IE August Security Update is Now Available

The IE Cumulative Security Update for August 2007 is now available via Windows Update. Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update. I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already to ensure that you receive the latest updates for all Microsoft products.

This update addresses 3 remote code execution vulnerabilities. This bulletin also includes killbits for some vulnerable third-party ActiveX controls. These have been set at the request of the owners. For detailed information on the contents of this update, please see the following documentation:

This updated is rated “Critical” for IE 5.01, IE6 Service Pack 1 on Windows 2000, IE6 and Windows XP; “Moderate” for IE6 on Windows Server 2003; “Important” for IE7 on Windows XPSP2 and IE7 in Windows Vista; “Low for IE7 on Windows Server 2003.

This update also addresses an unexpected “Save File” security dialog experienced by some users upon launching Internet Explorer after relocating the “Temporary Internet Files” folder to a custom location. We posted about this behavior here.

As a reminder, IE security updates are cumulative and contain all previously released updates for each version of Internet Explorer.

I encourage everybody to download this security update and other non-IE security updates via Windows Update or Microsoft Update. Windows users are also strongly encouraged to configure their systems for automatic updates to keep their systems current with the latest updates from Microsoft.

Terry McCoy
Program Manager
Internet Explorer Security

Comments (63)

  1. Luke says:

    Any comments about future versions of IE and javascript support?

    Theres some great stuff being added to javascript that IE doesn’t support right now, and lots of DOM stuff that support for is missing.

    Can we expect significant improvements in javascript in IE8 since there were not any for IE7?


  2. jo says:

    please internet developers

    fix the IE 7 (XP SP2 & VISTA) bug when rendering tons of pictures sometimes only appears a white box with a red cross.

    and its serious slow scrolling when opening pages in a celeron d 2.53ghz with tons of pictures like

    (XP SP2)

    thi is the mainly reason i started using firefox.

  3. rc says:

    The latest version of IE Developer Toolbar does not run validation for HTML and CSS files on local computer or local web server, it allows only validation of pages on the Web. Will this bug be ever corrected?

  4. jack says:

    How come I never get messages like this for Firefox, Opera or Safari?

    Msg: "Security issues have been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a system running Internet Explorer and gain control over it"

    The fact that the web browser even *has* the ability to control the OS is beyond comprehension.  

    On a developer note, can you please tell me why every time I view a test HTML page on my PC I have to dismiss a warning bar, because of the javascript?

    This is one of those pain points that drives developers away.

    1.) My page does not *ever* contain any ActiveX content, so for starters, the warning message is misleading.

    2.) I’m an advanced developer, if I want to run super-bad code, just let me, It is entirely my own fault if I do.

    3.) I can whitelist localhost, or but not file:///c: or c: or d: or e:  Can you please explain why I can choose to trust content on the internet which I have no control over, but I am not allowed to trust content I just created on my own machine!

    4.) Can I at least turn the "blip" noise off so that when I’m listening to music at half decent volume I don’t have to scare the life out of myself/ruin my song.


    PS I predict the feedback site will come back online 5 months before the release of IE8, and disappear as soon as IE8 ships. – August 15, 2007.

    Anyone want to take bets? 😉

  5. MyFavPart says:

    my favorite part of Patch Tuesday(TM) updates is having to reset my email client as the default because MS Office was updated.

    I’m so glad software teams work together to solve these issues.

    I don’t really want to argue over whose bug it is (Mozilla/Microsoft) I just want it fixed, so that when I get a bundled update to fix security issues in Office, that also include spam filter updates for Outhouse, that my mail client doesn’t get affected.


  6. Dave Massy says:


    The warning "Security issues have been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a system running Internet Explorer and gain control over it". Sounds suspicious to me. Are you certain that is what it says and that it is coming from IE? It sounds more like a scam to me.

    The warning bar on local HTML content is explained here and can be avoided by adding the MOTW to that content. It was added in XP SP2 to prevent local content from accessing the local machine.


  7. traxxas says:

    How about a new VPC image for IE6 that expires in 2 days.  Maybe you can release it BEFORE it expires, or maybe make it last 6 months or longer so I don’t have to waste time updating you images every 4 months.

