 🙂

    And all the other latest goodies sound awesome too. But I’m still waiting to hear:

    1. Skins support

    2. Easier to make add-ons

    3. Support for other OS’s

    4. Fancier looking zoom control (like Office 07′)

    5. Rendering on mobile devices (WinMo?)

    6. Live "Tab" Thumbnails

    7. Most of the goodies that’s been available in IE7 Pro for a long time already.

    8. Tabbing history.

    9. Better inline search

    10. View web page source code.

    Still waiting. Keep up on the good work guys.

  23. doug says:

    I have not been able to try IE8 because of an error being given one to two minutes after opening the application that says "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close…"

    The issue is with the "tfswshx.dll" component which isn’t even present on my computer, which runs on Windows XP SP2.

    Urgent help would be appreciated and prefered.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @sonicdoommario: Yes, the "blue" nose is a feature of the test.

  25. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @sonicdoommario: Yes, the "blue" nose is a feature of the test.

  26. Eduardo Valencia says:

    Hey IE team,seems that IE* has problems with 3 of my most frequently visited sites:


    El tiempo

    and Facebook fo course

    Good luck fixing this,but i see that it’s a width issue.

  27. sokzzuka says:

    why IE8 doesn’t turn to standarts mode when xml proglog + xhtml 1.1 ?

  28. AlexGl [MSFT] says:


    tfswshx.dll is not an IE component. It’s most likely an add-on that’s causing the problem. Try running Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) and see if you still encounter this issue.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The nose is supposed to turn blue on hover to pass the test.

  30. Marshall says:


    1.) New Tab (stop telling me its a new tab!)

    2.) Prompt dialog:

     a.) Not fixed (bug 109, bug 139)

     b.) Now triggers a security toolbar and returns null because the dialog was supressed.

    3.) CSS overflow-y – yikes! what happened there!

    4.) Checkbox bug (bug 132) still broken

    5.) Still can’t drag a link to a new tab properly

    6.) Still no option to open *ALL* new tabs at the *END* of my tab bar

    7.) WinXP chrome/theme issues on select lists

    8.) JavaScript Console… well, not quite, but at least the content is VIEWABLE now!

    9.) javascript: urls on about:Tabs work (yeah!), but still broken on about:blank, or when using CTRL+L (new location)

    10.) Still hidden options in IE status bar

    11.) PNG favicons render pink background where ALPHA 100% transparency should be

    12.) Scolling with mouse wheel causes some page content to flicker/hide.

    13.) window has new global object/method "XDomainRequest" (is this an X-Domain XMLHTTPRequest object?

    14.) Ditto for "globalStorage" ? does this cross domains? or pages within a site?

    15.) Hmmm, "sessionStorage" ? can you clarify the difference between 14/15?

    16.) document.compatible ? what is this property?

    17.) document.onstorage ?

    18.) document.onstoragecommit ?

    19.) document.documentMode = 5 ?

    20.) window.maxConnectionsPer1_0Server: 6 ?

    21.) window.maxConnectionsPerServer: 6 ?

    22.) A Whole whack of new properties on a FORM:








    ariaLevel: 0


    ariaPosinset: 0






    ariaSetsize: 0


    More details on these new properties/methods please.

  31. nevor says:

    – application/xhtml+xml still not accepted

    – acid2 test works on but not on

    (firefox 3 pass it on both)

  32. GP says:

    What happend to the option to Open tabs when IE starts again when you go to close it with open tabs?

    I loved that option in IE7, but it seems to be gone in IE8 now.  

  33. Jason Upton [MSFT] says:


    That component is a Sonic BHO that is part of IE.  It might be an IE8 issue hosting an old control, which is why we beta.

    Start | Control Panel | Internet Options | Programs | Manage Add-ons and disable that particular BHO.  

    Restart IE and try it out.  Thanks.

  34. doug says:

    AlexGL, the issue’s been fixed. I disabled the add-on after getting IE8 started without any add-ons present, and it works fine.

  35. Dinoboff says:

    Is there on easy way to switch the version targeting on website that IE8 break? I mean if you  don’t have any control on the website.

    I would like to see how much it can help. If there’s no option in IE8 for thatr, how can I can do that with something like the Fiddler.

  36. Looks good so far. Just curious. Are there any news regarding JavaScript events (e.g. addEventListener, capturing phase, domready, …)? What’s about things like getComputedStyle? HTML5 activeElement would also be great for web applications.

    And yes, as mentioned somewhere above. PNG gamma correction is a must. Also in IE7, it was not possible to combine CSS filters e.g. grey() with PNG images. Same effects like using AlphaImageLoader in IE6 before. Any news on this?

    Anything planned for the final?

  37. jessejacob says:

    Am I the only person interested in knowing why we can’t write add-ons for Internet Explorer in .Net yet? It’s 2008, I figured (incorrectly) that this would have been remedied years ago. Any target date/version for this ability?

  38. Neal says:

    Why is there a horizontal scrollbar on every single page I visit? That is really annoying. Also I tried out the meta switch at that works really slick. I will be using that on my site from now on until I can get the site working properly in IE8.

    Oh also yahoo mail sniffs out the browser and rejects me from using IE8… might want to contact them, i mean they only have millions of users.

  39. treego says:

    Just wondering where a Weather WebSlice is available at … thank you.

  40. markm says:

    Is side by side install available or will we have to go thru the Virtual PC process to run side by side installs. The beta of the "other" browser installs side by side without issue.

  41. h8k says:

    Would be great if tabs can be moved in "quick tabs" view…

  42. dmeglio says:

    I know it was never a supported control, and I know ASP.NET 2.0 replaces it with a better version, but many sites use the IE Web Controls ( it seems the TreeView control screws up IE8 royally. In fact, it isn’t rendered at all, and it seems to clear almost all of the page content! Sorry, I really don’t feel like using the newsgroups to report this. Please allow us to post bugs on the connect site!

  43. Jerry Mead says:

    At first review, compat with our products looks refreshingly free of significant issues. THANK you.

    An update to Windows Update to recognise this beta would be useful.

  44. Praveen[MSFT] says:


    aria-* properties are new properties that allow the author to provide accessibility information. More info at

  45. Praveen[MSFT] says:


    If you want to do this on only one site

    You can do this by use the IE Developer Tools.

    Enable the developer tools by clocking on the button in the toolbar. Click on View->Change Compatability Mode and choose IE7 mode

  46. Rowan says:

    In IE7 there was some weird behaviour with the cursor which would almost always display the text icon even where the cursor wasn’t near any text, is that why the text cursor has been ‘removed’ in IE8?

  47. Xepol says:

    Loving what I am seeing in IE8.  The favorites bar available in full screen mode – awesome thank you!!!!  I can finally use full screen mode!

    Launching an entire folder from the favorites bar – again another request of mine making my life soooo much easier!

    The new "blank tab" appearance -> Very nice, it actually has a finished look now.

    Now I just have to figure out why Ctrl-Alt-Del’s page doesn’t render right so I can tell the right person the right thing.  Works fine in IE7 emulation mode tho (which is also a nice new feature)

    I’m liking IE8…

  48. Neal says:

    I’m having problems with the positioning of background images on anchor elements. It worked previously in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. I’m at a loss. It has to be something different with IE8. I’m using a valid doctype as well.

