The Countdown to Mix07 Has Started!

I can’t believe it’s already been almost a year since MIX06, and the countdown for MIX07 has started. With 63 days until MIX07 starts, and the early bird discount still available, now is the time to register!

While the list of sessions is still being finalized, the IE team is going to be there in force again this year. We’ve already announced a few IE specific sessions, including “IE7 Past, Present and Future”, “Making Money with RSS”, and “Thinking in CSS: How to Build Great Looking Sites with Molly Holzschlag.” MIX is a great opportunity to learn about all kinds of web development, and it’s also a cool opportunity to meet and chat with people who work directly on Internet Explorer.

MIX07 isn’t just about Internet Explorer though, it’s all about building great web experiences. Robbie Bach, the president of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division (makers of Xbox 360 and Zune, among other cool things), discusses some of the exciting new digital marketing and media opportunities created by new devices, and he’s got some cool stories to share from the frontier of technology. Scott Guthrie and Ray Ozzie from Microsoft and Michael Arrington from TechCrunch will also be doing keynotes, which I’m sure will be pretty cool.

I could talk about all the cool parties, the fact that every attendee gets a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, the free lattes, or the IE7 massage bar, but really, MIX is all about how to harness the latest technologies, unlock new ways of making money, reduce development costs, and improve your customers’ experiences.

I hope to see you at Mix07!

PEte LePage
Product Manager

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  1. Herman says:

    Gaww, I wish I could go – wondering what the massage bar would be all about!

    Hope you guys debut some cool feature at the conference!

  2. Anne says:

    IE 7 is getting better now, though there is still a long way before catching up with the efficiency of Firefox’s tab system, thus reach the multi-tasking Internet users. However, nice work, much better than IE 6.

  3. Adam says:

    So when is the countdown for the AU of IE7 for Japan going to be already?

  4. Will there be any news about the reasons  for the decision of moving IE7 for Windows XP SP2 from the Important Update s into the Optional Updates section on Windows/Microsoft Update which means, that IE7 isn’t offered via AU any longer too?



  5. Les says:

    I don’t recall "Making Money with RSS" being one of the designs of RSS.

    So, the big question is, is Mix07 when you are

    going to announce the new version of IE Feedback?

    So, the big question is, is Mix07 when you are going to announce the new version of IE Feedback?

    So, the big question is, is Mix07 when you are going to announce the new version of IE Feedback?

    Woops! I think I wrote that a few times by accident.. kind of like a Freudian slip, I think I meant to say, when is it coming back, please post details.

  6. J says:

    RSS doesn’t even work properly.

    When I visit the National Statistics Online website, I get a message that IE does not "support DTD’s".

  7. AC says:


    That’s amazing that you find that surprising. IE has been very upfront about not supporting DTD in feeds.

    "Feeds that reference a DTD are not supported by the RSS Platform.  A DTD is used to help XML parsers with validation of the document.  However, DTD validation is a potential source of security issues for XML parsers, and validation is not required for feeds to work correctly in aggregators."

  8. Aedrin says:

    "catching up with the efficiency of Firefox’s tab system"

    How is Firefox more efficient in tabs?

  9. Ethan says:

    When you guys fix the IE dev toolbar next, can you please bring back the physical toolbar in the top window chrome?

    Not only is it highly annoying to deal with not having quick/easy access, but it opened up a new can of worms/bugs.

    So, now, lets say I want to measure how big my visible screen height is..  I open the "Developer Toolbar" which no longer is such.. and it "melts" into the bottom of my screen.. thus my page now has scrollbars, because the vertical height changed..

    Now, I open the "Show Ruler" option, so I can start measuring.. ok, its open.. now I don’t want the "toolbar" to be open at the bottom, because now it is in the way…. so I close it.

    Now, I measure from the top down to… whoah? what?!… my ruler now goes "under" an invisible layer where my "toolbar" was.

    End rant 1.

    Also, there was a huge bug in the last toolbar release, where the exciting new CSS inheritance tracer was found to be completely broken.  We haven’t seen or heard about a patch for this yet. what gives? ETA?

    End rant 2.

    Wait, I’ll submit a trouble ticket in IE Feedback for this so we can all track it, and… oh, never mind, thats another rant.

  10. Fduch says:


    Don’t know about firefox, but when you try Maxthon’s tabs…

    they can be switched with mouse wheel instead of 2-key "short"cut

    I can open all pages I need and still be able to run Photoshop

    I’ve never seen Maxthon hung when I switch from tab to tab like IE7 does frequently. As far as I remember Maxthon never hung.

    I just cannot return to plain IE7 now.

  11. Fduch says:

    Do you remember the bug that made IE7 unusable for many people during beta1-2?

    The bug when you cannot switch keyboard layout.

    The bug showed how deep IE7 grabs the system cuz I never ever saw the program that disabled keyboard layout switching.

