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Over the summer, our interns Chrix Finne and Nate Furtwangler developed an IE add-on, Feeds Plus, that aggregates feeds and displays pop-up notifications to enhance your IE7 feed reading experience. Chrix posted on the RSS Team Blog about the details of Feeds Plus (and a little about his intern experience).


Sean Lyndersay
Lead Program Manager, RSS

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  1. AC says:

    Those names have to be totally made up.

  2. David says:

    ok i dont get this i have just now got the ie7 and i dont like it the bars are all messed up and it let me pick my search engine thats ok but it put a address bar on the top right corner for it and i have a google toolbar already on my system i like it for some of the other fetures i dont want both and since the ie7 one is well nothing and i read something about they arnt concerned with making changes to the bars because no one really cares what the heck are the rest of us who dont like it have to do just suffer or go back to ie6????????

  3. TMaster says:

    I was just thinking about this (pop-up notifications for feeds) a minute ago!

    I’m still trying to come up with a way to separate my low-traffic-high-importance feeds from my high-traffic-no-importance feeds. I’m considering putting the high traffic ones in folders, and unsubscribing a few. Hm, perhaps this utility will really help me with this task.

    I love the view from Sean’s office, by the way.

    Oh! Before I forget, has anyone else noticed IE no longer auto-updating the subscribed feeds after a week of uptime or so? Or is it just me? (Wish I could give a more detailed bug report, sorry.)

  4. leonardpgh says:

    Ok, I am a newbie here and I have probably a stupid question here…

    What is the difference between using Onfolio Window Live Tool bar versus using IE add on Feed Plus

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer this post


  5. sumpteretc says:

    I have that problem, too, from time to time. After I reboot, the feeds go back to auto-updating.

  6. munish says:

    i have ie 7.0 every time i close the window it gives me a error message. i have sent the error message to microsoft. how shall i fix this?

  7. gum says:


    if your browser crash then:

    you’ve bad installed it


    you’ve installed a bad pirated copy in order to bypass WGA


    you’ve installed a bad incompatible plug-in

  8. hAl says:

    Do Microsoft employees qualify for the award for the best add-on that was launched a couple of months ago ?

  9. serious inquiry says:

    Hello all,

    A while back, MS released Beta 3 of the Web Developer Toolbar..


    the coolest feature, being that you could "trace" where a Style came from for an element (e.g. Debug for CSS).

    Unfortunately, it was a Complete Flop, and didn’t work AT ALL, but the "feature" is so important, I can’t wait till the MS Toolbar is fixed.

    Is there an Extension that will do this for me?


  10. Vernon says:

    I’ve downloaded and tried to use IE7.  My suggestion… Download Firefox and the Sage Reader extension for easy feed reading and sorting.  Why struggle when it can be easy?

  11. TheCornjerker says:

    Feeds are a great addition to a browser.  I spent days adding bunches of them to my home computer.  Then I realized I had to add them to my work computer.  Then my laptop computer.  The I realized I was reading the same feeds over and over as I switched computers.  I dropped the browser based feed reader and went with Google Labs feed reader.  Now I only have to add a feed once and it’s available on all my computers plus I only read a feed once now.  Call me when this feature is available.


  12. @David

    "i have just now got the ie7 and i dont like it the bars are all messed up"

    If you are not content with the UI of IE7 you can either try some hidden tweaks that are available (enhanceie.com) or use add-ons (www.quero.at) to change the look and feel of IE.


  13. BobStrogg says:

    Didn’t seem to work for me :o(  Installed and I got the "* All <foldername> Items" thing but it just said it couldn’t display the feed :o(  Went to uninstall and it threw an exception (I let it send to MS).

    TMaster – I had this happen a few months ago (not auto-updating feeds).  Turned out to be a problem with the scheduled task it sets up to update the feeds.  Can’t remember the exact cause, but try googling on ‘IE7 feed update scheduled-task’ or something.

  14. EricLaw [MSFT] says:

    @hAl: Nope, the addon contest currently underway (see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/aa904644.aspx) is not open to Microsoft employees.

    We are running our own internal contest for Microsoft folks.

    @Munish: See http://www.enhanceie.com/ie/troubleshoot.asp for debugging of crashes due to bad plugins.

    @David: See http://www.enhanceie.com/ie/tweaks.asp for tweaks to tame your toolbars.

  15. Mike says:

    Just searching for a place to report a bug I found, came across in the blog


    which links


    Any idea when this will be running again, I read in various places that Microsoft is listening.

    Really! If you want to improve your product there needs to be a place to report bugs quite simple really

  16. Luther says:


    Good Point!  When it was taken down over 95 days ago, it was temporary, as in "Is going to be back up soon".

    Several Developers, Site Builders, Business Users, Home Users, Technical Evangelists, Specification Evangelists, Web Masters, Web Content Authors, Web Application Developers, Web surfers, Business Owners, Active-X Developers, .Net Developers, PHP Developers, JSP Developers, ASP Developers, Perl Developers, Ruby on Rails Developers, Ex FrontPage users, DreamWeaver Users, and pretty much anyone on the planet that uses Windows (by choice or force) can no longer explain what is broken in IE7 (and or IE6 for that matter).  Nor can they identify when a bug will be fixed, nor can they confirm that the bug they found is actually being worked on, or find a workaround, or hack to the bug they’ve encountered.