  49. Will Peavy says:

    I’m impressed with the direction you guys are going. Great work so far.

    REQUEST: Can you include subdomains in the address bar highlighting? A lot of sites include the subdomain as part of the site’s branding ( for example:,… )

  50. James says:

    Seems to be some funky floating div handling at and

    and the emulate IE7 button doesn’t seem to force emulation here lol

  51. Nocturnal says:

    You guys are awesome.  I surprised at how fast IE8 beta was released.

    One feature that I had asked for when IE7 was released was the ability to middle click on the folders that are included in the Links toolbar and have them open in tabs.

    You guys FINALLY added this and I thank you!

    I’ve always been an IE fan and will continue to do so.

    You guys are great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Matt says:

    Woo Hoo!

    Double Clicking in the address bar ACTUALLY WORKS NOW!

    It correctly selects *JUST* that fragment!


  53. Matt says:

    …but with compliments come complaints…

    The developer tools still return (as does .innerHTML) DOM markup in horrible UPPERCASE Tag Soup with quoteless (and misssing) attributes!

    I thought IE8 was the release where the DOM was finally fixed?!

  54. Feed back says:


    1. Startup time is good, even on a virtual machine.

    2. The revamped addon manager features are nice, and performance on XP of the addon manager is also good.

    3. More commands available on toolbar is nice.

    4. Icons in search providers and in menus from toolbar buttons is awesome.

    5. Delete browsing history box redesign (checkboxes instead of buttons) makes me wanna use IE more and more.

    6. Developer tools are nice to begin with but still need to be as powerful as Firebug.

    7. It’s thrilling to see Acid2 being passed live.

    Can be improved:

    1. I hope that this being beta, some features are not implemented. I hope the ‘Toggle emulation mode’ button also stays and is not just during the testing phase.

    2. Layout layout layout of the toolbars. Why can’t MS offer the flexibility that IE6 provided in adjusting the position and layout of the toolbars?? What’s the use of the lock and unlock functionality if users can’t move the toolbars? Give us complete flexibility.

    3. Increase the limit of the Temporary Internet Files cache to more than 1024 MB. Today’s era demands it. Allow us to set it to a reasonable value around the size of a DVD (4-5 GB)

    4. Is there some change made in the whole spacing between each and every UI element to make it a bit larger? If so, reduce it. Even when a new tab is opened, the font size there is also way too large.

    5. Checking show large icons has no effect on the Favorites bar. Can you fix that?

    6. On IE7 in XPSP2 at least, I use "Make available offline" by right clicking or properties. Hope this is not removed and replaced by RSS feeds.

    7. Why not implement a resizable/adjustable search box?

    8. A separator or more space between "Save as" and "Close" on the File menu would prevent users from accidentally clicking Close when saving. A keyboard shortcut for "Save as" too would be better.

    9. Replace the cursor which appears when middle clicking and moving the mouse with a new smooth one, before you forget. Also the icon in the Properties of a web page. And the graphic on the Options tab in the Print dialog.

    10. When closing IE when multiple tabs are open, where is the "Open these the next time" option? Hope it’s not removed.

    11. In the redesigned Page Setup dialog, I can’t type a custom header/footer. Also include the editable text box.

    12. Make the Save webpage dialog resizable.

    13. The "Open new tab next to the current tab" option is gone! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

    14. On XP, update the modem icon on the connections tab.

    15. Document the settings on the Advanced tab in the Help file. Compiled HTML help can also use context sensitive help. If you dont want to use WinHelp, use CHM context sensitive help and add it to at least the advanced tab.

    16. Do something to prevent Windows Explorer toolbars from getting listed in the IE toolbars list and vice versa.

    17. Properly implement PNG gamma correction.


    1. Add support for embedded ICC V4 color profiles in images. Should be easier on Vista with Windows Color System.

    2. Add HD Photo support.

    3. Add a MIME type editor (what to do with a particular MIME type-Open/Save/Open with).

    4. Even if a download manager is planned later, add the ability to group downloads in the single taskbar button.

    5. Advanced JavaScript settings like preventing disabled context menus.

    6. Add a password manager protected by the Content Advisor password or another master password.

    7. Add a "Dont save now" option to the password saving dialog box or still better make IE check whether the logon was successful and only then save the password.

    8. Show comprehensive page info in the properties of the page.

  55. ST says:

    Please check

    Safari3Beta: Pass

    Firefox3Beta3: When about:config gfx.color_management.enabled = true, Pass

    IE8Beta1: Fail


    Can I disale [7] tool button ?

  56. Burt Brumme says:

    Great job so far.  Thanks for really taking the time to listen to the community.

  57. Conny says:

    All my favorites do not work anymore. I can not use them and if i import them to another browser they are empty but i can see them in IE.

    How can i uninstall the IE 8? How can i rescue my favorites????


  58. RJ says:

    Interesting, but there is nothing really within it to bring me away from firefox.  The main problem I have with IE is that I can not simply block ads.  You need an ad block extentision, but since microsoft makes so much money from advertisers I don’t know if we will ever see one.  Also not impressed that there are things to make it easier to use face book, windows live, and yet, nothing for myspace.  I’ll keep using firefox until IE includes in it such things as an ad block, flash block, and hey, how about even the ability to theme the ugly gui

  59. Tony Freixas says:

    Any chance of getting all betas as a virtual image a la the IE 6 image? I don’t have a spare license running around and I’d hate to trash my IE7 to test IE8.

  60. gary says:

    i’d like to see the text on the favorites button change to reflect the tab that’s selected. so, if the feeds tab is selected, the button would show feeds, instead of always showing favorites.

  61. Tony Freixas says:

    Ooops, sorry. There appears to be one in the same place as the IE6 and IE7 images. For anyone else looking, it’s at

    It’s a 438.6 MByte download with no bittorrent download 🙂

  62. steve_webdev says:

    How many people are in the "IE8 Technical Beta" program?

    I checked out the site, and there are only 50 bugs entered so far.

    There is definitely lots fixed in IE8 (more than I was expecting) but there are still several bugs  from IE7 and before not listed.

  63. Your microsoft connect site is a poor excuse for a bug reporting tool.

    I’ve got you a nice little reduced test case about input type="checkbox" onchange behaviour; but after 37 screens of bullshit, disclosure, and prising into my personal details, I have no will to participate.

    Do it better.

  64. Marcelo Barbosa says:

    Gmail "Send" and "Save now" button makes IE8 crash on Vista

  65. lithven says:

    Is there anyway to get rid of the "Emulate IE7" icon from the command bar?  Or at least move it to the opposite end of the menu so I can hide it?  All the other commands appear to be movable/removable, why isn’t it?


  66. Nathan says:

    "Your microsoft connect site is a poor excuse for a bug reporting tool."

    If there is one thing MS are doing very very badly it is this… I respect the IE team for wanting to get this right but they have not learned the most important lesson from IE7.

    Please IE team, get a decent bug reporting system up and running ASAP, this ms connect system is as useless as trying to keep track of bugs on a roll of toilet paper with a leaky pen in a hurricane.

    There are plenty of "very good" open source options for tracking bugs, swallow your pride and do yourselves a favour, track bugs properly.