  8. Liz says:

    With the new update, I did not receive 2 very important Hotmail emails and can no longer access my favorite free-game site —  I’m not a developer . . . I’m just an old lady end-user on social security!

  9. Dave Massy says:

    I installed the new update and a tornado hit my house! Microsoft must be responsible!

    Sorry Liz. I understand you might be frustrated but I don’t believe the update to IE is responsible for your woes. It’s really difficult to imagine how an IE update would be responsible for hotmail losing a couple of emails and appears to be inaccessible to all browsers at the moment.

    It’s easy to blame IE for everything that is wrong with the world I know but let’s keep things in perspective 🙂


  10. wtf says:

    When will there be a great CSS support? (2.1 / 3.0)

    Whenn will you implement javascript good, everything jack said is true.

    My vista updated and some registration files of programs are deleted, some other .ini files are gone. etc they just deleted my settings with an update today.

    and my girlfriend her name is Joke. Her email is blocked because microsoft thinks it is a joke but it’s her name! Damn not funny anymore 🙁

  11. gio says:

    Come on, Liz.

    The IE isn’t perfect yet, for e.g. some great newer javascript features don’t working, but the IE is not responsible for everything, if your system isn’t working 😉

    My tip is, try out an older version to see, if the new IE Version is really responsible for your failure.

  12. Today's email question is: "I wonder if you can help me. When I try to save a web address in

  13. @jack

    > How come I never get messages like this for Firefox, Opera or Safari?

    Cause you don’t follow the development and release of updated versions for these browsers? Please feel free to read the release notes for the latest versions of these browsers 😉



  14. TMaxim says:

    Dear developers!

    Establish please these updatings.

  15. John V. says:

    I just spent all last night trying to recover from the updates, no luck.  Running Vista at with all current updates with automatic updates from Microsoft, IE 7 no longer connects to any web site after system rebooted.  Tried system restore to save point 8/14 but that failed with unknown error.  Did full system virus scan, found nothing.   (I run Norton.)  I am considering backing out the individual security updates.  Is there an order in which they must be backed out? Any suggestions?

  16. John V. says:

    Just an update to my last posting.  My problem is NOT a network issue.  I have verified full connectivity from this computer.  My XP (IE 6) computer that goes through the same router has not problems (yet?).

  17. Thomas says:

    Upon reboot from the update, IE7 cannot access web pages. Have tried assorted recommendations without success. Booted up in "safe Mode with network support" and IE7 can access web pages. So what does this mean?

  18. Larry says:

    I applied the security patch and now IE 7 can’t open a web page.  Many others are having the same issue look in the discussion groups

  19. ShadowD says:

    I was wondering when I will be able to access the update site using something other than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  Netscape is currenly running just find on my PC and IE has died in the connecting to server phase too many times for me to remember trying it.

  20. angela says:

    I was wondering Bug Tracking how development Bug Tracking of Internet Explorer 8 Bug Tracking is going?

    We haven’t Bug Tracking seemed to hear much Bug Tracking information about what Bug Tracking is going to be Bug Tracking fixed in the next Bug Tracking version.

    Im also curious Bug Tracking if Microsoft has Bug Tracking considered how 2 way Bug Tracking communication with Bug Tracking the developer community Bug Tracking will be handled Bug Tracking in the near Bug Tracking future?

    Many of Bug Tracking us are starting to Bug Tracking think that the Bug Tracking promises of open Bug Tracking communication are taken Bug Tracking seriously.

    Im not sure Bug Tracking where the Internet Explorer Bug Tracking Team is thinking about right Bug Tracking now, but we do wonder if Bug Tracking they have taken some time to think about Bug Tracking how they intend to fix the Bug Tracking confidence level for developers building sites for IE.

    I would Bug Tracking seriously like to see some Bug Tracking more information about what plans Microsoft Bug Tracking has for fixing the current Bug Tracking situation.

    Angela R.

    was i subtle enough? ;P

  21. @jack:

    >How come I never get messages

    >like this for Firefox, Opera or Safari?

    >Msg: "Security issues have been identified

    >that could allow an attacker to compromise a

    >system running Internet Explorer and gain

    >control over it"

    Try reading this:

    It’s published by the makers of Firefox. Especially look at the bugs marked red.

