Post Install Issues with MS07-069 (IE6 on XPSP2)

After downloading the Internet Explorer Cumulative Security Update for December 2007, some customers using IE6 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 have experienced an unexpected crash or hang upon launching Internet Explorer.

This might occur while navigating to a website hosting considerable media content (for example: resulting in Internet Explorer displaying a dialog that states “Internet Explorer has experienced a problem and needs to close”. If you experience this issue, implement the applicable workaround provided in the following knowledge base article:

For your security, we strongly recommend that you deploy the Internet Explorer Cumulative Security Update for December 2007.

Terry McCoy
Program Manager
Internet Explorer Security

Update: We have updated Knowledge Base article 946627. Please see the Microsoft Security Response Center blog post here for further details.

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  1. hAl says:

    Why a registry key change ?

    That seems beyond the capabilities of normal users.

    Wouldn’t it be better if this security update was removed from the cumulative update and patched ?

    Also the explanation of what exactly occurs seems very sketchy.

    Why does this hangup only happen on the default page en not when you surf to that page ?

  2. Phil says:

    I agree, with hundreds of users here running XP SP2 with IE6, how can Microsoft be serious that the solution is to edit each registry? Is this some sort of joke? It would be easier to have each user install Mozilla Firefox and stop using IE completely.

  3. Evan says:

    I’ve posted a Group Policy Administrative Template to my blog to help get this "workaround" deployed centrally. See:

    I have several large Customers being impacted by this, and this is how I’m mitigating the issue. I decided it would probably be helpful to other people, too.

    Good luck, everybody.

  4. Darheel says:

    Phil… unfortunately it is NO joke…

    I wonder how many regular Joe’s are going to mess the registry up…


    I agree completely with you… this security update should be removed from the cumulative update and patched… immediately

    Also… the explanation is obscure… security thought obscurity is not a good strategy…


    Happy Firefox user

  5. Just a quick one for those of you on XP SP2 with the latest security updates. There is a risk of seeing

  6. gabe says:

    the best option ms could do is pull the update and relase 942615 v2 that has the

    registry changes already in it

  7. Frank says:

    Darheel– IE cumulative updates include both security and non-security changes.  If you look at the name of the registry key (and the fact that it controls something first released a while back) it’s clear that this isn’t a broken security fix.

    It is confusing that they call it a "Cumulative Security Update" when it’s more than just security.

  8. Howard says:

    How hard is it to wrap up a fix like this into a small executable that tweaks it for the user with a simple double-click, or heck, just add another update in windows update, to tweak the registry.

    Asking my grandma to load up regedit is NOT a solution… luckily in my case, I don’t need to, she already uses and prefers Firefox.


    Obligatory end quote:

    IE8 Bug Fix Information Please! IE8 isn’t a secret anymore, so stop the 2 year wall of silence and let us know what is going on!


  9. PatriotB says:

    Gabe/Howard — what makes you think that Microsoft isn’t working on exactly that, a new patch that has this fix in it?  They’re getting this manual workaround out there so that people who can’t wait can get this fixed right away.

  10. Craig Barefield says:

    I dont know if it’s discussed somewhere else, but the cumulative security patch for IE7 has similarly caused the same crashes on my IE7

    (running on XP SP2)

  11. David says:

    Great news!

    Might as well digg this, it’s pretty big news:

  12. Después de aplicar la actualización KB942615, la mayoría de las veces que intentaba acceder a algunos sitios como GMail o Google, por poner dos ejemplos en los que entro muy a menudo, me saltaba este error: iexplore.exe ha detectado un problema y debe

  13. If you are still on Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer (IE) 6, and you install the security update

  14. Ruud says:

    It’s not only IE6.

    My IE7 on XP SP2 has the same problem!

  15. Matthieu says:

    I have this problem also on IE7 / XP SP2!

  16. Almost a grumpy old man says:

    It doesn’t say that all instances of IE must be closed before the ‘patch’ seems to be active…

  17. Ken says:

    I really think they should re-release this patch ASAP. We have 1000’s of machines with a mix of IE6/IE7 that are managed by WSUS servers.

    We have not deployed the patch via WSUS due to all this speculation on what they will do.

    You can really trust a small testbed for an issue like this.

    Please help Microsoft !!!!!

  18. If you are still on Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer (IE) 6, and you install the security update

  19. Admin says:

    Internet Explorer 6 crashes after you install security update 942615 on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2

  20. TMaxim says:

    I’m using IE6 and don’t want install security update 942615.

  21. We have just learned of an issue with the Internet Explorer Cumulative Security Update for December 2007

  22. I’ve been having an odd problem since I installed Internet Explorer 7.0.  It seems to have effected my ability to send email.  If I compose an original message, no problem.  If I reply to more than one person, no prbolem.

    But if I hit reply, my outgoing email is blocked by my own computer.  

    Is this connected to my IE 7.0 install or is it a coincidence?

    And does anyone have a solution?

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