    Apart from that its nice to get my hands on the browser, so far I can see CSS hasn’t been fully implemented, I’d suggest this should be a priority before beta 2, there goes 50% of the bug reports right there.

  67. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @lithven, @ST: No, the "Emulate IE7" button cannot be removed or moved in IE7 Beta 1.  Configuration of this button will be added in future updates.

    @Will Peavy: Stay tuned to the IEBlog for more info about why domain highlighting works the way it does.

    @Neal: Yes, Yahoo is aware of their user-agent string issue, and they will address it.

    @jessejacob: You’ve been able to write IE extensions in .NET since .NET 1.1/IE6 or earlier.  See for some sample links.

    @Marshall: Check out for more info on what’s new in IE8 for developers.

  68. webdev says:


    Why is application/xhtml+xml *still* not accepted?

    Why is SVG *still* not accepted?

  69. One thing that bothers me are two CSS "errors" I’ve found that can affect a lot of websites.

    The first one regardin negative margins and floats; the second and, I think, the most critical one, regarding links with display: block and parent divs.

    Long story short: the first one (negative-margins) is something like: if you have two blocks floating besides each other, then a clearing div below them, but have one of the divs get a negative-margin greater than it’s own width which makes it overlap above the other div, the clearing div ignores the div with the negative margin applied; but if the negative margin is less than it’s own width, the footer div clears it properly.

    The second one involves anchors with display: block on them. If you set an anchor to 100px width, 100px height, display: block and a border, then put the anchor inside a div, the area of the anchor that has no text nor border is NOT clickable… but if it’s out of the div, it is. position: relative on either the container div or the anchor itself seems to fix this.

    I’ve described and fixed both problems in my blog ( but it’s something that should not happen to begin with (having to add position: relative to a link in order for it to be clickable is just unnecessary in my opinion).

    You can see both problems here: Negative Margin and float problem link problem showed (try to pass your mouse cursor over here: )  link problem fixed

  70. Nick Lowe says:

    The domain highlighting doesn’t work well on domains like:

    In the first case, the part to be highlighted should be

    All domains are broken down in this way:



  71. MyTime says:

    Because version of the browser is checked, with IE8, application of the patch cannot be executed in the home page of Windows Update.


  72. LORP Bug: Literal Overflow Right Position Bug

    I have posted this bug here so please vote!

    This bug also exists in IE7 though after installing IE8 I am no longer able to use my IE 5.0/5.5 stand alones to confirm how far back this goes. Here is a minimal test case with an explanation…

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""&gt;

    <html xmlns="; xml:lang="en">


    <title>LORP Bug: Literal Overflow Right Position Bug: Test Case by John Bilicki III</title>

    <style type="text/css">

    #body {

    background-color: #000;

    border: #fff solid 1px;

    bottom: 4px;

    left: 4px;

    overflow: auto;

    padding:  0px;

    position: absolute;

    right: 4px;

    top: 4px;

    z-index: 1;


    #child_bug {

    background-color: #222;

    border: #777 solid 1px;

    height: 20px;

    position: absolute;

    right: 22px;

    text-align: center;

    top: 22px;

    width: 200px;

    z-index: 2;


    #parent_bug {

    background-color: #222;

    border: #777 solid 1px;

    height: 20px;

    position: absolute;

    right: 12px;

    text-align: center;

    top: 12px;

    width: 200px;

    z-index: 2;


    .block {

    display: block;


    body, html {

    background-color: #000;

    color: #a7a68f;

    overflow: hidden;


    h1 {

    font-size: 18px;





    <div id="body">


    <h1>LORP Bug: Literal Overflow Right Position Bug: Test Case by John Bilicki III</h1>

    <p>Elements positioned from the right side are X pixels short of being correctly positioned, X being whatever the width of the scrollbar is.

    The top right element should have 22px of space between it and the scrollbar which would be the exact same amount of space between it and the border of it’s parent element.</p>

    <div style="height: 2200px;"></div>


    <div id="child_bug"><a href="#">IE8-B1 12-Right Child</a></div>

    </div><!– /#body –>

    <div id="parent_bug"><a href="#">IE8-B1 12-Right Parent</a></div>



  73. Prakash says:

    It seems that getting the location of a DOM element does not work (at least the ASP.NET Ajax code):

  74. MyTime says:

    We want trying to be able to set the setting of the operational mode of IE, per the TAB window. When opening many TAB windows, because it restarts in order to change to the mode of IE7, it is inconvenient.

  75. Tomas Kapler says:

    I got problem with many web pages like google maps or similar – i believe this problem is because theese pages thing that I have stupid old IE rendering so when I switch to IE7 mode it works OK as they got this hacked. The problem is, that this switching need restarting of IE, and this is the reason why i cannot use it as most of the webs are in IE8 mode problematic, and i’m not going to support IE 7 mode.

    I wondered how to solve it, it will not be easy, but i would prefer to change the user agent info (and other common ways of browser detection), so it will mask as other browser, so that it can fully show its compatibility with standards without beeing afected by that ones who use e.g. conditional comments for IE => 7

  76. Jim says:

    Windows XP x64 SP2: The first level drop down menues (like page and tools) don’t show any text. The IE7 emulation does not seem to work… Why no uninstall?

  77. GP says:

    Bring the "Open these the next time" option back when closeing IE8 with tabs open PLEASE!!!  I always had 7-8 tabs open in IE7 when for some reason i’d have to close it.  That option helps ALOT!  And now in IE8b1 I can’t see it and it seems like it’s gone, why?

  78. Rowan says:

    Eli said: "Great work guys, I’ll bet you $100 that Mozilla rips the domain syntax coloring."

    On the contrary, Firefox 3 had this feature during the alphas (last year) but it was removed shortly after.

  79. Gabor Ivan says:

    Hi there! Awesome work you’ve done.

    I found some strange CSS problem:

    1. using together the writing-mode: tb-rl; and overflow: auto; properties make the content disappear.

    2. in some cases the header counter breaks. I found that this problem is comes up when the :before and :after is set on an other element and placed somewhere after the first <h1> element.


    h1 { counter-increment: chapter; counter-reset: section -1; }

    h2 {counter-increment: section;}

    h1:before {content: "Chapter " counter(chapter) ". ";}

    h2:before {content: "Section " counter(chapter) "." counter(section) " ";}

    span:before, span:after{content:’"’;}


    a) this works well:

    <span>Lorem ipsum</span>

    <h1>First Chapter</h1>

    <h1>Second Chapter</h1>

    <h2>First Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h2>Second Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h1>Third Chapter</h1>

    <h2>First Section of Third Chapter</h2>

    b) counter breaks after first:

    <h1>First Chapter</h1>

    <span>Lorem ipsum</span>

    <h1>Second Chapter</h1>

    <h2>First Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h2>Second Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h1>Third Chapter</h1>

    <h2>First Section of Third Chapter</h2>

    c) counter breaks after second:

    <h1>First Chapter</h1>

    <h1>Second Chapter</h1>

    <span>Lorem ipsum</span>

    <h2>First Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h2>Second Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h1>Third Chapter</h1>

    <h2>First Section of Third Chapter</h2>

    d) etc… 🙂

    e) Without the span:before, span:after{content:’"’;} css property, all cases pass.

    f) If we use this <span> before we start counting, the counter won’t breaks even if we place another <span> after the first <h1> element. So this works well:

    <span>Lorem ipsum</span>

    <h1>First Chapter</h1>

    <h1>Second Chapter</h1>

    <span>Lorem ipsum</span>

    <h2>First Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h2>Second Section of Second Chapter</h2>

    <h1>Third Chapter</h1>

    <h2>First Section of Third Chapter</h2>



    – support <q> element 🙂

    – support type="application/x-javascript"

    – support border-radius, column-count, column-width, column-gap please please please!