    >The fact that the web browser even *has* the

    >ability to control the OS is beyond


    All software controls the OS. How do you think it can draw itself on the screen, or write files (like the Temporary Internet Cache in both IE and Firefox)?

    >Can you please tell me why every time I view

    >a test HTML page on my PC I have to dismiss a

    >warning bar, because of the javascript?

    >1.) My page does not *ever* contain any

    >ActiveX content, so for starters, the warning

    >message is misleading.

    Not sure what warning you’re getting, but it seems that it says it MAY be running an ActiveX or *some other potentially unsafe content*.

    >3.) I can whitelist localhost, or

    >but not file:///c: or c: or d: or e:  Can

    >you please explain why I can choose to trust content on the internet which I have no

    >control over, but I am not allowed to trust

    >content I just created on my own machine!

    Wouldn’t listing drive directories be considered controlling the OS? 😛

    Actually, this used to be a rather sour point with me, until I set up a server. But you can fix it, I just don’t how.

    >4.) Can I at least turn the "blip" noise off

    >so that when I’m listening to music at half

    >decent volume I don’t have to scare the life

    >out of myself/ruin my song.

    You can turn this off. Try:

    Start->Settings->Control Panel->Sounds

    Here you can fine-tune the sounds that IE makes.

    P.S. Attacking the developers or their practices will not improve the situation. Anyone who has taken any form of college training knows that ad hominem argumentation is retroactive. Treat the IE guys with respect… I certainly wouldn’t want to be making a product that millions of people will grouse about regardless of my effort.

    IE team, keep up the good work. Ignore the mud-slingers, please.

  22. @Angela R:

    I can’t imagine anyone having enough time to try to read that mess. Let alone write it.

    Come on, developers. Anyone who has spent even a year programming knows how hard it is to get things done, passed through corporate, and approved by all the various committees. Trash-talking and messes like various posts above don’t help things.

    Nobody seems to be professional anymore.  Least of all the developers who post trash on this blog.

  23. depot says:

    How come I never get messages like this for Firefox, Opera or Safari?

  24. To those having "connection/no web site displaying issues" after applying security updates for IE7:

    You are most likely running a Personal Firewall application and/or a "Anti Virus" application with the functionality of detecting/blocking "changed" EXE files. With every security update for IE7 comes a new version of iexplore.exe. The "security application" you’re running detects the change and blocks iexplore.exe from getting online.

    To resolve the issue please have a look into the docu of your "security software" how to unlock changed EXE files. It’s *NOT* a IE7 issue or issue with IE7 updates, but the software you are having running permantly in the background.



  25. Russ says:

    After installing the update package on XPSP2 and restarting my pc was rendered unusable. All of my startup apps threw errors, as did IE7…oh, and guess what?  So did System Restore!  I had to go into safe mode to perform a restore and backout the update. The event log shows multiple errors similar to the below entry – PLEASE HELP!

    The COM+ Event System raised an unexpected access violation at address 0x77129924, attempting to access address 0x00000007.  Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report this error.





























    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

  26. sunshine says:

    Two days in a row, I received updates for Vista OS and after the update, my internet explorer 7 failed to access the internet.  I uninstalled all updates on the first day and IE7 worked.   On the next day, I uninstalled the updates one at a time.  IE did not work until I uninstalled KB937143.  There is a problem with that update and I want to know If Microsoft is planning to fix this update?

  27. soapergem says:

    (I’m posting a comment a second time now because it doesn’t appear to have worked the first time around.)

    When are we going to see a resolution to the fact that BUTTON tags still submit their innerText values instead of their VALUE attributes in forms? This has been a bug since IE5 and it still persists in IE7.

    In fact, it seems to have swept under the rug as it’s been documented as apparently standard behavior in Internet Explorer:

  28. sunshine says:

    "To resolve the issue please have a look into the docu of your "security software" how to unlock changed EXE files. It’s *NOT* a IE7 issue or issue with IE7 updates, but the software you are having running permantly in the background."

    I have no firewall or virus software running and IE7 with latest updates fail to open.  I booted in safe mode with networking and IE7 sill will not access the internet.  Do anyone on this blog have a real idea on how to fix the issue with KB937143.  It’s got be something I did wrong because Microsoft do not make mistakes!