    Now, if you want the IE Blog community to have any faith in this system coming back online, you would be advised to announce a date, in your next Blog post.

    Otherwise, we have only to believe, that IE7 is now out the door, and that there will be next to no effort for developing IE further, until Firefox makes even bigger bites out of IE’s market share. (another 2,3,4 or 5 years anyone?)

    We’ve heard several times that the MSIE development team is trying to be more transparent, and open, and working towards following the specs some day, but ever since IE went live? what happened?

    Lets review:

    1.) Public Bug Tracking Site (IE Feedback) went down, with no announcement of when it would come back online. (note, 95%+ of the bugs in Feedback when it went down, were not fixed, or flagged as being fixed in IE7/patch#)

    2.) Monthly chats with the development team, to raise our issues, bugs, frustration, and express our interest in more information, and actually talk to a human at Microsoft?… Nope! They died the minute IE7 was released.

    3.) Promised patches for IE7 have not been issued, nor have we received information as to release dates.

    So, here we are. 3 months after the final release.. no patches, no bug tracking, and most corporations blocking the IE7 upgrade due to the bugs/issues still not resolved.

    Thanks MS!

    ps I’m a gambling man, so i’m going to put my money on the IE public bug tracking…. a) still sucking (e.g. still not being a real bug tracking system), and b.) not being released until completely useless… I’m guessing 4 months before IE8 goes final, thus November 2008. any takers?!

  17. Josh says:

    OK, this needs to have a way to view the recent notifications in the store. Like hover over the icon and get the last 20 or so…i seem to always miss the notifications..

  18. JINQIU says:

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    Bye the way, my site is in French.

  19. Serious Sam says:


    This is a little off-topic, so I apologise, but is just my imagination, or have you guys shortened the length of time you’re leaving new blog entries open to comments.  I mean, I thought it (or at least I was told) that the time span for a new blog was a month, but a newer post like the 100 mill. download one was opened well into this month, but is already closed (along with all the others posted in jan).

    I could just have got my timings confused and it’s always been this way, but it just immediately struck me as a very fast turn around on them.


  20. goose says:

    I enjoy it when my IE feed reading experience is enhanced. Thank you.

  21. Gordon says:

    goose! goose! goose! Is that all you’ve got?!

    Where’s the "IE is da Bomb!" comments, "IE is so purfect it isn’t funny" comments, the "I like IE because it doesn’t have spyware like {insert name of a browser that does support Web Standards}" quotes?

    Did Aedrin really get to you?

    I still get a kick out of each of your comments, but the more subtle they are, the more effect they have.

    Keep em comming!

  22. Chris/Webdeveloper says:

    How can one browser be that bad? Even IE7 lacks basic functionality.

  23. Aedrin says:

    "I still get a kick out of each of your comments, but the more subtle they are, the more effect they have."

    That is why they are getting old. His comments are less and less subtle. It’s more trolling now.

    "How can one browser be that bad? Even IE7 lacks basic functionality."

    How can a browser that is in version 2 have so many memory leaks that it requires daily restarts.

  24. Xepol says:

    I thought that the RSS infrastructure was all about allowing multiple readers.  What is this bit about not being able to use it interoperably with whole classes of readers?

    That kinda defeats the whole point of the RSS infrastructure.  Might as well download the XML files and parse them yourself after all.

  25. Alex says:

    Please!!! Stop developing new versions of IE!!! IE 7 is better than IE 6 (the worst browser in the world!), but it is still so far from others standard compliant browsers…and I seriously doubt IE will be REALLY standard compliant! I am spending hours to make the website (based on XHTML and CSS) of a customer compatible with IE 7 and IE 6, when it is perfect viewed in Firefox, Opera and Netscape! IE is a nightmare for web developers and for the whole web too! I am tired spending a lot of my time to accomodate website markup and CSS for your absurd browsers!

  26. Will says:

    @Xepol: That’s a huge conclusion you’ve jumped to there, Xepol.  What "bit" about interoperability are you referring to?

  27. karl says:

    How come Ie cannot even process the post, get, and request properly for coding.  Come on get it right.  YOUR microsft.

  28. Matt says:

    The on my pc won’t update after 15 minutes what should i do to fix this? cause with out this working Feeds Plus will be useless to anyone such as myself who are having the same problems.

  29. Delete Browsing History says:

    About the Delete Browsing History function:

    When logging in to for example services as Hotmail or Live mail, your email adress and the number of (un)read mails is stored in the registry. This information is partly displayed on the logon screen (i.e. User has so many unread messages). When using ‘Delete browsing history’ these keys should also be deleted from the registry. I hope you value this input.

  30. Matt says:

    The News Feeds on my pc won’t update after 15 minutes what should i do to fix this? cause with out this working Feeds Plus will be useless to anyone such as myself who are having the same problems.

  31. nobody says:

    Awesome! So tempted! IE Addons were always accessible and safe, or was this just before IE introduced spyware to the word of Windows users?

  32. Zalo says:

    I installed "feeds plus" when it came out last week.  After installing it my feeds would no longer update.  I have now uninstalled feeds plus and even tried reinstalling IE 7.  My feeds still do not update. When I go to a feed I get the message "Internet Explorer was unable to update this feed and will try again later."

    I have also tried clearing the %userprofile%local settingsapplication datamicrosoftfeeds folder.

    HELP!  How do I get IE to resume updating feeds?

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