    Atta boys and girls!

  80. Lauri Inc says:


    – Those dashed border lines around clicked href’s which firefox has and we all hate them. They are also off in some links, like there is minus offset to the actual link.

    – Text selection is somehow buggy, and get’s inverted for no reason.

    – Weird behaviour with floating div’s, refreshing results in different positioning.


    – Well havent used it enough yet to find anything positive 🙂

    Seems a bit scary how many websites are buggy with IE8, designers will have their work cut out for them! 🙂

  81. Khoa says:

    I can’t view any webpage after install ie8 …

  82. Anon says:

    Very impressed with the beta – thanks!

    My request:

    Allow selected aspects of browsing hisory to be deleted when the browser closes. Firefox allows all cookies to be accepted, then deletes them on exit. For me, and I dare say most others, this is ideal. It allows privacy without breaking certain sites.

  83. Webdev says:

    Unfortunately I have not enough time to thank you for the great work in increasing compatibility to web standards 🙂 so I just go on with my request:

    Please, *please* fix that odd behavior that the universal selector "*" matches on DOCTYPE and comments. The "*+html"-hack MUST NOT apply to IE 8!

  84. Frank says:

    ‘Always use ClearType for HTML’ says you need to restart Internet Explorer. This is no longer needed I noticed.

  85. Having to restart a system on a browser installation is wrong, totally wrong…

  86. G.F.Kuehn says:

    With sp3 bld. 3300 installed there are permanent problems. So I uninstalled IE 8 again.

  87. Suzanne says:

    Unfortunately…I could not even get IE8 to open fully without "IE8 has stopped working" error message…

  88. Marco Aurélio says:

    Please, fix that. It’s probably one of the most important issues, at least for me.

  89. Arno says:

    Most of the DOCTYPEs give a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom, even when it it is not needed.  

  90. Roger says:

    When a new tab is opened:

    The Address shows "about:Tabs".

    a.) This Looks Dumb

    b.) It isn’t pre-selected, so when you type, you end up prefixing it rather than replacing it – Bug!

    c.) "You’ve opened a new tab" in 500% size font is *NOT* required, and after the very first time seeing this, is INSULTING.  We’ve been opening new tabs for years! (well, in other browsers at least)


  91. Stanley says:

    What exactly triggers (e.g. where is the list) the fallback to Quirks mode from Standards in IE8?

    I have a site, that rendered just fine in standards mode in IE7, that now triggers Quirks.

    a.) It has a valid Doctype

    b.) The HTML markup is well-formed (XSL generated)

    c.) No references to document.all or other legacy IE-only JS

    This is rather frustration because the rest of the site works fine, it is just 1 or 2 pages that fail.


  92. Jeff Peronto says:

    In IE8, clicking the favorites star crashes the program.  I tried doing a system restore to a point before installation and IE7 will not work.  This is with XP

  93. Dan says:

    have been using it for a day now and our site does not render correctly I know for sure.  Other than a slew of sites not displaying properly, no major problems as of yet

  94. Justin says:

    Can’t wait for you to re-enable the "Open these tabs next time I load Internet Explorer" feature.  

    Also, along with this feature, Opera does an excellent job with this.  When you open up Opera again, not only do you get all of your previous tabs, but you also still retain the history from your last browser session.  You can hit the back button and go to a previously viewed page from the last time you used Opera.  Brilliant!

  95. John says:

    The Windows Update site does not recognize this IE8 beta.

  96. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Jeff: Did you try starting IE8 without addons?

    In particular, see if you have an add-on called "DriveLetterAccess" enabled.

    @Stanley, do you have the URL?  Or can you send us a capture (

    @Nick Lowe: Stay tuned to the IEBlog for more information about why domain highlighting behaves this way.

  97. Nocturnal says:

    For the favorites bar, I believe it would be better to separate the favorites drop down and add to favorites icons/buttons onto another section of the page.  I personally like it where it’s at right now in IE7.

    I use the favorites toolbar profusely each and every day and the more real estate I can have, the better.

    Also, there is a weird problem with IE8 and Outlook Express 6.

    I change the actual default read and compose fonts from Arial to Verdana, size 9 or "smaller."

    In doing so, with IE7, every message via the newsgroups that comes through is displayed in the font Verdana, size 9.

    Upon installing IE8, immediately I see changes in the font that is displayed within Outlook Express 6.

    It is no longer Verdana.  It overrides my own setting and changes the font to Times New Roman, size 12.

    I have many more bugs.  I am asking to be put into the technical beta so I can submit some of these valid bugs that I am finding.

    Please consider me!

  98. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John: Yes, WindowsUpdate is updating their site to support IE8.  For now, click the Emulate IE7 Button, restart all IE windows, and visit WU.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  99. Steve says:

    I have some "autocomplete" like widgets that float a DIV absolutely above a page. This still works in IE8B1, but when I mouseover the DIV, the onmouseover event is triggered on TEXTAREA elements underneath my floating DIV (with 100% opacity, background-color: #ffffff;)

    Note, it does not happen on INPUT type="text" elements that lie under the DIV (even though they have the same onmouseover event handlers applied.

    I should also note, that it only occurs where whitespace around the nodes in the DIV occur.  Thus links, and spans of text in the DIV will not trigger the event, but in the whitespace (margin) between elements it does trigger the event.

    I wonder if the fix for Bug 229:

    Accidentally exposed (e.g. propagated) additional events to the underlying elements.

    PS I would file a proper bug report on Connect and all that, but I have yet to be granted permission to submit bugs.


  100. Bob says:

    Please, please do something to prevent IE to crash!

    I use IE7 on Windows 2003 and IE6 on Windows 2000. They get crashed once a while on some web pages. Yesterday, a page even crashed Windows 2003. Could you do somthing to prevent this happen? Why can IE display an error message when something goes wrong instead of crashing itself?

    I did a search in Google. I found that Javascript code is the cause in many cases and that Flash is another one. Now Microsoft is pushing very hard on AJAX which reply heavily on Javascript. We plan to implement AJAX .Net soon. Now I need to think about it again. I don’t want our websites crash users’ browsers.

    Please do something!

    Thank you


  101. ruud says:

    When you select some text in a webpage, the green arrow for Activities appears. Well, it does so in some webpages.

    What makes the arrow appear/disappear?

  102. Steve says:

    – Correction on that bug report… it does happen on INPUT type="text" elements too, it is just a bit harder to trigger.