  29. Agave says:


    If you attempt to relocate the IE7 cache to a different directory or hard drive, IE7 loses track of where the cache is, and you can no longer clear the browser cache.

    If, like me, you don’t keep the browser cache on the OS default partition (to minimize drive fragmentation), you cannot get rid of Google or Double-Click cookies – or any other cookie – to maintain some semblance of privacy.

    And if you try to move the cache back to the default location so you can clear it, IE7 still can’t find it!

    You need to take personal privacy seriously, too.

  30. Marvin says:

    Would be nice if we all were as smart as some of you, but the fact is that at least one of the updates of 08-14 knocked me off the internet and the developers should be smart enough to let us know that they may confict with our firewalls.  Why blame the firewalls for an update that is incompatible.  At least warn us that we may have problems so that we can choose not to install these updates, or at least tell us how to set the firewalls to accept these changes.  Norton wants us to use Windows auto update and Microsoft wants us to install the updates, but why cause all of these problems.  Sometimes the fix is worse than the potential problem

  31. steve_web says:

    As noted by a commenter above, there are various bugs still causing frustration in the community with little info on fixes or workarounds.

    I followed the link above to the <button/> tag reference on MSDN.  The page indicates that the button tag submits the .innerText value (thanks, appreciated), and also in the Standards section, indicates that this is part of the HTML 4.0 spec. (also good)

    What is missing, is the verbiage about the fact that when IE is submitting the .innerText value, it is actually *AGAINST* the specification, and that it is indeed a bug in IE.

    If I was a novice, reading this reference, I would not be aware that this is broken behavior, and that other browsers that follow the spec, DO NOT submit the innerText, but the content of the value attribute instead, as per the spec.

    So, as a good developer, I thought I could provide more info, in the "User community" section, and add a note as such.  I guess the "Add user content" didn’t get tested very well, because I could not submit anything, in Firefox, Opera, IE7 or IE6, it just kept returning errors. – Just thought the team running MSDN would be interested to know.

    If the IE Feedback site is not coming back online ASAP, can you please ensure that the MSDN site is working, such that we can log and track bugs there instead.*

    * and if this is not the desire of the MSDN team, please advise (as oh so many posters over the last year have requested) when IE Feedback (or similar public bug tracking) is to come back online.


    Oh, and before the fanboy trolls jump all over me, I’d like to remind them, that NO, one of us setting up our own site, is not the same.  If developers are going to MSDN for a reference, then there should be links there, to the bug tracking/feature requesting site.  Also, there are 4 parts to the bug tracking puzzle.

    1. Reporting, Test Cases, Validation

    2. Searching, Finding, Tracking issues

    3. Workarounds, Patches, Hacks

    4. Verifying, Roadmapping, Dependencies, Status, and Fixes

    We *could* cover items 1,2, & 3 but we have no way to get input from Microsoft to publish the verified state, dependencies on other bugs, roadmap when it will be fixed or implemented, and what the current status of the fix is.

    The current situation is very bleak.

    When I find a bug, I can’t submit it, I can’t track it, I can’t triage it, I can’t provide a test case, I can’t provide a workaround, and I can’t get ANY information as to when it will be fixed.

    If I find a bug in PHP, I can submit it…. same for Firefox…. or Opera…. or for Java…. or for pretty much any other web-technology related software company.

    Does it not seem just a wee bit odd, that Microsoft does not have a mechanism for this?

  32. @Russ

    This *not* an issue related to the Cumulative Update for IE KB937143, but possibly one related to KB921503 (MS07-043) dependend on your system’s configuration and running applications/services in the background while appyling the update.

    Please indead contact PSS at Microsoft and open a call.



  33. Howell Selburn says:

    I just saw a new version of IE is available on Versiontracker and I’m just curious if it’s legit.

    The build number is: 7.00.6000.16512.


  34. Howell,

    that’s the version of iexplore.exe inculded in the Cumulative Update for IE7.