    Now the shocking part: The bug WASN’T really fixed. This bug in ENGINE was just hidden with BROWSER. Two two minuses give plus. But if you make your own browser app using IE7 engine you’ll notice that keyboard layout switching is broken again! And there is no way to fix it since IE7 team probably fixed it using some dirty non-disclosed hacks/APIs.

  12. Will says:

    @Fduch: Maxthon is nice, but I’ve only seen IE hang when switching tabs when I’ve got a buggy plugin installed.  

    CTRL+TAB isn’t exactly a slow shortcut, but you can use Ralph’s Mouse Gestures plugin if you’d like to switch IE tabs with the mouse wheel.

  13. tabs says:

    1.) Tabs on one line in Firefox (not sharing it with a ton of other stuff.

    2.) If you ask for tabs to open beside the current tab, they DO!, no matter how they are launched.

    3.) You can close the first tab (and even hide the tab row when only 1 tab is showing, but not in IE7!

    4.) Tabs in Firefox/any other non-IE7 browser, are the "right" size.  Tabs in IE7 are massively sized overkill.

    5.) 2 words. System resources! (per tab)

    6.) Undo close tab. Until you’ve used this, you won’t realize how aggravating it is to not have it.

    7.) No "new Tab" button tab. (The least MS could have done was to provide an option to turn this off.

    8.) Cant remove the command tools icons/menu from the tab row, nor the favorities icons.

    9.) Cant drag a link to another tab in IE7.

    10.) Cant drag a link in a tab, to the address bar in IE7.

    11.) Cant drag a _whole_ whack of stuff in IE7.

    12.) Cant type a partial url in the address bar in one tab, switch to another, then return to finish typing. (e.g. you needed an ID or product code for the url)

    13.) How long should it take to load "about:blank" on a Dual Core PC? (cant count the number of times I’ve opened a new tab, pressed CTRL+V to paste in a url, only to see it go nowhere.

    14.) Quick tabs preview doesn’t observe the zoom factor of a tab. (not that that is a huge issue, because zooming is so buggy it doesn’t matter)

    15.) Cant drag a favorite to a non-current tab.

    16.) Cant show all the icons on the command bar. (this sux both ways… you cant get rid of it, you cant view all of it, you cant left justify it)

    17.) Too many issues to count!

  14. Will says:

    @tabs: If you don’t see about:blank appear instantly, uninstall your buggy extensions.  They’re slowing you down.

  15. Anne says:


    <blockquote>How is Firefox more efficient in tabs?</blockquote>

    If you try to work with the same number of open tabs in IE7 as in Firefox, IE7 will freeze, slow down or in other ways f### up.

    I usually work with 8 – 15 tabs open in FF. This number is max. for me, given my current Internet speed. However, with IE7, around 5-6 is max. More than that, and it just does not work properly.

    That is at least my experience, and one of the reasons why I gave up on it when I tried it first time. But it is getting better.

  16. tabs says:


    Uhm, not an extension problem… I don’t have any installed. (or disabled them to test)

    its not long, but it is long enough, while you are waiting for "Connecting…" that you can’t paste…

    Its the kind of thing power users would spot in a second, but most casual users wont.

  17. Will says:

    @tabs: Trust me, I’m a power user.  I see new tabs on about:blank in less than 100ms.

    What are your hardware specs?

  18. I support,the countdown "is"on 2007

  19. I really doubt the decision is "racist". It’s probably more to do with Far Eastern scripts being so complicated, especially for developers used to English.

    One thing I really liked about Mix06 were the videos of the presentations released afterwards, for free. So the many people who can’t get to these events, such as myself, can still see what was said.

    Even though IE7.0 hasn’t become my browser of choice, I’m really happy Microsoft are continuing work on creating a modern web browser. This is giving the web a brighter future.

  20. ash says:


    ‘If you try to work with the same number of open tabs in IE7 as in Firefox, IE7 will freeze, slow down or in other ways f### up.’

    I have had the opposite experience to this; FF (for me) seems to get a lot slower a lot faster than IE, particularly in excess of ~15 tabs.  Although I imagine these experiences depend largely on the type of content being viewed, with both browsers having advantages over the other in certain areas.

    BTW using language like that implies you are bent on a cause.

  21. Aedrin says:

    I can open the same amount of tabs in either.

    Yet, Firefox will slow down surely after a day or two. IE won’t.


    That’s a lot of nitpicking.

    "5.) 2 words. System resources! (per tab)"

    Sure, IE uses more resources per tabs, this is a result of properly spawning new bars/addins per tab. The other way is to only spawn 1 set of tabs/addins per tab. But then you get the situation that Firefox has where everyone reinvents the wheel.

    At least IE doesn’t drain your computer memory empty constantly.

  22. IE7 suddenly returned as "Critical Update" on Windows/Microsoft/Auto Update again.



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