  103. Sandy says:

    Humm well nice try

    but as i was moving towards IE7 for better memory handling then FF2 u guys just messed it up

    105 MB fro 5 tabs

    and whats the story abt 2 iexplorer.exe

    also y cant we move aroung all the toolbars and explorer bars as we like, its lots of space waisting, i guess the ability to arrange everhtign in one line and even pick and chosse what someones preference is will be good

    What will be the result if i kill the shadow iexplorer.exe(the on which has less memory)

    And please please please make the search(ctrl+f) an in line feature,

    why in the world u need a popup and even F3 does not work to find next

    will use it more over the week end to see what else is in store but u allready got a big list of issues to work on:) as i read thru this page



  104. Keith says:

    Rather than limit new bug-reports and feature requests to a select few individuals, why not at *accepts* reports from other individuals, and make those available either to everyone or to the invited testers to make use of/rate?

  105. Felix Gartsman says:

    Has anyone checked the rendering with right-to-left sites?

    IE8 standards mode completely fails to render right-to-left sites. Right alignment sometimes ignored, positioned elements do not appear where they should, floats disappear, etc…. Some text shows squares although the encoding is correct. I use XHTML 1.0 Transitional and IE8 VPC image.

  106. sandy says:

    Does not render page just the back ground

  107. John says:

    Most of the forums on the internet that I visit regularly — whenever I scrow using the mouse’s scrow wheel and my arrow touches a live link, IE8 Beta 1 will automatically goes to the top of the webpage.

  108. Mohammed says:

    First of all, congrats.

    IE8 Beta 1 got a serious problems with Arabic text while it doesn’t seems to be rendering CSS direction: rtl; at all. i am working on new Arabic/English site and english version is excellent on IE8. are still working on this?

    and by the way your Problems report tool is’t working with me. (test domain)

  109. Dani says:

    The DPI model has changed!! IE8 scales all the images to the DPI settings of Windows. This is undesired, DPI until now was only applied to the fonts, this was OK because that way one could make text easy to read (nowadays displays have too small pixels!) without distorting the images. Is this a bug or is this gonna stay like this? If so is there any workaround or way to get the old behavior?

    See screenshot and explanation here:

  110. STACH Bug: Scroll Top Anchor Color Hover Bug

    Please vote for the bug here…

    Here is the minimal test case with details for those who would like to test the bug…

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""&gt;

    <html xmlns="; xml:lang="en">


    <title>STACH Bug – Scroll Top Anchor Color Hover Bug</title>

    <style type="text/css">

    a:hover {

    /* add/remove color, background-color, background-image */

    color: #f0f;

    text-decoration: underline;




    <body style="background-color: #000; color: #a7a68f; height: 100%; overflow: hidden;">

    <div style="background-color: #000; border: #fff solid; border-width: 1px; left: 40px; bottom: 40px; top: 40px; right: 40px; overflow: auto; position: absolute; z-index: 1; /*width: 90%;height: 90%;*/">

    <h1>STACH Bug – scroll top anchor color hover</h1>

    <p>This buig requires using <i>background-color</i>, <i>background-image</i>, and <i>color</i> CSS properties on anchor pseudo-elements.

    When hovering anchors with these properties in an overflow element IE8B1 will scroll to the top of the overflow element.</p>

    <div style="height: 2200px;"></div>

    <a href="#">link test link test link test link test</a>




  111. Steve says:

    Another bug with CSS background images.

    I have a DIV, with a background image (top left, no-repeat)… with padding-left to offset the text content away from the "watermark" image.

    This works fine (in IE6,7,8B1) However, in IE8B1, when I select the text inside the DIV, the CSS background-image is re-applied (additional) to my selection background, with a new origin at the origin of my text selection.

    Again, I would file a bug report, but have thus far been declined an invitation.

  112. Chupacabra says:

    On Vista x64 SP1, after installing IE8 the fonts chosen in Windows Mail are no longer respected.

    When reading newsgroups, the font is always Times New Roman, regardless of the font chosen in the Tools->Options->Read->Fonts.

    I have always set this to Verdana, but now the font is locked to Times New Roman and cannot be changed.  Not a big deal, but I hate reading in TNR.

  113. Nick says:

    I second the question of javascript events from Sebastian Werner.

    I was under the impression that the standard would be implemented in IE 8 (at least many of the comments during the development of IE 7 lead me to think that).

    Considering the direction towards standards by default that IE 8 is taking, I think it is imperative that it also support the standard event model.

    Can you please provide some idea of which IE 8 beta will deliver the standard event model for javascript?

    As a wishlist item:  How hard would it be for IE to use the Webkit engine?  If we (the web development community) could coalesce around a single rendering engine and build as fancy a wrapper as you desire, it would obviously go a very long way toward interoperability.  Just imagine IE, Firefox and Safari all having an option to use the same rendering engine with all of the development resources enhancing it instead of everyone duplicating the effort.

  114. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Mohammed: As noted in reply to your other posting, RTL is not yet implemented in standards mode.  We’re still working on it.

    @John: The scrolling bug is known.  We’re working on it.

  115. Geir M says:

    I just installed IE8 Beta and have problem with accessing this webpage (Norwegian newspaper). Every time I try to access this webpage IE8 crashes and gives the error message "Internet Explorer not responding". I even tried to disable all add ons to no avail….same problem. Uninstall..reinstall IE8…nothing works. Same problem.

    Anyone here with the same problem?

    Solution anyone?

  116. Geir M says:

    I just installed IE8 Beta and have problem with accessing this webpage (Norwegian newspaper). Every time I try to access this webpage IE8 crashes and gives the error message "Internet Explorer not responding". I even tried to disable all add ons to no avail….same problem. Uninstall..reinstall IE8…nothing works. Same problem.

    Anyone here with the same problem?

    Solution anyone?

  117. ekat [MSFT] says:

    @Geir M I just tried to open, and it loads fine for me.

  118. sandy says:

    hi again

    this one is little strange

    the menus in offical Microsoft are all messed up

    is it some plugin i am missing it was workign in IE7

    every link goes back to

    and then evey menu is blank

    and atleast in FF3 its atleast rending it as a page


  119. jo_iii says:

    I have found issues regarding IE8, but seeing that most of it are already discussed, I don’t think I need to mention it. Let me mention this one again though:

    It’s such a memory hog!!

    I found one VERY nice feature that you improved though: the search (ctrl+f) function.

    Before, when I type a keyword and I’m already searching through the middle pages, and I click the page to scroll (review) it a bit then go back to Find and click next, it will start from the top! This is so frustating when there are many instances of the keyword you are searching in that page. I’m happy to see in IE8 that the moment you click next after reviewing (scrolling the page, selecting texts, etc…), it will start from where it left off. Nice! Thanks.

  120. John says:

    Cutting and pasting (when replying in forum websites) is very difficult.  The cursor will not go where I point the mouse to go.

  121. Bill says:

    Pfft, not impressed.

    IE8B1 crashes when trying to access

    Google Toolbar, lastest available download.

    Garbage Vista Home Premium.

    An error has occurred in the Google Toolbar. Internet Explorer will close.

    Location the error gives to find the dump file is empty.

    I like my Google toolbar … this needs to be fixed.

  122. Lauri Inc says:

    About the dashed border lines out of place bug I mentioned earlier:

    If there is a centered div inside a container, the links work but the dashed line for the links are not centering, they are floating at the left. I dont’w know if this is a valid way to center stuff but still it’s funny that the actual link is in the right place but the dashed line is not. Imho the dashed line should be removed, makes the browser look very 90’ish.

    A sample picture:

    live @ for example and everywhere on the internet.