  35. Howell Selburn says:


    Thanks for getting back to me! I did a check on the version info under IE’s properties in the Program Files folder and the version number matches up there. 🙂



  36. Vince says:

    I don’t know if there is a correct place for this comment — didn’t see anything obvious after poking around for a bit — but this is an active thread, so here goes…

    One little irritation I have with IE7 is that when I close a tab, the new active tab is not the one I would expect.  Let’s say I have 4 tabs open.  I’m on #2 (from left to right) and choose to open a link via the right-click "Open in New Tab".  My new tab becomes the new #3 tab.  When I’m done with it and close it, I want to be returned to my previous active tab, #2, but instead I’m on the old #3.  It’s a small but frequent irritant for me.  Is there any way to change this behavior?

  37. I just got a notice that my IE6 XP Virtual PC image was expired.  So I cam here and discovered a new one is not out yet.  What’s the deal?

  38. Dave Massy says:

    No news on the promised VPC images yet Joel. I’d watch PeteL’s blog at for the latest news on that. I’m guessing they hit some sort of glitch posting them last week. Hopefully we’ll see them shortly.


  39. Siliconal says:

    Since loading the updates which include this IE security update, I cannot log into one user under Windows XP if another user is also logged on.  The only solution I have found is to restore my system prior to the point of downloading the update.  I have experienced the same problem on two different systems.  Has anyone else had this problem.  Is there a solution?

  40. wyatt says:

    is it just me???

    I got stuck with Vista on a new machine…

    HP laptop.

    running IE on this Vista machine reminds me … in all the bad ways … of when I got stuck with windows ME…

    IE hanga regularly…

    decides I can’t have more than a few windows open at a time… or it won’t open a new one, or open a link

    and best trick… it regularly hides the "file  ‘edit  View  favorites tools and help line…

    it will go away … for no apparent reason…

    then … for no apparent reason reappear…

    are they going to fix the incompatabilities between Micro Soft’s Vista and Micro Soft’s IE??? or is this going to be another of those "we believe it only affects a relative few of our users"

  41. ash says:


    Given the number of sensible posts on this blog, repeating the same crap over and over again, how do you think a public IE bug tracking system would fare?  Moderating issues would be complex to say the least.

  42. Hi,

    after installing KB937143 (GDR) at least on German languaged Windows 2000 SP4, there’re reproducable crashes of IE6 while accessing at least one site: (  Clicking on any "Info" link for any item listet on the frontpage (e.g. results in IE6 SP1 crashing in mshtml.dll (iexplore.exe: 6.0.2800.1106, mshtml.dll: 6.0.2800.1597, Offset: 0019fb68). This seems to be a chaching issue since the crashes vary depending on the size allocated for the TIF.

    This crash does *not* occur with KB937143 (MS07-045) beeing installed   in the "QFE edition" (!



  43. Russ says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I installed all patches and didn’t know which one caused the break.  I am, however, skeptical that a VB related fix is the root cause of IE and System restore failing.  As in my last unfortunate experience with a problematic Windows update (which also required a system restore) I’ll just wait until MS figures out what they’ve broken this time.



  44. Russ, please contact MS’s PSS and open a call with them, which should be free of charge.

    And yes, I’m still *sure* about KB937143 *not* beeing the cause of the issue your system ran into. And no, it’s *not* a good idea to leave KB937143 (and the other updates) aside and waiting for something to happen which will not happen. At least read the Security Bulletins for these updates in the meantime 😉



  45. program says:

    How come I never get messages like this for Firefox, Opera or Safari?

  46. Mike says:

    There is never going to be an IE7 bug reporting system. If one was brought in it would highlight the lack of activity in fixing the new bugs.

    There is no proper development going on for IE8, why else is there a wall of silence when anyone raises this topic.

    Forget about all the great new features of javascript that you may be reading about introduced in firefox2 or upcoming firefox3. Some of these look great but I for one am not going to be spending any great amount of time to learn how to use them when the dominant browser has no support for them.

    The simple fact is Microsoft can and will stifle future web development and there is nothing anyone can really do about it, because the average user is not going to change to an alternative because W3 standards are better etc.

    I suspect Microsoft is placing its resources into vista sp1 and Silverlight.  

  47. Arun says:

    Hi ..,

    I want to permanantly hide my ie6 vertical scrollbar..