    Also as many have mentioned the PNG gamma correction is still missing, scrollbars appear even when not needed and some weird jump-to-top issues when scrolling some pages.

    ps. sorry for my bad english!

  123. Lauri Inc says:

    About the dashed border lines out of place bug I mentioned earlier:

    If there is a centered div inside a container, the links work but the dashed line for the links are not centering, they are floating at the left. I dont’w know if this is a valid way to center stuff but still it’s funny that the actual link is in the right place but the dashed line is not. Imho the dashed line should be removed, makes the browser look very 90’ish.

    A sample picture:

    live @ for example and everywhere on the internet.

    Also as many have mentioned the PNG gamma correction is still missing, scrollbars appear even when not needed and some weird jump-to-top issues when scrolling some pages.

    ps. sorry for my bad english!

  124. mlt says:

    I agree with pretty much everything above. Also the dropdown’s and text inputs look horrible! They were decent in IE7, are the "new ones" temporary or will they actually look so bad in the final release? I also noticed that checkboxes and radio’s dont have margin anymore.

    The same old search is a big disappointment, just not as near practical as it should be!

    Good job with everything else, and for hearing our comments!

  125. Now that the dev preview beta of Internet Explorer 8 is out, you may notice some bugs here and there

  126. Stéphane says:

    Scrolling tables still don’t work in IE8 Beta!


    Not many people need/use scrolling tables but one of our client abuses it, we are sick of doing Hacks, ie iframe, top.expression… when we could use simple css…

    This page works in Opera 9.26, Mozilla Firefox 2 and Apple Safari beta 3.0.4 (for windows)

  127. mike says:

    Css powered icons as per this article doesnt work in ie8 on any site making use of em. is one of many sites having trouble with ie8 and css icons.

    Nice work otherwise with ie8, feels like a nice step forward.

  128. mpz says:

    I’m quite impressed with IE8b1, especially with the page zooming now working properly. There is however one thing I’d like to request:

    – Add a shortcut key to reset zooming to 100%. Most browsers use Ctrl+0 (the number zero) here, and I think it would also be appropriate for IE.

  129. jun says:

    i think Microsoft is making IE8 standards mode not work on purpose to then say "see, we should have defaulted to IE7 standards mode."  Nice try guys, but we ain’t buying it.  Make it work already.

  130. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @MPZ: CTRL+0 to reset the zoom to 100% has been supported since IE7.

  131. Marc says:

    jun, your conspiracy theory doesn’t even make sense. why not consider the far more likely case… they turned on standards mode by default, saw how much broke, and only THEN decided to make IE7 the default?  

  132. Ramesh says:

    I installed IE8 beta yesterday, its perfoming really good (I am thinking about swithching back to IE from FF).

    some sites did work well:

    Gmail chat : wouldn’t load (reminded me of Safari) – I hope this will be fixed.

    some ADP internal site didn’t work.

  133. anonymous says:

    I’ve tried IE 8 for a little while now. Seems okay. Hotmail doesn’t seem to work though; it hangs after I login. also doesn’t act properly (rendering issues). IE also seems to use more memory now (though as a beta, I suppose that’s not out of the ordinary). I like the auto-recover feature especially.

    Feature request for Beta 2: incremental find (like in Firefox). Incremental find and Firefox 2.x’s (non-automatic) recovery feature are the two main reasons that I stopped using IE for most purposes.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Pressing ALT + ENTER from the search box no longer opens the search in a new tab 🙁

    Also, the beta seems to interfere with highlighting of items on the Outlook 2007 Outlook today screen.

  135. Thomas Krause says:

    Is it true that application/xhtml+xml still doesn’t work? I didn’t have the chance to test it yet…

    If so, then please fix this.

    This should take only a minimum amount of time!

    Also please make submitting bugs easier.

    And thank you again for the great work so far!

  136. John says:

    Do a google search on MSFT, and then press any of the financial websites (google finance, yahoo finance, MSN money…) — the webpage link (such as will show up on the IR8’s search pine.

  137. IT_guy says:

    I Installed  IE8 in a VM.  I was impressed how much works for Beta 1 product.  I have had only a few sites that didn’t render correctly and that’s probably because they don’t yet know how to handle an MS browser that’s conforming to the web standards.  

    Reading a lot of those crash ‘victims’ above, I hate to say it but this is a Beta.  And I would not be surprised to learn that they have a gazillion array of add-ons, toolbars and utilities blighting the browser.  Those vendors are going to have to shape up and re-tool.

    A small wishlist

    – A download manager if not a fully implemented one, then at least the ability to resume a previous broken download.  Not everyone has super-fast broadband to restart a big file.

    – A built-in spell checker.  Buyout IEspell if you have to or at least integrate it with the one included with Office if its installed.

    – Edit User Agent String from a Toolbar menu or from Internet Options dialog.  The IE7 button is fine if that is what you want and the 3 modes available in the Developer toolbar is also acceptable but I don’t want to hack the registry to amend the UA string.

    – Fully customizable toolbars.  Yes I know you fixed the menu and search bars to look like a normal Windows Vista Explorer window but you broke your own design rules on so many of your own dialogs and windows in Vista, the one place where it would be most welcome, you locked it down!  If you add the Menu bar and the new Favourites bar (which I like), there’s just too much screen wasted.

  138. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @Anonymous: Using ALT+Enter to open searches in a new tab seems to work fine for me.  How many search providers do you have installed?

    @John: What’s the URL of the page where you see this behavior in the search box?

    @IT_Guy: IE will resume an interrupted download if the server sends the Accept-Ranges: bytes HTTP header.  Note that you must ensure that your connection has been restored before re-clicking the download link.

    As promised, I released a User-Agent switcher button:

    When it’s not in use, it consumes no resources.  Note that this ONLY affects the User-Agent, and does not directly affect document mode.  

  139. John says:

    >>>@John: What’s the URL of the page where you see this behavior in the search box?

    When you do a google search of "MSFT", "AAPL", or "RIMM" — you will see six "little" links to "google finance", "yahoo finance", "msn money" "marketwatch", "cnn money" and "reuters" ABOVE a google-created stock price chart.

    When I hit any of the 6 links or the google-created stock price chart, IE8’s search pine will go from blank to the website’s address.

    For example, google search (my IE8’s default search)on MSFT (both by or by IE8’s search pane) — the first link above the stock price chart would be "google finance" (which would be

    After I hit the "google finance" link, IE8 goes to — which is also the address that will show up on the IE8’s search pane.

    If I hit "MSN Money" (which is, the IE8’s search pane will show — which is different from the actual web address shown (

  140. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @John: Ah, I see.  

    A bit of background: The IE8 search box will keep track of queries to your installed search providers.  By convention, search engines use the URL parameter "Q" for their query.  

    However, in this case, Google is using "Q" for both the search query parameter, and also as the parameter that keeps track of all of your clicks on search results.  They use a redirector ( to log all of your clicks, and they put the url to redirect to in the "Q" parameter.  

    IE unfortunately has no way to distinguish between these two different uses reliably.  Google could avoid this problem by using a different URL parameter name when tracking you.

  141. Christopher says:

    whenever I try to open the favorites, IE8 crashes…

    Also Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger, so I have to log out and back in again

    Otherwise, its great!

    might want to improve the looks, but acessibility is more important

  142. MartinHN says:

    I still need one thing, for IE Developer Tools to be superior to the FireBug add-in to FireFox…

    A Console where you can monitor all HTTP Requests/Responses sent back and forth. This is a huge pain when dealing with big AJAX apps. You need to monitor the requests inside the browser.

  143. .李斯坤. says:





  144. SHADE says:


    ie8 (vista 32bit edition) crashes every time i rightclick… i guess this isnt supposed to happen… and now i’m stuck on mff till it getz fixed!! PLEASE FIX SOON!!!!

  145. hAl says:

    HD photo support would seem a must.

    It is a MS created format for god sakes.

  146. Could you tag all your entries with the version of IE they are mostly about? This would show up in the "Tags" box on the right, letting us browse the IE Blog by the version of IE which interests us the most.

    For example, all the current IE8 entries would include the tag "IE8". All old entries about IE7 would include the tag "IE7". Comparison articles between IE7 and IE8 include the tags "IE7" and "IE8". Earlier and later versions would include other tags as appropriate.

    Another small thing: I tick the "Remember me?" box each time I come here. When I return, my details are correctly presented in the form fields. But the box is unticked again. Would be nice if it stayed ticked when I return to IE Blog.

  147. jenna says:

    wow – we’ve just spent months validating our site code, and going through hell and back trying to get our site to work in IE6 – We designed it for IE7 and IE6 put us through hell with the whitespace bug and other alignment issues because of the margin excess IE ads.  Now we’ve finally got our template to work for IE7, IE6, and all of firefoxes perfectly – THEN out comes IE8 and our site is a mess! IE does not hold our <div> sections or tables in proper placement beacause if there are any images within the <div> tags or tables, IE 8 puts this horrible unwanted padding around EVERY single side of each image – we hate IE 8 already – Please just throw it away.

  148. Asimov says:

    Asking people to install virtual machines to test different browser versions just makes it costly for us to do properly.  I already have one machine for testing IE6 and another for Firefox, IE7, Firefox and Safari.  There’s no way I’m setting up yet another for IE8, at least until I’m forced to, and I’m not a big fan of being forced to do stuff by monopolists.

    The real reason that it’s like this is so that Microsoft can claim it’s impossible to remove IE from Windows. The practicality of it is that it makes everyone else’s lives a nightmare.

    Come on guys, there’s no non-monopolistic reason for not making browser versions able to install into seperate directories and run side-by-side on the same PC.  When I can test at least IE7 and 8 on the same machine, maybe then I’ll be happy to help test IE8.  If everyone took this stand you’d be forced to do it yourself — maybe then the costs would force a rethink about forcing stuff on people.

  149. ie8b says:

    One thing we really need is,

    1. "lock tab" so we can close all other tabs apart from the locked ones.

    things i would like to see.

    1. Better and safer plug ins.

    2. Look at maxthon they have got some nice features.

    3. Stop the crashes that occur when you have alot of tabs opened in ie7

    4. Don’t know if this is ie or adobes fault but i have done heaps of installs, and when i hover of flash content the browser just closes.

  150. Asimov wrote:

    "Asking people to install virtual machines to test different browser versions just makes it costly for us to do properly."

    Microsoft is providing free virtualization software ( and free virtual hard drive images ( for testing. How exactly is this costly for you? It’s not even particularly time consuming.

  151. grd says:

    IE 8 looks great. But found a few issues, hope this may help

    I am trying to use the Emulate IE7 as some of the pages I was trying to visit were broken.

    Identified 3 important issues.

    1. When I use the vertical scroll bar it comes down but again it goes on to the top. It happens randomly

    2. When I use favorites it crashes my IE

    3. I think still it has some issues displaying CSS based sites. The width and the height are a bit abnormal to what I see with Ie7. The Emulate IE7 doesnt work exactly as its expected to work(I still happen to see the same way as I see some sites on IE8). Whereas while using IE7 they rendered properly.

  152. SimonL says:


    IE unfortunately has no way to distinguish between these two different uses reliably.  Google could avoid this problem by using a different URL parameter name when tracking you.


    Errrm; isn’t it a little arrogant of MSFT to suggest that other websites should change the way they do things in order to fix a problem in a MSFT product?! I realise you guys see Google as a major competitor, but this sort of arrogance results in your customers being caught in the cross-fire.

    No; I think you need to fix the issue in your product.

    BTW: Don’t take this as a ‘flame’, I’m actually really glad that MSFT are acting to get IE standards compliant – keep up the good work.




  154. Paul S. says:

    Firefox users always brag about the number of extensions freely available. Why doesn’t Microsoft sponsor contest(s) for the best *FREE* extensions with some *worthwhile* cash prizes? You’ll throw $200 mil into facebook, why not spend a few hundred grand to create more reasons for people to use IE? It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

    I would liked to have see the ability to drag a link to an existing tab :/ Opening a new tab is fairly slow and you have to open sidebar again in new tab (I keep sidebar open with Onfolio or other things sometimes). This is one of the things I really like in Firefox.

    Thank you.

  155. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @SimonL: It would be great if there were a reliable solution that we could undertake on our own.

    Unfortunately, the only real alternative to the current heuristic is to invent a proprietary new tag that would allow a page to indicate "hey, this is a search field."  

  156. IEBlog says:

    For the Internet Explorer 8 Beta, we’ve added an Emulate IE7 button to the command bar. It will help

  157. Varun says:

    Thanks for IE update.

    1. My first feedback is google reader is all screwed up in IE 8. The left frame where folders are organized is distorted.

    2. Can’t seem to figure out how to repoen last session tabs when IE is re-started. I remember there being an option in IE7, but couldnt find the same in IE8.



  158. hyang1985 says:

    When I use IE8, I can not open mailbox, what’s wrong?

  159. FarStrider says:

    its ok but the canvas object support needs to be better

  160. IEBlog says:

    Hey everyone, Christopher here. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything here (over a year in fact).

  161. Hey everyone, Christopher here. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything here (over a year in fact

  162. Seb says:

    Hi there,

    I am unable to even get the IE8 beta to work. It installs ok, (or at least doesn’t appear to pop up any error messages) but then once installed I am unable to run it, I click on the icon and the IE button starts to be added to the task bar but then stops and disappears and IE doesn’t open at all and no error messages come up either, this is after the required reboot and the same happens after a extra reboot or so.

    I am running XP Pro SP2 and my machine meets all the requirments!! any ideas???



  163. DJ says:

    What is this, just the same crappy browser that is making us change everything we had to make work specifically for IE7 over IE6? Damn it will be nice when someone makes up their friggin mind what is standard and what is not! Now when this stupid version is released we’ll all have to go back and modify everything all over yet again! This is BS!

  164. Ravi Rao [MSFT] says:

    @Seb: Have you tried running IE without add-ons?

  165. I thought the IE8 beta was a great step in the right direction. I loved that you have implemented standards as a default setting. I also believe the domain highlighting is an excellent idea and could provide a lot of added security.

  166. Kane says:

    Unhandled exception at 0x04645418 in iexplore.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000010.

  167. Kelvin Chong says:

    Can’t log on to Microsoft Windows Update webpage… It’s not work on IE8…

  168. Arvind says:

    I have installed IE8 Beta on my machine (Win XP SP2). While trying to install March security updates I got error message telling that the browser is not supported and it adviced me to install latest version of IE.