    Is there any registry level settings?

  48. Tom Wirt says:

    Installed the August IE7 updates this am.  Immediately IE would not open links to any, including trusted sites.  Shut off firewall (ZoneAlarm) and antivirus (Kaspersky) and links would still not open.  Uninstalled the 2 IE7 updates, and everything works fine.

    Tom Wirt

  49. roger says:

    @Vince  You are correct, the new tab is placed in the wrong location.  This was brought to the IE developers attention soon into the public beta program.  It was flagged as a bug and verified by several other developers, users and testers as well as Microsoft staff.

    After a long pause, an MS employee indicated that it was too late in the development phase to fix this bug, and would therefore be positioned for the next version.


    I chatted with a member of the testing team socially during this phase and was informed that the testing team had raised it as an issue also, but the IE developers were fighting internally on how it should work, and well, someone with the wrong opinion, and enough power, managed to push the vote, and thus we are stuck with goofy tabs.

    I think the correct thing to do, would be to have an option in IE7.1 or 8.x to let the user decide where the new tab goes (cough, cough, and the far right of course)

    @Mike It sure does seem that way. Once again the 800lb stiffle’s web development.  Its a shame, because the web could be soooo much more.


  50. Daniel Hackl says:

    I installed the 2 newest updates for IE7 and when i rebooted the computer internet explorer doesn’t load any pages. it doesn’t even attempt to load them. I uninstalled it and it worked fine but windows intrusiveness kept trying to update it again. I got home yesterday and windows updated it automatically and now my IE7 doesn’t work. It’s REALLY annoying when people keep saying it’s the firewalls when it obviously isn’t. I’m using Firefox right now but I would rather use IE7. This problem should be the first to be fixed.

  51. Mark says:

    After updating Windows on an XP machine, I could not connect to the internet with any browser. Also ipconfig did not work.

    I use AVG antivirus, and I finally figured out that AVG was seeing a file that came with the Windows updates as a virus: the file is tcpip.sys and it was actually installed in two different directories:



    Once I moved these files from AVG’s virus vault back to those directories and restarted, my internet connection came back.

  52. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @jack: IE is not at all special in this regard; if there’s a buffer overflow vulnerability in a native code executable (and each browser has had its share), the system is at risk if the program is run at full permissions.  That’s why Protected Mode IE is such a great feature.

    You can turn off the security warnings for local machine content by checking Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / Allow Active Content to Run in Files on My Computer.  You probably should not surf the internet at large in this configuration.

    @MyFavPart: Yes, this is a bug in Outlook’s setup code.  I’m afraid you’ll have to talk to them about it.

    @soapergem: This is unlikely to be changed for compatibility reasons.  

    @Vince: Yes, you have an option as to what tab becomes active.  As noted here:, Want to have CTRL+Tab go to the most recent tab, and to go back to the prior tab when closing a tab?  Click the Use most recent order when switching tabs option on the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced dialog.

    @Roger: The tab closure behavior is by-design, and based on user testing.  As noted above for Vince, you have the option to change the behavior if you’d like.  I (and a minority of other users) personally prefer the non-default behavior, so I’ve changed the option.

  53. ash says:


    "You are correct, the new tab is placed in the wrong location."

    That is a matter of opinion.  If I have enough tabs open to obscure the last tab, it’s a lot easier to get to the new tab if it’s next to the current one.  Presumably that was the intent behind the design.

  54. jmachulis23 says:

    On Sunday, August 19th I returned from a 9 day vacation and started up my computer using XP.  I was prompted to install several windows updates. (KB937143), KB938127), KB938829), (KB936021), (KB936782), (KB938828) and (KB921503).  Prior to installing these updates I checked my email and visited several website using Internet Explorer with no problems.  After installing all the updates I could not start my email client Mozilla Thunderbird and Internet Explorer would not load my earthlink home page.  Firefox worked fine.  I chatted with Earthlink Support and they said the firewall and antivirus software was not causing the problem.  After reading several posts on this blogg I see one fix was to remove update (KB937143) and someone else suggested disabling the pfishing filter.  I tried disabling the phishing filter and this did not resolve the issue.  I am using Earthlinks Security Software.  Does anyone have any more suggestions?  I have also tried to restore my settings to a previous date and that failed.

  55. omrak says:

    @chris wilson re: soapergem’s question.

    We’ve heard on this blog and talking to the developers in chats that this button bug was an issue for compatibility.

    I would like to open this up for discussion, for a few reasons.

    1.) I’m curious, who currently is using this broken behavior (with HTML tags passed).  If people are passing "plain text".

    e.g. Not users doing this:

    <button name="foo">Click Me</button>

    I don’t know what the count is, but I highly doubt that many site/applications are looking for garbage like:

    ‘^lt;img src="; width="24" height="16" border="0"/&gt;&lt;span class="baz"&gt;Click Me&lt;span&gt;’

    (and if they are, woah! I would hate to have to work with that kind of crud… just imaging if the image server changes, or the image, or the class, OMG!)

    2.) for "backwards compatibility".  We’ve heard this about a gazillion times already, as well as the "Don’t Break The Web" mantra (which we all chant that IE does).

    Can you (yes, Chris Wilson, Lead Architect for Internet Explorer), please explain what would be so hard about setting a flag, of some kind, somewhere in IE7/8 to tell IE to obey the spec, and send the value, not the innerText.

    You must realize, that for every developer on the planet, **except** for IE-only applications, that this HTML Element is effectively useless, because IE does not even come close to the spec on it.

    This bug, in IE, is single-handedly holding back the entire Internet from building web applications from using the button element.

    End of rant, but please do //EXPLAIN// why this is so hard to fix (when other pro developers figure we could solve this in less that 3 lines of code)

    Seriously, because the rest of us were hoping this was going to be in IE7, but certainly EXPECTING it to be fixed in IE8!!!!!


  56. Art says:

    <<what would be so hard about setting a flag, of some kind, somewhere in IE7/8 to tell IE to obey the spec, and send the value, not the innerText.>>

    It wouldn’t be hard at all.  But it would break the web.  So they don’t do it.  

    What’s confusing about that?

  57. arunkarthikeyan.m says:

    Hi all..,

    I want to permanantly remove ie vertical scrollbar on my machine..

    Is there any registry level settings?

    when i was googled i have got some info from msdn


    HKEY_CURRENT_ USERSoftware Microsoft Internet ExplorerMain SBSizeV

    REG_DWORD value would be 0

    But it won’t work..

    Any one can help me?

  58. antisexy says:

    I applied the security patch and now IE 7 can’t open a web page.  Many others are having the same issue look in the discussion groups

  59. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @arunkarthikeyan.m: Why would you want to do that?

    I don’t believe there’s any way to hide the scrollbar inside IE itself.

    The SBSizeV value you’re seeing is for the Windows Mobile (WinCE, PocketPC, SmartPhone) version of IE.

  60. Leroy says:

    @Art You don’t understand what omrak is saying.

    Right now, if you set a DOCTYPE, IE changes its rendering mode to "standards" (well, as best as IE suports at the moment).

    Likewise if there were a CC for new standards compliance, developers could set it, only when they specifically want.


    Other browsers could (and would) ignore this, but for developers that want to use the button, with this method available, they *could* actually use the button as it was intended.

    The best part of this, it that it CAN’T break the web, because you have to explicitly set it.

    Better yet, you could set several, for key issues in IE.


    And thus, no broken web.

  61. pap1050 says:

    I am lost!!! On all my computers running XP your recent update knocked out our Outlook. What do you suggest we do? Since this was our email service and used as well for our VOIP voice mail messages, we are in dire straights. Help!!!

  62. drb880 says:

    The Cumulative Update for IE KB937143 is preventing my IE7 from connecting to anything at all.  Firefox and Outlook work fine.  This started with all the Aug updates being automatically installed on my XP machine.  I find that just uninstalling KB937143 fixes the problem.  I’ve been talking to MS support via email and have tried any number of their suggestions without success, including turning off the firewall, resetting IE7 totally, and disabling all the add-ins.  Does anyone have a solution to this?  Or ideas of other things to try?


  63. arunkarthikeyan.m says:



    this is for my desktop application…

    There is no SBSizeV register key on my winxp…registry

    When i was add this key there it won’t take a effect

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