    I thought atleast Microsoft websites will recognize the browser.

    I had to use ‘Emulate IE7’ option to install the updates.

  169. Arvind says:

    Overall browsing experience is good but the browser needs to a bit fast.

    Are we planning to add ‘Change Browser Skin’ feature as available in Opera browser.

  170. Bogdan says:

    The screenshots of IE8 tease the potential users with an MSN Weather Webslice. WHERE IS IT??? *puzzled*


  171. XpanD says:

    Downloading it now…

    I hope it impresses me as much as the IE7 RC did (stayed with it until IE7 officially came out, I loved it).

  172. With apologies to anyone who’s already read this on my Webwatch e-mail list, I wanted to mention that beta 1 of Internet Explorer 8 is available. This is the product I work on at Microsoft so it is always nice when something I work on is available publicly.

  173. harryq says:

    Hate to say it,but IE 8 beta 1 for XP SP2 SUCKS!

    It effecting the mouse scrolling and curser locations. This program has too many bugs in it than IE 7.


  174. Thee CSS3 property "opacity" has yet to be supported.

    Where is native SVG?!? (We may have to wait for IE ∞ for that one when IE has a browser share of 10 users.)


  175. An.drew says:

    # Would like option to reopen open tabs when you close IE.  This is a useful feature within IE7.

    # Would like text icon back for selection of text within a webpage.

  176. Mr,technique says:

    Heres how in #6 easy steps

    1.) move the links bar, command bar and file menu bar above the address bar!@

    2.) AND Move the command bar OFF the tab bar!

    and on to the top left corner……. sharing space with the favorites bar! and add a third bar the- add on’s bar …..on the same line

    ………..and finally maybee a more compact menu like netscape 8.03 standalone here —->


    Give the user an option to change the skin?

    pink , blue , black …OR….whatever your personality’s your IE?


    Allow an option of tabbrowser settings like in firefox

    "it’s ok to have tab’s bar on top if you like",

    but give the user an option to put it on the bottom of the window like in firefox

    5.) eliminate the Search box altogether

    no need for it you can search from the address bar, just have a button to change search settings next to the go———->


    Here’s a way for microsoft to make $$$ on advertisement like Google—>

    Use cute images…….. ……like I have for my folders on my favorites toolbar.

    … and start out the users with folders named "MyHomepages", "Search" with popular websites in them like myspace, facebook , yahoo, aol. msn. Google and Ask and alta vista

    that would be a show of good faith?

    ****webmasters & websites, they would be lining up to be added links in those set up folders on IE

  177. Mr,technique says:

    here’s #6 easy steps to take back the internet save microsoft, and make IE the best!

    Heres how in #6 easy steps

  178. Jan says:

    Now I use the new Internet Explorer and I am very happy! Great work!

  179. Paul Allsopp says:

    Not sure if this was an issue in IE7 but I would imagine I would have noticed it if it was…in IE8b if you right-click a link and open in new tab, you lose focus on the primary tab.

    If you use your mouse wheel to scroll up and down on the page, then right-click and open in new tab, then try your wheel again and it no longer controls the page, like the focus has been lost.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or just one of those things, but it would sure be nice not to have to execute focus on th page again.

    Sure it’s not a huge deal, but if you are on a bad page layout where they have links everywhere, it is annoying.



  180. aguy says:

    I’d like to know why IE developers are spending so much time on petty and irrelevent issues like tab arrangement or skin color choosers, and other worthless junk when they should be focusing solely on security in today’s world. If MS is gonna continue to dominate the browsers, then they should be held solely responsible for staying at least one step ahead of hackers and thieves instead of always being 15 or 20 steps behind them!

    MS has developed all the most popular and seemingly easily hackable software, but lacks pathetically it protecting the users of it!

  181. Jon says:

    aguy: I love flamebait!  

    I’ll play!

    <inserts quarter>

    IE7 is MUCH more secure than IE6, and IE8 is shaping up to be more secure than both IE7 AND Firefox 3.  

    So, what exactly do you think is lacking in IE8 security???  

    Your turn… be specific!

  182. IEBlog says:

    The IE team is pleased to announce the availability of Chinese (Simplified) and German versions of Windows

  183. IEBlog says:

    With the release of IE8 Beta 1, I’m pleased to be able to talk about the first round of improved standards

  184. IEBlog says:

    As previously mentioned in the IE8 Beta Feedback post back in March, we have several ways to submit feedback

  185. says:

    As previously mentioned in the IE8 Beta Feedback post back in March, we have several ways to submit feedback

  186. For ISVs testing Internet Explorer 8 , the team has set up a way to file bugs directly with the team.

  187. We’re excited to release IE8 Beta 2 today for public download. You can find it at

  188. We’re excited to release IE8 Beta 2 today for public download. You can find it at

  189. IEBlog says:

    In August 2008, Dean announced the release of IE8 Beta 2 in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified),

  190. IEBlog says:

    The announcement of IE8 Beta 2 started an important and public phase of the product development cycle

  191. Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for Internet Explorer, has posted today on the IEBlog about what’s

  192. Начало публичного тестирования IE8 Beta 2 ознаменовало важнейшую фазу цикла разработки ‑ получение отзывов

  193. I guess they took my strident feedback about Beta 2 seriously: IE 8 pretty much breaks the Web at this

  194. says:

    The announcement of IE8 Beta 2 started an important and public phase of the product development cycle

  195. The Internet Explorer 8 team has announced that a release candidate (RC) will be available to the public

  196. The Internet Explorer 8 team has announced that a release candidate (RC) will become available to the

  197. The next public update of Internet Explorer 8 includes improvements to Compatibility View that help end-users

  198. IEBlog says:

    We’re excited to make the IE8 Release Candidate available today for public download today in 25 languages

  199. Hi Folks. Just got over my "early adopter" nerves and dowloaded IE8 RC1 . It was a pleasant experience

  200. Релиз-кандидат-версия браузера Internet Explorer 8 стала доступна для скачивания на 25 языках для пользователей

  201. IE8 Release Candidate is available for public download today in 25 languages for Windows Vista, Windows

  202. Доступен Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Сегодня мы рады представить вашему вниманию IE8 Release

  203. The first release candidate for Internet Explorer 8 has been released to the web. You can download it

  204. Изменения взаимодействия с пользователем в IE8 RC1 После выпуска Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, мы внимательно

  205. IEBlog says:

    As we’ve now entered the last major phase of our product cycle, we’d like to thank everyone for their

  206. IEBlog says:

    We wanted to let you know that an update was released earlier today that will improve Internet Explorer’s

  207. News says:

    We wanted to let you know that an update was released earlier today that will improve Internet Explorer

  208. says:

    We wanted to let you know that an update was released earlier today that will improve Internet Explorer

  209. Спасибо бета – тестерам IE8 В связи с выходом IE8 RC1 команда разработчиков IE хочет поблагодарить своих

  210. IEBlog says:

    Thank you to everyone who has provided the IE Team with feedback on IE8. Your dedication to making this

  211. RE: обратная связь в бета-тестировании IE8 Спасибо всем, кто направлял свои отзывы команде разработчиков

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